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POPSUGAR Must Have June 2015 Complete Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

Thanks to Yvonne for letting us know about these POPSUGAR Must Have June 2015 Spoilers (posted by spayne on MUT):

POPSUGAR Must Have June 2015

Yogitoes Peacock Headband (Value $4)

Spongelle Boxed Flowers (Value $16)

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Bluum (Retail Value $28 – On Amazon for $16.77)

Snap Infusion Super Candy (Value $4)

Sweet & Spark Gift Card (Value $30)

Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette (Value $14)

Quay Australia Mandate sunglasses (Value $45)

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m excited to see they included a beach read in this box!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Like any subscription box, there’s always going to be boxes that you think are complete fails. In my opinion (and it sounds like a lot of others as well), PopSugar has done a great job lately! I’m always happy with my PopSugar boxes. Whatever I don’t use/like, I set aside so I always have last-minute gifts on hand. The swap boards are awesome too! One girls junk is another’s treasure. I’ve gotten some cool things through swaps.

    • where do you find a swap board???

      • Along the top of this page, navigate to the “Swaps” tab. You will need to sign up. It may take a few weeks or so to be added. Then, add your unwanted items and let the swapping begin! 🙂

  2. It’s not a total loss for me. If I’d seen the box before I bought it, I probably wouldn’t have done it; but it could’ve been worse too. I don’t need anymore eyeshadow but those colors look intriguing. I’m not pumped for the sugary snack since I try to limit my sugars to only once a week, but I’m a sucker for gummies. I’m excited for the sunglasses, I always can use another pair and I don’t have a pair in this style. I’m also excited for the spongey flower, have been looking for some sort of sponge/wash type item. I was happy about the book at first because I wanted a summer read, but after I read that it’s more historical, I’m kind iffy on it…maybe it’ll be good, not sure. The yoga band should be ok, wish it weren’t a wide one. And the store the gift card is for has some great stuff and I might consider using the gift card…I agree that gift cards, especially ones that don’t cover the full cost of an item, are pretty annoying. So not a total loss this month, but won’t be signing up for another Must Have box after this.

  3. How do the swap work? Is it safe to use?

    • Hey Ava, I was hesitant to use the swap area at first, but I really like it now! I get lots of things in boxes that are neat, but not for me. So, today I’m sending out a box with an eyeshadow brush, nail polish, eyeliner, and I packaged it in an Ipsy makeup bag, and in return I got some face oil that I really liked and my partner included a Clinique travel bag. Sometimes it’s nice to throw in something extra especially if the person has good communication =) Give it a try! It’s pretty easy to add your items because many things are already listed. I really haven’t had a bad experience yet.

    • I LOVE it. Just list your unwanted items, follow items you love and go from there. Since you are new, an experienced swapper will ask that you mail first. Make sure she has great feedback and dozens of swaps under her belt. It has made such a huge difference to the size of my hoard.

      • I’m glad to hear that the swap is safe. What shipping method do you guys recommend for the swap and should I do tracking? I want to safely ship the items that I want to swap as cheap as possible, but in the same time may sure the person I’m sending it to got it. Don’t want my creditable to be ruined over something like the mail carrier’s mistake.

  4. This will be my first PopSugar box – I ordered after the sunglasses spoiler was released. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it when it arrives, so I won’t fully judge until then.

    I think the sunglasses looked nicer in the first spoiler picture, but I’m not sure now. I am excited about the eye shadow palette, and the sponge looks cool.

    I don’t think I’ll have much of a use for the other items. The headband isn’t my style and the candy doesn’t look so great. I might like the book, but I usually read books on my Kindle. As far as the gift card goes – I checked out the website and they have some cute stuff, but I’ll still have to spend some to get something.

