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Target Beauty Box March 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming March 2016 Beauty Box! Thanks, Roxxie and Charlene for the head’s up!

FYI – These new boxes are NOT on sale yet, so this page currently says “Sold Out.”

We don’t know the launch dates of this beauty box yet, but make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale!

Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.46.26 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.46.06 AM ,Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.45.57 AM

What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Will there not be an April box?? I been searching the web and
    nothing. I wonder if they are gonna go back to just seasonal now…

    • I’ve been wondering myself.

  2. First I love these boxes!!!!! The last box was one of my favs!!!!! I use to buy before looking lol but this time so much seemed familiar, and sadly I’ve used 5 out of 8 products they’re selling and already know I’m not a fan. The stuff left I have so much of that it didn’t make sense. Think I’m slowly on the road to sub box recovery lol

  3. Yay! Box is for sale! I grabbed a couple of course bc well its Target and I’m addicted 🙂

    • Woke up at 8am on February 29th on the West Coast and thought I would go to just to see if boxes went on sale today even though it was still February. To my delight they were already on sale! Looks like a Leap Year glitch. I will eventually have some items from this box listed on the swap page for those of you who are interested. Happy Leap Year!

      • How often does target offer these boxes? Is it monthly? I’m new to this but managed to get one for February and March.

        • It used to be mostly every quarter or season… but lately its been monthly!!

          • Thank you!

  4. Yay, It’s 2am and I got my box! I noticed they finally limited purchases to 2 boxes. I think that’s awesome and fair, since so many people miss out every month.

    I have the coupon code, can I post it here for others to use? I’d be happy to do so, but don’t know if there are any rules.

    I ordered 3 beauty products and got a $5 gift card plus the $3 coupon, it’s practically free, and I want everything but the nail polish.

    • If you can, please post, thanks!

      • Here’s the code, hopefully it works for anyone. Expires 3-12-16.

        $3 off coupon YBF7NX9W3FTBXML

        • Not valid, but thanks! 😉

          • I’m sorry, I had hoped it was a general code.

  5. So glad I couldn’t sleep! Last month I ordered 2 boxes, in one box the shampoo had spilled over everything and in the second box, an item was missing!!! ?Target gave me a $5 giftcard credit, so this time I only paid $5.80 for 2 boxes ☺. Hopefully I get different nail polish colors & masks in the boxes

    • I wish the products included were a little bigger though, but whatever ☺ it’s okay…I’m just glad I was able to get them. The one time I missed ordering (after I found out about target beauty boxes) I was so upset! In my mind, they seemed like the best boxes they had sent out

      • That’s why I only bought one – everything looks so small! More for others 🙂 I didn’t need three just to use the coupon.

        So who knew they’d release it on Leap Day? I thought for sure it would be tomorrow and said above that it would surprise me if they released it today. Well, they surprised me!

        • Just remember that they release the box on Mondays!

  6. From the pic it looks like 1.8 oz caress body wash, 2 oz sea salt spray, 1 oz hello beautiful body lotion, shampoo and conditioner packettes, 1 oz banana boat sunscreen lotion (not spray), single use nugg mask (type prob varies), nail polish, and small jar of laneige mask (size unknown). Was totally gonna say no to this one but $5? Target.. You just get me.

  7. I just bought two!!

  8. yay! just snagged a box 🙂

  9. It’s live!!! 12am pst $5!!!

    • Yup I second this! I got mine! I’m in Pacific Time Zone and checked the Target website just in case… And it’s live!

  10. What is the $3 off coupon code?

  11. How do you gals actually get these boxes? I can’t ever seem to get one! ALWAYS sold out by the time I get the email!! What’s the secret? I’m already subscribed to the “spoiler alert” but still haven’t scored one!
    Thanks for any tips, would love to try these out!

    • I always seem to be able to get one. (Knock on wood). I expect this one will go on sale Monday or Tuesday of this week, probably Tuesday since it’s the first of the month. I get up around 6:15am west coast time and check my email and this website first thing. So for the next few days until it goes on sale, I will check first thing when I wake up. Hope that helps!

