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POPSUGAR Must Have July 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have July 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon!

We have semi-spoiler hints for the July 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. The themes are: Beach Days, Fourth of July, Easy Travel, and Summer Heat.

Any guesses on what they might include?

FYI – they June box has sold out, but the July box is still currently available. If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think a good “Summer Heat” item would be a cute popsicle mold set or a water bottle. I’d bet good money to say the “4th of July” will be something like a lightweight patriotic scarf that can be worn in Summer. Not sure about “Beach Days” yet but I think a lot of people would like one of those spike cup holders that you put in the sand with a cute vinyl decal on it. 🙂 The easy travel might be a cute make up case or tote in a fun summer color.

  2. Arrrrrg, I had this Master plan to pick up my box at the troutdale FedEx right down the street from me, because my husband works there so I thought it would be easy for him to grab it before it was sent all the way up to Washington, then back down here for delivery , but it came through there so quick and very late at night , he wasn’t there to get it. Now it’s going to be another 3 days 🙁

  3. since we’ll be getting this after the 4th of july, hopefully it’s not too 4th of july themed, like sparklers or something, haha.

  4. Beach Days = sunscreen? I hope not! Maybe a hat instead (but didn’t we get a hat last summer?). Easy Travel? I think packing cubes would be a nice/new-to-boxes item. Fourth of July just screams red, white and blue to me. And summer heat….maybe a hand-held battery-operated fan?

  5. I live in Idaho, my shipment departed from CA. It takes about 8-9 days to get to me. Smart post is the worst, my parcel has been in my city for 3 days now and I won’t get it until Tuesday 🙁 gurr!

    • I live in NYC – my box shipped from NY. Then went to somewhere else in NY, then NJ, then PA, then back to NJ, now it’s back in NY…it’s taken a week to get here and it started out here.

      The box has been on quite an adventure.

      • I live in Western NY and mine went on a journey as well. If it was just sent directly to me, it would have gotten here the next day!

    • That’s odd, I live in CA and mine departed from NY! Wonder why they come from different areas? And you’d think they’d come from a distribution center closer to where you live if that’s the case… :/

      • Wow that’s weird lol I’m in cali too and mines always ships from Gilroy, CA. my boxes get here in like 2-3 days. …although Gilroy is only like 25 mins away!

        • Wow! We must live in the same area bc I’m about 30 min from Gilroy, CA too…which makes it even more odd that mine is coming from NY…hmm. :/

        • Mine was shipped from NY. Arrived in Roseville (my town) last night. Then was sent to Sacramento. Left Sacramento this morning. Let’s see where it goes next. They did change delivery date from 6/23 to 6/22.

  6. Ugh I was hoping they wouldn’t do a beach theme idea 🙁
    I was really planning on buying the July box but with this spoiler, it just screams everything I hate. 🙁
    Now I’m just patiently waiting for the real first spoiler. Ugh

  7. Does anyone know around how much the June box would cost to ship ? Or how heavy it is ?

    • My tracking information said it weighed 2.9 lbs. Cost to ship will vary depending on the carrier you use, ship speed, distance to travel, etc.

  8. I’m in Oregon too, my box always comes from CA and takes exactly 1 week. I would love a mister!

    • I’m out in Kalama, WA(near Vancouver/Portland) they always send mine from CA too. Then it sits in Gresham…drives past my house up to Kent…then transfers to USPS and to me. It’s SOOO irritating knowing it’s going to take 4 extra days to be sent up to Kent to be resorted and sent back down!

      • I’m in Kirkland and that seems ridiculous for it to go to Kent first.

  9. My June box didn’t get shipped until like 2 days ago too. It’s scheduled to arrive next Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure which day it is because yesterday it was changing back and forth for the estimated delivery date. The worst part is it was sent from New York and I like in Pennsylvania. I hate smartpost.

  10. Maybe: sunscreen, mist spray, portable jewelry case, maybe something blue and white.

    • I could def go for a jewelry case or something blue & white. We all now know that Blue is Ms. Sugar’s favorite color after watching the QVC special about the LE box!

      • I don’t think I can handle any more blue, red and white I will take. After the blue cross body, blue and black scarf, blue and black clutch, blue passport case, blue shopping bag ( which I gave away), blue and white paddle set which I will give away. Did I leave anything out?

        • Polka dot umbrella?

          • Yes, forgot about that. Left it in the car.

        • I was just joking around, knowing all the blue stuff that have been in the boxes – the charger from the QVC box is also blue! I’m fairly new to PSMH…and one of my school’s colors is blue, so it’s a good way to show my support as a proud alumna. But seriously…it’s A LOT of blue! Lol

  11. Just signed up for 3 more months. I was trying to be strong, but I just couldn’t restrain. I love summer stuff and PSMH is always of value to me. If I can’t use the items I save them for gifts or swap. So excited for my next 3 months 🙂 Fingers crossed for a sarong!!!