  5. I just resubscribed to PS….this box doesn’t look great, but I’m excited. I was going to order the Judy Blume book and I love a hardcover, the sunglasses look big for me, but I’m hoping they work, the eye shadow colors look beautiful and they get great reviews (I’m still loving the eyeshadow palette I received in PS months ago), sponge looks super cool. The yoga band will be gift for a friend, candy meh. I looked at the Sweet an Spark webpage and they are expensive. They do give a $10 code for first buys, but don’t know if you will be able to use with $30 card. Still think it’s worth the price and love the the way the mix it up.

  6. I love the spoilers. I’m not a fan of those spoiling the box. I like the open forum here but I do not understand the negative. Yes, we get to voice our opinion, but This box is not for those who require personal requirements (e.g., you don’t wear sunglasses that are not prescribed, or earrings, or like this or that). Aren’t these boxes about the surprise? If you don’t want the surprise, don’t sign up! I’m very sad the forum is becoming more negative/stressful than intended. Liz does a great a job.

    • I use MSA as a way to just talk about the stuff I receive. There aren’t others in my life who get subscription boxes, so if I were to want to complain to, say, a friend about receiving sunglasses in my Popsugar box, I’d first have to explain what subscription boxes are, what Popsugar is, and then that I’m annoyed with getting sunglasses in my box. They won’t feel my complaint the same way similar people on MSA would. There really is no other outlet for me to complain specifically about my Popsugar sunglasses and that’s what I appreciate so much about this place. The same way I can lament that I wear prescription sunglasses, others are free to talk about all the times and places they’ll be able to wear their brand new sunnies. It just so happens that sunglasses are one of those sore points with a lot of people, like earrings are, or skin-tone specific makeup products. I’m not saying that I’ll never trust Popsugar again because they didn’t address my optometric needs. I’m saying that now it sucks that I have to be stuck with sunglasses I won’t use. We can want the surprise and still not enjoy the surprise when it comes, and then we get to talk to people on MSA about it!

      • That’s part of the fun too, is to be able to discuss it with someone, good or bad. Why should everyone pretend that everything is always great? And for what reason? The sub boxes aren’t our friends, they are a business, and just like any business, it’s good or bad, and people should know the ups and downs of the people in general, that purchase the boxes.

        • Agreed. I see it as any other online shopping experience. I don’t know any wise shopper who only reads the 5-star ratings to decide to purchase something. I want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to invest my money into something. I personally have avoided subbing to certain boxes (and saved myself money and disappointment) because of reading negative complaints about bad customer service, boxes having values lower than advertised, boxes not having any type of customization options or catering more to a certain group, etc. But if I truly like and find a sub to be a good value for me personally, all the negative comments in the world couldn’t stop me from enjoying it!

        • I agree. I like reading honest opinions, positive and negative. Sometimes I don’t like something in a box and think I’m just being picky, and then I read the comments and know I’m not alone. Reading comments has helped me subscribe to and avoid boxes. As long as people aren’t being disrespectful or rude, I see nothing wrong with them voicing their complaints about a box, I know I have.

      • I agree. I love sunglasses, but hate nail polish. I have enough nail polish to sink a boat, so it is always meh for me when there is one in a box. And one time I made a comment and several people said maybe I should quit subscribing. I just feel that if a natural box like PV gives out nail polish, they are in lack of curation, especially when it is more than once or even twice a year.

      • LOL. Yes. I never even say I got something in my Birchbox. My friends have no clue. I just say I got, or I bought. Companies read feedback at a place like MSA or MUT, positive and negative.

    • I agree. I barely read the comments any longer on posts since the section is completely filled with tons of negative complaints.

      • Same.

      • Same. Obviously it’s not intentional, but the constant lists of complaints really does leech some of the fun out of this whole experience.

      • I disagree that the posts are all negative. I think people use this as an avenue to post an opinion. Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and reviews of subscription boxes isn’t going to be either. This isn’t one of my favorite pop sugar boxes, but the value is there for sure and items are typically packaged where they are easily giftable. I love reading honest reactions, even when negative.

