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Check Your Email – Rachel Zoe Box of Style Personalization

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Personal Info Rachel Zoe Box of Style

Check your email for this message from Box of Style! (Thanks for the head’s up Bish!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.58.38 PM

Here are the questions:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.00.24 PM

Shirt size options: XS-XL

Style options: Classic, Glam, Bohemian, Edgy

Skin tone options: Fair, Medium, Olive, Dark


FYI – The email doesn’t give any specifics on when we might expect to see any customized boxes, so this might just be preliminary data gathering – still exciting though!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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    “Thank you for contacting The Zoe Report! In regards to the size question in our personalization questionnaire, we are simply gathering some data to get to know our customers better. We would recommend going off the sizing chart you find on shopbop as a reference, we’re not thinking of including anything too complicated in the box.”

    For reference, here is Shopbop’s sizing chart:,page=7

    Therefore, Box of Style Size = Shopbop Size:

    Extra Small = 2
    Small = 4
    Medium = 6
    Large = 8
    Extra Large = 10

    • That is standard designer sizes. I don’t really believe it’s just for research. If that were the case she would have given more size options.

    • Shop Bop xs is huge on me. So it’s not just plus size women being left out it’s also tiny women.

  2. Hi guys. I wish there would’ve been more direction on what sizes equals S, M, L etc. I’m a 4-6 and didn’t know if I should go for small or medium. A medium can be an 8 (which would be swimming on me) but a small can be a 2 (which would suck the air out of me). Any ideas, anyone?

    • Always go bigger. Most clothes can easily be taken in but very rarely let out. I’m 5’2 87lbs xxs or 00 and Rachel Zoe’s clothes run really small. Not sure how helpful that is but most designers do run smaller. So if you’re a small 4-6 at Walmart that might be a designer 8-10 medium. It’s too bad she gave no direction.

  3. Wow – taking the moral high ground will dismissing other’s feelings and comments.

    • Read my posts. I’m not dismissing the upset feelings and I’m not even plus sized.

    • It is not getting “uppity” to be discouraged that something you liked may include things that exclude you. This is a common issue in the fashion industry. There are tons of posts where people do not like something a box includes and they decide not to subscribe or they choose to cancel. I don’t see why those who make that decision are “uppity” for doing do and adding their feedback. That’s what these comments are here for. You don’t have to agree with them but that doesn’t make them invalid. I don’t understand why someone’s different opinion is so offensive. Has this post been swarmed by Rachel Zoe staffers or rabid fans?

      • Lol I’ve been defending women who are upset and get yelled at for being negative. Come to my little corner Loba! It’s not being negative. Unless we’re all starry eyed and spitting rainbows and lollipops we’re negative apparently.

        • I may be showing my geek here but what has really been driving me nuts about this (not just this is a huge issue in the fashion industry) but these arguments have some major fallacies. Geek mode begins:
          There is the fallacy if relative privation which is when you disregard someone’s position because there are more important yet unrelated issues in the world. Yes, this is about a subscription box, yes, there are bigger problems in the world but that doesn’t invalidate these arguments.
          Then there is the ad hominem fallacy. That’s where you attack the person making the point. Instead of arguing one’s point a person attacks/insults/attempts to discredit a person. Instead of saying why this is a good thing some have turned to complaing about others voicing their opinions.
          For the record, as stated earlier, this was one of my wish list boxes. I also do not look at spoilers for boxes I subscribe to. This survey suggests to me that clothing might be included that would not fit me. I think swapping us awesome but not for me so I wouldn’t want to take the chance on this box in case it included an item that was a big value item. I don’t know about you but it gas been the rare box where I live every item so if I can’t use a major item and don’t like enough of the other items it does not make sense for me to subscribe. Does that mean no one should subscribe? Of course not. There have been some amazing items in these boxes. I am still coveting those Toms sunglasses. Just because I gave personally decided that, with the information do far, this will not work for me does not make me negative, pessimistic, uppity or any other stereotype about a woman who doesn’t only express “pleasant” thoughts 24/7.

