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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Bianca Jade #MIZ13 Quarterly Box Spoilers

Bianca Jade #MIZ11 Quarterly Box Spoilers

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Thanks, Jessica, and Chris, for letting us know about these spoilers! Here are some of the items in the upcoming Bianca Jade #MIZ11 Quarterly Box:


  • Medium exercise bands + promo card ($20)
  • Ambronite Meal replacement + promo card ($10)
  • 30% off voucher for Sweat cosmetics
  • 30% voucher on Lor Coulter Swimwear
  • 4 pak GoStak ($13)
  • Full box of Blemish dots from Skyn Iceland ($20)


What do you think of the spoilers? This box is $50 plus shipping. Check out our Bianca Jade Quarter Box reviews to see what has been in past boxes.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (20)

  1. Wow i was just getting ready to subscribe to this box! Then smash it went down the drain when i read all the comments from Bianca jade that these items was not in in the box but coupon codes instead! Why would i pay from that? Can you explain Bianca please. ?That is very misleading and not a good way to do business! Shouldn’t the product be in the box or at least if they are a voucher be for the total value of the item if in fact it is going to be about a size or skin color. Our maybe you should have it when a customer signs up that the in fact can list all things about them in the sense of hair color length skin color and concerns you get the picture! I would love to join but not under these circumstances. Unless it changes then I’m in! Thanks for listening and possibly responding!


  2. Once I found out that Bianca promotes the use of waist trainers when they have been scientifically proven to have more harmful effects to your body than supposed results I cancelled my box. This is obviously someone who does not educate other women in the right way. I really liked the idea behind other products in her box but that is such a bad example I cannot support her.

    • Hi Tia,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I feel a need to respond and while I respect your decision, I hope you’ll hear me out. This is not about you subscribing to my box, it’s about explaining my position on waist trainers. 1) I do agree that extended use of waist trainers is dangerous and have said that both on tv and in my online writing many times. 2) I believe that many things are dangerous (like eating too much sugar, using artificial sweetners, marathon training, and even some forms of skincare and body treatments for example) but I still do them….in moderation or small doses. 3) My promotion of waist trainers has always been for use fitness training while doing plyometric and body weight moves, to help you learn how to engage your abs during these exercises. And to use while running errands for an hour or sitting at your desk for an hour, to train you to have better posture and activate your abs instead of slumping and puffing out your belly. Use of waist trainers for 1-2 hours is not dangerous. It’s extended continued use that can have a effect internally on your organs. If you use a waist trainer the right way, it’s not much different than wearing a sexy bandage dress that makes you want to “suck it in”. I do and have always acknowledged the danger of extended use of waist trainers because I personally won’t wear them in this way. The longest I wore one was during a sit down interview with Chef Robert Irvine when I interviewed him for a video we did together, and I knew I had worn it for too long. I realize you are against waist trainers, and I respect that entirely, but I just wanted to clarify my position on them to you since I take this stuff very seriously. There are a lot of things that are a little bad that we all still do…I wish I could break my Splenda addiction, for instance, but what I try to do now is limit myself to 1-2 packets a day and moderate my intake. Otherwise I would be spooning regular sugar into my coffee and tea like a madwoman. There are some things that do us good in moderation, and I believe for women who are working on their ab region (esp many post-natal women who suffer from abdominal separation) that waist training can be a solution as long as it’s used safely and for 1-2 hours MAX until abs can be trained to activate on their own. I hope you my reply explains things a little, as I do agree with findings that you’ve referred to. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hear me out no matter what your final conclusion is. And I appreciate your previous subscription in my boxes. Kindly and sorry for the long response, Bianca Jade

      • Waist Trainers saved me post-partum with split abs. They are helpful tools that become dangerous when used incorrectly like just about anything – hammers are dangerous if you hit someone over the head with it or don’t pay attention and smash your finger instead of a nail. I love what Bianca has to say on this thread and that she takes the time to respond. I am off to subsribe now!

      • Thanks StyleSnob, I appreciate it. It’s important for me to be 100% HONEST. While I value health, I also value trying things out to see if they work. In the past, I’ve tried some things that were terrible, were damaging and that I ended up hating. I will never glamourize these things. My mission is to try them out and get the scoop for others who are curious so they don’t have to go through the “testing” part. Waist trainers are good and bad at the same time. It takes understanding the product and knowing how to use it, to see safe results. Compression has scientifically been proven to be beneficial, but you’re not supposed to compress your body for hours on end. So yes, what you’ve written is exactly right. It’s about HOW you use the hammer. But I’m glad that people put me on the spot here because it’s important for me to explain things in more depth and I’m glad that MSA has allowed me the opportunity to do that once again. Sending much love to all of you and happy Friday!

  3. Yay! Bianca Jade/Mizz Fit is back on MSA. This is always an amazing box, curated by an amazing woman! What other curator takes the time to answer individual questions and ask for suggestions on the MSA forum? None, unless you count the ones operating from a damage control perspective.

    It was watching Bianca Jade respond and interact with the readers that really made me interested in becoming a subscriber. With every box I learn something new about making me a better, stronger and heathier woman. For example, I’m the type of person who always put off working out “until tomorrow”. I wasn’t really heavy but once I hit 45 I noticed my body wasn’t automatically firming back up even after I lost the extra weight. Reading through Bianca’s box inserts and checking out her website made me realize that all that was keeping me from attaining my goals was me!
    I started working out right before Thanksgiving 2015. Nothing crazy, 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of weights – 3 or 4 times a week (believe me, it took some effort to work my way up to that many times a week!) I try to add a yoga class at least once a week to stay flexible. At 5’6″ I now weigh 127 pounds, size 27 in denim (4 in work clothes) and I’m going to be 50 next January! In 5 months I lost 2.5 inches on my waist without changing my diet!

