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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2016 Glam Bag!

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Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.59.04 AM

The February Ipsy reveals is up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.05.01 AM

What are you getting from Ipsy this month? Any good samples?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my first Ispy bag. I received
    -dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion 0.25oz $7.25 (Full Size is $ 58.00)
    -OGXArgan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Miracle In-Shower Oil (Full Size) $8.99
    – theBalm Mr. Write (Now) Scott B. Bordeaux (deep purple) (Full Size) $17.00
    – ModelCo LIP LACQUER Lip Gloss in Morocco .05 oz $8.50 (Full size of this lip gloss is $17.00)
    – Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat .17 fl oz $8.50
    (Full size $30.00)

    Even though I did not care for the purple eyeliner, $50 worth of products (not including the bag) for $10 is a great deal. I can’t wait for next month’s bag!

  2. I just resubbed to Ipsy. It said I would get the Jan bag. hmmm. They must have bags left to get rid of. I remember my bags being decent and close to my preferences. But, something tells me this first one will not be. ugh, leftovers.

  3. I weirdly really want that bag o-o. It’s really pretty and sorta geeky (I think).

  4. I haven’t got a bag twin yet! 🙁
    This is my second month with Ipsy and this month is WAY better than lasts!
    Each month I try to figure out the sizes/sample prices for the products I receive.

    My February bag contains:
    ?Smashbox Cosmetics: Photo Finish Primer Oil
    ~ Sample size is .13 oz full-size is 1 oz for $42!
    ?? Trust Fund Beauty: I’m Kind of a Big Deal
    ~ Full-Size $15
    ? Naked Cosmetics: Mica Pigment
    ~ 1.5gm per color $14.99
    ? Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind: Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin
    ~Couldn’t find the oz on their website but full-size is $21. Sample size from Ipsy is .14 oz
    ?? Perfectly Posh: BFF Best Face Forever Exfoliating Daily Face Wash
    ~ Sample size is 1 oz for $5 (Full-size is $20 for 4 oz)

    Not a bad bag, but I REALLY need some new makeup brushes Ipsy!

    • Bag twins! It’s not the worst bag out there! I know that primer oil is not for my already oily face though, but it should be relatively easy to swap either way

    • I have the smashbox photo finish, the naked cosmetics mica pigment, AND the BFF exfoliating daily face wash. I also got an eyeliner pencil from “Mr. Write (Now)” and lip liner from Chella cosmetics. We’re almost bag twins lol. I literally went straight to google and started looking up all of my products to find out how much they’re worth. I feel like I saved a lot considering the bag was only $10.

  5. I have two ipsy boxes coming. One is a gift for my niece and I vastly prefer the one she is getting!
    Mr. write eye pencil
    Naked Cosmetics Mica pigment eye shadow
    Margaret Dabbs mini crystal nail file (not thrilled with this)
    Smashbox primer oil
    Chella lipstick pencil

    Gifted box:
    Theorie argan oil hair serum
    tre’stQue baby blush stick in Bora Bora Coral
    Model Co lip laquer in Morocco
    Clate London paint pot (nail polish)
    It Cosmetics under eye concealor

    I think I need to change my preferences to what I have my niece’s account set to!

  6. My February bag:
    Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment
    Luxie Beauty Flat Definer Brush
    Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Oil
    Promise Organic Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Facial Lotion
    Chella Lipstick Pencil

    I was really hoping for the Bye Bye Under Eye, but oh well. This will be two months in a row I’ll be receiving a brush, but that’s fine, I don’t mind having more. My only complaint is the lip pencil. Seriously, how many times do I have to review lip products with only 1 star before I stop receiving them… I’ve been a subscriber for 16 months. Sigh. Other than that, I think I like my February bag.

    • I know! Same here! Stop sending me lip crayons, please!

  7. I was just fed up of getting crap in my IPSY bags so I cancelled, January was going to be my last month. I was also moving at the same time. And so far I have not received my Glam bag, nor a shipping number. I have written customer service, and nothing. I’m not sure what to do. I was definitely charged for the bag, and I saw what I was supposed to be getting. But since I cancelled, I have no way of logging in and getting my tracking number! I’m very frustrated!!

