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POPSUGAR Must Have on Sale at RueLaLa – 50% off November Box!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Thanks Jennifer and nelliebelle1197 for letting us know that POPSUGAR Must Have is on sale today at RueLaLa at 11 AM.

You can get a November POPSUGAR Must Have box for $19.97 (Regularly $39.95). This is a one-time purchase box and will not start a subscription. (Find this deal in the ALL category).

(Check out my review of the November Box)

I’ll update this post as soon as we get the details on the deal!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Interesting. I just ordered and got a shipping confirmation for next week along with an order number. No voucher for me it seems.

    • Has anyone gotten theirs yet? Hoping to get before Christmas…

      • I haven’t. I don’t even have tracking yet.

  2. Well, popsugar found a way to take more of my money lol. I ordered this as a Christmas gift so I feel like it’s a great deal. Now waiting for the Holiday box, the Today box, the regular December box, as well as all my other subscriptions. I feel like this may be the month my husband starts questioning me…

  3. Just tried again, and my code works now, so they must have fixed it 🙂

  4. Should I be worried I haven’t received my voucher email yet? I’ve only received the order confirmation email from Rue La La.

    • Check your junk folder-i thought I didn’t receive mine but that’s there it was 🙂

    • I ordered yesterday morning and still haven’t received my voucher email, and it’s not in the spam folder. Customer service told me to wait 24 hours…

  5. PSMH customer service just responded and my code works now.

  6. I find this interesting especially since PopSugar NEVER sent my November box after creating a shipping label and then told me there were no more available.

    • Did you contact their customer service?? I would be so miffed!

      • I did prior to this offer and they said, oh sorry, we will send the Dec. one at no extra charge (just keep my November money) but I cancelled and asked for a refund. I didn’t bother once this offer came out because that seemed worthless. I did order this thru the Rue La la link, now justw aiting to have it ship

      • Does anyone know when this box might ship? I love the boxes, but must admit PSMH are the worst when it comes to actually shipping in a timely fashion.

    • Same thing happened to me. They just said they would not charge for December.

    • Me too. Label generated the 11th. Never shipped. Basically i was told ill get decemeber free. No November left yet Rue LA LA sold a ton after Nov sub period.

      I sent them a very angry email. Thry need to refund me and cancel the sub at this point.

      This was the first box in a long time I was looking forward to. Several items were to be gifted. I got the same response. Looks like they shafted existing subscribers to get new ones.

      • Mine was on 11/11 too, so maybe the ones geenrated that day never got attached to a box. They did refund me quickly…but if you do not get a response post on thier Facebook page. It worked for me.

  7. Well, I just bought my THIRD box:

    – One for my mother
    – One for the postal carrier
    – One for my friend.

    I am now delivering whether to get a 4th box.

  8. It seems that we’re receiving our boxes in fdifferent ways. This is what I received:

    It’s yours, Helen Whaley

    Your order #0000000000 was placed on 12/01/2015 2:51 PM. We’ll send a follow up email when it leaves our hands.

    Estimated Arrival Date:
    On or before 12/09/2015 Check the progress of your order
    One November Must Have Box from POPSUGAR

    • That’s the first e-mail you get. SOmetime later you get one with the voucher.

  9. I contacted both Rue La La and Popsugar. Rue La La is aware of the problem and they’re working to fix it, said to try again tomorrow.

    Popsugar asked me to email them my code, and I haven’t heard back yet after doing so.

    • Just heard back from Popsugar and retried. The codes are now working.

      • Just tried mine again and still no dice. Ill try again tonight and tomorrow before I start worrying about it.

  10. My Rue La La voucher code not working on the popsugar site either. I’m sure it will get sorted out. But in the meantime it’s a little frustrating for now.

  11. My voucher doesn’t work either and I called Ruelala Conceirge, who couldn’t get it to work and din’t know why it wouldn’t work. After placing me on hold several times, she advised me that in some instances, the vouchers take up to 24 hours to work and that I should try it again tomorrow. If it doesn’t work by then, to call back and they will find out from PopSugar what is going on. I specifically said that according to Terms & conditions of the voucher they sold, it is supposed to be valid as of Dec. 1 which is TODAY so that makes no sense but the poor girl really didn’t what to tell me.