    • Obsessibly stalking MSA has worked well for me lol. I’ve scored every one of these boxes. Once the spoilers are released, the box goes on sale a couple days later.

    • It’s live now for $5. 🙂

  12. FYI Target has a promo right now that if you buy $20 worth of beauty/personal care items (which is easy to do) you get a $5 gift card back. It pretty much included everything except feminine hygiene and hair tool. I intend to use my gift card towards my box!

    • Yes! I needed a bathroom scale and it was almost $30 and if you spent $40 on “health” items, you got a $10 gift card. There are things you just need, contact solution, deodorant, toothpaste, easy to spend the amount and free shipping over $25. I racked up $15 in gift cards (to spend on my anticipated boxes) buying necessities.

    • Yes! Target runs these kinds of specials all the time, I have a $5 gift card that I got just from buying two bottles of laundry detergent. You need that stuff anyway, and it helps keep down the cost of the addiction!!!

    • I couldn’t find anything saying how to get the $5 card. It also wasn’t on my order anywhere. I spent $20 on a caboodles case so I’m curious now if the caboodles case wasn’t included in the list of beauty products or if the deal was expired with the new weekly ad.

  13. Looks pretty good! I think I will actually try for this one!

  14. Yay!! I love Targets beauty boxes so much ? I wish they would just turn them into a monthly subscription already!!!!!

  15. Looks like another good month for the Target box! Thanks to these boxes and my lack of brand loyalty, I rarely have to purchase full-size toiletry items.

  16. Skipped the last one, but definitely interested in this one. I love that sleeping mask, and I’ve had good luck with the nailpolish.

    • I am a nail polish junkie and Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands. Sometimes the cheapest polish is the best

  17. Don’t forget to use the $3 off $15 coupon from last box! I *always* forget ?

    • Same here!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

    • I of course JUST used mine yesterday dangit! Ha! Never fails.

    • Do you add other stuff to your cart, or do you buy more than one box since you have to purchase $15 worth to use the coupon?

      • Yes, you can do that. However, I tried to do that with last month’s box, and they wanted to charge me some ridiculously high shipping fee to ship the lip balm that put me over $15. You see, the boxes themselves ship free, but they charge shipping on the other items in your order. The way to get around that shipping fee for other items is to use a Target Red card, which gets you free shipping, or to spemd at least $25 to get free shipping. I did the latter last month to be able to use my coupon. You might want to start planning a $25 purchase, just in case, or you can just let the coupon go (or use it in-store). There’s also the possibility that the box will cost $10 ( that’s happened in the past), in which case two boxes will get you over the $15 mark without your needing to hit the $25 mark for free shipping.

        • Sorry, please let me clarify. Last month I tried to buy two boxes (free shipping) and added a lip balm to put me over $15 to be able to use the coupon, but because I don’t have a Target Red card (and don’t particularly want one), they wanted to charge me something like $12 to ship the lip balm. I ended up just spending $25 on a few things that I would have needed in about a month just to avoid the shipping charge and to still be able to use the coupon.

          • Not even the target debit card?

          • It’s my understanding that Target debit gets you the 5% off and free shipping, too. I thought that was also called the Red card. Sorry for the confusion.

          • Last month I bought two boxes and then a hydrating mask for $1.49 which I opted to pick up in store just so I could use my $3 off. I guess that will only work if you have a Target store close by.

          • Oh, I didn’t realize that free in-store pick-up was an option. Thanks for the loophole!

          • I have the RedCard debit and get free shipping (& save 5%), but Target is literally around the corner and my go to over Walmart…I’m there at least a few times a week. I completely understand not wanting it! I don’t do store credit cards…except my target debit and my Nordstrom card (my go to department store)…I would have that a debit, too…but I didn’t have s check the day I opened it. Sigh…oh well, love the perks and pay it off monthly anyway.

