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Birchbox & Ipsy Sneak Peek for November 2015 Boxes!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.45.58 AM

Both the Birchbox and Ipsy reveals are up! (Thanks, Jen for letting us know!)

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.45.52 AM

I’m loving that makeup bag print!

Use this link to see what you’ll get from Birchbox this month.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.47.40 AM

What are you getting from Ipsy and Birchbox this month? Any good samples?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am finally able to see my Birchbox and an kind of meh about it.
    – Sumbody salt scrub
    – Catherine Malandrino perfume (3rd perfume since I subcribed in July)
    – eSalon leave in conditioner
    – MAKE face gloss (looking forward to this one since I have a highlighter from Ipsy and this doesn’t have shimmer so it will be nice for day time use).
    – LOC shadow stick Impress Me (my pick)

    I know everyone complains about them, but I would have like to get a dry shampoo. I haven’t gotten any from BB, Ipsy, or Target since I started subcribing this July.

    • I have a short pixie cut, and Birchbox sent me dry shampoo last month. This month I got a hair mask and now I’m no longer subscribed.

  2. I’m not happy with either of them this month 🙁

    Dermelect ME Peptide Infused Lacquer
    LeeAni Eco Go Away Gloomy Day Serum
    Smashbox Mascara
    J. Cat Skinny & Long Eye pencil
    tre’Stique Mini Matte Lip Crayon

    I think the only thing I’m excited for is the nail polish.


    the Balm Cindy Lou-manizer
    Klorane Soothing and Relaxing Patches
    Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
    Parlor Touchable Hair Cream
    LOC Lip Color

  3. For some reason both Birchbox & ipsy wont let me see my sneak peeks. Its so frustrating.

  4. My Birchbox looks alright, with left over theBalm Manizer, under-eye patches, dry shampoo (meh :/), curl cream, and the Love of Color lipstick I chose. Pretty good selection. Other than a cool bag, Ipsy was so bad this month I cancelled. It’s no good offering customization then completely ignoring the important parts. Like sending hairspray. Ugh. After some goopy blow-out cream I couldn’t even give away. The only thing I think I’ll use is an eye brush, and possibly some nail polish.

  5. REALLY frustrating that it wont let me see my ipsy. I have shared and it still keeps sending me back in a “loop” to “Take a sneak peek!” UGHHHHH. Its awful. I always wanna see what I get this month I guess Ill just be surprised. Something is wrong with it connecting and I have tried on phone, iPad and desktop computer. Sigh. At least I like the bag design this month?

    • I agree. I just started my first sub last month, and I didn’t care for that bag. I love this one.
      And I have probably posted on Facebook like 6 times with the same issue with the loops. Oh well, the surprise won’t kill me.

  6. My Birchbox isn’t loaded yet. All I know is I should be getting the LOC eye shadow in Impress Me. I also added on a Bauble Bar bracelet so I hope I’m happy with that.

  7. Very happy with this month’s iPsy:

    Jelly pong pong liquid gossamer, anyone tried this?

    Luxie Beauty matte eyeshadow

    Feeling beautiful, 4 different face masks

    Smash box full exposure mascara

    Tre’Stique mini matte lip crayon

    I still can’t see my birchbox. Kinda bummed about that. Anyone else not seeing theirs? I know I have been charged for it.

    • My birchbox has finally loaded
      LOC shadow stick, it says rise and shine trio, will we actually get 3??

      Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo (I got dry shampoo last month :/ )

      Liz Earle super skin moisturizer

      Temple spa la la bath/shower gel

      Make skin illumination & face gloss duo

      • I think that we will get 1 of 3 shadow sticks. You’ll receive whatever you picked in the sample choice. But, if they’re giving away 3, I’m ready to take them!

  8. For my two Ipsy bags:
    Full exposure mascara(x2)
    Leanni Eco serum
    Ashley Tucker moisturizer
    Angled Liner brush
    Tre’stique lip stick (x2)
    Dermalect nail polish

    And of course the bags! I’m willing to trade anything, including the bag. [email protected]

  9. I am really liking my birchbox this month – the shadow stick in impress me, macadamia dry shampoo, MAKE face gloss, number 4 hair elixir, and a dr jart water replenishment mask.

