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Allure Beauty Box April 2016 COMPLETE SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

UPDATE: Here are the complete confirmed spoilers for the April 2016 Allure Beauty Box:

free-6-month-allure-beauty-box-subscription (1)

FYI – This box will have a $75 value with 6 items. For a period of time, the Allure website was messaging a $95 value with 7 items. According to Allure, they will honor the $95 value for those who ordered during the time that language was on the order form.

What do you think of the April 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box!

If you sign up today, the April box will be your first box. The last day to sign up for the April box is 4/6.

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received my box yesterday. I am impressed with the size of the products. The Mally lip liner is the “Perfect Prep” lip pencil in light/medium with the sharpener cap. (Personally I think that is a darn cool idea – the sharpener even has a lid to keep things tidy in your makeup bag – I am likely to reuse the cap on other lip pencils.) Everything else is as described above. This is my 3rd Allure box. So far, so good. 🙂

  2. God my box today. I don’t care for the perfume at all, but it was nice to get a mini bottle vs. the typical vial. I also won’t use the lip liner, although the color is pretty. I’ll be trying to swap both!

    The rest of the stuff is a win! The shower oil smells AMAZING, I can’t wait to try it! Everything came in one piece and quick! My tracking info was sent out Monday.

    This was my second Allure box, I’m really happy with my decision to ditch Birchbox for this! ?

  3. Just got my box. Love it. Probably won’t use the Mally lip color pencil which won’t fit my skin tone. Otherwise. Yippy! I did notice the full size L’oreal mascara not in the mini magazine.

    • My oil leaked a little but no biggie. Just rinsed the good smell off of everything. Ha! The weird thing is, my lip pencil is different than the ones I’m seeing everyone else getting and it looks like they lost the cap on mine and replaced it with a grey lid that has a sharpener on the end. It’s very odd. But I don’t care cuz it’s a pretty color and I still got my product and the sharpener right? Haha. It’s a great box. I’m keeping everything except I’m swapping my perfume.

      • My oil leaked too, not too badly, could have been the post office handling.

      • My lip pencil was different too and also had the weird gray cap. Mine is called the “perfect prep” lip pencil – it appears to be based on skin tone color instead of a pink or red color like the everlasting pencil mentioned in the magazine. It also appears to be out of production so if we love it and want to reorder I think we’re out of luck. I’m guessing Allure ran out of the everlasting one. The whole thing is a little odd, but I’ll still give it a whirl.

        All in all, the value of the box is tremendous and I’m excited to try everything in it so no complaints here, I’m more just puzzled by the odd replacement.

  4. I received my box today, I was disappointed that there was oil all over everything!!! Had to clean everything off and a piece was broken off of my perfume bottle……I’ve emailed them so we will see what happens. As far as number of products,when I had chatted them when they changed the number, I was promised I would receive all of the items, but of course that did not happen. This box IS an amazing value, even with that fact, when you are promising something, then don’t follow through, that is misleading, no matter which way you look at it. This is my second box from Allure and I’m on the fence, mainly due to customer service. Also, they double charged my daughter this month and have not issued her the promised refund. So…..I’m not so sure. 🙁

  5. I just opened my April box and I received all of the above plus a full size (!) pur-lisse daily lip nourisher and tiny Erno Laslo eye refiner. I’m so happy considering I signed up for this box solely for the L’occitane almond shower oil! I think this is closer to the original $95 value and I received 8 items total. I’m a first time subscriber, so maybe they were going for an awesome first impression. I used your code to sign up. Thanks!

    • We received both of those extra items in previous Allure boxes. They are both great so I hope you enjoy them. It looks like they are trying to make things right but it’s so disorganized. I kind of assumed that my mini mag was lost in the shipping process but now I’m starting to think that they were scurrying around trying to put these boxes together.

    • Did they send you an email saying they would be including 2 extra items in your box? I got an email about 5 days ago saying that since I was one of the first to order this months box that I would be receiving the 6 garaunteed items, plus 2 others. I wonder if I do get extra items if they will be the same as yours. I would have been ok with just the original 6 items, but it is nice to see them putting in some effort to cover the mistake. Either way I’m very excited about my box!