  4. I am an XXL in most shirts and am not upset about the sizing. I have abnormally large breasts for my frame and average shirts just won’t fit me. It is no ones fault I am not in standard sizes and it will just swap any shirts I recieve – no big deal! This sub has knocked it out of the park for me every time and I really love it.
    I am sad many MSA members seem so pessimistic when sub boxes are supposed to be a FUN thing! πŸ™‚

  5. It makes me a little sad that so many of you are so upset over the sizing issue and wish to cancel. They didn’t specifically say that they would do clothing pieces so we don’t know what the sizing info is for just yet. The good thing about this box is that they release the $100+ hero item beforehand, so at least you know you will get 1 item worth the price of the box. We know for Fall it will be a great watch with adjustable bands that should work for nearly everyone. I think they really are trying to make the box work for as many people as possible.

    • After the tiny bracelet fiasco from the first box I sure hope she learned but she definitely should have given the option of sizes over xl. The fact that she didn’t is really sad.

      • Fiasco? Hardly. It was unfortunate that the bracelet was too small for some, but to call it a fiasco is not true. I saw some disappointed comments, and I sympathize, but it never got to the point where they had to offer refunds, etc. I admit, it would’ve been nice to include the sizing of the bracelet in the spoiler (a quick google search solves that mystery) or to offer another bracelet in a different size, but it was her first box, and a darn good one at that.

        But yes, I do wish she (and her team) would/will include a wider variety of sizes in the products they chose to feature, but we’ve only seen 2 boxes people; simmer down. It’s almost amusing to see people saying they cancelled their sub, based only on a survey in their profile, with no confirmation of clothing in the next box from the Zoe team.

        Why not contact customer service and voice your concern about this? I’m sure they would take it into consideration.

        • I completely agree. Also, some people are naturally really small and barely fit into size XS, yet subscription boxes don’t cater to them, either. From what I understand, the face of this watch is quite large, so it will probably suit larger-framed people more.

          The big picture is that no box can cater to everyone every time. It’s impossible to make everyone happy with every single item. Some things will be too big/small for some, some will be allergic to certain ingredients, and no item will fit in with every subscriber’s personal taste.

          • Exactly! My wrists are tiny and the watch might look too big, but I’m excited about the box. I liked being able to look up the dimensions beforehand, it helped me decide whether or not to sub.

            Also there customer service team is the BOMB. They are so accommodating. I had a snafu and they went out of their way to help me.

    • Just wanted to say that I do some swapping on the swap site here, and I have to say that EVERYONE wanted the surong from the latest box…gorgeous but I wasnt sure for me…, I got hit up for the Nippies by 4 people, I kept the BEAUTIFUL, classy bag…OMG, the Cambridge satchel is amazing. ( I have a purse organizer to slide in it) I like a Ralph Lauren look, very classic and with the Bijoux box red white and blue long beaded necklace from July, and a Navy flowy tank (or red or white) and espadrilles or dock shoes, you have a perfect carefree outfit. I CANT WAIT to get the huge cool watch to top off my Satchel, and take it in a different direction with a few other bracelets of beads and leather, skinny jeans with rips in the knees, short booties or flats and a white starched shirt. The Zoe box is the very best out there for me particularly, I can afford to own upscale, classy items I would not be able to buy for a third or more of the price and swap the rest to everyone else for things i do like in case something misses the mark. (and others did not get the whole box) The boxes are getting better too as we go along! I think the sizing thing may give us something gorgeous to wear! Just saying…can you tell I LOVE this box? Haaaaa!

  6. People are so pessimistic in MSA comments. Lest we forget that Rachel Zoe has been with these boxes. I really doubt this is going to make it any worse. I do wish she had asked about earrings too though. πŸ™‚

    • I agree that she’s been doing an amazing job, which is one of the reasons I am waiting to see what happens. She does release shoulders got the hero item, so we’ll know in advance if it’s a sized item and can then cancel. Worst case scenario is a non-hero item is sized and we can swap it.

      I am really concerned about being excluded from an awesome box, but I am waiting to see before getting (too) upset and making any decisions.

      • the fall spoiler is out, it’s a great watch with 2 interchangeable bands

        • Yes, which is pretty awesome. I’m thinking down the line. Future boxes

          • ah ok, she’s got my trust as long as i’ve got the budget to gamble… i’m a little bigger than an extra large but if she sent me an extra large shirt, that might just be the incentive i need πŸ™‚

      • “shoulders got” ? … Dang autocorrect! (Swype, actually.) I have no idea what I was trying to say there, though.

