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New Special Edition December Luxor Box + Spoiler

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Luxor Box

Thanks Angie and Jenn for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Luxor Box!

The Box: Luxor “Luxurious Gifts” Box

The Cost: $175 to the US, $195 to Canada

The Products: $500+ worth of products. (6 unique products). Spoiler item below.

Are you going to grab one of these limited edition Luxor boxes?

Good to know – boxes are only available for sale now through October 9th! Box ships week of December 7th.


Here are the options you can pick from:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.55.11 AM

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I purchased one, but am now getting a little concerned. I ordered the October special box and they guaranteed shipping through this week. Yet, it’s Friday and I have yet to receive a shipping email.

    Also, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I kind of find the lack of comments on their Facebook page a bit concerning. I would think they would be getting flooded with questions about “where’s my October package??” (unless I’m the only one that hasn’t gotten a shipping email – which I doubt). The lack of comments on their Facebook page, makes me wonder if they delete comments. They have also disabled posting, so we can’t even post a question on their Facebook page, let alone read other members’ posts. I find that odd.

    Also, their website concerns me too. There’s no where to log in to check your account to see if an item has shipped or not. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place.

    Anyone else have these concerns too? I’ve plunked down over $450 with them in the last month, with nothing to show for it yet, so I’m feeling a bit paranoid about it…

    • My shipping email for the Special Edition box came yesterday. Maybe your on the tail end the of the shipping list?

      • I ordered 2 Oct. SE boxes and received my tracking email for the gold box yesterday and I just now received my tracking for the silver box. 🙂

    • I think another poster had an update from LB about shipping, that it would be happening through Saturday now. I haven’t received a shipping notice either, but I’m pretty sure they’re using priority shipping so I’m ok with it going out Saturday.

    • If you’re paranoid, you have company. I have decided to forgo on both special edition December and their regular subscription. If i end up regretting it I’d rather pay a little more than be dissastisfied and out $300 for both boxes (not counting is I dislike Oct)

    • You’re not the only one feeling a little paranoid. I just received shipping notification but the shipping date is 10/10/15. If it does actually ship tomorrow great but it feels like a stall tactic. Monday is a postal holiday so why bother shipping priority. No one will receive their box until at least the middle of next week.
      I really need to rein myself in …

    • Did you get your shipping info today?

    • Mine is out for delivery right now so I’m thinking we are in the clear, suppose we won’t know until they all arrive.

  2. What’s the outside of the snow Leo like? Is it furry?

    • Yes, it’s made of pony hair.

  3. So I am not the most fashionable person I care more about skin care than purses and clutches and fashion. I am not getting this box and still torn about the regular subscription. They are going to raise price so that has me saying SUBSCRIBE! But, past reviews left me feeling “meh” about the box. $125 a bit steep for “meh.” I also don’t like they have us scrambling to order December with out even receiving October special edition.
    Anyone else wondering if this is a marketing ploy? Bi monthly with off months having a higher prices “special” edition? If you have subscribed to everything they are/were offering you’re getting monthly boxes from Luxor.

    To buy, or not to buy- that is the question:
    Whether ’tis frugal of the wallet to suffer
    The doubts and anguish of outrageous Sub fees
    Or to take arms against a sea of debts,
    And by cancelling end them.

    • **applause**:D

    • I love EVERYTHING about this post. I am such a Shakespeare lover, and found that HILARIOUS. hahaha Well done!

      Also, I finally broke down and purchased one… the gold one… le sigh. I hope it’s worth the money, and the other items aren’t awful and completely useless!! Putting all of my eggs in this one basket is pretty risky…seems like a lot of people are taking the plunge though!

    • Well done.

  4. Per an email response from them that i received today…all the Oct “Most requested” boxes are shipping today through Saturday.

  5. I just got the shipping notice for the October box.

  6. I am loving all the comments, from grammar lessons to why no one needs a clutch, It’s just super entertaining! I think I understand all views. If you do not attend semi-formal, formal events or even events you can pretend are such then absolutely this clutch is all wrong for you, and that’s ok! I will say Luxor is probably one of the most luxe box out there……trust me I subscribe to all of them! I do feel as though my grammar may be being scrutinized here and that too is ok. (Noticed I put the correct number of o’s in there) ? just having fun here and it’s a great deal if it works for you! Everyone likes something different and that’s what makes the world go round. Not sure why people have to bring negativity or harsh comments to any post. If people are having fun and enjoying themselves then let it be……

    • agreed

  7. I must be the world’s biggest grammar snob. My first thought was: “I’m not giving $175 to a company that adds an apostrophe to ‘customs’.”

