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Past GlossyBoxes on Sale for $15 Each!

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Thanks, Tanya for letting us know that GlossyBox is having a sale on all past boxes! Each box is $15, and you can pick out the box variation you want.

Are you going to grab any boxes?

Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I received my orders earlier this week. I ordered “Maquiallge” version of Vive la France box and my Sabe Masson soft perfume was Parisian Rhapsody. The one pictured on their website was a different scent. I expected that because the scent was not mentioned on the product lists. So, if you ordered the French box, you might get a different scent from what’s pictured – just a heads up. It is a bit too powdery/sweet for me, but I actually like the scent a lot as soft perfume is not so strong in general. It comes in a nice packaging (in the box) so it is gift-able.

    • I received a different solid perfume as well… I read up on the one pictured that I thought I would be getting and I liked the description of the scent and thought I would like it.. I do not like the one I ended up getting. and I only ordered the one I did because further down in these comments Gabrielle from Glossybox said “exactly what is pictured will be in the box” so i’m disappointed for sure!

      • Ashley, which box did you order and which scent did you receive? I read Gabrielle’s comment, but still doubted that we get the pictured scent, so I chose the box with other items that I will use. I ordered two France box, so wanted to avoid products overlap (besides the lipsticks and nail polishes…) I didn’t think I liked my scent, but after top and middles notes dried down, I thought it was wearable for me. Maybe worth the try or order another box since it is only $15 and take a chance.

      • Hello Ashley,

        My apologies for any confusion! If you refer to my comment on CMB’s post on January 28, you can see that I mention if the specific color/scent is not stated, it will vary. I can see how this could be confusing, as we do have some boxes that state a color/scent. However, due to multiple versions of our boxes, colors/scents may vary at times.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hey Ashley! I had a few mix-ups with glossybox before … but when I write in they will send an exact replacement of the item i requested ( if it is available). If they don’t have it, they always offer alternatives (which is a huge list of other items in their inventory). While I was disappointed, i like that they try and make it up by offering me something. Stuff happens, but I do think they try to help their subscribers as much as they can. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest emailing them.

        • hey, thanks, yeah i did email them last week and they sent me a list of alternatives and i picked out another perfume and it came today and oh my gosh i love it! really pleased with their CS ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m so annoyed that they changed the box descriptions after people had already purchased them. I want the box I ordered with the specific colors it said it came with. I wouldn’t have ordered it otherwise. It puts a bad taste in my mouth for the company as a whole in the future.

    • I completely agree. Shady business practice. I feel like this was a complete bait and switch. I have no need to ever deal with glossybox again.

      • GB has very shady business practices. Aside from obtaining my new bank info without my consent, they tried to charge me even after I canceled with them. I also blocked them from my bank and my bank told me they tried using multiple names to get the charge to go through. VERY SHADY INDEED.

        • Hmm that sounds so strange. I’ve been a subscriber of GB for a long time and I never had this kind of issue. But, hey, you never know nowadays.

          What most likely happened is that you cancelled after their deadline, which is the middle of the month, so the system automatically tries to charge you over and over until the charge goes through. Kind of annoying, but it is what it is i guess. Happened to me when I got a new credit card and I didn’t update yet. I got like 5 emails! But since I love my box, I made sure to update.

          Not sure how they could possibly get your new payment method unless you provided it to them, as that is confidential information, and must be entered into their website manually. Unless you added it to their system, there is no way they would be able to obtain it. I doubt they have hackers trying to steal your information, selling a beauty box isn’t worth all that legal trouble haha just kidding.

          Glossybox does have two names (Beauty Trend USA, which is the legal name on the terms and conditions and GLOSSYBOX is the dba or Doing business as), which they state in their terms. I wouldn’t worry about that, because as a small business owner myself, this is perfectly normal and legal.

          Sorry for the ramble, but I just thought I couldn’t help but try and explain, as like i said before, being a business owner, sometimes customers don’t realize a company can have two names.

          I am sorry you had a bad experience, but hopefully, you were able to resolve it.

