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Allure Beauty Box March 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have full spoilers for the March 2016 Allure Beauty Box!

The box will include over $50 of items:


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse by dp HUE (1 oz)

NS Anti-Frizz Sheets

Julep Konjac Sponge

Cargo (Blush or Eyeshadow?)

Make Up For Ever item

Macadamia Ultra Rich Moisture Cleansing Conditioner (2 oz)

What do you think of the March 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers? This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box! (UPDATE: The last day to sign up for the March box is 2/24).

Check out our reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the big quarterly box

  2. I just got an e-mail (March 9th) about another box being sent–does anyone know the reason or what’s in it???

    • I have gotten those emails too, but I never actually get the extra box. Anyone else?

  3. I was pleasantly surprised with Bonus box yesterday!!! Love it, really nice to extra box just because! πŸ™‚ Thanks I am fairly new to subscription boxes, I must say ALLURE is one of the BEST!!!

  4. I received my Allure bonus box yesterday and was SO surprised when I didn’t just get 1 or 2 items but 5 !!! I loved every color and item. Thank you Allure! The best and my favorite beauty box! ?

  5. I just got my BONUS BOX. and everything is in there from the picture. Yayyyyyyy I’m so happy. ????Thank you Allure and Liz for keeping us updated daily. ❀️

    • Just got my bonus box today…..was not expecting it! Couldn’t believe all the great stuff in it….really love the SK-II products.

  6. I love love love the Macadamia Professional brand! So happy to be receiving the conditioner. What a terrific line of hair care products!

  7. Nevermind! It was a bonus box! Everyone should get one this week!

  8. I just got my March beauty box and not a single thing in it was what was listed in the spoilers for March! It was almost all cover girl, a couple SKII and a Wella product.

    • That is a bonus box and a freebie box for February.

  9. I was charged 10.00 right away by Conde Nast and the the next day 10.83 by Allure. Both charges went through.
    This was my first box and I’m very irritated. After I get the box I’m going to cancel

    • The same thing just happened to m but the $10 goes right back in your account in like a week it’s just to vary your billing info

    • This happened to me too! I called allure and they didn’t really understand and weren’t able to help me. Eventually they did automatically release the original 10 dollar charge and actually only charged the 10.83. But definitely a word of warning to whoever signs up with the 5 dollar off promotion. It initially charges you 10 and then 10.83 and then later releases the original 10 dollar charge. Weird.

  10. Ok, I’m not getting charged twice luckily lol. But, I did get a link for tracking after I had already received February’s box. .. did anyone receive an actual bonus box yet? ? I’m hoping, I love Allure and I have received bonus items before. ..fingers crossed …

  11. UPDATE on my issue after calling the customer service. Apparently. when I re-subbed to Feb. box, they said I clicked shipping address to both my work and home address… So, I got charged twice and two boxes were shipped to two different address. If you are ordering anything shipped home, you don’t necessary add your alternate shipping address such as work, so why do they have my work address? My first box which was Jan. box was shipped home. They said that I have to send one box to get the refund which I will think over to keep two or not. I agree with others that their beauty box website is not easy to navigate. I just checked the personal information part of the account and it looks like there is only one shipping address to enter or “change”. It is very strange… They don’t have a stand-alone website, so you have either go from allure’s main website or use Liz’s link. Then, under “Manager your membership” section, I don’t see any past orders. I think Conde Nast owns Allure and bunch of others. When I first signed up, I got an email from Conde Nast saying “welcome to Allure beauty box”…

  12. Add me to the list of people who got charged twice, once by Modern Bride Connections and the other by Allure. Has anyone confirmed that they return the second charge? This is my first dealing with Allure and already I’m starting to regret it. I really hope they honor the $10 off deal. If not I guess it’s an automatic cancel.

    • Rachel, I contacted cs today about that’s “pending” charge. She assured me it will be dropped by Monday. So, we’ll see.

      • Thanks very much for responding Bonbon and Veronica! I definitely feel safer knowing others have had positive CS experiences with Allure!!

    • Same thing happened to me. The charge will not go through. Allure has great customer service and the only charge that will be made is the $10.00

      • Not going to bother to contact CS, but this happened to me too. I wonder why everyone is getting different names for the temporary authorization company? Mine is the “Conde Nast” one.

    • Same that no happens to me in January,and I didn’t even receive a January box. They sent me a February box but didn’t refund the other $15 they charged me.

      • Same thing happened to me*. Autocorrect (;

    • The charge from Modern Bride did not pass the pending stage. I thought it was strange but the allure charge was like $9 higher than the modern bride so I didn’t put them together at first.

