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Oui Please Volume 1.4 Box Spoilers

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Oui Please Volume 1.4 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

Thanks Wendy for sharing a picture of her Oui Please Box Vol. 1.4 with us:

Oui Please Spoilers


UPDATE: Loan has shared her box picture with us as well!

Loan Oui Please

I haven’t received my box yet – but hopefully it shows up soon! If you received your box, let us know what you received, and if you’re happy with the selections this month. (Oui Please boxes vary per subscriber – so this picture may not represent what others will get in their shipment).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just received mine and my packing slip said I should have received Doux Moi Mist, but it wasn’t in the box. From what I’ve been reading, I’m not sure whether it is even worth bringing it up to them.
    I received, the 2 Grain de Pastel products, the Pier Auge body creme, jar of lavender, the candy -lemon flavored, the t-shirt, a crocheted bracelet, the scarf, the coasters and the reveuse bag. The t-shirt is laughably small, but the bracelet surprisingly fit me and I have a large wrist. I like everything else, although the prices seem very inflated.
    This was my first box from them.

    • sounds like you got 4 lifestyle items, an extra in place of the mist, which is a great deal for you! most people received 3 lifestyle and the mist.

  2. Creme Brule nougat is one of the best sweets I have ever eaten. So delicious, I would not mind to get all parcel of it ;-D

      • I love that it’s on Amazon for 4.00 lol seriously I’ve been to Europe including France a million times so I can tell you for certain that the candy is not 20.00! Ridiculous.

        • Not that I think it’s worth $20 either but it would cost $12.70 to order it from Amazon, not $4. You’d have to pay $8.35 to ship it.

          • So take away the shipping fee and it’s only a couple bucks. Pay outrageous shipping and it’s still 8.00 cheaper. I can’t believe this company is actually trying to claim this candy is worth 20.00. It’s insulting that they obviously think Americans are that gullible!

          • Thanks for posting this. Good to know!

  3. I’m an annual subscriber and I’m generally happy with the box, especially at $86 per delivery. This was the second box of my subscription. I did get a packing slip, which was a nice touch.

    + Graine de Pastel face & body balm – beautifully packaged, fabulous texture, but the scent is not for me. I will post this to swap or gift it because I think others would really like it.
    + Graine de Pastel hand cream – again, I love the L’Occitane-like packaging and am intrigued by the color! Posting or gifting
    + Doux Me – orange blossom
    + Pier Auge – grapefruit body balm (I am keeping this one, it’s super lovely and I am a sucker for citrus everything)
    + Lavender jar – I think the jar is adorable and I love everything lavender
    + Nougat candy in macaron – delightful in every way.
    + Lulu en Provence canvas bag in that sherbet color — I like it and it will be nice for organizing my suitcase.
    + Coasters – The sketches and calligraphy are utterly charming but the cardstock is utterly hilarious.
    + Sothy’s sunscreen – Always happy to gt sunscreen, and it does fit th theme
    + Enamel earrings – I was hoping for one of the enamel pieces and I’m happy to get this. Mine are long and sparkly blue, a little outside my comfort zone but I dig them
    + T-shirt – SIGH

    I really like the box this month but I can’t stop sighing over the t-shirt. This marks the second clothing item I’ve received in three boxes (I got a sweater, oddly, in the Mothers’ Day box). I have a hereditary illness that has enlarged my kidneys dramatically, and it’s not too painful or anything at this point but it makes me look like I’m about six months pregnant. (Shopping for clothes is every bit as much fun as you might expect.) I divulged all of this to Oui Please in May/June and told them I’d be delighted with any substitution in the boxes, even something of lower value. They promised to make a note of it for future boxes.

    I get these beauty subscription boxes because they’re a way for me to feel pampered and pretty. So getting something that will never, ever fit me is just a frustrating reminder of being different and not so pretty after all. I wish Oui Please would offer an option to opt-out of wearables for people who are unable to fit the traditional sizing.

