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New Subscription Box + Coupon: Ellada Lane

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Ellada Lane Subscription Box

Thank you to Brenda and Caroline for letting us know about this new subscription box from Greece!

The Subscription Box: Ellada Lane

The Cost: $149 a box for an ongoing subscription (ships every other month)

COUPON: Use coupon code giasou to save 20% off any length subscription (this brings the annual subscription cost down to $106.50)

IMPORTANT: Since this is a new subscription box, I strongly recommend using PayPal for checkout so you can easily cancel your subscription or dispute any charges if necessary.

The Products: “Boutique products will be curated each time from different parts of Greece. The first parcel is created in Santorini and the Cyclades Islands such as Naxos, Paros and many more. Unique products are chosen individually, with the sole purpose to travel the owner to the beauty of each location.”

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your wishlist or subscription list!

Good to know: First box ships in October.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.11.14 PM

And semi-spoiler alert, here are two brands that will be featured in the first box:

1.  Atlantis Book Store in Oia, Santorini
2. Fish & Olive

What do you think of this new box? I signed up – so I’ll be reviewing the October box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I finally received my box today after waiting for over two months and filing a claim with PayPal and what a box of junk! Honey and a mortar and pestle and citrus juicer and a tiny bracelet for $120.00. What a ripoff, so disappointed!

    • Did you not get the 3 other items and the wooden box? I actually loved the items and it seems that most other people did too. I know they had a huge problem with DHL that caused a number of the boxes to be delayed for over a month.

      • Which other items did you get? I also got some wire thing with a coin on it, can’t figure out what it is though.

        • I got a silk scarf, a beautiful gold bookmark, and a map of santorini in addition to the items you mentioned. Everything also came in a nice wooden box with the magazine. I believe the bracelet is sterling dipped in gold and it came in a leather pouch. The map shows special areas of the islands as done by the bookstore owners and the scarf is gorgeous. I was pleased with the items, but not with the communications issues and the shipping issues. I hope it will soon be running smoothly and that by using UPS they avoid some of the delay problems.

          • I guess you would have to buy this box for curation rather than value. I did get the scarf as well and that is a bookmark? Ok. I think for the $150 cost and advertisement as luxury items I was expecting something more like oui please. I don’t consider a tiny bracelet, bookmark or paper map “luxury items” and honey and kitchen items aren’t very luxurious in my opinion either. In addition to the shipping delays I will not be resubscribing

  2. Has anyone received their box yet. Mine shows no movement since 11/30 and i am not getting any responses from them. UGH. Between this snd Decoterie I am out of a lot of money and have not receivedanything from either one of them

    • Got a tracking number a couple weeks ago…wrote to Stavros..ha said he would check into it..and still no box…getting totally disgusted!

    • I did receive my box and I think there is a problem with DHL. There is a discussion about it over on MUT. The items are lovely. Mine was sent UPS and there was no problem with UPS.

    • I received my via UPS. Items were nice but I am not resubscribing. It just seems too nerve wracking and unorganized 🙁

      • I am hoping they get their act together logistics and communications wise as I thought the items were unique and beautiful. They need to learn to communicate with customers when there are issues. The two best boxes in my view communicationwise are Luxor and LLB.

  3. I got a tracking number from Stavros a week ago which does not work. Now, he is not answering emails or Facebook requests for the whereabouts of my box. Ver frustrating. Seems to be quite a problem recently with ver late shipments on boxes. Seems like a couple of our group did actually get their boxes….fingers crossed!

    • I haven’t received my box yet but my tracking number shows its been shipped. Hopefully it will arrive soon

      • I have received my box and it is lovely. Mine shipped UPS express. I believe some of them shipped DHL. It might take longer with DHL. Barbara, where does it show your tracking is? Candie, you may need to file a claim if your tracking number shows no movement. I think they are new and are having issues with logistics.

        • Mine shipped DHL….the tracking info says its shipping from Germany to the recipients country….hop it arrives soon. I wish mine had shipped UPS

          • UGH….my box shows no new movement since Mon…..DHL…..just says shipping to usa….but its been saying that since Mon. I’ve sent an email to Stavros but no reply….so frustrating

  4. Stavros sent me a tracking number and it is supposedly shipping ups. Of course, it hadn’t actually left the facility just electronic information has been sent to say the package is ready. I will not dismiss my claim until it is in my hands. Had anybody seen movement on this box? Has it actually left the facility?