  13. The Allure website is so wonky. I ordered on 2/17 and the header on the page at the time suggested that I’d be getting the April box. Now I return to the site and the header says they’ll start shipping March boxes on 02/26. I look at my orders and it shows a ship date of 2/17, but no tracking. I’m interested to see if my first box will be February, March, or April. This has always been one of my favorite boxes because of curation but they’re kind of a mess when it comes to the website, billing, address changes, and managing email lists.

    • I subscribed on 2/15 and my account shows a ship date of 2/15. I contacted cs and they said that’s wrong and my first box will be shipped around the 1st.
      And they still have that pending $10 charge on my card. The lady told me it will most likely stay pending till Monday then be dropped. The $10.83 they charged me for my first box went thru quickly. I would’ve thought that pending charge would be dropped. My pending charge shows up as “Conde Nast”. I think this is weird. I don’t recall birchbox or iPsy applying any pending charges on top of the charge for the actual monthly bag/box.
      They seem like a popular and reputable subscription beauty box so I didn’t hesitate subscribing.

      • They did the same thing with me!!! Except my pending $10 charge says its from modern bride connections! And the other charge they have is under Allure Beauty Box! This is very odd, they better not try and double charge me and then say its not them it’s another company bc I know for a fact both are from them bc I haven’t used that card for anything else in a long time!

        • Is it possible you also signed up for a magazine subscription? I know that I sometimes get pop ups for it or when I enter the monthly giveaways there’s a question about signing up for a magazine. Conde Nest does own a magazine called Modern Bride Connections but it’s a regional magazine so I’m not sure if a pop up pops up (lol) if your address is in a certain area.

          • I definitely didn’t sign up for anything bridal, and I know that this transaction came from the Allure sub because the two charges are at the same timestamp. I’m so upset about this that I tried to reach out to Allure twice today. The email wasn’t replied to and the CSA I live chatted with was unbelievably rude. She claims that Modern Bride Connections is totally unrelated to Allure or Conde Nast and that no other customers have mentioned this issue. I directed her to this post so she could see that several folks have experienced this problem, and she just got ruder. I never got any kind of answer other than to call this Modern Bride Connections. Great idea, except for the fact that it doesn’t currently exist, according to Google!! I feel totally swindled.

          • Oh my gosh, so sorry they’re giving you such a hard time. I also emailed CS in addition to the live chat. I received an email back today suggesting that it’s a problem with my bank not them! The lady I chatted with was nice. Wasn’t happy with the reply to my email. My charge is still pending. It’s been since the 15th. I will call my bank Monday if it’s still not resolved. That pending charge is holding my funds. Such a pain. Really disappointed by allure.

        • Lawden, that is EXACTLY what they tried to do with me today. I really hope the other girls here are correct in that they will eventually refund the second charge…but it’s been 2 business days with no movement. Their CS says it’s nothing to do with them.

          • That is crazy! It is them! They haven’t even bothered responding to me! I hope that charge goes away ( for all of us!) I don’t know how I could fight it seeing as how that was my debit card and not a credit card and if they try and lie and say it’s not them I guess I’ll just be out of luck?

          • I can’t believe they are trying to say it’s not them and no other customers have had an issue! You and I have the exact same issue with the whole modern bride connection charge! They won’t even reply to me! Keep me posted on your issue! Hopefully we can figure this out without getting swindled!

          • Update on my situation: a big fat nothing. No one has responded to my email (3 days later…) and the second $10 charge is still there (5 days later). I assumed it would’ve been worked out by now, but nothing. Any different results for you, Lawden?

          • Hi Rachel. That “pending” $10 charge was finally dropped after 5 days. It’s irritating that they do it. It’s to verify your credit card but then they charge you for the box at the same time.

          • Racheal, no I’m in the same boat. The extra charge is still there and I can’t get a reply back from them telling me what is going on! I like you, thought it would be gone by Monday but nope!

  14. I liked the products, so I am staying subscribed until I sort out my current situation; 2 Feb box being shipped by accident (one too my home and one to my office…) then another shipping notification, which I hope is the bonus items.

    I thought we usually get spoilers much later and the cut-off date was later. It seems like Allure is moving the dates up?

  15. I was about to ask whether anyone planned to swap the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse – perfect for product build-up – then I saw the Macadamia cleansing conditioner and signed up.
    I just hope I do get the March box. Nowhere on my order confirmation does it say.

  16. Yay Allure! So glad I reactivated last month. After trying other subs, think this is the one I will stick with for a while.

  17. I just received a shipping confirmation for my box but it usually ships in March. I really think it’s the bonus box. ???. I haven’t been charged yet for March and I already received my February box. And Tuesday I received an e-mail to be on the look out for a bonus box. I’m so excited!

    • The exact same thing happened to me. Fingers crossed for the bonus box…

  18. I recently started coloring my waist-length hair Galaxy-style so I’m always looking for new products to take care of it without fading it too badly. There seem to be a couple of new products here that seem to be exciting to try for that, so I’m looking forward to this box!

