Target Beauty Box April 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming April 2016 Beauty Box! Thanks, Roxxie, Caitlin, Dianne, Sue, and Lori for the head’s up!

UPDATE – the box is available now for $7!

We don’t know the launch dates of this beauty box yet, but make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale! (It will likely be Monday).

Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:


What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The box is for sale now! I just got it

    • May sneak peek is up!!!

  2. Haha I totally had a timer set for midnight so I could get one! The page was all weird but I was able to add it to my cart. Decided to wait until the page started working so as not to possibly have Target say that I misordered it. Got it now! So excited! Hope I get a nice red lipstick!

    • Lol I am so excited, now I can go to bed. Addiction fulfilled.

      • Same here. I finally got one! Night!

      • Exactly! I was so excited!

    • 2 sold! Here’s to hoping I get 2 different shades of lipstick. Not so lucky with the nail polish last month. And the foundation is a sample pillow pack. As suspected. But 5 of the 8 products are awesome.

  3. Its available for purchase right now at $7.00. There is something strange as it’s showing sold out when I searched for beauty box but there was a link below for the April beauty box in the product links below. If you add it to the cart it shows up but if you try to look at the item it shows as sold out. I was just able to buy one doing this.

  4. I agree. The site is overloading so don’t click on anything other then add to cart to bypass the screen telling you not found or not available. I was able to buy two boxes easily but when I went back to actually click on the picture and read the description for the heck of it… it started not working so just add to cart. I hope everyone gets their box! 😉

  5. The April beauty box is now live. I just ordered mine at 3:10 this morning.
    Hope everyone can get one.

  6. Wooo good luck! I think everyone was crashing the site. Finalized my order at 12:10 am pst. Never was able to look at the actual box page it kept saying not available. I just used liz’s link and it finally showed up so I just hit add to cart and checked out.

  7. YES!! Got mine! Bedtime!

  8. What time do they usually go live? ‘Cause so far they still haven’t

    • I just ordered two

    • just ordered 2 boxes!!!

    • They are up right now.

    • On sale now. Just got 2!

    • Okay…now they are lol

    • I’m up for work and had a sticky note on my phone as a reminder. Order went right through and I have confirmation number email. My first box; I’m so excited! Thanks so much for this site? Makes Monday morning a little easier!! ?

      • Yay for your first box, Brenda … hope you’ll love it!

  9. Do you think we’ll be getting a full lipstick? If so do they just randomly pick the shades? I’m so excited for Target boxes!!

    • It will be a full size lipstick based on an earlier box with the same brand & the current pix, and the colors are random. Hope you get what you want!

  10. In order to use the $3.00 can we buy more than one box does anyone know?

    • They usually allow you to purchase 2 at a time.

    • My experience has been they will let you order 2.

    • It has to be from a $15 purchase, so you’d have to buy 3 boxes!

      • Well, it just has to be a $15 beauty purchase, so you can buy two boxes and then just add any other little beauty item to get it to $15 (or above). They do have a number of items for around $1-2, such as Elf brushes, or you can shop beauty clearance (and filter price from low to high) to find other deals. Also, a tip I learned from someone else was to pick out my “extra” item a day in advance and go ahead and add it to my cart. I think you have to be registered on their site for it to stay, but I put my extra item in actually two days ago, and it was there when I went to purchase the beauty boxes a few minutes ago. So all I had to do was add the boxes and pay … no extra searching for something to get to $15! Of course, we didn’t know if the box would be $5 or $7 dollars, so I guess you may want to have a few options in mind (or in cart), and you can remove things as needed. My “extra” item was $6 and change, so it reached the $15 threshold either way.

    • I ordered 2 last month and added something else to get to the $15 min, and my coupon worked. Good luck!

  11. I’m confused… I wanted to start using my $3 coupon this month on my beauty boxes but the only coupon I am finding expired in March. I must of misplaced my coupons or that is the only one I can find atm.

    • I just used my coupon from last month exp 4-9-16, in case you are still looking – wondering : )

  12. It didn’t go on sale today, which means tomorrow for sure. Target box, this time you won’t escape my hot little hands.

