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Little Lace Box April 2017 Theme Spoiler + Coupons

Little Lace Box April 2016 FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the April 2016 Little Lace Box thanks to Erica and Cece on the forum!

The April Little Lace Box will include:

Pictures on the forum, too!

What do you think of the spoilers?

Little Lace Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. I’m still waiting on the ring, I had a problem with the code, LLB ordered the ring for me, last month LLB told me the rings were backordered-30 days later still no ring. Any other ladies have a problem getting the ring shipped?

    • Finally received my ring yesterday but never got an email or tracking number from the company. I had to go to my account and saw where it stated the order was fulfilled June 21, 2016

  2. Ordered the ring this afternoon after I received the code. I hope everyone hops on ordering theirs too since the code expires in June.

    The laundry bag is useful and I’m happy with the size of it. It will actually really come in handy when traveling with my two younger daughters – we’re heading to Disneyland for Mother’s Day weekend.

    I received the body scrub and it smells great, I’m still using the Indie Lee scrub from the PSMH resort box.

    I want to love the lip balm but it actually stung my lips a bit after I sampled it. The menthol is a little intense on mine, anyone else?

    Confetti will be fun with my little girls sometime soon otherwise I think I would stash it until New Years.

    The Mother’s Day card is kind of a bummer for me – no mother or mother in law to give it to. I’m going to donate it so hopefully someone else can get good use from it.

    Good box, but it was lacking a wow item for me. Looking forward to Seredipity.

  3. You know, I love LLB, but not this box at all. I think it’s interesting that some people are so ready to jump on others for having an opinion; Please don’t call me a Debbie Downer because this isn’t my favorite box from LLB. I was looking at last year’s box from this time, Nonna’s Kitchen, and I loved it. This box though, just didn’t do anything for me. I’m not a big traveler (just weekends here and there) so the laundry bag is a wash (ha, get it? wash? I crack me up), and the body cream was just meh. Certainly not something I would consider paying $80 for! Wowza! That’s just crazy talk in my world. And last night, after I shaved my legs, it actually stung a bit when I used it. Lip balm? Okay, fine, but nothing to get thrilled about. A notepad. Yep, I’ll use it of course, but I have notepads. Lots of notepads. The ring is a nice touch, but I’m not a brass-wearing type of girl, so I might get it for my niece. Another tea towel. Okay, again. I have enough towels already. Confetti for one. What do I do with something like that? And a mother’s day card that made me cry since my mother died last September.

    Yeah. This did not knock it out of the park for me at all. The value is there, and yes I’ll use everything. What I do like is that even when I’m not thrilled with a box, LLB items make good gifts. I think that the ladies at LLB do a consistent job at finding great value. I just was sad that nothing seemed really to fit me yesterday.

    • Sorry for the loss of your mother, Beckyloo. There are a lot of people for whom Mother’s Day is not a happy occasion…you are not alone!

  4. I received my box and am so impressed. I don’t know how LLB does it. I enjoy reading about how they pick their items and appreciate that they support artists. Am hoping to get signed up for Serendipity as I need to get something every month from LLB. I read about the theme for June and was touched. Kat from LLB is such a lovely person and I know how much they care about doing a great job for their subscribers. LLB is my favorite!

    • Connie, what is the June theme?

      • June theme is “Heavenly Day”. Some thought behind it is “Not for long, not forever, but it made me wish that everyone had a day when troubles go away.” LLB wants their subscribers to just have a heavenly day. Made be smile.

  5. I got the body butter and would prefer the body scrub….Anyone want to trade??

    • I’ll trade!

  6. I received my box and well, love it. I smiled at each item which is exactly what I want when subbing to a box…happiness. I received the body butter…I LOVE body butter. I was so sad at the airport when the confiscated my LLB peaches body Butter which was AHHHmazing and thick and perfect, not greasy…and I miss it. This one absorbs beautifully also. The tea Towel is the brownstone one which is adorable and I prefer cotton tea towels/flour sack towels just like this so that was perfect. The notepad is funny and will be used just like the one I used and loved from the Nonna’s kitchen box. The laundry bag will be a multi purpose used when traveling and this summer for my kids swimsuits. I figure was in cold and lay out to dry. excited for the ring (very cute), my kids love chapstick and this is one I don’t have to worry about the ingredients. This was a home run for me and I love each and every item. I truly enjoy their boxes so much. Im excited for June and obviously May for serendipity.

    • I’m always happy with my LLB and Serendipity. It has never disappointed me as other boxes have from time to time.

