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Ipsy August 2015 Glam Bag Reveal Day!

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Ipsy Early Reveal - August 2015

You can now log in to your Ipsy account to see what items you will be receiving in your August 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag. (FYI – Ipsy requires you to share on Facebook to see the reveal, but you can change the Facebook settings to make the post visible to only you if you don’t want to share it publicly).Ipsy Early Reveal - August 2015 Items

What items are you getting this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m getting the Jessie’s girl primer, hakari lip gloss, la fresh night cream, skone eye/lip pencil and the albertini hydrator. I’m not excited at all. I would MUCH rather have the nail polish and the eye liner pencil but ah welp. Maybe next month ?

  2. This is my first ipsy bag and I looked at all my products and the ones I could have got and they picked out the exact products I would have picked.

    I got goodnight night cream,
    Albertini skin hydrator,
    Doll 10 blush
    Noyah natural lipstick
    Lord and berry in nude

    Good job Ipsy!

  3. How can you look at the bag contents? I just subscribed on July 31 and my account page indicates that the bag will ship mid-month. But I don’t see a button to reveal the contents. Thanks!

  4. I’m absolutely thrilled with my bag this month. These are the products I would’ve picked if we could hand pick them when I saw the spoilers at the end of July! This is going to be my third bag and I only started doing the reviews last month, and ipsy is listening.

    also the houndstooth bag is super cute.

    Jesses Girl – eyeshadow primer
    Starlooks – eyeliner pen
    Skone Cosmetics – eye/lip pencil in wine
    Hikari Cosmetics – lip gloss
    Beauty Without Cruelty – leave in conditioner

  5. I honestly don’t think that Ipsy goes by the “profile/quiz” to customize everyone’s bag. I believe that they actually go by the reviews that you give for the products you receive. For example , if you’ve said in your quiz that you hate nail polish but when you get one in your bag and you give it a positive review, they’re going to go by that review and send you more polish. At one time I was receiving a ton of skin care – moisturizers, sunscreen, eyecream, etc. I assume this was based on my age (45) I started giving all of it bad reviews and my bag has actually improved quite a bit.

  6. I got the same bag as you, Liz, except I’m getting a Hikari lip gloss instead of the nail polish. I’m thrilled, and will use everything here. I travel a lot, so travel cleansers and hair products are perfect and TSA approved!

    A tip for those who keep getting nail polish and don’t want it. This worked for me (though could also be chance!). I did not have nail polish checked, yet kept receiving it. I went back through my quiz and found that I had “liked” some nail polish brands, like Butter and OPI. When I “unliked” all nail product brands, I quit receiving polish. Worth trying, if you haven’t. 🙂

  7. I’m getting a Jesse’s Girl eye primer, which disappoints me – I hate getting that Wet & Wild, NYC level of makeup in a sub – its not even to the same quality as NYX. The rest of my bag is okay, but I’ve tried to unsubscribe multiple times and they never send me the “last step” email link.

    • I’ve tried unsubscribing too, multiple times. We changed banks so they quit charging me but keep sending them. I called them & left a message too. No one called me back.

      • So wait…. You don’t pay for Ipsy but you’re still getting Ipsy bags?!?!?

  8. I just subscribed to Ipsy. I’m very excited. (:

  9. how do you get the 10 points? I looked at my box but didn’t see anything.

  10. Here’s the problem with Ipsy. You do the quiz, and it’s like they don’t even bother to look at it. They also don’t take into consideration any skin sensitivity or allergies. This month I am getting th La Fresh Group Night Cream, Albertini Hydrator, and a god aweful color trust fund beauty nail polish! This is the 2nd month in a row that Ipsy has sent me hydrators, which i’m allergic to. I’ve emailed Ipsy last month and this month about it, but they’re useless. If anyone would like to swap one of these for the Too Faced Hangover Primer, the cover fx blemish treatment primer, or the ofra cosmetics lip liner in wine, email me at [email protected]. Otherwise, they’ll just go in the trash.
    Thank god I also get the ELF beauty bundle. I pay $25 every 2 months for 14 items, and i’ve never been let down.

