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Allure Beauty Box August 2015 Spoilers

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Allure Beauty Box

We have the full spoilers for the August 2015 Allure Beauty Box. (Thanks Victoria, and JodiAnne on the forum!)

Salma Hayek Nuance Anti-Aging Cream

Benefit Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner

Butter London Allure Nail Polish

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream

Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser

What do you think of the August 2015 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Is anyone else being double charged? I have a charge for $15.94 from AND $15.94 from Conde Nast…And they don’t answer my emails….ever.

  2. Don’t like that the B&B cream has Methylparaben and Propylparaben in it.
    But everything else looks pretty neat. Haven’t gotten box yet, hope to soon!

  3. Absolutely IN LOVE with the Butter polish (I got the violet). I normally wouldn’t have picked that color, but on my nails, topped with Julep’s Freedom Polymer… WOW!! Absolutely awesome color!!! I gave away the cleanser to my sister who has oily/acne prone skin. The BB smoothing creme isn’t suited for my extra thick hair, but I love rubbing it into my hair just to help soothe the flyaways, and it smells good.

  4. I was super excited to try the eye liner until I saw it. I really had to squeeze just to get a drop out to try it. I have noticed this is becoming a pattern with Allure. Other than the sizes I love these boxes. I always get things I’m excited to try.

  5. I loved the box. They gave good description on what type of hair would most benefit from the Bumble & Bumble hair cream and finally my hair type is one of them! Planning to try this weekend & am exciting based on all it could do for my hair type. Loved the shampoo, it made my hair feel squeaky clean (expected from peppermint in it) & loved smell & lather. Considering buying full size. Got purple-blue polish which young adult daughter will get & love. Haven’t tried cleanser but will this week. Tried the Nuance product & was pleasantly surprised – definitely light weight, felt good on face & throat.
    Overall I am pleased with the box!

  6. Worst customer service ever.
    I subscribed to allure beauty box on July 17th, hoping I’d get that box but after 10 days of sending out several emails on shipping info I decided the customer support was ridiculous and cancelled on July 27th.
    I only just got a response today via email (August 7th) that due to my cancellation I wasn’t going to get the July box.
    I though, hey…at least I’d get the August box as my card had still been charged.
    Called them today and apparently I’m not going a box, at all. And they couldn’t refund me.
    So I paid for…….nothing.
    I’ll never recommend this sub to anyone.

    • File a claim with your credit card company. They can’t keep your money… they have to either refund you or send you the box.

    • I had a similar experience. I ordered earlier in July, after being told by customer service I would get a July box and receive shipping info within a week. Never got anything, so emailed every 4-5 days without ever receiving a response. At the end of July I called cs, they apologized and said it just shipped, but no record of my emails. Called when I got my package this week because it was the August box. I was told August hadn’t shipped yet, so I must be confused. I ended up talking to a supervisor because they couldn’t figure out what happened. I was then told that email and telephone customer service are two completely separate places and the phone cs can’t access any of the emails. They’re still setting up data transfers and working out issues from the box switch. He became rude and kept saying I was getting August free because they couldn’t send me July’s box, and I should be happy I wasn’t charged in August. I pointed out that I paid in July. He said, yes, if paid for one box and received one box, so August was free. I cancelled right then over the phone.

      • I’ve also had a terrible time dealing with them. I subscribed back in June as a new subscriber–I’d never tried Sample Society. My account was charged on June 30, and I received a shipment notification on July 1, without tracking. I still hadn’t received a box, so I called in on the 15th and was told they’d send me another one and it should arrive in 3-5 business days. 2 more weeks later, still no box, so I called again. I was told that they’d sent me out another box the day before (when I hadn’t talked to them), not when I called the first time. I ask to speak with a supervisor, who assured me that I’d be refunded and that they’d email me a confirmation of the refund. 7 more days pass without a refund, an email, or a box, so I call yet again. This supervisor says they actually can’t issue me a refund for some unspecified reason and that they will have their supervisor call me back within 48 hours. That was last Wednesday, and still no contact and no box. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and am currently waiting on that to go through. I’ve never, ever recieved such terrible customer service before.

