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LAST DAY: Best Deal on GlossyBox Subscriptions + Limited Edition Box on Sale!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.12.39 AM

GlossyBox subscriptions are on sale today at Gilt City! (Plus if you make a newΒ Gilt City account you can use coupon code WELCOME30 to save an additional 30% off these prices!)

The options:

One Month of GlossyBox + One Limited Edition Box for $40 With coupon $28 UPDATE: SOLD OUT!

Six Months of GlossyBox for $99 ($16.50 a box) With coupon $69.30 ($11.55 a box) UPDATE:Β SOLD OUT!

12 Months of GlossyBox for $150 ($12.50 a box)Β With coupon $125 ($10.41 a box)Β 

(FYI – GlossyBox is usually $21 a month with a monthly subscription. Check out my GlossyBox reviews to learn more about this subscription).

Also – this deal includes images for the Limited Edition holiday box that is offered with the 1-month deal:

(Spoilers below!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.12.46 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.12.30 AM

What do you think of the spoilers for the Limited Edition Holiday box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I caved and bought the 1 year subscription. Between my mom, sister, and I am sure one of us will be able to find use out of most of the items.

    • I just caved too. After being content with having passed on this, I saw via MSA that the 12 month subs were back…helpless…could not resist….

      • Regret is a horrible feeling and must be avoided at all costs. Especially if that cost is slashed by more than 50% …

        • I cancelled last month but I can’t pass us $8/month. Its not worth 21, but its worth 8!!!

          • This reply is hilarious! Not worth 21 but 8 lol. That’s how they get you, btw *wink*

    • Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to create a question, so I had to reply to your comment LOL

      I just bought the 6 month subscription from Gilt City for $69. What a great deal.

      I just want to know how Gilt City Subscriptions work. Will I get it from Gilt City or will it be shipped from GlossyBox? Will it be 6 months starting now? Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr? Or will it be past boxes or a combo of both?
      Can I go login to GlossyBox with my Gilt City password or will Gilt City send me an email to GlossyBox later?

      • My understanding is that this works a lot like Groupon. You purchase a voucher which will be emailed to you and you will visit the Glossybox website before Feb 2, 2016 and redeem the voucher there. That would mean that the Boxes should come from GlossyBox.

  2. I caved and bought the year subscription. This is my first ever subscription box after stalking all the reviews to all the boxes on this site haha I hope it doesn’t suck!

  3. I’m super upset with Glossybox. I tried to purchase this holiday LE box like 2 weeks ago with my coupon after I received my October box, and it was sold out. So how is it on sale here now? Emailed customer service and waiting to hear back. At this point, I’m about ready to cancel. Seems like non-subscribers get the best deals anyway.

    • I talked to the customer service people the other day. They are making more holiday boxes to go back on sale soon i think, so we will be notified by email when they go back on sale and we can still use our discount code that we got in the October Box (phew!) … so you should be okay as long as you purchase the box as soon as you receive the email, because they sell pretty fast

      • Thanks for the input, Gia!!

  4. So I tried to get the year sub and it was sold out. I purchased the 6-month instead and of course, I got an e-mail right after saying the year is now available! What the heck?!?! I’m so bummed I missed out on the year.

    • If you haven’t already used the voucher on the glossy of website, you can call gilt city and they will transfer what you paid for the 6 month to the 1 year subscription. I bought the 6 month by accident and called and they had no problem canceling it so I can buy the year.

      • Only problem with that ( i just talked with them myself) is that if you use the code you cant use it again. So no 30% off.

        • Yes you can! I told them I meant to buy the yearly subscription but bought the 6 month by accident and I wanted change and they said no problem. Then I told them I had used my welcome coupon with it and if I could now use it towards the year sub since I technically am getting rid of my first purchase and she said no problem And made the code available when I refreshed and purchased the year sub.
          Just say all that! Lol

  5. The year sub sold out too.

    • Omg, I successfully resisted it! I RESISTED IT!! WOOOOT!!!!

      (::FOMO sets in::)


      • Ditto Tamara!!!

      • My thoughts exactly!

      • Me too – and non-buyer’s remorse is setting in….
        Note to self – remember that you were putting 80% of the contents up for swap.

        • Yes! Exactly! The last six months were exactly that!

          But the six months before that were pretty good. Sometimes awesome. That February box was killer for me.

          And now the year is available again.

