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New Luxor Box “Most Requested” Limited Edition Box

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Check out the new limited edition box from Luxor Box Limited Edition Luxor Box Details


Thanks Kerry and Melissa for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Luxor Box!

The Box: Luxor “Most Requested” Box

The Cost: $135 to the US, $165 to Canada

The Products: $450+ worth of most requested products (not previously featured in Luxor boxes), with one jewelry piece that you can select metal choice for: gold or silver. (The jewelry piece is not earrings).

Are you going to grab one of these limited edition Luxor boxes?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Well just opened my box & yikes… It kinda looks like it was curated for a tween girl! A jeweled headband? NINE shades of glitter eyeshadow? Candy & cheap looking gold jewelry… Ah well, lesson learned with this sub box!! Never again

    • That’s funny, I was thinking of trying to swap both the eyeshadows and the headband for my tween.

  2. I’m sorry to see so many are disappointed. I’m especially glad that I opened the box before seeing how dismayed so many others were because I really enjoyed my peek into the box. I’ll admit it might have tainted my impression but I got to open it before I took a peek here. I haven’t pulled everything out but I really love what was in there and about the infamous headband. Yea, I slap a headband on when I wash my face at night so I wouldn’t have said I’d put that on a request list particularly for a ‘higher end’ box BUT it was the first item I opened and I thought it was just beautiful. I immediately thought how gorgeous it would look in my daughter’s hair for the daddy daughter dance and thought I’m GOING to find an opportunity to sport it myself. I think it’s lovely. I may even wash my face with it when I feel like spoiling myself 😉 haha
    But all in all, the jewelry is a perfect little addition to my everyday collection, the brushes (even though I just decided I wouldn’t need any new brushes anytime soon), they are a nice collection for travel or when I need to take brushes on the go- I will keep them in the pouch so I can grab and go. So, I didn’t discuss the chocolate- not necessary (nice sweet surprise). In conclusion, I’m very happy with my first little Luxor and at a $135 price tag it’s well worth it IMO. I think those looking to dump their box may find others like me that would love it. Good luck to all.

    • I’m so glad to see that someone liked the box! Unfortunately it was a complete miss for me. The only thing of interest to me was the chocolate, and even that was mediocre. Don’t even have anyone to gift the rest to. So disappointed that I wasted my money on this one. Lesson learned. I will be avoiding this sub in the future, especially with the ridiculously inflated prices.

    • I am really happy to see that you are genuinely happy about the box! I have said that everyone is going to either like or not. Like some things and not like some other things. I want to truly say that I hope I did not ruin anything for anyone because I did not like the box. This is the first specialty high-end box that I had bought. I was very disappointed. I have seen very nice boxes on this website and from this company. I just felt like this was not one of them and kind of crushed my spirits a bit. I try to keep as much in as possible to not change other peoples opinions. I am glad for all who like it and for all that don’t maybe we can create our own little forum where we can go crazy without disappointing others LOL just kidding you guys have my email address if you feel like venting. Aside from that I hope everyone has a wonderful day or what’s left of it and try to remember it is just stuff and when we go it’s not coming with us!

      • Speak your mind. You have every right to say what you want to say here. 🙂 I wanted to offer another opinion. I did mention in another post that I think perhaps these “mystery’ editions where we don’t know what’s included may not be ideal. I’m sure there would have been enough people who wanted the enclosed items to buy the box and would have saved all the disappointed customers money and grief if they just would tell us what was coming. I’ve been bummed when people bought I wanted that sold out box and didn’t want it once they got it. I love Boxycharm for that, they let you know through spoilers most of what they have coming so you can base your decision to spend you money on what you’ll actually get. It’s no fun to get a box of stuff you don’t want especially at a $100 + price point. Just tell us what your sending Boxbuilders!- can I get an AMEN?