  3. It says that the December box is included now and that’s a big one but next to the box it says become a subscriber. Gabrielle do you know if the December box the big one if you purchase that will that make you a subscriber? I know there are 3 other red boxes added and they are like regular boxes but this one has several products in it. I also wanted to say thank you to customer service they contacted me and are sending me some coffee and a blush because if my prior issue so thank you very much! It makes me want to possibly become a subscriber I just have to look at my other subscriptions and make some choices. I can’t have them all! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hi Karen,

      Apologies for the confusion in the wording with the Order Button text displaying as “Become a Subscriber.” Rest assured, that the past box is a one-time charge of $15 and will not create a new plan.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  4. I bought the wink box, and I received the incorrect box.

    I am so unhappy with the box I received. I guess glossybox does not want subscribers.

    • Me too! I ordered this one specifically for the black dahlia lip tar. Not only is the winx box now sold out, but they changed the description to “colors will vary.” I will never subscribe to Glossybox that’s for sure.

      • I called them. They can not make it right, but you should at least try!

        • Hey Amy,

          I am sorry to hear of your recent experience. While we do state that the colors vary, I understand your disappointment and certainly would like to work with you and see what we here at the GLOSSYBOX office can do. Please contact our Customer Care team at [email protected] for further assistance.

          Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

          • Gabrielle,
            When I ordered the wink box, the lip tar and nail polish were named, after we ordered the discriptions were changed to colors may vary. I called and emailed glossy box. They offered to help, but then did not follow through. The customer service rep told me that orange lipstick and hot pink nails would look good. Let me be the first to tell you that they do NOT look good.

            What do you suggest I should do? This feels like a bait and switch. Shady business at the best.

          • Hi Amy,

            If you can please write into our Customer Care team At [email protected] and put My Subscription Addiction in the subject line, so I will be able to personally assist you.

            Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

    • The same thing happened to me! I emailed customer service because I was really looking forward to receiving the Wink version of the box and I got the Kiss version ughhh. I just subscribed and I think I’m cancelling my subscription after all these bad comments about their business practices.

    • Hey Amy! The same thing happened to me with the wink box … I had a few hiccups with glossybox before, but they will always send me a replacement of the item i requested (if available). If they don’t have it, they can give you a list of alternative items/boxes, which honestly, has some good stuff on there lol. I know it is disappointing when companies make mistakes, but I like that they try and make it up to me by offering something. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest emailing or calling them.

  5. They have new GlossyBoxes up for $15 ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just received my “State of Mind” box which I absolutely love!!! Only kicking myself for not getting more boxes lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hey there Maribel,

      We here at the GLOSSYBOX office are thrilled to here you love your GLOSSYBOX!

      Everyone needs a great hair mask and you can’t go wrong with Kocostar hair therapy! After shampooing, slightly towel dry your hair. Wear the hair cap and put all hair inside. Fasten the hair cap with the sticker and massage gently to absorb the mask into your hair. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  7. I’m having trouble with CS I now seem to have a subscription according to them and they didn’t get t he clear email t hat I sent stating they sent me 2 of the same 15 boxes when I ordered 2 different ones. Gabrielle is there any way you can help?



    • Hi Karen,

      My apologies for the trouble. I have informed our Customer Care team about your concerns and they will be emailing you regarding this shortly.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Thank you Gabrielle,

        I am so happy to finally be able to try Glossy Box and thankful that this offer was made available. I hope everything can get straightened out. Thank you for your assistance!


  8. I just got an email saying there was a glitch, and i am not going to receive the shades of autumn box. They offered me another box, but i do not think its as good. I could choose a refund, but i bought the box for someone as a gift, and i already told them about everything in the box. They also gave me extra glossydots for the inconvenience, which was nice, but it would have been really amazing if they had offered the gift with purchase, the sabe purfume as an extra for the inconvenience !

    • This happened to me too! Except I bought it for myself and I was really looking forward to it. The box that they offered was very disappointing compared to the Shades of Autumn box.