  7. I love Butter, so I would have been happy with this!

  8. Does anyone know how to cancel this box ?! Thank you

    • Log into your account… under “Manage your Membership”, there is a link “Discontinue”

  9. This is only my second Allure box but I have loved them both. Wish I’d subscribed at a time that I could feel reasonably disappointed with the last two. I will use everything in this box but am very glad I got the pink polish instead of the purple. I love the B&B products. Yes, the eyeliner is incredibly small and does feel more like a throw-away item. I think the sizes of the other samples makes up for it, though.

  10. I’m with the minority of people here who liked this box! This has always been one of my favorites just because they usually send items that are great to try and practical! It’s definitely not the best month value wise but I’ve had months like that with other subscriptions. For those who are disappointed or think they can’t swap what was in the August box, maybe consider donating your box to a local women’s shelter! 🙂

    • Great idea. I just started subbing to beauty boxes. I’m sure by Dec, I will have alot of unused items. I am going to do a holiday box for a shelter in my area. Thank you 🙂

      • Welcome! I gift samples to friends and family too but still end up with a lot! I usually drop off a box once a quarter and the shelter is so appreciative. Love the idea of a holiday box 🙂

        • That’s a terrific idea! There’s definitely a shelter in our community and until recently, I didn’t have enough “stuff” to make a difference. I just went through a breakup, moved somewhere MUCH smaller and rather than dump everything into those Goodwill boxes I think the shelter might be able to use some of these items.

          In the meantime, I need to call Allure and Conde Naste and make them so sending me two boxes and charging me for three. Two months in a row now!

  11. this is weird but my box came without the shampoo! I checked and rechecked and it’s not in the box. I am happy with all the products though!

  12. Ohhhh my first shout out on MSA!!! hahaha Thanks Liz!! =)

    I actually really like this box as well! While I agree the value of the items are not on the high size, I will actually use every single thing in here except the face cream (uber sensitive skin). To me that makes the value of the box higher than having a higher product value of things Ill just swap out. Id rather have $25 of products Ill use than $50 of products I wont.

  13. I really liked the box. For me, it’s not so much about value, but about things I will actually use. I’m almost confused by the reasons people don’t like it, because skin, hair, and nail products are a staple of this particular box. It’s never been super makeup heavy, so I’m not sure what they were expecting? Well, I’ll keep subscribing as long as they keep sending boxes like this, where I’ll use every item save the tiny eye liner.

  14. I cancelled kloverbox, beautyfix and suspended boxycharm in the last 2 months. I am on the verge to cancel on this one. This is a horrible box for me. I will have to decide before the end of the month. As far as for beauty boxes, I only have PV, goodebox, birchbox and Glossybox left. Had Glossybox not come in a box that I can reuse, it might have been cancelled already. Lol.

  15. I may be one of the only ones but I really like the box. I have read a lot about Salmas face products but was hoping one of my many sub boxes would send a sample someday so I could try before I buy. So pretty happy. And I love the purple polish for my toes!

  16. I re-subbed but I’m canceling again. This is a 10 dollar box in my opinion. It’s no better than any of my 10 dollar subs. I can’t condone keeping it. I liked the color of the nail polish but that was it. Got enough polish and the only sample I’m happy to try is the peppermint shampoo. I agree with others on the lack of value. I have ipsy, birchbox, boxycharm, glossybox, beautyfix by dermstore and lipmonthly. I do get julep off and on, 3 mths at a time so it’s 19, there’s only so much polish I need. otherwise those are my top boxes

  17. This box was really meh for me. I won’t use most of what they sent, but what really gets me is the value seems so low.

    I’m allergic to mint so I’m afraid to try the peppermint shampoo, face creams tend to break me out so I don’t want to risk it, and the Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme doesn’t work as well as other products I have. I got the nail polish in a pink color, and while I like the brand, I have so many pinks already.

