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Allure Beauty Thrills Box – Available Now!

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The Allure Beauty Thrills May Box is available now for purchase ($49.95 plus $10 shipping)!

Here is what is in the box:


The May Allure Beauty Thills box includes:
1. CHAPSTICK® Total Hydration 3 in 1 Lip Care

2. REDKEN Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid

3. BURT’S BEES® BB Cream

BURT’S BEES® Lipstick in Magenta Rush

4. NOT YOUR MOTHER’S® In A Heart Beat Blow Dry Accelerator

5. PUREOLOGY Pure Volume Style + Care Infusion

6. TANGLE TEEZER® The Original Detangling Hairbrush

7. COMPEED® Blister Cushions

8. COPPERTONE ClearlySheer® Faces SPF 30

9. HASK Macadamia Moisturizing Shine Oil

10. SIMPLE® SKINCARE Micellar Make-Up Remover Wipes

11. CARESS® Mystique ForeverTM Body Wash

12. COMPLETELY BARE® calm down Ingrown Hair, Razor Bump & Redness Eliminator

13. DEGREE Women Dry Spray in Daisy Fresh

14. RITUALS Magic Touch Body Cream

15. SCÜNCI® Everyday & Active® 3x Stronger Braided Elastics

16. AVEENO® Absolutely AgelessTM Intensive Renewal Serum

17. SONIA KASHUK® Double-Zip Clutch

18. ARM & HAMMERTM SpinbrushTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh Battery-Powered Toothbrush

ARM & HAMMERTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

19. TIGI® Bed Head JoyrideTM Texturizing Powder Balm

20. VERSASPA® Gradual Tanning Face Moisturizer

Full Details: Each box individually retails for $49.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. Presale cost of $199.95 for all three boxes (May, August, December) includes a premium cost plus shipping and handling of each box. No refunds, exchanges, or returns will be accepted. This is an exclusive invitation and cannot be forwarded or transferred.

If you are interested in Allure’s separate monthly subscription box, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too!

*Plus shipping and handling. Sale begins on April 26, 2016, at 12:01 P.M. ET. While supplies last. Contents of box may vary. **Up to $25,000. Donations will not be made in connection with sales to residents of AL, HI, IL, MA, MS, SC. Formerly Allure Beauty Box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. received my box. SHOCKED AT THE AMOUNT OF PRODUCT. think it’s less than half of what we used to get. I am now thinking I shouldn’t have purchased all 3 in the presell.

    I didn’t see a product list in the presell and I have been getting this for years so I signed up immediately. box used to weigh 13 lbs. and this is about 5 lbs. At least I will use most of what I see but this isn’t the deal it used to be by any stretch of the imagination.

    I am disappointed

    • Totally agree. I have been getting these boxes for years and was saddened when opening this one. Everything was miniature! The Rituals body cream was the item I was most excited about and it is the size of a deluxe sample. The braided elastics only came with 2 (not a variety like pictured) and to top it off the double zip bag was an ugly cheap print. I would’ve much prefered the one in the pic. The burts bee moisturizer and tangle teezer are the only items I’m not let down by. Hoping the august box is better. I regret buying the pre sale.

      • Oh my! I am so, so sad that I spent the money on this box. It is terrible. The beauty bag is hideous. You can barely see a hint of cheetah in the photo and what I received is all cheetah on one side and striped on the other. Just a letdown.

        They spent a ton of money printing the insert but didn’t include instructions for some of the items. Weird. And a waste of money.

  2. Oh…and it is STILL AVAILABLE! (Of course, that could be totally wrong too…just like how they oversold the May monthly box!)

  3. I’m still confused. IF it is the Thrills box, why is my tracking number on the monthly box login/account site? Plus, it shows that my charge was 5/10/16. BUT, I never actually got charged for a monthly box (which I suspended last month). So, it must be the Thrills, but nothing matches up on this at all.

    In the past there was no Thrills site to go to about account status, etc. Just weird.

    • I know for a fact it is out. Because even if they send me my one may sub box. I am then left with another tracking for allure. So one tracking must be for thrills. They need to better organize next time!

