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Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have another spoiler for the June 2016 Allure Beauty Box!ย Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.29.24 AM

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butterย and:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.13.02 PM

A Leader Cosmetics Sheet Maskย (Value $6)

What do you think of the latest June 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoiler?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. 3Rd Allure spoiler is Kardashion cabana bronzer

  2. So what is in the referral bonus box? I just referred someone and got an email saying I get a bonus box?

  3. Allure is the one sub I probably will keep for a long time. Even their not so great months are better then other subs.

  4. Okay…lets see the third item! Or will that not be posted because of the holiday weekend?

    • I hope they post it, we’re already behind in terms of spoilers! But you know, I didn’t even think about the holiday so you might be right! Maybe they’ll release it Tuesday?

  5. Shampoo never really excites me (especially sans a matching conditioner) but I’m really happy it’s not their dry shampoo which I feel like I’ve gotten about 5 times thanks to sub boxes and it’s camping/travel season so these samples are always great for that.

    So ultimately I can’t complain!

  6. While Paula’s Choice sells their own brand of skincare and makeup they are also a good reference site and not just for their products. They review products, explain what and why ingredients are used. What ingredients actually do, and sort of dispel myths and claims various cosmetic companies claim. While they sell their own products they are really good at impartially. I use their site frequently so that I can educate myself and be an informed consumer.

    • Gosh I LOVE Paula’s Choice. Its the one thing I’m forever thankful for sub boxes and specifically Birchbox for. I never would’ve known about this brand without them.

      • I especially love that despite having their own product line they give out fair review of other products. I mentioned them in this post because of good information they provide about shampoos, ingredients, color safe, etc.

  7. I’m so disappointed. I got a tracking number for the May box and it never got out of preshipment. I contacted CS a week ago and they said they should be reshipping with new numbers. Contacted theme again and he just said sorry we are refunding you.

    Lord knows it would benefit me to just cancel and save the money. Stupid FOMO.

    • I never received the May box but they charged me so if I get charged for June I will be calling. I’m not willing to give this company the benefit of the doubt after all the bait/switch.

  8. I signed up specifically because of the May disaster, I thought the june would be amazing as a sort of atonement, guess they’re showing me. I think I miscalculated…hopefully the atonement box comes in July ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I signed up in May too and experienced that whole roller coaster ride. I don’t know how early before a certain month that most sub boxes begin sourcing their items, but I would imagine that June’s box would already be pretty set by end of April/early May when most of the disaster and mass cancellations were happening.

      Not trying to make excuses for them, but I would think that getting an awesome atonement box together for June in that amount of time would be pretty difficult, and I’d hate to see people who are already upset by the situation set themselves up for further disappointment. That being said, who knows if they’re saving the best spoiler for last? It’s a gamble, but IF they decide to make an awesome “oops we messed up” box (after all, did anyone even get an email addressing the situation and explaining they’d be rolled back to the next available box?) I’d have to imagine it would take some time to put together. Maybe July.

      • Exactly, that’s what I realised this morning: that they probably picked June’s selection since April (if not earlier). Hoping the remaini spoilers redeem this month but hey waiting, guessing ang hoping are half the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I thank you for not raising people’s hopes and being real about the situation. It’s weird that so many people are still hoping for a good box, clearly Allure has no sympathy for the situation and they aren’t out to please subscribers (what the last two months have showed us). As far as the email no one has mentioned receiving one from Allure, I know I personally haven’t. The only email contact I’ve had with them are the ones I have inciated.

        It also doesn’t make sense they’d have an atonement box. They screwed over /new/ customers. Many of which have unsubscribed. If they gave an atonement box it would likely only go to current customers, who were screwed in April, though a few current subscribers have said they were skipped for May.

  9. Um, how did someone get two of May? Can you tell us how you managed that? Super curious ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Glad it’s not dry shampoo. Will have to see if it’s safe for color-treated hair; if not, it’ll either go to one of my daughters or go up for swap,

  11. If I recall correctly, that particular shampoo is not suitable for color treated hair.

  12. I somehow got told I would not get the May box and I got two. So I am skipping this one and waiting till next month. I like Klorane but they should include the matching conditioner other wise you do not get to really see the full results .

    • I completely agree!!

    • Nice! Did you have two subscription or did they just send you two by mistake?

  13. I’m really excited to try the Shampoo & Mask! I’ve used the dry Shampoo & love it so this Shampoo I’m very anxious to try! I’ve never tried this sheet mask before but looking at the Reviews it seems like a great Mask! So far I’m liking the 2 Spoilers!!