    • Sounds like such a good box! Almost makes me regret going for the curated.

  10. Can’t see my birchbox samples (ACE account) yet but hopefully there will be some great samples

  11. 7 item box for me on one account:

    *Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish
    *Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color
    *Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color
    *Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color
    *MAKE Skin Illuminator & Face Gloss Duo
    *PARLOR® by Jeff Chastain Touchable Curl Cream
    *LOC Complete Collection for Lips

    That’s a lot of hair products. I *do* have color-treated hair (review of the Birchbox color-treated hair LE pack coming soon) and like the Oribe Masque. I don’t really have curly hair but oh well.

    No Harvey Prince, so that’s great.

    • I love your whole box – hope I get the same one. My unshipped BB won’t show what I’m getting yet.

      • I know. This is one of the better boxes I’ve gotten lately. It’s on my oldest account so maybe I’ve just already received all the stuff I don’t want. I’m seeing lots of new things there.

  12. I think there may be more LE boxes. I was looking to see if my box was posted and the “my box” tab was not there. I hovered over the Holiday Gifts tab and there were several LE boxes visible. Then the page refreshed and my box tab appeared. Weird.

  13. My non ace account is up but my ace isn’t. The non ace has the berry lipstick as the pick this month and a shower gel, balm blush, Harvey prince sincerely and something I don’t recognize.

    • Wow, they’ve been on a Harvey Prince kick lately. I got Sincerely in my August Birchbox. It was just ok to me, but perfume is so personal, so maybe you’ll really like it. I think I finished the sample just because. I really hope I don’t get another HP perfume sample.

    • I’m pretty sure your non-ace account is the same as mine. Strange, I feel like I never have the exact same products as someone else. :p

  14. Finally an amazing bag design!

  15. Well I think I win for crappiest Ipsy bag.

    Josie Maran Argan oil
    the eyeliner gel and brush
    SMashbox mascara
    a blending brush
    and a hairspray

    The only thing I will even try is the eyeliner. I hate this particular Smashbox mascara, I never use oil as I already have super oily skin and hair, I don’t ever use hairspray, and I blend with my fingers no brush needed. So incredibly bummed. T
    This is my birthday month too. 🙁

    • Why not save the things you don’t or won’t use and put together a gifr bag for someone for the holidays or a birthday? That’s what I do. Also happy early birthday.

  16. I’m happy with my ipsy bag this month, but totally jealous of those who are getting the ColourPop Shadow!

  17. Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara
    Crown Brush Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush
    Beaute Basics Sahara Gold Chubby Eyeshadow Pencil
    China Glaze Nail Lacquer
    LeeAnni Eco Go Away Gloomy Day Serum
    First Ipsy bag

    • Your bag sounds great! Mine sucks this month. The only thing I like is the bag. I am getting a brush that I won’t need or use, some blush sheets, some pore stuff I don’t need, etc. Will use the mascara and the bag. That’s it. Oh well, now have to wait and see what December brings. My Birchbox link doesn’t show anything but the October bag. Hopefully my Glossybox , Boxycharm, and Beautybox 5 will be good this month!

  18. My birchbox(s) haven’t loaded yet except the curated box option.

    My ipsy:
    -crown brush deluxe pointed crease brush
    – beaute basics gel eyeliner with brush. Navy! Yay, no black eyeliner!
    – figs and ruge mattifying emulsion
    – smashbox mascara
    – Demeter twilight orchid perfume oil

    Most excited about the Demeter.

  19. I’m getting

    Jelly Pong Pong
    Liquid Gossamer

    Figs & Rouge
    Mattifying Emulsion & Pore Refiner

    Smashbox Cosmetics
    Full Exposure Mascara

    Crown Brush
    Oval Concealer Brush (C224)

    Mini Matte Lip Crayon
    Plus I redeemed a Pixie Toner and some metallic tatoos.

    Does anyone know what you have to click on in the quiz to get perfume? I have it liked but some how I’ve never gotten one yet I still get make up brushes which I have no shortage of.