  4. I got tracking info last night for what I assume is the Thrills box, however, the email looks exactly like the one sent with tracking info for the monthly BB.

    I called and was told that mine hadn’t been shipped yet, and was being sent out by USPS (not UPS). I believe my regular box has been delivered (well, at least it’s at my P.O. box) so I can only assume this confirmation was for the Thrills box.

    By the way, the tracking for the Thrills box says the box left York, PA and was in Harrisburg, PA as of last night. Not sure why the phone rep didn’t have this info… The best part for me is that it’s being shipped to my p.o. box rather than being left on my doorstep for someone to take. 🙂 – Hey, you have to find the small victories where you can! lol

    • I think it is the thrills box, because I just got a second different confirmation. I had one sub box that I didn’t get, due to a error. They gave me a thrills as a comp. So I got a second different confirmation just now so it must be the thrills box. Cause I don’t have two regular subs on this email. So I am sure it is the thrills.

    • It says allure beauty box has been shipped. I called the allure thrills customer service and the man said it is the thrills box and doesn’t know why it said beauty box in the email. Either way it’s on its way.

  5. Customer service said no boxes have been shipped. Any shipping info I may have gotten would be regarding my regular monthly boxes. I recieved them before I got shipping info. They said they have my payment and the order slip but nothing g has been sent.

    • I got a confirmation by phone and email. So I think it just depends on who you talk too and their level of knowledge. I was told I would not get a regular box, but a thrills in place of said box. The shipping is different from my box so I am sure he was right.

      • I got the shipment confirmation and thought it was the Thrills since I “suspended” my account on the on the monthly. Sure enough, I just checked the monthly account info and I’m getting the May box (which I didn’t want and know people were clamoring for).

        Whatever is going on with Allure they need to get it figured out soon!

    • Thanks for the info. This is getting more confusing. My email says Beauty Box not Beauty Thrills but I’ve already received my May monthly box so I just assumed that it was the Beauty Thrills. I wonder if they are sending me an extra monthly box for all the trouble they put me through? And I think it is strange that they would send the heavy Beauty Thrills box via the PO instead of UPS.

      Allure’s customer service is the worst! Why can’t they just tell us what is going on?

      • I posted on Allure’s Facebook page:

        When will the Allure Beauty THRILLS box be sent? I paid for this April 26th and it was supposed to be sent in 7-10 days. Your customer service does not know when they will be sent. Please don’t tell me to call them because I’ve already tried that.


        Allure Hi Phoebe! Sorry, but our social accounts are run by the editorial team and we don’t have that info. You’ll have to check back with the customer service team for Allure Beauty Thrills. They can be reached at [email protected] or 1-877-356-9904.

        • It doesn’t sound like any one department is communicating with the other. I’m expecting to that the tracking number sent to me this week is for the Thrills box, but honestly, if it’s a second monthly bb, I won’t be that surprised.

          I love Allure’s boxes (although this Thrills box isn’t their best) and it would take a lot to make me cancel, but the back to back incidents with the bb memberships/shortages and not sending out a clearly written tracking notification (mine didn’t mention the Thrill’s box and looked exactly like my monthly box notification) is a little discouraging.

          Out of my 10 subs (not counting Target – Hi, my name is Barbie, and I’m an addict. 🙂 ) Allure is my fav, hands down. I’m really hoping they can organize this part of their business soon.

          • I agree with everything you said Barbie!

            I have subscribed to Allure magazine for over 10 years. I have bought every Thrills box except one since the beginning when they were called the beauty box. The first one was all sun care products. I just started subscribing to the monthly box.

            The quality is great for the money but the customer service is horrendous. Allure needs to communicate to us. We can understand delays and other issues but just tell us what is going on.

          • Exactly! I have another sub that sent out a notice that they were shipping late this month. I was a little disappointed (mostly because I have absolutely no patience whatsoever! 🙂 ), but I was happy they told us.

            It can make a HUGE difference, when you’re kept in the loop (good or bad), especially when you’re paying for something! 🙂

          • Will be delivered tomorrow, so we will see what it is….