  5. Be aware that if you close the dispute it is very hard to re-open. I will not close mine until the box is in hand because right now, I am even concerned that if they send tracking we will get an empty box. I only purchased the first box, and unless the first box is amazing I will not be continuing.

  6. Caroline, have you heard anything? I have decided to go ahead and file my claim with paypal. I will only dismiss it once or if the box arrives at my doorstep .

    • I opened a dispute with Paypal after I did not receive a tracking number by the date they said I would get one. Today I received the tracking number however it only shows that the info has been electronically received. Once I see movement on the tracking number I will close the dispute. Stavros has been very kind by email and I do believe they are trying their best but at the same time something needs to be said about the execution of shipment on their first box. Hopefully the box will be great and this will be the last issue I have with them, I signed up for the annual sub so it will be disappointing if the contents of the box will be lackluster.

    • Well I never heard back via email nor did I get a call back… Now they are closed for the night. I am so mad I did NOT use paypal. I just wasn’t thinking UGH

      • I have received my tracking # tonight so hopefully you will receive yours too… Starves also said they will be sending the 2nd box in a few weeks

      • Have any bi monthly subscribers received tracking and has there been any movement by those who have tracking. I have received no response for my request from the company for tracking. My paypal claim had been escalated so they have 10 days to get the box to me or my refund should be issued. At the rate they are going I doubt there will be a second box.

  7. called number he provided… seems EVERYONE who could help me was/is in meetings. I had to leave name and number for them to call me back. that was almost two hours ago

  8. Had anyone received a shipping notice yet? It supposedly shipped on Friday. The owner seems like a nice guy but there have been numerous delays with this first box. If I don’t receive a notice that shows dhl has picked it up by Tuesday evening I am filing a complaint with paypal.

  9. Had anyone received a shipping notice ? They were supposed to have been mailed Friday. If I don’t receive a notice by Tuesday evening I will be filing a claim with PayPal.

  10. I am giving hi until Friday. Last email on10 November he wrote: Your first parcel will arrive approximately by the end of next week.

    So if not arrived I will try to cancel… I was an idiot and did not use paypal 😐

  11. Just wondering has anyone heard anything on this one?

    • Hi Angela,

      I had signed up for a year subscription with one of the promo codes, but just canceled and received a refund from PayPal.

      I had emailed customer service for updates and received personal emails from Stavros, the owner, assuring me that the package would ship by a certain date. Twice that happened, and twice the dates passed with no further contact from him. When I filed the claim with Paypal and they notified him, he finally reached out again and assured me that the box was shipping that week, it would have an extra gift, etc… It did not ship that week, so I completed the claim and got my refund.

      He seems like a nice man with good intentions, but I could not trust that much money to someone so unreliable.

      • I had the same experience, I purchased the first box and emailed on October 25 and was told it would ship in ten days, nothing. Then I emailed again and on November 10 he said it would ship by today and I would get an email with tracking number and again, nothing. I purchased through PayPal so I just opened a claim dispute and we’ll see how that goes, I have never had to do that before. I’m just so frustrated, don’t make empty promises and notify customers of delays and give them the option of a refund, don’t just let us sit here wondering and waiting if we’ll ever receive our package or if we just wasted hundreds of dollars.

        • I am going to give them until Saturday to have shipping notice. If I do not get one, I too will open a claim with paypal. Stavros seems like a nice guy and I understand there are issues in Greece right now, but Luxe Provence based in France did get their box out without delays. I hope we do get a shipping notice, but I am prepared to file a claim again if I don’t.

  12. Oh, heck. Thanks for pointing out they ripped off OuiPlease in context of marketing. I have set aside some money for an annual home/lux/lifestyle box, (and annuals for Sephora and Macy’s whenever that happens) and thus far, nothing out there makes me feel like investing the cost of a plane ticket to see my husband’s family in New Zealand.

