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Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review – May 2015

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Box

Sprouting Threads is a brand new subscription for children ages 2-8 that provides clothing styling services. I have been looking, for some time now, for other subscription services in this niche and was happy to learn about this one.

Sprouting Threads kindly sent us this package to review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Inside

The Subscription Box: Sprouting Threads

The Cost: $20 styling fee that is applied to your purchase of two or more items

The Products: Your choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 outfits sent to you every month to keep or return, based on your child’s style profile

Ships to: US only, shipping is free both ways

Good to know: This service can be paused at any time.

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Returns

I signed up for Sprouting Threads for my seven-year-old son. There are a lot of choices with this service! In addition to his size and gender, I filled out a pretty thorough style profile quiz. I then chose my number of outfits (2 through 5), and how often I wanted a package (monthly or seasonally). In addition, you can choose whether you want all new items, or half new and half “re-threads.”

Re-threads is Sprouting Threads’ term for used clothing. When your child has outgrown an item, you can return it for 20% credit toward your next package. Re-threads are also obviously less expensive.

From there, Sprouting Threads sends you a package of clothing and an invoice. They also send a postage pre-paid envelope. You keep what you like and return what you don’t. Your credit card is charged for the items you keep (per the invoice prices), but if you choose to keep more than one item, the $20 styling fee is applied to your order total.

I chose the 3 outfit, monthly, and 1/2 Re-thread option.

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts – $30 cost to keep

These are brand new cargo shorts from Tooby Jeans / Tooby Doo New York. They are very high quality, and I absolutely LOVE the red and navy stripe detail on the belt loop! These are pretty impressive for a pair of kids’ cargo shorts. Also, they are $36 on Tooby Doo’s website – score! The clothing in this package was sent to us for review purposes, but if I were a regular subscriber, I would definitely choose to keep these!

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Tea Shirt

Tea Collection Button Down Polo – $14 cost to keep

This is actually a Re-thread (used) piece, but it’s in absolutely perfect condition. I love this shirt! The color and print totally fits the style profile I filled out, and this will be the best layering piece ever! My son looks adorable in it! I would definitely keep this one as well!

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Pinstripe Shorts

Tea Collection Dobby Shorts – $22.50 cost to keep

This is another pair of new shorts from Tea Collection. Have you ever seen pinstriped jersey-knit boys’ shorts? With an elastic waistband? I’m on the fence about these. I can’t decide if they are unique and cool, or if they just have too much going on. My son is a big fan of comfy pants and shorts, so we would probably end up keeping these. On the other hand, they are currently on sale on Tea Collection’s website for $13.50, so that might be the way to go. Retail price was $22.50.

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Polo shirt

Short Sleeve Polo – $12 cost to keep

This cute little polo shirt by Lucky is another Re-thread. It’s in great shape for a used piece, but I find that boys’ collared shirts are almost impossible to buy used because the collar never lies straight again. This one is no different. It’s a cute shirt, but nothing really special. This would go back.

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Plaid Shorts

Baja Shorts with Lace Bottom – $28 cost to keep

I love little boys in plaid shorts! This is totally the right style! They fit well and are very well-made, adjustable waistband and all! But I couldn’t find anything “lace” about them, so I was utterly confused. I entered the description on the invoice into Google and came up with these:

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Lace Shorts
(from Amazon’s website)

Ha! So it looks like Sprouting Threads put the wrong item on the invoice. My son would have been so irritated if they had sent him these instead! I would have definitely made him try them on, though.

So, this would have been a customer service issue, which I am never thrilled about, but the shorts they actually sent us have a list price of $38 and a sale price of $26.60 on Amazon. Although I would have wanted to keep them, I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying the invoice price without clarification.

Sprouting Threads Subscription Box Review - May 2015 Tee

Appeman Stanton Motors Tee – $26 cost to keep

This is a new shirt with a vintage wash, and I just love it! It’s sooooo soft, and the perfect style! On the other hand, $26 is pretty steep for a kids’ t-shirt. From a brief web search it looks like the original retail price was $34, so that’s a good discount, but still… I’m not sure I would keep this one.

Verdict: My son has had a serious style upgrade! More than anything, I am absolutely astounded at how Sprouting Threads completely hit the nail on the head in terms of style. All the new pieces they sent were great quality and were at or below retail price. That’s fantastic! The Re-threads were also in remarkable shape for used clothing.

I think it’s important to note that Sprouting Threads was still in beta when they asked us to review their service. This might explain the snafu with the lace shorts (plus whatever, mistakes happen). More importantly, though, I am impressed by how well their website worked and how smoothly the whole process was. I love Sprouting Threads!

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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Comments (6)

  1. Thank you Anna for your thorough review of sprouting threads. I see that there are a few questions about our reThreading program. It is a great program that we developed in order to allow parents to sell back their kids outgrown clothes (if they still meet our guidelines) As you have noticed we just recently launched and this had us looking for reThreads to start off with. We started a campaign to locate gently used clothes that matched our selected brands and guidelines. We were excited to get quite a few items to review and nearly kept over 90% of them to resell. This allowed these people to start off their memberships with a credit. This has been a very popular start to our service therefore we still offer this. Follow this link to find out how to get started.

    We have hand selected a great group of brands to feature and have been able to stay consistent with the boutique brand retail pricing. We gladly pass along any wholesale discounts we receive.

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free contact me directly.

    Thank you,


  2. This looks okay but pretty pricey for kids clothes and also I’m really weird and won’t buy used clothes. I don’t understand if they’re brand new how they got used clothes in the first place? It says costumes can send back clothes they don’t want anymore but if they just started I don’t see how that’s possible and would like to know where they came from.

    • I had the same question, Alicia. I’m imagining they are starting with some consignment pieces or something, but I really don’t know!

  3. Interesting review, thanks! I agree with you – the “Baja Shorts with Lace Bottom” look like girl’s shorts to me. It must have been accidentally printed there and they swapped out the other shorts during packing. There is no way my 5 year old son would wear the ones in the picture, ha!

    Why would a person request fewer than 5 outfits when they could have 5 outfits to choose between and just return the ones they didn’t want? I don’t see any motivation to ask for fewer than 5 unless a particular subscriber always just keeps everything and doesn’t want to hassle with a return.

    • Wow chris, I hadn’t thought of that, that’s a really good point!

  4. These clothes look great, but I’m sorry $12 for a used kid’s shirt is a lot, I could buy an adult used shirt at the thrift store for under $5. I buy most of my niece’s clothes at Children’s Orchard, Once Upon a Child or Wild Child, all local consignment stores that sell used clothes in great condition. But then I would never pay $30 for shorts for a kid, they grow out of them too fast. I get most of her brand new clothes at Kohls, I just got her a leggings and a shirt for under $10, combined with coupon and kohls cash it was free.

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