    • I called the customer service for allure thrills which is different from their other line and my box has been shipped and I now have tracking. I hope it’s worth the 60.00…

  6. Just got a shipping confirmation…..I ordered the thrills as well as signed up for the monthly sub. I was told I would not be receiving the May box. This shipping confirmation is unclear what was shipped though. Frustrating.

    • It’s probably the beauty thrills one, because I also got my shipping notice and I did NOT sign up for the monthly one. You never can tell though!

  7. Just Received my shipping notice.

  8. I also just received an email stating my box has shipped I was a little confused as to which box because I signed up for theit monthly box as well fingers crossed I hope it’s the beauty thrills box.

  9. Has anyone actually received a shipping confirmation for this box yet?

    • Not me! Getting irritated by the delay.

    • I just hung up with customer service (800-274-1603). I was told there are “shipping delays” and could give me no further information. I asked if I could cancel my order and they said that the orders cannot be canceled at this time as they are scheduled to ship. As an apology they offered a half a year of Allure magazine at no cost to me.
      I also signed up for the monthly beauty box and asked when I could expect shipment. I was told the beauty box grew faster than they anticipated, and they are having “growing pains” and fulfillment issues. So, although I signed up in April, I will not received a box until the June shipments.
      I hope this helps a little bit!!

    • I emailed them and asked because it said it would ship in 7-10 business days. Today is the 10th business day. They said we are sorry but at this time we do not have a shipping date. Sorry for your inconvenience. Soooo aggravating!!

      • By my count, shipping should have started sometime between Friday, May 6 & Tuesday, May10. My card was charged on 4/28. Gee, it would be nice if they kept the buyers/subbers in the loop to delays.

        On the flip side – I also sub to Mishibox. I was charged for the May Mishibox on 4/29 and got a notice on 5/9 that their boxes are going out late this month due to customs delays. Not thrilled (I want my boxes, and I want them NOW! 🙂 ), but I did appreciate that they told me, so I’m not just in limbo, wondering where it is.

        Funny how a short, two paragraph email from Mishi made the difference between thinking of canceling and feeling like my subscription actually counted for something with the company…(hint, hint Allure. Please take note!)

    • I just received my shipping email! It’s coming via the post office out of York, Pa. I think this is the first time that it hasn’t come UPS. Just relieved.

      • Got mine also.

    • I just got my shipping notice. It is coming from York, PA and it is being shipped usps.

  10. Shipping starts today!!!

    • I’m getting very impatient over here I’m glad it’s about to ship I am kinda disappointed it’s still available though

      • This is my first time with this box so I am excited! They gave me a second thrills box because they screwed me out of the May subscription box. They told me that, but I was not sure, but they confirmed the info today! So double the fun!!

      • Why are you disappointed that the box is still available?

    • I am happy to hear that the shipping will start today but curious how you found out. When I called yesterday they didn’t know anything. Thanks!

      • I got a call back from the man who was helping me with the error. They gave me a comp thrills box due to the mix up. He told me they ship today. So I assumed I was not the only one shipping.

  11. So, I just called and asked when my box will ship since it’s over their time frame. And they tell me they have no idea when it will ship! So, I requested a refund..And to top it off, the box is STILL available, it never sold out.. I know it didn’t have the greatest stuff, but still was a good deal.. But, I’ll take my refund and buy the couple things in it that I did want at Walgreen’s.

    • I called yesterday too. They were clueless! I have a feeling they won’t ship until it is sold out and who knows if that will happen? One time a few years ago Allure reduced the price by $10 to sell the remaining boxes. Very disappointed it them! Just communicate with us so we know what is going on.

      • Clueless is exactly right! I needed these items for a trip that I take on Friday. I never dreamed that I would not of received it by now. And why even offer a customer service number if they know nothing!

      • This will be the last time I order one… they used to be filled with great stuff, now not so much.. I did receive an email today that it shipped…But I’d rather have the refund at this point…

  12. I ordered 2 one for my mom one for me because I can’t change shipping to a different address than billing I just found out they canceled one of my orders even though I was billed for 2…. They said I’d get a refund. It still shows available but if anyone wants to sell theirs who preordered and doesn’t want it I’ll buy it off you for price they are selling it for.