  6. I just got my box today and I absolutely looooove it. Everything is top notch. I even love the scent of the Bvlgari perfume (and the bottle looks so cute on my vanity). I just recently purchased the L’Occitane Almond hand cream, so I’m over the moon about receiving the shower oil!
    The Mally lip liner is smooth, creamy and a beautiful shade and the cap w/ the sharpener inside is genius!
    I’m looking toward to trying the Fekkai styling cream (which smells AHMAZING)
    The DDF Wrinkle Resist smells divine and is so smooth and light. I am really looking foward to using this. Hopefully it doesn’t break me out.
    I’ve heard people rave about this mascara. I typically use Bobbi Brown, but I’m looking forward to trying something new even though this mascara has been around for ages.

    All in all I’m super happy with this box. I think a value if $75 is still an amazing deal, despite that it was advertised at a higher value initially.

    I know a lot of people are irritated about not receiving the 7th item, but you’ve got to understand that there is a lot that goes into product procurement. It might not necessarily be Allure’s fault. A number of things could have happened that inevitably led to the 7th item being dropped or unavailable in time for shipment, including contractual issues. Customer Service wouldn’t necessarily know or even have the authority to disclose that information.
    Be thankful you have the ability to spend $15 a month on a subscription box that gives you $75 worth of high end beauty products at all. Many people do not and will never be able to.

    • I absolutely agree with you, even a 75 dollar value is fantastic, my issue is they didn’t acknowledge it at all. There was no explanation, no appology, nothing. Their customer service definitely leaves something to be desired, but the quality and curation of their boxes in my opinion is spot on. And like you said, we are lucky to have the opportunity to recieve so much for so little money, I am definitely greatful. Hopefully not to many people are soured over this experience.

    • I noticed on the Allure website…there are only five items listed for the box so I think RedPandaPop might be right about putting together a box. I was thrilled to get the mascara.

      • Oh, bummer – it’s down to 5 products now. Hopefully it will be 5 products and 1 surprise/bonus item. I think that is how you could describe the APril box if you consider the mascara as the bonus item. I loved the past two boxes. I worry the subscription grew too big and now they are having a hard time curating for so many subscribers.

        I am still looking forward to the May box!

        • Kara, I’m sorry it is Six items. Went back and counted. Www. picture DDF, Cotz product (I got L’Oreal mascara), perfume, Amanden shower oil and Fekkai hair product. I apologize for my confusing you.

          • No worries, Tanya! ?

  7. I thought they we’re giving us 7 items if we signed up during their mistake?I only got what was listed here!

  8. If anyone is still looking at this thread, I’m curious about something. When I saw this offer, I signed up for Allure for the first time, around March 23. I was told at that point that if I shared the news on social media, they would send me an extra box, so I did. I received tracking info today for the regular box, but there’s been no mention of any extra one. I’m just wondering if any of the rest of you ever got similar promotional offers from them and if they honored that and sent you something extra for sharing to social media. Thanks for any input!

  9. I got my Allure box today and I’m overly pleased with it. This is only my third Allure box but so far I couldn’t be happier. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions.

  10. I just signed up today, so my first box will be May…hopefully it’s something good lol. I used your link so I got the $5 off, but it took 3 times before it reflected the discount!!! Don’t know what was going on there. I’m starting to get a little box crazy over here. Within the last month I’ve added 3 birchbox subscriptions, a 2nd walmart box (thank god it’s seasonal), I’m going to count the Target box since they’ve been monthly, glossybox, and lip monthly. I think that’s everything haha I can’t keep track. For the longest time I only got beauty fix and then I finally gave in and got ipsy…

  11. I got my box today and I’m quite happy with the items. The sizes are very generous, with the mascara and lip liner being full sized. The other items are large samples, I would say closer to travel size than deluxe size samples. I am happy with the products and sizes they sent. It’s a great value at $15 and is a good selection of brands and product types. Allure is one of my favorite beauty boxes.