  4. I just received my first box from Oui Please. I got:
    T-Shirt (Not worth more than $20. They sent me an XL and I’m a small and they sent me a shipping label to send it back and they are supposed to send me a small)
    Reveuse (tiny crazy overpriced bag)
    Objects Obscurs crochet bracelet in pink
    Lavender Flowers (nice but not worth $20)
    Rose Mist (love)
    Pier Auge body calm (nice)
    Graine de pastel face and body butter (my new fave night cream!!!)
    Grain de pastel hand cream
    Nougat (super good but I’d say worth $10)

    Their value for all of this is $356. I think at most it is $300 or worst $250. I liked several items so I’m happy with the box but wish I had received the beach towel. I just put a review on my YT page in anyone wants to see it.

    • Just watched this — it’s a really well done review!

      • Why thank you so much Orlee! πŸ™‚

    • oops, as I was tossing the big box and decided to keep the black bubble wrap I found a packing list and they say my bracelet was worth $70 and THEIR total value is $405. Just wanted to put it out there. Does not change my opinion or anything just FYI. πŸ™‚

      • You toss the box? That was my favorite part of the shipment this month! πŸ˜€

        • Hi Tamara, I just tossed the outer shipping box. I LOVE the pretty box that housed all of the stuff. LOL – that it was your favorite thing. My favorite thing is the face and body balm and I keep shooting myself with the rosewater. =)

          • Oh, of course! Feeling silly now. πŸ˜‰

      • Did anyone else NOT get a packing list? Seeing others mention packing slips I even went through my garbage and empty box. I didn’t get one.

        • I definitely didn’t get one. This was my third box and there has never been a packing list in any.

      • Believe it or not I kept the very first outer OuiPlease Box with the original black waffle-y packing material– added assorted colors of tissue paper (from other sub boxes)– the cats love it! Of the two, at least one is usually in there napping, and sometimes both squash themselves in– we call it their Party Box!

      • When I went to trade for it, I was shocked when doing research that it’s only $32.99 shipped AFTER the euro to dollar exchange.

  5. Wow, this is the first time I’ve read comments on this box and I didn’t realize people were having such a poor experience. I bought the annual subscription with the promo when they first started and I have absolutely loved every box. Since it’s every other month I forget about it, then I get a FedEx shipment notification and the box arrives a few days later. The themes are great; the items are great; I get exposed to new things. It’s my favorite subscription.

    Of course it makes a big difference that I only paid ~$90 per box. I would be more picky if I bought a single box or did month-to-month.

    A few people have mentioned the clothing sizes – I contacted them last fall when I signed up to ask if they used American or European sizing and they confirmed it was the latter. Thus I opted for size M instead of my usual size S. Everything has fit perfectly.

  6. I’m really happy with my box!! I got:

    Beach Towel
    Reveuse bag (as pictured in booklet)
    Objects Obscurs crochet bracelet in coral (LOVE)
    Lavender Flowers
    Orange Clossom Mist
    Pier Auge body calm
    Graine de pastel body balm
    Grain de pastel hand cream

  7. Mine arrived today! My first regular box was 1.3, so this one is a great improvement. I did receive both the towel and the t-shirt which puts me over the $400 mark using their prices. (Don’t hate me, I got screwed with the Mother’s Day box and 1.3 so this must be my OuiRedemption) The only thing I really liked and didn’t receive was the Ladies and Bee’s earrings, but I doubt very many of those went out. I actually like and will use/wear all these items, and at the yearly sub price with coupon the box is a steal. It does seem like they are working on correcting some of the issues with past boxes. I hope it continues to improve.

  8. I got the first picture but my bag was aqua, love that color. Shirt is a bit small, but I am very happy with what I got this round. MUCH better than last time.

  9. All I can say is I loved my box!! Mine was Similar to the first one but with amazing earrings. European sizes run small so I suggest changing your size preference to a size up ( I’m a small size 2 but listed medium). Other than the lavender everything was a hit for me even the seemingly over priced candy…. It was go good!!!! Totally worth the 86

    • I agree with you Holly. I think for $87 this box is wonderful. High end cosmetics, great tasting candy. Looking forward to use everything. I am size small so I listed medium. I have gotten 3 pieces of clothing from them (one in each box) and they all fit.
      Last box was a law value for me. When I adjusted prices to what Liz estimated it was only around $270. I didn’t contact them thought. Still it was more then I paid and quality stuff. First box was amazing. I am looking forward to next one already.