  13. I am just curious…did anyone get a shipping notice on these yet? I did the presale and i thought I saw somewhere that they were going to start shipping 4/29. I could be wrong lol

    • No. I’m wondering the same thing. I did the pre sale then bought one for my mother for mothers day. I’ve yet to recieve shipping notifications on either. The last 2 years I have done the pre sale and have received that box within a week of launch.

    • Not yet. I just called CS to let them know about the 2nd charge and ask about shipping. Really nice rep – he said it showed that it had not shipped yet and could not find any further shipping information. He said it may ship on Thursday since that is when they ship all of the other boxes. Wondering if they have new software or management this year.

  14. Wow May 1st and this box is still available!!!! Crazy, it goes to show how bad this box is. I hope they really “step it up” for the Summer 2016 box this spring box is a real “let down” as far as the products and the amount of products is waaay…less than previous boxes. It appears we have lost about 6 Full size products in this box. That is a bummer I really look forward to getting this box and getting a stockpile going but this box is terrible not worth the $60 dollar charge this time. There isn’t any high dollar items in this box and really…hair ties????! Nope. Way too boring for me. I hope Allure gets the point of why this box is still available. Really a disappointment this time around.

    • Yeah I can’t believe it’s still available, but I get it because I passed on this box as well. This box is only worth it if you’re using everything in this box.

    • It is a really bad box – I’m so bummed I jumped on the pre-sell before they released spoilers. I trusted that the boxes would be as good as they were the last 2 years – live & learn.

  15. It looks like it is still available!

  16. Really mad. Allure just charged me 65.50 for a thrill box, but I bought the 3 box for 199. Don’t know what is going on but they need to fix this!

    • Same thing but the transaction is pending on my CC not completed and may never go through. By Monday morning I anticipate it will “fade away”.

    • Happened to me too. I thought I was the only one. I emailed them about this (even though a phone call would be quicker, at the rate they’ve been going lately, I want all of my dealings with them documented), so we’ll see what they have to say.

    • Same thing is happening to me. What is going on? My bank is telling me I have to dispute it. Allure always seems to screw this up.

  17. Same thing! I pre-ordered and now saw they charged me again for a single box for May. Wth? I’m so annoyed right now! Going to dispute and they better take the charge off. But I shouldn’t have to be bothered.
    They are a bunch of thief’s.

    • Same thing happened to me ?

  18. I preordered mine, then when they fulfilled my order they charged me for the individual box, the customer service guy said I ordered a second yesterday when I hadn’t been on the allure site. They wouldn’t refund the individual May box, so I had to cancel the preorder for the year. I think I am just going to stick with the monthly boxes, I am not “thrilled” with this box anyways.

    • Ahhh I just came here to see if this happened to anyone else. I preordered also and I have a pending charge for an individual box too as of this morning. Definitely didn’t order again either.

      • Crud…I just checked my CC and there is a pending charge for 1 box too! I already have a posted charge for the pre-order! I guess I’d better call quickly.

        • same thing happened to me too and I did the pre-order. I will definitely be checking my cc to make sure that single box charge is refunded!

    • I just called because I saw the additional pending charge for a single box. Per the customer service rep that I spoke to, they noticed the glitch already and they will be refunding the single box purchase price. I will be checking again tomorrow to hopefully see the pending charge removed.

      • That’s the same thing I was told.

      • I got the same response. I was surprised they answered so quickly (or even at all with having such a snafu). My rep said he’d have the manager call with an update but I doubt that will happen! So long as the charge doesn’t go through I’m fine.

        • I just came on here to see if anyone else had that same issue. Glad I’m not the only one. Kind of frustrating since it’s my first time preordering. Not sure if I will do it again next year.

        • I was double charged for the single May box on Tuesday. i noticed it and called immediately, I also sent them a copy of the confirmation…the supervisor I spoke to promised to take a look at it and get to me…on Thursday I got an email from that saying I would be refunded and yesterday the supervisor – Kathy called to say that the duplicate charge had been removed.

          so since they kept their promise to me I believe that the supervisor will return your call

  19. 48 hours later and it’s still available.