    With that said, I wish they had handled the mistake better. People and big companies make mistakes, and I’m okay with that. However, I wish they had made the situation clearer and more transparent. An email to subscribers with an apology and details of the mistake would have been better. Sometimes things just don’t work out for whatever reason, but you shouldn’t leave people in the dark. I don’t know what happened, but I do hope that they’ve sorted out their issues and learn from this. Like I said, Allure is one of my favorites and I hope that they can remain that way. I don’t know if they read the comments here like some other sub boxes do, but I hope they listen.

    • What color of lip liner did you get?

      • This is my first month of the Allure box. I have not received an email with any tracking yet and I can not find where to locate a tracking code on the site. Do they email one? Thanks!

        • They email one. My box arrived a couple of hours before my shipping email notice. When my friend signed up her first box came about a week after mine.

      • My lip liner is Soft Pink.

        • Does it seem weird that they gave us a lip liner that is only shown as part of a duo with a lip lacquer on the Mally website? Several months ago I think I received a Mally lip lacquer but the colors are totally different.

          I’m not complaining because I love my Allure boxes and I don’t use lip products. Just making an observation. ?

          • If anyone’s swapping the Soft Pink, please,keep me in mind!
            It’s exactly the colour and type of lip liner I’ve been looking for for some time.

      • My lip liner was actually completely different from what is in the mini mag. Mine is called “perfect prep lip pencil” in color “light/medium”. There’s nothing pink or red about it, like the evercolor lip pencil in the magazine. I tried to find it online and it looks like QVC used to sell it online but I can’t find it available for sale anywhere now. It’s very odd. Allure seems a little off its game this month. I still love the box, but I’ve never received something different than what is listed in the mini mag and something that appears to be out of production, no less. Bizarre.

  12. After I received my March box I paused my account as I’m getting ready to move house.
    Well of course I got a shipping notice for an April box today!
    I went on chat and told them that I suspended my account on March 10th. The girl assured me that I hadn’t. When I asked her to double-check, she came back and said ‘Oh you did suspend the account, but then you resubscribed again the same day’.
    Utter nonsense! Now I must ‘return to sender’ when the box arrives and stalk my CC statement to ensure I get refunded.
    What a shower! They might encourage a bit of loyalty if they get their act together.

  13. I received my box today! That was much faster than last, love everything in it..I also got the mini mag : )

  14. I just received my April box. The outside cardboard box was taped together with scotch tape and then taped to the inner box and I didn’t receive the mini magazine that describes the products. I received the 6 things shown above. Did everyone else get the mini mag?

    • That’s very odd. I got my box today too and I got the mini magazine. The only strange thing is that there was no paper stuffing at all, the items were just in the box. Everything was fine, but it was odd.

      • Mine had a piece of tissue paper but none of the usual crinkle paper. I think I might try calling them to see if I can get a copy of the magazine. I never realized how much I enjoyed reading about the products. I feel a little lost.

        • I did on online chat with customer service this morning to ask for a copy of the missing mini mag. They said they were sending another one out but that it would take a few weeks for delivery. : ( I guess this month I will just have to look everything up online.

  15. I am so delighted this box. I am 38 years old, and switched from Ipsy to Allure. I think Ipsy sent me the exact OPPOSITE of what my profile stated, and the items were just too edgy for my taste. I look forward to more classic makeup colors and items that target aging. I think if I was 10 or 15 years younger I would like Ipsy, and not Allure so much, but as it is, I am loving Allure. I was also get BoxyCharm, and I love it as well.

    • I quit Ipsy because the items weren’t edgy enough for me. Maybe we should have switched profiles ahahaha! Seriously though, it seems like it’s a common complaint that Ipsy sends the opposite of preferences.

    • Haha, I quit Ipsy for the same reason. Crazy colors, blue or green nail polish.

  16. Sooo here I am yet again. Rundown, I ordered April box around March 25th. A day later I got an email saying they refunded my card and cancelled my order because the March box was sold out? Ok. So THEN then they charge my card again…after I had completely cancelled my sub…and they even acknowledged that!
    I just got another email (probably my 5th from them) saying they refunded my card, but will be charging it for the next box, WHILE saying they see I cancelled my sub…in the same exact email! Seriously…what is wrong with them?? I’m done. DEF not worth all this for some samples that I don’t TRULY need…geez

    • Just cancelled this sub. I didn’t realize they had decreased the items and contacted them when I received the April box and thought one was missing. No apology from them and no refund! Terrible service and now I’m wondering if I’ll get this successfully cancelled after reading these comments. Bummer.