  9. I’m excited and concerned at the same time! I ordered 2 different ones and they’re almost here but it looks like they are sending me the same ones. I emailed CS right away but never got a response…. I hope my order is right. I really wanted to try each box.

    Karen H

    • Hey there Karen,

      I see one of our Customer Care representatives is further assisting you with this concern.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  10. Wow, I received two of the boxes today and they are super nice!!! I received the Sunny State of Mind and Shades of Autumn. This was my first ever Glossybox purchase and the packaging was fantastic! Thanks for posting this….I wish I had ordered more of both before they sold out.

    • Wow, you got your boxes already??…mine is still in the “pack” status. Maybe I need to contact cs.

      Anyone else get theirs already?

      • Hey BonBon,

        We are shipping out the boxes as fast as we can! Once your box has shipped, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with tracking information so you can track your boxes arrival.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

        • Thanks gabrielle. I actually got an email notification shortly after that post that mine shipped today!

        • Thank you for fabulous customer service! Received item in state of mind box with damaged packaging, which rendered the cream unusable.. I emailed and sent pic, and got a super fast response to pick a replacement item of my choice due to the damaged item no longer available! Thank you Glossybox!!!

  11. I am relatively new to sub boxes and never tried Glossybox, so I snagged up four. These are great deals and I can’t wait to get them.

    Thanks Glossybox and MSA!

    • Woo hoo! This should be a great way to start with subscription boxes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I should mention their superb-really-customer service. For what ever reason, their web site wouldn’t take my credit card info. So. I called them. Spoke to a delightful human named Cristianne. With wit and aplomb, she righted my situation. I recently desubbed Beautyfix because out of date product issues-many of you noted that the primer was ranced, but did you note that the hand mask was also out of date? I will subscribe to GB on the basis of customer service alone.

      • Hey there Tat,

        I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your blog post. We here at GLOSSYBOX are so pleased that you took the time to review our service.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  12. My box just shipped! I thought I was done for the month, was just congratulating myself for NOT buying anymore until Glossy Box came out with these great boxes!!!

    Well done, Glossy Box, well done.

  13. Oh my, I hope they sell out quickly…. I’ve already ordered 5 and am having a mental battle not to order 3 more!! Now to clean out a closet or “hiding spot”!!! Lol On the bright side, at least I’ll have lots of cute boxes to pack my belongings in…

  14. Ugh! I’m happy I got “State of Mind” and “Maquillage” before they sold out but…I also wanted “Long Lashes” and now it is gone. I’m officially addicted to shopping :p

    Anyone know if they will *possibly* have a restock?

    • Hello Joanna,

      The past box sale is available while supplies last. So happy to hear you were able to grab some of our great past boxes!

      I love Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Age-Defying Eye Serum! I suggest gently applying a small amount with fingertips under and around the eye area morning and evening, avoiding lashes.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  15. January was my first glossybox (and first subscription box ever period), needless to say I subscribed to 3 other beauty boxes within days following to compare which I would stick with and hands down Glossybox has one its way to my heart and made me feel pampered even on a budget. I’ve tried convincing my sisters and mother how fabulous it is but as tight spenders none have caved to allow a small gift for themselves monthly. I just purchased them all a $15 box (a great price for a fabulous gift) and am convinced after they fall in love with the packaging and most importantly the luxurious product they will soon see what a well deserved treat it is to recieve once a month. At $15 I should go purchase a couple more for my daughter’s dance instructors, teachers etc. for a pampered end of the school year gift. Thanks Glossybox!

  16. I’m so upset, I placed an order for the state of mind box and it got stuck with a message that it was processing the order to please wait. I waited and waited, so I decided to try it again but they’re now sold out.

  17. Just when I think I’m out, they suck me back in!! So basically, if they state the color on the description, that’s the color you get. But if they don’t (I’m talking SpaRitual nail polish here), you just get a random color?

