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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Fall Box Available Now!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Special Edition 2015

The POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Fall 2015 box is on sale now!

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Fall 2015 Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Fall inspired products selected by POPSUGAR editors

Good to know: Box will ship by September 10th.

Check out my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Special Edition Fall Box, and the2013 Special Edition POPSUGAR Fall Box to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am seriously hoping for a gift certificate to order a pair of Tieks! The fall ones look to die for and so comfy.

  2. If anyone is interested in selling their box, I’m interested!

  3. FYI – It’s sold out now.

  4. I can’t decide. I’ve gone to buy it a couple of times and can’t bring myself to purchase it. Ugh! I love fall, but did not like the fall box last year. I still remember how I felt when I opened it.

    • I’ve found that now that I go spoiler free I love the boxes so much more because I focus more on the value. (oh and the stripper perfume mixes so well with a dark musk) For example, the summer box: If I loved the bag and the oil, I know I have my money’s worth. Plus the swap board has brought this to a whole new level.
      What am I doing? Enabling.
      Don’t listen to me.
      run, run fast while you can get out.

      • LOL. All good points 🙂

  5. I loved the 2014 Fall Box, but HATED 2013! I mean, a notebook, pine scented bubble bath and weirdly flavored cookies? And the tote bag looked very Summer-y to me. The whole curation of the 2013 felt haphazard and not at all seasonally appropriate. On the other hand, I thought the 2014 box was lovely and exactly what a Fall box should be. Hoping for another one like that. 🙂

    • I bought last year’s and loved it as well. I’m pretty bummed I can’t find my hat, but I’m not giving up hope yet, once it gets cooler I’ll probably find it in the pocket of a coat. Hopefully this box is as great as that one was and this summer’s which I absolutely adore.

      • I have the hat and am willing to sell it (never worn still in package). Let me know.

        • I would love to purchase this hat! Please email me at [email protected] if it is still available. Thanks!

  6. Fall 2014 was the first Popsugar Must Have Limited Edition boxes that I purchased. While I enjoyed the Indie Lee cleanser (I’ve continued to purchase it to this day) and think the scarf was beautiful, I wasn’t thrilled with the rest of the box (beanie, lipstick shade, scent of perfume and gummies). Even though I didn’t love that box, I went ahead and purchased the Fall 2015 box since I LOVED the resort and summer LE boxes. I’m expecting some sort of skincare item (perhaps a nice moisturizer) with a fall scent item, and of course a fashion related item. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there is no beanie, gloves or scarves in the box! I noticed there are some other people from FL that bought this box – I’m also from FL and have no need for that type of winter clothing. One scarf a year in a monthly box is more than sufficient!

  7. Liz – I have an idea for the swap page. When I buy something on Amazon that’s on my wish list, it automatically removes it once I have purchased the item, thereby saving me from having to delete it. I would love if you could somehow do this with our Follow Lists once we swap for an item on that list. Just a thought!

    • I see your point, but what about those who would like multiples of something? There are a couple products that I’d take every chance I’d get.

      Liz, could you start a thread about the swaps? Or is there a better way to share issues? I’m seeing some weird things and don’t know how to report them, such as items and users showing up on my swap matchmaker list that are no longer available/active. I wish the matchmaker page would also indicate if we’ve already requested a swap with someone.

      • You should try the forums! There are tons of swapping threads over there. I love those ladies!!!

        • When I click “Discussion” I just get the same threads that are here under the individual box reviews … I think. Am I missing something? Where are the forums?

          • You have to hover over “Discussion” and then “On the Forum” will come up and click view all.

          • Thank you both very much!

  8. I want LIZ to put out a fall box — THAT I would buy! 🙂

    • 🙂

    • Agreed!

    • Me too!

    • Yes!

    • Same here. I read enough of Liz’s reviews to know I will like whatever she puts together 🙂

  9. On the fence about this one. I loved the 2013 one, but didn’t like the 2014 edition, seemed to cheaper and less quality. Will they release full spoilers before box sells out? Anyone know?

  10. How long before these usually sell out?

    • Fast, sometimes a day max.

    • There’s less than 200 boxes left, so they’ll probably be sold out soon.

  11. I caved. I am sending my golden tote back so I can get it. oh addiction……

  12. This was my first LE as well. I’ve not been crazy about the regular Popsugar boxes but I really like the LE ones so I’m excited!

  13. EEEKKKK I just bit the bullet and ordered it. This will be my first special edition box and like many have said even if I don’t like one or two items i can always swap them! I can’t wait to get this and my Rachael Zoe box in september!!!

  14. I live in Florida and ordered right away. I love the SE boxes. Even when I think I’m initially disappointed, I never really am. I sold my cuff from the last one so I ended up spending 50.00, not bad in my eyes.

    • This gives me some confidence. I live in Fl, too (South Florida), and am a little hesitant because I really don’t need wooly hats, scarves, mittens, etc. Though I guess I’d be okay with a cute beanie either way.

      • thank you all for saying that, because I feel the same way. I was waiting for the box to go on sale and spent 5 hours deciding if I wanted to buy it!!!

        I went for it thinking I could always gift things for Christmas if don’t like them, but I could also sell things I don’t like.