  17. There was some weirdness going on with my payment, but Allure emailed ME first to fix everything. Great customer service especially for one of the less expensive boxes. I’m really impressed and would recommend this box.

    • Lucky you i didnt get charged and the box is sold out.

      • Hmmm… My account says the shipping frequency is 90 days. I wonder what that means? Does anyone else’s account show something similar?

        • Mine says 1 day? Not even sure what that means. And so far their customer service for me has been pretty embarrassing but I’m still excited about signing up. I tried to get the march box, was charged, was never shipped a box, then was told by a manager that they could just put that charge towards the april box and that my account was set up. Come to find out she didn’t know what she was talking about (a manager keep in mind), it took a few phone calls to make sure everything was straightened out. And then the whole false advertising thing, I was essentially told to bad even though technically I signed up during the period since they screwed up March’s order. Oh well. Hopefully things are smooth from here on out

          • I take it back, just checked and it now says 90 days.

          • Hi Jessica! I just called customer service and they said my credit card was charged today and that I should receive the April box in a few weeks. I don’t really understand the 90 days status and I didn’t inquire about the 6 vs 7 item box value. I just am happy to see that my account status is active. I was worried that maybe I was on some sort of waitlist – but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  18. I am very excited to receive this Allure box whether it’s worth $75 or $95. It looks like some great new products for me to try and the brands look awesome. I subscribe to quite a few boxes and since the beginning of the year Allure has been my favorite. It’s a wonderful value no matter how you look at it.

  19. I had trouble with Allure since the very beginning in December of last year. It’ was the first box I had heard about. But now I religiously get Ipsy and Birchbox. Anyways, I eventually just gave up on Allure because they charged me multiple times in January and did not own up to their second charge; they quit responding to my emails altogether! Their company is screwed up. But I’m weak and I couldn’t pass up that mini perfume for April 🙁 Signed up under a different email and credit card and will be unsubscribing as soon as I receive my precious mini perfume. Confessions of a boxaholic 🙁

  20. Yep I emailed and they said no way only 6. Wow what BS! To honer others that just signed up but the loyal just get kicked around and this box I’m not looking forward to at all. Swap city but I’m sure there will be lots of them cause I don’t see anything I like at all. To be honest this isn’t worth even $15 to me. Come on Allure! Please! No matter what the price may be of the product if it’s nothing you like it could add up to 1,000 and still not be worth it : (.

  21. Wow I almost signed up when I saw the brands that would be featured this box but I held off. I’m so glad I did not sign up. Not that the value is bad, it’s a great value but I just am not drawn to any of these items. I have a prepaid year with both birchbox and glossy box so thats really enough cosmetics for me. Plus I love to shop Ulta and I have Bare Minerals on auto delivery. But I digress. This seems like a good value and variety box but just not for me at this time

  22. Hmmm that’s weird that they changed it….it was a Cotz item we were getting and now a loreal mascara in its place? I never even saw the 7th item, but 6 is still good.

    This is usually one of my favorite boxes to get BC they do a lot of new and up and coming products… But also the point of these boxes is to be surprised and try new things….if you’re picky, don’t like other people picking out random products for you and being unpleasantly surprised, then I think you should stay far away from subscription boxes, surprise packages, anything where you cannot directly choose your products and items… I mean that even goes for food and other places too, but I digress…. Anywhooooo I’m excited!

    • I think the mascara was probably the surprise “bonus” 7th item – but the something went wrong with the Cotz item… So now we are down to 6 items. Still excited for the box!