    Seriously, though, I’m not.

    • You’re not. I noticed that, too and I am a little concerned by the non-professional feel of their site. It looks like something a 10th grader would put together in Web Design 101, and when you click “buy now,” it brings up a paypal link. Can such unsophisticated people really be bringing the best in luxury?

      (And yet, I gave them my money.)

    • Dear. God. I missed that!! … Yeesh.

    • That must of been a simple email blast error because the word customs is correct on all the pages on their website, it does not have the ‘s on their website. No biggie, why should that matter to anyone, I notice grammar errors with many very big company emails. who cares!

      • Poor grammar is everywhere … just take a look at the internet! I had someone argue with me the other day over the usage of “me” vs “I” and I when I tried to explain the “rules” they simply stopped listening. Oh well, I suppose soon we’ll get to the point where we don’t write anymore (except in emojis and abbreviations) and we won’t even notice.
        I broke down and bought not one but two of these boxes! Not a word on the shipping of the last LE box and I still went ahead and purchased two! Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind with this subscription box addiction!

        • Individuals making grammar mistakes doesn’t bother me (well, maybe a little), but when I see something that egregious in a formal setting (e.g. in an advertisement or a sign or in the newspaper) it really bugs.

  8. Just tried the “order box today” link that then ask USA or Cananda. Then a pop up box appears asking for a password. Do you have to create an account to get in to order. I understand this can be a one time purchase. Or is this a sign that it is sold out? 🙁

  9. I’m trying to pre order it but it is telling me I need a code?

    • I think it’s because pre-orders are only available during “normal” business hours (9am EST- 5pm EST)

  10. This is so smart on their part. There are so many in our group who wanted one of these bags and they are very hard to both get and swap for. Got 2 ..the Tigre and the Python gold as I have the black and silver Leo. I have quite a few of these bags, both in the XL and the L size. Love both of them…..the Large actually does hold all your evening essentials and is a very nice size. The chain is great as you can use it as a Crossbody or shoulder bag instead of just the clutch. The main store in Paris sells bags without the chain..these are $10 more pp. For Luxor to offer this as part of a $500 value box, that means there will be $370 in goodies more in the box besides the 1951 bag. For those who have not seen them, they are absolutely beautiful! The leather is gorgeous and for those afraid of is just a texturized leather..not that a word? I have lots of nice Coach & Dooney bags, Kate a Spade and the like and these are my favorites. Friday , will be getting my lusted after pony dot thanks to a wonderful fellow thrilled!

  11. Can anyone help me determine if the python gold is named that because it has gold “dusting” that I just can’t see, maybe? I even zoomed on their website and darn if I see any gold other than the hardware accents. Isn’t it just a lighter brown than the choco? I appreciate any insight that any one may have…Thanks!

  12. I am really confused as to why the black 1951 Maison is so popular. The point of the Maison is simple classic shape matched with a striking color or pattern–that is what gives it the wow factor. The colors and patterns available for this bag are amazing. Don’t be sad the black option is gone–you are now liberated! But joking aside, I am so happy people on the swap site will now be able to get their Maisons and won’t have to pine after the Maisons listed that will never ever (ever ever . . .) be swapped!

    • I can’t figure out why these in general are so popular haha. But dang it I’ve got to have one while I have a chance!!!! I’ve got to see this thing and feel it o I’m sure I’ll be in love, sigh. Haha.

      • Same here. Why on earth did I buy this? What do I do with a clutch? 🙂 I’m having buyer’s remorse about the color I chose. Maybe I should have gone with with the Gold over the Choco. “Things” create problems!

        • The choco is a great fall color, you will love the clutch. I bought one as a gift and never ended giving it as the gift and now I own a few, too many most likely. I have three little kids and at first had no idea how I would ever use it but I am wearing one to a wedding this weekend, I use them when I meet friends for dinner or any time you don’t want to carry a huge “mom” purse. They are very well made and super soft (to my surprise). I wear them cross body style and they hold a phone, cards and some cash without getting in the way. I have gotten a ton of complements while wearing them and if you really don’t like it when you get it, email me I’ll buy it from you. 🙂

          • Thank you! You’ve made me feel better about this. The only other luxury box I’ve bought is the Rachel Zoe Fall box. I’ve never been into name brands and always thought they were silly and materialistic, but now I’m kind of getting into it…and it’s both exciting and terrifying.

          • I am so glad I saw your post! I couldn’t figure out how (or when) I was going to be able to carry this. With two kiddos, I carry a “mom” bag most of the time, so I was looking for a reason to justify my purchasing of this box!!