    • Yeah …. and I actually paid for the preorder because I usually struggle to get it:(

      • Seriously, at this point it seems the only thing us pre-orderers are getting out of this deal is an extra $20 of our money being donated to Allure…

        • Perhaps (fingers crossed), the next 2 boxes will be SO good that the preorder will be worth it. This year I preordered immediately without the spoilers but will not do that again – I only did it because I had 2 years of good boxes but….

      • Annley, it makes me wonder if the three boxes are lousy and they know it, so they are making sure at least some get sold via preorder!

    • I did pre-order, they always sell out in 5 minutes otherwise. Went on today and couldn’t believe that they are still availabl, so it looks like I’ll be getting 2. Good birthday present for someone in my family.

  20. I added up the value of the items I really want and will use and it seems worth it to me. I’m probably the most impatient person ever but I’m antsy to get the shipping confirmation already! Maybe it’s because we’re moving and I want to get it before we leave!

  21. I used to buy these boxes all the time, but they just don’t cater to a universal range of buyer. There are fewer tanning products this time, to be sure, but it’s definitely not appropriate for darker skin tones or textured hair (I wear L’Oreal Classic Tan, so my skin tone’s dark, but not in the deepest range). It includes hair texturizers, multiple hair volumizing products, a light shade of a BB cream (Burt’s Bees deepest shade is “medium”), and a tanning product. I’ll continue to pass on these, but I’m glad they made the product list available.

  22. it’s still available. ..oh my goodness …on a different note customer service promised to refund my duplicate charge…thank God:-)

    • Kinda feel foolish for signing up for pre-sale.

    • 8:47 pm STILL available! Yowza what a bad box!!

  23. Are you kidding? Beauty Thrills… a toothbrush and paste? hair ties? a few of those items have been in the Target boxes and they didn’t charge $49.95 I will pass on this one.

    • Agreed – I got the hair ties in a Target Beauty Box. They’re good (I have one in my hair right now), but they’re not magic or anything.

      The funny thing about these boxes is that they’re billed as $250+ value for $49.95 (plus $10 shipping), but when you have a box full of drugstore products, the value is rather inflated. With “luxury” products, the price is usually the same regardless of who’s selling it, unless there’s a special somewhere. With drugstore products, your supermarket, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Target, and online retailers all likely have different prices. The toothpaste could be valued at $6 for the purposes of the box, but I probably would buy it for $2-$3 because of a BOGO deal or a coupon or a GC with purchase. So when you consider if you bought all these products at, say, Target, you probably wouldn’t pay close to $250.

      Point being, I still think the savings are there if you plan on using most or all of the products, but making it sound like this enormous value for “thrilling” products like toothpaste and hair ties is kind of sad.

      Then again I buy the Target and Amazon boxes pretty much regardless of what’s in it, so I am kind of a sucker for boxes. Just not a big enough sucker to buy this.

  24. Did anyone get charged for their box yet?

    • OMG still available the day after!

      In addition to the box being boring, I wonder if they aren’t selling a lot because they just kind of snuck it out there….not a lot of warning, not a lot of advertising, etc. No hype.

      I did the pre-order so I’m hoping the next two boxes are way better. I will use everything, but as someone else said, if I was a thrifty shopper and used sales + coupons I would get most of these items for less than the $250. Probably would spend the $60 though.

      P.S. I did not get charged tax this time around on the pre-order. So, in effect, I am not paying any premium for the pre-order this time around.

  25. I’m completely shocked that this box still seems to be on sale. And I’m wondering, if they would have put the Foreo Luna Play in this box instead of the monthly bb, would it have sold faster.

    I’m sure they select the items to go in these boxes way ahead of time, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what will be in the Summer box. It would be surprising if they don’t step up their game substantially after this.

    • I clicked on it just now and was also surprised to see that it’s not sold out. It’s 11:58AM Eastern time, so it’s been up for roughly 24 hours.

      I’m not buying. The value would be there if I used everything in the box, but I wouldn’t. What I would use does not make it enough of a value to pick up.