    • Hey there,

      Sorry for any confusion! If the color is not listed in the description, it does vary.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Thanks for clarifying! I’m trying to be good, but “in the city” is calling to me…. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • You can’t go wrong with our “in the city” box! All 5 products fit everyone’s beauty needs!

          Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hello Gabrielle @ GlossyBox,
        I purchased the Vive La France “Chic” box last night. But noticed the the box’s name changed after I purchased. Now it says Vive La
        France “ร‰clatent”. I can’t find a box on there that is called like that. Will I still receive the one I originally purchased, and just the name changed on my statement? Or will it be a different one? ?

  18. This is fun ๐Ÿ™‚
    Got Bright Beauty, State of Mind and Uptown Girl. ‘Allowing’ myself one more and so torn! Love the french boxes but don’t do red nails or lips. Hmmm.

    • Hi there Brooke,

      You purchased some of my favorite boxes! I love the Skin & Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Serum in our “Bright Beauty” box. I suggest applying a small amount of the serum on your face and neck after having cleansed and/or exfoliated. For best results, after application use a moisturizer.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  19. I bought two boxes yesterday.. and also two today!! I wish they all sell out soon or my hubby won’t be happy with all these boxes keep coming ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Am I the only one having problems with this? I tried to buy one box but I kept getting an error message saying that I need to enter my street address. I did. I checked my cc account and I was charged twice. I have not received a confirmation email, but I reached out to customer support. I sure hope this is resolved.

    Anyway, I LOVE when the option to buy past boxes is available.

    • Hi Hallie,

      You may be experiencing a browser issue. Please note that our website works best with Google Chrome and Firefox. We tend to not be compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer, as well iPads and mobile phones. Hi Hallie,

      You may be experiencing a browser issue.Please note that our website works best with Google Chrome and Firefox. We tend to not be compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer, as well iPads and mobile phones. If you can, please try using the recommended browser or device, as we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Someone is certainly having a “browser” issue.

        (Seriously, the copy-paste error makes it look like they have boilerplate responses ready to go…)

      • Thanks Gabrielle! The only problem being, I am unwilling to buy anything until I find out what comes of the two charges on my card.

  21. Well, I caved and bought 5 boxes… I couldn’t resist! I purchased 4 last night (2 State of Mind, Long Lashes & Shades of Autumn). I debated on a Vive la France box all night and morning. After just checking their site again, the “Maquillage” is sold out. So I snatched me a “Bisou” one before it could sell out too. I only want it for the box and perfume…LOL.

  22. I’m trying to hold back from picking one or two but noticed that the Hello Fall box was basically my first Glossybox after buying the Gilt City deal. I love the C&E hand lotion and bought some full-size ones at Birchbox before Christmas.

    But someone please tell me if I’m missing something. It looks to me like the two Hello Fall boxes are exactly the same except that “Shades of Autumn” has one additional item – the Doucce Luscious Lip Stain. Why would anyone buy the “Flecks of Gold” box then?

    • Just read further down… Sorry! Apparently I’m not the only one who noticed that. Weird that they did that.

    • Hey there Rebecca,

      There are some women who do not have a preference for lip products and the โ€œFlecks of Goldโ€ box is a great alternative for them!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Thanks for the reply! Even if I didn’t want the lip product, I’d still buy the box and then gift the lip stain ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s basically a freebie!

  23. Thanks for the tip! I’m a recent subscriber so it is so cool to be able to buy older boxes that I missed!

  24. Ack! I got three boxes. I couldn’t help myself. Now I’m off to the nearest 12 step meeting.

  25. Ugh. I need this like I need a hole in my head. And yet, I am sure by the end of the day I will find one or two of these boxes on their way to my house…

  26. I thought about getting one with the MFK perfume but then I’m like, why, I bought a FS bottle from Birchbox with points and a code and I already have most of the other stuff in the box…

    Glad I talked some sense into myself.

  27. I would love to say I was strong and that I passed on this offer…but I’m more thrilled that the “State of Mind” box was still available so I got it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gabrielle, are these one-time or when would we need to CANCEL by to avoid being charged the monthly fee?


