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Allure Beauty Thrills Box Launches July 28th!

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Allure Beauty Thrills July Box!

The latest Allure Beauty Thrills Box (formerly Allure Beauty Box) launches this Tuesday, July 28th at noon ET.

Here is the complete list of products:

Allure Beauty Thrills Box Details

Are you planning on grabbing one? What do you think of the item selection? I’m thrilled to see IT Cosmetics in the box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just ordered August beauty thrills box…..and got the May box included for half price! Just a tip for anyone who missed out last time! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. I would’ve loved this, but never seem to have the extra money for it whenever they do it. Anyways, a lot of the items weren’t total thrillers for me and I had a bit of a reality check when I forced myself to think about how many products I’ve gotten like this in the past that never got used. My credit card got spared this time! Lol

  3. I got right in at noon with no issues. Can’t wait to get my box!!

  4. I have to agree,,,very easy!!! I can’t wait to get this!!! It’s definitely worth the money!!!!

    • Easy? Hardly. Their website would never load despite me trying for the last hour. Now it’s sold out.

  5. Smoothest time yet. Yay! Easy peasy. πŸ™‚

  6. I just ordered one and got a confirmation number. Does that mean I definitely got it or are they going to contact me shortly and say never mind. Already got all excited so… hopefully i’ts not the latter πŸ™‚ This is my first time ordering one.

    • Yes as long as you received your confirmation # by email. That is confirmation that you did get an allure beauty thrills box indefinitely. I bought the last box they had 3-4 months ago and I was absolutely floored when I opened it! I couldn’t believe how many awesome full size products I received! It was like Christmas for me as I pulled each item out to see what it was. I was shocked at the value of the box…it’s an amazing deal. Every product i used so far I loved I will use every single product I received in my last box and I still have some left in my beauty pantry that I haven’t even opened to use yet! I absolutely love these boxes they are amazing way to good to pass up. If I was to purchase every product out of the last box I received individually it would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I of course purchased this box again! I set my alarm 30 minutes early to make sure I was up and got my computer on and into the website to make sure I would get one…they sell out within 10 minutes of the start of sale!!! I’m definitely hooked. Can’t wait to see what’s in the December box…I will be purchasing these boxes every time they have one from here on out…can’t wait for my box to arrive this time!!!

  7. My box is scheduled to be delivered by UPS by the end of Tuesday– and says it weighs 12 pounds.

  8. Can someone tell me how to buy it? on the website is it going to say “buy now” or something like that after 12? how do you sign in before? I do not see “sign in” anywhere I do have an account on allure but I do not know if it is another account I need to create to buy it.. Thank you

    • Did you find out how to go about ordering it? I’m on the site that the link above took me to, but I only see a countdown and the products listed, and I don’t see the option anywhere to purchase it, hopefully it will show up soon, if you received any info, please let me know.
      Thank you!

  9. My box is already sheduled to arrive tomorrow! Awesome! I was a little apprehensive about paying a bit more to pre-order but now I’m glad I did. πŸ™‚

    • I was just going to ask when the box for the preorder crowd would be delivered! With the spring box the shipping confirmation was emailed five days ahead of time. I’ve been checking my email like a fiend looking for a shipping confirmation. I’m so glad you posted about getting the email, Kristin!
      It’s nice to know the box still shows up for the preorder customers the day it goes on sale to the general public, makes the extra price we paid a little more worth it.

    • Kristin did you get an email that let you know your box had shipped? How are you tracking your package?

      • Never mind, I just got my tracking email πŸ™‚ YIPPEE!

        • I just got my notice too. I’m not due for delivery until Friday though. :–(

          • Mine won’t be here until Monday πŸ™

  10. i hope i can get one of these i have missed out on the others.and this seems like a really nice box especially the value!!!! i tried to order last time and the site kept crashing so i wasn’t able to get one..

  11. Whats the shipping normally run on this about $15? I really enjoyed my first one ever I got this spring (less the self tanners). It’s going to be hard to pass this one up with the IT mascara $24 alone….and love all the polishes. Of coarse there are a lot of low end things mixed in there too. I do question the “true value.” Will probably still get it in spite of that! πŸ™‚

    • Ten bucks for shipping. I also had to pay tax. I’m in FL.