    • TSA confiscated your body butter? They’re really pushing the definition of “liquid”, aren’t they? Glad you got a replacement! 🙂

  7. I got the body scrub. Yea! And the tea towel matches my kitchen. #happycamper

  8. I got my box today, love everything except my body scrub leaked everywhere and I had no ring. Sent them an email we’ll see what happens.

    • Gaby you need to order the ring. In the box paper insert says that you’ll receive the code to order within 48 hours. “We wanted this to be an item that is customized.”

      Hope that helps. I thought I was missing mine too.

    • Thank you Bri. Maybe I should pay more attention to the little booklet 🙂

  9. OK, I got the box and I’m disappointed. Granted, I’ve only been to NY once, but I still don’t see anything in this box that says NY. Definitely nothing that would want me go to NY. Beyond that, the items are sort of boring.

    – The laundry bag is cute, but I already got two in PopSugar not too long ago, so I don’t really need this one. Plus I want everything in my life to be machine washable.

    – I have already gotten two tea towels from LLB. I don’t need more. I don’t want more. Really, no more.

    – I’m still nowhere near done with the body lotion LLB sent a few boxes ago. That one is super thick, so I only use it for elbows and knees and so forth. It’s cool that the Bellapierre one is made in Chatsworth, CA – where I have family, but I don’t like wide-rim jars for beauty products, I think it makes it easier to get the stuff contaminated. All in all, not exciting.

    – I’m not a ring wearer but it could be cool if they have large sizes.

    – Lipbalm & notepad: will get used but definitely not exciting.

    So we’re left with the Mother’s Day card as really the only item in the box I’m happy about – and only because I’m too lazy to ever actually buy a card for my mother so I’m glad to have one.

    All this said, I’ve been in a funk with subscription boxes lately. It may very well be that this would have super excited me a year ago, when I first got into them. So it may be me, not them. I think I probably need to take a break from subscription boxes for a while.

    • I LOVE this box! Practical, high quality items are always a plus for me. I have noticed that most negative comments come from the exact same people consistently no matter the theme or brand of sub box. Debbie downer syndrome. I’ve been a subscriber for 2 years now and it’s an extremely rare occasion I haven’t felt my boxes offered value. Sometimes it is nice to take a break. I had to break from a makeup/skincare sub, not bc I didn’t like it, but bc I simply could not use all of the products quickly enough. LLB never fails to disappoint. I can tell they spend time choosing great quality products. I also like their knack at offering customization with jewelry when possible. Love. Love. Love. I don’t think I’ve ever had an item from this sub up for swap. And, I have purchased additional products from their site bc I liked them so well.

  10. I’ve been planning to cancel but love this box (especially the laundry bag — how many times have I wished I had one????) and am now torn. Sigh.

  11. Actually LOVE everything, except the Body Scrub! That’s going to be a swap!

    • I wanted the body scrub! I have the body butter if you want to swap

  12. I’m reserving final judgment until I have the box in my hands. Potentially some very nice items and things I know I’ll use. Not quite sure I see how it ties together over all, but they always do a good job of explaining why they chose things and how they relate to the overall theme, so I think that will help tie it all together.

  13. This’ll be my first LLB box. I don’t wear rings, so that’ll go to my younger daughter. I’ll have to see everything else in person to make a decision.

  14. I am with the majority that NY is a stretch, however, if you do not think about that part, do you not LOVE …..the Tea towel? Its super big too, and I love the print.
    Ring is adorable of course and you can get what ever size you want!
    Body Butter is a HUGE container and even if it was a 20.00 item the value is there without it.
    Rifle Paper co. card is darling, I love Rifle paper co!
    The note pad, confetti and lip balm are so stinking cute and usable and I would not go out and buy them…. but I WANT them somehow!

    The Laundry bag is so appreciated! I may trade for another one. I use my bleeker set for shoes …I usually travel with a few pairs, and this will be for my bras, undies, nightgowns and slippers,… and other things I don’t want open in my luggage!

    LOVE this box as always, cool unique finds just for me…another hit, so far last three boxes have been favorites for me out of many of my boxes. Well done!

  15. The New York, hinting at Broadway, theme is a stretch. I was expecting something glam and showbizzy.
    That’s a lot of room to give up in a suitcase case for the chunky laundry bag. The Hudson+Bleecker set we received last year is perfect for travel – lightweight and folds to nothing.
    I got the diamond-studded body butter. It’s up for swap if anyone’s looking. Personally, I’d rather see a leather wallet or a good makeup palette as the hero item. But then I’ve never been into body butters and scrubs.