  14. I was hoping June would live up to the hype of the May bait box…so far I’m completely underwhelmed!

    • Yup! Me, too!!!
      This is just like last November when Popsugar oversold their November box!! They lost a lot of customers over that!!
      I thought I was going to get the May box, too…. But I was told in an email that it was going to start in June…

    • Maybe they’re afraid of upsetting people again if there are a lot of signups. They may not want a lot people to sign up? Think this box will be OK at best and July will be better.

  15. I’m stoked for both of these as they are both new to me. I use other Klorane products (dry shampoo & makeup remover) and LOVE them! Allure is the best beauty box out there. I am always wowed with each month’s selections and value (except for that red carpet NON-cruelty-free box).

  16. So far this box looks crappy and I was only holding on to this sub because I though June would be a great box to make up for May. Sheets masks, really? Those are so cheap!

  17. I wasn’t interested in Mays box so I suspended my shipments. If I’m interested in June’s, do I just unsuspend?

  18. I’m not at all wowed by this. It’s totally because May left a super bitter taste in my mouth. I have no doubts that I’m just being salty which is unfortunate because I bet if I hadn’t been treated so horribly by this company I would have liked this box/subscription. It’s been a month and there’s still no apology email and I was the one that had to contact the company to find out when my first box would arrive despite the misleading information on the site so as of now I really don’t think I’m going to be a long-term subscriber. I wish I would have asked for a refund when I had the chance.

    • I’m so upset I signed up and thought I was getting the may box! I’ve been waiting for a great month to sign up. I contacted customer service and they were not helpful at all.

      • I was the exact same after scentbird had crazy complications with my (and a decent amount of other’s) first shipment I wanted to love it because the concept is fantastic but life is stressful enough without adding figuring out where a box is that we paid for. I totally feel you on this.

      • Yeah, they really dropped the ball about as hard as a company could. The whole situation was an utter mess and I’ve yet to even get an apology. I talk to customer service via email because I’m usually up at night and let me tell you, my last email I received from Allure they literally couldn’t even put one sentence together.

        I had asked a bit more in the email but the part they addressed, ” Since I was charged for the June box in May, if I decide to stick around roughly when can I expect to be charged again?” A reasonable question.

        This was the reply “You would not be charged again July box. ”
        So… is CS attempting to tell me I won’t be charged for July? Just how disorganized are they? When I have some time during the day I’ll either call them or do a chat to confirm this, I don’t want to go into July thinking it will be free when, knowing Allure, it won’t be.

        On the bright side for you though, if they don’t change their system you’ll probably get the next great box if you resub then. Instead of it being first come first serve older accounts that weren’t active were apparently bumped to the top of the list. If you read the comments of the Allure post you can find out all about it.

        • Perhaps Allure could hire interpreters to translate their barely understandable use of the English language? Or maybe they could just not engage in shady business practices from the start. I cancelled immediately and I’m super glad I did. I would be livid if I had been strung along even more about a consolation sample bag only to learn (again, of course not from Allure directly) their agents lied and that it was just an empty bag and THEN learning the bags aren’t even in stock. Hot mess doesn’t even touch the debacle that is Allure. They’re not some start up company. They get zero free passes. Even worse than the “mistake” of overselling the May box was how the handled it once they claim they became aware. And by handled it I mean did nothing prospectively and rather forced customers to contact them to learn the truth. Given that the truth is a fluid concept that apparently varies depending on which CS employee you deal with, I use that term loosely; they gave multiple explanations and false promises and then had the audacity to start charging subscribers who didn’t get a May box for June! Just. No. I don’t give a flying flip if this is “only” a $15 box; they have to abide by the same consumer sales laws as everyone else and clearly, they don’t. I won’t give my money to a company knowing that’s how they operate.

          • That’s how I’m starting to feel about things. I wasn’t offered anything to stay, though again I contact them through email, I prefer a paper trail. That being said I wish I would have just refunded, pretty sure it’s too late now and it’s far too late to dispute charges to my CC since I DID pay for a product/service I have yet to receive. I wouldn’t have been NEARLY as upset as I am had they sent out an email. They’ve had more than enough time to do so and yet they haven’t. I feel more scorned without an apology, hell even a half hearted one is better than radio silence.

            I just find it funny they left it so vague. I won’t be charged ‘again’ until July? I won’t be charged ‘for’ July? what are they trying to tell me? If I get a month free that will make me feel a little better but honestly I’m in the boat with you. I don’t want my money going to a company like this. Allure used to mean something to me, when an item had their little sticker on it, it used to have meaning. Now I’ll probably avoid those items or read a LOT of reviews for it, I won’t take Allure’s word for anything.

            I saw the comments about the bag, I bet it’s that tote from their magazine. You know, I’ve yet to see ANYONE say they’ve received a consolation box. That was probably a lie too. It was either here or on reddit that someone claimed Allure said those people were lying that there were no boxes offered but I totally believe the people and not Allure in this case. They’ve already lied to me, why should I believe Allure? Especially since it’s not unheard of for someone to be given a box for free if a subscription company screwed up.

