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February Special Edition “Love & Spoil” Luxor Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have full spoilers for the Luxor “Love & Spoil” Box (sold out).

The Box: Luxor “Love & Spoil” Box

The Cost: $200 to the US, $230 to Canada

The Products: $700+ worth of products.

FULL SPOILERS thanks to Cybeline in the forum!


Source: MSA Forum

Brandon Blackwood (exclusive) Red Crossbody Bag Retail Value $320
Sweet and spicy box of love chocolate (5 pieces of chocolate) from Cacao Atlanta Company – Retail Value $20
Meredith Hahn necklace – Retail Value $315
All the love in the world book by Jesse Hunter Retail Value $10
Heart and swizzle wine set (wine plate and bottle stopper) from Mariposa Retail Value $54

What do you think of the full spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. FYI… The Brandon Blackwood card that was included says that the code is good for 40% off, but it only takes off 20%.

  2. Update:

    LB did agree to take the box back, but a friend wanted the necklace so it won’t be returned. After decades of selling and designing jewelry, I’ve tried to educate women on buying better pieces, but she wants what she wants. The book and wine coaster went in the donate box, the stopper was trashed, the chocolates will be eaten, and the bag’s fate is TBD. It’s too small for a tall woman like me to use as intended so it will probably sit in my closet once it airs out since I don’t sell on eBay.

    • Hey! Would you consider selling/trading for the bag?

      • I’d sell it, but I think they require going through eBay on here. If they don’t, that would be great.

    • I own several pieces of “better” jewelry. I also own lots of costume jewelry that I wear on a daily basis. Since I work at home, I see no reason to always wear my “good” pieces if all I’m doing is walking the dog, or for super-excitement, going to the grocery store. Some costume jewelry, including this heart, are IMO pretty and make me smile. That’s all that really matters to me – not whether it meets your, or anyone else’s, definition of “better” jewelry.

  3. I’ve decided that with the exception of the pretty awful wine stopper and plate set (which has a random “cheap item I picked up at the Marshall’s checkout” look to it), I like this box. I love the Meredith Hahn necklace (I chose silver) and feel it is a gorgeous quality item (and I’m wearing it right now). The Blackwood purse is airing out in the garage now and I’m going to find places to use it! I’m on the older tail of the demographic here (just about to turn 62) but I’m using selected sub boxes to stretch my style a bit. I enjoyed (most of) this box!

  4. Hi,

    I posted this in another thread but thought I would leave it here as well. Brandon Blackwood Here. The bag was designed exclusively for Luxor Box subscribers. My factory has minimums to uphold and I was ultimately left with a couple left over.
    I offered those to my friends and family via social media because a lot of them can not afford things within the standard lines price points. Again this was on my personal Instagram completely separate from the business page.
    I charged a low price (wayyy wayyy way below cost) because this was meant for friends and family. This was NOT a part of my business Instagram. I thought it would be a special way to have the people I am close to and care about deeply own something from the line (if you see my Instagram you’ll notice that it only consists of my favorite magazines I follow and friends). Trust and believe me I was not
    Making any sort of cash return on those low prices.
    I am a new designer and have so many supportive people in my corner. I just simply wanted my friends and family to have a piece.
    There is no way possible anyone I did not personally know to have a piece.
    This was never a public sale, available to people I did not know. I can guarantee that anyone who says they have received one from me or purchased one is not being truthful.
    This is pretty saddening because what I did as a way to say thank you to the people I care about turned so quickly into something negative.
    I am open to having emails sent to me with further questions but me and my staff will not tolerate rude, racist, or aggressive emails like the ones I have been receiving. (Let be kind to one another guys)
    Anyway, I love working with Luxor, the subscription box world and hope to one day make some
    More pieces for you all to enjoy!


    The smell is from edge painting on the straps. Factory workers hand paint those thin edges on your bag so that the edge matches the color of leather. If you take a look at any leather bag you own you will see the edges of the leather (especially handles and straps) are painted. Because they have not been sitting in a warehouse for days to air out the smell is pretty strong. It will air out. This process happens to every bag. You guys just got you’re “hot off the press”. Enjoy them and glad you all now have the truth of the matter.

    • Thank you, Brandon! It saddens me to read that you received unsavory remarks – especially if they came from anyone within these sub box communities. There are many that truly value your work – and hopefully those voices outweigh the negative ones (as hurtful as they were).