  13. There’s no way their 2nd box is coming in a month… as per someone’s comment below:
    “The next parcel vol.2 which arrives 1st week of December will have a different region of Greece with different products”

  14. Still waiting for shipping too! Should be this week.

    • So much for October delivery….

  15. For people who subscribed, I’d love if people post when they receive shipping notice…. Still waiting

  16. anyone receive a shipping notice yet?

    • No but I did receive an email about a week ago saying they would send it in 7-10 days. So hopefully any day now.

  17. Oui Please is registered in Texas as My French Connection out of Dallas. This box says in its terms that it’s under legal jurisdiction of Germany and the UK. It looks like this box ripped off Oui Please. I’m tempted but I think I’ll wait. Just in case legally something happens with the copyright stuff. Seems a little fishy to me.

  18. Hi everyone. I wrote to Oui Please a while back when I first saw this box to tell them about it – that they literally copied their entire visual and website (and language). They stated that they are in no way affiliated with the box. That to me, the copying, gives me little faith in such an expensive box. No originality. No idea on how to run a subscription box. No identity. I also wrote to try and get some sense of what this box would be selling as their language is so generic (number of items, total value, etc). They finally added “twice the value.” Again, I am not confident in the people running this.

  19. I really want this box but Only if everyone receives the same items and value.

    • I contacted them and asked this question…this is their answer “Right now we are trying to place the same things in each box until they are sold out. Based on the fact that they are all handmade products and have an exclusive collaboration all parcels are limited editions”
      “The next parcel vol.2 which arrives 1st week of December will have a different region of Greece with different products”

      • I take that to mean they are not sending boxes that are not equal. Anyone else weight in? I may try this one out….

  20. This has to be an Ouiplease sister company!! It’s like seeing déjà eu with the wording and all. So I’m not jumping on this one quite yet

    • I don’t think my comment from earlier posted. I asked Oui Please about it when the box first popped up and they said it’s not affiliated with them. Oui Please had also said on MUT it’s not theirs. It bothers me they ripped off the Oui Please website, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the box.

      • Same. I just posted this. I don’t see my comment yet.

    • Except it is more expensive. Oui Please yearly sub is $650 (with 20% code $520)….this sub is $799 (with 20% code $639)…..Not really sure I want to take a chance. $639 is a lot for a new sub with no real spoilers. At least for OuiPlease if I don’t LOVE the box it was only $86. But $106 on a new box…just not sure!

  21. I checked with Oui Please when this box first popped up and they said they are not affiliated. It does bug me that Ellada Lane ripped off their website, but I do love Greece and look forward to seeing Liz’s review.

  22. I know we don’t have any spoilers yet but I love the concept and the first box theme so I signed up for the annual subscription with the coupon code! I hope it doesn’t end up being a bust! I was on the fence about getting Ouiplease for a while now but their boxes interest me less and less. This seems like it could be a fun box with the same allure.

  23. Excited to see what will be in this subscription box!

  24. Yes! So happy you are going to review!! The spoilers look so promising!! Do you know if they boxes are going to be the same for everyone?

    • I don’t know. I’ll reach out and ask!

      • Thanks, i was wondering the same thing.

      • Liz…can you also ask what the value of the box we receive should be? I don’t see that listed.

        • From their Become a Member page: “Volume 1: “Dreaming of Santorini and the Cyclades” is valued at least Twice the Price per parcel.”

          Hope that helps!

          • Thanks….now to find out if the 20% off code is for each box if you do the month to month or if it only comes off the first box?

          • It would only be off the first box if you select month to month.

          • Is this the same company/owners as Oui Please? The set up is EXACTLY the same. Right down to the wording/legal jargon.

  25. Does anyone know if you go month to month…will the 20% apply to all the boxes you receive or just the first box?

    • Great question I’d like to know as well (Liz) 😉

  26. I love Greece! And Santorini is the most beautiful place on earth! I am going to order at least the first box.

  27. I love all things Greece, I just wish it were in my budget!

  28. Seems very similar to OuiPlease. I love Greece though. Maybe I will try the month to month so I’m not trapped for a year again.

  29. Reminds me of Oui Please, and currently I’m not having the best luck with them unfortunately…

  30. I signed up too! Hope it turns out great!

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