    And I saw how good February was so I re-subed and I wasn’t able to get February, I got March! I guess good thing, because it seems like more if the same. Good teasers, but very few pet get them. I probably wouldn’t have gotten any of the good stuff like Mary Lou or Bye Bye Concealer. Oh well…

    But I still want what I paid for in January! Any advice would really help!! Thanks ?

    • have you tried their facebook page?? i see them answering complaints on there all the time and some people say they go to twitter but i haven’t really checked into that one…hope that helps ya

    • I got the Mary Lou. I can’t figure out how much it’s worth, if it is worth swapping though lol.

  8. I’m getting the primer oil, the Trust fund polish that I was hoping I would get, the Chella lippy, baby eyes pencil and a nail file. I’m happy.

    • I better get the Trust Fund polish I have nail care and all of the nail polish brands selected in my profile

      • I was hoping for that, too, but no, I get another stinkin’ lip pencil? Otherwise it’s good.

  9. I am receiving:

    1) TheBalm cosmetic eyeliner
    2) Dr. Brandt poredermabrasion
    3) Bella Pierre cosmetic blush
    4) Ciata nail poilish
    5) It cosmetics Bye Bye under eye cream

    I was happy with the selection. Really wish I could try out the Mary Lou though. I have never tried it before and was keeping fingers crossed I got to try it. Oh well, next time I will cross my toes too 🙂

  10. This is my first ipsy box. I have to say, I am disappointed. I got the eyeliner, and honestly I was hoping for anything BUT the eyeliner. Here’s my bag:

    THEORIE – Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Serum: This is the only thing I am excited about. I have frizzy hair, especially during the winter, so I am always looking for things to tame and rescue it.

    tre’StiQue – Baby Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral: I just got a Coral lip stick in last month’s GlossyBox. Wasn’t my favorite color with my complexion. Now I have two corals. :/

    Ciate London – Paint Pot: The nail polish (which I have set in my profile NOT to receive) will either be red or nude. Both colors which I got last month in boxes already.

    theBalm Cosmetics – Mr. Write Now: Like I said, I wanted everything else they gave a sneak peek of EXCEPT this eyeliner! Especially because the reviews were so ho-hum on it.

    Naked Cosmetics – Mica Pigment: I have no idea what this does. Can anyone please help me out here? The description says “Flexible use – pigments can be used for eyes, face, lips, nails and body.” What does that mean? Do I have to combine it with other products? Do I just apply it on my skin? I have never seen anything like this before and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

    So there’s my first ipsy box. I’m sad. I was really hoping for no nail polish and some fun skincare products. I really tailored my whole profile around skincare products (moisturizers, masks, BB Creams, oils) or blushes and I guess I didn’t do a good enough job. Was hoping for some more fun goodies. 🙁

    • SO BUMMED I didn’t get the Bye-Bye Concealer. Might have to say bye-bye to ipsy. 🙁

    • This is my very first Ipsy bag too… it’s been a long wait, LOL, and I’ve logged in to check everyday for a month!

      I, too, am so disappointed!! …but, maybe I’ll end up loving just one thing…and there’s always next month!! 🙂

  11. My February 2016 bag

    Smashbox Cosmetics – Photo Finish Primer Oil

    Perfect Formula – Pink Gel Coat

    Paula Dorf – Baby Eyes Enhancer

    Jor’el Parker – Eau so Divine

    My Amazing Hair Secrets – My Amazing Leave In Secret

  12. So bummed! I canceled my ipsy subscription because I just love Birchbox 894735x more and when I saw the previews for February, I had to resubscribe. I REALLY wanted the Trust Fund polish or the ByeBye Under Eyes. Didn’t get any of them though. I got more oil to put on my oily face and skincare stuff, a brush and one makeup item- a coral blush stick. Coral is not my color for my super pale skin. Sighhh. I’m really not one to be negative and should’ve known better but man! Luckily I have my Birchboxes to look forward to. I juggle two accounts so I can get my personalized and the curated each month and not to mention collect all the pretty boxes♥

  13. After my disappointing Birchbox reveal, I am super pleased with this Ipsy bag. I’m getting the Trust Fund polish, the Luxie brush, the baby eyes liner, the Chella lip pencil, and a Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium
    Cioccolato Foaming Body Scrub.

