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POPSUGAR Must Have Box August 2015 Full Spoilers + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

We have the complete spoilers for the August 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box thanks to Jennm in the MSA Forums!

Each box will include:

POPSUGAR August 2015 Spoilers

Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment ($36 Value)

Happy Jackson YAYLUNCH Lunch Box ($10 Value)

Shortstacks Birthday Cake Pancake and Waffle Mix ($8 Value)

American Colors Clothing Plaid Scarf ($79 Value) (The scarf pattern/color may be slightly different than in picture – I recommend checking out the forum pictures too).

Pastel Best Day Ever Mug ($12 Value)

Meri Meri Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins ($6 Value)

Not pictured:

My Yoga Works 3 Month Trial ($45 Value)

Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate ($5 Value)

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers for August?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (FYI – the August box has sold out, but the September box is currently still available).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Sold out! Saves me $40!

  2. We had a high temperature of 106 degrees here today. I’m SO excited for the scarf… said no one in Texas for the next three months!

    • Lol! Same here in South Mississippi!

    • agreed. i’m from California.

    • And Arizona!

    • lol.. I am in North Texas. I didn’t get this box because I knew there was going to be a scarf and I wasn’t sure if I could control my temper in this heat…. I knew I would throw it out in my yard and let it burst into flames. 🙂 Toooo hot still for a scarf. Plus, I got so many last year.

    • Arkansas too! Looks like a great scarf to pair with jeans though so I’m still super excited!

    • Florida, people! Flo-ri-da! Subtropical climate = hot AND wet. … And not in the fun way.

      Still, it’s a cute scarf and I might wear it in January/February.

  3. Everyone is complaining about scarves when its hot out but it will start getting cooler before we all know it! Wouldn’t you rather get the scarf now? (except for the person from HI, sorry…I’m from So Cal, I get it, but its still cute!) Also if anyone has a super freezing office building or lecture hall like I do a scarf is a great thing to put on then take off right before going back outside. Seriously….my university thinks we are penguins….

    • So does my employer, several us keep thick sweaters and blankets at our desks during the LONG summers but as soon as we step outside it’s very humid and hot (we’re north of Houston, TX).

    • Haha! I live in Hi and I learned my lesson on scarves. I go box heavy in summer and light in the fall so I can avoid the scarves!! But yes this one is cute!

  4. Just as a heads-up: the scarf linked to in the post is flannel but the one on the info card is a mediterranean scarf in cotton gauze. So it’s a lighter weight, and the pic in the info card is slightly deeper colors. Those who are worried about the scarf being too warm might find that reassuring.

    • Do you have a picture?

      • If you click through the link to the forums in this post, there are pics posted in the original forum post that you can blow up

  5. I subscribed to Popsugar for basically the last two years until the June box when my Black Friday deal ran out. I think they send out amazing stuff, and I used to be happy to get any of it. However, I do think they are starting to miss the mark with long term subscribers. I have so many scarves, bento/lunch boxes, mugs and other cutesy yet semi-useless products. I wish they would mix up the type of products they send. Honestly, this is a critique of most subscription boxes. The appeal just wears off in the end, and I’d much rather know what my $40 is paying for. Take the Target box or recent Birchbox CEW Boxes for example, they show you the contents and you decide if the price is worth the box. I love the swap boards, but I got so tired to making trips to the post office and paying yet more money to get something I should’ve just bought outright in the first place. Alas, I’ve recovered from the subscription box addiction and this box is a great example of why.

    • I wish I could upvote this.

    • Becca C- You took the words right out of my mouth . I’ve also been a Popsugar subscriber for 2+ years and I feel like this box was totally off. I love scarves but as my husband said, this one is a bit too LL Bean for my taste and after tupperware we really don’t need to reinvent the bento/lunch box – and this one doesn’t even seal in liquids. That said the eye cream seems like a winner so not a total loss but I give this box a C-

  6. I LOVE this box, which is great.. because July sucked for me!! Except the Supergoop spray.. LOVED that. I’m more than happy!

    • Oh man, I loooved everything in the July box except the supergoop. (I already had a sample from another box and hate the sticky feeling)

      Thanks for the reminder that I meant to sell the supergoop before summer is over!