          ::cries a little inside::

      • What is FOMO? Sounds baaadddd…

        • I think it is fear of missing out

          • Yep. πŸ™‚

    • Yep. I just tried and only the 6-month sub is left. Hopefully it’s still available when I get my voucher.

    • The year sub is back up. I bought it at 8:30 AM central time. I am weak, but $8.75 is what I would pay for the 1 item I use out of every glossybox per month, so everything else will be thought of as extra.

    • I just bought the year sub, so they must have added more. Can’t beat that price, even though I cancelled last month. But its definitely worth $8.75/month!

  6. I really wish to continue my current sub and add this offer to it so that I can get the next box for the deal price…Is there a slight chance that this is possible…
    I know cancel and start new is there…but if this is also there…

    • If you start by the expiration date in February you can. If your old sub ends after that you should open a second account and change your preferences to reduce the chance of duplicates during the overlap.

      • Mine is a monthly one…so it will never expire until a cancellation…Does that means I have to cancel anyway…to use this deal

  7. i have also never purchased a 12-mo sub. this, however, was way too good to pass. so excited to get this deal!

  8. After thinking about this deal ALL day, I went ahead and purchased the one year subscription. Can’t beat 8.75 per box! Cheaper than BB and ipsy πŸ˜€

  9. Can someone please hold me back from buying this? I don’t need two subs to GB!

    • Probably not what you want to read but…. if this is a better deal it may be worth cancelling your other subscription and purchasing this one.

      I purchased way too many but think these will make great Christmas gifts!

  10. Merry 2016 to me…. Glossybox’s ultra slow shipping is much easier to take at less than $9 per box!

  11. I wonder how this compares with whatever will be offered on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Maybe they will offer the Holiday Box option again then.

    • I was waiting for Black Friday too but think that this will be as good as it gets…

  12. Cancelled Boxycharm and leaped for the 1 year subscription. I was no longer excited about Boxycharm and wasn’t sure the value was there. Question: I placed the order ($105), then received the voucher. What do I do with the voucher now, the order was already placed?

    • There should be a link in the voucher email. Click it and it will take you to the Glossybox site (a special area — you have to click the link to get there), where you enter your voucher code, shipping information, etc.

      • Oh thanks! I didn’t realize I had to take extra steps with the voucher! I wonder what would happen if I neglected to redeem it by February?

      • Thanks for the info. I was just about to ask what the voucher was for. I just got the one year subscription and the email said I will get my voucher soon. So, I guess I need to cancel my monthly subscription now.

    • To be honest with you I think you are crazy for canceling boxycharm for
      Glossybox. I got both boxes for two years and I can honestly say that I received better products in my boxycharm every month but I wish you lots of luck!!!

  13. OMG! I still haven’t received my voucher email, but it says that my voucher has been submitted on the Gilt site. Do I still need to wait for the voucher email or what? Did everyone else receive a voucher? I am confused lol. Help please

    • I received about an hour after I purchased. You can check your Gilt account to see if it’s there. You email might have gone to spam, which I’ve had happen in the past.

      • Nope not in spam folder either πŸ™ When I go to my account on the giltcity page, it says your voucher purchase has been submitted… & the charge is also on my account as well. I just don’t know.

        • It will show, even if you don’t get the email. Log in tomorrow and the view voucher tab should be there. There is a link on the voucher which you use instead of the glossybox regular site and put in the gift code and there you have it πŸ™‚

          • Thank you so much! I got both the 12 month and 1 month deal & started freaking out when I heard people had got their voucher & mine still had not come for either purchases… now that they’re both sold out. You have definitely put my mind at ease lol thanks again πŸ™‚

  14. I got the 30% for life deal this Halloween. My box will be $14.7 each month for life. The annual sub deal in Gilt City (with the discount code) is better. I am temping to cancel my current one to get this Gilt City deal. Should I do that? I just worries I could not get the 30% off for life deal again if I cancel. Aw… What should I do?

    • cancel it.
      they ALWAYS have 20-30% going on at some time or another.
      put that $6.00 a month towards another box

  15. This deal is fantastic ill be saving $147.00 for the whole year!!! I guess that means I can use that money for another awesome subscription. I already purchased the holiday box as soon as I got the card in my Oct. box so the year deal was to good to pass up. Ive had a great experience with their customer service.

  16. All sold out. I’m so glad I ordered 2. Wanted to gift 3 more, but sold out on both websites ?

    • I just purchased mine it’s 10:25 pm here on the east cost. I’m confused by all these sold out posts?