  14. I’m getting:

    Smashbox Primer Oil (Softens complexion)
    Luxie Beauty Flat Definer Brush
    Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer (Brightens, highlights, and conceals)
    Jor’el Parker Eau so Devine perfume (Calms the mind and soothes the soul)
    Jersey Shore Vanilla Bean Anti-aging Hand and Lip Polish (exfoliates dead flaky skin)

    What are you trying to say ipsy? Are you calling me old and crotchety?

    But seriously, I am waiting until I have these items in my hands and see them in action before I form an opinion.

  15. Let’s see… Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, Mineral Blush, Leave in Conditioner, the under eye concealer, and another brush. Not thrilled with the brush, but overall I am happy. I think Ipsy has been great, and I guess my profile is right, because all the items are perfect for me! This is my 5th bag from Ipsy and I’ve been happy every time, about almost all of the items!

  16. WOW!!! – I’ve seen 1 person who’s getting Mary Lou and several people who’s getting Bye-Bye concealer. Most part gets primer oil. Amazing how Ipsy made me stick for another month with those spoilers and two of the most exciting items they are barely sending to anybody. I feel cheated.

    • Exactly why I quit. I was sick of being lured in with awesome spoilers and getting the short end of the stick every time. :/

    • I feel super spoiled this month! I am getting the manizer the trust fund nail polish the baby eyes pencil the vintage lip gloss and the exfoliating flash wash :):)

  17. Mine is pretty much a worst case scenario for me.

    1. Smashbox primer oil (I have the oiliest skin on the planet, so no thank you.)
    2. Trust Fund Beauty nail polish (I almost never wear nail polish and I dislike that color)
    3. TreStique blush stick in coral (I hate coral)
    4. Jor’El Parker Eau So Divine (never wear perfume)
    5. Promise Organic argan facial lotion (argan oil is good – but lotion? I dunno. We’ll see.)

    All in all, yuck.

    Oh well. Last month was awesome.

    • It could be worse…one of my five is a nail file.

      • I figured the primer oil wouldn’t get used by me but I looked at the description and it can be used pretty much anywhere. Hair and cuticles is what sold me on it. Did you look to see if you would use it differently? And I’m getting the nail file too but I’m happy with this since I like crystal/glass nail files and didn’t want to buy a mini for my purse so I’ve just been using the cheap sandpaper type files for my purse and car.

  18. The Mr. Write now eyeliner received in the past was a huge fail IMO. It was too hard on my eyelids and I prefer a liner that glides easily.

  19. I’m very disappointed again this month. I’m getting:
    It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-in Product
    Jor’el Parker Eau so Divine
    Ciaté London Olivia Palermo x Paint Pot
    tre’StiQue Baby Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral
    Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Oil

    The leave in treatment is the only one I’m interested in.

    • I’m jelly that you are getting the It’s a 10 leave-in! Their products are really nice (and expensive).

  20. I’m getting:

    Smashbox primer oil
    Luxie Beauty Flat Definer Brush
    Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer
    Jor’el Parker Eau so Devine perfume
    Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

    I did a quick look and, if my math is correct, my bag is worth $44 and that’s not counting the actual bag itself. The perfume and brush really added up the value. So even if I’m not blown away by my sneak peek I’m very happy with the value. That has been two really high value bags in a row from Ipsy.

  21. -smash box primer oil
    Wasn’t too excited about this but read a few reviews that were good. I think I will use it at least as a moisturizer.
    -tre’stique blush stick
    I love blush so looking forward to trying something new
    -trust fund beauty nail polish
    I love nail polish. This color is great, I’m excited.
    -not your mothers haircare. Blow dry accelerator
    I haven’t checked this out yet so not sure about it.
    -Elizabeth and James nirvana black perfume roller
    My first perfume sample in 7 months. I have mixed feelings. Anyone use/try this? Glad it’s at least a roller and not a little cardboard/bottle sample.

    I’m happy with my bag this month!!

    • Elizabeth and James is an extremely posh, expensive brand. I would have loved to have gotten that. Hope it smells good!

    • Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

      Launched in 2007, Elizabeth and James embodies the duality of sophistication and feminine detail balanced with downtown edge and masculine tailoring. The fashion brand’s contemporary-yet-timeless aesthetic offers the modern girl clothing and accessories that make stylish everyday dressing effortless.

      Ashley and Mary-Kate wanted the signature fragrance for Elizabeth and James to embody the same sense of duality inherent to their partnership and the brand. The result was not one, but two blends—distinctly different, but undeniably connected.

      Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla.
      Sensual. Mysterious. Warm.

      • Patti. Wow you got all the info! Thank you! I’m familiar with the brand but not the perfume. The description sounds really good. Can’t wait to smell it now!

  22. The jury is still out for me until I actually receive the bag. Like many, my initial screen said I was getting another Mr. Write Now and then when I clicked to the subsequent screen with my five items, it was not one of the five listed products. I would not complain to receive a second one in another color, but I am doubtful since it is not pictured as part of my bag.
    My list is as follows:
    – Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment – I will have to wait until I see the shade in person to decide if I like this
    – Chella Lip Pencil – ditto the above comment. It says passionate pink, the product pictured looks more like dark coral, or maybe that’s just the packaging. Anyway, hoping for a shade that works with my fair skin.
    – Smashbox Primer Oil – I have never used a primer oil and to be honest it sounds weird to me but I am willing to give it a try
    – Luxie Beauty Tapered Eye Brush – I got an eyeshadow brush last month and again, I will have to see it in person to get a feel for how well it works for me.
    – Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream – The site says this cream can be for face or body. I cannot imagine putting body cream on my face or vice versa. This scent combination sounds odd to me as well. This might be a gift item to my daughter or a friend as I am not big on body cream to begin with.
    The bag itself is very cute, but overall, the contents of this bag feels like a bit of a let down to me after my first Ipsy bag that I received in January. I hope the products will be better in person than they appear on the site

  23. I’m getting Paula Dorf Baby Eyes Enhancer, Smashbox primer oil, Vintage sparkling lipgloss, Ciaté London Paint Pot, and Curology anti-aging & acne treatment w/ lipbalm. I’m excited about almost everything – I don’t really wear nail polish because it never lasts long due to my job, and I’m not sure about the lip gloss because if it’s too sticky I won’t like it. I love the bag this month and my other three items look good to me!

  24. I’m getting:

    tre’StiQue Baby Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral
    theBalm cosmetics Mr. Write (now)
    Jor’el Parker Eau so Divine
    Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Hair Masque
    Luxie Beauty Small Tappered Blending Eye Brush

    I’m not too excited about any of it but I do love the bag itself and I always like getting makeup brushes. I’m willing to try everything else (and isn’t that the point of this sub?) but I just don’t find any of it that exciting. I would have loved the primer oil and/or some nail products but oh well. Maybe next time

  25. I’m so excited! I’m getting the Trust Fund polish, lippy, hand polish & a perfume I’ve been wanting to try! The Smashbox primer oil will probably be put up for swap. I really wanted the Trust Fund!!!

  26. im getting
    smashbox primer oil
    naked cosmetics eye shadow
    luxie beauty brush
    chella lipstick pencil
    jersey shore lip and hand polish

  27. Like everyone else has said, it’s just an oops on Ipsys part, it says for everyone that you are getting an eye liner but when you look at your items you’ll see other wise.
    I didn’t get anything I wanted, but honestly I’m still super excited! I got the smash box primer (not huge on primers and worry how my skin will react, but it also functions as a moisturizer so we will see). I got the trust fund nail polish in “I’m kind of a big deal” ( not a huge pink fan but this is a pretty color, mostly thankful I didn’t get the red as I’m getting red nail polish from birchbox). I’m getting the baby eyes liner (seems very interesting, super excited to be trying this out), a chella lipstick pencil in passionate pink (really hoping it suits me). And last but not least, the vanilla bean lip and hand polish from Jersey shore (really wanted to try this product so happy about that). On top of that I’m obsessed with the bag, I’m a gamer so it’s very fitting, definitely more my style.

  28. Of course I don’t want any nail polish so I get nail polish. I really wanted the smashbox primer oil and no luck but oh well. So far not super impressed.

