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Oui Please Volume 1.4 Box Spoilers + Coupon

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Oui Please Volume 1.4 Box Spoilers + Coupon!

Thanks Kathleen, Wendy and Nancy for sharing these Oui Please spoilers with us! The theme for the July Volume 1.4 Oui Please box is “Escape to the French Riviera”

First, before the spoiler pictures, I just want to call out that Oui Please boxes vary from subscriber-to-subscriber, soΒ not all subscribers may getΒ the items pictured below. (And there seems to be a lot of variation in value too based on reader comments, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of subscribing.

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What do you think of the spoiler pictures?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my box today. The MAKE UP item for broken bottles of makeup last box that didn’t include an item of real value was the T-Shirt that most people ot as a real item. Also the packing slip contained two items that were different by $15 from what the stated cost was. SO cancelling this sub

  2. I posted this on the forum yesterday and thought I would copy it here. For those of you considering a subscription to this box based on the spoilers and reviews, please be aware that some of us unlucky subscribers have managed to receive NONE of the items advertised as spoilers. I’m not sure how the boxes can vary so much, but they do.

    Here’s my post from the forum:
    I received my box yesterday and it was such an incredible disappointment.

    I received “coasters” that have a listed value of $20 and seem to be nothing more than printed glossy cardstock. My husband commented (and I believe he’s probably right) that the paper they’re printed on isn’t even as thick as cardstock. Absolutely NO ONE would ever pay $20 for these color paper discs. To call them coasters isn’t a joke – it’s an insult to our intelligence.

    I also received the Kingies t-shirt (size L). I am 5’4″, weigh 125lbs, and this t-shirt fits like an extra small. I understand that French women may, on the whole, be slimmer than their American counterparts, but this is ridiculous. Oui, Please is a box targeted for women primarily living in North America. The t-shirt they sent me is the same size as the one my 10 year old son wears from Gap – and he weighs 77lbs and is 4′ 9″. Seriously? Oui, Please really thought that I would be delighted with this t-shirt? Pardon my French, but I think we all know that that’s complete Merde!

    Okay, so in addition to the shirt the couldn’t possibly fit (THERE IS NO WAY OUI, PLEASE SENT THESE T-SHIRTS OUT THINKING THEYD ACTUALLY FIT US) and the coasters that aren’t actually coasters, but rather, pictures of drawings cut in the shape of coasters (we’re up to a value of $60, here!), I also received a $20 candy bar. Yes – $20!

    Okay – so now we’re up to an $80 value for 4 pieces of paper (and they aren’t even full sized pieces of paper), a shirt and a candy bar. Truth be told, the actual value of these items could not be more than $15, including shipping, because the “coasters” are worthless, the t-shirt’s worth $10 tops, and the candy bar is probably worth $2. I’m a teacher, though, and one of my student’s parents are from France – so I’ll check with them on the candy bar and get back with you.

    I also received a $20 jar of dried lavender, 5 cosmetic/skin care products (2 kinds of body balm, hand cream, sunscreen, and rose mist water) valued at $235 and the Reveuse burlap pouch. Tres chic (please insert dripping sarcasm…)…

    Is what Oui, Please always sends? Last month all I received was makeup and skin care products, a candle, and a tiny ring that was designed to slide 1/2 way down my finger…

    This time, according to a paper that was included, I was also supposed to receive a piece of jewelry, valued at $50, but there’s nothing else in this box. The total value of the box is listed at $425. Without the jewelry, it’s $375, and if you take $20 off for the coasters (which MUST be done), that makes it $355. I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous of the Subber who received the barrette and the scarf and the towel…

    Frankly, I just don’t see what there is to get excited about. I have plenty of cosmetics already and how many hand creams, body balms, and sunscreens can one person use in a summer?! I was more excited over my little boy’s Loot Crate box, which also arrived yesterday. I bought it with a one time coupon I found on MSA – so it was just $13, plus $6 shipping – and the value was incredible – plus he LOVED everything in it.