  7. I’m really excited to get my box! The scarf is very different from what I normally wear (blue and plaid) but one of the reasons I subscribe is to try to shake things up a bit – if it’s something I would buy myself I’d just buy it for myself! I’m curious what the mug looks like in person – I don’t need another mug but I’m looking at a pretty stressful year ahead so maybe the positive message will sink in or something. I’m also pretty happy getting yoga videos! I’ve been trying to get more regular with my practice and I like that they really try to teach. The lunch-box will be a bit redundant with the one I’m getting in Bag and Wander but I was thinking of putting together a forgot-my-lunch survival kit for work so that might work. Using it to fly is also a good idea – I have a trip coming up next week.

    My husband will be thrilled with the fancy waffles.

  8. Wow, I’m very happy with this box! I’m glad I resubscribed, I think I’ll use everything in this one. The only thing maybe not is the lunchbox, but I’ll see what it fits when I get it, and maybe I can make it work for me.

    • If it doesn’t let me know!! 🙂

  9. Love this box–I really appreciate that we are getting a scarf right before fall vs late in the season, the plaid is on trend too. Love the retro font on the mug.

    And the yoga sub is awesome–I sub to yogaglo so I can test this one to see if I want to switch. The lunch box will be fun to take to work on a bad weather day to brighten things up, and I like that we got cute napkins to stick in a lunch box or have w the pancakes.

    I’d be happy if the curator of this box curated all of the PS boxes. Come to think of it, they should have a guest curator now and then like other boxes do.

  10. I am super duper pumped! Last year when I moved all my popsugar scarfs disappeared??? So I am pumped to have another one. I do have the Christmas scarf which I love but this is a nice fall scarf and I love plaid for the fall it’s so warm and reminds me of my Dad! The pancake mix, heaven!!!! Can’t wait to make it with my boys! Coffee and mug? Yes please! yoga? Hells yeah. They have over 700 videos and it looks like the have stuff for beginners to it’s been a while so I’d like to start at beginners. I am beyond impressed this month. It feels like a September box tor but if you need it for September then the smart thing would be to send it in August so I think they did great! Good job curating this month. Can’t wait to get my box! Ekkkk

    • I totally agree! xoxo

  11. I can’t help but wonder–maybe the My Yoga Works trial was supposed to go in the June box with the yoga warrior theme and they just couldn’t figure out the logistics in time? The value of this box seems unusually high, especially when you count the value of the yoga subscription.

    Glad it made its way into this box, though, because that and the eye cream are the only things that really appeal to me.

  12. I am so excited for this box!!!!!

    • oops did not mean to post two comments 🙂

  13. I am so excited about this box!! I love everything in it, except maybe the napkins but they can be used in the future at a party of some sort.

    I have a bit of a scarf obsession and this one is so cute.
    I have a coffee addiction so the mug is perfect!
    The lunch box will be great for one of my kids.
    The pancake/waffle mix also perfect, for a weekend family breakfast. And always excited to try a new eye cream!

    Seriously beyond happy about this one!

  14. Woo hoo <3 it!

  15. I’m afraid I am also very underwhelmed. The coffee concentrate contains sucralose, which I’m allergic to, and I’m not crazy about the pancake mix. Last month I had to throw away the electric toothbrush because it hardly worked. After only two months subscribing to this box, I’m not sure how much longer I will continue. Hopefully the other items are worthwhile.

  16. Looks intriguing

  17. I am pretty excited about the Pancake and Waffle Mix because I just bought a waffle iron. I could always use another mug, and I think the phrase will be a good reminder to have a positive outlook each day. I’ll probably use the lunch box to store things like pens, stickers, washi tape, etc. (btw, is that supposed to be our “organization” item this month?). I’ll save the napkins for my daughter’s birthday next month. The scarf…meh…I’m not big on that print and I have a bunch of scarves already that I rarely use…so we’ll see. I don’t do yoga, so that 3 month trial will be wasted on me. All in all it’s an ok box, but I am really bummed that the 2 highest valued items are a miss for me. Of course we can’t all expect to be blown away each and every month, so that’s ok with me. 🙂

    • Hey – I will buy your scarf from you (or anyone else who doesn’t want their scarf) for the price of the box! Please email me if you’re interested – jbenson4

      • I sent you an email!

        • Awesome, thanks! I found someone to sell me their scarf (not sure if you’re that person I’m emailing with) and I am so glad! Flannel is my favorite, and I could see myself wearing this scarf all the time.

          • I got my box today and the scarf is not flannel. It is a light weight gauzy material. It is blue/black/light pink/ white plaid with blue/white gingham on the other side. It has a frayed edge all around.