  12. No no no no to a sarong! for a plus sized woman> YUK

    • Luckily sarongs are multipurpose. A quick Google search should yield plenty of creative ideas for those of us who might need them.

  13. I’m really hoping there’s a sarong.

  14. If it’s of any help, I live on the East Coast. My package was shipped (via FedEx) on June 9 (from NY) and arrived by USPS today.

  15. My guesses are cotton candy or Taffy, sunscreen, a bright polish, something navy & white striped…maybe a sarong or travel cosmetic case? Insulated mug? Would love that too. I am excited. So glad I signed back up (even if I am landlocked at home!).

  16. I’m on the east coast in New York State and according to my tracking info, my package leaves a town about 40 miles away, goes south to NJ a bit over 100 miles, then heads west to PA and eventually pops back up north west of my location before finally reaching me. Why this happens, I have no idea but it seems to me a waste of fuel! I should get this box in one day … not the 10 allotted!

    • Mine goes from NY to another place in NY, then NJ, then NY, then CT, on to MA, back to CT, back to MA, then to NH and then to me. Things that normally ship from NY get to NH in one day. That is the problem with smartpost. When fedex or ups get together with the postal system, you are in for a frustrating tracking experience for sure.

  17. Every summer I’ve been waiting for a travel iced coffee mug that is standard and can be used anywhere. I keep holding off on buying one because with my luck it would come in the box that month. Fingers crossed the summer heat item is an iced coffee mug! 🙂

  18. … Fireworks. We are getting fireworks on our boxes. O.o

  19. I would order if I knew I would get it by July 15 (before my travels). That seems unlikely though, right?

    • Mine arrived yesterday, so it’s always possible.

    • I think the best way to guesstimate this is based on where you live. PSMH ships from the East coast. I’m in Oregon, my boxes take about 2 weeks of shipping (I’ve never had a PSMH before the 20th). If you’re on the East side, you might get the box faster.

      • Mine always ships from Sacramento and I live in LA.

        • Well that explains why I’m always dead last to get my box, mine ships from Newburgh, NY and I live in Eugene, OR.

          Thanks for the info, all!

        • Yes, mine ships from NotCal and I’m in LA…but it’s the most frustrating thing! It takes a whole week to ship!! Slowest moving box ever 🙁 I’m so pissed bc all the good stuff from Sweet & Spark (if not all!) will be gone by the time I get my box at the end of the month…to take to the beach, to use for travel, and to dry off after a dip in the pool/ocean. But this could be me being very hopeful for that Turkish T!! Lol

          Anyways, I’m hoping it’s a beach blanket like they got in the Burke Home Box…it’s perfect to sit and watch fireworks on,

        • That’s annoying bc I sent my friend one, she lives in San Diego and her’s is shipping from Newburgh NY… I would have thought her’s could have shipped from California

        • Seriously? My box just shipped from New York, yet I live in the Greater Sacramento area.

          • Smart post is seriously *the* worst! After hearing these stories all day, it’s like they make it difficult on purpose or something. When your “mail” has to backtrack – sometimes several times as Tracey shared, or is shipped from the wrong coast to people from San Diego & Sacramento (where there is a fulfillment center! It’s just too easy to ship from there obviously!). Not Smart. I really appreciate the free shipping but I really hope PS/FedEx one of them gets it together. It should not take a week to ship from Gilroy to LA! But I’m now grateful it doesn’t backtrack…

      • That’s so interesting, because my PSMH shipping originates in California (I’m in LA and it comes from the central coast area, sometimes routed through Sacramento).

        • In in Texas and mine come from through Sacramento, California also! It leaves the 7th – 9th and I receive it the 14th – 16th.

        • Gilrory right? I just got notice today that it’s being shipped…

      • I’m in Oregon too and my box routed through CA

      • Comment

      • I also live iñ Oregon and my box takes forever. It’s actually pretty annoying because my box first comes to the fed ex in troutdale, which is like right up the street from me, but then gets sent all the way up to Everett wa, before getting delivered and extra three days later . I do not understand smartpost. I pretty much receive any sub late living here.

    • My June box came on the 9th, my May box on the 11th. If you are on the East Coast, it could be very likely!

    • Mine shipped on the 5th and it is with USPS to be delivered today or tomorrow. It started in NY and I love down in the south.

  20. I’m surprised they’re doing 4th of July as a theme since the PSMH boxes always arrive later in the month (my June box is en route with 6/23 as the ETA)

    • So true! It seems like it will be useless to most (if not all) subscribers. My June box just shipped two days ago, and it isn’t scheduled to arrive until next week.

      • Mine too! It takes so long! 🙁

      • I’m the same, I just got my tracking email Tuesday and it was supposed to arrive next week, I just got it today! I signed up for 3 more months of PS since their boxes have been so great lately.

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