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Target Beauty Box for April 2016 – Available Now!!

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UPDATE: As of 11:40 aM ET, this box has sold out.

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The Box: Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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And if you are looking for more subscription box deals – check out the list of subscription boxes you can try for $10 or less!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Skipped this month…I’m putting my money on yet another BIRCH BOX! : )

  2. I’m excited about the Target Beauty Box this month, but I’m not hard to please. I can always use hairspray and sunscreen. I love trying new things, and I’m always using something different so it doesn’t bother me that they are trial sizes. I have extremely dry hands so the CeraVe Healing Ointment and Marlowe body butter are welcome additions. I’m always needing facial wipes to remove makeup, even if it is just a sample pack. I have received makeup wipes in several different boxes and haven’t had to buy any in a while. Also, I love masks and lipstick so I can definitely use these. If there is anything I don’t like, I will save it to give as gifts. Also, the $7 price is not bad for a box valued at $26!

  3. I skipped, too. This was pretty meh to me. I still love Target boxes though!!! Maybe the next one 🙂

  4. They are already out. 🙁

  5. I ordered mostly for the mask. I wish the wipes were full sized, too…

  6. I am skipping this month and here is my $3 off of $15 beauty purchase if anyone is interested. Please comment directly below if you use it.


    • Great thank you!!

  7. I finally got here early enough to order one!

  8. I will use the ivory foundation, and most of this box. I am becoming a mask addict and I am looking forward to trying the L. mask. I do like the lipstick color gambling game: I wonder if we will all get the same…. Thanks Liz!!

  9. Ugh wish I had checked the comments first. I ordered bc I assumed the wipes would be full size (as they have been in the past). Oh well, looks like I’m stuck with my box now lol

    • I did the same thing…also what is up with the ivory foundation? I wish I had not jumped and ordered 2 of these boxes! My bad…

  10. Just got it! If the foundation is Ivory…perfect cause that is my color. 🙂 Red/pink lipstick? AWESOME that is seriously the majority of colors I wear. Hairspray? Meh but means I don’t have to buy a full size anytime soon. Sample Simple wipes? Cool cause I’ve been wanting to try them. I always love sampling sheet masks so pretty stoked about that, as well. Pmuch can use everything here, but wish there were more full sized/deluxe items for $ does seem more in line with their $5 boxes.

    • Usually the wipes are full size? How do you know the foundation is ivory?

      • 1. The pictures
        2. The description of what was in the box on Target’s site

  11. I went ahead and got one for me and one for my boss. Not the best box I have seen. And I agree with others that this looks more like a $5 box. However, I love a few of the brands in here. So I might as well 🙂

  12. That was an easy pass for me, as well. I have more than enough travel sized hairspray, lotions, etc. I don’t need lipstick, as I am picky about the shade.

    I’m glad I’m saving my money this month!

  13. Standing strong and skipping this one! I actually could wear the ivory foundation, but I’m sure it would be a hideous lip color, and the sunscreen is nice, but I have to go with at least spf 50 these days. So…I’ll hold out til the next one. Not hard, since I just got my Walmart box, and my Birchbox will be coming soon…and both of those are great this time!

    • I thought the Wal-Mart box was really good this round as well!

      • Yes it was awesome!

      • Wal-Mart did a great job this time.

      • I enjoyed my Walmart box this quarter, too. The CereVe above, in fact, was included in my Walmart box and was part of the reason why I didn’t get the Target one.
        I’ve tried the hairspray before and hated it. The rest would appeal to me, but with the exception of the mask, I already have enough of those kinds of products, and there’s nothing else really standing out to me as GOTTA TRY. I will say that they’re good products. I really like that CoverGirl lipstick formula. I just already happen to have all the lipstick I plan to use for spring, so I have no interest in obtaining another one.

        • You were very lucky with your Walmart box then. All I got were foil jergens and shampoo samples (2 different companies) and a travel hairspray. The Box was from Winter and I received it in late March! Target has never disappointed me!