  12. For those of you who already have a Capri Blue 20% off voucher from this box – Capri Blue are running a free shipping offer today as part of their 12 days of Christmas deals.
    I usually don’t use percentage off codes because of the shipping charges. This is the time to take the plunge!

  13. My Voucher isn’t working either, on hold with Rue La La right now and also sent an email to POPSUGAR…..

    Ok so they let us know that they are checking in to it right now to see if the codes haven’t been entered yet and try until tomorrow and then call Rue to see if they need issue new codes.

  14. Yep, not working here either.

  15. Code from Ruelala not working for me either. So frustrating!

  16. I am having the same problem redeeming the voucher. I have tried it from my account, I’ve set up a new account, nothing is working.

  17. Ordered it specifically for the headband. It’s beautiful.

    • That was my reason too! I’d been trying to swap for it but no dice yet so yay for Rue La La!

  18. Anyone else having a problem redeeming the voucher? When I enter the promo code, I get an “Uh Oh” message. When I don’t enter the coupon code, I go right to checkout but no voucher. Is the voucher # the confirmation #? Help!

    • Yeah, I’m running into the same problem. I reached out to their cs on their fb page; hopefully they’ll fix the issue soon.

  19. Why do my messages keep disappearing? All I wrote was that the voucher is not working on the PSMH site.

    • had the same problem. Can someone call RueLaLa and find out what’s going on?

      • Yup, I got a voucher and nope, it did not work.
        Thanks Popsugar and Rue La La! : )

  20. Just got one!!
    what a good deal. These are good gifts.

  21. I hate the RueLaLa website but this was a good deal for me. The eyeshadow, candle, mustard, and headband were interesting and I’d pay $5 each for them. The bingo will hang out for when the nieces and nephews come over, and I can send the Thanksgiving cards out to my guests to say thank you for coming.

  22. AHH I’m really annoyed that they haven’t released any spoilers for the December box so I could have decided if I wanted to order it or cancel for this month. Has anyone heard anything?

  23. To clarify: This is NOT a voucher. You don’t log onto PS to get it. It has nothing to do with a subscription. You don’t have to make a PS account or new account. It is Rue lala selling a one-off PS Box which is the November box.

    As soon as I clicked ‘purchase’ that was all, no voucher, just got a confirm email from Rue Lala saying they themselves will ship it and I should have it before 12/9.

    No shipping fee.

    • This is what it says on the page for this item:


      Please note: This voucher is guaranteed for holiday delivery. However, this product is not. Please see POPSUGAR Must Have’s website for shipping details.

      Validity: December 1, 2015, through February 1, 2016, unless prohibited by law. Applicable taxes and shipping are included. Limited to ten vouchers per household; one voucher per transaction. Expect your November Must Have Box to ship within five to seven business days after voucher redemption. Order by December 18, 2015 for guaranteed arrival by December 24, 2015.

      How to redeem: Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher via email confirming your purchase of a November POPSUGAR Must Have Box, along with your unique confirmation code. Visit POPSUGAR Must Have online via the designated link in your voucher email to redeem.

    • To correctly clarify: it IS a voucher and you must redeem it. Rue Lala is NOT shipping these out directly. Check your email.

      • You are totally right and I was totally wrong! Sorry all!

        • I thought the same thing when I got the first confirmation email! Just got the second one with the “voucher” that isn’t working. I’m sure it was all spelled out in the fine print, but it seems a lil shady/crummy if IMHO.

  24. I bought two and might order more (though it’ll create a nightmare of popsugar accounts I’ll need to create and cancel). I just loved the candle and the mustard, I’ve tried like crazy to swap for more to no avail.

    But I want to give one of the boxes to my postwoman as a Christmas gift. At $20 it’ll fit within the allowable gift limits and she so deserves it for bringing in all my other boxes.

    The other box would be great for a friend.