    • Hi, I’m interested in swapping for the Trust Fund nail polish! Sending you an e-mail now.

  11. I’m getting Trust Fund polish (yay!), Skone pencil in wine (won’t use it), Noyah natural lipstick (maybe), Juara mask (will use it), and the Briogeo volumizer (most definitely won’t use with my naturally curly hair). Blah. I said I would give it 6 months, but this is only my second month and I’m already thinking of canceling. I do love the bag itself though!

  12. I can’t see my bag yet (ran into some banking issues this month. Someone decided they wanted to leave China and go to Australia on my dime. Thank goodness the bank fixed everything and sent me a new bank card in time to make sure all my subs didn’t cancel my subs altogether!) Anyway, since it got paid a little late this month I’m still waiting to see my glam room.

    I guess I have loved all my ipsy bags for the 2 years I’ve been with them because I’m pretty open to trying a lot of different things. I like discovering new brands, and I will try all sorts of new colors out. Anything I don’t like will usually go to my oldest daughter, and anything SHE doesn’t like usually goes to my youngest daughter. Anything SHE doesn’t like will go to my youngest son, who loves all kinds of things makeup and bright. (He’s 6 and the craziest kid I know LOL) By the time the things all trickle down, it is usually all used up, or…. well… it get’s trashed. I used to live just down the street from a friend when we lived in Hawaii that also got ipsy (and then another friend down the street jumped on board) so we would get together and trade anything we didn’t like or want LOL Man, I miss those days.

  13. So bummed I didn’t get the tarte lip gloss. I got the trust fund nail polish in the same color, marsk pro line eye shadow brush, skone eye/lip liner in wine, marc anthony argan oil treatment and the noyah natural lipstick. Looking forward to the eye brush and the lipstick, but I’m tired of getting argan oil in what seems like every beauty subscription box.

  14. I love what I’m getting this month- I’m getting the doll 10 blush, Hikari lip gloss, Jessie’s girl eyeshadow primer, night creme and leave in hair conditioner

    There were other items I liked to like the Noyah lipstick and the black eyeliner pencils. This is my forth bag and I’m yet to get a single makeup pencil.ooooh and the waterproof lip pencil looks so pretty too. The makeup brush looks nice to. I’m still waiting on getting 4:1 makeup:skincare products because I’m more into makeup at the moment.
    Not every bag is perfect however there are products I didn’t think I would use and I actually ended up pleasantly surprised.

  15. This is only my second month and I don’t know any of these manufacturers. Did I do good or not?

    Aila nailpolish in “Mister Pookies” (black?)

    Hikari lip gloss in pink… won’t use. this is the second pink lipstick I received. It does not go with my skin or hair color at all

    Doucce eyeliner in black

    Jesse’s Girl eye shadow primer

    Briogeo hair volumizer

  16. I appear to have an odd bag combo. Hikari lip gloss, dry shampoo, Trustfund polish, Oz mask and starlooks liner.

    I am glad I didn’t get the too faced primer since I got it as gwp from Ulta and didn’t care for it. I like the primers with a bit of color like Pore-fessional.

  17. I’m pretty pleased with my bag this month.

    Tarte Lip gloss
    Marc A Argan oil
    Starlooks eyeliner
    Juara Turmeric mask
    Ofra lipliner in wine

    Plus the super cute bag. I was THIS close to cancelling after this month, but may stick around a bit longer.

    • I also got this same bag! I’m pretty pleased with all my sub boxes this month except for glossy box.. They have really went down hill “sad to say”. I get ipsy, boxy charm, birchbbox, glossy box, bark box and dollar shave club. Dollar shave club is not a sample box but has the best customer service I have ever delt with! I got a product with a hole in it and they sent me two free products immediately to fix it. When I sent them an email raving about their customer service they paid for my next box and sent me more free products! I wish every one had this amazing customer service!