          • The Spring boxes were much better than the Winter ones, in my opinion. I signed up for a second box (Classic) so they sent me the Winter one of that and then last week I got both my Spring boxes…when I saw the Classic Winter box I thought I made a big mistake, but I’m glad I was wrong

          • I know this should be about the Target box (ordered two!), but I just had to comment on the Walmart box, as I’m so confused with the timing of boxes. I signed up about 3-4 weeks ago for the Classic & Trendsetter boxes, but received two Winter boxes about two weeks ago… around the same time most people were getting their Spring boxes. Do they continuously ship the boxes during the season’s 3-month span? I’m wondering if I’m just on the late train, and I got to see a 3-month spoiler for my next set of boxes. Oh well. I was still happy with my Winter box (I’m easy to please, obviously 🙂 ), and can’t wait to see what Walmart sends next time around.

          • Luna, you are correct. They do continuously ship during the season so if you order at the end of one season, you will get that season’s boxes as well as the next season’s boxes.

          • My Walmart box was terrible too, just like their Winter box. I actually cancelled after a year and a half because it was pretty much ALL foil samples. I’d rather spend that $$ on Target every month. I also like at least half of each box, so totally worth the $5- $7. Sorry you were on the crap WM list like me. Past life mistakes maybe? Lol. 🙂

          • Sheila, my Walmart Winter box was nothing to write home about either, but both my Spring boxes were pretty awesome! Don’t give up just yet.

  14. Forgot to use my coupons… 🙁

    • Call them-they shouldn’t have a problem crediting your account. I’ve done it ?

    • Dayan, you can call Target and they will manually apply that coupon for you.

  15. Ivory foundation- that sucks! No way that can be used. Anyone know what other uses you can use the ivory foundation for?

    • since it is only a color swatch I don’t consider it as an addition to the box. You could however possibly use it as a highlight.

    • Use it as a highllighter color with a beauty blender if you contour.

    • Coverup maybe? Or we donate the stuff I don’t like to charity

  16. I bought 2 before I realized the wipes are only a sample pack. This seems more in line with their $5 boxes. I’m sure the lipstick will be some bright pink or red I won’t use. At least there’s sunscreen.

  17. Yeah, easy pass.

  18. I’m I the only one that checks out first the read the contents of the box? Lol

    • No I do the same, the contents have been posted for a couple of days now lol

  19. Skipping this month too, not terribly exciting; but a good value for $7. I just don’t need anymore lotion, sunscreen, facial wipes, etc.

  20. Thank you for the alert and thank you to the MSA subscriber that posted the sale on travel beauty items. I was able to add four items to pick up in the store and use my coupon from last month.

  21. I snagged 2 – luv the laneige brand!

  22. Got one, thanks Liz! 🙂

  23. I got one, Seems like it should be $5 box. I like everything in the box 🙂

  24. Got mine. Excited to try the mask love the Laneige brand.

  25. Yay I finally got one after 2 months of being too late. You have to snag this first thing in the morning. I wasn’t too impressed with this months box and I agree with the person who said it should have been a $5 box but still items I can use and it beats paying $10 a month for ipsy. (which I have not been happy with any of my bags) It sounds like this is going to be a monthly thing now. If that’s the case I am definitely cancelling Ipsy and getting this instead.

    • I cancelled Ipsy because I wasn’t happy with them, either. Most of the brands were junk and the few times they offered “prestige” brands, I never got one in my bag! Allure is sooooo much better, as is the Target box!

      • Totally agree, I cancelled Ipsy and Birchbox in favor of Allure. More diverse brands and products that I’ll actually use. This will be my 2nd Target box so we’ll see.. Walmart finally stepped up after some real dud boxes and I was very happy with both boxes (Classic & Trendsetter) that I received. Allure is my fave out of all my current subs (Glossybox, Boxycharm, Dermfx, Walmart, Scentbird) so much so I order one for my Mom as well.

        • I still haven’t got charged for my Walmart box 🙁 I got an email saying they would start processing them first week in April but I’ve seen so many people already got theirs in March. I wonder if they do waves by the area one lives in?

          • I got tired of waiting on my Walmart box so I cancelled my sub and then just added one to my account. It charged my account immediately, so here’s hoping it gets shipped soon.