    • Where is it? I can’t find it

      • You have to first make a Rue La La account to be able to see it. Once there, it was in the first page for me.

        I’ve linked to the page (I don’t think there is a referral code on the link, I don’t mean to steal anything from Liz 🙂 so you can get to it by clicking on my name, if you’re logged in to Rue La La

  25. I already have November :/ Pass.. wish it was for December

  26. Where is it? I can’t find it!

    • Me either where is it?!

    • Ok I found it on my cellphone. do a page search for the word box. Only one match comes up – that’s the deal! I was just on the home page

  27. Ok deal for a partial box but there’s also $9.95 shipping :/

    • What? I don’t see anywhere where they disclosed it’s $10 shipping, can you point me out to it?

    • I don’t believe this is a partial box. The description says it is the November box.
      Also, the $9.95 shipping you see plastered all over the RueLaLa site is for shipping charges for physical products they ship; not the PSMH box. There was no charge for shipping when I checked out. It’s an e-mail voucher. I don’t know that PSMH will have shipping charges (hoping not), but there are no shipping charges from RueLaLa.

      • Do you think it would be possible to use toward a December box? or did it make you do November at checkout?

        • No, it’s not a voucher. Buying it from Rue = buying a November box…. auto shipping to you. Nothing involved with a sub or a PS account etc.

          • Actually, this one is a voucher:

            Please note: This voucher is guaranteed for holiday delivery. However, this product is not. Please see POPSUGAR Must Have’s website for shipping details.

            Validity: December 1, 2015, through February 1, 2016, unless prohibited by law. Applicable taxes and shipping are included. Limited to ten vouchers per household; one voucher per transaction. Expect your November Must Have Box to ship within five to seven business days after voucher redemption. Order by December 18, 2015 for guaranteed arrival by December 24, 2015.

            How to redeem: Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher via email confirming your purchase of a November POPSUGAR Must Have Box, along with your unique confirmation code. Visit POPSUGAR Must Have online via the designated link in your voucher email to redeem.

            See Terms & Conditions for validity and online redemption information.

      • My confirmation says $19.97 total – no shipping and it is expected to be delivered by next Wednesday.

        • Mine too. I am confused! lol

  28. At half off I couldn’t resist !!
    also these make great Christmas gifts??

    • I bought the boxes with the same thoughts in mind, but note that it says that boxes are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

  29. Nov. was awesome, but I don’t need more! Staying away ( hopefully ……)

  30. I can’t ever find anything on that site. But if the deal is only a partial Nov box, I’ll pass. I was ready to sign back up for PopSugar with a Black Friday sale, but it never came. No PopSugar for me.

  31. Well color me stoopid. At work, only half paying attention, bought the deal thinking it was a one-month voucher for $20. Now I see it’s the Nov box which I have ZERO interest in. Ugh. That’s what I get.

  32. I didn’t read that it was just the dang November box. Guess I will be getting 4 more of them. Oh well, up for swaps!!

  33. It doesn’t look like you get the InkDot gift card or the Capri Blue coupon, is that true?

    • I’ll be happy to give you both, but they both look like generic codes.

  34. I had purchased the November Must Have Box (Full price) because I wanted the candle and Bingo set. Now there is this sale and the Bingo Set and Candle are a part of their “stocking stuffer sets”. Bad timing on my part!

  35. Popsugar has been so frustrating lately. I’ve been referring friends like crazy and when I finally checked my referrals page it read 0. I emailed customer service with a long list of emails I refered with my link and an entire week later they finally wrote back. They had the audacity to tell me I do not qualify for referral credit? Wish I would had known this before buying 4 holiday limited edition boxes. As a long time paying customer if I do not qualify for referral credit, you no longer qualify to take my money. Such a disappoint. Also don’t fool yourselves, most of your subscribers are because of your black friday deals. Wish I would have bought one last year. Oh well I guess you can go on Rue La la and sell the extra boxes for more that you would have if you would have offered a deal in the first place.

    • Less than you would have*

    • Less than*

    • What was the reason that they gave you for not qualifying? It seems like anyone that sends business their way should qualify???