      • I got the exact top box and I really like it. That said, the last box was my first as an annual subscriber and it was just awful. Too bad I waited to see how those first two were…
        However, I agree with everyone about the transparency and communication issues. I was told months ago I would receive a special gift in about two weeks. Don’t say it, if you don’t do it. It is just bad business practice.

        • And, just to add, I changed my shirt size to medium!

          • They don’t allow above XL, so no luck here…

  10. My fiance and I have a sneaking suspicion that the company that puts out this box doesn’t think highly of Americans. You know, the stereotype that we are loud, lazy, obese, boorish people and that they laugh when they put the boxes together. “I hope the candy bar melts all over the too small shirt for you to wear. ” or “next month we will send a steaming pile of poo in your faux leather 250 dollar purse for you gross American philistines to enjoy.” Hope this comment doesn’t get me banned. It’s the only way my fiance can get me to laugh at being so ripped off by oui please. Anyone else having such dark humored thoughts?

    • I can’t get their motivation, but I’m guessing their business plan is for one year. At the very least, I think I can safely say, they don’t respect their customers and must think we are idiots.

      • I doubt Oui Please will even be around for another year. This sub has been a mess that’s gotten worse and worse.

      • I’ve become really concerned that if they don’t last, which I doubt they will, is if everyone can get their money back. (?)
        It’s a shame, the first 2 boxes seemed great, then they took a huge nosedive into the gutter.

        • If they file bankruptcy and list each subscriber as a debt probably not. If they close up shop and flee into the night probably not. That would be when you turn to your credit card company for help. I imagine they’ll put out crappy boxes for a few more months to fulfill their obligations then just stop taking subscriptions and email everyone.

    • Leslie – your comment was so spot on, I’m still laughing!!!! I think we would get along quite well bonding over how Oui’re un-Pleased with this box (I’ve been waiting for someone to make that sort of pun on this thread lol). My fiancΓ© thinks the company is questionable at best; he also had quite a laugh at you and your fiancΓ©’s comments!! It has most definitely opened the doors to plenty of similar dark humor in our house, so you are not alone πŸ™‚ On the plus side, I’ve never been able to get him interested in my love for subscription boxes. That all changed with Oui Please! Now he loves making predictions on how they’ll mess up next.

  11. I received:

    green bracelet (like Ksena/Palm Springs options) – $50
    graine de pastel body balm – $50
    graine de pastel hand creme – $30
    pier auge lotion – $80
    doux me orange blossom mist – $20
    life is beau shirt – $40
    lavender flower jar – $20
    paper coasters – $20
    ecru clutch – $42
    nougat – $20

    Total is $372 – Still waiting to receive a box that actually breaks $400 like they advertise on their site. Each time I write to bring that up to them that they are advertising falsely, I get the same exact “oh no, we’ll make it up to you by sending something that you can expect in 1-2 weeks.” if that ‘something’ is disappointment when nothing arrives, that’s about all they can claim. Had an issue with my first box when they sent a size small sweater after having listed my size preferences. Was promised that they wouldn’t do that to me again. It appears that the expiration date on that promise was up after two boxes and now I have another overpriced clothing item that I’ll never wear. I took a gamble purchasing a year up front and will not be renewing my subscription. I remind myself each time that the price I paid still works out to where I am getting a decent deal, I just don’t like that they continue to mislead.

