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POPSUGAR Friends & Family Sale – Up to $75 Off Subscriptions

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For a limited time, use coupon code DEC15, DEC25  or DEC75 to save up to $75 on a POPSUGAR Must Have subscription! (That brings a 6-month subscription down to $23.29 a box!)

Check out my review of the December box to see what you’ll receive with your first month!

Full Details: Use promotion code DEC15 for $15 off a 1 month subscription. Use promotion code DEC25 for $25 off a 3 month subscription. Use promotion code DEC75 for $75 off a 6 month subscription. Promotion codes listed above (“Codes”) are valid from Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. PST until Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PST or while supplies last. Only one Code may be used per transaction. To use multiple Codes, or to use the same Code multiple times, begin a new checkout transaction each time you use a Code. Codes may not be used with any other promotional codes, discounts, coupons, or offers. Codes are non-transferable nor redeemable for cash or credit. Codes are not valid for purchase of Special Edition, Neiman Marcus, Stocking Stuffers or Gift Collection boxes, nor for any previously purchased boxes. Any duplicate boxes purchased with this promotion will not be refunded and cannot be returned for credit.
Other exclusions may apply. Void where prohibited. This promotion may be terminated or modified by POPSUGAR at any time in its sole discretion. Any subscription that is not a gift will automatically renew for additional one-month subscription terms and your account will be billed $39.95 plus tax each month unless you cancel your subscription prior to the 23rd day of the month. You may cancel your subscription or make updates to your account at any time by visiting your Account Page. Must Have Terms apply. Terms and pricing are subject to change. If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I read somewhere that this deal ends the 15th.

    • Yep, it’s in the details in this post.

  2. I got the 6 months. I’m a PS first timer. I really like the December box. I cancelled peaches & petals. It was such cap for only $10 less/month. Easy decision.

    • To each her own. I loved this month’s P&P, I could tell they’re really trying. I got a robe, lavender bath soak, eyemask, earrings, necklace and chocolate. I loved all of it.

      • Me too! They have improved a lot since the October fail. Last month it was totally worth the price for the fringed scarf and this one was for the kimono robe alone.

        • Yes the robe was cute, but I think the jewelry is pretty low quality, and I’ll never wear it. The Gel Mask is nice but I have one – they are from the Dollar Store. Its fine but for $10 more PS seems to be such high quality items. And next weeks main item is a water infuser cup, and I already have one. I have too many subs so I had to cancel one to get PS, and P&P seemed like the obvious choice.

    Que, I’ve been waiting for this moment by Phil Collins!

  4. I literally just resubbed yesterday of course – I wonder if they’ll adjust my account.

  5. I went for it…and did 6 months. At $25/box, I couldn’t resist. I can always swap things or give them as gifts if I don’t love them.

    I’m not excited to get the December box, but oh well…

  6. On another note – has anyone received their Rue La La November box? When I go to Fed Ex and track my packages it shows that 3 are on their way (Holiday for her, December, and a third one that weighs the same as December). I am really hoping they didn’t just give me the Rue La La special for a December box because then I will have 3 after taking into account the new 6 month family and friends deal that starts with December!

    • I don’t think they are going to ship that one until December 16, if I remember correctly.

      • They said on FB that it will mail on the 16th, so you are correct.

    • Received my RueLaLa November box 4 days ago. Happy Holidays!

    • Mine hasn’t shipped either. I am happy to have 2 Nov boxes but not so much the the Dec one with this 6 month promo code. I emailed them today to ask if they will refund the first one I ordered for the $39.95. We’ll see if they’ll do it.

      • Can you update this when you get an answer from them? I had a 3-month membership, they auto-renewed for December (which I still don’t have tracking information for, but they’ve charged me), and I decided to go ahead with the 6-month membership because it was such a good deal.

        • Yes! I just got a response that they’re experiencing a high volume of inquiries right now and thanked me for my patience. Haha

          I’ll let you know if I hear back anything else!

        • I emailed regarding being billed for the December box, but not having any tracking information before signing up for the six month special. They informed me that I will be getting two December boxes. They will not cancel the first box and they will not postpone the new sub until January.