    Honestly, when I was opening this box, there wasn’t a single item I was even remotely wowed by in the entire box. And for this kind of money – I expect to be wowed. I signed up for the box, because everyone else seemed really wowed – the reviews were great, the clutches were gorgeous…

    I’d been so looking forward to receiving this box. I thought the first one being a dud was just a one off, but now, they are 0 for 2. I signed up for a year’s subscription, so I guess I’m stuck with Oui, Please for a year. I’m definitely going to email them about the missing item(s) and the falsely inflated value of the box.

    However, I order these boxes to have something fun to anticipate and to get to discover and try new things that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to otherwise. Wasting my time writing emails to CS is not my idea of relaxation or fun. In fact, it just irritates me even more.

    Maybe I can just copy and paste this? I know – bad idea! Wishful thinking!

    Sorry for the diatribe. I’m just tired of feeling taken advantage of. I’m tired of boxes overinflating values and sending crappy items. I’d rather have three or four nice items them eight or nine subpar ones.

    I’m also tired of seeing glowing reviews of boxes (Hello Burke Box!) only to order them and then receive a box full of stuff that looks nothing like what was reviewed.

    Oui, Please had better figure it out. They aren’t the only game in town and they may have a hold on the French market at the moment, but they won’t for long if they continue sending boxes out like the one I received.

    • I hear you… really disappointing. I am waiting for mine without high hopes. Regarding the nougat, I am french and good nougat is pricey but not 20$ at all. Mostly it seems that those can be found on amazon for >4$.

      Also the coasters are made in the US, someone mentioned in Dallas, Texas, so not french at all. The company who made them claim to be 2 french girls. Coincidence that the box also ships from Dallas? Probably not. Just another way to squeeze some $$ and lie to us.

      I should be getting my box soon and will not renew.

      Did I mention that nothing was ‘French Riviera’?

      • I should apologize for dissing the nougat. Good nougat is delicious – and I sure that this candy is well made. It’s just the idea of suggesting that it’s worth $20 that gets to me.

        I LOVE so many French things, which is why I was willing to spend so much money for this box. I just didn’t expect to be overloaded with skincare products I don’t need (and could order from Amazon if I did) and accessories consisting of a ring made from a piece of thread and a semiprecious stone the size of a pin head, and a burlap bag.

        I KNOW that there will be another company that will be able to do what Oui, Please hasn’t – expose us to a variety of quality French goods for a reasonable price. Maybe Bon Appetit will expand their boxes someday…

    • THANK you for this! I’m anticipating my box.. and will lower expectations appropriately. They don’t answer emails anyways. I’m also stuck w/ Ouiplease for a year. If they make it that long…

    • My box came today and what a letdown. You nailed it with those flimsy so-called “coasters”– they will be damaged after one sweaty glass is placed on each one. I purposefully left my sizing off my profile and I have a chest– they sent me a Medium T Shirt which may or may not fit a 7 year old– at any rate it looks like the target age is CHILD. What does it tell you when I say that my favorite item is the candy, even though it is overpriced. I was sent 2 different Body Balms– why? My jewelry piece didn’t really match up with what was in the booklet. The inflated values are another turn-off… What a disapointment– I know that some will chime in with their sunshine outlook, but I didn’t get this box for free– I paid for it and while I don’t expect to love everything I certainly don’t expect to be this unhappy…

      • Yes, what is up with the two different body balms? It’s not winter for goodness sakes! On the sunny side – at least you got the jewelry! I’m still waiting on mine – but from what everyone’s reported so far, I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

        Anyways, you have every right to your feelings. OP needs to spend a lot less time on that ridiculous book they send with the box and a lot more time on customer service. Unfortunately, they will figure this out eventually – but it will be at our expense.

  3. I just got the box and I am SO DISAPPOINTED. They claim to have over a $400 value and mine was $385 their values seem SO overinflated. Half of my box was the same category of items and the little woman jewelry they kept putting out there for spoilers was not even in mine. I also don’t see how anything even relates to the theme.

    • They changed their advertising for this box. They promised double the amount paid – not $400 πŸ™

    • What was in your box?

  4. Instagram has a picture of one person’s box. It is janaeelizabeth, I believe but I just googled Oui Please instagram and found it. There were about 10-12 items in her box. 5-6 were beauty items but they did look like very nice beauty items. Since this is a spoiler thread, I feel like I can post this.