      • I’m also from South FL and am hoping they don’t include another winter item in the box like last year. That is the one thing about Popsugar that drives me crazy…a scarf once a year is fine, but gloves and beanies can’t be used by a lot of people. Most people can at least use a scarf when they travel (I always wear one on a plane) and I usually get to wear one at least a few days in the winter in FL. But as you know, we would look pretty crazy wearing gloves or a beanie in sunny FL. 🙂

        Hopefully they will stick with items that can be used by the majority of their subscribers, like a piece of jewelry, fall scented candle or even a s’mores kit! I

  15. Just ordered mine, I’m sooooo excited! ! Can’t wait to get this and my Rachel Zoe box! My 2 faves!

  16. Any idea when they release a spoiler? I’ve never bought this and I am on the fence Kinda steep ($100) for no clue what you’re getting. NO candles PLEASE I have them coming out my ears lol But they make great emergency gifts

    • they tend to not release spoilers unless they aren’t selling out very quickly. on Facebook they have been pretty adamant that their “lips were sealed”

      • You’d think after the CFDA spoiler-free disaster, they’d release one to buy back some good faith…

        • Absolutely – my thoughts as well! After the CFDA debacle I quit Popsugar and have not gone back (although as you can tell I do still look). I would definitely need a spoiler to even consider buying one of the $100 “special edition” boxes. Funny, PSMH hasn’t taken any hints from RZ and how successful she has been so far. I still have no desire to support PSMH. But hope y’all get an awesome box.

  17. Welp, I ordered it *crosses fingers* even just one spoiler would make me feel better about it and less anxious ???

  18. I caved and got this one and the Rachel Zoe…I am well aware my chances of scarf dodging are slim to none I couldn’t get past the what else could it be..Scarfs will go to swap but as long as I like most else, I’m happy:)

    • hahaha…”scarf dodging” cracks me up.

  19. I so want to get one but I am soooo afraid it is going to have a cold weather clothing item as one of the large items and I will then be so sad! I am just telling myself that the big item is a scarf and to just say no……

  20. I really wish they would publish just one spoiler! $100 is so much without having any idea other than “Fall”. I have been liking the looks of the PSMH LE boxes over the past year, but it’s a risk I’m not sure I can take, as much as I love fall stuff!

    • Hahaha

  21. I just ordered, I thought 2013 Fall looked amazing and 2014 a fail so its a gamble. I liked resort but did not love it so skipped the summer box and regretted it! Don’t want to miss out. Please no more scarves!!!! But gloves or mittens would be nice, fancy hot chocolate, always love candles, wool socks or cool slippers….lots of good ways fall can go.

  22. ?got mine !

  23. I got one! The Fall 2013 box was the best LE box ever… hope this one is just as good.

  24. Tempted, but holding out for a spoiler…

    • Me too! And maybe. Coupon if we are lucky!!

  25. Got one! I loved my Mom’s day gift of the LE Summer box – the huge striped bag and gold cuff were fantastic. PS, IMO has the best overall value and the products are usually nice quality, agree that they are perfect for swapping/gifting if they are not exactly to taste that month.

  26. Any promo codes please!

    • You can’t use promo codes for their LE boxes – it’s right on their website. I’m sure they’ll sell out by the end of the day.

  27. Well I missed Letitia elizabeth’s (decoterie) flash sale…everything on her site for $25…I love her pillows but they are all sold out….so I at least got this fall box….I got the summer one and liked most of the items in it, so hoping I will like this one too!

  28. Got mine. $108 with taxes. My regular PS started charging tax a couple of months ago, and so did Rachel.

  29. Can’t part with $100. Would love a fall box though. But $100. No.

  30. Decision time. Should I get the POPSUGAR LE or the Box of Style fall box?

    • Get both, I did lol!

    • I didn’t like the watch she was showing for the fall I went with this box instead.

      • Thanks for comments ladies. I got the PS LE because not a watch person. Can’t wait to get this!

  31. Ugh I’m crying inside because I can’t order this time.

  32. I loved the scarf we got last Fall but hated everything else. Popsugar has been too much of a miss this year. Passed on this.

  33. So excited! This will be my first LE box! I really liked the fall boxes for the last two years so I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

    • My first LE box as well! Hope it turns out to be a great one!

  34. We all hope we don’t regret it! At worst, they’re always good trade items!

    • I’m still on waitlist to swap. 🙁

      • Me too! It’s what’s keeping me from pulling the trigger on getting this. Anyone know how long it takes to get off of the swap waitlist?

        • It usually is just a few weeks to get off the list so hopefully you would be in before the box ships!

          • Woo! Then I’ve just ordered my first PopSugar box!!

            I signed up for swap about two weeks back so… *fingers crossed*

      • Me too. Hopefully off soon!

  35. Fall 2014 was a fail IMO. Not going to risk 100 on this years. I live in a cooler climate…and so I already have more scarves and hats than I can count. Plus we just got yet another scarf in the August box.

    I’d bet money the Fall 2015 will have yet ANOTHER scarf as the high ticket item.

    • Death by scarves! lol This was my fear too. Maybe it’ll be gloves instead…haha

      • I love scarves, but not enough to get two in a row. Hoping for something exciting!

        The ultimate fail would be to get a scarf in the LE box AND a scarf in the Zoe box for September.

  36. They made that too easy– just one click and it was done– ships 10 Sept

  37. Just ordered one. Happy dance time!

  38. Snagged one and can’t wait!

  39. Just got mine! My first limited edition box. Hope I don’t regret it later.

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