          • I just got the shipping emails for my 2 walmart boxes on the 29th and 31st of March. My credit card was charged about a week before. I’m hoping the first one is in my mailbox when I get home! I went and signed up for the trendsetter back when they posted about it on here. I had already been getting the classic.

          • I haven’t gotten charged either and got the same email! I contacted them through their page and they just said they are charging and shipping every day in the beginning of April.. so like I’ll eventually get it :/ Which unfortunately it seems their samples that they send out seem to get worse the later in the month. So not too happy about that.

          • I know! That’s what I’ve noticed when I see the boxes people get towards the end. I used to live in San Diego and my boxes would come in super fast and since we’ve moved they seem to take longer. I also haven’t received or even got tracking for my baby box which I’m also subscribed to. Not sure what’s going on with Walmart lately.

      • I am in love with Allure lately. I mean wow!

  26. Thanks for the alert MSA, just got my first Target box. Can’t wait to get it!

  27. Trying to order- get one in my basket, then get to payment screen and suddenly there’s nothing in my basket. Ugh!

    • I’m having the same issue! UGHHHH!

      • I kept trying and finally got one. Hope you did too!!!!

    • That happened to me three times, then it sold out while I was checking out. Not a happy camper right now!

  28. FINALLY! I’ve been trying to snag one of these forever! I’ve been wanting to try out the face wipes for a while, so this will be great. I wish I could send it to a different address though, I have too many boxes coming to me this month! Confessions of a boxaholic.

    • 🙂

      • Hahaha^^^ I am the same way. I wish there was an option to change what the debit transaction says….like why do they have to write out everything and blow up our spots?! Haha ??

      • haha! Too funny! I do the same thing 🙂

  29. I just got a Target ad email that had the beauty box up top, front and center. If you want this box I would hurry, just in case they were not smart enough to have a good stock of something they advertise…

  30. I actually found out this was available to purchase from a Target email. I have a feeling they will start selling out even faster if they continue to alert their customers by email about it themselves.

    • I’m disgusted with Target all over again! Sent me the email too, but already to late, ONCE AGAIN! I’ve just stopped shopping with them all together! Prices are too high anyway! It’s a bait and switch scam.

      • Wow.

  31. Couldn’t bring myself to buy one this time around, and I skipped March, too. I hope May is better!

    • Same. First Target box I’ve skipped in ages!!

    • I heard they will be seasonal and not monthly going forward.

    • Me too.

  32. I travel frequently (and product hop) so I jumped right on this. This will be my 3rd Target BB. The price really can’t be beat – with summer coming, who can’t use the sunscreen? A small size of a trusted hairspray is great to have. Even the smaller wipe pack – awesome. Can’t wait to get it.

  33. Woo hoo! Thanks for the reminder, Liz! I saw that my redcard was expired and thankfully I could update it before the madness that will be Marimekko in a few weeks 🙂

    • What is Marimekko madness?

      • The collaboration with Marimekko is April 17 and when it goes live online around midnight, it will be a mad frenzy.

        • Is that midnight eastern time? So, Saturday night?

          • well for Lilly Pulitzer it ended up being about 1am CST 🙁 Hopefully it will be earlier this time. Follow the Target CEO on twitter for updates. Shopping these collaborations is sort of a sport for me. But I’ve gotten everything I wanted for both Missoni and Lilly. Hoping the same for marimekko.

          • I started shopping Lilly at 11 central, so I would assume eastern time. Follow the twitter account and search the blogs. There were several things live early last time. I was finished online by 1, even had multiples of some items due to computer glitches (not intentional), then headed to line up outside the store at 7:30. I was probably 20 back and got everything I wanted.

  34. YAY! Glad I checked my email early. I missed last month’s box because I checked it too late. The wipes alone are worth it. They are amazing. And for those of you who don’t have a target card…..if you shop at Target enough (like me—a little too much), getting the card is really worth it. You save 5% off every purchase AND get free shipping on online orders.