    • I always forget too!

  18. There seems to be a pattern, release spoilers the weekend, boxes go on sale the following Monday or Tuesday. Will be watching, Target..

    • They have been making appearances on the 1st of the month, so check first thing Tuesday!

    • Thank you for that info. I’ll mark my calandra for Monday & Tuesday. I’m always trying to figure out a date. Thank goodness for Liz or I would miss them. Thank you again Liz for all your fun hard work!!

      • I’d be surprised if it showed up on Monday because Monday is still February. February’s box appeared on February 1st, so I expect this box to appear on Tuesday morning, which is March 1st. I get up mega early, so I’ll just wake up five minutes early to check!

        • Based on my crazy obsession of making lists and doing research and trying to make patterns out of things, I have a list of the target boxes release dates/days. The most common thing is they were almost all released on a Monday in 2015 and 2016. April was a Monday. No May box. June was Monday. July was Monday. August was Monday. September was Monday or Tuesday? I think it was a Tuesday but NouveauCheap’s post is dated for the 7th which was a Monday but that could just be because she posted it at the end of Monday for CA time but it was Tuesday morning on the east coast. October had two releases and they were both on a Monday. November is also confusing. One post was Sunday November 29th and another was Monday the 30th. December didn’t have a box?? January and February also a Monday.

          So based on the few spoiler dates, it seems more likely to be tomorrow, the 29th but could also be Monday March 7th. And yes February could have two boxes since October had two boxes.

          Sometimes it’s the first Monday of the month and other times it’s the second Monday of the month. Sometimes they’re 5 weeks apart and other times 2, that doesn’t seem to have a pattern but I haven’t counted the weeks in between the boxes for each box. Yet? Maybe, lol.

  19. This looks great! I’m sure I’ll get at least one! Thank you!

  20. You had me at ‘Target’- these boxes never disappoint due to their great value- many times what you pay! I may not love everything, but if I don’t, my friends and family do. I don’t have internet at work (except for my phone which I’m not supposed to be checking) but thanks to Liz and MSA, I can order from home before I leave for work. I’m grateful, and thanks to the bargain price, not broke! Plus I save 5% with my red card. Life is good….

  21. Btw, I have multiple colors of the Sinful polish that I got for free, and it’s pretty terrible nail polish. It doesn’t even last a day without chipping, but you can probably figure that out from the price. I won’t be keeping that.

    • I bet they have a lot of different formulas. Some of their shades I’ve found quite nice. One of my favorites is a multi-color pastel microglitter called Charmed. It’s really pretty, and wore well.

    • I LOVE Sinful Colors. I have over 100 bottles of theirs. This might seem like stupid questions but do you use base and top coats? If so, which ones? In my personal experience as being a nail polish lover and as an employee at a major drug store that sells nail polish, if you use a base and top coat that works for YOU (what works for me might not work for you) then Sinful Colors and any other brand of nail polish, then your nails won’t chip. A lot of women will either skip base or top coat or skip both altogether. But both products work together to keep the color from chipping. Sometimes it’s a matter of switching to a different brand or type of base/top coat to find what works for you.

      • PS- the longest I’ve gone with a Sinful Colors manicure with chipping was close to 3 weeks. I normally change my polish a few times a week, never going past a week bc I get bored. But I painted my nails a day or so before my SO’s knee surgery and 3 weeks later, I was still getting compliments. (I didn’t even think it was that great) I would have changed my manicure a lot sooner except I just didn’t have time since I had to take care of my SO. By week 3 of recovery, he was more independent and I could have ME time again.

      • I use Gelous as a base and top coat. Every other brand of polish has been fine, but for some reason, Sinful has never lasted for me. Maybe it’s just a bad combo for some reason.

      • Really good tip, everyone does have different needs. My nails aren’t porous, they’re almost slick. Deborah Lippmann’s various top and base coats work well for me, and Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage is my fav. It treats, hides flaws, such as ridges and is a nice neutral shade that looks like reg polish.