        • I agree if people aren’t honest about the boxes I have no use in review sites. If you are happy and/or you will be happy no matter what comes and can afford that then the comments/reviews have little or no value to you anyway. The value is in the REVIEW positive or negative so that those of us who can’t spend $500 a month on boxes no matter what arrives can decide where to spend the money we do have between the hundreds of options out there. I appreciate the negatives immensely. The more detailed the better because something else someone finds a negative I might find a positive. For example with this box. The sunglasses are very non trendy. They are the least trendy on the site. This is a negative for me as I would prefer my more disposable glasses to be uber trendy and for my classic standards I prefer those to be my more expensive pair and I have raybans and don’t need more. Someone else who is looking for a less trendy pair might find this a positive. But if I came here and it was just a kumbya popsugar is the best I would stop coming because there would be no value in that to me. If someone wants to talk about how great a product is that is useful as well but I absolutely do not want people to stop complaining.

    • I think that is really the whole point of this site…Its a place where everyone can give their honest opinions on all these different subscription boxes. If every review and comment on here was all roses and rainbows I wouldn’t take the information seriously. In fact there are several different blogs that are similar to this one, however this is the only one that I go to consistently because I am able to get so many different view points, positive and negative, that help me to decide if a box is right for me. Liz does do a fantastic job with this site, and I appreciate that she is very honest in her reviews and while she does remain fairly neutral because something that isn’t her personal taste might be something someone else would love, she does make it known when a box misses the mark or she isn’t happy with something. I completely disagree that all of the posts are negative, I think most are quite positive. There are however boxes that miss the mark for the majority and you will obviously see mostly negative comments on those posts. If a box hits the mark for the majority you will obviously see mostly positive comments. This is a forum for people that subscribe to these boxes to be able to discus their thoughts and opinions, positive or negative. If you only want to read all glowing positive remarks about subscription boxes, go to one of the many sites where the blogger gets paid to leave a positive review. I am very happy this is not one of those blogs, and grateful for everyone’s honesty and insight. This is a great community and I am happy to be part of it!

  7. i am definitely not impressed with this box…I was excited about the sunglasses and eyeshadow, but the rest of the box is just very boring to me. As for Sweet and Spark – it’s incredibly overpriced, gaudy “vintage” costume jewelry. hate getting gift cards in these boxes, especially when they’re not even enough to cover one item from the website (Mott 50, anyone??) . Definitely very disappointed in this box, PS!

    • The GC where you have to spend more, in many cases significantly more I don’t think should be counted in the value. At that point its pretty much just a coupon. This site is WAY overpriced so the GC in my opinion has little if any value.

  8. One of my credit cards increased my limit so I reqarded myself with another 6 months of PSMH(I’m being bad haha)

    I’m so excited to get this box. May was kinda eh but at least June looks very nice!

  9. This is my very first box — after I saw may box, I had to get it in it. Loved that necklace and some other items but I was wait listed and they sold out 🙁 speaking of, I see some commenters mention swap boards. Where are those?! I need to get in on that.

    Anyway, for my first box I think this looks ok/good. I’m excited about the sunglasses but I’m so picky with those — if I like those, I will def consider it a win! I have so many eyeshadow palettes, that was kind of a let down though I am excited they are coconut infused. I like the headband though that will be the same thing as the sunglasses (Will I like it on me is the question). I love soaps! havent checked out the shop with the GC and agree with other posters that if everything is really expensive on there, it will not get used. We shall see! I’m excited to receive, smell, and try on 🙂

    • I swap board is at the top (three from the right). It takes a little while to get in from the waitlist. I just got on a bit ago but I don’t have enough stock to trade yet I think.

      • I’d love to be your first swap for the necklace. Look for me, or e-mail me at [email protected] so i can look for you, I want to do it through the boards ofc.

    • I think there are still May boxes available on eBay if you really wanted to get your hands on it!