    • Wow! We’re getting the exact same things! So interesting to see that especially with Ipsy. I would say maybe retake the quiz to see if you can emphasize that you want perfume, and maybe adjust so you no longer get brushes? Also, Birchbox seems to send out perfume more than Ipsy, maybe you can give it a try? Just some thoughts.

  20. I’ve been underwhelmed by my last two ipsy bags, so last month I changed my preferences on there to only include my basic info (eye/hair/skin color and age, etc) without any preference for type of product, just to see if I’d get a better bag. Well, it worked! I actually really like what I’m getting this month:

    – Smashbox Full Exposure mascara (same as Liz)
    – ColourPop Super Shock Shadow (same as Liz)
    – Beaute Basics gel eyeliner w/eyeliner brush in navy
    – Aromachology Exotic & Spicy Eau de Parfum (deluxe/rollerball)
    – Hey Honey, Come Clean: Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub

    • I’m getting the same exact box as you, Lizz! I’m excited about everything but the mascara. I just get too darn much mascara from sub boxes. I received the Hey Honey I Peel Good in a Glossybox a few months back and absolutely loved it, so I’m looking forward to trying this item from Hey Honey. The Exotic & Spicy perfume sounds intriguing, not to mention “exotic and spicy”, so that will be fun to sample. And YAY! A navy blue gel eyeliner and brush, like other posters have said, so glad it’s not another black one! The eye shadow will be a new brand for me.

      • Rookala – very fun! I totally agree with you…the only thing I’m not excited about is the mascara (because I already have too many mascara samples, lol), but that was the one item that everyone got from ipsy this month so I can’t complain. I’m also very glad that the eyeliner is navy instead of black!

  21. I can’t get the Birchbox link to show me my items. Anyone have a trick?

    • Mine aren’t up, either. They told me they’d be up when my box ships. We’ll see.

      • Though I just realized that I didn’t get the curated box. I picked the one sample I wanted (a LOC eye shadow stick) and will be surprised by the rest.

  22. Can’t see Birchbox yet, but in Ipsy I’m getting:
    -Smashbox mascara
    -Tre’stique mini matte lip crayon
    -Beaute Basics gel eyeliner and brush
    -Pantene dry shampoo
    -Skin Inc pure revival peel

    I’m excited about the lip crayon, and really excited about the gel eyeliner and brush!

  23. What is going on with Birchbox lately? Ever since they had site issues when sample choice was revealed, it seems like things have been “off.” I still never got the sample choice e-mail, and I didn’t get an e-mail about the sneak peek, either. I clicked on the link above to see my sneak peek (I’m always logged in), and it isn’t showing a November box at all, let alone a sneak peek.

    I had a brief payment lapse on Sunday (my card expired), and I remedied it as soon as I got the e-mail – so also on Sunday, literally within minutes of getting the e-mail. I’m wondering if that somehow messed things up. I’m waiting on chat with them now, so hopefully they’ll help me figure this out.

    But am I the only one who hasn’t been getting certain e-mails since the site issues last week? I seem to get the sales e-mails but not the subscription update e-mails. I used to get them, no problem, and I haven’t changed any settings. I’m not an Ace, but I’m close.

    • Ok, now I’m seeing others are seeing the same thing as I am. Also, Birchbox just confirmed that I am getting a November box but that I can’t see my sample choice until it’s shipped, which should be by the 10th.

      I have just heard so much about people losing out on certain things if there’s any problem with their card charging the renewal fee, so I was concerned that I was SOL with regard to this month’s box.

      Crisis averted 😉

      • My card expired, I put the info back in, but it wiped out the sample choice. They say I will still get one of the sticks, but it will be random.

        • That makes me sad 🙁 The rep on chat told me that because my card was able to be run on 11/1, I should still be getting my sample choice. We’ll see…

          • I will be ok. I didn’t fall in love with any of the colors, and there are only two of the colors that I don’t want, so there’s a good chance I’ll get one of the three I like. This actually happened to me once before with Birchbox, and I was supposed to get a moisturizer but I got a dry shampoo, but really, it wasn’t that big a deal.

      • I always find birchbox customer service to be awesome. Between that and their points I love them.