  12. Please God let me forget on the 28th. I can never resist these (except once)…….I still have things from long ago boxes.

  13. i only want the butter London nail polish!! I want it bad though..:))

    • Well you can get three Butter London polishes for the price of the whole box! – With $10 left over! πŸ™‚

    • i am going to try and buy the box ( if it doesn’t sell out as I’m buying it ) lol and i will not want the butter london polish so we can swap or something !

      • Yayy!! I want the butter nail polish baaaad.. They don’t sell this color on its own..:((

        • well i will comment back here , if i successfully order the box ! and give you my email πŸ™‚

    • I would be willing to part with my Butter London Polish, I have so many new polishes, I don’t really need anymore, so if you don’t get a box, let me know and I will be happy to work out something with you, i’m sure you have something we could swap. Just let me know.

  14. I think this is a great value, you are getting 27 items for $55 which makes each product approximately $2.07 each. You can’t find that anywhere. You get to try new items and can even use as stocking stuffers or just pass out to your friends. I have been getting this boxes for the last 4 times and I appreciate the chance of being lucky enough to purchase it. Hopefully I will be lucky for this one.

  15. I was just checking out the Allure Beauty Thrills website and noticed this update on the Pureology product:
    “Pureology has decided to provide their Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask instead of their Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier spray, both from their Colour Fanatic line.
    We hope you enjoy this upgrade!”

  16. I think I’m going to have to try to get one of these. I know I won’t use everything, but I’ll for sure use a couple of them and I’d like to try a few of them out so it’ll be worth the $55 since everything is full size!

    Thanks Liz!

  17. I haven’t bought the last several of these since they didn’t have enough stuff that I’d actually use. But I think I’ll try to get this one! It’s pretty well-rounded and has a lot of basic necessities (e.g. tooth paste). I added up all the stuff I think we’ll use and it comes out to well over $55. So -yay! πŸ™‚

  18. I have been dying to try the pillow proof! I am excited for this box. I am happy I did the pre -order. I am also excited to see it cosmetics as well. I wish there was more derma e like the last box. I have been loving that face wash and cream. Hopefully the boxes ship soon πŸ™‚

  19. As fun as it is to get a huge box of goodies for a fraction of retail, I’ve come to the realization that these boxes aren’t really for me. They always skew heavily to haircare and I have a pixie cut, that uses very specific product and I don’t really experiment. I do like that this one is featuring more actual cosmetics, but I don’t really *need* a single thing they’re featuring. I’ll sit this one out and let someone else have mine. πŸ˜‰

  20. I always love finding out the cost of each individual item. I went off of Amazon and went for the “retail cost” vs. the “Amazon cost” because I know you can save quite a bit through Amazon. So for “retail” The price I have is $334.60. I would leave error for price differences for what you could find at Walmart or Target but that is what I got it at (Wasn’t sure how to value a single bar of soap so I went higher than normal) I’ll be trying to snag it, have had pretty good luck over the last two, even if I don’t use everything my boyfriend will use some of the general bath and body products. (body wash etc) I thought the inclusion of the Anti itch body wash was weird for a late summer early fall box, seems more dead of winter to me, so that will be saved for the colder months if I can snag one. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps if anyone else was curious on a value.

  21. this is the first allure box i have even thought about getting ! i will try , but don’t wanna get my hopes up i know this thing sells out in minutes

  22. Oops. Thought my phone didn’t post the first one. πŸ™

  23. Been waiting on this box. But after looking at the product list on Allure, there is not one thing I want or can use. Darn! Maybe the winter box will work for me.

  24. Just like with the last box, when i add the values of the items that I would actually use they come up to only $45 or so. In the last box, the discovery aspect made it worth it. But this one seems to be filled with hair items that I won’t use (except for the shampoo/conditioner) and are not cost effective to swap and nail polishes. I has 7 of the former and 3 of the latter!

    So I don’t know, that’s a lot of useless hair products to have around.

    • I don’t know why but I didn’t realize how many hair products it was until you said that… or that there are 3 nail polishes. (I noticed 2)

      Plus I forgot about shipping… about $10? I think I’ll pass.