    • I agree. Remember how negative everyone was when they got the first box. I just don’t understand. This is by far the best box out there. The thing to remember about sub boxes is they can’t please everyone! There is always the risk of getting something you don’t like or won’t work for you. The good thing about this box is the value is there and items are very swappable. They are open and honest!

      • You would be negative too if you paid so much money and the best item in the box didn’t fit you. Rachel Zoe doesn’t seem to realize that not all of her fans are tiny. Yes things can be swapped but imagine if you loved something, paid good money for it only to have it be too tiny. It’s dissappointing and kills your self esteem. I myself am not plus size but I totally see where these women are coming from. It’s so flipping rude to call them negative. What should they say? Oh my God thank you Rachel for making me feel like dirt and perpetuating the myth that only tiny women care about fashion? Nonsense. If it motivates you to lose weight cool but not all women are unhappy with their size.

  7. I would love it if this input was used for sizing purposes since it is a style box. There are pretty much no subs that legitimately or consistently offer clothing, accessories and beauty/lifestyle products in equal proportion (it’s rare to see clothing, period). I don’t think that’s actually going to happen here though so I wouldn’t cancel based on general info gathering, not yet anyway. Like others have mentioned, I think this is a demographics questionnaire. I recall there being subscribers who assumed the sarong from the summer box was going to be tiny and that thankfully turned out not to be the case. I would imagine sized items going forward would be along the same lines, to avoid excluding plus sized subscribers. Since none of the other clothing subs remotely appeal to me and usually send things that are way too short even if I did like the styles offered, I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing actual fashion in a style box that’s curated by a current fashion designer. It’s not like the PS CFDA box came though on that theme. FWIW I own quite a few RZ pieces purchased from several different collections (up to a dress I got just last week) ranging from blouses to dresses to pants and have always found things true to size versus too small.

  8. I forgot to do this! I need to remember to do it in the morning. I don’t want to miss out.

  9. I canceled my box, I just got the email, but I too am plus size so the clothing is not an option for me. Plus designer stuff usually runs small, which does alienate a lot of the average American women. And really need to cut back on my subs for financial reasons and stockpile overload.

  10. Unfortunately for alot of women no matter what designer is used very few designers do plus size. Obviously Rachel Zoe isn’t planning to include plus size clothes as she only gave the option up to XL. I am very tiny and usually xs is big on me but I picked small as I’d rather something be too big and have it tailored than too small. Such a shame. I truly hope it’s just for market research or she may lose alot of subscribers.

  11. I am deeply deeply concerned about the size issue. I am also plus sized and would not be able to use anything they send that is sized.

    I wish they had included an “over XL” size option, so they could get a good understanding of how many of their customers would be excluded from their current size options.

    Also, my skin is light, not medium or fair.

  12. This is one of the subs I really wanted and was leaning towards adding. But now with the sizing I’ll pass. I don’t want to spend that much on a box that could have something not fit me. It is frustrating to see subs that I would love, like fabletics, but can not use because they do not have options for those of us who are plus size.

  13. I completed this questions before the summer box shipped. I think subscription boxes uses this data in order to negotiate the products they get into the boxes instead of “customization purposes”.

  14. Well I was going to sign up for this box. Now I will either hold off or not at all. To me personalization means the boxes will no longer be the same for everyone and at this price point I would not be happy to get a lesser value box than someone else. And I do not want clothing in any box I get bc it would not fit. I am plus size so unless I can opt out of that option I would pass on the box completely since I already know the clothing will not be available in a size that would work for me.

  15. I wonder if they will use this info to actually personalize individual boxes, like, I like ‘classic’ and someone else likes ‘boho’ so the two of use receive different necklaces in the same month, or, if they are more trying to get an overall feel of their subscribers, like, the majority of responders chose ‘boho’ so they will send out a necklace that fits that style profile to everyone.

    • I wonder this too. I have also been wondering how (I’m assuming) the increase in number of subscribers with the fall box will affect the box. I have no concrete information to support my assumption, but it seems like fall subs have been open for months – and then they had that discount today for another 200 subscribers – they must have a huge subscriber base now!

      Also, if they are customizing, that seems like a lot more work, especially with a massive customer base. Oh well, I guess Fabfitfun can do it (to varying degrees of success according the comments here anyway).

      Either way, I’m super excited for my first box in September. I wish I had signed up right way, but I was trying to be restrained with such an expensive box.