        • My first experience with Birchbox CS was pretty poor, I have to say. My first box ever included a Marcelle eye liner (that I would actually use), but it had no cap and had been flying all over the box during shipping. It marked up the inside of the box and all of my other samples, plus I was not about to use it near my eyes. It took me three tries with customer service over 6 weeks to finally get the replacement that had been promised to be shipped within a week by the previous two CS reps. The third gave me 100 points for my trouble and got it done. Unfortunately those points don’t count towards Ace status, but it was still $10 in the store 🙂

    • I think they aren’t sending out sample choice emails anymore. You can go here ( to pick your samples later in the month. In the vid that they release (which you can find at the above link) they tell you when sample choice will open.

  24. Is there anyway to see Ipsy without sharing on facebook? I use to see a link that said skip or something like that, but not anymore.

    And my Birchbox is just showing the box decor not the samples for November yet.

    • Same here – I had a CC issue (expired card) that I immediately resolved when I got their e-mail, so I freaked out that I lost my sample choice and/or wasn’t getting a November box. BB help just confirmed that all is well, and they are telling me that if there’s any issue getting me the sample that I picked, they’ll get it to me somehow. If not, hopefully they’ll give me some points because I’m thisclose to being an Ace 😀

    • I don’t know if there is a way to skip sharing Ipsy on FB but I have my preferences set so when I do share something from Ipsy only I can see my posts and then I usually go back and delete them so it doesn’t take over my wall. Hope this helps!

      • That’s exactly what I do. I’m not going to spam my friends with all that Ipsy stuff.

        • I just post it and then immediately delete it from facebook haha.

      • There was an option of clicking on my friends don’t like makeup.

    • Well I somehow faked it out and got the Ipsy site to show my sneak peak. I am getting:

      – Smashbox mascara
      – Hey Honey facial scrub
      – Jesse’s Girl eyeshadow primer
      – Sigma Beauty mini blending brush
      – Beaute Basics gel eyeliner with gel eyeliner brush

      I am happy with my bag, but I just got the Glossybox $9 1 year sub so I think I may ride Ipsy out until the end of the year and cancel since I also bave BB and I don’t want to get rid of that because of their awesome points system.

  25. I am getting some brands I never heard of before from Ipsy – jelly pong pong liquid gossamer, inspr shadow, novex hair are keratin product. Has anyone ever tried any of these ? Not sure what to think of them

    • They sent the novex in glossy box a few months ago. I wasn’t personally a fan. Not sure if its the exact same product though, as the glossybox one was a huge jar.

    • Jelly pong pong comes out of London and is part of the So Susan cosmetics I believe. I like the So Susan brands

  26. My BB has not updated yet. Still showing October 2015.

  27. I’m getting in my ipsy bag:

    Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara
    tre’StiQueMini Matte Lip Crayon
    Luxie Beauty Matte Eyeshadow Pan No. 290
    Mai Couture Blush Papier
    Figs & Rouge Mattifying Emulsion & Pore Refiner

    I really wanted the ColourPop and/or brush but I’m ok with what I’m receiving.

  28. Your Ipsy is vastly superior to mine, but my Birchbox looks pretty good. BB includes Davines hair product, an Ayres body scrub, and a The Balm blush.

  29. Yet just another disappointing Ipsy bag. I love the print of the bag but that’s it. I’m getting a ModelCo Highlighting trio, TreStique mini lip crayon, thank god it’s not an eye shadow, a makeup brush, Figs & Rouge pore refiner and the Smashbox mascra. Nothing I’m excited about and should cancel since I just bought a year sub to Glossybox.

    • That’s exactly what I am doing! Waiting until I get my ipsy bag and the items I redeemed point for and then parting ways…for at least a little while and then reveling in <$10 Glossybox, ohh yeah!

  30. EEK! So excited…thanks for the heads up! Logging into accounts now (woo hoo)

  31. I will be swapping for ALL of those color pop shadows! This is the only time I have ever regretted canceling ipsy in a whole year!

  32. For the first time ever I’m really upset I don’t have Ipsy, just because I LOVE that bag!

    • I have to agree. That bag is awesome! I hope I can swap for it.

    • I will swap someone for my bag.

    • I agree. The bag is cute. But I was being consistently disappointed in what I got and customer service was not great.

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