  23. I feel bad for whoever made the typo that said there would be $95 instead of $75 of product and I feel even worse for the customer service reps who are getting an earful about it. I think that pretty much all the boxes have their pros and cons and some boxes are great, just not great for you. Allure has their issues, like slow customer service, lousy website, odd billing schedule, and the weird and not so fluid transition in distribution, but I find it to be one of my favorites. They’ve done a good job of introducing me to things I would never have tried otherwise. I rolled my eyes at those hair ties that looked like a spiral phone cord but they are PERFECT for holding back my hair after I’ve flat ironed it and not creating that dreaded rubber band dent in my hair. I also appreciate that the samples are pretty much always deluxe and they don’t cram the box full of over-priced junky brands that no one has ever heard of just so they can advertise a huge retail value. Ultimately, the box is a good fit for me, so I take the bad with the good, and I always get $15 worth of fun out of it and if it isn’t, then it’s time to move on to something else.

    • This will be my first box. Are the samples like the ones you get in the ipsy bag? What size are these products? They can’t be very big if the value is only $75.

      • Actually they are a nice size, bigger than Ipsy and Birchbox. I love this sub!

      • You know how you have like 1 sample in every birchbox or ipsy that exciting and decent sized, like a full-sized lip or eye product, or a lotion or hair product that’s at least an oz? Well this is like getting 6-7 of those every box instead of just one. They tend to send perfume minis instead of the tiny glass vials in a card, and they’ll send a full-sized eyeshadow instead of the tiny little individual squares you get from the other boxes.

  24. I love Allure. Think for 15.00 you get more than your money’s worth. Have discovered products I didn’t even know existed. Anything I don’t like or can’t use, I give away. No big deal. Beauty boxes are supposed to be fun.

  25. Honestly this 1 item that is supposed to be worth an additional $20 discrepancy/mistake isn’t worth getting all bent out of shape over. These smaller sized items are ALWAYS overpriced compared to standard sizes. Anywhere.

    Nobody in their right mind would pay even close to $75 for the 6 items box. If you even got a 7th item you’d complain seeing that it isn’t worth $20. Just sayin. There are more important things to worry about.

  26. They made a mistake these things happen. You only paid $10-$15 and are getting $75 in product that is an amazing value. Also if you are a subscriber you have often got free extras from them, how many other boxes do that? This is by far the best box out there for the price.

  27. Thank you Liz. After reading this I sent them an email and you know hoe that works. I’ve had nothing but issues. The only good thing was the red carpet box. My first box the left a item out and just to get ahold of them to get a new one took weeks and they blames me of course but sent it. To be honest this is just a bunch of junk to be. They are turning into Birchbox but Birchbox has an amazing points system so it makes getting junk worth it. Lol. I told them you can not tell all your box will be worth x amount and 7 items then change it at the last min. and say well only the ones that signed up we will honer it. Hear we go again with allure box bs (excuse me). How come they do best of beauty but we never see that stuff in our boxes very often. March box I liked 1 item. The others you couldn’t even sell if you wanted to (to make back your 15 spent) who wanted apple cider vinegar for their hair. You should see my YouTube it’s quite funny. I smelled it and threw it. Yuck! Come on allure!!
    I have been speaking to Macy’s manager about more boxes going out for them and he said it’s delayed but he’s trying really hard to get me one for my YouTube. Also Sephora said 2016 more boxes but no new boxes and I contact them and nope now it’s 2017. I’m sorry I could go one and one but I won’t cause I know you all understand.
    My last thing is how much junk do we all have from these boxes unused? Lol
    Liz where do you donate? Trading doesn’t work cause everyone had the same stuff they don’t want. Lol have you checked out edivvy. Wow is that site out of wack with elite status meaning if your not who knows if you’ll see your stuff. Elite doesn’t garenty anything. I sent an elite a full unused item. I’m getting back a slightly used but sanitized item however she had my item over a week and I have nothing. What? No way.
    Time to start cleaning house and dropping boxes. It’s sad when target is your favorite box cause it’s all usable.

    • Sorry guys my typing typos are bad cause of arthritis but I know you all get my point : )

    • Woah, sorry you’re having such rough luck, but have you actually tries the items in your March box? That’s the point of these boxes, to try, right?

      The apple cider vinegar rinse is really nice, you should give it a chance. Made my hair super soft.

    • Have you considered contacting your local VA hospital to donate excess goodies? If subscription boxes cheer you up, they’ll do the same for a soldier/airman/marine. Contact them first, because they have security requirements you may need to be aware of.

