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POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Subscriptions Available Now!

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POPSUGAR has launched a new subscription box – the Must Have Mini!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Mini Box

The Cost: $18.95

The Products: Introducing a smaller version of our box of curated, full-sized products including the best in fashion, beauty, and home for only $18.95, shipping included. Your subscription will auto-renew, so you get a little present every month!

UPDATE: In the Must Have MINI Box you will receive 2 full-size items worth over $30. Please note that the products in the Must Have MINI Box will be different from the products offered in the Must Have Box.

Are you signing up? I can’t wait to see what will be in this box!!

(Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews of the regular sized box to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Wow, so glad I just signed up two days ago! If they decide to do it every 3 months then it might mean awesome curation 🙂 . Yes, they might be trying to drive up demand, but I can’t wait ?

  2. Next available box is July??? What happened to May and June? I knew April would be gone quickly but…. Guess I’m extra glad I signed up now!!

    • That doesn’t make sense. I didn’t see an option to purchase more than one month at a time. For those of us who signed up for April, I’m sure it will auto-renew, but how can they anticipate we won’t cancel? No one who signed up for April is obligated to buy May and June too. I am skeptical of PSMH when they say they’ve sold out so far in advance. I can’t help but wonder if they do it to make themselves look more exclusive and in demand. I feel like this is similar to when they said the December box was sold out, and then they offered that big six month special and suddenly there were more December boxes available, so even if you signed up for the deal thinking you’d start with January, you got stuck with December instead. Then they send you an email about the “good news” as if they’ve done you a favor. It’s pretty shady in my opinion.

  3. Fomo finally got the best of me, just caved. Fingers crossed for a good first box! I love all their boxes anyway so I’m sure it’ll be great! 🙂

    • Fingers crossed for you! I’m hopeful that the first box will be stellar! 🙂

  4. Hi Liz!
    Happy Spring!! I’m thinking about picking this cute lil’ mini up for a couple friends & family members. Turns out not all people are obsessed with subscription services, like me! Who knew? They’re missing out.. ?☺️

    Is there any codes for the mini?? ???? ?

  5. The FOMO was too real with the mini, and I bought April box as well. I saw Chrissy’s book and flipped through some recipes, and I definitely am excited about the book now!!

  6. Well I finally caved. I figured that I purchased the 6 mo deal for $23ish a box so adding this mini one with taxes equals $44…pretty darn close to the regular cost of the box which I was fine paying prior to the 6 mo deal. I read somewhere on MSA that this box compliments the regular box which I appreciate and why I do not sub to the Luxor mini box (I only get the regular big one) as I don’t want duplicates. So now for about the same price as reg PS box, getting the big and the small, I will get 7-9 theme complimenting items with zero overlap. Score!

  7. I wonder if you have both subscriptions if they will ship together or separately? It would probably save them money to ship the two together, but that would also require a lot more coordination. I could see it going either way.

    • sounds good in theory, but popsugar and coordination do not get along.

    • I just got shipping notification for my mini but it doesn’t say anything about the original box being with it so they must go out separately.

  8. I signed up. I will try this out for April, and if it’s not worth it, I will go back to the regular subscription. Had no trouble canceling the regular sub this month since the “hero” item is a cookbook. Already have way too many of them, and I’m only interested in vegetarian cookbooks.

  9. I caved. I have never had an issue with PopSugar and I love my regular box. I just hope the mini is just as great, just smaller 🙂

  10. Oh I just signed up. I canceled my PSMH box a few months ago. I just didn’t feel like I kept enough of the items to justify the price. It was very hit or miss for my lifestyle. But I can justify $20. Oh yes.

  11. Been thinking about this, but also curious as to why mini. Then I remembered back during holidays they had something similar ..obviously to sell off extra stock. They were great ‘mini’ boxes though. To summarize:
    Foodie box and hostess box, each had 3 items, each with value $50 or above, and each selling for $17.95.

    So right now, this new mini doesn’t really look that great.