    • I had to look up “Galaxy-style” (I’m old!) and WOW. When it is done right it is really amazing. With waist length hair you must turn heads everywhere you go!

      I could never pull that off….not even when I was much younger (and that was in the 80s when I could have probably gotten away with it!).

      How fun!

      • I’m 57, and i gotta say I’m happier with my hair than I ever have been in my whole life!

        • Love it!!

        • I love seeing older people with “alternative” dyed hair; such an inspiration to me since so many people try to tell me “you’ll be too old for that!” (i.e. someone who can’t wait until their hair is 100% white so I can dye it lilac without bleach lol).

  19. This will be the second month in a row that the box has items that I find useful, but that I’m not really *excited* about. Except for the Macadamia cleansing conditioner – I am excited about that.

    • That’s how I feel too. Kinda “meh” on the contents but I know I’ll use them and maybe find something I really like.

      Hoping that Cargo is a blush….I got one (in a color similar to the one all broken up next to the box in the picture) and I really liked it. I’m almost out so go timing if it is.

      I really don’t get the konjac sponge thing though. I bought one (albeit a cheap one) and didn’t find it to be that exciting. Maybe I did something wrong with it.

    • I love the Allure boxes… such a good mix of different types of products i.e. hair, makeup, skincare etc. plus love that we get “extras” we get it’s a win-win for me. I dropped Ipsy and Birchbox for this and don’t regret it. I’ve loved every product I’ve received and they have all been things I would use where the others were to hit and miss for me.

  20. If I sign up today, will I receive this box?

    • You have until March 8th to sign up although I noticed someone say they signed up on the 8th but missed it because there was delay so you might want to do it sooner than later πŸ™‚

    • Yes, just confirmed: The last day to sign up for the March box is 2/24.

      • Thanks so much for the info! Looking forward to receiving this box! πŸ™‚

  21. Love this month too! I’ve been wanting to try the Konjac sponge for awhile and everything else looks good too. Last few months of Allure have been hitting it out of the park for me πŸ™‚

  22. I am kind of tempted to sign up for this one again.

  23. I just got a message today that my Allure Beauty Box has shipped. I already received my February box over a week ago. Are they shipping the March box early? That would be kind of awesome, but a little weird, too.

    • Lol…

    • I think they are just not the best at managing email lists…

    • I got an email and my subscription is on hold. Perhaps this is the bonus box.

      • OMG! I would be so excited to get the bonus box!!!! Especially if it had the SK-II. I’ve been dying to try that brand even though I’d have to sell my husband to afford it.

    • I got the email too. I’m hoping it’s the free bonus products!

    • Me too. Good to hear about your email. I was afraid they charged my credit card twice.

    • I had the same thing happen… an email today (actually received my Feb. box on the 3rd, tho), and this is 2 months in a row that has happened. Last month did not receive another box….I think they just accidently sent that email!

    • I’m pretty sure it’s for the bonus box. Mine should be here tomorrow so I’ll let you all know πŸ™‚

  24. I would guess it was a blush just because that is what it looks like on the side of the box πŸ˜‰

  25. Of all the beauty boxes that hit my doorstep Allure is my favorite. Their curation is so well mixed each time and march looks like a big win for me again, I’m a huge fan!

  26. can anyone tell me when they take the money out each month???? on a budget and just trying to see if i can get this been watching the reviews and love this so far!!!

    • I believe the 28th.

      • thank you!!!!

    • Hi, I signed up for this box a few days ago. They took $10 out of my account as soon as I signed up, but it is a ‘pending’charge. Then yesterday I was charged $10.83. The box plus tax. I believe the pending charge will just be cancelled eventually. Just wanted to let you know for me they took $20.83 all together pretty quickly.

      • They did that with me too!!! Although the first $10 charge without tax says Modern Bride Connections and the second is for $10.93 ( w/The tax) says it’s from Allure Beauty Box. That is so wierd… Not cool.

  27. Done. I love the Konjac sponges, I’m thinking the Cargo might be blush instead of eyeshadow since they sampled the shadow a few months back, and I love the blush, I love the Macadamia products and have wanted to try this one, I have frizzy hair so the NS sheets will be great for my travel bag, I’ve been wanting to try a vinegar rinse, and I’ve never tried anything from Makeup Forever. This looks like a perfect box for me!

  28. I signed up for this subscription a couple days ago. Do you know if the March box will be my first one? I don’t know their billing and shipping schedule.

    • Yep, if it was in the last few days, the March box should be your first box!:)

      • The top of the website shows a shipping date for the April box, so I was wondering if the March box was still available?

        • It always does that. I believe March box is still available.

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