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Living Social Health + Beauty Mystery Box for $15.88 Shipped

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Thanks Marcy for letting us know about this Mystery Box from Living Social!

The Box: Living Social Health + Beauty Mystery Box

The Cost: $11.99 (discounted price) + $3.99 shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code SWEET to save $2.10 – the deal will automatically be discounted by $2, so this saves an extra $.10

The Products: “If you love surprises conveniently sent to your home, you will love this mystery box filled with a variety of randomly selected makeup accessories. Perfect for you or a friend. Includes 5 pieces of makeup accessories. All products will be randomly selected.”

Are you grabbing one?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I can’t believe that Living Social sent me this bag of crap! I didn’t get a single item that I can or would use. I got the dr Olive heel covers. I had no idea what they were for. I also got the pink golf sleeves. (Really? Just sleeves?) I got the free size leggings. One size does not fit all, if that’s what “free” size means. The worst was the make up items. Unsealed mascara is presumed to have been opened and possibly contaminated, just as an unsealed bottle of cough syrup is. Mascara is supposed to be discarded three to six months after opening because bacteria grows in it and could cause an infection that could potentially affect your eye sight. The no name eye shadow was in an unsealed, broken case. Luckily, it didn’t come apart during shipping. I just looked at it for a day or two trying to justify the purchase. This is something that I didn’t expect from living social. They emailed something asking for a review. I told them what I just said, and adding insult to injury, they said “give us another chance”, followed by pictures of some items that I have recently looked at but didn’t offer any additional discount! OUCH!

  2. Oh dear, there really are no words to explain how ridiculous my package was, nor how incredibly stupid I feel for buying this with zero reviews available!!

    Package arrived after about two weeks…it was a thin plastic envelope with no padding. There was blue dust all over, on and in everything due to a broken dark smurf blue eye shadow. The seal on the eye shadow was clearly broken prior to shipping as well. A product labeled as mascara with zero product labeling, no seal, no box, no ingredient list. For all I know it could have been petrol and spit!!??!! There were what others are calling neoprene heel somethings. Also included were some “fancy” clothing items..Lol… what once was white leggings in size “free” and sheer pink sleeves…I only knew this by the golfing lady sporting them on the label!

    “HEALTH AND BEAUTY MYSTERY BOX” Hmmm. I don’t know about health, beauty or box, but they certainly got the “Mystery” part right!!! :0

    This was my first purchase through living social… I called and was given a prompt refund and was told to throw the package away. The gentleman was very considerate and polite. He said that they definitely are sorry that I received this type of product, but that they also need to know what products or vendors may not be worthy. So, I encourage all who received this to call. He didn’t see a flag where others had been consistently or in great numbers calling to report this. So, I did tell him that several people have noted this on the site I’m a member of and that I would note my experience as well.

    Clearly, living social made it right and seemed like a company I would order from again. Apparently, the product is from a bad vendor who sells on their site..??

    • The issue is for the number of people who call, how many don’t? Living Social should be more aware. It is branded by them. Their reputation is at stake. I appreciate they refunded but how did they NOT know what was being sent? I feel bad for people who do not know or have the time to call and get a refund. If they were really concerned, send a mass email to all who bought it. Simple email… were you satisfied?

      I will be very wary of ordering from them if they have no idea what they are selling.

  3. OMG! I got mine yesterday and what an utter fail! I got smurf blue eyeshadow, a no name mascara that wasn’t wrapped (I opened it and it was clumpy and old), black leggings in “Free Size” whatever the f*** that means, a cheap blush brush in, I’m not kidding, 1980’s themed wrapper and a golf arm sleeve. Honestly, it looks like they cleaned out all of their local Dollar Trees and sent what they could find, charging $16 to the unsuspecting consumer.

    If you want to see a pic of this mess, go to my Instagram Page (Beautynovice1) and try to not cringe.

    I’m calling on Monday and getting my $$$ back. This is just plain insulting.