  12. I probably will not be renewing my subscription. Even though I got 11 items and therefore only paid about $8 a piece for the items, several of the items are really only worth $1-5. I got the t-shirt which on the imperial site a plain – t is $20 and one’s with more interesting logos are between $21-25. The coasters, while the artwork is cute, these are so overpriced as to be ridiculous. I do papercrafting and these are cardstock and at most would cost .50 cents except for the artwork which I believe would be one set cost allocated over all sets of coasters. let’s call them worth $1. The lavender – about 1 oz worth- I just bought 1/2 lb. of culinary grade lavender for $9. So let’s say that it is worth $1. The headband is at most 1/8th a yard of material so again probably $3 since it is simple sewing for this- 30 minutes tops with pattern cutout and sewing. I got the crochet bracelet, which I like but again as a beader the materials are about $2 worth and the stitch is a simple crochet stitch so let’s say $20 for the bracelet since it might be about 1 hour to make. I also got, the handcream, the 2 body creams, the orange blossom mist, the nougat in macarons, and the burlap clutch ( pretty ugly to me). I don’t know how to value the rest of the box, though I do like the other items, I think because of standards for cosmetics skincare these might cost more because of the number of regulations they must comply with but the overall value of this box is pretty pitiful. I hope my last two boxes are an improvement over the past 2. I actually prefer the Provence box to this one. Again, I feel I get much better value from Luxor box, yogi surprise, Nina Garcia, and LLB box than Oui Please these days. Heck, I even liked my last Frenchbox better for the price than this one.

  13. I got almost the same stuff with the first pictured box. I am pretty happy with it as I only paid $87 for these items. The shirt fits me and I really like the shell bracelet. I also need new body cream/lotion, so these are perfect. I will only gift the Soothy’s after-sun body care lotion; I got the same product in my 1:1 Paris box. Look forward to the next box.

  14. I received my box last Thursday without any prior notification. I liked it so much better than the last box. Since my cost is $86 per box with an annual subscription I feel like I got my money’s worth, despite their very exaggerated valuation of the products. I’ve never before seen a $20 candy bar or $20 disposable paper coasters, nor would I ever pay that price for these items.
    There is probably nothing this company can do to redeem itself in my eyes after the fiasco of 1.3. The lies, misrepresentation and lack of customer service left such a terrible taste in my mouth that I actually decided I will never, ever, ever buy another annual subscription to a box again… NEVER!
    Despite liking some of the items, I sold my entire box to a friend the same day I got it. I really want this company out of my life so I can stop thinking about what they did to us last time.

  15. Well let’s see what the free gift make up for the fiasco of last time is. If I like my contents AND the make up I MAY consider keeping it. But I really want to cancel and put the money towards crafted taste and/or burke home

  16. They definitely have some bad business practices. The lying is what gets me. About EVERYTHING. They really need to take some tips from LLB. It does seem like the items are more evenly disbursed this time though. I don’t see a lot of super high value boxes and super low value ones. They seem closer. So at least they “kinda” addressed that issue. I think I am going to change my shirt size to XXXL and hope they actually look at it. Once my year is up I won’t be renewing.

    • I don’t see an option for anything higher than XL.

  17. Considering the $86 out of pocket cost that I got as an annual subscriber with a coupon code, I have no hesitation in feeling like I got over $86 in value. Along with everyone else, I don’t like their business practices. But ultimately curation is the deciding factor for me. I just don’t think we have the same taste. If I was curating a selection of items like what they advertise they include, I would just make completely different choices. I would pick a long lasting home item, like a colorful vase or ceramic coasters. If I included clothing or accessory items, they wouldn’t have brand names or writing on them. With the exception of my Coach purses, my clothes, scarves, shoes, purses, and jewelry have extremely subtle branding, most items don’t even have that. I prefer solid colors or decorative patterns. I would pick a couple size neutral, unbranded accessories in luxurious textures. Food wise, I’m fine with what they include. For this price point, I’d want high quality jewelry, a single piece of jewelry that is gold fill or sterling silver would be great. Something not too big, tasteful. For beauty, I would include one full size scented body product (and by full size, I mean actually full size), maybe bubble bath, lotion, or body wash. I’ve liked their selection in this regard, if only they were larger containers. Finally, I’d pick a makeup item, something really classy. I wouldn’t include a facial care product, as everyone’s skin is so different. So do I think I could select one durable home item, a couple classy accessories, a jewelry item made out of lasting materials, a classy French makeup item, a full size body product, and a French food item for this price? Yes. Could I make it arrive on time, let my subscribers know if any problems arose, and select the same products for everyone with any differences being small, like different colors? Yes. Do I understand why they don’t do this? No.

