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Check Your Email – Play by Sephora Subscription Waitlist

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Play by Sephora


Check your email – many MSA readers are reporting getting their invite to the Play by SephoraΒ subscription box. Based on this email, the invitation has an expiration, so make sure to check asap!

I haven’t gotten the email yet, but fingers crossed!

Let us know if you got the email!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I live in a really small town in Louisiana, about an hour from Baton Rouge, 2.5/3 from NOLA. I got my invite yesterday. I’m only a beauty insider, pretty close to being vib though. I typically focus my spending on Ulta, since I get so much more back there.

  2. I’m bummed, it looks like TX got their emails, but not me. I’m in Austin, TX, and no invitation yet. πŸ™

    • I’d log in to your Sephora account, then search for “play by Sephora”. Enter your e-mail address and see if it works. I was still shut out if I didn’t do that, I got in, and *then* I got an e-mail.

      Birchbox let me add the remaining months of my second sub to my first, and now I’ve added Sephora!!!

    • Sorry, I didn’t see this was a few months old! I searched from the home page and picked the wrong post!

  3. I live outside San Antonio so it looks like they are including major cities in Texas. I’ve seen lots of comments from Dallas, Austin and Houston. Does anyone remember the contents of the 1st box? I know Liz had it posted at one point.

  4. Also I will add since I got invites on two accounts on only one account did I sign up for the waitlist. The second account I never signed up, but still got an invite.

  5. I’m annoyed with Sephora too, been buying for years and I’m a VIB. But it seems like they’re doing biggish cities but not the biggest like LA/NY (I think, pls correct me if I’m wrong) because they want to test the box and the in store experience without it being to overwhelming. I hope everyone can get them soon, I’m dying to get an invite πŸ™‚

    • I received my invite yesterday, and signed up. I am an hour’s drive from the nearest big-city (San Antonio, TX). That wasn’t one of the 3 cities they originally said they would be testing it on, so I think it looks like they’ve now opened it up for everyone…

  6. I got mine yesterday. I am a VIB Rouge and I live between Dallas and Fort Worth. I was able to subscribe and I got the confirmation email quickly. I like that there are 6 samples and your sub fees count toward VIB status. Can’t wait for the first box! ?

  7. I’m a VIB Rouge member and have been since that new tier started and was VIB for several years when that was top level. I spend inordinate amounts there and didn’t receive an invite. Bummed.

    • Same here. I live in western Massachusetts…I don’t think we’re on the radar, though I believe Boston was.

  8. I received my invite yesterday and signed up immediately! I’m in Houston. When I signed up for the wait list when I first heard about it I also signed my mom up for the wait list as well. She’s also in Houston (and spends a lot more at Sephora than I do!), but she didn’t receive an invite-I wonder why? Kind of a bummer-now I’m going to have to share….ha ha!

    • Oh I see, I gather it’s select areas right now? Double bummer.

      • I don’t think so as location wasn’t required to sign up for the wait list.

  9. I just now realized that my Sephora account had my old address on file, far from any store, but now I live with 3 stores within 10 miles of me. Kicking myself for not changing it earlier.

  10. I received the email on 8/20 and subscribed right away. I’m in Dublin, OH just outside of Columbus. I believe Columbus was mentioned as one of the early roll out cities…

  11. I am in Fort Worth, TX and received my invite yesterday!!!

  12. I am in Texas and I live 85+ miles from a walk-in Sephora store (Dallas one way/Austin the other way), but we do have a JCPenney Sephora, and I am a VIB Rouge. I received my invitation yesterday. Hope this is helpful to those wondering who is getting the invites!

  13. Yay I got my invite!! I’m in Texas but not in any major city, however I am a VIB and have a small store inside the JC penny’s (which sucks we don’t have the big store). SO EXCITED, it says I will be billed the 9th and shipping is the third week of September.

    • Signed up!! I live in a small town outside of Houston, and my closest Sephora is in a JCP in Deerbook mall in Humble, TX. I’m a VIB Rouge too! So friggen excited for this box!!!

    • I signed up too! You don’t happen to be in Central Texas, do you?

  14. I’m a vib and got the email but didn’t see it. I signed up through the link yesterday. I’m in Fort a worth, tx so I’m very surprised.

  15. I wish Sephora would update the FAQ to include new cities. On here people are reporting:

    New Orleans

    Any others?

    • I am in San Antonio and received an email yesterday.

    • Corpus Christi here, got an invite yesterday!!! ??

    • Indianapolis

    • North Carolina here.

    • Greenwood, IN

  16. I’m also VIB and I live in buda and got mine through email yesterday. It also ships 3 week of September. I’m super excited πŸ˜‰

  17. I got mine yesterday. Signed up right away. VIB rouge in Dallas. Closest Sephora store is 3 miles away from me.

  18. I got my email today. I am in Columbus Ohio.
    Cant wait to get it.

  19. Got mine this morning and I’m in New Orleans and a vib. I’m pretty excited!

  20. Anyone received one from MN?

  21. It states in the” Facts and questions” section that the rest run is in Cincinnati and Boston so that’s who they say will receive them

  22. I signed up today through the email link. I live in the Austin, Tx area. I am happy that I will receive points for the monthly subscription fee!

  23. Anyone get one in San Diego? ?? I want one and haven’t received a email yet

    • Me too! I’m a Rouge and a VIB in my two accounts. Hope we get some love.

  24. I didn’t get an invite yet =0( … Does anyone know if the $10 box will count towards your points and status?

    • I want to know this also. I read everything on the Play site with a fine-tooth comb and never saw any mention of it. It would be nice if it did, though. That extra $120 a year would really help me get to/keep VIB.

