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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer Box Complete Spoilers!

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Rachel Zoe Summer Box News

We have the complete spoilers for the Summer 2015 Rachel Zoe Box of Style! (Thanks Rose!)

Summer Box of Style


What do you think of the spoilers? I am loving the exclusive sarong print!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Will look at offers for paypal for the sarong if interested.
    [email protected]

    • If you’re interested in the sarong please message me. [email protected]

  2. Hello! I’m selling the white pushlock bag! Please email me if interested!

    [email protected]

    • hey! Still selling? For how much?

  3. did anyone got any shipping info? I signed up April 9th for the annual subscription. Other than the confirmation email back in April I haven’t gotten or heard anything yet!?

    • For the last box I received shipping info on the 2nd and I received my box on the 7th. I’m in Seattle.

      • same. they focus on the shipping – then communicating the shipping info. they are great!

    • I haven’t heard anything yet either. Was getting a little nervous because it seems like everyone else has gotten shipping emails

  4. Sarong won’t even go around me is my bet 🙁

    • Lol, I’m thinking the same thing. It’ll make a nice headscarf!

    • If it’s just a big piece of fabric, we have a shot at using it, but probably as a skirt or something. If it’s sewn into form as a sarong, we’re probably out of luck.

    • I’m HOPING the sarong fits me b.c it’s gorgeous. I’m pregnant and gigantic right now so I’m not thinking too positively about the fit lol

      • Tying it around your neck so that there’s just a huge slit up the middle is the best bet and acceptable wherever you’re wearing a sarong out lol… I think it’ll work for us big girls too

        • I am just not a sarong girl but it is beyond beautiful. It immediately went on my couch for use as a summer throw. I love having a blanket when on the couch but it’s too hot in summer so this is perfect!
          That being said it is just a big rectangle, you can easily use it as a scarf and many other items.

    • It’s a large piece of fabric…I”m sure a smart girl such as yourself will be able find some use for it. 😉

  5. Anyone interested in selling for cost plus shipping ,let me know ..can do Paypal or gift card and will throw in a special surprise!

    • I am selling my whole box. Will ship when it arrives …

        • Emailed you. Lemee know I’d that works. Or open to other offers…

      • I am interested in buying the summer box from someone. Please notify me know by e-mail if you’re selling. Thanks.

        • Would like to buy the summer box from someone if selling. Thank you.

          [email protected]

      • My email is nab8033 at gmail com… Btw… Send me your offer xoxo

        • Hi Nikii! I sent you an email, thanks hun

  6. Anyone looking to sell for cost plus shipping, will throw in an item from my list up to $50 RV… Let me know! Candie

    • Hi Candie,
      I would like to sell my box if you haven’t located one already. What is your email?

        • Candie – I just sent you an email!

      • Hi,

        I’m also interested in your box C if it’s still available.

        Let me know!

        Thanks 🙂

  7. YAAAASS I freaking LOVE pasties!!!! I’m a 34A soooo this means going braless for the rest of summer!!! Also I was planning on buying a face contour kit, but if I can just contour with the bronzer I’ll be golden. Loving the bag and sarong as well!!! 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing about the nippies! Itty bitty titty committee represent!

      • LOOOLLLLLLL #represent!!

  8. I really really would like to purchase this summer box from someone please! My email is [email protected]

  9. Hi! I would love to purchase this box please if someone wants to sell. Please, please email me or send a paypal invoice to [email protected]

  10. I would love to buy the box if anyone is selling! My email is [email protected]


  11. Now THIS is bang for your buck. At one point I was up to eight subscription boxes. Now I’ve got two – PSMH and Rachel Zoe. They pretty much cover all the bases for me.

    • Ditto here! My only other can’t live without is Twistband club since I use those things like crazy!

  12. I’d like to sell just the sarong. If anyone is interested pls email with an offer:

    [email protected]

  13. Does anyone know how this box ships…ups or usps? Also, will we get a shipping notification? Leaving to go on vacation in a few days and need to if I should have someone come pick it up if it’s ups:). Thanks!