  18. I have the bag posted above. I really want the Too Faced Primer. I am open to trading the polish, face wash or volumizer. Especially the volumizer, if anyone wants that make me any offer because with my hair type I will never use it.

  19. bella pierre lipstick in PINK
    Ofra lip liner in wine
    glamour dolls eyeshadow single
    LA Fresh cream
    Marc Anthony oil

    meh…I have said no lipstick, no nailpolish and I seem to get one or the other every month….No high end brands….bummed

  20. This looks like an ok bag for me. I’m getting the Hikari gloss, a Doucce eyeliner, and a nude lipliner, all of which I’ll try.

    I’m also getting the Marc Anthony argan oil treatment which I’ll swap, because I find most argan oil products give my blonde hair an unattractive yellow tinge. Oh, and some face cream, but it’s a really small sample and I have issues with so many face creams breaking me out, so I’ll likely swap it as well.

  21. I just wiped my profile to blank. Sigh. oh the woes of this month’s bag….this is why I love the idea of ipsy but why I always end of canceling……

    • I feel the same. I don’t know what it is about them, but they disappoint me the most consistently of all my eight sub boxes. I think I only stay because of the low price point. If it was even $2 more a month, I’d be out.

  22. *Marc Anthony oil (cool, but I am getting a little sick of oils)
    *Skone eye/lip pencil in wine (very excited!)
    *Marsk shadow brush (always like brushes)
    *Noya lipstick in natural
    *Trust Fund Baby lavender polish

    All in all, I’m excited for my bag. I always like Ipsy the best out of my subs

    • This is the same bag I am getting as well 🙂 bag twins!!! I am also getting sick of oils, but excited for everything else. I always am excited for a new make up brush.

  23. I got

    * Marc Anthony Argan Oil Treatment
    * LA Fresh Night Cream
    * Skone Cosmetics Eye/Lip in wine
    * ‘Pencil Me In’ Cosmetics Eyeliner in boysenberry
    * Hikari Cosmetics lip gloss

    All brands I’ve been sent before and disliked except to the 2 very similar pencils. What the heck ipsy?! I want to try NEW brands that at least slightly match my quiz and reviews. This is my last month, cancelling ASAP! I haven’t had a good month in a while, I’m out. 🙁

  24. This is my last month and have cancelled because I’m so sick of wasting money on nail polish and gaudy, screaming “look at me!”, bright colored lip stuff….and go figure, I’m getting both, again, this month. I do appreciate the first two items on this list. I may re-subscribe sometime in the future when I forget my hate for clown lips. lol I’m just not 20 years old anymore. Yeesh.

    Doucce black eyeliner
    Marc Anthony – Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment
    Hikari Lip Gloss
    LATHER ultra mild face wash
    Trust Fund Beauty – Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted

    • And I should state that I actually have partial facial paralysis that leaves me with asymmetrical lip movement and smile…which is why I don’t want screaming lip colors…so I’m not just being a sass…that is just not where I want attention focused…maybe I should email them and make them feel bad for not letting me avoid that stuff. bahaha

      • Makes sense! I’m not thrilled with my bag for the month. Exactly like you said; always nail polish and/ or unflattering or undesired lip products. I would definitely consider emailing them if I were you. It may not be too late to get some products switched out!

      • Just curious, April, is it Bell’s Palsy? A friend of mine had that and it eventually cleared up. I think you should definitely email Ipsy about your concerns. They don’t really listen to reviews or surveys as far as I can tell, but perhaps they could tailor a bag for a particular health-related reason. Good luck!

