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Target Beauty Box January 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming January 2016 Beauty Boxes!

FYI – These new boxes are NOT on sale yet, so this page currently says “Sold Out.”

We don’t know the launch dates of these beauty boxes yet, but make sure to sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale!

Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Boxes:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.03.49 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.03.54 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.03.59 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.04.07 AM

Based on the items, I’m guessing there will be both a regular Women’s Beauty Box and a Natural Beauty Box.

What do you think of the products in the boxes? Will you be grabbing a few?

Sign up below for Target Beauty Box News Alerts if you want an email when these boxes go live! (Or sign up for the daily newsletter to get an email when the boxes go on sale).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I too would love for Target to start offering a subscription that we can sign up for and automaticity recieve like Walmart or Birchbox but I don’t think they’ll do it. They get so much free advertisement and hype by offering it on a first come first serve basis. Do you think I could be there strategy?

  2. They have added a new item again to the box this morning. It’s a new moisturizing lotion.
    I’ve been checking every hour for if its on sale.. But if they keep adding stuff I guess we can’t complain :/

    • When is that darn box is actually coming out????

      • When we all go back to work tomorrow?

        • I wish that I could boycott Target boxes released during regular work hours. Who am I kidding? ?

      • It’s available now!!

        • Thanks, nabbed 2 of box number 1 🙂

        • Okay, so I ended up getting 5 of box number one, lol. Will use everything in it so great deal – thanks!

  3. I wish we could all get together and write in to Target to encourage them to allow us to subscribe to the beauty box. At least for those of us that want the box, no matter what is in it. I get a few beauty boxes each month, and this is insane what we have to go through to get one, and then most of us still end up without one. Just seems so unfair to those of us that truly want the box each month.

    • Agreed. I’m sending email today.

    • It seems like companies would be silly not to follow MSA. I’m certainly influenced by what everyone says and I’m a boxhead.

    • I’m in on this one.. Everytime I hear a email notification I go bonkers thinking it’s target.__. Sigh

  4. Ugh, getting really tired of waiting for this beauty box to hit the website… checking and re-checking before and after every activity is making me look like insane to my friends and family.

    • I know, right?! I was totally checking my phone last night too and all day today. Bummer it is a holiday or we would all just look like we are really dedicated to our jobs and compulsively checking work email. Sigh. Oh well, at least we are prepared to jump on it when it does go on sale! 🙂

    • LOL, I’m doing the same thing Victoria! For 5 days now…..

  5. I guess I am one of the few people left that just realized that when the box says “SOLD OUT” it does not always mean it is sold out. I missed out on last months box because I saw the words “sold out” and assumed they were all gone, but looking back now, they were just not released for sale yet. I just wish they would change the words to “Coming soon” and only say “Sold out” when they are truly sold out…. Just my thoughts…

  6. Is this supposed to come out on the first of the month or do they release on a random day? I’ve missed all the other ones!

    • It’s usually a random day, not too long after the spoilers are released. I was sort of expecting this one to be a New Year’s box, though. I’m surprised it hasn’t been released yet.

  7. It seems like they updated one of the boxes with a new item within the last day! It’s the Scunci Comfortable Elastic Headband.

    • Wow, good eye, Ani!

  8. I’m hoping someone can help. I can never seem to pull up the “beauty box” on the Target site. All I get is that individual items that will be in the box not the beauty box itself. This also happened if I search the target site for it and if I click the target beauty box above the same thing happens. Is this normal?

    • yes, that’s normal. it won’t show the actual “beauty box” for sale until it goes on sale

      • Thank you Randi I tried to search for the box everyway possible. LOL I hope you have a wonderful New Year

  9. I’m not too excited about this box to be quite honest. I wouldn’t mind the makeup wipes or any product by Nivea (love this brand); however, I am definitely not a beige in makeup, so that bb cream would just go in the trash. I like Target boxes, so I am hoping the next one is a little more well rounded and inclusive. Also, let’s ditch the hair ties.