  35. The only thing I wanted was the wipes and I was already going to pass on it, but now I see that it is only 7 wipes and I am definitely going to pass on this box. Second month in a row that I am skipping this box. It’s just not as exciting as it was before. A lot of these items seem like repeats to me. I know I have that Pantene hairspray and CeraVe cream from recent boxes

    • Thanks for the info on the wipes. They were the only reason why I was tempted because I buy these constantly and the cost of the box would’ve covered the cost of the wipes but if it’s just a sample pack – meh.

      That foundation made me break out like terrible (and my skin NEVER reacts to stuff), I don’t need more sunscreen, don’t wear lipstick and everything else just feels like a repeat to me.

      My guess is they don’t make this a monthly subscription because of the repeats that we see. I’d imagine people getting grumpy over seeing the same brands/items over and over again. It’s much easier to quickly decide, yes I’ll buy or nah I’ll pass than it is to have to fumble around with signing up or cancelling a subscription.

  36. Got up early and just couldn’t pull the trigger. It seems more on par with a $5 box than a $7 one. I already have boxes of similar samples. The only full size item is the lipstick. The mask is the one item I’d like to try out of the entire box. I’ll pass and hope May is better!

    • Ditto

  37. yay i was able to get one this morning….love target boxes can’t wait for this one!!!!

  38. Thank you for the alert! 🙂

  39. I grabbed a couple! I’m hoping for different lipstick colors. If there are repeats, I can give them to my girls, though. 🙂

  40. Got one! I considered getting two, but won’t be using the foundation. There’s also a good chance I won’t be able to use the lipstick (since I seem to have horrible luck with lipstick and polish colors in boxes!). I mostly got the box for the wipes and Laneige, but it never hurts to have a travel-sized hairspray or sunscreen. I ended up not using my $3 coupon because you need to purchase $15 worth of items to use it, but then you also need to hit $25 to get free shipping if you don’t have a REDcard – which I don’t. It wasn’t worth it for me to spend that much extra just to use the coupon, so I’ll use it in the store.

    • The boxes always ship free regardless of order total. 🙂

      • Really? It added $4 on my order for shipping, plus tax…I didn’t make it to checkout to make sure, just gave up when I saw that.

      • Not if you add additional products besides the box.

  41. Wow! Thanks my subscription addiction for being on top of it! I got my box! Nownif only you could convince most subs to accept PayPal:-)

  42. I just bought two boxes, thanks MSA!

  43. Yippy I don’t ever remember seeing and email so early but I’m glad got up to look at emails. Thank you so much as always.

  44. Cool. I got one. So excited to try everything. Thank you for the heads up.

  45. So glad I wake up early. I kept checking my e-mail thru the night. It sure paid off. Thank you for letting us know. The Target boxes are great and so is My Subscription Addiction!

  46. One perk of working midnights is getting this alert!

  47. Yay, grabbed one for me and one for my mom! A good night to wake up well before the alarm is supposed to go off, lol!

  48. I wish I knew how many Simple Facial Wipes are in that pack. If it’s full-size, I would definitely order two, as the wipes and the Laneige Mask would be well worth the money.

    • Only 7 wipes…

      • Yay! I love the 7-wipe pack… I use it for travel.

    • The last time they included the Simple Wipes in a box it was the full size.

      • yes. last time it was the 25 ct.

  49. Grabbed two!!? 😀 Thank you!! Looks like the Maybelline foundation is just a small, packet sample like the one’s that come in magazines?. Which is good because it’s totally not my shade?

    • The card has a $2 off coupon for the foundation, so that’s a bonus.

  50. From the info on their website, it looks like everyone will be getting the Ivory shade of foundation, which is a weird choice.

    • I thought so too lol

    • Yeah, that is so irritating to me. I don’t understand why they always seem to offer products geared towards those w/ fair and light skin only. What about the rest of us?

      And it’s not just beauty boxes either- it’s also that the shade selection offered by various cosmetic companies is extremely limited for tan-deep skin tones (as well as the samples you get from even high-end stores). Ridiculous.

      • lol, and yet I always seem to get samples that are too dark 🙂

        • That may be the case, but when you go out to buy products, you have many more options than POC do. So the chances of finding the right shade (be it a sample or full-sized product) are much higher for those w/ fair and light skin.

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