    • According to my account payment screen, they charge on the 10th, so I’m guessing that’s when they ship!

    • I just e-mailed you! I would be so happy to pay cost plus shipping!!

    • If this one doesn’t pan out, i’ll gladly buy it. Or anyone else willing to sell, i’ll pay $100+ shipping cost. 🙂

    • It’s sold!

  14. If anyone would like to sell, please email me 🙂 jg_303 at hotmail

  15. I really want this box!!! I love everything, really hoping that someone decides to sell… I will pay cost plus shipping!

    • I really am interested in the bag and sarong… so even if someone is looking to sell just those items I would be interested. I posted this once before but it looks like it did not take, so my email address is [email protected].
      Thanks! 🙂

      • hi. interested in selling the sarong and bag, how much would you offer for the2 items? looking forward to hear from you. thanks!

        • Hi what’s your email?

  16. Is there a way to log into Rachel Zoe’s site?
    I ordered 2 boxes by mistake in April and wrote to cancel one of them. I received a response that I would be getting only one box, but haven’t heard a thing since.
    I’d really like to be able to get an update.
    It seems that the only thing I’m able do is order boxes but I want to check my account.

    • Hover over “Box of Style” on the right side of her site’s main menu bar. You’ll get a little dropdown window with options for “My Cart,” “My Account,” “Sign In,” and “FAQ.”

      • Thanks Maureen. I was finally able to log in on a PC. The site isn’t tablet friendly, it seems.
        Reading the FAQs, it seems that the next box is due in September, billing in August. How exciting!

  17. This box is spot on…It seems very summery, without being cliche. And wow, I’m so excited about getting a Mara Hoffman piece. The sarong print is so vibrant and fun. Nicely done!

    • Me too!! Getting the sarong from RZ totally makes up for the lack for MH in the PSMHxCFDA box. Ugh…PSMH is the worst!! So happy we now have RZBOS.

  18. Rachel Zoe is an amazing stylist! Her boxes have been very fashion forward and this one is even more exciting than the last box! So happy I went for the year sub! So excited to get this box..the sarong is amazing!

  19. Yay! I love this box. Can’t wait to get it! I love what Christina suggested about the sarong, satchel and white tee. I love Rachel Zoe!

  20. This box looks great, I’m selling/swapping the bag but everything else looks great, even the bag, but since it’s white I know I can’t keep it or it will be very dirty after one use, I’m like a five year old. I love that on top of having one hero item everything else is good quality, useful and of good value. I just don’t love when you get a lot of fillers like things on sale, discontinued or just silly to crank up the total value. I love this box and I’m planning on staying subscribed if they keep this quality going.

  21. I’m happy, happy, happy:)

  22. This box looks amazing. Wish I had signed up – I wasn’t sure I had use for a white purse, but I would have loved everything else in the box, and the purse would have been a special occasion bonus. I signed up for fall, given how amazing the last two boxes have been I couldn’t resist. Fingers crossed 🙂

  23. I am very excited for this box and happy I signed up at the beginning for the annual. I would hate to miss a box!!

    • I did the same plus the annual sub saved $50.

  24. This all has tremendous potential for awesomeness, but I have to see it all in person. – Which I canNOT wait to do!! ::waits eagerly for tracking code::

    When I initially saw the fashion tape in the first box, I thought I had no use for it – until I read her tips for them. Now they’re a staple for me. Maybe something similar will happen with the Nippies. … I kinda doubt it, but you never know!

  25. If you want to see someone wearing the sarong (I think – although it is mostly hidden behind the Box of Style she is holding) look at the photo at

  26. I can’t wait for this box to appear on my door step. Super excited!

  27. Apparently I am the exact demographic for this box. I used EVERYTHING in my first box and this box will be exactly the same. I will be waiting not so patiently by my mailbox for this one! Keep it up, Zoe!

