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Birchbox December 2015 Sample Choice Spoilers!

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Birchbox December 2015 Sample Choice Spoilers

The Birchbox Sample Choice Video for December 2015 is up! (Thanks for the head’s up Marcy!) Here are the sample choice options:

Also – all subscribers will receive Coastal Scents StyleEYES eyeshadow duo, and you get to pick the colors you want:

Birchbox Sample Choice Spoilers December 2015




OR you can pick the Serge Normant Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray

Or, you can pick the Winter Essentials Curated Box:

Birchbox Curated Box

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Peach
Coastal Scents StyleEYES Palette in GlamourEYES
eSalon Perfect Ending
derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub
Juara Coconut Illipe Hand and Nail Balm
Chuao Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch


And here are the Add-On Plus options this month:


Krochet Kids Circle Scarf

Odeme Small Gusset Pouch and Matchbook Nail File

Rifle Paper Co 2016 Calendar

Umbra Toto Storage Box

Subscribers will start to get emails to make their choice on the 24th. Full Details:

All Birchbox Aces will automatically get early access to sample choice. Not an Ace? Not to worry! You can get early access too, just by inviting friends to Birchbox. Here’s how: Simply enter at least one friend’s email address on your Birchbox invite-a-friend page by November 23. And that’s it! You’ll get your sample choice email on November 24—one day earlier than everyone else.

What do you think of the choices for December?

FYI – if you haven’t subscribed yet, use coupon code 5BOXGIFT save 50% ($5) off your first month of Birchbox!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I chose one of the coastal scents palettes, the pretty silvery one, but one my page on for this months box, it doesn’t have that listed and has a larger palette listed instead. I know it’s larger, but its in colors I don’t want and I just wanted a small duo palette. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Just received the email today to chose the featured box or eye shadow sample. I wanted the featured box and was so disappointed as it said it was sold out. This is so unfair. Why doesn’t Birchbox have more featured boxes for members so they would not sell out so quickly? SMH

  3. When does sample choice open today? I can’t access it yet and don’t want to miss out again 🙁

    • I got the e-mail yesterday afternoon around 2:30 Eastern. However I am an annual subscriber and a BB Ace, so I don’t know if mine came earlier than some others’. Last month (before I was an Ace and before I upgraded to an annual subscription), mine came a lot later than others’, but I was still able to get my choice.

      • I am not an annual subscriber on either account but am an Ace on both accounts. The emails come at widely different times for me, with the newer one generally getting the email sooner. I don’t think there is any logic to it.

    • You don’t have to wait for the email any longer. You should check the Birchbox website periodically throughout the day. At some point, the “Your Box” menu should appear on the black bar (for me, it is almost always the last thing to load), and one of the options is to customize the next month’s box. You can just go to that page and do it.

      You may want to try different browsers/devices/etc. if it doesn’t load on the first one you try. I always use a desktop or laptop computer (no mobile anything for me) and I never have any trouble.

  4. Hi Liz ! Early access sample choice is available 🙂

    • Thanks!!

  5. This happens every month with BB. I’m not wowed by the curated box, so I pick the surprise and then always wish I’d picked the curated one in comparison. I don’t mind eyeshadow even though I have tons already, but green & gold aren’t my fave combo. The chocolate treat looks good — I’d like more snack items included occasionally (at least once they’re eaten, they’re gone, no clutter! haha). Oh heck, I’ll probably pick the volume spray and roll the dice hoping for a good surprise box.

  6. (Jimmy Fallon voice) Ew!

    I’m having IPSY war flashbacks just looking at all this. I would go ahead and not get a December box at all, but I’ve already used the $5 off code that’ll be going towards it. So I’ll just let Birchbox send me whatever they want.

  7. Love Birchbox best of all subs for so many reasons but mainly the points and the great specialty boxes you can use points towards. My mouth dropped when I watched the video. So over coastal shadows – they do not go on well or stay well. I will choose the Serge and gift it in a stocking. Dec choices should be pretty polishes, nail art, glittery lotions, maybe a mask to help the morning after those holiday parties. Something that is more special.