    I honestly believe that Bianca Jade showed me that with confidence and belief in myself i cann attain any goal I set. I just need to set them and go for it! If I had to cut back to just one subscription box, this would be the one to keep. Forr, this box covers fitness, fashion, skincare, culinary ideas and much more and most importantly … it gives me a sense of how I want to show up in the world. If it’s not evident from the 10 paragraphs above, I strongly recommend checking this sub out! For me, the box contains more than just “stuff” I’m going to throw in a drawer or list on the swap site to trade for more “stuff”. I understand that this sub isn’t going to be for everyone but for me, it’s perfect. Thank you Bianca Jade!

    • Thanks! And I hear you, it becomes harder to firm up as you get older. I’m 37 and this was the first year I really encountered resistance from my body. I gained extra weight in my tummy and right now experimenting with workouts and products to see what helps me trim it off. I think overall, you can’t fight time and aging. But you can fight that feeling of giving up and not putting in the time just because nature is working against us. Just today, this article came out and made me realize that no matter how much my body stops responding as I continue to get older, fitness is about so much more. The mental benefits are 1 main reason we have to keep it up! Here’s the article:

      Thanks for the awesome endorsement and for being so inspirational yourself at 50.

  4. There’s a lot more in the box, promise! Also, we couldn’t physically put the Sweat Stick in the box because everyone is a different skin color. The 30% voucher lets you get the Sweat Stick for around $30 and allows you to find the perfect shade instead of us assuming what you are. If it makes it any better, I will see if they can include shipping on any Mizzfit orders. Also the same goes for the Lori Coulter bikini. It’s nearly impossible to find swimwear on sale at the start of the summer, and that’s why I wanted to give you these exclusive discounts ON TOP of everything else that’s inside the box.

    Also, here’s another interesting thing to know about Quarterly Co. We’re the only company that doesn’t charge brands to be in our boxes. Most other boxes like Popsugar and Birchbox actually charge brands to be inside, limiting inclusion to larger brands and product lines that aren’t as special or hard to find. With our boxes, I literally go out and find these things for you. Most of the companies are small and emerging. The products tend to be more ground breaking and a majority of them are female entrepreneur driven. These things are so very important to me. I don’t get paid by these brands. I wish I did, but I don’t. And ultimately that is why Quarterly thrives and that is why people love our curated boxes. It takes 3 months for me to put them together…I kid you not. We do it for you guys, and when I sit down to write each letter, that’s all I’m thinking about. The bands are accompanied by a workout video I made for you guys to show you how to use the equipment. That’s something you won’t find in another boxes and which I really hope you’ll enjoy!

    With love, Bianca Jade

    • Thanks for the personal response! It’s great to know that you are paying attention to your customers. This personal attention has gotten me to order your curated box, when I had no intention of doing so. It clearly means a lot to you, and I love that!!

      • You’re so sweet. If there’s any type of special request you’d like to make, FEEL FREE. There’s still time since the box won’t ship until May 20th. –Bianca

    • Hi Bianca! Have you given any thought to the dance workout themed box? I’ve been with you since the 2nd box, and know you’ve talked about it in the past. I would REALLY love it if you would consider doing this for one of the next boxes. Thanks!
      ~ Ava

      • Yes, and thanks for reminding me too. What do you think about BUTI? It combines yoga, dance and other things and it’s a workout I recently tried. I’m thinking of including a course on it in the box and revolving the rest of the box around dance elements that can be easily applied by people who are not so dance focused too.

  5. I’m personally really looking forward to this box. I find Bianca Jade puts So much thought and effort into curating her boxes and I purchase them as often as I can. They are very motivating for me as someone who gets bored easily with exercise. I’m looking for the vira sun sunglasses from the miz09 box. Mine got lost/stolen and they literally were my favourite so if anyone has a pair and is willing to sell or swap please let me know!

  6. I was SO CLOSE to ordering this and I’m so relieved that I didn’t! I wanted to try the Sweat cosmetics (also thought it would be a deluxe sample) and the Rx bars she posted on IG. These discount codes are pretty much useless to me since I’d probably have to shell out another $100 to use them all. No thanks! I also don’t like when subs make you do any extra work to get all you items (i.e. Order things from other sites)

  7. THANK YOU for posting these spoilers. I had been really loving her boxes up until the last one – it was mostly supplement sample packs and coupons/gift cards. Then I saw the spoilers for this one and it looked pretty great – back to what I was used to seeing in her boxes where I couldn’t believe how much cool stuff she had managed to get for us. Now seeing that it’s mostly discounts again… I can buy the exercise bands, the GoStaks, and the book on Amazon for less than the $55+tax I’d have to pay Quarterly. I don’t mind getting discount coupons as extras but I had interpreted the Sweat Cosmetics spoiler to mean we’d be getting it in the box, not that we’d just get a coupon so we could buy it ourselves!

    She also posted spoilers for hair ties (not helpful for my shorter hair).

    I’m amazed Quarterly is still hanging in there. Such a cool concept but not very well executed and if anything the value of the boxes has declined since they stopped accepting returns.

    • That post is a little deceiving. It appears you will get those items but really, it’s just a coupon. I don’t mind when boxes include a voucher, but these codes are pointless & should not be advertised as an “item” for subscribers.

  8. Hmm I wanted to like this but I’m not really a fan of the percentage vouchers. I like instant gratification with boxes. And if it isn’t instant, at least full value lol!

  9. I hope this box includes other items…otherwise this seems like the next Quarterly box to say goodbye. It just feels like it’s missing something(s). I thought the blemish dots were interesting, but they get pretty bad reviews on Ulta.

    • Yes – these are some – not all – of the items. Hope that helps!

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