    • Hi Brandon, I think is is SUCH an awesome thing you did to offer those bags to your friends and family–everyone who knows, loves, and supports you! What a treat for them, that you would generously sell it to them below cost. I would do the same thing you did and make it a fun, special “Thank you” for everyone who had been there with me through thick and thin! I bet they are LOVING those bags!! 🙂 I’m so unbelievably sad to hear of any online abuse and slander you’ve received. I’m with Mish–I hope the voices you listen to are the ones of those who love and value what you’re doing. I’ve never been able to try one of your bags before (when this limited edition box came out, I didn’t have the funds–I need to start a special savings account for this stuff! Ha!) but next time I see your name come up in a spoiler, it will be my priority to snap it up! Looking forward to that, and I appreciate you taking the time to come share your heart! Be blessed! ~Sarah

    • Brandon,
      I apologize (retrieving purse from spare room–leaving straps for a bit). After reading the circumstances I took another look at the quality (the size for me is great). I was hurt that my last spluge was on a box of mostly over-priced items.
      I feel Like Luxor failed you. A note describing just what you just wrote would have been worth more than just a random price.
      Thank you for taking the time to write!

    • I hope this doesn’t turn you away from future collaborations with Luxor Box or any other sub box for that matter.

    • Brandon,
      I did not get this box but I have the black pouch. I am in New Zealand right now visiting family and it has served as an amazing little purse. Everytime I pull it out at a shop or an airport, people stare. I passed on this box and then BEGGED Luxor for a spare when I found out you were in it. You are amazing, kid! Thank you!

    • I’ve had a search on ebay for the original black pouch for months and unfortunately the asking price has always been too high. You make gorgeous pieces. Hope you collab with Luxor Box again (I’m in desperate need of a small wallet!).

    • Thank you for taking the time to write to us Brandon. I think the wallet/clutch is beautiful. It did have a smell a little strong when i opened the package but it is dissipating. It’s beautiful work and I was thrilled to receive it. For a moment when I heard you were selling for $80, I was sad but then (1st learn and then form opinions) I took a moment to read more and it said to close family/friends. I am a business owner and I give steep discounts (very steep, sometimes free) for my friends and family and that’s an owners prerogative. It was on your personal site, not your business site. While I want to say you do not have to justify yourself, I did appreciate your note. I have one of your larger pieces, am probably your demographic as many of the fabulous ladies here are, while we can purchase your pieces, We also love receiving your pieces in Luxor. Such a Treat and it is how we found out about you! It is saddening to believe the hate mail you are receiving. I get it too as I am a woman owned business, but it is so sad to see and not needed. Those hating on you are not worth your time and energy. Please keep designing (and partnering with Luxor!) as your work is stunning and we LOVE receiving it. It really is a versatile piece. For slim and average sized gals, it is perfect for a clutch, if you are more robust and curvy beautiful, a perfect wallet. Thank you for making something everyone can enjoy. Also every lady should have something fun in RED. 🙂

  5. I don’t know. This was my very first Luxor box & I’m not sure what to think. Do I like the box? Yes, very much so! I just cringe that I paid $200 for it, that’s all.

    At 5’10” & plus size, that’s not a purse. It’s a over-sized wallet. LOL I think I’ll use it in my Kate Spade tote I purchased just for chemo. The necklace is very pretty. I ate the chocolates for breakfast (the things you do when you find out you have Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer that’s in 5-6 of your lymph nodes LOL) & they were DIVINE! The book is adorable (threw into my chemo tote right away). The win stopper is very cute & I will find another use for the “wine plate,” but I find that combo to be quite inflated too. $54 really??? Oh well. I still have quite a few more subscription boxes to look forward to so it wasn’t a huge disappointment – just a cringe over spending $200 on it, that’s all.

    • Oh I am so sorry to hear that Tracy! Triple neg is no fun. Fellow breast cancer survivor here – kind of teaches you to make the most of every moment. Hope you are doing well and treatment is not kicking your butt too much.

    • Still cringing here as well, and as a tall lady, the bag really is a bigger wallet.

  6. I just opened my box and I will agree with those who say that the purse has a distinct “chemical” smell. It’s airing out now, so we’ll see. The quality is definitely there, but it’s just a tad stiff. I’m sure it will loosen up with wear. I may poke a few holes in strap to make it smaller and wear it as a belt bag. It actually looks super cute when worn that way around the waist. I will say that around Christmas I bought the fish coin purse from Brandon Blackwood (because come on, it’s ridiculous) and the quality on that is impeccable.

    My wine stopper came loose in the box during shipping and the heart on top is BEAT. UP. I wasn’t going to gift it, so it’s no biggie, but I am still a bit bummed.

    I picked the gold necklace and it’s really pretty. I guess for the price though, I expected it to be solid (or at least a matching a front and back if that makes sense) and not have a hollow/cut out back.

    I knew by dropping $200 on a mystery box, there would be a risk. But overall, I really enjoyed the box and will definitely purchase future mystery boxes from Luxor. Their normal boxes, not to mention their superb customer service, knock it out of the park every time (for me anyways). It’s been a fun way to be introduced to new things that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.