      • They said the referral link I gave was inactive although it brought them to the purchase page no problem.

    • You only get referral credit when the people you refer join.

      • Orry – I just saw above that they went to the purchase page.

  36. Well that was a FAIL (November box deal only)…however in all fairness, Popsugar DID say that there were not going to be any special discounts/Black Friday deals on their subscription this year.

    • Yeah, while I would have loved a discount on a sub, I would have been really mad if they kept telling people there would be no sub discounts and then they offered one here.

  37. seriously! They canceled my Nov box because they created a shipping label on the 11th and the box still has not moved! I asked why they canceled, because I wanted the Nov box and they stated they were out of stock????? grrrrrrr

    • Crazy since they’ve posted a ton of times to “order the November box now, don’t miss out” via email and on facebook for the last xyz days.

      I’ll bet they allocated x amount for Ruelala and as such couldn’t pull it from there. 🙁

  38. The only deal I see for PopSugar box is the November box for 19.97.

  39. Well this sucks. I was really hoping for a good Black Friday deal, but instead I just feel like I made a mistake trusting them and buying the November box early. Really frustrated.

  40. Too bad it’s only for the November box. Pass

  41. Well that was disappointing.

  42. Boo.
    One November Must Have Box from POPSUGAR
    It’s called the Must Have box for a reason – it has more than $100 worth of beauty, fashion, home, and more.


  43. Just the November box? I really like my candle, but not that much. Bummer!

    • Seriously! Just found the sale. Major disappointment…

  44. Is it just the one where they’re selling the November box at half price?

  45. …or 8am if you’re a west coast folk like me 😉

    • $20 for popsugar! SOLD!

      • phew… almost submitted my payment. as soon as i saw *novembers box* listed, pass!!!!

  46. So they don’t have a Black Friday deal but they’re hurting enough for subscribers to go on rue la la? Hmmm.

    • I guess they aren’t hurting, just hurting to get rid of the November boxes…I didn’t think it was that bad. I bet if they just had just sent out a code to subscribers to buy extras (like the December boxes last year), they could have gotten rid of them.

  47. they have something listed that may be Nina’s travel box, it says “holiday travel box featuring Flight OO1” may be worth checking out.

    • How did you find that? There doesn’t appear to be a search function on the site.

      • Right?! I actually dislike this site because of that lack of feature.

        • *that site

          — not this site. MSA has a search feature, which works pretty well most of the time.

    • The Nina’s travel stuff is actually luggage, bags, etc. If you click on ‘Women’ and then under ‘Todays Boutiques’ – it is just a little bit down the list called “The Holidays Travel Kit Featuring Flight 001”

      It’s a bit misleading as I wouldn’t call it a ‘kit’, but that’s just me.
      I did ask about search engine and here is funny convo with agent:

      Nina S.: Is there anything else I can help with, Karen?
      Karen: add a search bar? LOL
      Nina S.: With being a flash Boutique site, a search bar would actually make it harder, as our items come and go so fast. There is no way to set one up.
      Karen: lol….I work with designing software systems, including screens, don’t tempt me with a challenge
      Karen: I’d design one w/filter for expired deals/dead deals or have search results return mssg the deal is over. Data is stored in your DB somewhere so it’s a matter of grabbing & presenting right mssg
      Karen: I’ve done this for 18 yrs, your IT Dept needs to be more creative
      Nina S.: I do know we are working on a brand search engine. It is in the process of being tested before a test launch.

      OK, so at first it is “there is no way to set one up” which I knew was not true and ended with her stating ‘they are working on a brand new search engine. Sigh, just say that in the first place.

    • It’s NOT Nina’s box.

  48. I hope it is a good deal!!

  49. Oh, please make it a good one! I’ve resisted all the deals since Black Friday so that I could afford to load up on a subscription deal from Popsugar.
    *Fingers crossed*

  50. Ahhh!! Finally! I was a little disappointed when I felt they were the only ones that didn’t have a black friday deal! So excited!

    • Fingers crossed for a good deal! 🙂

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