  26. Easy pass….nothing exciting…

  27. Hair elastics, blister cushions and Chapstick? Yawn. And $60? What a disappointment.

  28. 9:04 pm still available..if they don’t sell enough maybe they’ll lower the price 🙂

  29. I had a mini-melt down this morning with the website. I was looking for the order page from last year and for some reason I thought the current one was placing a order for all 3 boxes! Thanks to the gracious ladies & men on this blog, I was able to “calm down” and put in my order. I am actually looking forward to the box and its items — I can use many of the items and what will remain will be donated to my church’s homeless shelter.

  30. it’s 6:35pm and it’s STILL available. ..

    • 7:45 and still available.

      Hopefully it’s a wake up to them that they are not headed in the right direction. There really isn’t a ‘thrill me/pamper me’ item in this box for me. Hope the next one is better!

      • Totally!

        • I agree completely. This has never happened before. I think we’re all “over” these boxes. Too many body washes, useless hair products and toothpaste. Seriously, toothpaste??

          I remember when these boxes were full of makeup items and skincare. My HG eye cream was discovered through an old Allure box. Plus lipsticks and glosses I would have never bothered to try. Time to up your game Allure! I mean they’re doing a great job on the monthly boxes. Get those people to start curating these boxes.

          • It’s funny, I wouldn’t buy it but for the useful products.

          • What does HG mean? I’m looking for the holy grail eye cream 🙂

      • I absolutely agree! Exact same thing I was thinking. I hope that allure gets the point…this box was terrible compared to previous boxes. I am really hoping and praying the Summer box will redeem itself. If not…I won’t be purchasing these anymore. It’s a shame these boxes used to be amazing and the value was great but this was a huge disappointment. This box is small and products are terrible. It doesn’t justify spending $60. Too bad I waited all year for this.

  31. I was relieved that I could pass this up…nothing that was FOMO, so happy to give the cc a break 😉

  32. Wow, it’s 4:45pm Eastern and I just ordered one!

  33. I seriously can NOT believe this box is still available!!

    When I used to get these (until about a year ago, I think), they would be gone in under five minutes. You could actually miss out even if you started trying to buy it the very minute it went on sale!

    • Wow, and over an hour later, it still appears to available to purchase! I’ve only gotten last year’s boxes, however I will say that they all seemed a little more thrilling than this one. I got it because it’s usable staples (body wash/toothbrush/body cream) and it’s a pretty good value – about $3 per item. Hopefully, the rest of the boxes for this year will have a few more ‘spoil me’ items included. I think they’ll be back to selling out much faster if they do.

  34. Still regretting purchasing the pre-sell 3 boxes without spoilers. This box is definitely not as thrilling as the last several (actually the last 2 years have been pretty good).

  35. Looks like it is still available (10:55 a.m. PST)….I don’t think they’ve ever lasted this long!

    • Yeah, they are usually gone in about 30 minutes! Maybe this will make them step it back up.

      • hopefully

  36. I gave in and ordered. Not because it’s worth it to me, there are lots of products which I won’t use, but because I love getting the box and my girls love getting the box. And whatever I don’t use, I guess I’ll swap or take to the shelter.

    • Same here. I wait all year for this box to come out…However, I was super disappointed with the Quality/ Quantity of this particular box it just wasn’t up to par compared to previous boxes. Hoping summer 2016 one is better…

      • Oh, me too! And I was going to pass, but my 14-yo said she didn’t care what was in it, she wanted to get it. So I went for it. But I do think she’ll be disappointed.

  37. Couldn’t resist this one 🙂 ok ok ok I really need to organize all the stuff from the sub boxes I apparently I have no control over ordering.

    • I have no control either. I caved in and ordered although I was disappointed with the contents. I need professional help 🙁

      • I have the ultimate self control weapon: a meager $ amount in my checking account ;(

  38. I got it because I really want the face self tanner and the Tangle Teezer brush. I can definitely use the deodorant, foot blister cushions, ingrown hair soother, Chapstick, and face sunscreen. I’m curious about the Pureology product, but I want to see the ingredients before I decide (I can’t find them online). I also may keep the face serum and Burt’s Bees products. The rest I’ll probably swap.

  39. Is it just me or does this box not seem very thrilling? Easy pass here.

    • Yep, it’s missing that “wow” product that they often include. I still got the box as the value was there for me, but for the first time ever I actually scrutinized the product list and calculated the value of useful products in my head. Normally it’s a no brainer, sure-thing purchase.