    • Beige be cream is foundation.. Swap it if you don’t use it.. It’s a wonderful item, and gives a flawless finish to the skin.. Korean flight attendants swear by it, considering their skin gets drier.. BB cushion doesn’t set in fine lines as well..even if your skin is darker, you can always use it for contouring..

  10. How much are they?

    • With Target boxes, the price gets released upon the sale of the box. It ranges from $5-$15. I’m sure there would have been no issue to post it otherwise if it were known.

  11. I think these look better than the women’s box from before Christmas. Hopefully I’ll grab both.

  12. I’m excited about these target boxes. I think I’ve only ever gotten one. I hope I don’t miss out again!

  13. What is the best way to not miss out on a box? Should you keep refreshing the Target page that says All Sold Out?

    • There is a link at the bottom of the entry, “Set up email alerts.” This is how I find out about the boxes — but I also check my email frequently!

      • Thank you Beth! Yes, I am signed up, I am also refreshing the Target page, not sure if that is a waste of time? I missed out on the Holiday boxes even though I was signed up, so I am looking for additional ways, so hopefully that won’t happen again. Still not over that…lol
        Thanks for all your help.

        • I stalk this site.Have not missed one Target box yet! Among other good deals. Love MSA 🙂

          • Thanks Anna! 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip Beth. I’ve been trying to get the Target box evertime it comes out. I’m crossing everything that I get it this time! I just signed up for the emails. Do you have a guesstimation of when they will be available?

  14. Hi, could someone explain what you mean by “getting them both” I only see one on the Target site. Will there be 2 boxes for January?

    • I’m not entirely sure what people originally meant by that; however, my theory is some may feel that this is too much product for one box, so there may be two boxes that go on sale.

  15. Hi, could someone help me out with understanding these posts. So many people are saying the want to get “both of the boxes” I thought there was just one offered? How do you know there is more than one? I know last month they offered a Holiday box for men too.
    Thanks for your help

    • Given the amount of products being shown on the page, (and the type of products – some natural), the hypothesis is that there will be both a regular women’s box and a natural box. Hope that makes sense!

      • Thank you!

  16. Haven’t gotten one yet , but I’m fairly new to sub boxes . I’m hoping to get one of each. I think I signed up for alerts ! I really hope I did it right lol

  17. Looks amazing as always. I hope they don’t go up on the middle of the night this time.

  18. I get so excited for these boxes and have only managed to get one – by chance of checking the site the day it went on sale.

    I’ve signed up for alerts before and it hasn’t worked…how can I make sure I am on the alert distribution?

    Thanks for always giving us a heads up!

  19. Wish this website would let me sign up for alerts. : (

    • Sorry to hear it isn’t working. Can you let me know if you are on mobile or desktop and what browser you are using? We’ll try to figure it out and fix it asap!

    • I thought I signed up for Target Beauty Box alerts and checked all the boxes, but I did not see a submit button, just the boxes to check. Is there a way to check toake sure I will receive them?

      • If you reload the page, when you scroll to the bottom, is the check box for the News already checked? That should verify you are signed up.

  20. I keep missing out on these boxes because I am not quick enough but I will say I just bought at Ulta the Nip+Fab glycolic peel for day, peel for night & the cleanser & I am in love! Just throwing that out there. 🙂

  21. It never let’s me sign up for alerts on mobile 🙁

  22. LOVE Target boxes. My fave from these spoilers is the Acure Day Cream. I am loving Acure products right now.

  23. Ditto to wanting both boxes AND the hair tie! Using it right now and happy i gave them a try 🙂

  24. One of each! I love target boxes.

  25. I’m for sure getting both boxes!! I can’t resist Target!!
    I gave a bunch of the last ones for gifts and everyone loved them! They can’t believe what a great deal it was 🙂

    And I’m so hoping Target and Popsugar do another box this year!!