    • Hey there Maribel,

      I understand there is some confusion on the wording of our buy button. Our order button text is displayed as “Become a Subscriber”, however, these boxes are one-off orders. No subscription will be created if you purchase a box from our past box sale.

      I hope this better clarifies!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  28. Got 2 State of Mind boxes. Love that I can actually see what’s in the box. May get one of the French boxes too. Prefer one time purchases over subbing. Boxycharm needs to do this as well.

  29. I shouldn’t be browsing MSA after a couple of glasses of wine! I bought 4 boxes, OMG! State of Mind (I will use pretty much everything except depending on the color of nail polish and Be a Bombshell), Long Lashes (EVERYTHING will be used!), Bisou and Maquillage. Both red lipsticks and nail colors will be gifted but I bought them mainly for the perfumes. Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume is what I usually wear on daily basis and Sabรฉ Masson soft perfume sounds like a gamble according to Glossybox reviews, so I am rolling the dice. I subscribe to Scentbird ($15 per month) and their sample lasts me for 2 months, so just perfumes alone will be winners in my book and I will use other skincare hair care products for sure. I will report on the Sabรฉ Masson scent here.

    • I debated on getting one of the boxes mainly for the sabe perfume as I love mine and use it every so often (which means I love it as I rarely put on perfumes and have 3 diff brands on rotation probably forever before they even run out!).
      I forget which scent I got but I can report back if anyone’s interested.

      • Yes, please!!

        • It is Parisian raphsody(please excuse my spelling) and it smells quite strong of the stick but on (me) it smells much lighter. I was surprised when I got it as I was assaulted by the scent but then loves it on me!

          • Thank you for responding! The description of the box (the French themed box that contains this brand) doesn’t have the scent mentioned, but the Glossybox rep who comments here said that we will receive exactly what’s shown on the picture. Let’s see what I receive.

          • If u go on sabe’s website they have pics of them all with their scent profiles. The “head” didn’t really come through on mine but I can pick out most of the body and base scents if that helps!
            They have 3 diff formulas so u will have to check the diff pages to find yours.
            Maybe now u can have a nice sneak preview at your fragrance!

    • I received one of the Le Soft Perfume/Sabe Masson perfume solids with my France box in October…. Truth be told, I got two France boxes using my RueLaLa credits, but one was sent to my mom’s sub address. So I ended up with dupes of the (bad) lip gloss and (not awful) nail polish, but also somehow got the Maison Francis Kurkdjian in one box and the Sabe Masson in the other!
      The Sabe Masson scent I received was called “Emballe Moi,” which is excellent. They aren’t heavy or offensive, from what I’ve read, though… I hope you get one that you enjoy! It is super-convenient to throw in my bag for touch-ups, etc.

      Hope this helps – I’m being strong and not getting a 3rd France box, but I can live vicariously through all of your updates!

      • Replying to my own comment to clarify – I loved the Sabe Masson more than the Maison Francis Kurkdjian, but I was happy to get both. I don’t know what the complaints are from the reviews, but looking up non-Glossybox reviews, you can get a better picture of others’ opinions.
        I would actually consider buying some other scents when I run out of my current stick ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Is it bad that I bought one of the French boxes more because I’m hoping they actually send me the adorable box. Every thing else is just a bonus.

    • not at all… bc that’s why I bought one too! I’ll swap or gift the products I won’t use – but I had to get it bc the box is adorable!

  31. I was nervous about the subscription, too, but figured I’d cancel it if I wanted to. It turned out to just be a newsletter subscription. No worries if you want to buy a box!

  32. I stocked up on a ton of gifts for all the ladies in my life and bought 9 boxes! Lol
    4 of them being the state of mind box…it’s such a steal I got one for a bunch of ladies

    • Those are great gifts! Very lucky ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Were you able to purchase them together or did you have to purchase them one at a time? I was trying to purchase two but I couldn’t combine them – not sure if I’m missing something…

      • I couldn’t get it to let me buy more than one so I bought them individually.