    • My sentiments exactly! I’m going to make sure to keep an eye on my account this month to make sure they don’t end up charging me. Once bitten, twice shy…

    • I’m super salty. I had been a subscriber since March, and had to cancel my card due to identity theft. Well, Allure attempted to charge that card the same day I had to cancel, and never had the courtesy to notify me there was a problem. As soon as I got my new card, I added the number to all my sub accounts, but it was too late. Allure never notified me that I would not be getting the May box, they just simply didn’t send me one which prompted me to ask why. I immediately cancelled.

      • That’s what happened to me too with April’s box! Grrrrr…

      • That is such bullshit. I had a card expire once and the things I had connected to it ALL contacted me. Netflix, a subscription box, google. They ALL gave me a chance to pay and none of them punished me for it. That’s a horrible way to treat someone, especially if it’s the first time it’s happened! This company needs to change their practices now. There’s only so many people they can pull a bait and switch on before it bites them in the ass. I hope someone brings a class action against them, someone did it to Birchbox so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

      • Same thing happened to me, except the day I got my new card, was the day they over sold the May box. I called them, they were happy to charge me for “June” and just offer that May was over sold. It’s disappointing. I was with them since November 2012 when it was BeautyBar. I guess long time subscribers really don’t matter.

  19. May’s box was so awesome, but so disappointing they over sold it. I wonder how many subscribers they lost? I’m not fond of the Klorane shampoo at all, I’ve gotten it a few times in the Blush Mystery box.

    • I also can’t believe the beauty thrills box is still available for sale! I think that’s a record and should tell them how bad it was this time around.

      • I just saw that email too and was shocked. They usually sell out in minutes and this one has been available for over a month. Yes, it was their worst Beauty Thrills box to date, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad, particularly if it was you first box. I wonder if they just significantly increased the number of boxes available this time.

      • What?! It’s not sold out? Wow. Yes, that should send a clear message to them.

    • Blush/Dermstore loves sending out Klorane.

  20. Well, my shampoo will definitely be up for swaps. I’m a co-wash only girl. I really hope this box gets better. I definitely will love the sheet mask, but I typically get sheet masks for less than $1 each unless it’s something particularly special, and one sheet mask is definitely NOT worth my $15 this month.

    • I co-wash too so I just use shampoo samples as body wash and this one I’m excited about because I really love the smell of it. Agree about the sheet mask, not super exciting, but I do see a huge difference between $1 masks and the $10 masks, so hopefully these will be nice ones.

  21. Sweet, it looks like a tropical fruit punch theme. I have NEVER been disappointed with an Allure box…

    • Me neither! Always love my Allure boxes and looking forward to this one.

  22. Looking forward to Klorane – always wanted to try it! Unlike many commenters, I’m not really into masks right now (it’s a time thing). Overall I’m really happy with the Allure boxes after subscribing a couple months ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I love allure boxes!

  24. Although the brands are not new to me this month (and I may end up with a sheet mask I’ve tried before), I will probably be happy with this box. It is appealing to me more than Play! is right now.

    • Man, I would totally swap you this box for June’s Play box. I saw the spoilers for it and was so sad that I’m still on the wait list. Meanwhile, the spoilers for this box have been very blah to me. Which is not great since I was one of the poor May suckers. If the box doesn’t get better, I’m sadly probably not going to stick around for another month.

  25. I’m still not sure if June or July will be my first box. I signed up right before the May fiasco and obviously didn’t get that one. Hope I get June!

  26. Cool! This will be my first box!!
    I’m looking forward to it!

  27. If there shampoo you can bet there will conditioner too

    • I agree with you….?

  28. So far, not as impressive as the May box I was promised but didn’t get. The rest of the items better be pretty spectacular.

    • I’ve never seen ANY of them as spectacular as the May box, but as a whole, I like my Allure boxes better than any other beauty box.

      • I agree. And you guys…their boxes are always a pretty high value…if they’re just showing us a sheet mask and a shampoo, you know the other items are going to be pretty awesome to make up the value. Give it a chance!

        • So far I’ve given it two chances and I’m completely unimpressed. I don’t know anything and Allure has destroyed all trust that I might have with them.

          • I gave them a chance when they claimed I could get a free beauty bag for sticking around to June. Not only did they never send this, they later admitted although they initially said the bag had samples there would be nothing in mine. In other words they lied. And no, I don’t feel bad missing a sheet mask and klorane sample.

  29. Ooooo super excited about this spoiler, I’ve heard great things about this brand. Very excited!!

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