        • AMEN!!!! I left a post on their facebook
          Chocolate should be no where near a luxury +$100 box. Again, it is not that the box is so much “bad” but when someone says $450+ value I do not think chocolate, a headband and make up you can get on groupon for $14.99. If I had known a quarter of the items would be edibles I would not have purchased. Your page said, “beauty, home, spa, fashion, jewelry and more” I know the and more covers the surprise food but I think if you say home and spa, which was part of my decision to buy, there should be at least home OR spa. This box per you is a value of $457 but as groupon has that make up for 14.99 plus you can use a 20% off coupon on it I cannot see how you can value it at $90

          so far no reply

          • That eyeshadow is way overpriced and was not something I wanted. Bellapierre is still selling it for $89 on their website, so Luxor could say they are going off the prices on the retailers websites.

    • It’s not my favorite Luxor box that they have done, but I was not as disappointed as I expected to be after reading some of the comments. There are a couple of things that I am disappointed in because I don’t view them as from a luxury undiscovered brand since they have been in a number of other boxes, but on the whole I am satisfied. I do think had a different perception of what this box would be. I thought when they did most requested it would be things like home item -throw, hair beauty item – high end hairbrush, curling iron or flat iron (wish somebody would do that!), etc, and I don’t think that the concept was explained very well. I think the retail values are pretty accurate as several of the items are from brands that I might I would probably consider higher end, with the exception of the items from the company that is in every sub box which I think is way overvalued.

      Do I think they could have done a better job of explaining what they were really doing and picking more original and requested items. Yes! Still I have loved the past boxes and will continue with my subscription but will not be ordering the extra boxes in the future. (I think no extra boxes will be a rule for me in the future).

      • Great point! The ‘mystery’ can be exciting but clearly I think maybe full disclosure would lead to happier customers. Imagine this- there may be people who couldn’t grab the box because it sold out that would have enjoyed the items and plenty who would have passed had they known the contents. Either way maybe there less surprise may lead to higher customer satisfaction. I can’t imagine it is possible to surprise so many different people with the same stuff. There is too much left to interpretation when the descriptions are vague- everyone is optimistic and hopeful of course when they click their checkout box and ideally they should be just as excited when they receive their box.

  3. thanks to everyone for clarifying that the contents of this box was not items they had in past boxes but request they have received to include in future ones. Really??? things such as a headband??? chocolate??? they are suggesting that the retail value of the head band they included is $62!!! in what universe??? according to them they meet the $450 value of the box, but with items such as a miniature box of chocolates for $13 anyone could meet that value. Eye shadow that according to Luxor its valued at $89.99 but i found similar ones on Amazon for less than $20 from the same brand. this box is very disappointing and i would even say it was misleading.

    • Yep, and I’ve also found similar (or exact) items on Groupon – type in “Bellapierre” on Groupon, and the eyeshadow set comes us for $15…and then add a 20%-off Groupon code to that, the value is down to $12. Yikes.

      As a side note, I also found personalizable monogrammed items on Groupon that look very much like, if not identical to, the items being sold on the price-inflated Website that provided a $40 “gift certificate” in this month’s PopSugar box. Makes me wonder if I could start my own luxury sub box just by shopping at Groupon and Amazon. Not to sound cynical or anything, it’s just kinda odd, but I guess they have to make a profit somehow.

        • Wow, that’s amazing. Can anyone tell me where this eyeshadow is made? I had assumed it’d be the USA or Europe, but now that we know it’s so cheap, it may be a Chinese product.

          • Just checked bottom of package and it says made in the USA.

  4. Stopped by to see if there was any talk of this yet. I don’t want spoilers so I’m glad there aren’t any here. I don’t have any expectations aside from value, but I do fully expect a value of $450+ as promised. I’m not looking for this box to be “like” any other or I would have simply subscribed to the other. I have not been disappointed by Luxor thus far. Even the first box that people consider a dud, I would gladly repurchase. I already dropped another $175 on the December box and I’m hoping I won’t regret that today when I open October. I am nervous but remain optimistic.