      • Hi!!!

        I would be glad to sell you my scarf!

  18. I am beyond excited for this box to arrive. I loved July and can’t wait for August!

  19. I think I am the only person who is actually super excited for this box!! I don’t have any scarves like the one pictured, and I live in Wisconsin, so scarves are awesome for fall and winter. The mug is cute (and even if I don’t need another mug, it will make a cute gift wrapped in cellophane as part of a coffee-drinker gift kit!), I love yoga so I will use the membership to the website, and I love lunch boxes. So yay for me!! 🙂

    • You aren’t the only one! I am SUPER beyond excited for this, but of course, I hated both June and July boxes (but realized that after a while that the month I canceled was the month I wish I hadn’t! Murphy’s Law is alive and well in my life). The scarf isn’t exactly my style but I will have to wait to get it to see how I can make it work! I live in GA and it is hotter than the surface of the sun 99% of the time but my office and classrooms at work are FRIGID so I always have a scarf or two in my bag for emergencies. This box was such a win for me, the only thing I am sad about is how many people despise this box (I know, I know, to each their own and it’s perfectly okay to hate this box), and Popsugar pays attention to these forums- I’m afraid they won’t feature similar items in the future due to the feedback! I am also super psyched for the yoga gift card- I hate when we get gift codes we can’t possibly use without spending more money (Sorial, Sweet and Spark, etc. etc.). 🙂

  20. Colour me underwhelmed. As one of the 3 people in America who doesn’t drink coffee, mine will be up for swap. Coffee mug? I drink hot tea in cups so that will probably be swapped too, unless a friend wants it.
    I really hope that the variations on the scarf include a non-plaid version, it’s much too butch for my style. My swap pile is growing!
    Does anyone know if I can use the ‘Yay lunch!’ box to carry my snack on the plane? It would really be travelling in style to eat an unsquashed sandwich. Look out TSA, I’m packing a lunchbox!

    • As long as your snack doesn’t contain liquids, you should be fine.

      • Thanks Lindsay! I thought it would be OK, but didn’t want to find out too late and have it confiscated.

  21. Glad I passed. While the items are all great as usual, there’s nothing I need.
    It’s NEVER chilly enough in Honolulu for a scarf, the last thing I need is yet another generic coffee mug, lunch box is cute but I already have a ton of food storage containers so could easily do without another one, and napkins definitely don’t interest me.

  22. This doesn’t excite me, but we’ll see when I get my hands on it. I actually love one of the four scarf prints on the website: Atlantic. I hope I can swap if I don’t get that one. The pancake mix and the eye cream are also keepers.

    While the scarf seems a little wintery, I appreciate a sub box that thinks ahead. A box that will arrive mid to late August shouldn’t have summer things in it because there will only be a few weeks left to use them- it should have fall things that we look forward to using for a whole season.

  23. This box is not super exciting to me. Kinda disappointed. I love scarfs, but this one is not my style. I was really hoping for a planner. The mug is a total loss for me, it will go into the good will bin.

  24. But can we just talk about the scarf? …in August? …and plaid?

    I’m confused by this one for sure. Total miss.

  25. 21 year old college student here, I am REDICULOUSLY excited about that lunch box! So cute and perfect! And the mug and eye cream! And the scarf is the perfect amount of warmth and casual for walking along the beach at night. Great box in my book and so excited I stayed another month! And I will probably be swapping for more lunchboxes if they are dishwasher safe!

    • Not dishwasher safe or microwave safe. Super bummed about that!

  26. Seems like it is geared to college gals. That scarf design? Oy.

  27. Easy pass. Only the eye cream appeals.

  28. I absolutely LOVED the July box! Everything except the nutrition bar, was an absolute winner. To see the contents of this box, I am super disappointed. I live in lower Alabama and it is a million degrees here… a scarf….. um…. NO. Who, needs another coffee mug? The napkins, while appear very cute… for what we pay for this box, they should be cloth. The lunch box is a miss; soggy bread is not appealing to me. The food products do hold some appeal, but again, for the price paid for the box, not a winner. The eye cream is the only product that is a home run for me out of all these products. I sure hope next month is better. If it isn’t, it may be the last, Must Have.