  25. My bag for the month
    Starlocks Longwear Eyeliner Pen (can always use this)
    Marc Anthony Argon oil
    (Excited to try)
    La Fresh Group Nightcream
    (Will be good for after applying a mask)
    Hikari lip gloss
    (Meh, not really a lip gloss fan and isn’t “high shine matte an oxymoron?)
    Trust Fund Beauty nail polish
    (Pretty color but I have stated no nail polish)

  26. Getting a mask – finally! Also getting a black eyeliner and a face wash. So I think I’ll like all three of those. Also appear to be getting a lip gloss and a lip liner, but both seem like colors that won’t look good on a person like me. I wish they had an option button in the profile for “do you like to wear dark lip colors?” (No, on my thin lips they just look ridiculous)

    • When I review the products, the last question is generally how I feel about the color. They kept giving me orange based lip products which I couldn’t stand, but have switched to pinks after I reviewed a horrid gloss

  27. I never peak at my bag….but ya’ll got me worried. Not one person got the Two Faced primer or much of any of the other high end brand products

    • I received the Too Faced Primer…I wont use it if anyone is interested in swapping.

      • I will like to swap

      • I am very interested in swapping! I got the bag showcased above. I want the eyeliner and lip gloss but I am open to swapping anything else.

      • Hi! I’m getting theLa Fresh Group Nightcream and the Albertini Hydrator. I’m allergic to hydrators, but they keep sending them to me! I emailed Ipsy about it, but they’re useless. I would like to trade one of these for the Too Faced Hangover Primer, if anyones interested. Otherwise, they’ll go in the trash.

    • I got it and it’s not important to me. I WANT nail polishes but haven’t received any. Do I need to change my profile to say I DON’T want nail polishes? Is that the secret?

        • I’m sorry it took so long to respond but I’ve already traded the primer, I set the trade up the day I found out what my bag was. I hope you get it though!

  28. I am beginning to join the group of people that say Ipsy never looks at our quizzes. I have changed things up on my quiz to try to get alternate brands and items and left eyeliner off to try different things. I’m getting 2 purplish colored eyeliners this month. I don’t mind eyeliner, but I don’t understand why they would send me 2 similar colors in the same bag.

  29. i’m getting the aila polish in mister pookie- hikari lip gloss- starlooks eyeliner pen- eco beauty night cream- and marc anthony oil treatment plus the cute bag totally happy with everything as long as i get colors i can wear!!!!!

  30. I am very happy with my bag this month. I am receiving the Juara facial mask, Skone double eye/lip pencil in Wine, Briogeo volumizer, Noya lipstick in desert rose and the trust fund baby nail polish.

  31. Ipsy has not disappointed me yet! Love the bags to date. I’m getting
    *Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer
    *Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner in Black
    *Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng+Biotin Volumizer
    *Hikari Lip Gloss
    *Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted

  32. This is my first bag. Just happy I didn’t get a dry shampoo. I can use everything…yay!
    *Doucce black eyeliner
    *La Fresh Group good night cream
    *Albertini Divine skin hydration cream
    *Hikari lip gloss
    *Trust Fund nail polish
    Love the black/white bag.

  33. i just canceled ipsy.. Never received masks or skin care ( well, a moisturizer for oily skin, acne prone skin, when my profile says, dry skin and need anti aging due to the fact that I’m 40??!!).. Asked for skincare, foundation, concealer, primer.. No lip, eye shadows.. Well, that’s the only thing I kept getting!! Only two products I’m happy I received between 5 bags was tarte bronzer and the trust fund nail polish.. Ipsy obviously does not read profile, regardless of how many times I redo it.. No biggie, not expecting the moon for $10, but maybe include products I know you have available and fit my profile!! I got hikari lipgloss (meh), trust fund nail lacquer ( yay!),.. The rest was cheap fillers.. Jesses girl cheap eye primer, glamour eye shadow, and drug store Marc Anthony oil..I canceled

    • You should try BeautyFix from Dermstore. They have products like this all the time. It’s a bit more at $24.95 per month but I saw they are running a half off special for this month so you can try it for under $13.00.