    • I’ll sign up for your box lol

      • DITTO! )

  18. I considered ordering this subscription (yearly) at inception. After deciding not to take the pricey chance on a new subscription, I worried that I would regret it. After following this box since the beginning, I can honestly say that I am glad that something made me hesitate in making the investment. I don’t envy all of you participating in this saga.

  19. Anyone else has a tracking# but shipment has not being picked up since last Thursday?

    • Same here. Label was created on Wednesday but no action since. Sigh.

    • I’m in the same boat. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but received nothing and the tracking was updated to remove the estimated delivery date.

    • Mine finally just got picked up.

    • I had the same problem. Label created on the 22nd. Checked several times today and no update. I live four hours from where they ship so my box doesn’t have far to go. After sending them an email I get a snarky email back that I need to check my tracking because it was shipped. Um…I can see that it was picked up by fedex shortly before you emailed me. Thanks for finally shipping Oui Please but I shouldn’t have to ask twice what’s going on to actually get it. And still deleting comments on Facebook just solidifies the shadiness.

  20. I won’t say that I am entirely disappointed in the items in the box. I am disappointed that the company is not honest with its customers (on pricing and about past concerns). If the company’s practices change in two simple ways I will be a happy and loyal customer. 1. Consistent merchandise for each and every customer. No more “box envy” and unnecessary disappointments. 2. Be practical when listing prices. If I pay $125 for a box and you tell me that my box is going to be worth double and each item is listed at its “actual” value, I wil be perfectly happy, even if it is $250 in value rather than the overinflated and listed $430.
    It also wouldn’t hurt to protect fabric items from items that tend to leak. My cute T-shirt and beach towel have little yellow stains on them from what I am guessing is the “$20” nougat.
    On a positive note, I appreciate the time and effort that the company puts into its Facebook page, and the curating and packaging of the boxes.
    Also, I will use almost everything (once I attack those dreadful little stains).
    Happy Tuesday Ladies!

    • This box was never advertised as one that would have identical items. Part of the reason I like it is because there is variety so I hope that they keep their original business model.

      I really like the 1.4 contents and have tried the face and hand creams – definitely worth it!

  21. Wow, I think I’m of the few that are happy/ok with the box. I thought it was better curated than some previous boxes (or maybe it’s new insight on the steps and feel that they want to portray and not necessarily items from a region only). I got almost the same box as the second one pictured and while I agree the prices seem inflated on their packing slip, based off of the booklet pricing, I’m close enough to the value I feel good about.

    I liked that this box had almost a beachy, relax and go with the flow vibe that fits better than a few beach themed boxes. The coloring and scents did make me think and want to slow it down and find a nice cabana to sit and grab just grab a drink.

    Maybe it’s because I already dropped my expectations after the last box but this one made me happy overall.

  22. A few of us have found a nice way of using the coasters in a DIY greeting card project. With card stock paper, glue stick , scissors and any color media, we are making greeting cards. They turned out adorable and inspired us to write to family and friends. It allowed our creativity to spark.

    • That is a great idea – I do love the illustrations and also that the messages are in French. I think I will do this!

    • I already had an idea for the coasters, too. I’m going to decoupage them using French napkins.

      • Love that idea!

  23. I received:

    Betchy Sketch – Coasters ($20)
    Objets Obscurs – Bracelet Ksena Crochet Rouge (Not Listed in Magazine – $50 in Packing Slip)
    Graine De Pastel – Baume De Cocagne ($50)
    Graine De Pastel – Hand Cream ($30)
    Pier Auge – Body Caresse Agrume ($80)
    Doux Me – Rose Mist ($35)
    Kingies – Life Is Beautiful T-Shirt ($40)
    Little Marcel – Simia Beach Towel ($45)
    La Fare 1789 – Lavender Flower Jar ($20)
    Lulu en Provence – Cappuccino Clutch ($40)
    Confiserie Stanislas – Nougat Lemon ($20)

    Total – $430


    I did a little research, and they TOTALLY overpriced everything. Of the items I could find, the total should be more like $330. But I couldn’t find pricing on some of the most ridiculously priced items (i.e. $20 PAPER coasters.. that ADVERTISE ouiplease… and the $40 t-shirt.. really?). So it’s probably much less than that even.