  7. I am pleased with this box. I don’t have a red bag and think it will be super cute for going to A Valentine’s Day tea with my two little girls. I don’t normally wear heart jewelry but really love this designer so I will absolutely be keeping the necklace! I usually have something that will go up for swap–but not sure if anything from this box will go up this time. The bag being available somewhere for $80 does give me pause. I hope that Luxor sees our comments here and reaches out to subscribers. The customer service is actually phenomenal — maybe they will make it up to use with something extra.

    • I agree. It really makes me sad to have seen it on instagram on blkwd for $80. It makes me lose a little faith. My wine stopper was in place, yet still really beat up too. I also expected the heart to have the same shape on the back, and not be hallowed out for the price they were showing, maybe have a little weight to it which it was lacking. Not thrilled with this box. Not sad either. Hopefully it will grow on me as I think had the above mentioned been taken care of, I’d have been thrilled. And yes, the red bag had a stomg chemical smell to it. Like propane.

      • it wasn’t sold for $80. He posted on another thread and someone posted his letter. He’s received bullish notes – this is kind of out of control. He’s got great products. The price is in line w/ his collection.

  8. The bag is really nice. The necklace is really nice. The book is super cute. The wine items are useful (maybe a little “meh” but it’s a great thought). The chocolates look delicious and very luxe.

  9. hm. so the designer (on his personal ig account ‘blkwd’ ) offered the bag for $80 a few weeks ago. for a sense of inflation….

    • Wow! I just saw that too. He definitely was selling the same bag for $80. Starting to feel better about skipping this one…

    • Wow – crazy…

    • Are you sure this is an official account? I actually emailed the company and they said they’d never heard of any such promotion.

      • I checked the ig act and bb is posing with the red clutch.

        • his instagram according to the official site is brandonblackwoodnyc in case that helps anyone.

          • So, amazingly, in the last 10 minutes the blkwd account has been moved to private. I literally was looking at it 10 minutes ago, then checked it just now and it’s private. Wonder if that’s b/c I’d emailed them about it? It just seems suuuper ironic that 10 minutes after I sent the email asking about it, the account went to private!

          • Oh my gosh, forgot to put the “h” at the end of my name on my last comment. 😉

      • I also noticed the account became private suddenly. I’m hoping Luxor reaches out to us to address this. Otherwise if they allow this inflated price to pass, I think I will be switching to a new subscription.

    • Are you serious? Can we return this box? Feeling super ripped off right now

    • Okay, here’s the response I got from customer service:


      That was not a brand promotion. That was the designer offering it exclusively to his friends and family due to having excess pieces made in collaboration with Luxor Box. That was not intended for public sales and none had been sold to anyone outside of his immediate family/friends.

      There was no money being gained from that offer to his friends or family because it was intended to be just for them.

      The events that are taking place now somehow seem to be around this personal offer to his friends/family.

      Sorry but those bags are only for sale through Luxor box. If you do indeed know designer personally then feel free to contact him.


      Brandon Blackwood Team

      So, it was his personal account (which is now private). Interesting! Still puts a damper on the price inflation thing for those who paid so much. I couldn’t swing the box expense, but I hope everyone who got it likes it!

      • That makes perfect sense.

        • I agree!

      • Actually now I find it a little annoying where I didn’t before. If you’re offering it to your friends and family why would you sell it that way and only make your account private once the price was “found” out – very fishy.

        Overall the box curation was nice. But between the smell (and price) of the bag and banged up wine stopper, I will probably not purchase mystery or best of boxes from them.

        • because he’s just a person (not a gigantic company with huge reach) and he needs to recoup the costs on the extras he had to order due to factory minimums. Might as well support his close friends & family – who in turn have been supporting him.

          • Agreed 100%.

          • I agree. I would do the same thing.

            Now all I have to do is make friends with someone who designs luxury handbags…

  10. Nice box but I will never use the purse or wine set. Willing to sell the purse. Likely will swap or gift the wine set

  11. I will definitely be trying to swap for that bag. It’s perfect for me. That being said, I’m glad I held off on ordering this box because that’s all I would probably use. Well, I’d eat the chocolates too of course. That is if they were ok by the time they got to me here in hot FL. Hmm, now I want some chocolate… It’s not even 8 AM yet.

  12. I’m curious regarding this and other boxes sending out chocolate at this time of the year – October. I live in a hot climate, in the 80s today, and I always worry about sub boxes that could have chocolate because that would be a disaster. Do they do anything special for those that live in the hot states? Like ship with dry ice?

    • They ship it 2 day air.

    • Think of those who receive everything frozen!

    • I don’t get Luxor, but I get other lifestyle boxes. In this desert climate I’m just resigned to any chocolate having a 50% chance of arriving as a puddle. The puddles are usually quite tasty though!