  22. Can’t wait… I love their boxes..i try to snag one every time they come out !!!

  23. I have received 2 Target boxes before and skipped the last box. I know how many items have come in my boxes, but will all of these come in the box, or will they just pick 7 items?

    • I wonder if it will be two different boxes like January’s?

      • True, why didn’t I of that?!

        • Yeah, it looks like there will be two boxes..we’ll see.

      • Based on the items, I think this is one box. Plus, last time there were two boxes, MSA’s spoiler revealed that fact, IIRC.

    • I think there will be one box with all 9 items. I’ll bet the shampoo and conditioner or foil packets.

  24. Definitely stuff I’ll use, I’m almost out of masks, and I’ve been wanting to try a sleep cream. Im also a beach waves spray hoarder and that’s actually one I haven’t tried yet.

    Ill be snagging one for sure!

  25. I’ll definitely buy 2 of these! Can’t wait. This looks like a box where I would use everything.

  26. YES! Unless Target starts selling boxes filled with bird droppings or gum from the bottom of a shoe, I will always, ALWAYS buy one…or four. 🙂

    • You cracked me up, KC! And I’m with ya … great boxes…

  27. I didn’t realize they were carrying the nugg masks! Cheaper than BB plus my 5% red card discount. Well…. Just bought those. And I’ll be buying this box on Tuesday as well. I do not have a problem. 😉

  28. I have yet to see a Target box I didn’t lIke~ can’t wait for it to go on sale!

  29. Products look great

  30. Thanks Liz for letting us know and to the other girls that let her know. Love these beauty boxes.

  31. Any chance they’ll be doing a man-box anytime soon?

    • They did one for men a few months ago. I looked good but I unfortunately just missed getting it for my husband… I’m sure Liz has a review of it if you look at the past Target reviews (if you are curious).

      • “it looked good”

      • Yeah I think I got that box, I believe it was in September. I was just hoping there’d be another one in the near future.

      • I think there was one for Father’s day, if I remember correctly.

  32. Well I know the first thing I will be doing on Tuesday morning. 🙂

  33. Meh. I’m not particularly interested in these products. I loved my first Target box, but I’ll probably skip this one. Nonetheless, target beauty boxes rock!

    • EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • The sleeping mask is awesome!

  34. I’m thrilled that it seems like these are becoming a monthly thing! Fingers crossed they just end up doing a subscription down the line !!

  35. Thank you Liz. I’m so excited as I use most of these products already. I love the salt spray and would love a travel size. I can’t wait. This by far is my favorite box to receive

  36. I am SO disappointed in the Target Beauty Boxes. I have ordered 3 over the past three months. Each time, they confirm my order, a day or two later I get a tracking number and my card is charged, I then wait a few weeks and it never arrives. I then have to go through calling them, talking to numerous people and then finally getting a refund on my credit card. I can understand it happening once, maybe even twice, but three times? This is crazy. It doesn’t seem like I am the last to order either as several hours later they show as still being available on the website. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Maybe you have the wrong address on your account? Where does the tracking info say it goes?

    • What does your tracking number say? That the box never ships? That it moves but is never delivered? That it is delivered, but you you don’t actually receive it?

      Is it possible someone is stealing the boxes from the front of your house?

    • Bummer. 🙁 I’ve never had a problem with them. That’s so odd.

    • Yes, this has happened to me twice, with the two January boxes and then again with the February box. I finally complained on Facebook, and have someone looking into it. The last I was told was that my address came back as “undeliverable” from the post office and that’s why my tracking numbers never showed up as valid. Which is complete bs, because my address in my account is correct. Not to mention, Target is the ONLY company that seems to be unable to deliver my orders (Birchbox, PopSugar, Bijoux Box all seem to get my sub boxes to me with no issues). To top it off, I had NO problems getting orders from them last year. So I’m still waiting to hear back from them about why they think my address is wrong. You might try posting this on their Facebook page, and hopefully you’ll get someone from their social media team to look into it for you too. It’s SUPER frustrating for me, because now I’m wondering if I should even bother ordering the March box, which just makes me sad. Honestly, something is wrong in their system, and they need to fix it.