        • I got the black earlier today but just noticed the choco. Kicking myself, but not going to order 2. Oh well. Will swap or gift if it “isnt me.”

    • I agree with you 100%. I have a few and love them all and black is the only color I don’t have. I can see someone who doesn’t have one or who is gifting it would start with a black one to be safe. I also agree that if you want one you should grab one of the available colors left they are all great colors. I am impressed that the options are all premium colors and patterns, none are the standard leather in solid colors although those are AMAZING too. Happy shopping.

  13. Hmm…I remember reading in the Nov spoiler that they would be raising their prices in 2016 because people wanted more lux items. I wonder if this box was to test the waters with a great spoiler and a $175 price tag….and if yes….then it looks like it was a great success for them….box seems to be close to selling out!

  14. Is the tigre print calf hair? Is that why it costs $5 more?

    • Yes, it’s hard to describe but it has hair, it’ super soft and really pretty. The others are leather with a stamped pattern on them.

  15. Am I crazy? I just ordered this. What kind of prima donna do I think I am? I ordered the choco (brown) because the noir was sold out, but maybe someone will want to swap colors once I get it. I’m not on the swap boards and don’t know how it works, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I actually get it.

    • I ordered black earlier but just noticed choco. We should connect after we receive them about swapping. My email is [email protected]

      • Let’s wait and see until we get them. Maybe we’ll both love what we receive or maybe we’ll want to swap. It’s a long way off and I’ll probably be buried in Things I Don’t Need From Subscription Boxes by then 🙂

  16. I really wanted the Python Noir…but it was already gone. Since I’m getting the black clutch in the Nov box, I went for the Silver. Luxor seems to be stepping up their game….can’t wait for the Oct Most Requested box to ship.

  17. Wow, Luxor is really into the Survival Edition boxes, aren’t they?

    If this box is still available after the October Special Edition spoilers/review come out -and I like them- I may get this box.

    Seriously- where are those spoilers???

    • I haven’t seen any Oct spoilers, and I bought the box immediately. I’m guessing the only reason we go a spoiler this time was because we had to choose the custom color.

  18. A Maison Francaise 1951 clutch? May the insanity commence.

    Oop. Too late.

  19. For some reason this box doesn’t interest me but I must say that I am so impressed how they are continuing to improve.
    There are so many boxes that just don’t seem to have done any research on the sub box community and they seem to make silly mistakes. But this box seems like they are really paying attention.
    I am so excited for all the people who are dying for this clutch! What a great Christmas present to get yourself!!

  20. I can’t believe I ordered this… It’s my first-ever luxury/expensive box purchase. I hope it provides great gifts for my family/friends. And hopefully no more than one spa/beauty item… I’m personally not very into receiving or gifting spa items. Fingers crossed for a nice throw!

  21. I ordered the silver one.

  22. I purchased a box. Crazy! It’s an expensive box!

  23. I ordered the silver since the November box is going to have a black clutch. I’m very excited by the Luxor Box spoilers!

  24. I just purchased the November box which the spoiler was a clutch….. and then this box will arrive in December which the spoiler is a clutch. As much as I am tempted to get the box for FOMO, spoilers yell overkill and I’m bummed a better less expensive clutch will be in the December box compared to the November monthly box.

  25. Wow! It’s like this box watches the Internet to figure out what everyone else is doing so they can one up them! It is worth noting that the bag is large, not XL like the ouiplease one. For those who want this bag but not in this color, buy it and be 100% guaranteed you can swap for an XL in a color you like better. They are just that popular. If they had one of the pony hair ones I’d buy, but luckily for my pocket book they do not.

    • What she said. 😀

  26. Why do I feel like I’m the only one on this site who DOESN’T like these? Idk 🙁 maybe they just arnt my style

    • You’re not. I have clutches galore and have 2 of the McD ones, they’re both up for swap. I’d rather have something to carry more than just a phone and my lippy in. BUT that being said LUXOR is kinda dropping the ball on this on as the Ltd. Ed. Box for Oct. hasn’t even shipped yet. I mean ridiculous.

      • I agree! Don’t want to order December when I haven’t received the special edition box for October yet. I know they are shipping this week, but I have not received my notice yet.

    • I’m right there with you, don’t like these either. I don’t understand the giant following, $175 for a clutch is insane to me. I’m just not a clutch person.

      • The $175 is the cost of the whole box with a retail value of $500. The RV of the clutch is about $80.

        • Ohhh ok my bad, that’s a lot better than $175.