  4. I called customer service and told them what was in the package they sent. The woman on the phone acted truly surprised that such a package was sent out. I so badly wanted to say “Yeah, like this isn’t the 50th call you’ve gotten regarding this mystery box!” At least they promptly refunded my money…and asked me to donate the items. I don’t even think I can bring myself to subject anyone else to them though.

  5. Horrible. I mean horrible lol I got mascara, an eyelash curler, those legging, arm, heel things. I will never do this again!!!!!! Sooooo bad!!!!!

  6. Do NOT WASTE your $!!! Horrible and VERY misleading. My “box” (it’s a bag) arrived today:
    -pink Golf arm sleeves (what a joke)
    -“olive Dr care” heel sleeve/cushion -as in for your foot, but no directions or instructions letting you know
    -no name brand mascara (how could I order it if I even liked it??)
    -Black leggings size “free” (whatever that means)
    -Love me 365 utopia baked eyeshadow (silver/white/black/grey blend)

    So nothing special, only 2 beauty/makeup items and the rest are truly RANDOM as the post says.

  7. What the eff did I just open? I seriously can not believe my eyes.

    • I laughed out loud when I read your post. And I second your thoughts exactly.

  8. I called Living Social and informed them of my “box” contents. They gave me a refund. Woohoo.

    • Good call. This is total crap. Worse than the dollar store. What’s their number!

      • 1-877-521-4191

        They didn’t ask me to return the “box” since there was pink and green dust all over everything due to the broken eyeshadow that shattered in transit. I can’t believe that dime-store quality unpadded envelope didn’t protect everything adequately during shipping. Too bad too, I was really looking forward to wearing those transparent white leggings in “free size”…darn that broken eyeshadow!

        • Bahahaha!!
          I’m so glad the price went up during checkout and I decided to leave w/o purchasing !!
          Your comments are so funny ?

  9. This has to be the worst thing I have ever paid money for. What are these things?!?! Fail.

  10. Ok, received this “Mystery Box” today. Inside the bag was purple eyeshadow which had broken up into pieces and it’s powder was all over the inside of the bag. Those arm sleeve things in white, black mascara, those weird neoprene heel things and black footless leggings or tights in the size “Free”. Am shocked that Living Social would sell something of this poor quality on their website. Thankfully, I had Deal Bucks to use, so it only cost me $1.88, but I don’t think there is anything in the bag worth that much. Don’t waste your time or money on this one!

    • Exact same situation here. Purple eyeshadow EVERYWHERE. I’m calling Monday for a return/refund.

      • Same for me…horrible! And the mascar isn’t even wrapped…who knows if it’s been used before ewwww! Although the hell things are weird, I’ve been looking to get something to cover my heels at night when I put lotion on them..cuz I hate wearing socks. But those aren’t worth $15!

  11. Yeah, got mine today. Bunch of crap. I got the stupid pink golfer arm sleeves and weird heel brace thingies Tina got. Also in my “box” (it was not in a box) was a pair of one size fits all black leggings–the kind that feel like tights and will probably be see through. And then a no name mascara and ugly black/grey/white swirled eyeshadow. Basically, it was all stuff from a Rosegal type website.

    Also not sure how any of that fits with this description–
    β€œIf you love surprises conveniently sent to your home, you will love this mystery box filled with a variety of randomly selected makeup accessories. Perfect for you or a friend. Includes 5 pieces of makeup accessories. All products will be randomly selected.”

  12. Lol your review cracked me up Tina!!?
    I was gonna order one till they increased my price at checkout

    • You dodged a bullet, Crystal!!

  13. For anyone interested, I ordered one on the 14th and it arrived on the 25th. I had some deal bucks to use, so it didn’t feel like I was really spending actual money, if that makes sense.

