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Bonjour Jolie Fall Mystery Box Sale!

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Bonjour Jolie Mystery Box Sale

Thanks Ann for letting us know about this Fall Mystery Box Sale from Bonjour Jolie!

The Box: Fall Mystery Box (Fabulous, Deluxe and Super Fabulous options available)

The Cost: $16-$30 (+ $6 shipping to the US)

The Products: Depends on box you select!

Are you grabbing one?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first time trying this box and I’m so disappointed. I got the small box which included cheap looking jewelry…2 of the exact same necklace and a broken bracelet šŸ™ Lots of candy & tea were also included and some beauty products (which I do not need). My interest was in the jewelry so this box was a total bust for me. Live & learn!

    • Did you expect sterling or gold?

      The jewelry is cute, and while it may not be the most expensive it is plated and very wearable.

      Also, all the makeup was highend, so weather you needed it or not, the box was above and beyond the price we paid for it.

      I thought it was an awesome box, but of course there is always someone who can’t be pleased.

  2. I received my mystery box today and wow!! I bought the mid tier box but it was way more than described…..had three full sized makeup items, 4 jewelry items, Tocca body wash, Laura Geller eyeshadow, a bunch of other beauty samples, a TON of chocolate, lollipops and tea. I am super happy and wish I had ordered more!! This was my first experience with the company and it has made me want to order the monthly box after the holidays.

    • I got the next size up since they were out of the one you got, but that sounds like such a good box !! What makeup items did you get ? I should be getting mine sometime this week.

    • SPOILERS!!! (Although all the boxes are probably a little different)

      Amy BB…..I’m curious how many teabags you received. I got 10 in the 30$ box. Just curious for future reference because in the 16 and 22$ boxes the description says “large variety bag of teas” and in the 30$ box description it just says “variety bag of teas”. Wondering if there is a difference….
      Otherwise I received a ton of stuff…..2 lip glosses (Almay and a cheaper brand) , an eyeliner pen, 6 pieces of jewelry, large sea salt hairspray, two small (travel size) bubble bath bottles, travel size
      tocca body wash and lotion, a head band, a sheet face mask, nail decals, and lots of candy and madelines. I’m probably forgetting something but I’m kind of in a hurry. Fun box to open….

      • Did you get the Laura geller shadow too ? I can’t wait to get mine !

        • Yes, I did get the Laura Geller shadow too…..i knew I was forgetting something….I was typing and cooking dinner at the same time!

          • I got a Laura Geller Highlighter!!! It is my new favorite highlighter now!!!

      • I also got 10 tea bags and A LOT of candy plus some strawberry wafer things which are like my favorite junk ever šŸ˜‰ I just took out my box again to really look at it…I got 4 necklaces and one sparkle headband, a box of 6 strawberry drink packets, the cool mascara and eyeliner that were in October’s box (I am not a subscriber so fine with me!) the Bee Kind samples, the Tocca wash (awesome brand!), Laura Geller shadow and a lipliner from a brand I am not familiar with. I almost feel like I received the high end box by accident…but this box was so fun!

    • Got my box today too!

      Love love love it!! I got a full size Laura Geller Highlighter $24 for that alone. A really cool mascara Worth $19, a full Size Avene Water spray worth $18, and then a ton of tea all kinds, a ton of tcho chocolates, some Gilchrist and Soames lotion (I love this!) and then some really pretty jewelry about 4 pieces too.

      Super happy I bought this box!!!

      • Was that the $22 or $30 box ? Sounds like a lot of variety but they all seem pretty good so far.

    • Loved this box! I got a nude cargo lipstick very pretty color, a black liquid liner, tat2 lash mascara ( I just tried this today and really like it), and lipliner for beauty products. I also got a few body washes and lotions, a lot of jewelry ( I probably won’t wear most but the headband is very pretty), teas and snacks. Overall a very good box, the full size mascara and lipstick were worth the price for me.

  3. Bought a box before seeing the horror stories. Anyone know if this company sends shipping info, or does the box just arrive? Nearly a week since purchasing and no communication from the company makes me a tad nervous.

    • When I ordered, I remember seeing that the boxes would ship October 28. I have been a monthly subscriber since July and have had a very positive experience with this company including their customer service. I like their Facebook posts too :).

    • You’ll get a shipping notice, tracking number, etc. but it may take a while. I hope you’ll have a positive experience. Sounds like some people have! šŸ™‚

    • I got my tracking on Wednesday, my box should be here Monday. They always have fast shipping!

      • Me too! This is my first bonjour Jolie mystery box and it’s ridiculous how excited I am….especially for the tea!

        • Ya, I love all my boxes from them too. I think the Lauren lady just didn’t read the page, clearly says they were shipped out a week lady, so she is getting upity for nothing.

  4. I’m stunned that anyone has anything positive to say about this company. I’ve had nothing but one bad experience after another. Boxes showing up months late or not at all ( and the refund process was a nightmare), POOR, unresponsive customer service…give me Madame Ladybug any day! NO contest in quality or quantity. BJ has taken enough of my money.