    I will use the cleanser and the eyeliner, but the eyeliner sample is so tiny it’s pretty pointless. I’ll probably cancel.

  18. I’m interested in the eye cream, the grooming cream, shampoo, cleanser and nail polish if it’s shade I like. The Benefit eye liner sounds like a joke. It doesn’t take much eyeliner to do your eyes so I don’t see why they couldn’t have sent a more sensible size. I had already planned to cancel after this month’s box so this will be my last Allure box for a while. I’m also canceling Beauty Fix and will just stick with Boxy Charm for now.

  19. I LOVE THIS BOX! I’m really interested in trying everything this month.
    The skincare items alone are making me so happy. I’ve been eyeing that Gel Cleanser for months now and wishing that I would get it in an Ipsy bag, but I never did.
    I do hope I get the pink/mauve nail polish instead of the purple, but I’d still use it up if I got it. Even if the liner is really small, we’d usually only get 5 items with the old subscriptions anyway, so I’m thinking of it as a freebie. 🙂

  20. I guess I’m in the minority. I loved this box. I love the pink polish color I got,I adore the Bumble and Bumble hair cream,I love the Nuance face cream,the Avene cleanser is one of my favorites, I had no problem with the small eyeliner since it’s perfect for the gym bag and the shampoo smells great and feels nice and refreshing on a hot Summer day. Another great Allure box imo.

  21. This was my first Allure box and it came on Monday.
    I won’t use the purple nail polish. I don’t need anti-aging cream. The Benefit eye liner sample is ridiculously small that there is no benefit getting it!! Benefit should be ashamed for sending those 4 drops of eye liner.

    I would have had more fun burning my money under smores than getting this Allure box.

    • This totally made us lol 🙂 You can click on our name to read our review of the box (and we feel much the same as you on the matter). What really frosted our buns was the total box value of $23 – compared to past boxes (with the exception of the March/April? fiasco that we’ve heard of, but weren’t around for) – this is the lowest value box they’ve put out. The products are fine, but the value is terrible – Allure should have put bigger samples or more samples in this box.

  22. I am going to cancel. This doesn’t seem any better than Sample Society.

  23. Had already watched an unboxing on you tube last night…those ladies film quick. Happy about the Nuance and like the nail.polish. The other products will be given away most likely. I’d rather give stuff away then let it pile up and go unused.

    • Have decided to cancel Allure. May buy the Look Fantastic Aug box. It’s looks good.

  24. I thought it was just ok. I already received the cleanser in my Ipsy bag last month and I was super excited about the eyeliner but not so much when I saw how small the sample was (epic fail). I’ve been wanting to try a purple shade of polish so that was well, perfect! Very excited about the anti-aging cream not so much about the shampoo. Shampoo just isn’t exciting to me to receive. I am looking forward to trying the Bumble & Bumble as their hair primer I received last month in several boxes was amazing, high hopes for this product.

    • LOL @ “epic fail”

      What got me giggling was in the description of the product on the packaging it CLEARLY said ‘click for more product’… flip over the Lilliputian Eyeliner and there “is” NOTHING to “click”. Sigh.

      • Exactly, I thought oh, ok there’s no “Benefit” in this product lol.

  25. Did anyone else have a bad reaction to the Estee Lauder eye serum from last month? The mascara is great. But the eye serum caused rashes and swelling under and around my eyes and burning and tearing so badly I couldn’t drive for 3 days. I don’t have sensitive skin and am not allergic to anything so I have no clue what was in that serum.

    • I used the serum and didn’t have any skin reactions. My skin is not super sensitive though so am unsure why you have had a reaction. Sorry to hear it as I’ve been enjoying the serum.

      • It was weird. But my sister loves Estee Lauder and specifically the eye serum so she got it and everyone is happy lol

  26. Is the liner one of their new colors or black? I’m debating whether I should get the brown one but don’t want to commit to full size.

    • It’s black.