    • Check your profile quiz you took. I said NO Nail Color, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one from them. Double check what yours says.

      • There is no NO selection on the IpsyMatch quiz. Just because you do not select an option it is positive preference algorithm not one that excludes items. I’ve been a member for almost 3.5 years. I’ve received items I’d prefer not too more times than i can count. I also review items such as lipgloss and nail polish as 1 star and select that those product types are not for me. BUT that does not mean i won’t receive those items in the future. It is not a perfect system since its algorithm is written to find the preselected combination that is likely to have the most liked/preferred items. Those who wanted the mary lou luminizer and the bye bye under eye have been sent out before so it’s likely to be sent out again in the future. To those who didn’t want the mr. Write eyeliner and are receiving ipsy for the first time should now that EVERYONE received one last month so they likely have extras. If you receive a duplicate item you should email ipsycare.
        Hope that helps.

    • I was really hoping to get a nail polish this month and of course I don’t get one. I have nail polish checked on my quiz and I’ve given excellent reviews to the 2 I’ve received since I started my subscription in August and yet they send me a body lotion (don’t have lotions checked as an item I like). I’m also getting the Smashbox Primer Oil which I’m not really interested in. You would think they would send an item you have checked as “like” over one you don’t have checked.

  29. Just an FYI, I know you mentioned that theBalm eyeliner would probably go out to new subscribers — well, it’s not. I’m getting one and I got one last month! Been an Ipsy subscriber for about a year now. Very disappointed 🙁

    • Did you look at your full bag? My initial pages said I was getting one, but when I revealed my full bag it was not one of the items. FYI

      • Mine said the same thing. I can always use eyeliners.
        I hope this bag isn’t a lot of packets. I was hoping for a Valentine item.

  30. It was bound to happen but I don’t like my bag at all this month. I would love to have my $10 back for February. I’m getting pink gel coat, baby eyes enhancer, photo finish primer oil, leave in conditioner, perfume. All duds. I hope my February Sephora play box makes up for this.

    • I was bummed about the pink gel polish at first too but I googled it. It has great reviews on HSN and it’s $30.

      • I wanted to get that! Looks so nice and subtle.

  31. I’m looking forward to my bag. I’m getting:
    tre’StiQue – Baby Blush Stick in Bora Bora Coral (I have fair skin, so hopefully I can pull of the coral color!)
    VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind – Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin (I’m hoping it’s more pink than a nude color. Again, since I have fair skin, it’s a little hard for me to pull off some of the nude lip colors that Birchbox & Ipsy send out.)
    Ciaté London – Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London Paint Pot (I think I’m getting the “Hutch- my go-to red” color. It looks really pretty, and I like the Ciaté brand.)
    IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye® Anti-Aging Concealer (I was hoping to get this since I’m always looking for a good concealer. 😀 Hopefully the color they send me isn’t too dark!)
    Cake Beauty – heavy cream intensive hand repair balm (Normally, I wouldn’t be too excited about a lotion, but I desperately am in need of some for my extremely dry hands. So this is perfect for me.)

    • Bag twins. I was so bored by all the spoilers so I thought I’d hate my bag. Instead I think this will be my favorite bag ever. I was just thinking about buying a classic red nail polish but couldn’t find a shade that I liked.

  32. They are sending me the same eyeliner they sent me last month, despite the fact that I’ve said no eyeliner.

    Isn’t odd to receive the same thing back to back?
    I just resubbed after a 2 year hiatus. So this is my second month. Feeling Discouraged.

    • Did you check your full content? Everyone’s initial page says they are getting the liner, but its wrong.

    • My initial picture showed the eyeliner too but after I agreed to share on Facebook it showed what I was actually getting and there wasn’t any eyeliner. Yay! Not an eyeliner fan.

  33. YAY! I’m getting the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish! I missed out on it the last time around, and I love nail polish, so I’m very happy! Also getting eye shadow, primer oil, moisturizer, and a nail file. I’ll use everything, and I’m excited to be able to check out a new all-natural, cruelty-free brand, Seraphine Botanicals. ?