  17. Is anyone else having PayPal issues with gilt? They said PayPal is having problems today and I can add another card and try to process is which I did add a card but on a tablet now and can’t figure out how to process etc so I’m scared it will sell out.

    • I bought it 5 minutes ago and I didn’t have any problems at all.

      • I spoke too soon, apparently the purchase is now in “pending” with no information as to why it’s not going through.

        • I just called Gilt customer service. They say it’s a paypal problem and that many people are calling.

          • I had same problem. I added a CC instead in my payment options and the agent on the phone changed it for me to use the CC. Went through and I now have the voucher.

    • I tried to use Paypal this morning at 11 CT, it would not process and the pending charge cancelled itself on Paypal. I modified my order on giltcity with my credit card info, and still have not received an email of the voucher (it’s been two hours since I modified).

    • I had the same problem with PayPal not going through. It is a problem on their end, so call Gilt City customer service ( 877-280-0541…a little bit of a wait because others are having the same problem) and they will take care of everything over the phone. They have great customer support and I had my voucher within 10 minutes of talking to an agent.

    • Me too. For some reason, PayPal isn’t working. You’ll need to sign into your Gilt account and add a credit card, then you can go to your order and change the method of payment. I called Gilt’s customer service and they walked me through it and were very helpful!

  18. I did the 12 months with the 30% off… total price was only $105! Too good of a deal to pass up on.

  19. Darn, the first option is sold out!

    • I couldn’t resist and I did the 1-year option as well. I’m a commitment-phobe so that was actually hard. I’ve never bought a subscription for more than a month before and, indeed, the only thing I’ve ever put in recurring payment is a donation for Bernie Sanders (and even then I only did 6 months).

      Still I figure, I’ll get $9 worth of pleasure a month just by reviewing the boxes for my blog.

      Here is to hoping that I get good boxes πŸ™‚

  20. Sweet! I haven’t been getting great bags from Ipsy so this was a no brainier for $8.75 per month. Cancelled Ipsy, purchased both deals through Gilt. I’ve only purchased 1 GlossyBox and received a $97 eye cream in it that I LOVE and have incorporated into my daily regimine! Here’s to hoping for more great boxes like that one!!!

  21. I signed up for the one box deal with the Holiday box included and just redeemed my voucher. For those of you wondering it does NOT enroll you in a subscription… you will only receive one “normal” monthly box plus the LE Holiday box! It didn’t ask for any type of payment info either. It does say you have until 2/2/16 to redeem it so if you wanted to wait and get the December, January, or February box… I am sure you could but I don’t think they ship the holiday box until you use your voucher and I wouldn’t risk it! Hope that helps!

    • I did the same .. I didn’t want to risk missing out on the holiday box, so I think I will be receiving November. The holiday box looks great so far (in my opinion).

  22. The one month shows sold out to me πŸ™

  23. Thank you for pouting this! I’ve been wanting to try Glossybox. I bought the one month and the annual, so total 14 boxes for $133. Great deal!

  24. So this is my question. I currently have a monthly glossy subscription. But I went ahead & got the 1 month with the limited edition box deal. Will this be just a 1 time payment type of thing? I don’t wanna have 2 glossy subs. I honestly just wanted the holiday box. Help!

    • Hey Katherine,

      As this is a deal on our Gift plans, it is a one-off charge.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  25. I ordered the one month box with the holiday box for $28 (with the coupon). The one year deal is great too, I just don’t need that many products. Will there be more items than 2 in the holiday box ? They both have pretty high values already

    • Hi Jen,

      Our Holiday box has six full-sized products. The two products you are seeing is a sneak peek of what will be in our Limited Edition Holiday box!

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • Wow !! The two spoilers already have a value of over $100! Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Will the holiday box be restocked for regular subscribers? It was sold out by the time I received my October box!

  26. I had to take the plunge and get the full year of GlossyBox for that price! I’ve been eyeballing it for the last year or so but I can’t pass up $8.75 a box. As Jen mentioned, it’s worth it if I like even one item a month.

    Thanks for letting us know Liz!

    • You bet! πŸ™‚

  27. Hey folks,
    I’m from Canada and I was wondering if this coupon would work for Canadians? I understand that there is an extra $5 shipping fee to Canada but just wonder if it will apply to a Canadian account

    • Sorry, Canada gets left out of so much. Gilt city has the terms so that the voucher is only valid in the Continental US.

