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Reader Review – Oui Please Vol 2.1 Box Pictures!

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Thank you so much, Wendy, for sharing these Oui Please Vol 2.1 pictures and box details with us!








What did you get from Oui Please this month? I should have my box and review up soon!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received the same items minus the bracelet. Contacted their support and they said they would be sending me a replacement. My box value was only $239 of the $400 promised. So sad because the last box was such an improvement. I just can’t imagine they will actually send me something worth at least $100 to make up for the low value but I am trying to be positive.

    I also had issues with shipping – they have shipped my box to my old address twice now. The first time after I manually updated it across their website and the second time after contacting support to make sure they had it updated. I was able to re-route the first box because I caught it in time but I made the mistake and trusted them on the second box… I will definitely check tracking more carefully on my next box.

    I’ve contacted support on almost every box in my annual subscription and they have always sent a replacement, so at least they are helpful. The next box is the last one in my subscription.

  2. I have read the best reviews for this sub forever so I finally bit the bullet and subbed. I just received my box and this has to be the most disappointing box I have ever received (the first Luxor box comes close but this one is worse). I didn’t even get a nugget bracelet… Can I contact them to return and get a refund? I am disabled and this was a huge splurge for me and disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover my feelings on this…

    • I believe that the website says they don’t accept returns. But it wouldn’t hurt to contact them.

  3. This is my first box and I was very disappointed, but I have to say their customer service is stellar. They offered me any item from the a la carte shop if I’d be willing to give them another go and if I decide after 2.2 that I am still unhappy they will give it to me free & cancel my sub. I really appreciate that they are willing to go the extra mile to keep me.

  4. This box was the biggest flop yet! I enjoyed the first two a ton, so it’s such a shame the rest ending up being so awful! I should have saved the 600.00 I spent on this and bought a nice pair of designer shoes instead! I spent 600.00 and all I have to show for it is a scarf and a clutch (the only two good things I got out of this subscription)

  5. So this was the last box of my annual. For me, the subscription has had its ups (phenomenally pretty packaging, some very nice luxuries to try that I otherwise would have never encountered on my own) and downs (delivery delays, box envy, inconsistent communications, aggressive editing of comments on FB, the child-size jewelry, those hilariously wtf paper coasters…). I never did get any of the hero items, which was frustrating as there’d been communications that that sort of thing would even out for everyone.

    I can say that I had a customer service issue recently that Oui Please resolved in a considerably thoughtful and fair way, which leaves my overall experience on a positive note.

    • Hello – Could I ask for specifics about your resolution? I’m in Oui Please Hell right now – I still haven’t received 2.1 and today is Friday, April 15. Were you contacted personally? I’ve had sketchy response using the support email. I’m considering canceling, but if there was a happy ending for you, maybe there is one for me? Thanks for any details you can share. -Julia

      • I am also in Oui Please hell. The 2.1 box that was shipped to me was lost by UPS, and was told that it will take 5-6 weeks until they get stock again to ship me a new one. This is my first Oui Please and the very first time ever losing a box – and I’ve subscribed to lots of them for years. This is so strange.

  6. I sent email yesterday and received a very nice email today. OuiPlease is still one of my favorite boxes. I use and like everything in my boxes and receive more than what I have paid. I need to not let box envy get to me and to be grateful for what I have received.

  7. I feel compelled to post another comment after I heard back from the owner with a very nice email. I complained yesterday , got a “oh well” response from customer service , to which I addressed all of the issues and the poor Customer service …. I asked they forward my complaint to an owner and they did! She wrote back and actually listened to my issues and promised things will change . She also asked how she could make it right for me. I wish the customer service person who originally responded would have been more concerned , and obviously wish the box would have been better , but that being said I do feel I owe it to them to post that I did get a nice note from the owner….. Doesn’t make it right for those who are unhappy , but she did say she is listening to us and aiming for higher standards . So those who still have boxes left on annual sub let’s hope the boxes are composed in a more fair and generous manner . Box envy on this one drives me crazy !

    • That makes me so happy to hear and that’s so nice of you to post it. I’ve had VERY limited contact with the OuiPlease customer service but it has been nothing but fabulous so far, so it makes me so so sad when I read that so many of my fellow MSA readers are so disappointed with this sub.

      I have to say though, even though I am totally satisfied with OuiPlease, I feel like this next delivery might be their very last chance at redemption for a lot of subscribers (for those that haven’t given up on them already!). I think people thought things would improve in the new year with their promises of timeliness, value, consistency, etc. and this box seems to have fallen short of those promises in the eyes of many. I fear that any more perceived broken promises and people might ditch them for good. So let’s hope for everyone’s sake that they knock it out of the park with their next box!