  27. Wow, the Python Noir color has just SOLD OUT. Luxor just posted on their FB page. Glad I grabbed that color earlier! 🙂

    • I got that color too! black just goes with everything and I do not own a small black bag only large ones and with it being leather it will last a long time!

    • Wow, based on the comments, I thought Tigre would go first! I got the black one because I’m using it for a gift and it’s so universal.

  28. Oh man, I caved and ordered. I’ve been loving Luxor boxes and these clutches. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on a sub box and the guilt is already setting in. We’re coming up on the holidays, I shouldn’t be buying stuff for myself…please let there be one thing I am willing to give up as a gift out of this box.

  29. I ordered one. I chose the brown clutch. I have loved every single Luxor box and it is now my favorite box. By the way, the clutch is worth $130 so there is still $370 or more of value left. This is a well put together box and only keeps getting better.

    • I wonder where they are getting the value from. 1951 lists the full retail price of the large clutches at 80 euros and less. That is no where near $130. I have refused to order Oui and the other European boxes because the values are so over inflated. When swapping for Oui items I always check around and often find items on manufactures websites for 35 euros full price and often with free shipping and they list the RV at $60, it seems very dishonest and if they list the clutch at a value of $130 that also seems dishonest to me. Might be my first and last Luxor box.

      • Hi Megan,
        Luxor has it listed as “$130 approximate USA total retail value for clutch, chain, shipping, taxes & customs fees”. This is very accurate because I have been trying like crazy to buy one of these clutches and you can only get them at a few UK shops and you have to pay shipping and customs and many I’ve looked at come to more than what Luxor quoted”. So I find this very accurate after trying to purchase one of these myself. Hope that helps 🙂

        • Personally it’s still a little bit off to me because I own over a dozen 1951 clutches all that I have purchased myself. Some from the UK, if you buy from the UK you are better to buy from stores that deal in Euros and not Pounds as the conversion rate is better from the dollar to Euro. You can also but directly from 1951 as they offer free shipping to France and use a mail forwarding service to have them mailed to the US. The most I have ever paid is $100 shipped with duties and shipping and that was for the pony dot clutch in XL. If I’m not mistaken there was a slight uproar recently when LLB included shipping in the price of the little blue vase in their last box and I know I have seen Liz say she doesn’t include shipping in the value of items. It just seems a bit of a stretch for me and it wouldn’t be so much of a deal if so many boxes where doing it. When you add tax, shipping and duties onto the value of all of these little items it seems very misleading especially when many UK stores offer free shipping and don’t charge tax. It seems as though 25% to 30% of the “value” of the box is theoretical tax, shipping and duties. Just my thoughts and that’s why I don’t buy Oui boxes. Similar to the $100 FFF necklace that left a lot of people disappointed.

          • Do you know what’s a good forwarding company?

      • Thanks for the explanation Megan. I’ve been to the 1951 site and noticed that the euro price is no where near as high as the us estimates but I didn’t put any thought into how I would get it into this country without paying exorbitant shopping fees. I hadn’t thought of a forwarding service but now I recall some off the Canadian members of MSA discussing using a service so they can buy at US prices. Is it easy to find a legitimate forwarding service?
        A swap site is as much about swapping information and ideas as it is actual products. Thank you!

  30. Oui Please included a 1951 brand leather clutch in their very first parcel. It’s nicely sized, well made and lovely but it’s still basically an unstructured pouch. I’ll never understand the $175 retail value, hand made or not. But if you loved your Maison Francais 1951 clutch from OP, this would be a great hero item. I’m going to pass since I’ve only used the one I already have once. The prints and embossing are definitely good for fall/winter (more versatile than the turquoise bag I have) but I can understand how they’re a love it/hate it item for many.

    • The $175 is the cost of the whole box with a retail value of $500. The RV of the clutch is about $80.

  31. I ordered the tiger one! I’m VERY excited about this box!!!

  32. I can’t believe I just did this, kind of freaking out that I did it. I ordered black. I hope I am not disappointed.

  33. Anyone know if it includes a chain? They are also sold without chains (they can be $10-15 more depending on style).

    • It says with chain.

  34. Does anybody know how big the clutch is? I’m so tempted.

    • It’s roughly 8 inches by 5.5 inches

  35. I just ordered the November box 2 weeks ago, but I had to grab one of these too! I’m not really an animal print person, but went for the Tigre anyway since it will go with both black and brown shoes, and I have NO animal print in my wardrobe. If the gold one was metallic like the silver, I so would have gone for that.