  13. Can the mask be used on oily skin?

    • I have very oily skin, and I love this stuff. It’s not a mask. It’s a light and wonderful moisturizer!

  14. I didn’t see a new Walmart box post. I just got mine – one of each version – it was great! Best boxes from Walmart that I have received – very good value this time.

    • I’m not sure what on earth Walmart did with my box or should I dare say lack there of. They sent the second one 3wks after charging me. It had the same shampoo cond packets, same Olay packet , same crest packet and a tiny act mouth wash. The first one had same foil packets and a Nivea pan of moisturizer. Everyone else’s had more, some even 3 Nivea plus travel shampoos. If it happens to me again I need to cancel. I got charged $10 for shipping free sample packets and less than $2 in travel size product. I really hope I can get the target, I always miss it 🙁 lol

      • I got a crappy box about a month ago. I think that was the end of their winter boxes. Then I got to Spring box last week and they were awesome. Your Spring box may still be coming.

        • Thanks Jen, I will look forward to that then. No email yet of another order. And they don’t tell me tracking or mailed info either. Keeping my fingers crossed.

          • LIZ HELP… Please delete ^^^^ the site keeps changing my name to email, I have to reboot web page… SORRY PLEASE ! Thank you.

      • They sent me a repeat Fall box and 1 week later the Spring boxes came – great boxes. I guess they caught their mistake sending me a repeat Fall box and then sent the correct boxes.

        • There are two kinds of Wal-Mart boxes? I only know about one.

          • Angela, yes Liz posted about it I believe. They had me set on Classic and they added so I picked trendsetter under add another subscription. I couldn’t do that when I joined but MSA posted about it and sure enough it was there or you can change which one you get. It’s supposed to be mostly diff items but for me only one was diff.

      • I’ve been getting the Walmart Box for a year now. This month I was charged but got no confirmation number. I called them and they send a box, but it’s no where near what was in the others I had gotten this whole year. Kinda disappointed; for instance I got shampoo for brunettes; I’m blonde and my profile clearly showed that. Still, it’s worth $5. Hope next one is better.

    • I agree. Great box!

  15. I definitely want one if not two!!!

  16. I think I am going to be picking one of these ups. I love the Target Box.. I would love to know the estimated value of it…

    • It says $26 value on the Target site right now.

  17. nothing here really excites me, so will probably not even try this month.

  18. I wish they would include more Acure or Boots products! An Acure organic lip gloss would be great and not too high value.

    • Agreed. Acure is one of my new favorite brands!

  19. Sorry for double post :/

  20. Didn’t ck to see if this was already mentioned: For anyone interested, type Trial Sized Beauty in Target’s search box, which will bring up a long list of Beauty trial size items, buy 3 get 1 free. You can add 4+ items to your cart now, (I have 6 in my cart in case something sells out) and be prepared to check out quickly with $3 Coupon from last month when the box goes up. Store P/U free ship – for those spending less than $25.

    • Not sure how this works. Can you explain? I thought it was just the box that you order

      • It is just the box. She is talking about adding samples to your order and using the coupon from last time. The coupon is good for $3 off $15, so you would need to add some things to be able to use it.

    • Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. Thx for sharing the info.

    • I have been on on my phone ever day for about a week looking for this box. I don’t even see it. I search April beauty box, ect. It brings up the renew box and I think refresh box, are these the right ones? They don’t look right. If not, why can’t I find them? Lol

    • Thx for the info tip!!!!

    • I don’t think you can get store pick up with the boxes. The box ships free, so you’d have to get $25+ to get free shipping. Just clearing that up for everyone ?

      • She wasn’t talking about the box though, she was talking about buy 3 get 1 free samples on the website.

  21. I skipped last month since it didn’t appeal to me. This one isn’t too great, I agree, but I will still get one since I will enjoy the Simple face wipes and I almost bought the Maybelline dream velvet foundation so that would be great. I wonder what size it will be, there are several shades of course so I’m curious about what we will receive.

    • It’s usually a few tiny samples of every shade on card stock with a coupon on the back. Literally enough to put one small stripe along your jaw line. Maybe a bit more.