    • I don’t hate the box but it feels like it was geared towards an immature teen girl. These experiences with buying blind are beginning to “cure” me of my subscription addiction. I’m feeling less and less inclined to spend money on “mystery” items. I could just take that money and blue it in something I chose for myself and have the option of returning if it doesn’t work out.
      I also purchased their December clutch box … I wonder what’s in there!

  5. If anyone wants to see full photo spoilers, there is an unboxing at the Work on the Side blog at BlogSpot.

    • I’m gonna wait for my own personal disappointment unboxing LOL… No idea what’s in the box but I am very glad I did not get Dec special edition or November.
      All I can think of is the movie Seven and Brad Pitt’s character screaming “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!??!” hee hee
      In case people are not movie addicts like me and have no clue what I’m talking about, here is youtube of scene

      Liz, um not sure am i allowed to post youtube link? just all in good fun

      • I loved that movie! I watched it the first time at home by myself… Big mistake! I was scared to death LOL the one scene with all the air fresheners hanging in the room. That just about killed me LOL

    • Hi Patty, what website is that? I tried googling it but can’t find it 🙁 all these comments are making me nervous! I need to see some spoilers!! Lol

        • Also, I misunderstood the “most requested” to be actual products that were most requested… not “themes.” That explains why we had such a hard time figuring out what people were requesting if it’s as obscure as “jewelry,” etc.

          • I still can’t imagine people saying I wish for a headband! LMAO I just can’t even believe it truthfully. I’m trying to look on the bright side but I can’t see it at the moment.

      • I was using the Bing search engine when I found it. From Bing, type in “Work on the Side BlogSpot” and the first link that comes up should be the blogger’s page with the review (at least it comes up for me).

  6. This makes me very nervous. I think I’d almost rather see the spoilers now.

    • Is yours coming today, Brooke? I do hope you like it! Everyone is different so you never know?

      • Yes, I think so. It shows as sorting complete at my post office, so hopefully they get it out today.

  7. I received my box also. I agree though about requesting items. I know it said before it was things that were never requested or in boxes before. But I do not see how any of these items were ever requested from anybody at anytime. It was a waste of money! I do see now why there weren’t any leaks or spoilers. They knew it too.

    • I am so bummed for everyone who got it and does not like it, i know it’s a first world complaint but I hate when that happens. You get so excited for something you chose to spend money on and have a fun surprise and then it’s a let down. On the bright side for me I have not liked any Luxor boxes so maybe I am going to want to swap for all the items in this one!

    • What is in it?

    • Oh no!! :o(

  8. I cannot wait to see what you guys get!

    Just FYI, they may be deleting Facebook posts to save the surprise!

  9. i am so disappointed with this box. it arrived today and i couldn’t wait to open it. this box was sold as the most requested items, but yet the items i received had not been in Luxor box before. at least i could not find them by the research i did. this is very disappointing. this box was NOT worth $135 in my opinion.

    • They actually stated that this box would feature things that hadn’t been in previous boxes but had been requested by customers to be in future boxes. I am a little worried now since both you and one other poster who got her box both appear to be disappointed in the box. I guess tomorrow I will,see whether it meets the $450 retail value and is worth the $135. I don’t want to be spoiled so I will wait till my box comes before passing judgement.

    • I didn’t get it but just as a clarification is stated right in the email about the box that it was NOT items from past boxes. It was items they most often get as requests for future boxes. I don’t think they really made that a big enough FYI about the box though, because the name makes you think it was the most popular from past boxes.

      • Yes, it states that above in the post “these are amazing products that we have not featured in the past”. They made it clear that they were new products that were requested a lot!

  10. I’m just going to put this out there if anybody wants me to answer any questions and can’t wait to get there box they can go ahead and email me. [email protected]

    • You have me so curious. What’s in the box? I hope it’s not a disappointment. I sent you an email but I haven’t heard back yet.
      Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow but I won’t be home until Wednesday. Its already at the local post office but they’re such idiots they won’t give me my boxes in the am. We live in the smallest town where everyone knows everyone by name but they get offended if you ask them to do or know anything that they believe is outside their job description. Grrrr

  11. Guess what guys? I got my box! My mailman was delivering packages today!

    • Ooh, exciting! So…what’s in it?! 😉

      • I don’t want to spoil it for everyone. And what I feel about the box may not be what other people are going to feel. If you really want to know you can contact me by email. All I have to say is it wasn’t anything like that I was expecting.