  34. Hi I’m new to this website and already an addict! Love your posts Liz! After seeing the bag I had to sign up for this subscription. I’m getting the Mor hand lotion, the chella lip pencil, the flat brush, the smashbox primer and the naked pigment thing. I was really hoping for a nail polish but happy with most of the things in getting!

    • Welcome!!! 🙂

  35. i’m getting Dr. Brandt pore dermabrasion….BellaPierre mineral blush…My Amazing Hair Secrets….IT Cosmetics Bye Bye under eye…Luxie Beauty small blending brush and then 12-in-1 leave in treatment i turned points in for.. i actually love everything i’m getting this month and even the bag i normally just give them to friends or my mom but i am definitely keeping this one love it!!!

  36. I started with Ipsy when they were “glambag” and just resubsribed as your reviews tempted me.

    I’m confused by this post, do you have to pick your samples? I forgot how that works.

  37. Yikes, not a good month for me. Love the bag but I’m getting my EIGHTH eyeshadow brush in 2 years from Ipsy, a product from a brand called Jersey Shore (yuck), a Chella lipstick pencil (that you have to sharpen! my biggest pet peeve), Naked Mica pigment and Smashbox primer oil (I NEVER use primers of any kind). Glad my Birchbox is good this month!

    • If you’re getting a lip balm from Jersey Shore it’s actually really nice! I like it better than my other lip balms

    • I really want to try the Jersey shore product but am not getting it in my bag. If you are on swap let me know or maybe we can figure something out!

    • I thought the same thing when I got a Jersey Shore product but it’s the best lip balm I’ve ever owned. Stupid name, but great stuff.

      • LOVE Jersey Shore lip balms! One of my favorite ipsy discoveries! 🙂

    • I love getting brushes, I’m not a cleaner, I’m a tosser, lol!

      • I wouldn’t mind so many brushes if they were for different parts of the face but they’re ALL eyeshadow brushes and I rarely wear shadow. I’d love a blush or powder brush!

    • Bag twins. It actually took me a lot of scrolling to find someone with the same bag! I feel mixed.

  38. I’m new to Ipsy and received TheBalm Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in my January bag. Apparently, I’m getting it again this month, lol.

    I’d like to know what elese I am getting but the Ispy site will only show me one unless I provide them with free marketing. :/

    • I just post their little picture/etc. on Facebook and then delete it right away. I can see what I’m getting without my newsfeed being full of their stuff. If they ask me to send a Facebook message, I just send it to myself. Again, I’m not bothering anyone else with it, and I get to see what I’ll be receiving!

      • That sounds like a great plan. However, I don’t have a Facebook account and want no part of it, lol.

        I’ll just patiently wait to be surprised for the other 4 items. 🙂

        • I don’t have facebook….or any social media site either. Last month was my first month and about 2 days after they let the social media posters sneek peek my bag of items was displayed on my account page, which is fine I can wait the extra couple of days 🙂 hope that helps

          • Thanks, that does help! I’m going to wait.

    • Mine said at first that I was getting the liner again too, but I’m not. I think that may be a message everyone is getting. Once you get in and see your whole bag it won’t likely be there. I’m excited because I cashed in my points and got the ColorPop Freshman set. It should be coming with this month’s bag. Yea!

      • Oh, that would be cool, too! I am happy with either the extra liner or whatever…I’ll surely use it eventually, lol.

      • Same here. Once I continued, I found out I’m getting the Smashbox oil primer, an eye defining brush, a sparkling lipgloss, Jersey Shore lip polish, and a baked eyeshadow. I’m excited for everything except the eyeshadow…great month! 🙂

    • Fyi, if yo post to fb from ipsy, you can set it to “only me” so you still get the reveal without spamming everyone. And once you do it once, it saves the setting and will continue to show ipsy posts only to you.

      • Thanks for the tip! I didn’t even think about that! And to KC, yeah if you don’t have FB, there’s no point in getting it just for this. It’s a fun to have some surprises! I wish I had your will power; mine is low when it comes to spoilers!!!

    • I’m getting the eyeliner again this month too. Seems like we shouldn’t be getting the same exact product two months in a row?

      • As someone else stated, you are not receiving another eyeliner. It appears to be a computer glitch. If you click to reveal what you’re getting, you’ll see 5 items that don’t include the eyeliner.

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