  34. I’m getting for my first glam bag !
    – Briogeo Blossom & Bloom ™ Ginseng + Biotin Volumizer. My hair needs some boost because I just gave birth and I’m loosing it !!
    – LATHER ultra mild face wash. Always happy to try new wash face !
    – Absolute New York Waterproof Gel Lip Liner in True Red. Don’t have any lip liner so it will be good to have one !
    – noyah Natural Lipstick in desert rose shade. Yeah ! love lipstick ! And this color seems to be wearable every day !
    – AILA Cosmetics Luxury Nail Lacquer in ‘Mister Pookies’ shade. I don’t have this shade in my collection, so that’s nice 🙂 + it’s a natural nail lacquer !
    I’m very happy with this bag !! + I love the bag !!

  35. I’m getting:
    Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen
    City Color Cosmetics HD Powder
    Batiste Dry Shampoo (this is the only one I am kinda “meh” about…I’ve received so many dry shampoos in sub boxes lately)
    OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask
    Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss

  36. I can’t resist peeking…., not an exciting bag, but I should be able to use everything:
    Hikari lip gloss
    Marsk eye shadow brush…I always like beauty tools, esp brushes
    Pencil me in natural eyeliner pencil
    Skone doubler eye/lip pencil, hmm sounds interesting
    Marc Anthony Argan oil treatment

  37. I am getting the same nail polish and hair treatment. Also a lipstick, an eye/lip liner, and a Juara mask.

  38. I am getting the Alia nail poish in Mister Pookies (steel grey with purple undertones), the Hikari lip gloss, the Starlooks eye liner pen, La Fresh Group night cream, and the Marc Anthony argan oil.

    Excited that I’ll actaully use everything this time!

  39. My glambag is half and half; I’m getting the dry shampoo, the naturals hydration mask, and the hikari lip gloss which I’m excited about. But I’m also getting the Cover FX primer (I don’t wear primer and I don’t have oily and blemished skin) and the Doucce black eyeliner which I won’t use. Still, 3/5 is not bad compared to some bags I see!

    • Hi I really wanted the cover fx primer because I have acne prone skin and would love to trade u for it ! I am getting baliste dry shampoo, skinn cosmetics navy eye liner, Jessies girl eye primer, ofra lip liner and hikari gloss, I have everything in my bag if u would like to trade ( or any one else ) thanks 🙂

  40. Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner in Navy Seal
    Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment
    Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine
    Pro Line Eye Shadow Brush
    Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss

    I am so upset. I really wanted the trust fund nail polish.

  41. *August 2015 Glam Bag
    *Trust Fund Beauty – Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted
    *Skone Cosmetics – Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine
    *noyah – Natural Lipstick
    *JUARA Skincare – Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Facial Mask
    *Briogeo – Blossom & Bloom ™ Ginseng + Biotin Volumizer

    This is my first one, so I’m excited. Not familiar with any of these, but I know the polish, lipstick, mask, and pencil will be used. I don’t have a polish or pencil in those colors, and I LOVE a good nude lip. Facial masks are always nice.

    I’m not sure about the volumizer since I don’t use too many hair products (conditioning products, styling cream/gel/mousse, dry shampoo, hairspray), but I’ll give it a try. My hair is naturally curly, so I don’t know that I’d need a volumizer. I’ll probably end up swapping that one item.

    What do you guys do with all the bags? I actually need a new one for my purse, but I can see these stacking up pretty quick with a new one every month.

    • I use them to store all my many, many sub box items. I have them sorted into: facial moisturizers, body lotions, cleansers, masks, oils, self-tanners, lipsticks, etc. and these get stashed in the many (thank goodness!) built-in drawers in my master bath. For the stuff that’s larger — i.e., hair products — I use the nice sturdy boxes from Glossybox for storage. Pretty soon I think I’ll legit be able to start my own monthly sub service, ha! 🙂

  42. Sorry to complain but I got the worst bag ! The hikari lip gloss, the skinn navy eye liner, the ofra lip liner, the Jessies girl eye primer and the baliste dry shampoo. Everything is up to be traded is anyone is interested.