    Thank goodness I only spent deal bucks on it. The package was a joke. Two items I will use out of the five. One was a brush egg (to clean makeup brushes) and the other item was a blending sponge. The sponge was on the end of a makeup brush stick and was a small blending sponge. It will come in handy. Especially since my puppy chewed up my only blending sponge the other day. :O

    The other three items…let’s see…1-Navy blue Pikky Boo palazzo pants. Size L/XL. I may try to sell these on ebay just to try a recoup a couple dollars. 2 -Some arm warmers – the thin types used by golfers. One, I’m not a golfer. Two, they are a pale pink that will look a little awkward (“is that her skin, or is it a sleeve??”) if I ever stepped out with them. 3 -Last item. I honestly didn’t even know what they were. Neoprene heel supports with the words “Olive Doctor Care” on them. They were in an unmarked plastic packaging. So I googled them and found out that they are “foot pads” to deal with dry and/or cracked heels. Umm. Yeah.

    • There were really PANTS in there!? We need more reviews of these! On the plus side, I do think it’s cool that they weren’t smalls just because. It seems everyone with random clothing sends smalls…

      • Pants…crazy, right?! But yes, I agree that it’s nice for a larger size to be sent. (How many times are small sizes sent out that barely fit over a single arm and then make you feel like, yes, you might as well eat the rest of the cookies you have on hand??)
        I would love it if others comment with what they receive. I don’t care if it makes me jealous, or it makes me feel not as alone in my mystery box misery. I’m just super curious!

        • I think mine is expected to arrive tomorrow. I’ll let u know what I get. Can you post any pics?

          • Check out my Instagram feed (Beautynovice1). I posted a pic of my epic failure of this “Mystery Box”.

    • Oh no!! Lol. I’m glad I read your review, so I won’t be too disappointed when I finally receive mine! Seriously, pants and sheer sleeves in a health and beauty box!!??!! Good grief…I was really hoping for one really nice health or beauty item since I paid full price!! Oh well, you win some, you lose some. πŸ™‚ :0

    • Believe it or not, your “box” was better than mine! I got the same pink “hi cool” arm warmers and the “olive Doctor care” things. But sadly, those were the BEST things in the box!

      I also got a brand-less, unsealed mascara and brand-less pink and green eyeshadow that shattered in transit and got all over everything. Which was unfortunate because it totally prevented me from reading all the Chinese text on the arm warmers packaging (except for the English words “hi cool”).

      The last item was the best – the white leggings in “free size”. Against my better judgement I just couldn’t stop myself from opening them to investigate. First, they are totally see-through. Second, they are dirty. Not just stained from the broken pink and green eyeshadow, but there are actually brownish-yellow dirt streaks near the ankles. Lots of them. Did someone wear these before?? Awesome. Last, “Free size” must mean “children’s” in whatever country these were made…they are REALLY TINY (and I wear a size 4 so I can’t imagine these fitting any adult).

      I’m actually jealous of your brush egg.

      So, in summary, thanks living social – this was the best subscription “box” I have ever received!! I wish I’d ordered 50 of them!

  14. Price went up for me as soon as I started putting in my address and stuff… Ummm, really? It has been less than 10 minutes.

    • Consider yourself lucky if you skipped it as a result of the price change…you dodged a bullet for sure!

  15. I haven’t purchased one of these before, so I’m unsure about doing so. Is this a subscription, or just a one time purchase? And…what types of things usually come in the makeup accessories box?

  16. I have purchased different things from living social and never had any issues. Though it is weird but it is something I have noticed living social will give you a larger discount on the first thing you look at but the extra discount last for only 10 minutes. But everything that I got from living social has been good quality.

  17. I’m addicted to mystery boxes…. but this one I think i’m going to skip. makeup accessories…. i’m guessing this box will have 5 of those cheap dollar items. the picture doesn’t even SHOW accessories… that’s what makes me wonder. random crap and pants?

  18. OK I was trying to add the promo. Code but I couldn’t find where to put it in. I went to the help site and read and went back and still??? It said to log out and come back so I will try that. Has anyone ever gotten anything from this site though?? Or has anyone bought one of these mystery beauty box from this site??? I was seconds from buying it but since I couldn’t get the price down from 13.99 plus 3.99 to 11.99 plus 3.99.ok OK OK I am gonna hold on.