    • I’m right there with ya. Popsugar is my first ever subscription box and I initially signed up for 3 months. I loved that the June box came with a book and loved everything in the July box. This box, however, has me wondering if I made a mistake by doing another 3-month subscription instead of month to month.
      I already have a dozen scarves, don’t need a lunch box (that’s why I have storage containers), I would never pay that much money for disposable napkins. I already have tons of coffee mugs, and I don’t use eye cream very often because I have very sensitive skin. I’m sure my boyfriend will love the pancake/waffle mix but the birthday cake flavor sounds like it will be WAY too sweet.
      I guess they can’t all be great, but this one seems to have disappointed a lot of people.

  29. For the first time, I’m less than thrilled with this months box. Usually I’m a huge fan of all PS has to offer on the month to month basis. I think this is a box that I will appreciate more once I have it in hand, but for the moment I’m feeling a little less than thrilled. Oh well.

  30. Total miss for me. I only thing I am interested in the eye cream. Can’t believe a scarf in August. I usually love Popsugar but the last three months have not been their best. I hope September is better 🙁

    I brought July and I wasn’t thrilled. This box is perfect and I wish I could be able to buy it. 🙁

    • Are you on the swap board? I am willing to swap most of the items.

  32. I’m not excited… I shouldn’t have looked at the unofficial spoiler post because that post and comments had me giddy. The real box has me less than enthusiastic about Popsugar and that’s rare. September, September; wow me September.

  33. I said I wouldn’t LOOK lol……………..this box looks amazing. For the price point I love PS each and every month

  34. Since this is mostly an ‘oh my heavens NO’ box for me, I’m glad they were unable to charge my card and I will cancel.

  35. I find the lunch box and mug adorable. I also am intrigued by the eye cream and scarf — depending on the style/color of the scarf (and how I like it on me — I’m picky with scarves) and the quality of the eye cream, I’ll be very happy with this box!

  36. I caved and looked at the spoilers, not a fan of this month at all. I was super interested to see what would be in the box. But a scarf in August? I’m sorry it’s 95 degrees still in the Midwest, plus I hate plaid. I’m only really excited about the pancake mix and the napkins are cute lol.

  37. Almost the whole box will be up for swap on my swap board. Don’t care for any of it! 🙁 Oh well, maybe I can swap for some things I want!

    • Same here. I thought I was the only one who finds most of this just “meh”.

  38. I was already looking forward to fall, and this box is the PERFECT summer to fall box. Can’t wait to receive it. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to fall! 😀

  39. I am very happy with this box. I order those birthday cake pancakes all the time (learned of them watching Shark Tank.) And “Best Day Ever” is a cute thing my five year old says all the time. Yay for me!

  40. Nice looks good to me!! Lol I’m kinda glad there’s no planner like we hoped so I can buy an Erin Condren one. 🙂 for once I think the card/gift card item looks interesting! I will definitely get use out of everything.

    • I have an Erin Condren, and I was STILL hoping for a planner of some sort! The planner addiction is real. ? lol! Is anyone else here a planner girl??

  41. If anyone wants to get rid of their lunch box PLEASE let me know! My son would love it! Haha

    • They’re on amazon for $6.11, only 3 left though

    • I’ll be putting mine up for swap, my email is Sarawebb85 @

    • Mine will be available.

  42. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE. Almost has a bit of a retro, school house vibe to it. I like!

  43. love love LOVE

  44. Not thrilled. I will hang on to see if September blows me away. If not, it will be time to cancel.

  45. How is this box only 1.2#s with a dry pancake mix and a coffee cup in it?

  46. Nope, wouldn’t have been worth it to me. I win! lol

  47. I wasn’t going to look… I wasn’t going to look. I’m glad I did! OMG I LOVE THIS BOX ALREADY! Can’t wait to get it! 🙂

    • I love it too! Mugs + scarves are two things I can never have enough of! 🙂

      • Same here! I was secretly hoping and wishing and we got BOTH! Great box. Thanks for the spoilers as always Liz!

  48. Is there also a coffee cup in there?

    • LOL, I see the update. Clicked on spoilers link toooo fast.

      • HA! I did the same thing!

    • Yes – sorry was updating the post! Everything should be listed now

  49. Wow!! I had intended to cancel this month, but am so glad I didn’t! Love every single thing in this box! Can’t wait! The scarf is awesome! Do we know if it’s that specific color pattern? Love it regardless!

    • I had clicked too fast and didn’t see everything. Love it even more!

  50. Thank you SO much for the spoilers! This has to be my favorite popsugar box yet! LOVE everything and can use it all! Yay!

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