    • I wish it didn’t take pinging CS, though. Notice how Luxor can always read our minds? I’m pretty sure it’s because they read our comments. I feel if OP really wanted to be dialed in to their customer base, we’ve all made it clear we’re willing to be heard.

    • I also received the same Email as Nicole. This is my 3rd box and I have yet to recurve any of the “special” items. I didn’t didnt anything the first two times because I was under the impression that at some point each one of us would be getting the more coveted items. In my mind 3 disappointing boxes is enough! I don’t know why but when I opened the box this time around it made me feel like I had gone to a holiday party where no one was expecting me so to save face someone had thrown together a gift from their “emergency” gift stash. So disappointing! For the cost of that yearly subscription I could have gone purchased myself/loved ones something nice. What a waste. Unlike Natlovesmelodie, I am not the eternal optimist. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, look at the folks who subscribed to Elada Lane (or whatever that sub was called) … now that’s disappointing!

  8. This subscription is a blatant rip off, in my opinion. Which is not surprising if you know anything about the owner. I cancelled and will stick with Luxor.

    • What do you mean Ann? Can you expand?

    • Yes. Please explain.

  9. I’m so disappointed in this box. I’ve been a subscriber since the first box and this box concerns me as I feel the quality has gone down with each box. As much as it pains me, I’m going to cancel this box.

  10. I think this box was a lot more consistent than all past boxes…I do not really see how the rose theme was tied to it though. I loved the scarf, it was beautiful I wore today and got tons of complements. I was also lucky enough to get the Geraldine Valliet disc necklace which was stunning (after it took me 30 min to untangle it). Its very delicate and the packaging was not so great( if you are looking for this in swaps its better if they send in different packaging than original)I paid 85 for 385 Value but as I know things are not always the same. I have found my boxes have evened out though. I would like to see a bit more variety in the next box please no more scarfs or bracelet and some new brands on anything beauty.

    I noticed in swaps a tank top, I did not see that in the book did anyone else get this?

  11. I like the bracelet. The scarf and everything else are totally old lady.

  12. This was my last box and it achieved a new low in value, sealing the end of any possibility of resubbing to Oui Please. I received these items, without an invoice:

    Chocolate $15
    Scarf (fake viscose) $120
    Eye smoothing gel $50
    Kusmi tea .88 oz (not in catalog but sole in the US) $18.70 for 4 oz, so $4.66
    Nuxe exfoliant $24
    Night cream $25
    Geraldine Valuette (black cord with a little metal square) $50

    For a grand total of $288.66 in Oui Please dollars for a lot of low quality garbage.

    • That’s exactly the box I received, and is exactly why I will not be renewing. A shame, really, as I’ve always had a twinge of excitement waiting for my box only to be let down every single time as I get a low value box. (And a lot of bracelets which I don’t wear. I wish they would send me a necklace now and then!)

    • I concur. You and I received identical items. If OuiPlease is reading these comments, shame on you! You’re a poor excuse for a sub box. Customer service is non existent so you certainly don’t care about the customer. As an annual subber I’m still disgusted with the gall you have had in what you’ve sent out and being INCONSISTENT box to box. I have never received the box value promised. EVER!!
      I hope that those that do decide to sub don’t regret their decision, especially an annual subscription that you ultimately pay more for that than anything you’d get in form of box value from them.
      Tread lightly. ……

    • This is my box too! And my collection of funky tiny bracelets has expanded….. One more box to go.

    • I received the same items MINUS the bracelet.. whopping $239 total.

  13. I didn’t even get the booklet this time, whomp whomp.

  14. I received same box as pictured with total value of $284.00. I signed up for another year but felt a little let down with this box and low value. I thought the redeeming item would be to use the coupon to get the Les Petites poncho that OuiPlease had pictured earlier (was hoping for that instead of a scarf) but the coupon is only in store and no Bloomingdales in Portland. Hope 2.2 is better.

  15. I guess I’m one of the few people out there that is actually really happy with the 2.1 box. I received 2 scarves (the Les Petites spoiler and a Rubi & Cube), which might disappoint some people but I was thrilled. The Rubi & Cube scarf is something I never would have looked twice at in a store but I loved it the second I put it on – I love discovering new favorites! I also love that unlike just about every other box I receive, the contents of the Oui Please box is always a surprise when it arrives at my doorstep. I’m too weak to avoid the spoilers for the other boxes so there is an extra bit of excitement when UPS tells me the French Connection delivery has arrived!

    All together my box was valued at about $365, which I think is great, but I can see why those with sub-$300 boxes might be disappointed. It is weird that the values of the Oui Please boxes are as inconsistent as they are…it sets the stage for terrible box envy.