  12. So I took this opportunity to hopefully ween myself off of some of my subs. I stopped the full size and switched to the mini. Hope it works out well.

  13. I have always wanted to order one of these boxes but never did but as soon as I saw mini a was there in seconds and didnt think twice. There is something about a mini that I can’t refuse. The cheaper price tag doesnt hurt my wallet as much or feel as guilty. I may have to refuse the target box next month because I just have boxes of deluxe beauty products and truely have no more room. I need help ?

  14. saw this posted on my facebook feed, and within seconds of clicking the link I signed up before coming here to read your post and everyone’s comments. I am excited about this subscription, as popsugar is currently my only sub box (had to quit my makeup boxes, it was just too much). I’m hoping to like this mini box!! We’ll see how this first month goes!

    • I’m excited, too! I’m hoping they deliver a great first box! 🙂

  15. Shut up and take my money!!! Popsugar is like a hunky ex-boyfriend…you know he’s a jerk, but he would make your knees weak when you saw him. (Thankfully, the latter isn’t a problem for me anymore!) 🙂

    • LOL you win with this analogy. Popsugar is a jerk and I’ve been screwed by them so many times!! But man, I can’t deny them and their pretty things.

    • I need a like button for that, name twin.

    • lol yes!!!

    • ??

    • “Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends…..”
      This song popped in my head when I read this! Best.Comment.Ever!

  16. Kinda off subject… any idea when they’ll release the spring box? Or if they’re going to release it for current subscribers first like the resort box? (I thought the PSMH news email alert was going to be about the Spring LE Box when I first saw it on my phone)

    • They don’t usually do a Spring LE, the next one should be a Summer LE

      • Unless they do another CFDA debacle box!

      • Oh… not sure why I thought there would be a spring box. But that’s probably a good thing, it’ll give credit card a break.
        Hopefully no CFDA box this year!
        Instead maybe they could team up with Liz and do a PSMH / MSA box 🙂
        I’d buy that one for sure!

  17. I’m interested to see where they go with this. I love the monthly PSMH boxes and am less of a fan of the LE boxes… but the thought of 2 items for 20 bucks isn’t appealing to me. If I didn’t like one of them (a makeup or jewelry item that doesn’t work for me, for example), then I’d be super disappointed. So I’ll hold off and see how they do 🙂

    • I’m with you on that. The odds don’t work for me with just 2 items. Popsugar duds on the swap pages can reach the hundreds.

  18. I held out for about 3 hours before pulling the trigger. I have a feeling they’ll start out really strong. Fingers crossed!

  19. I’m intrigued, as always I’ll wait to see the first few boxes but I like this smaller option because right now I can’t justify the cost for the full size box but this mini box seems more up my alley price wise right now.

    • Ditto, here. I just hope I’m strong enough to resist the temptation for a little while longer.

  20. I signed up. It came to just over $20 with tax. I have two more boxes left in my 6 month sub of the regular PS box and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to renew it. This is definitely in my price range. Also I agree with another commenter who said that they will likely be more selective with these items since there are fewer and they want them to appeal to everyone.

  21. I caved. Hope it’s not a disappointment! But I have high hopes they’ll make their first box good. Isn’t it a 2 item minimum? Maybe there will be more included or bonus items like those (sometimes) annoying “giftcards”. Also they’re probably low balling the price value like they do with the OG Popsugar. It’s usually a lot higher than $100!

  22. My six month sub is ending next month so I’m very excited to see how this goes! 🙂

  23. I am officially intrigued. BUT I’d be more intrigued if the cost to value ratio was better.

    I’ll definitely be watching for reviews to see how it goes. Maybe I’ll sign up when my 6-month sub to the main box ends.

  24. Could be good if they are skipping the food which I rarely like from them. I’ll wait til after the first one to see. I am probably swapping 1/3 or more of the real box so this may be better for me.