    • I didn’t redeem my RueLaLa voucher until several days after the promotion started and my box just arrived today. I never got shipping notification or tracking information, so it was a bit of a surprise.

  7. I finally took the bait. Ive gone back and forth over this sub and just couldn’t do it at full price because there are too many times id be disappointed. With the discount I can look forward to each box. I do wish the sub would have started in January as the December box was a dud.

  8. I’m over Popsugar. Too many shady business practices/website changes and some dud items. This would be a good deal if you could customize it more and you knew that they would be reliable about it.

  9. I wasn’t going to bite, but I couldn’t resist the 6-month deal. I’m done with my Christmas shopping and still had a little left in my holiday budget so it worked out well. I’m honestly OK with receiving two December boxes. Can’t hurt to have a few nice, emergency gifts on-hand.

  10. I’m happy to have gotten the deal, but annoyed about the start date. I bought it when the website said it started with the January box, and the order confirmation page said January. Now when I sign in it says December.
    How do they always manage to mess things up AND get away with it??! That’s bait and switch! And everything is a bug or a glitch. Geez. Fix your stuff popsugar. :/

    • Omg! Im glad you mentioned this, totally bait & switch. I checked my account and they did the same thing! Just sent them an email. Crossing fongers they fix this for us!

      • I sent them an email too. I’m already getting December, which hasn’t been shipped yet. It says “processing”. When I bought the six month subscription, it said the first box would be January, and now it says December. I told them I thought they needed to fix this. Not good business practice.

      • Not happening. Here is the response I received.

        “Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this deal is only available for the current box we are selling, which is December. We aren’t able to customize subscription start dates as whichever month is on sale is the month your subscription will start with. Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we’d be more than happy to help out!


        POPSUGAR Support”

      • yep it happened to me last year exact same thing!!!!

  11. Really torn….The only item I really liked in the November box (the candle) arrived broken and they still have not sent a replacement or even replied to my last inquiry. I don’t care for the Holiday for Her LE box So why would I even consider this deal ? It is called addiction!:)

    And…I wish I had the December box. So I am torn between using this deal to grab a December box and succumbing to the temptation for a six-month sub.

    • It’s an addiction all right. I’m fighting the temptation, have enough subs already. But on the other hand, it’s only 23 ish for six months! Gaah! 🙂

    • My candle was also broken. Emailed and they said it would be 2 weeks then it’d ship out. Waited 3 and emailed and they said they were going to ship in the next few days and they would throw in another item for my inconvenience. I was pleasantly surprised both times I contacted I heard from them within 24 hrs. This past time it was only a few hours. Maybe I just got lucky.

    • You can always buy unused boxes on Ebay 😉

  12. I don’t want to be negative because at the end of the day I love popsugar, but sometimes they just can’t get their shizz together. Everyone with current subs got excited that they started in January according to our accounts and then they go back and change it to December, that is a bit shady. The people who should benefit from these discounts are people who sub and pay full price, not just new or inactive subscribers. I shouldn’t be forced two December boxes, it makes it a tiny bit less of a fantastic deal.

    • I signed up last month for 6 months prepaid because they said they would not be doing any deals on subscriptions this year. Now they have decided they will! Ugh, I can cancel it, but will not get a refund. They won’t offer to add it onto the end either that it has to start with December. I don’t think I want 2 boxes every month. I think they screwed everyone that isn’t a month to month subscriber and that’s crappy!

      • I did the exact same thing – waited for a BF deal, was so bummed when they didn’t offer one, then bit the bullet and bought a 6-month sub anyway. Now this.

        I’m feeling screwed, majorly. They always seem to do this to their loyal subscribers – You pay full price for a LE box? It goes on sale soon after! You have a regular subscription? They offer deals on boxes at Rue La La! You buy a long-term membership? Sale that you’re not eligible for!

        PSMH is my favorite sub, but every month that goes by, I feel more and more frustrated with them. 🙁

  13. What if I already bought a 6 month sub and paid for it in full already. Online it says I can cancel and account will still show credits, but will not incur any new charges. Um, well I wouldn’t incur any more charges anyways because I already paid for 6 months. It didn’t say they would refund it. I thought about canceling and then going back to get this deal. They really messed stuff up saying they weren’t going to do any deals otherwise I would have waited ugh.