    • I was thinking the same thing today. Crossing my fingers for another Target and Popsugar box. I missed out on the last one.

  26. did anyone else notice it doesn’t say subscription under the simple wipes but it has it under all the others?

    • The subscription thing is like Amazon’s service they have now where you sign up for items to be mailed to you on a regular basis. So I guess you can’t get the wipes on a regular basis if it doesn’t say that.

  27. I’ll probably try to get one of each.

  28. Does anybody know if Popsugar is doing another start of the year collaboration with Target? I missed out last year and was really hoping to get in on the one this year, if there is one at all lol. Thanks, for the help!!!

  29. I got both boxes and gave the men’s one as part of a gift! He loved it!

  30. I cannot resist the Target Beauty Boxes, so I will probably end up with both boxes. I really hope they do a natural beauty box. That would be great!

  31. I am so excited for more target boxes! I will probably get both!

  32. I can honestly say that I’m not too excited about either box. As an AA woman a lot of the shampoo and conditioners are not for my hair type. And I can only use so many face moisturizers and hair ties.

    • Feeling the same with you on this one.

  33. Alrighty then… Gosh I feel like the dummy of the year… I have spent at least 2 hours of my morning RANTING to Target customer service asking how they can offer a beauty box that has not yet been available online but is showing “SOLD OUT”……

    • Oh Betsy I haven’t been been feeling good and you just cracked me up. When I first saw box I was mad to cause I thought I missed it I barely got the last box. Anyways you made my day LOL. I’m excited tho can’t wait to get.

      • Glad I could make you laugh. Hope you’re feeling better soon! <3

        • Hey there Liz~
          I just replied to a comment and it is showing my real e mail address…. thought when we made comments our real e mail address was not shown, but mine is clearly showing for anyone to have?

          • The email address was entered in the name field as well as the email field. No worries though – since it was your first time commenting as your email address, the comment did not get auto approved, and is only visible to you. I’ll update it with just your first name and approve it.

            Sorry about the confusion!

    • um it’s not even available for purchase yet.

      • Yeah…I realized that after my 2 hour rant, I came to Liz’s site here and realized they have yet to go on sale.

  34. I hope you’re right! I would love to see a natural beauty box from Target. I end up skipping most because so many drugstore brands test on animals.

  35. Who am I kidding, I will be getting both lol

  36. I’m praying for the Hada Loba mask! I use Hada Loba as my holy grail skincare. If you haven’t tried it you must! Think about injectable fillers! Yes it’s hyaluronic acid but cream form. If you exfoliate then use this you will reap major skin plumping benefits! The price is beyond amazing for this %.

  37. I was meh until I saw the mask and acure day cream. Hopefully they will both be in the same box.

  38. I can’t wait I love the Target boxes!!

  39. I’m looking forward to trying these products. I’ll be going for one of each as well!!

  40. I hope these don’t go live in the middle of the night like the last one! ;oP

    • YES! I was thinking the same thing! 🙂

    • I didn’t know that no wonder I barely got a box.

    • Too bad we can’t get text alerts because I missed the last box because I don’t check email till morning. Ha ha

  41. I’ll probably be getting one of each for sure!!!!

  42. Triple yay!

  43. ooooooo i get excited for subs more than Christmas presents i swearrr

  44. Comment

  45. Why does every Target box have hair ties?

    • Haha! I think Hair Ties are about as frequent in Target beauty Boxes as Harvey Prince is in Birchboxes! 🙂

    • I know! But I really liked the ones that came in the Holiday boxes – they were different than the normal elastic ones. I’m actually using them 🙂

      • I agree! I have one in my hair right now. I’ve never found a band that holds so well and doesn’t pull a single hair out. I almost gave them away because of the bright colors, but I’m so glad I gave them a try.

  46. Hoping for some great things in the next box.

  47. One of each for sure!!

  48. One of each! One of each !

  49. Oooh, these look good!!!! Thanks for the heads up, Liz!

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