  13. I decided that mine is going back, and I’ve notified them to expect it shortly.

    • Do they accept returns? Am thinking about returning mine if possible.

      • No, they don’t accept returns.

      • Guessing someone will buy it off you if you want to go that route. Seems like quite a few people looking. Or eBay

        • In that case, I would sell or swap the purse and probably keep the rest.


    • Based on what? Frankly I do t think you have a leg to stand on here.

  14. Mixed feelings about this box…..

    * Purse is gorgeous color – definitely large enough to hold my cell phone plus lipstick, etc for an evening out. Does it “smell” of chemicals – yes…. But, I’m assuming that with this being a special only for Luxor that there was a rush to get this out – and that the smell will dissipate shortly.

    * Necklace – pretty… but very lightweight – hard to see the value as being very realistic for this piece:(

    * Chocolates are nice, very rich chocolate….

    * Book is “cocktail table” material – my daughter has already taken home with her.

    * Wine stopper / coaster – just “meh”. This feels like a cheap gift that you’d give with little thought (although my daughter did like the heart wine stopper – she is 20 years old for reference) …. and something you could find at a discount shop.

    All told…. Not really sure that there is $200 of total value in this box. The RV are definitely inflated. Was really surprised that there weren’t a couple more items included – the over inflated prices for purse and necklace really skewed the supposed value. Not disappointed – but not thrilled either.

  15. The bag probably just has to air out, I for one love this box, wish I ordered it!

  16. This seems like a very well curated box – especially for Valentine’s Day, but not for me. The $200 price tag gave me second thoughts and I’m glad it did. The necklace is not my taste at all, the bag is seriously gorgeous but way too small to actually use, and the wine set would be wasted on me. The $10 book looks nice and chocolate is always welcome, but that’s it for me.

    My observation that the regular sub boxes are better, at least for me, than the LE boxes continues.

    I hope I didn’t just jinx the March box, though!! Now where’s that March spoiler??? I’m dyyyyyyyying for one!!!

    • I agree! This is pretty box but I much prefer their regular boxes. I got the most requested and the holiday box and paid $35 and $55 dollars more than I, pay for the regular box and still like the regular boxes more. I even loved the first regular box and have swapped for additional msc products and rock. The painted earth eye cream from two boxes ago is wonderful and really makes the eye wrinkles disappear. Looking forward to my March box!

  17. My purse smells awful! It also looks and feels cheap. So disappointed.

  18. Oops, seems like a total miss for me… Bag’s way too small, I don’t think I can squeeze my phablet in, and I can’t imagine me carrying a bright red bag. Wine plate and stopper are useless to me. Oh well, I’ll wait until I actually receive the box and see it myself then decide if I wanna sell/swap the entire box.

  19. I would be interested in buying the purse if someone wants to part with theirs. Please email me with desired price. maya [dot] thevenot [at] gmail. thanks!

    • Hi Maya! I’m interested – will email you privately! Thanks! ?

  20. Got mine, and it’s AWFUL!

    The bag has a horrible smell, like burning chemicals, and the bottle stopper came loose and banged against the wine coaster. The necklace is the worst of the bunch. Given the retail price, and the low cost of silver, you’d think this would be a solid piece, but it’s cut it on the back and badly cast. Very lightweight. I’m tempted to send it back because of the stench, damage and deceptive values.

    • Meant “cut out” with the necklace description.

  21. Seems like an excellent curation for Vday. That said, I’m happy not to be getting this one. The bag and necklace are not my style at all, regardless of their RV.

  22. I’m in love with that purse. I Don’t think I’ll have a chance to swap for it though, retail is crazy! If anyone is looking to swap it though, let me know!!!

  23. Great theme and great execution! I didn’t get this box but the value is solid.

  24. Does anybody pay full price for the items in that box? I agree that it is very well curated and would be totally delighted to receive one as a gift, but the RV of the items seem so inflated to me, maybe because I can’t imagine paying over $300 for a tiny purse, no matter whose name is on it.

    • I so agree. And the purse and the necklace make up over $600 of the $700 retail value of the box!

    • No kidding! And I am the type who has a “collection” of Dooney & Burke Handbags!
      Mine has just came in the mail, and this is a major disappointment.
      Bag is cute, but don’t know who is paying $300+ for this crossbody bag! I don’t think it will hold my Galaxy Note 4….

  25. I am thinking of adding Luxor to my subs, it seems they do a nice job. Time to review other boxes and decide!

  26. I don’t sub to Luxor, but they did an amazing job with this one. Very well curated. A purse, chocolate & jewelry.. What more can one ask for on Vday? 🙂

  27. I didn’t get this box but think it’s cute. I hope everyone who did order enjoys it!

  28. What a “LOVEly” box! Such a wonderful treat! Luxor really does deliver! Can’t wait to get my hands all the special items!

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