      • On a similar note, sometimes local businesses where I am accept donations for putting together care packages for deployed troops. I imagine getting some of these goodies would be a welcome treat!

    • I usually just give my leftovers to friends. If they don’t want some things, I usually end up donating them to local women’s shelters or other organizations. Maybe check and see if there are any types of organizations where you live that take these types of items. I know shampoo and bath items always seem to be needed.

      I’ll be happy to take anyone’s stinky apple cider vinegar rinse! The smell takes time to get used to, but it left my hair so soft and pretty. I don’t usually buy full sized products of samples I get from boxes (not that they’re bad, but because I have so much that I shouldn’t buy more) but I am probably going to buy the full sized rise after I get through all of my shampoo samples.

      • Funny! I use apple cider vinegar already. The full strength bottled stuff and boy does is give shine and softness but does smell. So far, Allure sucked me in for the Erno Lazlo soap and transfuse. the soap wasn’t a hard bite but the eye serum…love it…first thing that worked for me. Thinking over the Lancome nuit…depends on taxes…yes. I do give aways cause some of the products don’t fit my complextion.

        • What do you like about the Erno products? I’ve always heard they were great and I do have some samples that I haven’t tried yet.

          I fell in love with the Lancome Visionnaire Nutt. It’s probably my favorite sub box discovery. I haven’t bought it yet because I still have samples of it to use, but I’ll end up getting it in the future when Lancome has a sale.

          • well the sea mud soap is fantastic and though $45, lasts six months. I have combination skin. It really cleans my skin so well my pores minimize. I have eczema and a bit under my right eye that nothing worked on. Voila! in one night that Transphuse Eye Refiner did the job. it was only a tiny sample… I use very tiny amount because it is $110…ouch! Ihave to say I am loving the SKII toner too! Damn allure. Some of this stuff does work well..

          • All of that sounds fantastic. Though I use a lot of Skincare products (the 10 step Korean skincare method), it takes a very long time for me to finish a deluxe size sample because I only use a minimal amount of product per application. I’ll have to dig out my Erno samples to see how they work. Though I remember the eye cream being a small sample, eye creams take me the longest to consume. I will have to see how it goes.

  28. I am a current subscriber not new, so I probably won’t get the $95.00 box either. Remember this is a sub box to introduce us to new products and we’re getting a great value as is. I love this box and look forward to it each month. Some items are a hit and others a miss but again, the idea is to find products you will return to as part of your usual beauty routine. When consumers start demanding a bunch of freebies that’s when the quality of the box starts to decline.

    • I agree, however, the principle of the matter I think for most upset customers is that the box was promoted as one thing but changed to a lesser quality and quantity box. I’m sure if it were 7 items that equaled 20 dollars and 6 that equaled 18 dollars the same would still be happening, due to the principle of the matter. Of they are going to promote something they need to stick with it, otherwise it’s false advertisement.

      • 100% Agree! That one item could be the best item in the box and looking at this and last months it definetly would be. They do best of beauty but send you apple cider stinky vinegar for your hair. I think we all just expect more from Allure cause they should be elite!

        • Agree A pet peeve of mine is when new customers get treated better than the loyal customers

          • I’m a new customer. This is my third box. I haven’t received anything extra. I would have loved to get that red carpet box but it only went to loyal customers.

          • I agree about new customers being treated better. I have been very loyal for about 1 and 1/2 years and I I received nothing extra and was told I was sent the extra bonus email by mistake. No red carpet bonus or extra goodies here.

  29. So excited! This is my first month after taking a long break so the April box is only $10. I don’t even care about the $95 or $75 value. It’s an amazing deal either way.

  30. I wish they would just slide some mystery left over/old duplicates in everyone’s box so that everyone would at least get 7 items if not the $95 value.

    • That’s a great idea!

  31. I signed up during the period that they were advertising that and I emailed them earlier but haven’t received a message back yet. I do hope they honor it, even if it is just for the people that signed up while it was incorrect. If not its really not that huge of an issue to me as 75 dollars for 15 (or the 10 I’m paying as its my first month) is still a phenomenal value, there’s no other box I know of that comes close, except maybe ipsy, but don’t get me started on them lol. Honestly if I didn’t love the quality and curation of their boxs I probably wouldn’t stay, but I have loved the last 4 boxs that seen the reviews on. Either way, still excited to be getting this box!!