        • Fair enough. I’m just curious, but I didn’t order one myself so I can wait to find out. 🙂

          • It will be all over here tomorrow. I’m curious to see what other people think about it also. I don’t know if what I think is what everybody else is going to think. 🙂

        • Hi Shannon, I’d love to know, how do I get your email address? Mine won’t be here until tomorrow????

        • Aaaaghh. Now I’m nervous. I’ve had boxes where everyone raved and I thought they were just ok. I’ve had boxes I thought were great that others thought were just ok. Your lack of positive or negative is driving me nuts (just kidding!) Lol. I guess I’ll see tomorrow. :o) Hoping that if I don’t love things, they’re at least giftable.

  12. My luxor box shipped and should be here tomorrow!!!

  13. Here is what is really strange about mine. I checked and it said it was going to be delivered on Tuesday. I checked over the weekend and it was all ready in my local post office so I thought for sure it would be early and come Monday because that’s what usually happens when I get packages. It says that it was at my local post office at 2 o’clock afternoon yesterday. I wonder if they’re making them hold them back until Tuesday so that nobody gets to put up spoilers until that time. This box is been so strange.

    • I don’t think Luxor is making the post office hold them. The reason it won’t be delivered till tomorrow is that today is a holiday, so there is no mail delivery today.

      • OK, I feel little bit like an idiot there! Really, Columbus Day what a stupid holiday to get off from work…the man didn’t even discover America!

    • @Shannon – forgot to add that I totally agree with you that the whole thing seems strange too though. The lack of spoilers from anyone, no comments on their Facebook page, etc. It all is very odd. Mine is set to be delivered tomorrow too. I hope this box is great. If it’s a big disappointment, I’m going to be bummed.

      I already signed up for a sub to get November’s box and I bought the December special edition. If this October box is a dud, then I will probably regret purchasing the other two. 🙂

    • Columbus Day today so no mail. Mine’s in town, too, but will be delivered tomorrow. :o)

  14. Mine is set to arrive tomorrow – ordered silver. I figure if I don’t like it, I can swap or sell/swap. Should be OK with this one. Perhaps there is a 1951 Maison Francaise clutch in this one? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was. It is a most requested item. I swapped for a pink 1951 clutch, but it’s way too bright for me – up on the swap site, but only want to swap for another…

  15. no spoilers yet? Definitely tomorrow when mail is delivered.

    • I’m terrible about peeking at spoilers. My box is set to arrive tomorrow. I think this will be the first time I’ve ever actually been surprised (I try to hold out every time but always give in!!). Kind of excited but nervous it’ll be a let down after all of this.

  16. I posted this comment over on the December box post, but I thought I should probably have posted it here:

    I purchased one, but am now getting a little concerned. I ordered the October special box and they guaranteed shipping through this week. Yet, it’s Friday and I have yet to receive a shipping email.
    Also, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I kind of find the lack of comments on their Facebook page a bit concerning. I would think they would be getting flooded with questions about “where’s my October package??” (unless I’m the only one that hasn’t gotten a shipping email – which I doubt). The lack of comments on their Facebook page, makes me wonder if they delete comments. They have also disabled posting, so we can’t even post a question on their Facebook page, let alone read other members’ posts. I find that odd.
    Also, their website concerns me too. There’s no where to log in to check your account to see if an item has shipped or not. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place.
    Anyone else have these concerns too? I’ve plunked down over $450 with them in the last month, with nothing to show for it yet, so I’m feeling a bit paranoid about it…

    • Woohoo! Received a tracking number about 20 minutes ago. If it makes a difference, I also selected “silver.” :o)

      • I just got mine for the silver box as well. It’s shipping Priority Mail.