  27. So, this month I was TRIPLE charged … once by Conde Naste and two by BeautyBar. I’m so busy that I haven’t had a chance to call to get this all straightened out. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to swap duplicate Allure box once I retrieve it from my ex’s house. Not sure what the nail polish color is but I’m going to swap both.

    • I had the same issue last month, just go to and delete or change your cc info, that’s what I did and everything has been corrected, of course I had numerous calls and finally a 3 way call with beautybar and Allure, but I received my Allure box several days ago, that was the quickest ever!!!

      • Samantha if you still need or want the July box you can have my duplicate for free. I just now saw your reply to my post on the July thread.

  28. I am crossing my fingers for a different butter polish color. I got that one in the thrills box. I got that face cleanser from ipsy last month. I think I get too many boxes 😉

    • siiiigh
      ya me too.
      i stuck with this box even through the notorious teensy box in march or april. i kept thinking they’d send a WOW box by way of apology. but this one seems just as teensy. black eyeliner? i got a billions. bumble and bumble samples is always stingy. i got butter londons, i got a billion similar colors. probably i’d be more ” 😀 ” if i wasn’t already such a product junkie. i had to narrow down my monthly subs, and this one is out for now.

      • I was hoping for a WOW box as well. I will probably cancel for now. Which means next month will totally ROCK, so ” you’re welcome” in advance to all subscribers 🙂

  29. I got the pretty pink nail polish too and I love it! So glad I didn’t get purple. Your box being missing is not an Allure issue but a UPS/post office issue. Try calling the carrier. Sometimes they don’t leave a notice.

  30. LOVED this box. Got it 2 days ago.

    The eyeliner is a 1 time use at most. Beyond tiny sample. I received a normal sized sample (I think Glossybox?? Months ago!) . They failed on this one, but the rest of the box is great.

    The face wash is gentle and great. LOVE Salma Hayeks line and this cream is luxurious and wonderful. Shampoo smells great, havent tried yet. The pink nail polish is the one I received and its pretty but Im not sure Im loving the matte formula (just me). But very pretty color. Hair Product is still unused but has a great fresh scent, so Im sure that will be used soon.

    (As a side note my BEAUTY THRILLS Box they CLAIM Got delivered but it did NOT get delivered. However, I got TWO August Beauty Boxes. God I am frustrated! But LOVE Allures boxes! Sigh. I just dont know what to do right now. Have contacted Allure AND UPS. Im sad. 🙁 )

    • Oh just saw you did call UPS. Ugg sounds like someone is probably enjoyed the unexpected beauty loot they got.

      • I think someone did steal it – I cant figure out another option. 🙁

        I live in a nice complex with private entrances. My only other option is to place a permanent note on file with both UPS and Fed Ex as well as I guess the US Post Office that ALL packages must be signed for therefore they will deliver them to the office.

        But I havent had any problems until now? Anywhere Ive lived?? (sigh)

        If Allure refuses to help me I shall file a dispute with the credit card company cause they didnt say they would send a replacement or anything to make up for it just “sorry, no refund”. :-(((((

        • Allure has no obligation to do anything since they sent it. Your dispute is with UPS. Just saying. Alot of people think the company owes them a refund or replacement if the carrier loses the package or delivers it to the wrong place but they don’t. This is why they give tracking numbers. For all they know you could be hustling them. Not saying you are just saying why would they just blindly refund you. You could dispute on the grounds that you didn’t receive it but depending on who reviews your claim Allure might come out the winner. I’m sorry. You can also add a note to your file with carriers asking them not to deliver any packages to you at home and that you will pick them up.

          • Totally agree here. Once it is picked up by the carrier, it is their responsibility to get it to you. File a claim with the carrier. Once they pick it up… it’s on them to deliver it.

  31. Liz I got my box yesterday and there are two possible nail polish colors you can get. The purple shown here or a pinkish mauve.

  32. Liz I got my box yesterday and there are 2 possible nail polish colors you can get. The purple or a mauve.

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