  32. What does that mean? About them honoring the $95 value while that language was on the order form? Because that’s the only reason I became a new subscriber. Figured it was a great time to try it out. How do we go about making sure we get the full value as advertised? Any info is appreciated. Thanks

  33. If your already a subscriber how do you know if your getting the 95$ value especially if you follow allure and my subscription addiction to have spoilers ? I guess I’ll give them a call … I’ve never been disappointed except when I didn’t recieve the red carpet box. But other then that it’s still well worth the value.

  34. I just chatted with CS on the online chat and she was not at all helpful. She told me that we would be receiving a 6 product box with a $75 value and that they previous was simply an error. I asked if there was anyone else to talk to and she told me to call and ask for a supervisor. I did call and that lady said she would look into it. She then said it was an error and she didn’t know if they would honor that value for current subscribers. She said they think they would, but she had no idea. In other words, probably not. I really hope they get all these issues straightened out because I really do love this box. Their CS is really lacking. That is why I love Ipsy and Birchbox so much and stay subscribed to them. Their CS is amazing!

    • That’s the same response I got! Very unprofessional. Isn’t this false advertisement?? I wonder what they would say to that. I love ipsy and Birchbox… Birchbox by FAR has the best CS, hands down!

    • if something is mismarked in a store they have to honor the price by law so how is this different
      Just saying

      • Very true!!

      • They didn’t change the price. They changed the estimated value. So they are still honoring the price.

        And no, stores don’t have to honor a price marked if it is incorrect. If they did employees would be changing prices all the time with someone standing a few feet away to grab it and check out for them then selling it on ebay.

        Or if some poor person misplaces a decimal. I can see it now, “but this $999 TV is clearly marked $9.99. I demand you honor the price.” Never gonna happen.

  35. I’ll wait to see what next month’s box contains. Waiting for a box with 2-3 items I like before subscribing. This month, only the DDF looked interesting to me.

    • Ditto!

  36. Yes, I was wondering what that statement meant. I subscribe already so how “they will honor the $95 value for those who ordered during the time that language was on the order form” it makes me think only for new subbers. I’m pleased with the box though. Also I got a friend to sign up through a referral link so I may get two boxes.

    • I am a new subscriber, this will be my first box, and the instant chat lady told me today that I will still only get the 6 items even though I signed up with the 7 item box.

      • …. well that answers the new subber question. Perhaps the honor system shows up in May box????!!! LOL

  37. I spoke to the instant chat Balise B. Today and she acted like that was not an option to get the originally promoted box. I signed up while it stated the 7 items for 95 dollars and she apologized for the inconvenience and stated that they would not correct their mistake and will still only get the 6 items. Then she ended the chat before I could get back to the chat from stepping out the room for less than 2 min. Very rude. This is my first ever allure box and I already plan on canceling as soon as it ships. IF somehow I get the original 7 item box like I was promised when I signed up, I MAY choose to stay with them. Never had this problem out of Birchbox, ipsy, H2BARH box, or target beauty boxes. It seems though I will most likely be using my money to find a better beauty box, that will appreciate my service.

    • Definitely unprofessional. Subscription boxes need to stick to the advertised value and if they cannot meet that, they need to not advertise it! The original advertising of 7 products with a value of $95 was quite captivating and drew the interest of many, myself included, to subscribing. It’s not that the $75 isn’t a good value; it’s the principle of adhering to honest and ethical marketing and advertising practices. This has left a sour taste in my mouth for Allure as a new subscriber and not a great first impression at all.

      • I completely agree! Well put!

  38. I wonder how we can be confident Allure will give subscribers the $95 box? Is it best to call and inquire?

    • I’m wondering the same thing

    • I agree! Really? They’ll send me a $20 item if I point it out after the fact?

      We’ll wait and see…

      • I know it’s sad that we have to wait now. If it’s not the originally promised 7 item box I’m canceling and putting my money to a better box… Or just save the money! Lol I have too many boxes as it is! Just was giving this one a shot since it had the coupon!

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