      • Q: Do I receive Beauty Insider points with my purchase?
        A: Yes! Your monthly subscription fee qualifies for Beauty Insider points. For a limited time, show your current PLAY! PASS when purchasing items in store to receive 50 bonus points each month.

        • Thanks Melanie!

  25. Hi! I received mine this morning, I’m VIB Rouge, and live in Dallas. I got confirmation this evening, and from everything I can see, will receive the first box at the end of September.

    Liz- if you don’t end up being able to snag one, I’d be more than happy to do the reviews for you, if you end up needing them!

    • Thanks Kylie! πŸ™‚

  26. I am not a VIB and I live near New Orleans. I am not sure how effective it will be but they really seem to be emphasizing an in store experience related to the box so it makes sense that they would have a trial in selected cities. It does seem like they would invite their VIBs though. I think it would also help if they released what cities they were moving into like they did with the first ones and which ones they were planning to do next.

  27. So, I’ll probably sign up because I’m curious and I like that all the brands are well known, but what gets me is that it basically negates any benefit to being a VIB or VIB rouge. It’s certainly not worth it to waste 100 points at a time on one deluxe sample when $10 will get you five. Unless the 500 perks a really awesome, or unless the next epic rewards isn’t sold out in no time flat, I can’t really see a reason to maintain that kind of brand loyalty.

  28. What does the subject line say so I can keep an eye out? Thanks!

    • The subject line is:

      Play! by Sephora

      • I had the same question. Thanks! !!

  29. I was surprised I got the invite! I’m in Houston so I didn’t think I would. I am a Sephora VIB and I spend a lot of money there… Maybe that’s it?

  30. Received my invite today. I am not in a roll out state but I am a VIB. (:

  31. I got mine this morning. For reference I am not a VIP and I live 40 miles outside of Houston city limits. I did sign up for the waitlist as soon as it was announced. Excited πŸ˜€

  32. Honestly this limited roll out strategy is pissing me off. They should have reached out to beauty insiders in target cities if they felt they REALLY needed to do a trial run. But publicizing it is making me cranky that I can’t have it. Not cool at all.

    • I agree. It’s turned me off a little and I love all things sephora.

    • It would have been a nice gesture if they rolled it out to their VIBs first, even though I’m not one of them. All of these subscription boxes thrive on the hype and “limited” status, from invitations, to wait lists, to the pressure to engage in sharing on social media. It’s all to make us want to be “in” on all of it and feel special when we do get access. At least they don’t have the annoying “skip the wait list” method to get you to spam your friends like Ipsy. I’d like to subscribe now too, but all we can do is cross our fingers and enjoy the adrenal rush when we hand over our credit card number to them and get our fix ?

    • I agree they should have offered it to the VIB’s first that alone turns me off on this sub.

    • I am a VIB insider close to one of the target cities. I got an invitation to join last week—well in advance of this. So it seems they may have done exactly what you are mentioning.

      • I got nothing. Did anyone not in Texas receive an invite? I would have thought they would invite bloggers and their VIPs first. Why wouldn’t you reward your frequent shoppers first?

        • They are trying to make part of the box’s value the fact that you can get personalized service in the store about your samples. I’m guessing that there is extra training and materials implemented in the stores so that is why they are selecting from certain areas first.

          I like Sephora but I’m just wondering how effective this in-store information is going to be. Most, not all, beauty products are pretty straight forward.

      • I’m a VIB Rouge and got no invite because I’m not in one of the target areas. VIB Rouge is just another way of saying ‘You spent way too much money at Sephora’ and is supposed to come with all sorts of perks. I feel like they could have at least given their VIB Rouge customers a chance to get the first box… but I’m honestly not upset. I need less sample sized items in my life and if I want to try something I’ll just head to my local store and grab a sample for free with no waiting for shipping.

  33. Didn’t get mine yet – what are the rollout cities?

    • The rollout cities are Boston, Columbus and Cincinnati, jessvii.

  34. I saw this and checked email…nothing in there for me. πŸ™

  35. Does anyone who’s gotten an invite, live in the NW?

  36. Hope I didn’t miss it. Rarely look at my spam. But my sephora mail usually comes in my regular in box.

  37. I received mine this morning. Signed up and canceled Ipsy.

    • I did the same thing….signed up for this and cancelled Ipsy!

  38. I haven’t received it (boo!) but I’m excited to see the boxes y’all will get ^_^

  39. I got my invite last week and signed up immediately. I live closeish to Boston and buy lots from sephora. So much I have two accounts, both of which got invites on the same day.

  40. Got mine this afternoon! Not in a roll out state, not VIB so not sure how they are doing it. I did sign up for the wait list like 5 minutes after it was announced, so maybe that helped? Very excite for this! They did charge me tax, FYI so for my box it was $10.90.

  41. I got the email and was able to sign up.

    People have been trying to figure out if the invitations are based on geography or rewards status. So, of note, I’m not in the roll-out cities they previously announced. I’m not even in a roll-out state. Nor have I hit VIB yet.

    Hopefully this means that I can get the Sept box and it isn’t just some formality for future subscribers for some vague date in 2016.

  42. Thanks! I checked trash and mine was there!

    • Phew! Saved πŸ™‚

  43. I wish I would get an email soon…

    I can’t believe you haven’t gotten one yet Liz, thought you’d be one of the first πŸ™‚

  44. Still waiting : (

  45. I got mine a few days ago and it acted like it was going to let me sign up and then it said it was full and I was on a wait list??

  46. I haven’t received an email either. I hope I get one soon!

  47. WooHoo just got mine a couple hours ago. Sooooo excited !!!! Plus September my birthday month πŸ˜‰

  48. No email here either πŸ™ fingers crossed!

  49. Just saw my email and signed up! Of course, I then came directly to MSA to see if the info was posted πŸ™‚ Woohoo!!

  50. i got is last week!! So excited

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