  16. I love everything!!

  17. I got my first LLB today and the body scrub leaked so everything in my box is slimy 🙁

    • I had the same problem with the body scrub leaking everywhere. I contacted LLB so hopefully they will replace it.

    • My laundry bag had a big crease in it when it was screen printed, so it’s messed up. I wrote to LLB and included pics. They responded within an hour and I will be getting a replacement! If your scrub leaked, I urge you to take pics and contact them.

    • Same with me, and it left a greasy spot on my notepad. Luckily nothing else was damaged. Oh, and I didn’t get a ring 🙁 Other than that, I loved everything, but I sent an email to Customer Service asking for the ring and some replacement products.

      • Well, duh, I just saw that the ring is a gift code, so I’m all set with that. Still have a greasy notepad, but I was quite happy with everything else in this box!

  18. I got my box today, I couldn’t resist the spoilers on the forum though. I knew I was going to be disappointed and I like the box even less in person. It’s just not my style at all, it feels like it’s missing something great. I only kept the notepad and will swap everything else. February’s box was so fantastic I was so sad I missed it. So then when they offered the discount with the Coach wristlet, I signed up again. I pray that June’s is better, or next month’s Serendipity is good.

  19. I was really considering ordering this box due to the NY theme (homesickness!) but I am totally not seeing the theme here. Yes, Claudia Pearson is a Brooklyn based artist, and the Beekman Inn is upstate, but honestly, I think the Serendipity box did a much better job of capturing the theme. It will be interesting to see how they think that each of these items fit together, but no box envy for me.

  20. To look or not to look. I read some of the comments, I know there is a GC for a ring. But maybe I’ll get this box today? So I shouldn’t look? But maybe I won’t and who can resist spoilers?

    Tell me this, will I be happy with this box?

    • Well… hard to say. I think if you were counting on the theme you’ll be disappointed since it’s not clear from looking at the items. But there are some nice things in there, and it’s along the lines of the last two boxes. I like it.

    • I like the items in the box and think it is stuff I will use but it totally misses the new york theme in my opinion.

  21. Love the ring! Am excited for my box!

  22. This is the first box I didn’t get after a year of subbing. I was anxious that I would love the box and deeply regret cancelling. I don’t. But I also think I would have been reasonably happy with this box had I bought it.

    Love the ring! I think it’s the only thing I’m try to swap for, though.

    But I’m having a hard time with the alleged $80 RV for the Bellepierre body scrub/butter. Seriously? EIGHTY DOLLARS??? Why? Because it has gold flakes in it? That’s completely ridiculous.

    Of course, that’s an issue with Bellepierre, not LLB.

    • Totally agree. Those are each worth maybe $20. Silliness

  23. My LLB is out for delivery today. Yes!

    • Did you get an email with tracking?

      • I did – the email came on Friday with the delivery scheduled for today. Hope that helps ?

  24. When are the April boxes supposed to ship?

  25. Ugh I just need to remember to order the ring this time, I realized I forgot to order the pillow. Oh well.

    • I accidentally deleted the email with my pillow code and it was after business hours on the last day when I remembered to order. I have missed every single LLB item that I need to order. The items are great, but that’s one of the reasons that I cancelled.

      • I got the pillow but so far I’ve forgotten/missed the olive oil/vinegar, the flowers, and the photo canvas…love the ring, so have to do right away this time. :p

      • Yeah, Laurie. I missed all of those. I got a pillow, but only because I swapped for a code and hoped to use my code so that I could get two. Oh well. I am ordering this ring the moment I get the email!

  26. Leave it up to a bunch of swap crazy people to crash Stern Design’s site! LOL

  27. Aaaaaaand their site has crashed. 🙁

  28. VERY excited to get this box. They showcased fantastic products! The touch on making sure everyone can get the ring in their size is awesome. Hoping for the body butter but will be very happy with either as I have been on a scrub kick too.

    • I’m hoping for the scrub so maybe if we get the opposite we can swap! 🙂 This will be my first LLB and its well worth the $38 I paid for it. Plus I’m getting the Coach wristlet – not the metallic I wanted, but I’m getting white, which I will like. Can’t wait!

  29. They wanted to rings to be sized for each person so they will have to be ordered.

    • I love the ring! Thats smart!

  30. Not seeing the theme either, but that laundry bag would be a great Mother’s Day gift (trust me, my mother ALWAYS travels with a laundry bag!), and now I don’t have to buy a card!

  31. Not seeing the New York theme, but I love everything!

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