  36. I ordered this instead of the popsugar Neiman Marcus box. At least I know one of the items in this box. Now if a spoiler is released I might cave…

  37. AHHHHHHHH! This was a no brainer! Ordered the black and I am NEVER swapping it! LOL.

  38. Does anyone know the customer service number for Luxor? I have looked everywhere and I cannot find any phone number for them…Just where you can email them. I I don’t want to email I want to speak with someone! Lol

    • Shannon, it doesn’t look like you can contact them by phone. I can’t find a phone # anywhere on the website.

    • i have contacted them recently via email and they are very prompt in responding.

  39. Wow! I haven’t been a huge fan of Luxor boxes, but this was a genius move on their part. They definitely know their audience. I hope I’m finally able to swap my XL pastel yellow clutch for a Leo silver or Tigre print.

    • I bought the black immediately because I waited and waited for the annual subscriber discount that Oui Please subscribers were promised and never got. I waited so long the clutches sold out in their boutique. I even considered buying a clutch from Europe, and yes with shipping the $130 price tag is reasonable. These were impossible to swap for unless you had another color. I snagged a black python before it sold out which is the color I wanted. This is my first luxor box, and I think this was exceedingly smart marketing on their part. I know I’m getting the clutch in the color I want, and I know I’ll be getting 5 other luxurious items for just a little more. The monthly box is too pricey for me, but I happily signed up for this LE one. Hopefully I can cross off some Christmas gifts when I get it too!

  40. I went for the Tigre one! I’ve been loving Luxor Box so far, so my hopes are high. I’m so over being disappointed by PopSugar’s Special Edition boxes at this point.

  41. This is BRILLIANT marketing!

    • They must be reading the forums here or something…

      • Lol, that was my first thought too.

        • They definitely seem aware that OuiPlease created a frenzy, and that by not only guaranteeing that everyone gets a clutch but taking it a step further and letting us CHOOSE… well, that is just the smartest thing ever.

          • Totally.

        • Yes!

  42. got one in black. I cant believe I ordered again before I even received my first order, the “most requested” silver variation box. BUT they got me with the real leather. A piece that should last forever. Hopefully the chain is a long chain since I prefer crossbody style purses. I don’t really love clutches. However I KNOW I will be able to swap it if I don’t keep it, lol.

    • when is that “most requested” one coming? anyone know?

      • It’s suppose to ship this week. Luxor posted on their FB page last week that they would be shipping out every day this week and would send tracking #s. I haven’t received tracking yet, but I usually always end up getting my boxes

  43. I got the Tigre. I’ve been wanting one of these clutches forever. I really like the black also, but have tons of black clutches. So I went with the Tigre because it seems the most unique and I actually don’t have a clutch in that pattern. Happy dance 🙂

  44. I did a happy dance and a SQUEEE and promptly ordered a box with the Python Noir purse. I have one 1951 Maison Francaise clutch in the Leo Gold and I love it. You can’t go wrong with black since it goes with so many colors. If I had the money, I’d love to buy another box, but I just need to be happy with the one I did get.

  45. Well, I’m out. I wish they would have included at least one that is NOT an animal type print. I know that sounds picky, but I personally do not like animal print anything. Even the subtle embossing style on the python options is a turn off for me.

    • The Python isn’t my favorite but I ordered one. Hopefully i like it more in person.

    • I’m in the same boat as Lia. I wish I could get one of these clutches, but I do not like animal print or embossing. It’s unfortunate for me, but at least I won’t be tempted to buy this box unless they give another amazing spoiler.

    • Lia I agree with you. I’m not into animal prints or the (reptilian like?) textures. I’ll pass on this one.

  46. Whelp this is the most expensive box I’ve ever bought! I had to do it, I’ve been wanting a nice leather clutch for a while now and the tiger print is perfect for me. I do wish the size was XL instead of L, but the L size will fit my Note phone so I’m ok!

    • I think size XL is better especially for the python one. They just seem more compact bc of the material? ? I’m on the fence about this one. ..

  47. Got the silver. I hope their boxes continue to be wonderful

  48. I almost fell OVER when I read that email from Luxor. I have been searching like crazy for one of these clutches so this is a dream come true for me. I have to admit, I ordered 3 boxes (Tigre, Nior and Gold) and I might order more. I bet these will be sold out in a day and they will be back on the impossible to find list again. I want as many colors as I can get my hands on. My bank account and hubby won’t be too happy with me tonight! 🙂

  49. Bought one as soon as I got the email. Smart folks @Luxor, getting that Maison 1951 clutch everyone is still coveting/swapping for from OP.

    Being able to select which purse was really nice, too.

  50. I ordered a black one to see what all the hype is. I have loved every single Luxor box and I’m crossing my fingers that they deliver again for this box. 🙂

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