    • I found the pic. She listed the contents; there were 10 items, 4 of which were beauty items. Also 2 accessories, 1 piece of clothing, 2 home items (unless I misunderstood what one of the items is), and 1 food item.

      Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with what I saw and am exited to get mine. Scheduled for delivery on Monday!! πŸ˜€

      • I checked out the spoiler & I’m looking forward to this box, too. I received a FedEx number on Wednesday but it hasn’t updated yet…

  5. this should be the last box for the first annual subscription. does anyone know if this will auto-renew or will it cancel out?
    i have been quite disappointed with the boxes and do not wish to continue with this sub.

    • An annual sub is 6 boxes– every other month– so if you subbed from the first box you still have 2 remaining.

  6. I got my tracking receipt today- no sign of movement yet, but that’s normal of course.

    I agree that they have a lot riding on this box. I took a gamble, hoping they’d rise to the challenge. Here’s hoping!

  7. My box had just been picked up by fedex.

    • My box has just been delivered. I saw a post on Instagram already, does not look too good. I have 2 more boxes to go, guess I will not renew. I do not need a French beauty box.

      • Hi Wendy what did you Get?!?
        I still have no tracking hoping mine gets to me as fast as yours did

  8. Oui Please emailed my “receipt” yesterday. I have an annual, so the balance is zero, but they send me the receipt just before they ship. So much rides on this box for them.

  9. Any thoughts on when this will ship, Liz?

    • I’m not sure – I’ll reach out and ask!

  10. Does anyone know when this is supposed to ship? I didn’t recieve anything yet in my account and thought I saw something online that it was supposed to be shipped 7/14- hoping mine comes before I go to Europe 8/7

  11. I really like the spoilers posted here, but I know not to get too excited, as no jewelry was in my last box, just beauty products. I did contact them, and they sent me the tiny ring as a gift. I am hoping for some of the enamel jewelry pictured, I think it is beautiful.

  12. First off- dont subscribe to this box, and I really think Liz should make a very clear note when she posts anything about this box indicating that subscribers have reported significant problems with boxes, shipping, and customer service.

    Has anyone who had an annual subscription been successful calling their credit card and getting this cancelled? The company has not responded to my emails requesting that I cancel and receive a credit for the rest of the sub

    • I tried several times with the company to cancel, before I even received a box, and they flat refused. I have just conceded defeat with the whole thing and have definitely learned a lesson, no more annual subs, and one mine is up with this one, I’m done with this company. It would take a miracle after the first box for me to ever want to continue with them.

    • Thank God I’m not the only one who feels this way! Until now I had seen nothing but positive reviews about Oui Please, but my experience with them has been extremely frustrating. It took weeks of fighting with them to get my first box shipped out at the end of last year; on multiple occasions they claimed boxes had been returned to them due to shipping errors or that they had shipped out my box, but on none of these occasions did I receive a tracking number, so I remain skeptical that it ever happened. I basically had to threaten them in order to finally get my box shipped out. The two subsequent boxes were received with less problems, but shipping has always been slow and never matches up with their stated timeline. If I hadn’t purchased an annual subscription last year, I’d be long gone by now.

  13. I’m thinking of signing up bc I want that enamel feather necklace and cuff bracelet! It’s 20% off subscriptions so my first box would be $120. Would the exit boxes also be $120 or would it go back to $150 I wonder. I’m trying to resist the urge to sign up lol. I am not interested in the burlap sacks. Also, I get FrenchBox and this also ships in July, so maybe that will be enough for my French fix.

    • i couldn’t resist and I signed up. I’m super excited about it. Also, it does state in my checkout page that future shipments will be $150, so if anyone else was wondering the discount is only for the first shipment.

      Also I wonder, since if says they value will be twice the price – if you have a month to month sub, will your box be of a higher value than if you have annual? That would be good for me if the month to month boxes are a higher value.

  14. I’ve been eyeing this sub for a while. I think is a good sub but when the price point is over $50 the customers for the sub market expect to receive the same items. That being said I really like the sub but the price point is too high and does not fit in my “Entertaiment Budget” in a every other month basis.
    I did order the 1.4 parcel a couple of weeks ago as a summer gift for me since no other Summer themed box got my attention. I hope the items they include fit the French Riviera theme and that everyone is happy with their parcel.

