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FYI – Birchbox Beta Upgraded Subscription Program Is Ending

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Birchbox Beta Program Update


Thanks Courtney and Angelica for letting us know about this update. The Birchbox Beta Upgraded Subscription is coming to end this month. If you subscribed for an additional $20 for two full-size extra items, October will be your last box.

Hopefully, this won’t be the end of Birchbox trying out different subscription options. Anyone else want to see a lifestyle item and beauty subscription option similar to Birchbox Man? (I do!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just canceled my Birchbox (never had the beta upgrade because it didn’t look worth the price at all). I tried to get the Power Pose for my October sample choice – but for the 2nd month in a row, I couldn’t do sample choice on my iPhone due to a BB glitch and I couldn’t get to a computer… so I emailed BB from my iPhone that same day that I got the sample choice email – they responded a few hours later and said the Power Pose (and the other EL box) were no longer available. THEN I see that they are offering Power Poses boxes for new subscribers! Really, an existing customer can’t get it but a new person can? That’s bull… so I emailed them again to let them know this was not a good business practice and I think they should send me the Power Pose box since my October box was AWFUL. They basically said “too bad” (but in a nice way). Since I felt that I was not treated fairly as a customer and they did not make it right (they just made excuses), I cannot justify giving them anymore of my money.

    It’s just as well b/c I haven’t been impressed with my BB boxes for several months now… and kept justifying it by saying that it’s only $5 once I do my reviews… meanwhile, I have piles of beauty products building up and always find myself using the ones from BeautyFix, BoxyCharm first (and now Play! by Sephora) because the products they send are so much better!

    • I think you’re right. I don’t think they care. They only seem to want new subscribers, they don’t care about maintaining old subscribers at all. I cancelled and re-subbed – and they are falling all over themselves for my newbie status. Clearly, the business model has changed. Have they gone public? Or are they about to? Because that would make sense in how they are treating long term customers.

  2. Birchbox Man is my favorite box! It gets better & better every month! They absolutely listen to their customers, and more importantly, they respond quickly! Birchbox for women seems to be in a rut. I just cancelled last month. It used to be more exciting. Now they’re samples are always way small & nothing revelatory. Birchbox Man wins by a landslide!!

  3. I’m really sad to see it go, but I also agree with a Lifestyle box. Others mentioned boxes around the $20 that are better… Which ones?

    I LOVE the BeautyFix box. The PopSugar Must Have has been ‘ok’. For the price, I may be cancelling soon.

  4. When I first subscribed to Birchbox we would get lifestyle items like candy, razors, etc and I wish they would go back to that.

    • I miss the bonus items, too. I loved getting chocolate!

      • I think they might go back to chocolate soon. I think they skip it during the summer because it melts on a lot of people.

        • That being said, I would be happy with tea all year around, which should be fine in any weather.

  5. I’m glad to read that Birchbox is listening to their customers and taking customer feedback to heart. I am curious to see what the new beta format will be!

  6. I’m not surprised it came to an end. It wasn’t a competitive when compared to other beauty boxes that cost around $20.00. I would be interested in seeing a Beta version of the men’s box.

  7. The Burchbox Man format is a good model, but with options outside the lifestyle category to choose from as well, like a gadget like a charger, a home item like a candle, an accessory like a scarf, a makeup product like a pallet, or a body care product like a scrub.

    • Palette, not pallet. Darn autocorrect.

    • This is pretty much what the Birchbox Plus for women options are right now. Only the cost varies per item, I guess.

  8. I am the odd one out in that I don’t want lifestyle items from Birchbox. Because their lifestyle items just aren’t for me. I don’t get excited about socks (have far too many) or totes and I so don’t want earbuds or smartphone accessories (since I don’t have a smartphone) or power banks. Etc. When I get LE boxes from them, I only buy the beauty ones.

    I would be fine with the lifestyle option existing *if* it was separate from the regular subscription. Or could be purchased as an upgrade from the regular subscription.

    • I agree with you. The lifestyle items always seem to be overpriced. I like nice things, but I like getting a bargain.

    • Same! Their lifestyle products just don’t interest me most of the time because I am very picky about what I like.

      I feel like they don’t need to try to outdo themselves anymore. Stick to keeping the regular boxes on par! And possibly create an option of opting out of all perfume samples or making the monthly add-on plus options come at a more discounted price.

      • Oh my gosh, yes to the perfume opt-out! I also wish there were a way to opt out of a strongly-scented brand. For instance, Beauty Protector’s products all smell horrible to me, but I’ve gotten four our five things from them in my Birchboxes over the past year. Totally unusable.

        I’d also love a way to opt-in to cruelty-free only brands. There are so many ways they could make BB more customizeable and make the regular box a bigger hit for customers.

        • I will admit to liking perfume samples. (I subscribe to Olfactif and Scentbird.) But whoever is choosing scents for Birchbox has taste that is 180 degrees opposite from mine. All of their so-called “customer favorites” are so wrong for me (hate Folle de Joie, Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris, everything Harvey Prince).

          I wish there was a way to customize by scent type. Maybe not too specific but I can think of some categories:


          Then we would be more likely to get fragrances we actually like. (For those of us who use fragrances.)

          Personally, I would like to be able to opt out of dry shampoo. And any food items that are not vegetarian (I live in fear of the maple/bacon and marshmallow-containing Chuao samples).

    • I agree too. The lifestyle items would end up being clutter for me, so I would prefer them as an optional add-on. What I’d really love would be for them to actually read my profile— I keep being sent volumizing/texturizing/straightening hair products when I have thick curly hair! I’d love to be able to try some of my samples instead of just swapping them. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you! I don’t want my normal Birchbox monthly experience to be cluttered up with lifestyle items that aren’t for me, nor do I want the associated increase in cost (the Birchbox Man sub is more than the women’s). If I want lifestyle items from Birchbox, then I’ll buy one of their LE boxes (their summer one was great!). Actually, I’d like it if there was a $10/month Man sub that didn’t include the lifestyle items. We get their man’s box and we have enough earbuds, craaazy colored socks, and non-Android-friendly cell products, thank you.

  9. I would love to see the same model for the women’s box. I had the beta $20 add on for one month and knew it wasn’t for me. I got a glittery lipgloss and a bronzer that month, neither was for my skin tone or style. I much rather get a birchbox plus item if it appeals to me, at least we know upfront what it is.

  10. Agreed, the men have the better deal there 🙂

  11. I second what everyone is saying! Birchbox man model please!

    • Dear Birchbox:

      Liz asked: “Anyone else want to see a lifestyle item and beauty subscription option similar to Birchbox Man?”

      Why, yes. Yes, we do. See other comments here.

      Thank you,

      BB subscriber

      • ::points at above post::


  12. I have subscribed to the beta thingie for 4 months. I’m not surprised they ended it. I LOVED the full size Laura Gellar bronzer from a couple months ago, but the rest all felt like there wasn’t much thought put in to it. My biggest complaint was that you could pick a sample, but not a curated special monthly box. I hope they revamp it and try something new.

  13. I think they’ve got the right model with Birchbox Man, what I don’t understand is why they don’t use it for women too!

  14. I would love to have a version of Birchbox for women like Birchbox Man. The sample choice they get for a lifestyle item is amazing! Maybe they will read this. *hint hint* Birchbox!

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