    • It’s on the screen after you enter payment info….but before final confirmation of the order. It’s towards the top and is not very noticeable…just regular font…

  19. It has a countdown from 10min timer when you first go to the site. It isn’t jumping without letting you know about it.
    Isn’t that like QVC, etc, sort of?

  20. I grabbed one at $11.99, they’re now $13.99. I noticed a timer, so I’m guessing it went up $2.00 after the timer ended.

  21. I couldn’t resist! I’ve always wanted to try be of these.

  22. I also had deal bucks and with the discounts paid 6 dollars, I figured I’ll find something for sure I can use in it. It’s also nice that you don’t have to order somewhere else by a voucher as well.

  23. Super excited about the pants! Bwaahahahaha

    • Lol

  24. I just ordered this and the price was $11.99. They gave me the discount, plus I had some Living Social bucks from a refund I had forgotten about, so I ended up paying $1.88! Score!

    • Nice!

  25. I think this may be not exactly right.. It said one number when I logged in- Didn’t realize I had an account with them. When I went to pay, they had added 2 dollars to the price, then 1.30 tax and shipping, and had their own promo code stuck in there. I’m not feeling secure with the changes they made before I even paid them.
    ADVICE- USE PAYPAL if you buy this ” deal”.

    • I couldn’t resist buying one. I didn’t have any of these problems prior to reading this…but I did use PayPal as an added protection since its a new unknown company to me. I’m glad it was a payment option! πŸ™‚

    • I read on another blog that the price will increase by $2 after 10 minutes or something. You have to buy quickly I guess. Weird!!

      • I believe that putting a very short time limit on during the check out process is an illegal selling practice. Plus, I could have bought MANY of this mystery thing within 10 minutes. ALL my data was in their system, and if there’s one thing I am extremely adept in, it’s shopping. πŸ™‚

        I left without buying because I didn’t want to give them any updated payment methods. If they are that…um, eager, let me say, to change the price of something unknown in the middle of the transaction, then I don’t want or need what they are offering anyway.
        I will never use Living Social again because this was like some kind of price roller coaster. If they can’t be honest about the price, then in my estimation, there really isn’t any guarantee that any of the rest of the transaction has consumer protection. JMO, based on what a similar site did to me with a redirect to a third party seller ( the site was Plum District, which used to have really nice discounts, then turned into something extremely different and not good).

        • Very well said
          They did the same to me
          Price went up during checkout
          So I didn’t order it.
          Very fishy business ?

        • I totally agree with you! You made some great pointers!! I also passed on this because something just didn’t feel right with it.

  26. It does say 49.99 value but it also says 37 days left on the deal. I think I will
    Hold off and hope you get something fantastic before I jump on this one.

    • I wish I had seen 37 days left. I was afraid I’d miss out….hopefully, I get a couple of great items! πŸ™‚

  27. It was 16.83 for me, im in CA

  28. I can’t find any past reviews on this. I have no idea what the items would be. Does anyone know?

  29. My total is $17.39 even after I entered the promo code . Bummer
    Seems the price jumped while I was signing up.

    • Maybe it is tax?

      • Yes. Differences in each state’s tax rates.

      • Mine was 16.83. The tax for me was 0.95 cents.

    • It’s 4 bucks for shipping. It’s in the fine print.

  30. I read on another blog that the value of the box is supposed to be $49.99 !
    Think I will take a chance and grab one because I think they are limited according to the website.

  31. As I reread the description, I wonder what ” makeup accessories ” means. I wonder if that means it’s brushes and lash curlers and those type of things as opposed to actual makeup products. What do you think?

    • According to the picture, it might be pants! XD

      • I saw that too. Roflol!

      • I’m dead. πŸ˜›

  32. Everybody has a beauty box! I’ll wait and see what everyone gets before I jump in πŸ˜‰

    • I ordered one. I’m a sucker for a mystery box. I’ll report back once I get it but it said that shipping will be 10 to 12 days.

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