      • I wish I could “like” everyone’s comments!!! 🙂

    • I am a bit paranoid about spending so much money and I think for the amount that people do spend on these boxes they should have a way for people to contact them or check on things. I checked all over the Internet and could not find any number for them. Although you can contact them through email. I did receive my tracking number about 10 minutes ago. That has eased my mind a bit and I can’t wait to get my box in my hands. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but I do feel like with this box it has been unusually quiet. There are not any comments, there were no spoilers. I felt like I was the only one actually that had bought one until I started commenting on this. Strange… Music plays in the background do do doo ?

    • I got my silver shipping notice today as well. I can’t believe that there hasn’t been a peep of spoilers – can’t wait to see what we get!!

    • ok has ANYONE one received their box yet? I mean is was supposed to ship the the week of Oct 5th… seems like they are a week behind. It is very weird no spoilers have been posted by Luxor, bloggers or fellow subscribers. Has anyone heard any spoilers? At this point, I would like to know if i should bother wanting to subscribe to bi-monthly. This cloak and dagger is making me nervous

  17. I still have not heard anything! Does anybody know of a way to get in contact? I cannot find a customer service number anywhere? I’m really getting nervous… Liz, do you know of a way to get a hold of anyone at Luxor box?

    • Hi Shannon,

      Luxor is shipping all these Oct. boxes this week. They have it posted on their Facebook page that all boxes are shipping this full week and once your box ships, you will receive an email tracking. I ordered 2 boxes, 1 in gold and 1 in silver. Yesterday I received an email that my gold is shipping. I emailed them about my silver box and they said it will be shipping today and once it ships I will get that tracking email. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you Mary! That makes me feel little better. I also ordered a silver so maybe today is the silver day LOL I don’t know but I will just trust and if I don’t get one today then I’ll start panicking 🙂

        • Just received my silver box tracking. Today must be the silver day! 🙂

          • Woo hoo! Yay for silver day! It’s cloudy out here too… Where I am. So it kind of matches LOL 🙂

        • I also received my tracking info today for the Silver box

  18. I got my tracking email this morning.

    • Hi! Does it say how it is shipped? Fed Ex, UPS, USPS Priority Mail, or the dreaded slow as molasses SmartPost? Thanks! 🙂

      • USPS Priority

        • Thanks!

  19. Anybody? Anything?

    • Got another email about the December box… :o/ Still nothing on the one I’ve paid for.

  20. Ok so has anybody gotten an email with tracking information from LUXOR? They stated that the shipments would start on the 5th.

    • No. They posted this on Facebook on the 1st:

      October Special Edition Boxes: If you pre-ordered one of our October Special Edition – Most Requested Boxes, they will be shipping out next week (week of October 5th as promised). They will be shipping out over the full week (Mon – Fri). Everyone will receive a tracking email on the day your box ships, so keep an eye out for that email next week. smile emoticon

    • No, but I am checking my email every time I hear it ding! Which I never do… I just am so excited I am afraid I’m going to be letdown because I have my hopes up too high.

    • No, but I got an email with a spoiler for their December special edition box…. :o/ Have to pre-order by Oct 9th I think. Not going to order another for December when I haven’t even heard on the October one… (plus the spoiler does nothing for me).

      • No, I have not received anything about a tracking number yet. I did receive the same email though about December’s box. You are right though I am not going to even think about ordering another box when I haven’t even seen the one that I already paid for. Plus, I do not need another leather small clutch that is the retail value of one third of the box already. See, now I’m starting to get crabby! LOL

  21. I’m enjoying going spoiler free! I always look if there are spoilers. Fortunately, luxe box ships out of Georgia so I always get my box before t gets fully spoiled. Little lace box too! I think I’m more excited about the box if it is not spoiled, but once spoilers come out I always look.