      • No I had to buy individually which was quite time consuming. I wonder why glossybox doesn’t allow you to combine an order??

      • Hey there,

        At this time we do not have the option to purchase multiple boxes at once. If you would like to do so, you will need to purchase them separately.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

    • Hi Tanya,

      Looks like you will have quite a few GLOSSY ladies in your life! We here at the GLOSSYBOX office are so pleased you were able to take advantage of our offer. Enjoy!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  33. Loooved my coffea scrub! Bought a box so I can hoard more – yay!

    • How many uses did you get out of this sample size of the coffee scrub?

      • The Coffea Scrub is a 3.5 oz bag – still using it because I don’t put on that often to save it. I then ordered more for me and my friends for Christmas when there was a coupon code…

    • Hey jennifer,

      The Coffea scrub is one of my personal favs during the winter season, when your skin needs that extra pick-me-up. Apply the scrub to wet skin and massage in circular movements. Cover your body and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, allowing the scrub to work its magic!

  34. ahh i don’t know which one to get. i really want the Sabe Masson soft perfume and the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Fragrance but then i’ll have doubles of other products… decisions decisions

    • That’s the only reason I haven’t given in and got both, or any other one for that matter, as I love only some things enough to get again(plus only one or two things that I’ve missed out on if any that I even want)!

  35. Does anyone know if the sabe masson perfumes pictured in the little previews are the exact ones we will be getting?

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering, I would probably give in and get one if I knew the scent I was getting would for sure not be the one I already have!

    • Hey there Joanna and Bell,

      What is pictured and in the description for the box, is exactly what will be received.

      Hope this clarifies!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  36. It won’t let me check out without subscribing….

    • You’re only subscribing to their newsletter..

      • No..I received an email stating that I was subscribed to the monthly box which I don’t want…I just wanted to order the box

    • Hey Brooke,

      Our buy button text is displayed as “Become a Subscriber”. The past boxes are one-off boxes, if you purchase a box it will not create a subscription.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  37. I can’t decide which to buy!! I don’t know much about swap sites. There is one affiliated with this site right? I am on the ‘waiting list’. Any recommendations on a good safe legit swap site?

  38. I bought 3 boxes and they sent me an email that I am now subscribed to their monthly boxes

    • Hello Eileen,

      Purchasing a box from our past box sale will not create a subscription. These boxes are considered one-off orders.

      Hope this clarifies!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  39. I got 3. โ˜บ๏ธ There were a few items I really wanted to try and the swap site has been so active that I’ll be happy to have a few more items to list.

    • What swap site are you in? xx Sihara

      • I’m on the swap site associate with this site. It’s the only one I’ve used but it’s been great so far.

  40. Awesome! Got two of the State of Mind (one for me one for my mom) and the Fashion Forward Long Lashes! I love that Glossybox does this I always stock up!

    • Hey Heather,

      The “State of Mind” box is one of my favorites! I suggest that you apply a few drops of the Mastey leave-in oil treatment into clean damp hair before styling to repair, protect and seal shine. I find it works great when using this product with hot tools to apply before blow drying, flattening or curling. This will speed up dry time and provide a smooth and silky result.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  41. Thank you so much for posting this! I grabbed “State of mind” and “Shades of Autumn” ^-^
    Looks like “Shades of Autumn” and “Flecks of Gold” are the same except that “Shades of Autumn” has additional lip stain in it, weird!
    I really want a couple of items from 2 other boxes but don’t I feel like buying the whole box for them.

    • I felt the same way but it will probably be fairly easy to swap for the odd item rather than buy the entire box.
      I know I’ll be swapping a couple of things from the French box I ordered.

  42. Has anyone noticed – the Hello Fall ‘Flecks of Gold’ is exactly the same as ‘Shades of Autumn’ but with one less item! I wonder whether they forgot to list something?