  10. Anyone interested in purchasing or trading me items from the May box for the sunglasses, book, or gift card?

  11. I wasn’t too happy when I first looked at this spoiler but looking at the websites for some of these products is making me more interested in them. I’m not completely crazy over this box which sort of is sad to me since it’s my first PSMH box.

  12. Judy Blume? Yuck. No thanks on that one. Look forward to the rest.

    • Whaaaat? I can’t even believe I’m reading those words in that order.

      • I concur!! While this might not be the genre I would normally read, but just because she was my childhood hero, it’s a must read! Perfect for the beach.

      • I concur!! While this might not be the genre I would normally pick, just because she was my childhood hero it’s a must read! Perfect for the beach.

  13. How does this fit the theme? No coconut, sunglasses aren’t outdoor fun. I don’t like the eyeshadow, I assume that’s the sun kissed part, and a headband for yoga? That’s it? I am cancelling before they send me this bogus box

    • Pacifica shadows are coconut infused, the beach read and sunnies could be either outdoor fun or sunkissed…I think these are just supposed to be inspirations though, not a one for one list of spoiler hints.

  14. I didn’t order it, but would had been satisfied if I did. I loved the Spongelle that I received from LLB. I haven’t read the book yet and the headband looks interesting.

    Have they released a spoiler or theme for July?

  15. I’m excited for the book! I was going to buy it or download it soon, glad I waited. I’ll wait and see about the sunglasses….I’ll probably use the headband….I’ll have to see the eyeshadow before I make a call, I don’t wear eyeshadow much so we’ll see. I have no idea what the box flower is, so I’ll have to wait and see on that one too. I’m with others on the gift cards…if it doesn’t cover all or a good chunk of an item I want, it’s pretty useless. I hope I like more stuff than just the book, once I have it in hand.

  16. I love it all and will probably use it all!!

  17. How long is the wait to get approved to be a part of swaps?

    I’m looking to sell or swap the sunglasses and book. I bought the book earlier this week!

    • I’ve been waiting for two weeks for the swap approval. I hope it’s not much longer! I get 11 boxes and have been saving stuff to swap.

      • Wow! That long? I hope you get approved soon!

  18. Aw, not very thrilled with this box. I like the glasses and the eyeshadow, that’s it. Not really worth the price of the box even…
    Usually I love PSMH boxes!

  19. Wow. Massive disappointment. Can’t wear the sunglasses because I wear prescription lenses. The eyeshadow pallet is in colors I’m not a fan of. I don’t wear headbands since my hair is so short. The sponge thing I might like. Candy is also always ok. I might like the book. The $30 gift card makes up for it though. This is the first of three boxes I signed up for. All the previous boxes were amazing, and I’d like all but one or two of the items. This is sad.

  20. Almost bought that book, and a konjac sponge, add in the sunglasses and the eyeshadow and I’m more than happy.

  21. I’m really interested in the Quay sunglasses! Would anyone that doesn’t want them sell it to me at a reasonable price? Please let me know, thanks! 🙂

    • Sure! What is your email? I have glasses and prescription sun glasses!

      • You can contact me about the sunglasses at [email protected] Thanks so much! 🙂

    • I’d be willing to sell the sunglasses! Pass along your e-mail and I’ll send you a price 🙂

    • I’m looking to sell mine if you’re still looking for them. $25 shipped.

      [email protected]

  22. I still love popsugar! The personal value isn’t there for me this month so thank goodness for the swap boards! 🙂 The sponge does look interesting though.

  23. Wow, this is a real hit or miss for people, isn’t it? I’m glad so many are loving it. I won’t be able to use most of it 🙁 Swaps, here I come.

  24. I am excited for the Quay sunglasses…so many celebrities are wearing them and I am excited to try them. The books looks good also. Headband I can always use. Flower soap we will see…Candy…yes please. Not to sure about the eyeshadow palate but since the sunglasses more than cover the box, I am pleased. The gift card I see as a bonus..if I use it great if not oh well..

  25. Canceled. Willing to sell this box.

    • I would happily buy it from you! 🙂
      Do you use PayPal?