    I’m really annoyed with those coasters.. they should have been freebies. And my t-shirt has a nice yellow stain on the collar.. not that it fits anyway. It’s XL, and I can get it on but it’s not super flattering. Definitely need to size up there.

    I love the towel and I will definitely try to use the lotions.. 3 lotions in the box. SMH.

  24. My Graine de Pastel tin somehow melted and leaked pretty bad. It ruined the “coasters”. Somehow it managed to miss the worlds tiniest tee shirt, though.

    I think I’m done with this subscription. I got a sweater on the 1.2 parcel that wouldn’t fit me, they said they would make a note not to send me apparel again. Yet I just received a tee shirt I’d need to be 8 years old again to fit in to.

    • I know it’s wrong, but reading about how the leak missed the tiniest t-shirt made me laugh.

      I do hope they make everything right with your box.

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m not going to pursue the coaster issue, it was the only item affected and I couldn’t care less about them anyway.

  25. My box is a little different. What’s the same – two Graine de Pastel creams, Pier Auge body cream, Douae Me Rose Mist, lavender, coasters, nougat. What’s different Lulu en Provence large tote bag, Objets obscures bracelet, Little Marcel clutch.

    My favorite item is probably the tote bag, it will be perfect for the beach or the gym, it’s the perfect size. I would have loved some of the enamel jewelry but I do like the bracelet I received. I like the Graine de Pastel creams, they smell great! I have to admit the coasters are a joke. Overall I really like the box. There are a couple of items I will probably swap though.

  26. I received almost the exact same items as the top pic, but no Sothys and the Ladies & Bees earrings. (So 10 items instead of 11.) My T-shirt is an XL, so you ladies who take a medium or maybe a smallish large should fit. (I should take measurements, actually, before I post it to swap.) I like it and would wear it if it would fit me!

    I am not thrilled, nor an I super bummed. I took a risk, hoping for better and didn’t really get it. I do plan to put most of my items up for swap.

    I’m eating the damn $20 nougat, though.

    • I meant the earrings instead of the bracelet. (I wish we could edit our posts!)

    • Hi Tamara! I submitted the top pic – I really like my box, but I wish I would have selected large or extra large as the clothing option (I believe I was given the option when I initially signed up). I would LOVE to swap/buy your extra large shirt! If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected]. You can also find me on the swap site – I have the shirt listed in Medium (the email on the swap site is my full name). Thanks so much!!!!

  27. So glad I never got this box……why send clothing that isn’t geared to people’s sizes??? I’m a 1x so nothing fits me!

  28. I got the same box shown at the top. I am 5’0 102lbs and a size 0/2 xxs and this t-shirt says small but fits me perfectly so I know it runs really small. I don’t know why they send clothes without customizing sizing. Everything else was just ok. No way that candy is worth 20 and the coasters are just paper disposable type. I’m definitely cancelling.

    • I wear the same size and the shirt fits wonderfully. One thing people should consider is that French sizes tend to run smaller. If you are a “traditional” US small (4/6), you are probably a French medium, etc. I realize this is not ideal, but as we are dealing with a company from another country (in both the box and the shirt/clothing manufacturer), we must learn to adapt to their thought process in this small regard.

  29. So excited for my box to come on Wednesday . I think the items in this box are so high end. I hope I get a good value last time.. My last box was about $200 in value . I did not mind since I used everything.

    • How much does your package weigh? Mine shows up at 7 lbs, so I guess I’m getting a bazillion bath products. Sigh.

    • I just got my box today and I loved it! It met and exceeded my expectations:)

  30. I got the 3 creams, the doux me spray, coasters, nougat, little marcel clutch, bracelet, the lavender flowers, and the lulu en Provence tote bag. 10 items total versus 11 in the pic. According to their packing list it is worth $430.