  15. The idea of annual subscriptions that you can’t get out of is really uncomfortable for me and this is a perfect example of why.

    • I thought long and hard about this sub and decided against it. Did the same with the Luxor box. Glad on both counts so far. OTOH, I did sub for a year with FrenchBox and know how that went.

      Now that I think about it, I subbed to FrenchBox first and then opted out of the above two. Perhaps I learned my lesson!

  16. Talk about uber-depressing spoilers! I haven’t liked any of the jewelry that came in my 3 prior ouiPlease boxes, but this stuff takes the cake as the absolute worst. I cant decide which it looks like more, either a girl scout troop project or something a middle school art class made. And the bags that look like stenciled burlap potato bags?! oui-Please…. PLEASE, just no!! Are they kidding? It will be interesting to see what they claim these “Spud Sacks” are valued at. This does not say “French Riviera” to me ~ not no way, not no how.

    I subbed for one year and likes so many other posters. had great hopes for this box, it looked and sounded so lush and extravagent. Since my subscription ends at the end of the year, my husband remarked that he’d like to renew it for me as a Christmas gift, but if the next 3 boxes dont really grab me, I’ll have him do his shopping elsewhere.

  17. Really curious to see what happens with this OuiPlease when all of those annual subscriptions expire at the end of the year, especially now that they have lowered the expected monthly value…

    • They lowered it? How much is the expected value now?

  18. Sorry I double posted.

  19. There are more hints and spoilers on Oui Please instagram and twitter. There are several other jewelry company’s mentioned.

  20. Nothing in the spoiler I want, but I’m stuck with an annul subscription. Don’t like the $60 tiny ring I got from last box, and neither is anyone on swap site.

    • It was awful. their jewelry choices haven’t been great. I’m also stuck w/ an annual subscription. they are now doing a little bait & switch… I signed up when the boxes were “valued at least $400” …and now they are saying “at least double”… well, “double” for awful things doesnt exactly make me want to heavily promote this to anyone.

      • I signed up when there was a discount offered at the shop. After numerous emails asking about the discount, I was basically ignored. I also have the annual back from 1.1

  21. I am looking forward to this box! I LOVE the simplicity of the jewelry design and yet with the bold touch of color, it can hold itself to a bold pattern. I am soooo excited πŸ™‚

  22. The Mother’s Day box was my first and last box from this subscription. It’s too much money to get such a wide variation in products and value.

  23. No go for me. I unsubbed because of 1.3. I’m still waiting on my promised “gift” because my box was way below value. They don’t respond to my e-mails.

    • I never got my promised gift. I did get the face oil replaced because mine leaked over everything. I cannot even gift anything cos everything had oil on it. The emails they respond sounds good, not in actuality do they do what they say, it is a different story.

    • I never asked for a gift. maybe I should

      • I did not ask for a gift, I emailed them a picture of the oil leak. They emailed me back that they will send me a gift and replacement. I never got the gift. Just the replacement. Same for the first box. Back then they promised at least one item from each category, which I did not get, so they ask me what would I like out of the catalog, and I said the clutch. Never got it.

  24. I’m probably a crazy person for even considering it after the massive fail that was the 1.3 box, but I am thinking of getting this. I got the Mother’s Day box and enjoyed it quite a bit.

    I will say that I was very seriously thinking of getting an annual sub before 1.3 happened. Now I’ll have to see several successful boxes before I consider taking that risk again.

    • I just hope they make it for a year since I am stuck :/

      • As of the 3 boxes I have received so far, I am not likely to renew my annual sub. Even if I will, it will not be full price. Because I am thinking the same thing, can they make it?

      • That thought occurred to me too. It makes me kind of sad, actually. The first two boxes knocked it out if the park, for most people anyway, and then this massive stumble. I really hope they can get their act together because when they’re good, they’re really good.

  25. I’ve completely lost faith in OP, but since I made the terrible mistake of a year’s membership, all I can do is hope that it is at the least, a little better than last time. They refused to refund me for the membership, before I had even received one box. Normally, that would be understandable, but due to all the drama with the last one, they should have given a full refund.