    • Ok I like that for once it pays that I live in the boonies

      • Does that mean that you have already gotten a tracking number?

  22. I still can’t believe that I have not heard anything about this box! I feel like I must of been the only person that bought it! Maybe it was a dream… I can’t find anything anywhere. Someone has to know something!

    • I’m waiting for info too! But it supposed to start shipping next week (the week of Oct 5, which is this coming Wednesday), so I’m keeping myself calm. 🙂

  23. Has anyone heard ANYTHING?? The waiting is driving me crazy. Lol.

    • Nooooooooo! It’s driving me crazy also! I just want to see something here something. October seems so far away! I’ve never been so excited about a box!

      • Same here!! Hoping that building all this anticipation doesn’t lead to disappointment when it arrives. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box so locked down. A hint would be awesome. 🙂

        • I know! I have never spent that much money on a box ever! I don’t know what made me do it! I didn’t tell my husband. I think he would probably say that is enough. Then cut me off of all the boxes. I just don’t want to be disappointed. I hope it’s not all the money on one thing and then I don’t even like it. I would much rather have a lot of little things.

      • I emailed them today begging for a hint on shipping and any goodies in the box. Not hoping for much but I tried. 🙂

        • Well that’s better than us sitting around talking about it waiting to see if something will happen. ?I hope you hear back something! Anything, to get me through the next few weeks would be great! Thank you! ?

        • Just saw the review Liz put up for the September Luxor box. I did not like it at all! Now I am really anxious about this box! I hope I made a good decision!

  24. SOLD OUT!

  25. It’s showing the silver as sold out, but there’s nowhere to click on the gold one to order it. Anyone know how to order one?

    • They’re all sold out. :-/

    • It’s sold out in both gold and silver.

  26. Well, I have no self-control!! I have been holding out, but when it was still available today, I couldn’t resist. Sorry, wallet! I went with silver and am hoping I won’t regret it!!

  27. I wish I hadn’t impulse bought this….

    • Why? I was kinda feeling that way but, thence thought oh well what if I didn’t buy it and then was mad at myself for not buying.

      • Thence??? Lol

    • If you still that way when you receive it, I would be interested in purchasing

  28. Got another email from them saying they think this will sell out within the next 24 hours! I get this sub and love it but am hesitant to drop another whole bunch of money this month after getting the PS Fall LE. Though it is my birthday tomorrow… If it’s still available after midnight I probably won’t be able to stop myself! 😀

    • Oh my gosh! Did they have to send this email out? It pushed me into buying it!

  29. I got one in silver! I couldn’t help myself, have been wanting one of their boxes for a while, and now that this doesn’t require a subscription and it is supposed to be what everyone asked for I am super excited!

  30. I bought one in the Gold as soon as I got the email!

    I have been very pleased with the Luxor Boxes and can’t wait for this one to arrive!!

  31. I bought both gold and silver, I figured whatever I don’t like would make great gifts for Christmas & birthdays ?

  32. I’m thinking about it. I did not order the PSMH Fall LE box. I did order Rachel Zoe. I’ll see if it is still available on Saturday.

  33. I passed on this. I personally have not been impressed with Luxor so far.

  34. Did anyone get a confirmation from Luxor? I just got a paypal receipt.

    • You know what? I did not get one either. I just went back and looked because I ordered today and I haven’t gotten anything except for from PayPal. That has me concerned.

    • I found this on their page of FAQ I guess I should’ve been inspected d further.
      You will be billed as soon as you sign-up. This date will be your renewal day and you will be billed on the same day every-other-month. For example, if you signed up on March 20th 2015, you will not be billed again until May 20th 2015, then July 20th 2015, so on and so forth. After you sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email direct from PayPal. We do not send any additional confirmation since PayPal does this for us. We strongly encourage those who intend to subscribe to read our terms and conditions page, so they are aware of any and all charges involved with our recurring service.

      • Thanks!!

    • Don’t be concerned, as per Luxor Box your PayPal receipt is your confirmation. I learned this when I subscribed in the beginning.