  31. Honestly, I think the past Oui Please boxes have been so much better than this one. I do hope it’s just one of those “off” boxes (that happens to every sub at one point or another) and that they can get back on track next time. I’m surprised to see that the spoilers for this box wasn’t as announced as the previous boxes.

    I won’t be back in France until sometime next spring/summer. I’m probably going to start saving to buy stuff there instead, unless they release a really good spoiler for the next box.

  32. Mine still hasn’t shipped. I just have a label created and no response from Oui Please. It’s been almost a week. And I’m four hours from Dallas so the box doesn’t have far too go. So not impressed with this sub.

  33. This is what I received in my box:

    Enamel earring (same pictured in booklet) $70
    Baume de Cocagne $50
    Hand Cream $30
    Body Caresse Argument $80
    Doux me orange blossom mist $35
    Sothys Tanning Body Lotion SPF 20 $40?
    Little Marcel Clutch $35
    Lavender Flower Jar $ 20
    Headband by Cage Creations $30
    Betchy Sketch coasters $20
    Nougat creme brulee $20

    In conclusion, I like this box better than I like Escape to Provenence. I signed up because the first box was awesome and I was hoping that the boxes after would be on par. I think this is a cool box, if the values are really as listed in the magazine, then it is high quality stuff. I’m excited to use it plus I love tanning lotions so that’s a hit for me. I can’t wait to try to nougat, too bad there’s only one piece. I think the headband is adorable and I don’t have anything like it. I wish I would’ve gotten the shirt but I may try to swap for it. I love mists, so looking forward to trying it out, wish I would’ve gotten the rose though!

    The coasters…. Look like regular thin cards?… They’re like disposable coasters. No way that’s worth $20. I like the earrings I got… Wish there was more! I have a lot of lotion but not any high end ones, so hopefully this is good one! One of my favorite items from last Oui Please box was the Elixir D’clat, it is such a beautiful oil, and I truly saw improvements in my skin after one use and it did not break me out! So I am impressed with their beauty products selections so far.

    Despite being pleased with this box, I don’t know if I will continue my subscription because it is still very expensive. I subscribe to RachelZoe and I will continue to do so because I feel like every item she includes in her box is just so useful to me even if it’s only 5 items. The jewelry piece included in here just doesn’t scream… High quality to me? I think if they lowered their cost just a little bit, I would keep it but at $135, I just can’t justify it.

    • I got this box and was so let down for the price. Not happy so I just canceled. Their customer service is also really bad. I just signed up for Luxor Box after seeing their July reviews which shows much better curation than Oui and Luxor’s customer service is top notch which is something I appreciate when spending money on a luxury box. We will see what September brings with Luxor but I am done with Oui!

  34. I received the exact same box with the exception of the Reveuse bag. Mine is blue with white lettering. Not happy at all. I will be swapping everything…ughhh

  35. I haven’t even received a tracking number for my box. I haven’t received a reply to my inquiry either.
    Sorely disappointed as I subscribed for a year. This subscription is dying a slow death that is very painful to watch.

    • I am also an annual subscriber and have not received a tracking number or anything. My last two boxes were also of extremely low value. I am hoping this box is good. I will be canceling at the and of my annual if this box does not drastically improve. They need to learn from RZ, of which I am also an annual subscriber.

  36. I got the same box too but my Reveuse Bag is a Navy Blue with White lettering. The box value is $425 but like most have said, these prices are completely inflated. Those coasters are valued at $20 but are not laminated and they are flimsy so I would say the value should be $5 if that. I just cancelled my sub to this box. I would rather buy 2 Rachel Zoe boxes than have this box.