  25. I like the old design way better! Why did they have to change the packaging? So weird. Looks kinda Birchbox-ish.

  26. Is it just 2 items total or at least 2 items?

  27. I can’t afford to be an early adopter anymore.

  28. I’ll have to see a spoiler, or a review, before committing.

  29. I like this idea better than the regular boxes. I think I will subscribe to this and then cancel the big box when my 3 month sub runs out. Then I’ll buy a limited edition box once in a while. I like this better than getting too much clutter in the house, which is happening lately. They’ll have to choose items that are more appealing to people when there are only two of them. With this, birchbox, and Zoe, I think that’s a great combo of items.

    (But I do get where people are coming from)

  30. I caved. Fingers crossed for an awesome launch box!

    • Me tooooooo. The FOMO was so strong. I am really hoping they aren’t going to give a free box/coupon to subscribers or something, though. Because then I just bought it for no reason. I know they’ve had a lot of CS problems lately (and that they’re probably taking on too much) but I just cant help it!! Here’s hoping for an awesome launch!

  31. This does not seem like a good deal to me at all. Essentially for $20 more you would get 3-5 more items (I believe PSMH boxes usually have 5-7 items in it?) – this is a rough estimate and considering coupon codes, multiple month subscriptions etc.

    Like someone said earlier, to PS, $18 could be a notebook! I’d be so disappointed to open a box to find a notebook and say, a lipstick. I’d be more inclined to have one full sized item and a 2-3 deluxe sample sized/food items.

    In all honestly, I’m rarely impressed with PSMH boxes. To me it’s stuff that I would think “oh that’s nice” but then set aside and forget about (with the exception of the February 2016 box which I would’ve LOVED). I think I COULD have been interested in a “mini box” but I’m not tempted by this particular offer.

  32. The FOMO is strong with this one….

    • Amen.

    • I’m feeling it too!

    • What is FOMO?

      • Fear of missing out ?

      • fear of missing out

  33. I think I’ll wait and hope they have a preview/spoiler item so I know if I’ll like what is in this. Hopefully they will reveal one in time (before sold out) and perhaps they should offer a coupon for us (that would be anyone who has not subscribed to this…. all of us…. even if we get the full-size box–we should be rewarded for sticking by POPSUGAR in my opinion). So, that’s a wait and see here.

  34. Imagine if one of those items was a tri-colored bracelet (silver, rose gold, and gold). does that put it into perspective? I don’t even know who i can try and gift that to…

    • hahaha! I traded on the swap page for 3 of those bracelets!

      • dang i have 2 and would have given them to you!

        • I’ll take one off your hands if you really want to get rid of one. Sometimes i like to wear silver and gold rings together and this would tie them together perfectly.

        • If you want to swap or get rid of one I may be interested. I’ve contemplated swapping for our but the RV didn’t seem worth it to try swapping. Although I’m sure at this point people aren’t stuck on RV as much.

    • Worst thing ever, how do I get rid of that thing?

    • Can we just resurrect Tony Soprano and give these to his whole crew?

  35. Who am I kidding. I will have major FOMO unless I get it.

  36. I signed up before reading the update. I would prefer a handful of items like Glossy & Boxy do. But only two items, and only worth $30? That’s only $10 more than the box. Not exactly thrilling, PopSugar. Maybe they purposely lowballed it to lower expectations, lol. Oh well, I’ll see what April brings and decide from there.

  37. I don’t know. At first I was tempted, but then I stepped back and thought about it a bit. If it had a couple more items and a higher minimum value, maybe. With just two items and the minimum value just a bit higher than the cost, I feel like if there was something I really wanted, I could just pay the extra couple dollars and buy it. Now if they were exclusive items, that would be a different story. I love POPSUGAR, but I guess I’ll have to see some reviews to see what this is really about.

    • Yeah. I struggle sometimes with the value of the items in the PopSugar box, so it would be really hard for me to commit. $30 in PopSugar land can be a notebook, so ehhhhhh.

      I feel like I’d be more tempted if there were categories you could opt into or out of.