    • Hahaha we noticed same thing! I don’t really need a lip stain but why not grab and try it if it’s free?:)

    • I received the “flecks of gold” for my first box in november, it did not have the lip stain, I’m kinda bummed that they sent that one to me instead of the “shades of autumn” now that I see what I was missing out on.

      • Hi Beth,

        The Doucce lip stain in our November box was a GWP (Gift with Purchase). If one applied the GWP code to their order, they received the lip stain in their November GLOSSYBOX.

        Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

    • Hi there Helen,

      Seems like there is some confusion regarding the “Flecks of Gold” and “Shades of Autumn” boxes. Our “Shades of Autumn” box contains the GWP from the month of November. What is pictured and described, is what will be received if you purchase one of our past boxes!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  43. when I try to order, after I put in my info, the only “button” to push is “subscribe”. I just want to buy a box, is that possible?

    • It’s okay, you won’t be signed up for a subscription. I checked my orders page and it’s just the one box.

    • Hey there Michelle,

      As Helen so perfectly stated, you will not create a subscription if you purchase one of our past boxes. The wording of our Order Button is “Become a Subscriber.” Rest assured, that the past box is a one-time charge of $15 and will not create a plan.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  44. I wonder how long these will be on sale….

    • Hello Besty,

      There is no end date at this time. However, the box quantities are limited.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  45. Wow! The “state of mind” box was the $40 Cosmoprof limited edition box! For $15! The products retail for over $180…that one will probably sell out fast. What a steal.

    • Your comment made me break to buy!

      • Sorry if I pushed you over the edge ? but it’s SUCH a great buy how can we not get it??? The eye serum included in this box is full size and retails for $65!

        And a full size version of the cell cpr retails for $150 so this size is worth about $50) –

        Plus you get 5 more products! For $15???? It’s crazy not to buy it! I confess, I ordered 2!

        • Karen you are so guilty lol! I was just thinking about ordering it and after your comment I just jumped on it and also took another box!
          Thank you so much for the links, now I have time to check the contents in more detail and tell myself what a good girl I am for grabbing such a steal))

      • Me too! I’m totally okay with it though, it looks like a good box.

      • Haha, me too! Karen, you should get a small commission! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Oh I love them all. The France boxes themselves are worth it. Lol. My friends wanted it and I had to give mine away. So I think I’ll grab a couple. Thanks ????

  47. Super tempted by the French-themed boxes, especially the one with the Maison Francois or whoever perfume, but I don’t need a single thing in the box. What to do, what to do…

    • “Need”? What is this word you speak of…need? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. OOOOOHHHHH~! <3 I had to grab the Vive La France – Maquillage box. So excited!

    • me too, that one seemed the best to me.

    • Hey there Heather and Alice,

      I am happy to hear you both snatched one of our Vive La France boxes!

      GLOSSY beauty tip:

      Apply the Phytokeratine mask once a week to restore the lost moisture your hair is craving during these harsh winter months.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Hi Gabrielle,

        I ordered two of the Vive La France boxes ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just wondering if Glossybox has this promotion more than once a year?

        Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Isn’t the Harper’s box a year old?

    • Hey there,

      We here at GLOSSYBOX have quality checked all the items to ensure that our customers are receiving quality products.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Thanks Gabrielle for responding! Just to confirm, can current subscribers purchase? Only because the “Order” button is replaced with “Subscribe” =)

        • I find it tremendously enlightening to see which comments GLOSSYBOX jumps on to address (just 1) but the many questions and concerns about being duped into a sub being ignored. Buyer beware!

          • No dupe! I am a real person. I love Glossyboxes. You will not be on the hook for subscriptions if you buy a one off box. I think it’s just their websites’ code that makes it look like that.

          • Are you currently subscribed?

        • Hi – I am a 12 month subscriber and I was able to order a couple of these boxes. They showed up under “one off orders” in the order summary section of my Glossybox dashboard. I hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Marcy,

          The past box sale is open to all GLOSSYBOX lovers! The wording of our Order Button text is “Become a Subscriber.” Rest assured, that the past boxes are a one-time charge of $15 and will not create a subscription.


          Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

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