    I’m sad so many MSA posters are so disappointed – this blog has such a nice community of people and it’s such a bummer when so many are sad. Maybe Oui Please will hear all the disappointing feedback and deliver a true WOW box in a couple months to make up for it…fingers crossed!

    • I also love the actual black boxes that house all the items too…I would easily pay $20 for the box and I never even factor that into my total box value (I think they are nicer than the document boxes by semikolon and those sell for about $27 each!!).

      I just wish there was more consistency with Oui Please so there weren’t so many subscribers that felt cheated.

      • FYI – they do sell the same boxes at Hobby Lobby. I saw them there a weeks ago and they are $5. They are nice for storage, almost grabbed a few but knew I had another one coming my way.

        • No way!! That’s awesome. Thank you so much for the tip!!

      • I love the boxes too! Best perk over other subs honestly. They’re the only physical boxes that I have kept.

    • The last box was wonderful but that’s because I received one of the ‘hero’ type items, I guess. You definitely lucked out receiving 2 scarves. My box value was only $239, so I have EXTREME box envy lol

  16. What I don’t get is how they can justify giving one customer a piece of jewelry valued at $140 and give another a piece valued at $50 and they purchased the same box! I canceled my sub then bought this as a one off, but never again. I received the leather bracelet with the adjustable straps and it does not look like the one in the booklet. I don’t know if they mentioned the sizes of the candy, but dang, I did not expect them to be that small and supposedly $7.50 each, no way!

    • i got the “$50” (that no one would pay!) bracelet too. i’m over this box and glad it’s my last!

      • It is my last one too. I just paid money for skin care items I do not want or need as well as waiting forever for the box. I am not even upset about it. I am just done with it.

  17. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OuiPlease!!!!!! It is my FAVORITE subscription box. The unique items that I have received continue to spark Joy in my life. The clothing, the accessories, beauty products, candles and delicious products, all hit the mark for me.

    Customer service has been outstanding. Even if I must wait, it only adds to my anticipation. I just go with the flow.

    Thank you OuiPlease! I am very happy with your company as always. <3

    • What version of the box did you receive? What clothing have you ever received? Have you subscribed since the beginning?

      • My first thought was that they work there.

        • She does not work there. Natlovemelody is a well-loved forum poster on MSA who happens to love this box.

    • Thank you, Natlovesmelody, for the uplifting words! I also like Oui Please and have always been happy with what I receive. HOWEVER, it is April 14 and I still haven’t received 2.1. No tracking number either, only a email saying that the box is on it’s way. Trying to be patient . . . Why is it taking so long when the Oui Please social media says that all the boxes have shipped? Honestly, none of the items are of a life and death nature, but I have to be curious as to why it’s taking so long for “France to be on my door step”?

      • I didn’t received tracking either and emailed customer service. Apparently there was some kind of system glitch and mine didn’t get processed. Let them know and they should be able to tell you what’s up. I should be getting mine soon.

  18. Just received the last box of my subscription and cannot even express how happy I am to wash my hands of the OuiPlease experience. I feel like such a schmuck for sending them almost $600 of my hard-earned money for low value boxes, duplicate items, inflated RVs, broken promises (shop discount for subscribers????) etc etc etc. Adieu and buh bye OuiPlease.

    • That is exactly what I felt like the last box. Au revoir ouiplease. Very relieved.

  19. I’m not a subscriber, but OMG, this is really bad. That bracelet looks like something my kids could make on their own. Is it even branded?

    How disappointing for people who subscribe!

  20. I just got done telling their “customer service ” that they lost another subscriber! I was so disappointed again this time. Out of all of those jewelry options I didn’t receive one piece. Instead I received the way underwhelming , inflated priced scarf, same for the “clutch”, which honestly seems like a nice make up bag to me . Little expensive make up bag but at least that way I will use it, sorry moving on ….- then I received 2 of the 3 beauty items available . The Exfoliante and the eye gel. Not a happy camper! Oh and I got 2 little dark chocolate bars . So I am looking for a new “luxe” type box now!! Any suggestions ? I like the mix Oui Please is supposed to provide , so a box with some home items maybe , Jewelry , and apparel and beauty? Not necessarily all of those every time, just a special box to replace my Oui Please. It IS way too much of a gamble for that kind of money !!

    • Hi Nicole, I tried Luxor last month and was happy with it. They had a nice mix of items too. They release a spoiler first and I loved the watch so I thought I would try the box out for a month. I do not like the spoiler for the next box, so am not ordering it. It is through Pay Pal so you cancel and sign up as you please. Like I said, it was a higher end box and had a nice variety of items. Other than that, Pop Sugar is all I can think of at this time, especially Limited Edition boxes. I too had a horrible experience with Oui Please, see below, and finished my last box of an annual today and will not be renewing.