      I’m debating how to answer the size question – I’m a pretty standard medium/size 8, but as a commenter said below, RZ’s stuff runs small. I think I’m going to just say M and cross my fingers. I doubt we’ll get a box full of sized stuff, even if it is customized box by box, I think they’ve got a good track record so far at putting out amazing boxes.

      • What discount?

        • someone else mentioned it down thread – it was on their Instagram account earlier today – $10 off the fall box. You had to like the post and do something else I think. I didn’t, as I’m already subbed. Thought they wouldn’t need to offer coupons!

    • I wondered the same thing. If they were trying to figure out their target market. I know Rachel is a gold person (I like silver) yet I was happy to see the Cambridge satchel with silver hardware. The watch will be rosegold so I think they’re trying to satisfy everybody as best as possible. Either way, curated or not, this box is my favorite. I swapped one thing so far and I can always gift what I may not be crazy about. I love the heads-up on the hero item for sure.

  16. Really excited about these options.

    I’m normally a medium but just had a baby so I sized up to a large. I imagine that anything she sends would have a forgiving fit bc it’s a sub box. I do feel bad for anyone bigger than XL who is a subscriber if we get lots of sized items.

    I picked boho for style–I guess we can always change our profiles if something they send doesn’t work…

    …but I also feel like ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ applies to this box πŸ™‚

  17. Very conflicted about which style to pick- I’m bohemian /Classic in equal shares…..but maybe classic is safer. It’s not like I’m going to get a Talbots button down from Zoe….

    • I’m guessing in Rachel Zoe’s world ‘Classic’ is very stylish and not buttoned-up boring at all!

      • When I think classic I think Armani, Chanel, Dior…any of those will do πŸ˜‰

  18. I signed up for the fall box when the hero item was shown…. I’m sure hoping that this additional information (especially sizing) will be used for the winter box and onwards. Since I’m borderline plus size I don’t want clothes that won’t fit me!!

  19. I haven’t received the email from them yet–maybe they are sending these out in groups?–but I was able to update my preferences anyway by logging into my account. Thanks!

  20. Just an fyi Rachel Zoe clothes run small. I’m normally an xxs at 5’2 87lbs her xs is fitted on me. Her xl most likely runs like a medium. I think this is crap to leave plus size women out. Definitely go up 2 sizes.

    • The clothing item (if there is one) may very well be from any designer – not necessarily her clothing line.

  21. If you follow The Zoe Report on Instagram they are offering 200 codes for $10 off the Fall box to new subscribers!

  22. I’m really hoping for a sale on Black Friday for a subscription to this box so I can justify the cost. I love it and this makes it even more exciting!

    If only they’d customize silver or gold toned jewelry and it would be the perfect box.

  23. Just curious — what do the sizes go up to in Rachel’s world? I’m betting not past a Large. πŸ˜‰

    • Choices went up to XL, hope that helps!

  24. This box has been really great so far, but I am worried that customization could complicate things. I actually prefer when everyone gets the same box, and items like earrings and clothing that may not work for everyone (ie Oui Please) are avoided.

  25. Thanks Liz! I just signed on and edit my profile

  26. Thanks for the heads up!

  27. Yay! I have two subscriptions under one account. I hope I can customize each differently.

    • I wasn’t able to. It’s a per account thing. Bummer. I wasn’t able to update either. Got a weird email error saying I already have an account.

    • I emailed them about that – they replied that they will get back to me after conferring with their tech team.

  28. I love this box so much now that I’ve tried quite a few other boxes. Right now I have the yearly and monthly subscription because I just got the yearly one. I am considering keeping both so I can get two boxes lol

  29. I saw the email! Thank you for posting the specifics. I can’t fill out the survey yet so am excited to read about it. I need to remember to fill it out later tonight.

  30. Anyone else having a hard time submitting the form due to the new confusing password request? Perhaps I need to try on my desktop…

    • I can’t get it to save either. The password thing keeps flagging and then it says my email is already registered. I tried multiple times. Did you try a laptop? Did it work?

      • try chrome.

  31. Liz, you have cat-like posting reflexes, or perhaps a sixth sense!

    I think this email is pointing to even better things on the horizon!

    • πŸ™‚ This is already one of my favorite boxes, so I’m pretty pumped about it getting even better!

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