  8. I am really really over Costal Scents but it looks like no way to avoid it in this box. I don’t need a volumizer. This is the least exciting Birchbox yet. The only thing I’m excited about is the white box.

  9. I think I’m going to get a second sub. I want the curated but I also love the surprise. Plus I’ve been wanting to get a second one. I love the choices.

    • Refer yourself from your main account for extra points!

  10. If I sign up today will my first box be November’s box or Decembers ?
    And will i be able to choose sample?

    • I believe it will be Novembers, and you’ll get random samples. I’m not 100% sure tho

      • Ok thanks

    • If you sign up today you will get November’s box, but you will also be able to refer a friend and therefore get early access to sample choice for December’s box.

  11. wow i am super blah about all of these choices !!!

  12. I think I’ll go with curated this month, simply because I’ll use everything but the eye shadow. I don’t like/wear any of the colors, so it’s a lose-lose either way. At least with the curated, I know for sure I’d use everything else. This will only be my 3rd box, so I’m not overloaded on everything like most of you are! 🙂

  13. can someone tell me if i choose the curated box if i till can review the items and get points?

    • Yes, you can review either curated or sample choice boxes for points. But if you buy the curated box separately, then I don’t believe you can get points for reviewing those

      • Thank you! So does that means if i choose the curated box i can review six samples rather than the normal five from the normal box?

        • In my September box I got 7 samples, but three were sort of a “family” (Davines OI Shampoo, Conditioner, and All in One Milk). When I look at my points history, I got 70 points for reviewing each product in my September box. So I suspect that you can review six samples and get 60 points if you get the curated box.

        • You will get points for all six items unless one happens to be a dupe of something you’ve received in a previous box. I’ve already received the lipstick so I might only get to review five items.

        • My guess is everyone is getting chocolate as an extra item, so everyone will have 6 samples.

      • I’m getting bored with Birchbox lately. Its sad because I’ve been with them since 4 or 5 month after they started the company… I hope they do a fantastic black friday deal. Otherwise I will probably cancel my sub….

  14. Blah, not excited about the Coastal Scents. I feel like I get one of their palettes every two or three Birchboxes. This is turning into a Harvey Prince situation.

    The add-ons are great, though, and the Baggu offer is super tempting!

  15. Didn’t they say back in January that you should save all your boxes this year because they were going to do something with them? I’ve been saving them, but I usually use them at Christmas time for gift-giving…

  16. Do you know if I choose the regular box and then I can buy the curated box? Like tati’s box is selling this month?
    I loved to try the spray in the curated box and the leave in conditioner hard decision ?

  17. I think I’ll go curated this time around, as I like most of the products in that box. I already reserved the calendar and the wall charger/battery thing.

  18. Ugh, I was hoping that if I chose the spray, I could get out of receiving eyeshadow. Not the case. I might just go with curated.

  19. There might be a discrepancy with the dates, the email I received from Birchbox said that emails would start going out on Nov 30 to make your selection. Last time they had a mix up too.

    • Yep, my email clearly says the 30th–which I didn’t believe. It’s always earlier than that.

      • It could be the 30th.

        The 26th is Thanksgiving.

        The 27th is Black Friday. BB may not have many people in the office and I doubt there would be sample choice on that day.

        The 28th and 29th are weekend days and they don’t do sample choice then.

        That leaves the 30th.

  20. I may have to go with the volumizing spray. Not wild about Coastal eye shadow.

    I hope all boxes get chocolate!

  21. Coastal Scents? Seriously?

  22. Eh, none of the sample choices appeal to me. I may just let Birchbox surprise me or even cancel and resub in a few months. I’m drowning in samples and we all know that Black Friday deals are right around the corner!

    • I’m with you. I’m swimming in eye shadow (plus I signed up for the year of Glossybox through Gilt, so I’m sure more is coming), and I don’t need volumizing spray. The curated box doesn’t appeal to me, either.