  25. How much is this box??

  26. Your Curel link is incorrect.

    • Oops! Thanks for letting me know – fixed it!

  27. Do you have to pay for shipping as well?
    Or just the $44.95 for the box+shipping?

  28. It will be mine… Oh yes… It will be mine… =p

    • Is this a Waynes World reference?!

    • Stop torturing yourself. You’ll never afford it! Live in the now! (Quite possibly THE most quotable movie ever, for me). Thanks for making me smile Emmy!

  29. Hope I can get one πŸ™‚ never have been able to before

  30. I still have a ton left from the last box. Purchasing every other box seems to work best for me.

  31. Comment

  32. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the headsup on this box. May i know what would be the approx value?

    • They list it at over a $250 value. Hope that helps!

  33. This looks great. I was already going to buy the Redkin Pillow Proof and Hask hair oil. And I am getting low in shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. So this is very much worth my money. I love Laniege and am excited for the trial kit. I taught English in South Korea way back in 1997 and that brand was the equivalent of Estee Lauder’s skin care line here back in the U.S. I miss this brand and it is very expensive to order and ship to the U.S., so I just don’t buy their products anymore. Yay!

    • I think you can get Laneige in Target now! Not 100% sure, but check it out –

      • Yes you can and it’s pretty cheap (maybe $25 or lower) for a big jar. I use it.

    • Yeah, I just returned from living in Korea and Laneige is the only thing I wanted to bring back. I was glad that Target started carrying the brand. I stocked up on Nature Republic face masks instead.

  34. I didn’t snag the last box so definitely will be getting this one! I love Laneige and IT cosmetics. I could use almost everything included in this box and I love that allure will de donating $5.00 to Cancer + Careers. This box is a winner for me!

  35. Anyone know if this ships to Canada?

    • I checked the website and it looks like no, US only

  36. I’m glad I started reading the items included…at first all I saw was that Clear shampoo and conditioner….those were in the last box (albeit a different formulation. Now that I’ve looked at the items I’m happy.

    I used the advance purchase option when it was last offered so I don’t have to worry about catching this one.

  37. This looks like a great box! Hope to get my hands on one.

  38. I am definitely getting this box! It is such a great value!

  39. I was actually wondering just this morn when we see the August box promos! Always get this box! Such a great value! Even if I end up donating a lot of it (unfortunately I know a lot of ppl struggling financially) it’s such a great bang for your buck!!

  40. I usually love the Allure box, but this one looks like a ton of repeats we’ve already gotten. I unfortunately still haven’t used my last one at all so I’ll be skipping this time.

  41. Holy Cats!!! I feel like there was so much more buildup for the April box then this! (time wise) I’ve been waiting on news for the August box (here I thought it came at the end of August) and it’s next week!!!!! I’m excited looks like a good blend of stuff tons more nail polish than I am used to seeing in the box.

  42. I just got the e-mail from Allure! I cant resist these boxes! My pantry is full of shampoo, body wash, and hair products but I Still will end up getting it!

  43. This looks awesome! Do we know about sizes? Are these are full size products or will there be sample sizes??

    • Full sizes!! πŸ™‚

      • Liz,
        This will be my first box purchasing from Allure, last time I got one from eBay for around $40 (which was just luck i’m sure), and i’m clicking on the link you have listed above and it takes me to the page with all the items listed, but I don’t see how I go about ordering it. I just want to be prepared so when noon rolls around, I’ll hopefully be able to get one.
        Also, since I see so many people talking about getting their boxes early, do you know if they will possibly have boxes left? If they are limited to a certain number, and let people pre-purchase, I don’t see how there will be enough for new orders (new accounts). I’m more concerned with how I go about purchasing it, it shows on the link a countdown, so once that is over, will it give us the option to order?
        Thanks so much for your help and letting us know about the new box, time, etc.!!!

        • Last time it was relatively easy to order the box – I think it didn’t sell out for at least 15 minutes. Hope that helps!

          • Do I just click on the link you have listed to order it? That’s my only question? I’m sorry to bother you,,,but I do not see anywhere on the site to order it!!!

          • Yep – there will be a button to order the box – it should appear at approx noon.

    • They are exactly what you see! This was the best box, value wise, that I got last year.

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