    • I’d love to swap for the hikari lip gloss! I am getting the Starlooks Luxe Eye Liner, Marc Anthony Oil, Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine and Too Faced Primer. 🙂

      • I’d love to trade my Hikari lipgloss for your TooFaced primer. My email is [email protected].

      • I’d love to swap my Hikari gloss for your TooFaced primer, if that is up for swap. I’m getting the Trust Fund polish, Hikari, Briogeo, Doucce black liner and Jesse’s girl shadow primer.

      • I was so hoping for the primer ! My hikari lip gloss will not be used so definitely would like to swap, I hate wasting products.

        • Sorry for the 3 posts, my comments disappeared, then showed back up !

          • emailing you now! 🙂

    • Oh and the loyah Lipstick..prefer lipgloss over lipstick!

  43. Yea! Finally received two things I was hoping for:
    Lord & Berry nude lipliner and the Doll 10 gel blush – the rest of the bag is not bad either: Noyah Natural lipstick, La Fresh night cream, and Albertini Skin Hydrator.

    • This is a great bag!

    • I’m getting the same exact bag. I can’t wait!

  44. getting exactly what Liz posted…not excited at all.

  45. This is my 4th Ipsy bag and 3 out of 4 have been great including this one. I’m getting:

    Paula’s Choice: Resist Intensive Retinol Serum
    Skone Cosmetics: Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil
    Albertini: Divine Skin Hydrator
    Doll 10 Beauty: HydraGel Blush in Flirt
    Glamour Dolls: Single Eyeshadow in Sorcery

  46. If I did this correctly, I turned OFF Facebook, and at the bottom in gray it says “My friends dont wear makeup…” and somehow I skipped having to share?? Anyway: excited with what Im getting! <3

    Plus I love the bag design for this month! I love black and white anything, and the hot pink makes this adorable (and match a little party dress I have hee hee!)

    August 2015 for Mona Bella:

    *Starlooks – Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen
    *La Fresh Group – Good Night. Night Cream
    *City Color Cosmetics – HD Powder
    *Briogeo – Blossom & Bloom ™ Ginseng + Biotin Volumizer
    *Hikari Cosmetics – Lip Gloss

    • Seems far easier than what I do! I have all apps on Facebook set to share with “Only Me”, so anytime I share something like this, it posts to my wall but I’m the only one that can see it. But now I learned a new trick!!

  47. I hate my bag again this month, I’m getting two moisturizers, in the same bag, a nude lip liner and nude lipstick, which I also won’t use. The only good thing is a Doll 10 blush. I was dying for a Hikari lipgloss, I love lipgloss and love the color. Why can’t I ever get lipgloss?? Please, please, please Ipsy, send me a lipgloss next month.

    • I would switch the hikari for the nude lippy/liner

      • I would totally swap with you, my email is sarawebb85 @ and I’ll put them up for swap when I get them.

        • Perfect! My swap name is mzhitkov and my email is [email protected] dot com

  48. This is my first ipsy bag.. and I will be receiving the following (according to the reveal):

    Starlooks – Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen
    OFRA Comsetics – Lip Liner in Wine
    JUARA Skincare – Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Facial Mask
    Marc Anthony – Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment
    tarte – deluxe LipSurgence™ skintuitive lip gloss in energy

    Everything looks so good and I’ll use all of them, so I couldn’t be happier with my first bag =)

  49. Awww I don’t have Facebook!!

    • You don’t have to post to see your bag. I don’t have it either. There was a button that said “my friends don’t wear make-up” so I kept clicking that.

      This is my 1st month. I was on the fence about subscribing to ipsy but last month pused me over.

      I’m getting the trust fund polish, juara mask, briogeo hair spray, noyah lipstick and skone lip/eye liner. I’m really excited about everything except the liner but we’ll see. I think the main problem with ipsy is FOMO since you can see all the available items. I’m excited by what I’m getting but there are so many other things that I would love too.

  50. I’m getting the Trust Fund polish, the Hikari, the Briogeo + Doucce black liner and Jesse’s girl shadow primer.

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