  28. great deal! Ugh!!! I keep trying to sub on glossybox (I purchased the 12 month) and when i put it in the promo code line, it says invalid code. What am i doing wrong? πŸ™

    • oh boo, dumb moment. got it.

      • Bought a 12 month for me and a 6 month for a stocking stuffer for Mom/Grandmom πŸ™‚ Pretty Awesome!!! Less than birchbox so really, if only an item or two is a hit out of each box, it is worth it. Thank you Liz for letting us know. I am almost tempted to buy a one month if that includes the holiday box. The wording is a little confusing…do you think it includes the holiday box too?

        • one month + holiday box is sold out

  29. Wow !! This was too good to pass up , got the 12 month plan for $8
    Unbelievable !! Thanks Liz ??

  30. I don’t understand on this one. I have a monthly account, being charged $21. What can I do to switch it to $8.95? Are the holiday boxes gone? So confused.

    • Cancel your monthly account. You’ll still get the November box because of the cutoff date but it is early enough to not get the December box at $21.

      If you already have a Gilt City account, log out of it. Create a new one, with a new email. Find the Glossybox voucher and click to buy for a year. It’ll say $150. But there is a place for a promo code, where you enter WELCOME30. It’ll take the price down to $105 (or $8 and change a month).

      You’ll get a voucher in your email. I did not read the terms but you may have a little while to use it. If you use it now, you’ll get two November boxes (it *is* possible to apply to an existing account as that is what I did). If you wait until December 1, you will start your one-year sub with the December box. Hope that helps.

      • Ragan,

        Thanks for your response. I noticed that they debited me today through paypal for my regular sub. Is it too late to cancel? If I cancel now and sign up through a different email through guilt will I just get two boxes for November? Thanks for your help!

  31. I cancelled my subscription after 2 months because they took so long to ship. That was a year ago and I think I have gained a lot of patience in the past year – let’s hope because I just bought a yearlong subscription at that amazing discount! Thanks for this info!

    • You’re welcome – this deal is just too good! πŸ™‚

  32. I’m totally confused. I’m a current monthly subscriber to glossy box. That’s it. I get charged the $21 per month. What do I do to get this deal? HELP!

    • cancel your subscription and order the deal

      • Just be careful, you don’t want to be stuck with two plans. That happened to me before lol

  33. I did buy the deal but my current subscription is up in December. How do I add the voucher without getting 2 boxes in Dec and 2 of the special editions boxes because I already ordered one? I would appreciate any help in figuring out how to add to a current subscription.

    • I think the coupon said you must start your annual subscription in time for the Feb. box. So I think you can time it so you don’t get 2.

      • Also the annual sub doesn’t come with the holiday box. Only the one-month deal gets you the “free” holiday box.

  34. Liz or someone, please help explain the first deal of “One month of Glossy box + One Limited Edition Box”? On GiltCity website, it says $160 for $40 (75% off). One month of Glossy box retails for $21, so Limited edition sells for over $100? I checked review of past LE boxes and they retail for $40… I am not sure how they come up the $160. Maybe estimated value of items you get? Also, their original pricing for 6 months ($126) and 12 months ($222) are listed as $150 and $250 for the original value on GiltCity. Nonetheless, the discount is tempting me.

    • I’m guessing the value listed for the β€œOne month of Glossy box + One Limited Edition Box” includes the retail prices for the Limited Edition box, not the cost of purchasing the box. Still seems like a good deal, but hope that helps clarify!

      • Liz, thank you. That was my initial thought. I googled and the LE box sells for $40, so basically we are getting one month box for free (before GiltCity discount). Still a great deal if you like the spoilers. I bought annual sub as LE box deal is sold out already! I love you and MSA, but my credit card has a different feeling…. πŸ˜›

  35. Yay for great deals, but isn’t this a slap in the face for those of us who already preordered the LE box per the postcard offer they sent in last months box?? Even with that coupon, it was still more than this offer… seems awfully unfair. Why would you do that to your current/loyal subscribers?
    I dont know how to feel about it right now, but it certainly doesnt feel good.

    • I totally agree…it makes me not trust them when they send a preorder next time.
      I think they really must be hurting from cancellations to offer such a good deal to draw people back.
      I took the groupon 1 year deal back in July but not near as good as this.
      $8.75 is what the box is actually worth considering how it has went down hill from what it was originally.
      I guess it is all a gamble..