  5. Definitely yes! I think it’s better to order the best one (and of course, the most expensive), then you really have a chance to get something good and precious. Box for 16 usd for me looks worthless (for that money I can buy 2 really good products and pick them by myself) – so I think I’m gonna try that one for 30 usd and after that I will tell you, did I like it or not :))))

  6. Are these fall mystery boxes worthwhile for one without the monthly visitor? All contents seem to be unrelated. And I have a hard time believing “pampered products” refers to “sanitary napkins” šŸ˜‰

    • Where did you read that it did?

  7. Of course no question here!!!. I got two, I love them! I have been a subscriber of theirs for almost 2 years. Love them to pieces!! Awesome regular box and awesome customer service!!!

    Their mystery boxes are always heavy and packed!

  8. ‘Mystery box’ indeed! I had been subscribing to their regular box for months – loved it. Then ordered the mystery box. It didn’t arrive. Contacted customer service. They very promptly sent a second one. That also didn’t arrive. I contested the charge with my credit card. It was found against me. And I never saw either box!

    Now I’m a veteran of boxes, I subscribe to many (mh-mh), and have never NOT received a box. Except for these two. Not the company’s fault at all, but I look like a liar… I’m tempted to resubscribe to them again, we’ll see.

    • I had a very negative customer service experience with them over a year ago related to me having to pay extra postage x2 boxes at the post office (something I had never before nor have I ever again had happen with any delivery, subscription box or otherwise). They eventually redeemed themselves (well after the fact) with an offer of a free box but it wasn’t a pleasant experience having to deal with the drama nor did I care for having to repeatedly email them to get a response, period. It’s very surprising that your credit card issuer did not find in your favor unless there was solid proof of delivery, and even then most credit card companies still take the cardholder’s word regarding non-delivery unless there is proof of receipt via certified mail/signature confirmation. Until an item is delivered it ordinarily legally remains the sender’s obligation to fulfill the order. If USPS lost or misdelivered then the company can file a USPS claim but at no time should the customer be left empty handed and poorer for their trouble. With those kind of delivery issues you’re brave to resubscribe. While we liked the content of all of the boxes we received- a lot in fact, we opted not to resub after receiving the free box. So this wasn’t the first time shipping issues happened with the company. You could also check if insufficient postage was an issue since the post office informed me they generally return packages to sender when they have insufficient postage if they use a certain kind of prepaid label. That’s not to say USPS didn’t just lose the boxes but regardless you were left with nothing to show for your payment. I can’t say I’d be impressed with that kind of customer service. I think they have a great product but it’s this kind of recurrent issue that has kept me from resubbing.

      • Decided not to resub for the reasons you mentioned. The fact that not one but two boxes from the same sender got lost, and never from other senders, cannot be a coincidence. I don’t want to deal with the drama. Thanks for talking me off the ledge. I tend to get carried away with subs but I’ve noticed if I hold off a few days, I can more easily resist them (not unlike any other addiction I guess). Let’s see now how well resisting The Cozy Mug goes …

    • I work for Visa, if they had a signature confirmation on the postage, that would be the only way the credit card would claim in favor of the company instead of you. Maybe someone in your house (teens are notorious for this) took it and didn’t tell you?

      Other than that, most of the time the credit card company will side with the consumer. Also, the merchant account reputation of the business has a lot of influence on the case as well. Things such as how long the company has been in business, how high a credit rating they have. Background checks on the owner, ceo etc. Amount of charge-backs done in the lifetime of the merchant account. It all is part of the claim. So, if it is a really super reliable and reputable company and they have undeniable proof of package delivery, your claim will not go through. Finally, how to file the claim can make a difference. If you file it as fraud, when it was a package not received, it will not go through. Hope that helps!

  9. I just ordered the small one! Never ordered from them before. I am excited.

  10. Couldn’t help myself. I got the small one since shipping so pricy in Canada.

  11. Awesome! In for the $16 “small” box. I’m way more excited about jewelry than beauty products (now I just hope I don’t get any earrings!). Man, I love tea! And sweets! If this mystery box is good, I might have to give their time-of-the-month subscription a try.

    • Me too! I was like, ‘this small box sounds way more awesome’. šŸ™‚

      • I’m not really interested in full size beauty products, I guess, so the small sounded way more appealing!

  12. I have never tried this sub box out but this looks fun! I ordered one ! The mid price one was sold out already.

  13. Their boxes are so much fun to open. Yet this month I’m on box overload just signed up for bespoke because I wanted the coffee and coffee grinder, am not sure if I need anymore candy, jewelry or beauty products + I dont drink tea. If it was last month I would have gotten it immediately.

  14. I grabbed two, one for me, one for my daughter.

  15. I wish I liked tea… or that I could get hot chocolate instead!

  16. No-brainer purchase ā€“ they send the best candy! I’ve loved every mystery box I’ve ever gotten from them.

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