    • Same. I’m so frustrated. 75 wasted bucks haha, all because I trusted them when they said they weren’t doing a deal

  14. I signed up for the six-month deal. E-mailed them and asked to start in January and to cancel my month-to-month subscription. If I end up with 2 December boxes, I can live with that, but I don’t want to have two open accounts, and when I clicked on the link to the month-to-month account it didn’t bring me to a page to cancel it (perhaps because it’s still pending?) In any event, I’ll stay on top of this and see what happens.

    • They told me you can’t use the deal to renew a sub. But the December box isn’t bad and had some good giftable items if I get 2.

  15. I’ll probably be selling my duplicate December box for $25 plus shipping if anyone is interested! Looks like a great box but I don’t need 2.

  16. This is a great deal! ? I just received my December box yesterday and I just Love It! Omg, you need to try the cupcake in a mug, my husband went wild over it. Just love my Stow Away lipstick trio too. And don’t forget the Nova Jewelry box and beautiful LUV AJ bracelet, and more. Of course I’m going to order and start with another INCREDIBLE December Pop Sugar Box. Thanks Popsugar

  17. Ohhhhh boy… I was certain I was going to cancel after Dec since there was no great Black Friday deal. So I signed up for Luxor. Now the deal comes out! Arg!!

    What to do??

  18. I just cancelled – which was my original plan for the end of the year. I’d like to use this discount on a 6 month sub but even though I like the spoilers for the December box, I don’t want 2 of them. My December box is still in processing status but I still expect to get it – I think. I would only do this deal if it starts in January (like last year) – or December and I don’t get 2 boxes. I don’t know how to ensure that so I guess I’m taking a break from PopSugar.

  19. I justv read through this thread and I keep seeing people ask the same question. And that is that they are prepaid through January or February and they are hoping that this taxon to the end of their cycle. To all the people asking questions look towards the top of this thread. People are copying and pasting their responses from PopSugar saying they apologize but this special deal must start with the December box so you will get duplicates. People have also posted the message from PopSugar saying that if your email or accounts as your first box will be in January that is a glitch and it indeed starts with the December box

    • Thank you !

    • I guess that’s not the end of the world–I could use a matched set of those little blue boxes, ditto for the wine stoppers. Even taking December completely out of the equation, that leaves me with 5 new boxes for $30 each, which is still a big savings.

  20. Yeah! My waiting paid off. Purchased a six month sub as gift for myself.

  21. I would be so on this if it started in January. Don’t understand why that can’t be accommodated—unless no one wants the December box and they’re trying to unload them. When you’re forced to get a box you really don’t want it negates the savings.

    Are you reading this Popsugar?

    • I think thats totally the reason ! After seeing the feedback on here for the december box was very negative, i figured they would do some sort of sale to get them sold. I just got a 6 month sub, but if course like most i wish it could start later.

    • I bought the 6 month plan an hour ago and they are starting me with January

  22. Went back to look and they changed it to start in December instead of January which is what it confirmed when I bought. Guess I’m getting 2 December boxes, which I really don’t want. Gift items….

  23. Just cancelled all my boxes a few days ago. Must. Stay. Strong.
    *runs away*

  24. NOPE. I had saved up and was ready to pull the trigger on a PSMH Black Friday deal. When there wasn’t one I went back and looked at reviews from the entire past year and by my tally, I would have enjoyed fewer than 50% of the items from the entire year. I covet only one item from the December box (and have swapped for it, just waiting for it to arrive), which has gone a long way towards helping me feel zero temptation now.

  25. Cannot resist the deal 🙂 I just ordered minutes ago, the subscription starts December (while I thought it would be Jan). I don’t like December box much 🙁

  26. I just ordered a 6 month gift for my Mom and forgot to put in the code. I emailed PopSugar and am hoping that they will fix my snafu.

    • You can cancel the order through your account and reorder with the code.

      • Thanks Vikki! I’m not seeing a place where I can cancel the order since it is a gift and not a subscription. Do you know if there is a link?

  27. Hmmmmm, it says processing for December, but I have already been charged for my December box and received tracking info. I don’t want to receive two December boxes.