      • I actually kinda like getting sample cards of the different foundation shades because I can use them for contouring and highlighting.

  22. Didn’t ck to see if this was already mentioned: For anyone interested, type Trial Sized Beauty in Target’s search box, which will bring up a long list of Beauty trial size items, buy 3 get 1 free. You can add 4+ items to your cart now, (I have 6 in my cart in case something sells out) and be prepared to check out quickly with $3 Coupon from last month when the box goes up.

  23. Don’t forget to use the$3 coupon from your last box!

    • Didn’t that coupon expire 3/16?

      • No, the one that was in the March box doesn’t expire until 4/9.

  24. Hi. Just wanted to share a new box (thats if you havent heard of)……
    Its from the Detox Market. For $129. Has organic, natural products (8 full size) and some misc samples.

    • Thanks so much for the head’s up!

  25. I told myself I needed to take a break due to overflowing samples that I can’t get through fast enough…. But… It’s only $5-7ish dollars right? Ugh. I have to start hiding these boxes from my husband the clutter is unreal!!
    The wipes I like a lot (I still have the full size pack they sent a few months back) and of course Laneige, and maybe I’ll get a nice lip shade too. The rest, eh. I remember not liking the Marlowe body lotion sample.

    • #hidesubsfromhusbandclub. 🙂 we need a Facebook page to share ways to hide our obsession. Hehe

      • Ditto ditto. I have to send some to my mom’s house. See I only get 2 boxes *wink wink*

  26. The Cerave alone makes the box worth it, love their stuff! I wish Target would make it a subscription already!!!

    Thank you for all you do, Liz!

    • I hope it’s not the same size that was sent out in the Walmart beauty box- .085 oz. Picture a carmex lip balm container, & then when I opened it it was only about 1/3 full! I would like a larger sample, I might talk myself into buying the full size.

  27. I am on the fence. I don’t use hairspray, and I always end up getting a hideous pink or red lipstick. Since the foundation will most likely be a card with samples on it, I don’t really even count that. I love Simple, and I would use the rest, but…ehh. We’ll see. If I miss this one, I won’t be too upset. Of course if I’m up, and it’s a $5 box, I’ll probably get it, because the addiction is real.

    • I kind of like the foundation sample cards because I can use the different shades for contouring and highlighting.

  28. Thanks for the heads up ! Got me last months box because of this site, happy..

    • Yay! ?

  29. DON’T forget – if you have a $3 off coupon from last month’s box you can use it on this month’s box!

  30. I got the CeraVe in a previous Walmart beauty box. As CeraVe themselves admit – it’s pretty much petroleum jelly. I applied a bit of this “healing ointment” to my rough elbows – and got the shiny, goopy petroleum jelly that it is on my chair arm rests and everything else in contact. Big fail.

  31. Thanks for keep us informed about the TBBs, Liz! I would definitely miss out if not for you and MSA! TBB is always a great value and what I don’t love, I can add to gifts or swap. I just wish there was a subscription option….

  32. They sold me with Simple, Laneige, and CeraVe. Laneige is pricey, but it’s good stuff. I love these boxes with Laneige because a little goes a long way with their products, so it makes the cost of the box beyond worth it.

    • Agree about the Laneige! But the CeraVe is simply petroleum jelly.

      • Uh, no it’s not. Highly recommended by dermatologists and doctors (like my father in law).

        • I used it. Thought it was terrible. And it’s 65% petroleum jelly.

  33. Why won’t Target just make this an actual subscription box? It would be so much simpler 🙂

    • I know! Come on, Target!!

    • Thinking maybe that’s what they’re up to? What do you think?

    • yes!! totally agree

    • Yes that would be awesome! But if they already can’t keep up with the demand and keep selling out so early, there will definitely be a wait list, and tons and tons of angry people freaking out BC they can’t even try to get the box.

    • It’s a marketing ploy

      • I agree they are brilliant.

    • I don’t know, what if they go downhill like other subs? Maybe there’s no way they could meet the higher demand.