      • I do! Send your email to mine – asagao dot tweets at gmail dot com and I’ll let you know when it arrives. Not sure how to estimate shipping, though.

      • Haven’t heard from you so I’m going to break up the box and swap what I don’t want.

        • I’m so sorry… Forgot to get back to you, life got crazy. No problem! Hope you are able to swap for some good things. 🙂

  26. I’m a little disappointed….I don’t think box contents are the best representatives of the theme. Fingers crossed for July.

    • I agree. “Yoga warrior” = $4 headband??

      • Amen.

      • Does it have to be more expensive than $4 to count as “yoga warrior?”

        • Not necessarily, and Yogitoes is a good brand. But a headband that makes up such a small fraction of the value of the box but was advertised with the ethos of “Yoga Warrior” is a little funny. I’ve been practicing yoga for years and a headband is one of those things I’m always like, “ugh I really gotta get one of those” but is not what comes to mind when Popsugar reveals a theme of “yoga warrior.”

      • Yoga warrior was the theme that I was most excited for. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was not a $4 headband:/

        This box still looks good to me though. I hope the sunglasses look good on me and I hope the eye shadow isn’t crazy colors.

  27. Ha! I almost bought the Judy Blume book today while shopping on my lunch hour. What a coincidence! Can’t wait to read it.

  28. I’m pretty excited for this month! However, it all depends on how much I like the sunglasses and the sponge, and how the gift card works out (i.e. is it an actual gift card vs a coupon and will I find anything I really like?) All three could be epic wins or fails. Here’s hoping!!
    I’m never a fan of getting books on sub boxes. I’m pretty picky about what I read and these “beach read” books aren’t really my thing.

  29. Love everything except the gift card. Most things on that website are pretty expensive for vintage finds. Very few things for $38. And that’s the lowest price I found. I don’t care for gift cards in boxes that don’t cover the complete cost of anything.

    • Agreed. If it’s not something I can use or give away (I couldn’t convince anyone to take my two Mott 50 gift cards haha and ended up throwing them away), it’s pretty much worthless. I’m not going to go spend 70 bucks just for the sake of using up a gift card.

    • Hey, if you don’t find anybody to trade the GC with or if you’re interested in just giving it away – I would love it! You can email me the code once you get your box at [email protected] 🙂 It would be much appreciated!

  30. I think it’s almost time for me and PopSugar to part ways. There isn’t one thing in this box I will use. And I have gotten a million sunglasses from sub boxes that I can’t wear since I wear prescription glasses. I’ll see how next month pans out, but I can usually swap for the items I want anyway. I can see why a lot of people like this box…it’s just not for me.

    • I agree. I hope there will be a really great spoiler for July; otherwise I will be cancelling. This box is too hit and miss for $40 a month for me. This is the 2nd month in a row that I haven’t liked or used the items. I’m hoping this one will sell on Ebay.

  31. I like the spoilers, not love but I am pleased. Everything will get used and I’m excited about the gift card. I checked out the website and will definately put it towards a christmas present, but I do wish the value was at least half of what most of their items go for, but I’m still excited to try something new out and they have beautiful pieces.

  32. The only thing I will use in this box is: Spongelle Boxed Flowers – I’d cancel, yet when ever I do I regret it. Just hope to get the items swapped I wont use.

  33. Serves me right. I don’t like anything in the box. I signed up after I saw the Quay spoiler, but didn’t see the style. I like a lot of the female styles on the site, but the Mandate ones aren’t up my alley. I don’t like anything other than the sponge thing. If anyone wants my box, email me at [email protected]. Otherwise, it’s all going up for swap 🙁

  34. Selling my box if anyone is interested! Will ship it for free if you let me keep the headband 🙂

    • How much ?

      • I paid $43.06 for it, so that’s how much I’ll sell it for. The package is about 3 pounds, so shipping won’t be cheap; I’ll pay the shipping in exchange for the headband 🙂

        • Oops, I actually didn’t realize that this box is still on sale, so I can negotiate a cheaper price if someone wants to take it out of my hands because I really won’t use any of it.

