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FYI – Relish Clothing Is Closing Shop

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Thank you to several readers for letting us know that Relish Clothing is shutting down.

I have no visibility into what happened, but if you have an outstanding order that is not being refunded, please consider filing a chargeback.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

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  1. Harper Noel Photography was CERTAINLY a SCAM. Amy Swartout is her name and she cancelled on us after we gave her our $1000.00 retainer and advised us to ask our cc company for a refund because she was filing bankruptcy. Our cc company told us no at first but after talking to other brides (she either canceled on or never showed up to their weddings) we learned that because we have a contract with her and it specifically stated that she had to “refund the money or provide another photographer to fulfill the service” we were entitled to a refund. Were now sending our cc company all of our documents as they requested so they will refund our money to us. If you paid for services that were not received you are automatically assured a refund. You just have to tell them you never received what you paid for. I hope that helps some of you. All the comments about her having a nasty attitude is also 100% true as well. All her personal info is public information on including her home phone number and address. If you google harpernoel’s business address it’s the same as her home address. Go get your money ladies! If I lived in Georgia I would have been at her door months ago with a group of women exposing her to all of her neighbors. Best of Luck!

  2. So glad I never ordered from her. When I joined her FBgroup, I immediately noticed how negative reviews got deleted. Harper went full-on psycho on anyone who questioned the quality of the clothes or the service. Someone said their zipper was broken on a brand new item and Harper shamed them and then posted that the person has been deleted from the group. Horrible way to treat your customers. Hopefully everyone gets their money back.

  3. I am unable to file anything with my credit card company because it’s been past 60 days and I had “authorized the charges”. So bummed. I’m out $500

    • That really stinks. I know some people were able to get credits for things when talking to a manager even if it was an older charge. Maybe tell them that the typical ship time was over a month?

    • I was a Relish Clothing Trading Group Co-Admin… If you are having trouble on older orders, DO NOT GIVE UP & DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!!! I had this same response from my debit card bank! I finally spoke with enough “Supervisors” that one finally conceded that customers can not be denied filing a dispute. Ask for every supervisor you can until you finally get one who will tell you how to file! Hope this helps! Steph

  4. It’s been suggested that filing with the Georgia Attorney General is the best way to go about things. You can actually file your complaint online and it’s completely free. Even if you were able to get your money back through your card company, please consider this. It’s one of the only ways they can stop her from doing this again. You DO NOT have to live in Georgia to file a complaint. I actually think this is the best way to help people move on and possibly stop this from happening again as we’ve seen with her NUMEROUS businesses.
    Here is the link to the direct form:
    Please pass this on if you know anyone that has been affected (or in any other groups where former clients may be.)

  5. I don’t know anything about Relish but from reading these comments, I hope you guys press charges. Someone like that shouldn’t be allowed to continue cheating people out of their hard earned money without having to answer to the law. Because she’s committing thief and fraud.

  6. This is very sad and disappointing…I hope everyone is able to get their money back!

    FYI, if anyone is looking for an alternative clothing subscription that is ethically managed and really cares about customers…look into Moxie. Jackie (the owner) is really wonderful and TBH they have the best prices I’ve seen.

  7. Chargebacks have time limits but unfulfilled subscriptions are usually treated differently.

  8. I’m worried that I won’t get my money back on this. Some people were implying that the company might be going bankrupt. I feel so violated with this. She was on a trip just a week ago and posting pictures of clothes that she was “buying”. There is no way she didn’t know a week ago…

    • I agree, I am just sick to my stomach. This is clearly sociopath behavior, no conscience. Seasoned criminal/scammer. I’ve seen this a handful of times in my 20 year career and she is up there with the best of them. Manipulative, knows exactly what to say to gain trust or at least be given the benefit of the doubt. I guarantee she will do this again. She can’t help herself. Lesson learned, always trust your intuition, it is right 100% of the time. This is not just someone going out of business, this is calculated fraud. Running sales two weeks before you know you are closing to get funds from credit cards that you know you are not going to deliver goods on with no explanation is fraud. I just wish people like this would take the energy they spend on obtaining income illegally and put it into obtaining income legally. They are spending the same amount of energy. It just does not make sense. The good thing about these kinds of people is eventually they are caught and sent to jail…eventually. No longer giving her the benefit of the doubt. I know this is harsh but I’ve seen this before and it is exactly what you think it is, straight up fraud. I feel for all of the people who lost large amounts of money. Strongly consider changing your credit card number.

  9. There’s lots of information on the FB Box Reveals group, if you’re a member. There’s also a lot of very angry (justifiably) ladies too, so FYI. They’ve been discussing how to go about getting their money back and the advice is pretty comprehensive. I feel fortunate that I never ordered from Relish. Apparently the owner also goes by several aliases and has previously had a photography business or two and cheated some brides out of their money as well. The whole thing seems pretty questionable. I hope everyone is able to get a refund.

    • She deleted the relish clothing page. So that’s just me she has no integrity so I called my bank to dispute the charge for my pending black Friday box. It sucks because I had had three successful orders with her in the past and was really looking forward to getting the new clothes.

    • Ive been unable to find any info on Facebook. She also has a Pinterest under Harper Noel. I can’t believe that people have Black Friday orders still pending. It’s been months, there is no way I would order something and wait that long. After a month I would have asked for a refund.

      When I ordered I had a lot of problems and she was pretty rude, it’s almost like she got mad because I didn’t like anything. That’s why I love GoldenTote, great customer service. Harper just didn’t know how to run a clothing business and seemed to have a personal vendetta against GoldenTote

  10. I strongly urge everyone to spread the word along different sources that she has closed up overnight – and she has done this type of thing before with photography businesses under the names Harper Noel, Amy Swartout, and Amy Hoga to name a few. She has dismantled her Facebook trading group so people may not hear the news. Many have been waiting months (!) for boxes of clothing that will never come. Dispute if you have an order and spread the word – check Facebook for new groups that are forming for former customers to help each other.

    • A big problem is that you can’t go and see what’s going on on her relish Facebook page but you can still purchase orders on her relish clothing page so I hope nobody else makes a new purchase.

      • That part is the worst part! Someone might go on her website and not know that she isn’t honoring any more orders!

        • She updated them to sold out now, so that is good.

  11. I guess they’ve closed the fb group too. I see a lot of people are complaining. It’s just awful for people to lose their hard earned money. I did hear about her photograph business going under too. There was disputes about her real name for both businesses. It’s such a shame. I’m glad I didn’t lose any money. It’s sad when a business goes under but even sadder when people get ripped off.

  12. Well, isn’t this just awesome. She’s had my money for almost three months and, when I wrote, she tells me that my large mystery box is definitely still coming, as soon as she gets more inventory. Considering the timeframe of these emails, there’s no way she didn’t already know she was closing and would not be filling orders.

  13. Totally dispute with your bank ASAP and don’t wait. IT seems she has done this before with a photography business and ended up scamming people.
    So please be aware and hoping anyone with upstanding orders can get a refund.

  14. It’s been reccomended by the admins on her Social Media page ( where the announcement was made) to go through your bank, credit card company etc, even if you used a debit card. You have rights & options. Don’t wait for an ambiguous refund, that may or may not happen, especially if bankruptcy has been filed.

  15. Chargebacks have time limits. The owner says that she will refund everyone but, given her behavior in the past, I highly doubt she will. It is in the customers’ best interest to not wait for a refund but to initiate the dispute process themselves.

  16. Finally!!! They never deserved to be open after witnessing and personally experiencing the awful way the customers were treated and spoken to!! Woohoo!

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