      • You never know what is going on within a company. I used to work for pulsd and sometimes offers would get pushed to a later date (not by the fault of the company selling the offer) and the company had to still run it because of the contract. So, it is possible they tried to do it earlier, but that is just a guess … Most e-commerce companies have deals on and off each month. You just have to pick one and take a leap of faith, right? πŸ™‚

    • I agree. I should’ve just bought this gilt deal and then gotten glossy to cancel the preorder. Oh well.

  36. FYI, Glossybox didn’t require me to enter payment information. Only the voucher. So you wouldn’t get auto-renewed (unless you are using an existing account that has credit card information stored, in which case you *might* get auto-renewed).

    • That is great to hear – thanks for letting us know!

    • Hey there Ragan,

      Since this is a deal on our Gift plans and not our regular subscription, the subscription will not renew. As our Gift plans are considered one-time purchases.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

  37. $8.75 is an awesome deal but I hate all the variations they have now. I wish it were like it used to be, I do agree they must be desperate to offer a price that low. But it is cheaper than BB or Ipsy.

  38. Oh rats! I subscribed for the year but forgot to add a coupon. I know it’s still a good deal but would have rather had it for $105.

    • Call GILT’s customer service and let them know. I called them(when I did this with last year’s Birchbox special) and they were able to fix it.

      • I tried. They will not credit the 30% amount to my account. This is so disappointing. They wouldn’t let me cancel the order either. They said they would only give me a 15% off to use on any future purchase which I said that I would never use because I’m never purchasing from them again.

  39. Decisions decisions! I really want the holiday box and the subscription! Can’t make up my mind!

    • holiday box is sold out

  40. The yearly deal was too good to pass up.
    I’m weak and got sucked back in! πŸ™‚

  41. Wow. Just… wow. I had no intention AT ALL of resubscribing. But $8.75 per box is NUTS.

    Still, it IS money. I think I’m going to look at my boxes from this past year before I decide. … Probably…

    Meanwhile – Yay for Holiday box spoilers! The Aerin eye shadow palette has potential, but I’m not so sure about that Nuxe … perfume, is it? We’ll see.

  42. Ehh…after looking at past reviews I am not excited about anything in their boxes but this looks like such a good deal. Decisions…decisions…

  43. Well is the holiday box available or not? This is super confusing… technically it says special edition box, not holiday, but that’s the one I want.

    • Hi Brittany,

      If you would like to be notified when our Limited edition Holiday box will go on sale, view my comment below to Christina to see where to enter your e-mail address.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

    • They are producing more as per their website, so I assume they set aside a selection for this offer, especially since you can redeem it after the holidays.

  44. I wish I had known about this before I did the Rue La La deal. The 3 and 6 are the same but the RLL did not have the 12 month option

  45. Signed up for a year! Yeah, they totally reeled me in; I had no intention of re-subscribing anytime soon. I agree that they must be desperate, at $8.75/box. If I like even one item in each box this year that will be totally worth it. And I have really enjoyed some of their boxes this year, just not all of them.
    Also, when they sent me a broken blush and the same mascara two months in a row, they let me choose two replacements from a LONG list of items, which was great customer service.

    • I cracked too :). That was just too good of a deal to pass up.

  46. Well. They must be desperate. I said I wouldn’t sign up again but that is cheaper than Birchbox.

  47. Wonder if I can use the code in December to get the December box and the holiday box or do you have to use immediately to ensure you get the holiday box?

    • Hello Elise,

      You have until February 2 to redeem the code. Since the holiday box will be shipped separately from the monthly box, you can redeem the code any time on or before February 2.

      Gabrielle from GLOSSYBOX

      • My 6-month sub ends in March. Does that mean if I redeem the code in February, I’ll still get two duplicate boxes from overlapping subs? OR is there a way I can redeem the code but have it not start until the previous sub ends in March?

  48. I don’t understand how the holiday box can be sold out, yet available to purchase through gilt still city.

    • I just checked the link to the Holiday Box and it says Sold Out. What gives?

      • I believe there was a pre-sale option, and then it is marked as sold out until they open up regular sales. Hope that makes sense!

        • That makes sense. Thanks Liz!

  49. WOW! The 12 month deal is too good to pass up, and I had sworn off this sub! When does the LE box go for sale?

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