      I guess since I am getting eye shadow, I should probably use my sample choice so I don’t get the green one.

  23. My first time getting something from Birchbox Plus! I’m getting the Umbra box 🙂

  24. I love the calendar but it’s not much of a “deal”

  25. Oh dear. None of the above, please. I even find the curated box unappealing.

    Loving the add-ons though. I never get them, but I might get two this time – the calendar and the storage box!

    Chocolate in my box will make everything better. Unless it’s cinnamon. Or chile.

  26. Not super excited about the sample choices, I’m pretty well stocked on eyeshadow and don’t need any more hair products!
    But I ADORE that calendar! Already added it on 😉

    • How did you already add it on? The customize page isn’t loading for me 🙁

      • It wouldn’t load on my computer, but it loaded on my iPhone! Hopefully it works fir everyone now!

  27. Yeah for getting to chose our own eyeshadow color!!

    I’ve had the curated for the past 3 months..nothing exciting in Dec, so I’ll roll the dice and see what gets hand picked, since my annual sub runs out in December.

  28. I’m excited to add the volumizing spray as my pick and I’m getting my first add on this month – the 2016 calendar! I haven’t bought a wall calendar yet and this one is so pretty. Plus, free Baggu and 22 points!

  29. My last few Birchboxes had just been ok. I’m thinking of getting the curated box if I even decide to get a box this month. I’m cancelling some of my subs for the time being to save money on Christmas deals.

  30. Think I’ll go with the volumizing spray since I have straight fine hair and I already got the leave in conditioner from the curated box in my November box (yet to try it). And Glamour Eyes was my least favorite eye shadow combo which is also in the curated box.

  31. I really want that scarf, but I have so many nice scarves right now, and it’s been so HOT in Alabama that I haven’t really gotten a chance to wear any of them.

    • I live in coastal SC, and I seriously can’t remember the last time I wore a scarf. There are so many cute sweaters, scarves, and winter coats but no chance to wear them 🙁

  32. Personally, I’m not a fan of Coastal Scents eye shadow – it doesn’t have enough pigment or staying power for me. HOWEVER, consider this brown-eyed girl super excited to pick an eye shadow color! I’ve had both Birchbox and Ipsy for about a year and I only ever seem to get skin-colored eye shadow or brown. Hooray for letting me be a little more creative with my look!

    • I bought their revealed palette and was super disappointed in pigmentation–but discovered if you wet it, it goes on super deep and lasts all day without a primer. For a cheapie shadow, it’s okay.

      I’m a lorac shadow fanatic personally. So much pigment. Color pop is surprisingly pigmented and relatively inexpensive–much better than coastal for that purpose but it’s also super flakey and hard to deal with the packed eyeshadow a.

  33. Will get the December box if I sign up today or do I need to wait until December?

    • Will I**

    • Right now your first box would be the November box.

      • Huh. I signed up a couple of days ago and it says I’ll get December’s box.

  34. Not sure what I’m going to do here. I definitely don’t want volumizing spray. I have more Coastal Scents eyeshadows than I know what to do with. I am assuming the regular boxes will also have chocolate (please, please, please don’t send bacon) and I have already received about half the samples from the curated box.

    Not an exciting month for me. I might actually leave both my accounts to chance. I have never done that before.

  35. I think they said if you add on you get a baggu bag too??

    • I just got an email from them. Free Baggu with purchase of Add on!

  36. Teamed up with Estee Lauder? Perhaps miswritten?

    Ugh I dont want the eyeshadows – def want the Serge Normant spray! The box design looks cute too 🙂

    • Oops – copy and paste fail on my part! Fixed. Thank you! 🙂

      • I dont know how you keep up so you do a GREAT JOB! 🙂

        • 🙂

  37. Yes, loving that curated box!!!! I will use everything in it and that never happens!

  38. I wonder why Birchbox Plus isn’t working yet?

  39. Curated it is! I’m not as excited as Oct-Nov curated boxes, but it looks likes it’s another good one with winter items for dryness plus it comes with a snack!

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