    • I was just thinking the same thing! I absolutely will use (and love) everything in this box. So excited! :o)

  28. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one and it look like it’s not going to disappoint. Not sure I’ll have much use for the Nippies, but never say never. Everything else will absolutely be put to good use. Best of the summer boxes, IMO.

  29. So happy with this sub!

  30. I missed this box to get the CFDA box. If anyone wants to sell me their box let me know and we can work something out :D. Even if you just want to sell the purse or the sarong.

  31. I loved these spoilers so much that I signed up! I dont wan’t to miss out again. Super bummed though that I won’t get this box, and will have to wait til September. If the fall box is at all comparable to this one or the spring one I will be happy. And September is my birthday month so that kind of justifies the splurge a bit 🙂

    Please let me know if you want to sell this box! I’ll pay cost plus shipping.


    • I will sell you this box for cost plus shipping. Please email me at [email protected].

    • hi. interested i selling the whole box. would you like me send me an offer? thank you 🙂

      • Hi, I’m interested in your box is it still available

  32. If anyone wants to sell the box to me in its entirety, i will pay the $100 plus the shipping cost. Very reliable! Let me know.

  33. I will use everything but the bronzer. I love love this box.

  34. $370 value for $100 box (or less with annual sub) is pretty amazing. I like the looks of this one so far and am excited to get mine! I would be more than happy with just the handbag for $100 so the rest is essentially a bonus for me. 🙂

  35. I missed this box 🙁 If anyone wants to sell me their box let me know!!

    • I will be selling this box for cost plus shipping. Please email me at [email protected]

      • I would like to purchase from you! Any way to send me a paypal invoice please?
        email: [email protected]

      • Hi Jennifer, I’d love to buy it from you. Let me know if it’s still available.


  36. Obsessed with the Mara Hoffman sarong! I’ve been eye her pieces for awhile but have never purchased because of the price. So happy with this box! Go Zoe!

  37. tried to post earlier but it timed out I think. Anyways, I’m super excited for that sarong!!! It looks gorgeous. Also I read up a bit on the mineral peel and it seems like a great product and it doesn’t have any parabens (if the ingredients list on Amazon is correct). I need another bag like I need a hole in my head. But this one is white. And leather. Mmmm

  38. I love everything! Ive wanted to order something from the cambridge satchel company for awhile so the spoiler made me sign up and I think the sarong is great and too faced is one of the best makeup companies on the market. For once I think I will use everything in the box instead of it being mixed in with junk I wont use like most boxes. Im just sad I missed out on the first one.

  39. I will probably cancel after this box. Most of this is going to my daughter.

  40. Crap I really need to stay away from these $100 boxes, I jumped in because of the purse spoiler. But my style differs a lot from Rachel Zoe, but I don’t use bronzer or those nippies things, they seem a lil ridiculous. I hope I like the purse as much in person and love the colors of the saraong.

  41. I’m with Cindy – I subscribed for the bag, I usually keep lippies unless the colors are bad, and I might try the mineral peal. The sarong will definitely go on my swap list. (I love the packaging on the bronzer, but I wish it were just a pressed powder. I need shine management, not color during the summer.)

    Does anyone have a clue when this will ship?

    • Started shipping today.

  42. Lovely box! I’m kind of wishing I was subscribed although I really don’t *need* anything from it… Love the sarong through.

  43. Glad I didn’t sign up.

  44. Don’t like to the too faced products.

  45. ehh not crazy about this box. I will probably keep the purse and lip creme (if the color fits me). Hope i will be able to swap the rest out. Does anyone know when it’s shipping?

  46. I have been eagerly awaiting this spoiler for MONTHS!! That sarong looks fabulous, and with the white satchel and a white t-shirt would look so fresh and cool for summer! The other items look fun and useful. I can’t wait to get this box!

  47. I love it! So glad I subscribed after my major case of FOMO on the first box. Rachel Zoe is just so thoughtful with her curation.

  48. The spoiler looks so good!!!! I want everything.

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