      • I agree, you never know what’s going to be the “high value” item.
        I think if they’re going to do a mini that’s half the price it should also be half the items that would be in the reg(not the same items of course) and at least half the value as well.
        I forget, how many items and what is the guaranteed rv of popsugar?

        I would so jump on this if it was like a halved version of the main box!!

  38. PS should really get their act together before taking on new obligations, in my opinion. The entire winter season was a freaking disaster, with the November and December regular boxes, the LE box, the Today Show box, and the gift boxes. It is my understanding that they still have not resolved all issues resulting from that debacle! Of course I’m tempted too, but my regular subscription gives me enough of a headache when I have to contact customer service. I think PS may be biting off more than they can chew.

    • Hear, hear!

  39. I think I will wait for reviews… Popsugar is one of my favorites but I do not really see a value of 2 items worth at least $30 but the price of the box is $19. You will need to LOVE both items which is usually not the case in these boxes. I have been cancelled most of my boxes as they are renewing and I am really feeling like I am not missing anything great. I have kept Popsugar and Little Lace Box which are pricier for yearly subs but I usually love mostly everything in the boxes!

  40. Hmm. $18.95 for $30 worth of items isn’t that impressive compared to their regular boxes. As much as I love all things PS, I think I might wait to see what shows up before subscribing (especially since I’m moving and need to cut down anyway).

    We’ll see how long I manage to hold out on that…

  41. Do I need it… nope.
    Am I going to get it… probably more than likely yes!

    Thanks for the heads up Liz!

  42. This is tempting; but I already sub to PopSugar for like $21 or $24 month. I’d love to see reviews before I ever subbed; I just dropped a bunch of money in the last week for LLB and Serendipity 🙁 I need to cut back on my subs; not add more lol.

    • That’s what I was thinking, how tempting can this be when most of us subbed the full size box for little more than the price on this one. Still curious to see what they come up with, but won’t be subscribing

  43. Will these have different items or a smaller version of the current ones? Like how covet crate has a lady box and a girl box… also is Covet Crate still being reviewed?

    • Two full-sized completely different items in the Mini Box. And yes – I signed up for a Covet Crate subscription! We should have reviews again starting with the April box 🙂

      • Yay!! The March was amazing!

  44. Very curious. . This is tempting to help me cut down (but if it’s different hopefully not add) to me trying to cut down on boxes. Like if I get this instead of the full size I can justify another box from another sub 🙂

  45. AAAAHHHH!!!! Do I? Don’t I? While I have just been overall cranky with the POPSugar boxes the last 3 months, I wonder if there being all different products could redeem them? I have 2 months left on my pre-paid subscription so maybe I will have a good idea on spoilers/ quality of the box by the time that runs out.

    • Thinking the SAME THING! Don’t want to miss out. I did the 6 month sub too, so have 2 monthly boxes left. So curious what the mini will be like! Eeeeeeeek

  46. I am curious to see what this box will contain . I am currently a popsugar musthave subscriber … this is very interesting ! Please post a review if you are going to be getting a box ! Thank you !!!!

  47. This is really interesting, I’m not sure what to think of this! Now do I subscribe to both?! Gah.

  48. Just ordered it ..couldn’t resist : )

  49. Is there a coupon that might work for this?

  50. I wonder if this is completely different from the current month, or completely different as in never before been included ever, and won’t be included ever in any upcoming regular sized one?

    • I can’t help but be so intrigued by this! It does say different than the regular sub so I am hoping it means entirely different, never been seen before. I assume the overall value will just be lower since it is half the cost. So curious to see the first one but am torn I don’t want to miss out! Can I really justify having TWO subs from PS?!

    • My understanding is that there should never be any overlap, but I’ll double check to confirm.

      • Yes! This is awesome if they are actually completely different! Did we find out yet if there will be overlap at all?

        • Yep – just updated the post. No overlap, and this box will include 2 full size items. Hope that helps!

          • Oh gosh I was kind of hoping they would be the same so I didnt have FOMO. Just ordered! thanks Liz.

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