  37. I got basically the same box with a pair of tiny silver earrings that I’ll wear all the time. I was hoping for something enamel, but I honestly will get more use out of these. The shirt looks tiny, but I should be able to wear it after I drop a few pounds. Overall, I’m not disappointed like I was with the last box, but I purchased an annual at 20% off…

    • Omg so lucky! I was hoping for those ladies and bees earrings πŸ™

  38. I got exactly the same box. The prices on the items seem inflated and they weren’t anything I would buy. Last time I got a ring that barely fit past the fingernail of my little finger and a card case too small for any of my cards. I subscribed for a year. I won’t do it again.

  39. This is the first time I have really been disappointed in a oui please box. 4 lotions?!? Way excessive (I got this same box).

    I did like the tshirt (it runs small but is flattering) however I don’t understand why half of the word beautiful is crossed out. And the bracelet I received is super cute (not pictured in the magazine tho).

    • Beau is a French word meaning beautiful (in reference to a man). It’s also a white shirt with red and blue crossing the rest of the word out to signify the French.

  40. I got an annual subscription with the 20% off so I will be happy with my box no matter what since each item will work out to $7-8 each. However, without the 20% discount I will not renew. I do think some of their values are overinflated but the pier auge body cream does sell for $67 on Amazon. The coasters were clearly a filler item and the nougat seems overpriced. I really hope I don’t get the shirt as I am a 1x amici hear it runs small.
    I also get Luxor box which I locked in at $95 and which I love and LLB which is at the $40 price. I think both of these subs have sustainable business models and are good values for the money. I think Oui Please might have put a lot of money into packaging and now aren’t able to source higher quality items. They might be better off reducing the number of items in the box to 7-8 and increasing quality as I would have bee upset if I paid $150-175 for this box.

  41. This is my second box and I made a huge mistake after 1.2 ,of buying a yearly sub. Honestly, for the money I paid, if I get a box like this one, I will be beyond pissed off. The last one was bad enough, but this looks like crap. Sorry for all the negativity, but this is a joke. There has to be some sort of recourse you can take!

  42. I don’t understand how people are so upset over the value of this box, but praise Luxor. To each their own.

    • In my opinion Luxor is just as junky and overpriced.

  43. I bet Liz will get the enameled jewelry. ): Womp Womp

  44. I didn’t order this, but am really liking the t-shirt.
    If anyone wants to sell their size large – I would be interested.

  45. I use too love this subscription but now it has gone downhill.

  46. I’ve given up any hope of ever being happy with anything I receive from OuiPlease. And to think that this was the box I looked forward to the most. The first 2 parcels were great and now, they’re just dying a slow death and it’s painful to watch. I haven’t even received a tracking number for my box. When my subscription expires, I will definitely not be renewing.

  47. Uggg another overpriced junky Oui Please box.

  48. I think that is exactly like my box except my linen/canvas bag is a sunset color with white text. The tshirt runs small but is a very flattering cut and thick luxurious cotton, I’ll wear it on days when I’m feeling “confident” amd want something fitted! The creams are luxurious and the jar of lavender is fresh and potent, I already put mine in a sachet. Would still like to see more fashion/jewelry and home items but I’m happy with the high quality of each item!

  49. I was completely disappointed in my box. I found the values ridiculously overinflated even considering import charges. The four coasters were made out of waxy paper and they claim they are worth $20? The nougat candy bar also $20? Please. I wrote them and told them I did not think the value was anywhere near $400. They sent at shirt supposedly worth $40 that did not fit. Why send a shirt when you have no idea the recipients size? Also, 1/3 of the items I got were essentially the same. Two body balms and hand lotion. The other thing was that they consistently advertised the enamel jewelry collection. I assumed I might not know what specific piece I’d get, not that I wouldn’t get that at all. I got a crocheted bracelet they claim was $50. On the brand’s site they sold for 25 euros or about $23. The bracelet weighs about an ounce. I just seriously doubt it costs $27 apiece to ship these items. OP packaging and box to me were nicest items. I don’t feel got even anywhere near my $150 cost.

    • I went to correct your Euro estimation and looking it up noticed the Euro has CRASHED since I lived overseas. It was nearly double the dollar then! Maybe they are hoping other people are still living in 2007 too πŸ˜‰

  50. SO glad I canceled this subscription. Not worth $150 or $175!

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