      • Thank you for the suggestion Chris, I will go with Luxe Box!

  21. A 100% synthetic fabric scarf valued at $120?? Non Please.

    • Maybe an outdated reference, but I totally picture Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping Up Appearances) wearing that scarf, resting her teacup on those absurd Betchy Sketch coasters thinking she’s “arrived”.

      • LOL!

  22. This is the last box that I will be receiving from my annual subscription. Needless to say, this sub has been a huge disappointment. I will not be renewing.
    Same old broken promises and under valued collection, repeat items and underwhelming curation. Ugh. What a waste of money.

    • I agree. That was my last box of an annual sub. I got the same thing as pictured above, but my bracelet was cute, yet a nonadjustable plastic string type bracelet that would maybe fit a 5 year old. The quality and curation of this box and customer service got worse as time went on instead of better. I have very small hands and wrist and no way would it fit over my hands 🙁 That was the worst sub box I have ever had and so relieved that stress of it is over with. A few things out the 6 boxes were cute though, but not enough. Taking a break for now and only sticking with my PS, LLB, Allure, BB and occasional RZ and Target Box 🙂

      • If you are referring to the black bracelet with the silver square, it actually is adjustable. You can slide the knots around and open the bracelet, put it on, then slide them back around to close. They might take a little work to move the first time due to the coating, but it works well after.

        • I received that same bracelet except mine came all scuffed up, half the black was gone, looks like crap! That along with with the rest of the contents in this sad box that’s under advertised value, $284, I’m not a happy camper!

        • Hi Lia, yes am talking about that. I still can’t seem to adjust it but good to know it is adjustable. Will have to mess around with it a bit. The only thing I am keeping in the box 🙂 Thank you!!

    • My last box too! I’m definitely not continuing with it. The one thing that I do with them is consistently add up the value of my box. There was a minimum value that was promised when I signed up. Basically they have had to send me something additional for each box to make up the difference. So there is that I suppose, but I’d prefer that I got the advertised value in the box to begin with.

      • When’s I signed up I thought the minimum value was $400 or $450. I prepaid for the year and just emailed regarding my box must be missing items and they replied my box was worth $300.00 and that is what they advertise. I then replied I prepaid and the value was not advertised as a $300.00 box at that time and for them to check my sign up date. When did this change to a $300.00 box? And for all of us who prepaid? Feeling a little — “bait and switched”

        • When*

  23. If you go by the booklets prices this box doesn’t break the $300 mark. Again, not what they promised. Plus there are repeats with the beauty samples. So for annual or multi box subscribers they now have two or three of these. And they broke their promise of shipping by March 15 and shipped a month later. I also saw some boxes that didn’t get the promised scarf but a different Les Petites item. Done. Just done. Not renewing. Ever. My willpower is too strong now with all the disappointments.

  24. That appears to be one of the many that came in under the $300 they say for value. I know mine did. This variability is making me cranky!

  25. I don’t sub to this box at all, but I thought the boxes were supposed to be valued over like $300 or $400 or something? This seems like it’s on the low end and while very nice, I wouldn’t pay $150 for it. It seems like a fancy PopSugar box to me.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!!

    • Agreed!! Overpriced PopSugar box is what you could get thanks to inconsistencies. Let’s compare to the Feb PSMH (which had a scarf as the main item, like this month of OP did):
      Scarf: PSMH $125/OP $120
      High end beauty: PSMH Beauty Balm $50/OP smoothing gel $50
      Additional beauty: PSMH Lotion $18/OP Nuxe gel $24
      Overpriced tiny-sized jewelry item (that is surprisingly cheaply made with cheap materials): PSMH ring $29/OP bracelet $50
      Treat: PSMH cookie mix $12/OP Chocolate $15
      Home/Lifestyle product: PSMH tray $14/OP tea $8 (est from cost of full size)
      The final item(s): PSMH socks and gift card $25 ($5 ERV on socks)/night cream $25.
      Overall RV: PSMH $273/OP $292

      So basically you can pay $150 for the Made in France version with a $19 higher RV or under $40 for the “I don’t care where it’s made” version. With the low RVs, inconsistent boxes, and bad reputation for on time delivery, Oui Please has some serious work to do if they want to continue to gain subscribers.

      • Thank you Chelsea! THIS!!!!

        I paid a lot of money for this box, and could have paid a third as much for PopSugar. Both have support issues, but at least I wouldn’t be out so much money. I have one more box (which they SAY will ship in May – I’m betting on July) and then I’m done. I am sick of the variability, the not meeting value, and the overpriced low quality items.

        • the only thing is that this one DOES have nice packaging. I will get them that. But I am SO happy to be done w/ this after a year + 1 box (7 boxes total)

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