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Allure Beauty Box July 2015 Spoilers

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Allure Beauty Box

Thanks Brandi for sharing these spoilers with us! The July 2015 Allure Beauty Box includes:

Allure July 2015

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo 39.6g (Value $7)
Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer 1oz (Value $4.50)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum .14oz (Value $18.20)
Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary 0.5oz (Value $6)
Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length+Volume Mascara (Value $10?)
invisibobble Traceless Ring

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am having SO many issues with this box!! I have a different billing and shipping address, and apparently they sent the box (and then also re-sent the replacement) to my billing address. I only found that out after making 6 different phone calls, when they finally were able to give me a tracking number for the first shipment, which they said was returned as undeliverable.

    The only response their ‘supervisors’ keep giving me is that the system has my shipping address correct and there is no way that could have happened. When I asked if I could keep her on the line and 3way call the USPS so they could personally tell her which address it was sent to, she said no.

    Her only solution for me was that she could cancel my account so it won’t happen again!

    I know someone on here said they overnighted her a replacement box when she didn’t rreceive hers. If she sees this, can you please tell me who you spoke to? I’m so frustrated and disgusted with their business model so far.

    Ugh….. Rant over for now!

    • And…. They denied my request for a refund!!!

  2. I still haven’t received a box. I just called them today and apparently my information wasn’t trensferred over from was the one who charged me this month but wasn’t supposed to. I have to fax in a copy of the charge in order for them to send me a box. I’m done with this subscription. It’s not worth it and there are plenty of other beauty subscriptions that don’t have constant rebranding and issues.

  3. Got my box a few days ago. It’s not bad but I’m not thrilled with it. I definitely don’t need any more dry shampoo and gave that to my daughter. I’ll use everything else except for the supergoop.

  4. I just got my box!! I love everything in it. I just don’t need the extra dry shampoo so will put up on swap site. Got it at the same time as my birchbox! Lol

    The cord rings are the best! I have been meaning to find them somewhere …they work so well holding your hair back in a pony tail and not yank my hair.

  5. Interestingly, while I haven’t yet received my box, nor have I ever received a response from my e-mail to their CS, if I clicked on the link “trouble seeing something? view it online” it took me to an account page where I was able to change my address (theoretically) and see my account number. I did not see a way to change my password or anything like that. But it is a step in the right direction.

  6. I re subscribed on the 1st (canceled after that awful box with the candle) and was wondering if anyone knew if I’ll get this box, since I was charged and the payment did clear? My profile says last ship date July 4 but I haven’t gotten a shipping email or anything.

  7. If anyone does not want their invisibobbles, I would love to swap for them!

  8. I got my box yesterday. Unfortunately I got 2 of them. Oh well, I will call and cancel one of them for next month. I got two different colors of the hair bobbles, clear and black, one in each box. And they come in a three pack. I tried one right away and I reall like them.

    • Are they plastic, and therefore waterproof? I’m always looking for things to hold my hair back when I swim (laps) that won’t tear it when I take them out.

      • Yes, like a flexible plastic and completely waterproof.

      • I used mine while doing laps the other day and it came right out! It is crazy how something so simple can be so wonderful! I love them and will continue to use. Would love to get my hands on some brown or black ones!

        • thanks for the replies. I got mine yesterday, and am looking forward to using them in the pool this weekend. BTW, mine are black, but I saw that Amazon carries them in a variety of colors.

  9. Very happy with this month’s products…love getting mascara in my subscriptions & excited about trying the Bumble & Bumble…and I’ll take any Oscar Blandi item I can get…LOVE!!

  10. Is the invisibobble just one band or a 3 pack like on Amazon?

    • It is a 3 pack.

  11. I loved this box,I think its great for the price point.Mine just showed up no email or tracking…A really nice box,great products,and six items! I hope that continues.

  12. Oh, I now notice that the sizes are larger. I still can’t work the dry shampoo but at least will get a nice size of the estee laudee eye cream and do love bb products/ Maybe I was expecting too much because of the change.

  13. It’s nice that the first box after the takeover has six items, but we got the same travel size Oscar Blandi dry shampoo in the March 2015 box. I like it and I’m okay with getting another travel size dry shampoo, but you’d think that Allure would be using all new products instead of some of the same products from Sample Society/Beauty Bar.

    • At first I thought it was the same thing too, but the Oscar Blandi product in the march box was the Volume and Texture spray. We got Batiste Dry Shampoo in February though.

  14. I am so tired of dry shampoo. It seems to be in every sub box. I’ve been giving it to my sister, and the other day she said, “I have enough Becky, I don’t need any more for years!” I have short, thin, fine hair that I wash every day, so the dry shampoo is totally unused by me. The pony tail holder is the same. I thin
    k it is interesting that there are three hair items in this box. The make-up setting spray is unusual. I’m wondering what that will be like. The serum and mascara are fine but not thrilling. I was hoping the first box would be more of a Wow! after the switch over.

  15. This box is awesome for me. I love Oscar Blandi products and I use dry shampoo alot. I like that this one is a volumizing product too. I love the Estee Lauder night serum, I currently use that so happy to have more. I haven’t tried a setting spray yet so I’m excited to give that a whirl. I’m always open to trying a new mascara. The pony tail holder seems cool hopefully it works with thin hair, it may be too heavy though. I like bb products and this one is new to me so that will be another fun thing to try!