  26. I canceled with them & requested a refund from my bank. My last box had 2 damaged items they never replaced after multiple requests. My RTV was also below. They sent me a ‘gift’ for the low RTV but ignored my product replacement requests all together.EPIC CUSTOMER SERVICE FAIL!

  27. So excited! πŸ˜€ LOVE that enamel feather necklace! Does anyone know what brand it is? I don’t see anything on their website or FB or in the newsletter they sent out?

    • According to their Facebook page, it’s “Little Woman Paris”. The metal and enamel work looks nice!

  28. Is there a difference between getting the single parcel membership at $175 or getting the month-to-month membership for $150 and cancelling after receiving the first box? I don’t understand why anyone would pay $175 for a single box when they could get it for $25 less (not factoring in the discount). Is there something I’m missing?

    • I didn’t want to get stuck trying to cancel and still getting charged like some have reported. I used a coupon code and got one box for the same price as the sub. The coupon code I had wouldn’t work on the monthly sub so it worked out good for me. I ordered right before the 1.3 fiasco and am so glad that I won’t have the hassle of trying to cancel. I don’t think there will be a difference in curation/value though.

      • Ah, that makes sense. I read all the comments, and didn’t realize there were so many problems with them in the past. I guess I’ll be saving my $$$!

  29. I want all of that jewelry. So perfect for summer. I wish it wasn’t delayed a few weeks, but I love this subscription.

  30. These look good! Crossing my fingers for one of the simpler jewelry pieces…

  31. Can’t wait! I adore pretty much everything I’ve recieved Oui Please and I really hope they haved worked out all the issues from 1.3 and send out boxes this time that all subscribers feel are a fair value. It was so sad to see so much of the MSA community lose faith in them last time around!

  32. My whole experience with 1.3 was horrible but I forgot to cancel in time so I’ll have to see how 1.4 turns out. The spoilers look great, I hope that I get good items.

  33. I really liked the spoilers and am looking forward to the next box. I have been enjoying the newsletter they have also been sending. I believe that the 1.3 box was a disappointment for them also and they are working hard to make 1.4 great. Fingers crossed!

  34. I cant wait. I know I was in the minority but I loved 1.3. Hoping they learned a few things though over all that and that it is back on track

  35. All I can say is when they pack my box (I wasn’t able to cancel in time as I was waiting to see if the make good from the last box was actually a true make good and it wasn’t but didn’t come until AFTER they already billed me), they better pick the highest end items that they have for me after the fiasco I dealt with for v1.3

  36. I’m hoping for a decent piece of jewelry this time – I would wear pretty much any of the pieces in that spoiler. I subbed after seeing spoilers for 1.3 that showed an enamel pendant but I got a terrible chain midi ring that I will never wear. I hope the spoilers are accurate…

    • I got that ring too! I hated it. At first I thought it was scraps or had broken off a larger piece. I’ve not been a huge fan of the jewelry I’ve received. The last box was a disappointment, IMO. I’m hoping this one will be better!

    • Those little chain rings work great as a toe ring with a nice pedi

      • Why did I not think of that? Just tried it and it looks really cute! Thank you!!

  37. Reaffirmed my decision to unsub last month, though unsubbing did nothing to prevent OP from trying to charge me regardless. Thankfully I anticipated it and had put a merchant block on their charges with my credit card. I imagine they lost a large percentage of subscribers last time around, and for good reason. It makes me sad as they were my absolute favorite sub.

  38. Did they say when they estimate they’ll be shipping this? Considering re-subbing but lord help me if I have to deal with the shipping fiasco that was vol 1.3 again…

    • From what I have seen, shipping will occur in July. They bumped out a month due to the 1.3 ship date being so late.

      • On FB they told me July 15th

  39. In general I love OP, but my gawd they have the most awful taste in jewelry. Still looking forward to the rest though!

  40. I like the spoilers, not sure if the first picture is a lotion ? I m just hoping I get a high value item this time and for a better customer experience.

  41. I pared down my subs in hopes of being more selective and treating myself to some luxe boxes and/or subs and I was seriously considering taking the plunge for the Oui sub UNTIL I saw these spoilers. I’m going to keep my $$ and wait for something more appealing (to me) comes along. Thanks for the notice. πŸ™‚

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