  28. Oh no they just replied and said this is a bug and they are currently working to fix it but will start with December!
    POPSUGAR Support, Dec 13, 11:13 AM:
    Hi Valerie,

    I am confirming that this is a bug and your first box will be December. This will be reflected on your account shortly.


    POPSUGAR Support

    • Yes, this info is correct. I just logged in again and when I clicked on “view subscription details” it just changed from saying first box will be January to first box will be December.

      • My original subscription ends in December & already showed shipping status as “processing”. I purchased the 6-month deal while I was logged into my Popsugar account, and it created a NEW subscription instead of adding 6 credits to my original subscription. So that means that I still needed to cancel my original subscription AFTER making the purchase. And that means that I’ll be getting a duplicate of December. Oh well, for $25/box, the December box will make a good Christmas gift at a reasonable price.

  29. I bought 3 months previously that ends February and I closed it out so it wouldn’t renew. If I purchase the 6 months will I get duplicates for Jan and FEb?

    • Yes you will. But you could always use the extras as gifts

  30. Merry Christmas to everyone! I wonder how long this will last, at least until payday I hope! 🙂

    • They said on Facebook in a reply to someone who asked how long this would be available, “This promotion expires on Tuesday!”

  31. Will this deal extend an existing sub?

  32. I’m so excited!!!! I ordered the 6 month subscription. Thinking about ordering another one and put it on hold till this one runs out so I will have a year. I will think about it…

    • Can you put it on hold?

      • You can’t put it on hold I just sent them an email asking because I have a gift subscription that ends in January so I asked if it can start with Februarys box and I was told no that it willbe December but my account says it will start in January. I am still awaiting their reply aboout December being my first box because my account says it will be January. Here is what they sent me in return.
        Hi Valerie,

        Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this deal is only available for the current box we are selling, which is December. We aren’t able to customize subscription start dates as whichever month is on sale is the month your subscription will start with. Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we’d be more than happy to help out!


        POPSUGAR Support

        • thanks for sharing.

        • Well drat, I have a 3 month gift subscription that ends in December. I ordered this hoping it would start with January, but my account shows it will start with November??? OMG I don’t want two duplicate boxes being sent, how crazy is that. If it were just December I could live with it. I emailed them anyway and we’ll see what happens. Why would they start some people in January and send others the November box?

          • Ok I’m an idiot, I looked at it wrong. It does start with December. Oh well, would be nice to start in January but the second box can go up for swap or be gifted I guess.

  33. I got the six month sub for $148 and I am so excited! Christmas present to myself, I guess. 😉 I haven’t had PopSugar since August, so yay. It says my subscription starts with the January box, which I’m happy with, since I wasn’t too fond of the December box.

  34. For those of you whose orders will start in January- did you have a monthly subscription and already received the December box? Or did you create a new account? I want to sign up, but I want to make sure I don’t get another December box! Gah- thanks!

    • I had an account but hadn’t received a box since August (so I didn’t receive the December box), and my sub is starting with January.

      • Yay! I ordered and it says my first month will be in January. 🙂

    • I have an active month-to-month sub and when I signed up for 6 months, it said the first box would be January. I didn’t cancel my monthly sub until after I paid for the 6 month sub. Hope this helps,

      • April- that helps a TON, thank you!! I just ordered the 6 month and it shows up as starting as January. Now I will cancel my monthly subscription so I don’t receive 2 boxes at a time. Thanks so much! 🙂

      • I just signed back in and now it says my first box on the 6 month will be December 2015… Not sure if that is happening to everyone whose coupon sub showed Jan as the first month?

        • Yes, my account page has changed to December, and I just got an email from them saying “hurray, we have found more December boxes so your subscription will begin in December!” I emailed right back, and said that was not the basis I bought this deal on. Have only gotten the “we are inundated with CS requests and will get back to you later” email. We will see what they do – Fix this, Popsugar – its really bad customer relations!

  35. The FOMO is strong with this one! I’m not sure if I will do it or not (though the winter and spring boxes last year were a lot better to me than the summer and spring ones I did get!).