      • I agree and I did the same thing as you, added it up before I decided to purchase.

        • Yep. I’m passing. I still have products from the last 2 boxes. I need to start working through my stash before I buy another BIG BOX. Of course I have 10 monthly boxes as well, so working through my products is a full time job!

    • Same

    • I agree. I can’t get myself to pull the trigger on this one. I’m still tempted because I’ve gotten every one for the last couple of years, but I keep going back and forth.

    • I’m not excited enough to buy it either. I thought for sure I’d be scrambling to get the 1st one. I’m not that into hair products (my hair does best left alone).
      I totaled the stuff I’m actually interested in and it’s about 1/2 the value of the box. I hope the next one has less hair product.

    • Agree. When I look at the list there’s nothing that excites me, nothing I need, and very few things I’ll use. When I start adding of the value of the things I’ll use and they’re basics like toothpaste and blister cushions, it becomes pretty clear that it’s not worth $60 to me, but it would be a great value to someone who likes or wants to try the other items in the box. Hoping the summer box is better.

  40. The pureology and Aveeno products almost make up for the total cost of the box plus shipping. So if those are appealing to people, this box makes a lot of sense since there are enough other items that everyone uses (facial wipes, body wash, toothpaste, etc.). I’m happy ?

  41. I got one, everything I will use is worth over the cost of the box and the items I don’t want will go to my sister and nieces. I do hope the summer box is better though.

  42. Did anyone get an order confirmation sent to their email?

    • I just got mine almost 20 minutes after I ordered.

      • Ok thanks! Should be getting mine in a few minutes then 😀

    • Mine just got sent and i ordered right at noon so it took 17 minutes.

    • Just got it – It took about 15 mins from the time I placed my order.

      • yep STILL available. ..

  43. Not as good as the last one. It’s kinda beachy imo. Did presell. But it’s ok. What I can’t use will be shared with family.

  44. Looks like my order went through!

  45. This first beauty thrills of 2016 was different than the past ones, I was kind of disappointed by the small quantity of items, it’s not even like the items are very high value and that’s the reason for the smaller amount, it seems like there are about 4-6 products less in this box than past ones. I was also thrown off by the order screen, in the past I’ve watched the countdown clock telling you when it is live with a description of the items in the box, detailing the charity that benefits from the purchase, instead when I refreshed the page it was very similar to the early order form, I had to double check that I wasn’t actually purchasing the preorder 3 and just the one. Kinda bummed out, I liked the thrill of the countdown clock. I guess this way is a bit more streamlined if not anticlimactic.

  46. Super excited I got one!!! I already receive the monthly Allure Beauty Box, which I love, but this is my first Beauty Thrills Box. I need feedback… to anyone who’s received this one in the past… is it worth it? Thanx so much – Sarah

    • I feel the same way. I actually just order a 2nd monthly box because its so awesome and this is my 1st thrills box. I hope it’s worth the cash.

    • It’s worth it but unless you have a lot of people in the house or don’t have other subs I find that it’s a lot of products to go through. One of them a year seems to suit my needs. Also, some boxes are a better fit for me than others, and this one happens to have a lot of stuff I know I won’t use, so I’m going to wait on the summer one and hope it’s a better fit.

  47. First one in a long time I wasn’t counting down to buy at the exact second it went on sale. Got one anyway at 12:05 after I saw the MSA post on FB, mostly out of habit. I have so much hair stuff that I never use from these boxes, but there’s something so irresistible about them!

  48. Got mine…or rather two. Said payment didn’t process and now the bank says two went through! Contacted c/s….ugh!

    • I got charged twice also. On phone with customer service now. I didn’t even hit the submit button twice, it just automatically double billed me. Crazy!

      • same thing happened to me they charged 119.90 on the payment confirmation page, and when I called my bank they said there were two charges of 59.95…I called allure and they promised to removed the extra charge…

  49. Got mine as well! No issues or lock ups, looks like they’re trying to accommodate the higher traffic a bit better than prior boxes.

  50. Got one !

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