  34. I normally order 2 but they seem to repeat a lot of brands and items and this one isn’t so appealing to me but will still purchase one cause I love masks and you can never have enough mini hairspray to add in your purse. Lol. I don’t like the foundation idea cause how will they know what color? It will probably be a tiny sample card with all colors to swatch and a coupon. Thank you Liz for all you do for use! It truly helps a lot! I put my Allure on hold this month cause it just looked so bad so knowing really helps all of us. The target is normally on sale the next day so I’ll be ready tomorrow to purchase once I wake up to your alert!

    • Thanks so much – I’m always so happy to hear that MSA is helpful! 🙂

    • I actually kinda like getting sample packs of the different foundation shades because I can use them for contouring and highlighting.

  35. Nothing natural or from the cool new green beauty lines they carry. Nothing I want.

  36. yaay super excited. i am going to wake up early for this box.

    • How early do the boxes go on sale (East Coast time) and can you can you order 2 or 3 at the same time or do you have to do each box you want in a separate order?

      • i usually just set up an alarm for 4 a.m.
        i think you can order more than 1 at the same time

  37. can’t wait for this box …i think target might be my favorite one!!!! hopefully i can grab one!!

  38. Want it.
    Tried to get the last three months’ boxes – failed 3x straight.
    So I’m 0-3 right now.

    • So if they follow their pattern, which they usually do, the boxes will go on sale this Monday morning. You’ll want to get one before noon EST and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a box 🙂

      • Unless the sell them early on a Sunday morning like they did a few boxes back 🙁

  39. Super excited to try everything. This looks like a great box.

  40. I haven’t tried this box yet. I definitely want to. Do I get it in store, or online?

    • Online only and they sell out fast

    • It’s online and it’s always a pretty amazing box.

  41. Finally! So excited for this box! I’ve been checking the website daily. Guess I’ll keep doing so…

  42. Ooh, looks a lot better than the last one!

  43. Most of those items were in past Target beauty boxes. I’m sure it will sell out. Just not for me this month.

  44. This isn’t the most exciting Target Box, but I’ll still get it of course!
    I’ll use maybe half of the items and swap or giveaway the lipstick and foundation for sure and maybe a couple other items.

  45. I love trying the Laneige products through Target. Glad a new one is included.
    These boxes are great. I’ve found quite a few products I regularly use thru them. Can’t wait. Missed last months offer because I was too late. It won’t happen this time!

  46. How do they choose which foundation shade to send? I’d love to try a new foundation but I am a tough match, as most women probably are.

    • If it’s like they’ve done previously, it’s not a full size. They send sample packs of all/most of the shades.

      • I actually kinda like getting sample packs of the different shades because I can use them for contouring and highlighting.

  47. Are they gonna let you choose your shade of foundation? I’d love to try it but I’m really light and would hate to get a darker shade that I can’t use. It’s the main thing I would be interested in.

    • You will probably get a card with the different colors like they did with the cushions.

  48. SO excited for this box!! Several of these items I already use regular basis and the rest look like awesome items to try! I know I’ll be on the lookout for my email from y’all to make sure I get one before they are all gone! Love being in the “know” with My Subscription Addiction! Keep up the AWESOME work!! 🙂

    • ❤️ Thanks!!

  49. I loved the last 2 Target boxes! But this one isn’t for me. The Cerave, Laneige, and Marlowe products look interesting but I’m not getting a box to try 3 out of 8 items. I guess I’ll put my $5-7 towards a bday present for me this month! ????

    • Same! I loved last month’s especially, but this, I’ll skip.

    • The cerave sample came in my Walmart box this month. The container was a good size but there was hardly anything in it. TINY sample. Not a huge loss though- it’s basically just Vaseline.

  50. Yay, I haven’t tried any of that stuff yet! The only thing I’m not excited about is the lipstick; I’m so tired of always getting sent the wrong shade in all my boxes. I bet this gets released Monday morning, gonna set my alarm to the crack of dawn 🙂

    • I know…I hope it’s a wearable color….I always get sent god awful pinks or red. A nude would be nice.

    • Yeah I have to wake up at the crack of dawn anyway, so hopefully that’s when they release it!

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