  36. $15 off one month is good deal but I’m not super interested in the December box…

  37. Merry Christmas to me, I got the 6 month sub!! For those worried about duplicate December boxes, I just logged in on my current sub and it started a new one that it says starts in January, worked out perfectly.

    • Me too! It say my first box will be January 2016. Score!

    • I did the same thing. Yay!

      • Yay same here!! 🙂

  38. Was planning on cancelling, but this was just too good to pass up. My sub ended in December, so this was just perfect! I was billed only $150.74 for 6 months, so sweet deal!

  39. I have one account where the box renews monthly. Since December was pending on that account, I signed up on a different account and it says my first box will be in January. Not sure why that worked out, especially since December is not sold out, but I’m glad I do t have to call CS to skip another December box.

    • Natalie – how do you call CS? Do you have another number?

      • Sorry hKc, call was the wrong term. I meant contact PS. I have only ever done so through email.

        • Oh got it! I was excited for a second, because I have not gotten a response since December 1 from them. So it’s been a bit frustrating. Thank you!

    • Natalie – how do you call their CS? Do you have a number?

  40. That would be awesome if they were caught up on delivery of their regular boxes. I’m awaiting my November box (“processing, due to items on back order”), then they have already have my December box listed as “processing”….
    My Today show actually showed up today on a Sunday??!
    This has been a very weird experience!

  41. I just signed up for a 6 month sub! I emailed them to get them to apply the discount to my sub. If they don’t, and I bet they don’t, I’m disputing it with my CC! Argh this is so annoying. Why didn’t they put it out on Black Friday like normal???

    • I did before they came out with the sale too 🙁 i feel like i’m being punished for willing to buy it at full price. I hope they’re fair and do something about it! But i’m worried customer service has not always been the best 🙁

    • Same thing happened to there a true basis for the CC company to help in this situation? Thinking they may just say “sorry, bad luck”.

    • So many ladies were asking for a black Friday deal. I’m pretty upset that they waited to run this special now after I’m sure most of us renewed at regular prices after they said there was not going to be a special on the monthly subs. Oh well I got the 6 month deal b/c the repeat Dec, Jan, and Feb boxes work out to only $10 each. I do not mind since I hope something in them can be used for gifts.

    • Same, feeling tricked 🙁 I’m resigned to the fact that nothing can be done, but I did send them an email registering my frustration haha

  42. My sub ends this month so I received December. Is there a way to tack this on or do I have to cancel and resubscribe and end up with another December box? Thank you to anyone who can help

    • My last box was Decembers and when I added the 6 months and added the code it said I have 6 credits and my first box will be January’s. It should tell u what box u r getting if u go in my account and it should say how many credits and when that credit starts. I wish I could add a pic to this so I can show u what I’m looking at.

      • Thank you! I see where it says I have zero credits so I’ll try buying another 6 months and see what happens

    • U can add it to your account, just make sure u r signed in and add the 6 months or which ever deal u wanted and make sure u add the code and I paid $148.43 and it said my first box will be Jan 16 but that’s because my subscribtion ran out in December so yay for this awesome deal that was a really good price. If u still have credits then it should start the 6 months after ur last box from ur current subscribtion. I hoped this helped.

  43. I hope supplies last until Tuesday morning when I get paid.

  44. Looks like I will be getting 2 december boxes, will have to see if they can start me in January.

  45. That worked out perfect for me, December was my last box from my 6 months subscribtion so when I added another 6 months it says mine will start in Jan. 2016 so that’s awesome I was worried I was going to get another December box but $148.43 for 6 months is a really good deal. Thanks for posting this. Popsugar and FabFitFun are my faves.

    • Apparently they are starting with December boxes instead of January.

  46. Exactly what I was waiting for! I already have the December box and am prepaid through January, so I really hope this is tacked on to my existing subscription and starts in February.

  47. And that’s why I hold off for a while because I knew they would offer a good deal eventually.

  48. Sold! I think I’ll be getting two December boxes, unfortunately, but I can’t pass up such a good deal.

  49. Finally! Signed up again for another 6 months after cancelling in November hoping for a Black Friday deal. Just a little bummed it’s starting with the December box since I’m not a fan…hopefully January will be awesome!

  50. Thanks so much! I wish PSMH accepted PayPal … wonder why they don’t.

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