      • This makes me worry, I ordered feb. box, was my first box ever, and this exact thing happened. no tracking info nothing, and I know the had boxes cause I ordered mine literally in the first 5 minutes they were released. I even phoned and the customer service said they could send another, I told the lady that there wasn’t any left but she said it said in stock, so she “sent” a replacement, yeah of course nothing came. So I spent a month waiting for nothing to come. I’m gonna be (hoping) to order marchs, its my birthday month, so I’m really hoping it comes this time. ill be pretty upset if it happens again.

    • It’s the warehouse where they are coming from in Illinois. I have huge problems with Target Beauty Box shipments, but never anything else, including other target orders. The tracking numbers are never right, and often say UPS instead of USPS. Two boxes in separate shipments will have the same tracking number. My boxes get shipped all over the country before finally getting to me weeks or months later. I have received all my boxes so far (knock on wood), but it’s frustrating. And it’s happened to A LOT of people. You are definitely not the only one!

  37. Yes sunscreen!

  38. Of course I’ll grab a box! My husband has been complaining about the lack of Target “handsome boxes” – he had so much fun with his December box! He still swears by the razors they sent then.

  39. YAY!!!!

  40. I am not familiar with the Target boxes. How many items do you get in the box?

    • It varies, but they usually have about seven. I recommend checking out Liz’s past reviews to get an idea.

    • My February box had 10 items ranging from a tiny perfume sample to a full sized root spray. Most were larger “deluxe” sized samples.

  41. Can’t wait ! Love these boxes !

  42. Loving the Target boxes!!! And big thanks to MSA for these alerts! Without you I would not have a chance to buy them. Heck, I didn’t know they existed without you guys! These boxes always give me great products for little money and I have come to love items I might not have tried without their sample (for instance love the Nivea in shower body lotion!!!).

    • Tell me about it…MSA has introduced to so many boxes I would otherwise never know about. Target, bare escentuals, Oui please…the list goes on and on. I’m so so grateful!! Thank you MSA!!

      • 🙂 Yay!

  43. Definitely not as good as the last two boxes, but those nuug masks are SO GOOD. And the Not Your Mother’s beach spray is fab too, so I think I’ll still be grabbing at least one box. I have way too much hair for shampoo/conditioner samples, but my ma loves having new scents every month. I wish they’d do something different like dry shampoo and leave-in conditioners. I could always use more of those.

    • I would also love leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo. I use the dry shampoo on our camping trips, when water is at a premium. I am stocking up for a five week cross country trip.

  44. I think I will skip this one. I’ve really enjoyed the last several boxes, but this one isn’t calling my name. Maybe April!

    • Same. I have naturally textured hair so I definitely don’t want any box that includes any “Not Your Mother’s” products. I was thinking about getting the box for the mask and overnight cream but then I realized I have an abundance of skincare so no-go for me lol. Decent selection for the price though.

  45. Looks like it’s going to be a good one! Love getting masks and LOVE the Laniege products I’ve tried! Honestly, these boxes are always a win for me. There’s usually one or two products I give to my mom (like the Caress product) but the value is still worth it. ?

    • Lane ire and nugg sold it for me, too. The other stuff is either “meh” or “yeah, I can probably use that.” I’ll probably buy two 😉

      • That’s Laneige (thanks, autocorrect!).

  46. Target had me at “Nugg mask”…

    • Yep! Me too ?

  47. I’m planning to get this one, it will be my first Target box. I was so pleased with the Walmart box, I can’t wait for this one!

    • How much do they usually cost?

      • Usually, they are in the $5-7 range.

      • The boxes usually cost between $5 and $7

        • Yes, shipping included.

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