          • I’m really interested in the Quay Sunglasses, how much would you be willing to sell that for? But I understand that you don’t want anything in that box except for the headband, so I guess, how much would you be willing to sell the remainder of the box for? Haha. Thanks.

  35. Love love love. This is the first box I will use absolutely everything! Love the coupon because I can use it for my taste in jewerly. Love the value of this box. I’m just a happy gal!!!!!!!

  36. Personally I just love PSMH this year!! I am so glad that none of the boxes have had lip stuff in them except Feb!!

  37. The only thing that truly interests me is the book. Epic fail!

  38. I think this box looks awesome!! Can’t wait to get mine, I just got a shipping email for my June box today.

  39. I like this box, but by the time I receive it, everything on the lower end of the Sweet & Spark website will probably be sold out, so I doubt I will be counting the card toward the cost of the box (I wish they emailed out codes like this at the same time instead of a card in the box). My box is still processing, no tracking number and thanks to FedEx Smartpost it takes a week longer than it probably should to get to me.

    • I feel the same way 🙁 but I asset they restock?

  40. Thanks for mentioning Sweet & Spark! xx.

    • Are you from the company?

  41. Not overwhelmed with excitement but happy! At least the shipping is free for the gift card.

    • I wonder if you can use the gift card in conjunction with the $10 coupon for signing up for the emails.

  42. So bummed I missed out on this one! I always love the boxes I don’t buy

    • I think that it is still for sale if you want to buy one. Saw an email about it yesterday saying that it wasn’t sold out yet.

  43. went out on a limb and ordered June for my mom for mother’s day {bc I missed the boat on May}…lawd have mercy, epic fail. Thank goodness she’s forgiving. Looks like I’ll end up with Quay sunglasses, a headband, the eyeshadow…and possibly the gift card. Good thing I gifted most of my March/April box to her…

  44. I am not a fan of a gift card in a sub box that makes me spend more money. That’s why I cancelled FabFitFun. If this starts to be a trend in PopSugar, they will go bye bye too. 🙁

    • Completely agree. I don’t even count the gift cards as part of the box, especially when there is nothing available to purchase for the gc amount…

  45. Fantastic start-of-summer box! I will use everything. I almost downloaded the new Judy Blume book on my Kindle the other but held off — so glad I did. Thrilled w/the sunglasses, palette (my first full-size palette in a box), and sponge, can always use another headband for washing my face/doing masks, and love gummy anything.

    • Thank you for the suggestion of using the headband for face washing, etc. I was trying to figure out how I would use this, and I really need something new and better!

      • You’re welcome! Even with short hair, I always use a headband when washing my face or doing a mask, it just makes it so much easier.

  46. Really hoping I like the sunglasses, cuz everything else is a miss for me. But at least all easily giftable.

    Liz, not sure if you already got the heads up, but there are 2 spoilers so far for Mizzfit Quarterly that Bianca posted on her FB page. Patchology mask and Velvet Eyewear voucher 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up!

  47. I’ve been subscribed since November and this box is definitely my least favorite. I don’t see myself using any of these items. It kinda makes me want to cancel and wait for a spoiler from now on.

    • I completely agree. I think this is the last month of a 6 month special I bought in December. Thank goodness I didn’t pay full price for this. It is more meh to me. I think I will be able to use or gift most of the items, but I still am not a fan.

      • Your last month of the 6 month special would have been May (if you got the black friday deal) I just started getting charged again this month 🙂

  48. Glad I didn’t get it.

  49. I just saw this on MUT. So far I think the spoilers are the best things out of the box, but it’s been a while since they sent a book. Just a quick glimpse and I don’t see anything at Sweet and Spark under $40, so that gift card may not bring much value to the box.

  50. Bullet dodged. Glad I resisted- nothing there for me.

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