  16. I do like this box. This setting mist is pretty bomb if I do say so! It also has a good SPF coverage and it is mattifying. It’s one of my favorites. I was going to buy more but now I don’t have to!

  17. Super happy about that setting mist with a high spf! Makes it so much easier to reapply spf every couple hours on sunny days! My fiance is difficult enough about putting on an spf lotion even once in the morning, but he loves Lush tea tree toner, so this is the perfect sneaky switch when he goes golfing!
    I just cracked into the full size Oscar Blandi dry shampoo I got from beauty fix, but swapping isn’t really worth the shipping on this one.

  18. And I’m canceling again. This box is a rehash of products sent by other subs a year or more ago. I like Oscar Blandi dry shampoo but it’s been done to death in the last year. I think the product is being discontinued or there’s a packaging change in the works and they’re offloading them to sub box companies. I won’t use Estée Lauder products since they conduct animal testing to sell in China. Plus the same item was one of their bait and switch products last year (sent a way smaller size than promised). Another hair tie like the awful box with the drugstore mini shampoo last year, basically just filler. That leaves the hair oil, mascara and Supergoop (this year’s Purlisse). I’m not impressed and for me this is three strikes so I’m out for good, no matter how they “rebrand” themselves in the future since it’s the same thing no matter what each time. Three sub box brand revamps in 18 months should’ve been enough to keep me from resubbing but I took the plunge anyway. For a company at this level for the life of me I can’t figure out how they keep getting it so very wrong.

  19. Love everything but the mascara. Swapping that

  20. I hope they include more makeup in future boxes. I cannot use the Oscar Blandi because of my thick African American hair. I’ll give them maybe a month or two since this is the first takeover box.

  21. FINALLY!!!! I have been in LOVE with that dry shampoo ever since I got it in my FFFVIP box last year, yet I haven’t wanted to spend 25$ on a full size bottle. Been trying to frantically trade for it on here but to no avail! Now I get a nice travel size!! YAY!! Love mascara so that is a win…the setting spray looks interesting and I can always use the hair cords for the gym. The eye cream and B&B will go up for swap….cant wait to get mine!! yay!

  22. I cannot wait to get mine! I have been so excited since I heard they were taking over entirely! I’m even more excited now that we have the spoilers! It looks great! I love that Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo! Also I got my tracking email but for some reason it shows the tracking number is unknown, did this happen to anyone else? Thanks for the spoilers!

    • Yup, same thing here!

    • My tracking number was also unknown, and I can go to unknown to track it.

    • Same for me. No tracking number.

    • Yeah, mine were missing the links as well.

  23. This box looks great! I am excited to get mine on wednesday! One question… What is an invisi bobble?

    • It’s a ponytail holder that supposedly doesn’t leave a kink in your hair. It looks like a phone cord. Like an old school phone cord not a charger. 😀

  24. i just called them and they shipped on the first of July. So, if you are like me and want this box, you are fried chicken out of luck.

  25. I am excited to try the Bumble and Bumble product! I like Estee Lauder’s advanced night serum and the dry shampoo too, so I will be getting more than my money’s worth and I will have a couple of products to swap. I will stay subscribed for another month to see where Allure goes with this subscription.

  26. I love this box…I loved the B&B invisible oil last time & so excited to get a larger one this time!! I will use everything in this box 😀

  27. Do you usually only check your email for spoilers submitted by readers? Just wondering since I’ve posted spoilers on the forum a few times before it was posted on here, but I’ve never had my pictures featured hahaha.

  28. comment

  29. I like that there are more products, but I’m not excited. The supergoop I will get ful sized in popsugar and I have a ton of dry shampoo and I have more thank enough mascara’s. I guess I will have more for the swap boards and ready to wait on next month.

  30. Thanks for the complete spoilers–just ordered the box as it will be perfect travel sized options for my upcoming trip.

  31. I don’t subscribe, but this box looks incredible! I don’t recall how much this one costs, but I’m sorely tempted to buy!

  32. Oh good – more setting mist!

    • Actually I love the box and will be using everything!

  33. Not a bad start. My hair absolutely hates that dry shampoo, so I’ll probably try to swap it. The rest I’ll at least try!

  34. Disappointing! We got the dry shampoo spray recently along with the hairdresser oil and Estee Lauder…are you sure this is a new box?

  35. Looks good! I think this is a great box. I’m excited to try the mascara and the eye serum, and I can always use more dry shampoo. I already have Invisibobbles, but I would have absolutely loved to receive them if I didn’t already have them.

    I don’t think I’ll use the Bumble & Bumble product, so I’ll probably swap it. I may swap the Supergoop! product, too.

    Overall, I’m really pleased.

  36. I cancelled after they sent a perfume vial of that oil and now they are sending it again? I hope it’s a larger sample for those who stuck with them.

    • It looks like this one is bigger. Hopefully, things will improve now that Allure took over.

    • The oil and the primer are different products. The oil is much more expensive – $39 for 3.4 oz, while the primer (featured in this box) is $27 for 8.5 oz. It makes sense they’d be able to send a much larger sample of the primer than the oil.

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