      I snagged one in silver the moment I got the email!

  35. I am personally not tempted but I think it will be a great box. I got the July box and was probably the only person not super excited about it. However, I love love love that they are giving people the option for silver or gold. That kind of customization is where all these high end subs should be heading!

  36. Yay, how exciting. I picked silver.

  37. I’m not a subscriber but I do like their previous boxes. Just like Jennifer above, my wallet is screaming (or gasping, LOL). PS LE, Rachel Zoe, plus my monthlies, plus all the ones I’m forgetting. Sigh.

  38. You know what’s funny is what’s keeping me from getting this box – I don’t have much to trade for anymore. I’ve been able to trade for almost everything I’d like (except stuff you just can’t find anymore) but I still have several high end, desirable items to trade!

    AND I still have Rachel Zoe and the Fall PSMH LE coming soon. I’m sure there will be at least a couple things to trade from those.

    Also, Luxor has been mixed so far, for me. I didn’t care for the first box at all but the second had several items that I fell in love with. So I don’t know if I trust them with such a large price point yet.

    I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box!

  39. I love Luxor! That’s wonderful they are offering options. I’m in for a silver. 🙂

  40. I couldn’t resist…I ordered. I’ve been wanting to try Luxor box and gettig the choice of gold sealed the deal for me.

  41. I originally thought this was a “best of” past boxes. But once I saw it was all new, I bit. I got the gold jewelry box. I have loved everything Luxor has sent and have often traded for extras or different colors of the items I got so i know I will love what they send. Can’t wait for my September box.

    • Thanks for clarifying bc I looked at the past 2 boxes and didn’t really like anything and was like how can there be a best of from 2 boxes…well I ordered…actually not sure I should thank you LOL…
      My CC is hurting- Rachel Zoe, PSMH LE, Luxor LE and I want Nona Garcia LOL…plus all my shipping on swaps and all my online shopping…this is getting BAD!

  42. Sooooo tempted… Seriously considering this one.

  43. In for a Gold, OMG I can’t believe I pulled the trigger especially as I already the $100 Rachel Zoe Fall box coming!

  44. I don’t subscribe to this box but thought I would take a chance on this limited edition box….picked the silver one. I hope I won’t be disappointed…$135 w/o a spoiler….UGH!! Fingers crossed!!

  45. bought the silver I Hope I don’t regret it. If i hate it… well Christmas shopping for my sister will be done LOL. I was on FB twitter and on pinterist… didn’t see anywhere that people suggested stuff.

  46. Has anyone seen any comments on their social media? Guesses as to what people have requested?

    • I wondered the same thing so I looked through their facebook and Instagram and only saw one customer request and it was hoping that a box would include bath salts and such. They really don’t seem to have much of a social media presence so I wonder where these customer requests that they’re referencing are coming from.

    • I could be tempted if I had any clue about things that have been requested. Without any hints or spoilers, I’m not inclined to pull out my over-used credit card.

  47. I went for it. The deciding factor for me was being able to pick silver. LB isn’t quite my taste enough to maintain a sub, but this should be a fun indulgence.

  48. I would really love to order, but I am afraid that the jewelry piece will have an extremely high value ( real or not) and that makes me nervous! My ( 100.00) FFF horseshoe necklace is now tarnished.

    • Click on my name to go to a website that shows you how to get tarnish out of silver jewelry using just cheap stuff you have around the house. I tried it on a netted wire bracelet from Cate & Chloe and it worked.

      It’s not quite as quick as the site says, but it did work. (I moved the bracelet around in the water a few times, turned it over, etc.)

  49. OOOOHHHHHH, SO excited! I bought 2 also. I love both gold and silver and I have a feeling this box is selling out before the 6 days! I’m a member so now I can look forward to 3 months of boxes (September, October and November)! YEY! 🙂

  50. Bought two one gold and one silver…..just don’t tell hubby. I was so excited to see this box as I haven’t gotten my first Luxor box yet.

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