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MSA + Kloverbox Beach House Box Shipping Update #2

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Limited Edition Box from MSA + Kloverbox

Sorry for not getting an update up sooner – Kelly’s number one priority has been getting boxes packed and shipped.
To sum up without giving away specifics that could spoil the box, we’ve had several very frustrating set backs throughout the shipping process that have delayed timelines. (We’ll share the full details after if you’re interested). This means the boxes shipped out a little more staggered than we planned, and the remainder of packages will ship out today.
We also had an issue with some units being damaged in shipping, so a few customers will receive their box as soon as we receive the replacement items this week. (We’ve just emailed those affected with details and our way of making it up to you).
We’re so sorry about this delay. We planned to give ourselves a good buffer window on shipment, and this has been one of those “everything that can go wrong will go wrong” situations. Many lessons have been learned, and we hope that you enjoy the box when you receive it.
Let me know if you have any questions.Β And so sorry again.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz this box is AMAZING – I love everything. You ladies did a wonderful job! Thanks for curating such a thoughtful box! I actually own one of the items in a different color and get compliments on it all the time. It holds soo much & now I have it in a great summery blue! When I see all the negative comments on this website it makes me appreciate how brave you are to even put yourself out there and create such an amazing box. Thanks for your tenacity, your openness, & for caring so much about all of us addicted individuals πŸ™‚

    • I think what is bothering me the most is that we all were promised 2 day shipping, some of us received it and some did not (and I assume that we all paid for it as part of the $100 cost of the box). While I understand that once it leaves the company’s facility they have no control over the mailing process, in this instance from what I have read the boxes are still being packed and haven’t even left the facility. The equitable and right thing to do is either wait until all are packed and ready until mailing or else provide shipping credit for those whose boxes have not been sent.

      • I don’t remember there is an promise of 2 day shipping starting last Thursday. Is there any box out there that guarantees to be received by when, or guarantees all subscribers receive them on the same day? Using a guaranteed shipping method (such as priority express) is just economically practically for a normal subscription box.

        I appreciate the transparency on shipping, I personally don’t mind if I get it some days later than planned. I would be upset if I had to go for vacation and missed it, but I would blame bad luck, not on MSA + Klover box πŸ™‚

        Based on my experience on MSA, this box curation couldn’t be more expected, Liz wants all the stuff to be useful (and luxurious). It unfortunate she picked a tote that’s been clearanced out at > 80% off, but she must picked it months ago, and it is a good looking useful tote that can go beach or street. (Personally that tote is not my style, and I would have trouble swapping it because the high shipping cost and low item value, so I’m stuck on what to do with it πŸ™‚

    • Well said Charlie, it takes a special person to put themselves out there and do all this. Thank you for all you do Liz!

  2. I also think that if the shipping delays were from another company even with open communication people would be more upset

  3. I haven’t received an email about damage nor has my tracking changed from label created. I now no longer have the element of surprise but hope I feel differently after I see items in person then I do now. I was hoping for something more unique and fun and not a tote bag or more scrub. I guess I just had my expectations set too high based on the $100.00 price tag. Looking forward to Luxor box now based on the spoilers.

  4. I can’t speak for everyone regarding opinion on the box, personal expectations, etc. I’m just putting mine out there, because it seems like a lot of people (not all, or even most) feel the same way. Personally, I was not thrilled with this box. However, I don’t mean that to say anything negative about the curators or the work that they put into it. I think that it says more about me personally, and my tastes, than anything else. My main source of disappointment was not the actual contents, but the cost. I knew the price going into it. I was charged the agreed upon price and nothing more. I knew that it was a gamble and that I may not love it. So, that is all on me and the risk that I took. It’s just that this felt more like a lower priced box to me. It’s honestly not that I DISLIKED any of contents. I am just disappointed in myself for spending so much, sight unseen. There is nothing wrong with the items. However, when you look at it (and this is just my thought process… I don’t know if anyone else sees it this way), there were 6 items in a $100 box. That puts the price paid per item at about $16.50 each. Personally, if I went to the store (shopped online, whatever), I would not put even one of those items in my cart for that price, even though they are valued at more. But that’s just me. I think that because the contents felt more comparable to something that would come in a PSMH or FFFVIP box, it seems overpriced. However, I think that we take for granted that the resources and discounts that are available to the larger companies when they curate a box. They acquire the items differently and at a lower cost than smaller companies/curators. My long-winded point is that I do understand why some are disappointed (myself included), but hope that they take into consideration that the likely reason for the disappointment is in ourselves for spending so much money.

    • I very much agree with your comment. It’s the shipping issue that is the most frustrating for those of us waiting. I keep thinking back to the swap policy of 3-4 days which everyone seems to agree is more than ample but if issues arrive we let people know. So, if I take my time and create a label for a swapped item 4 days after the agreed upon swap but then wait another 5+ days to actually ship it who is in the wrong here? Especially if there is no communication until 5 days after the label was created. If I was having an issue with the item that created the delay I would offer to cancel the swap or add something extra. I think that’s what everyone expects.

    • I agree with your comment and would like to add that one of the big ticket items in the box, which has a RV of $110 can now be purchased from the company making it for only $12 with a promo code JULY80 or VACATION80. Most people know what this item is, but I’m not saying it jic. You would have to pay shipping but still…

      And then of course I’m bummed about the shipping. We were told they would ship Thursday and we would get an email the day before. Well I got my email Thursday night, no big deal. I didn’t even really care until today, Tuesday (after my mail came) and I don’t even have a status update on the box.

      Honestly I don’t even want the box anymore, I wish I could get a refund bc I don’t know how much it would cost to send to another buyer.

      • I looked into that item earlier using the vacation80 code and it’s now $22 +$9.95 shipping. If you do use that code you cannot also use the GC that came in the box. To me a GC is just that– a GC– and should not have any bearing with only being able to use one code or the other– it should be able to be applied toward your payment.

        • That’s interesting. I tried it this morning with the July80 code and it came up at $12. I didn’t try the vacation80 code but I received the email today from them with that code in it.

          • Oh! They changed the price in the last couple of hours. It used to be marked down to $60 and then the 80% was coming directly from the $60 price so it was only $12. Now they are only taking the discount off of the $110 RV. I should have bought more when I had the chance but I was trying to buy one for a gift and I was waiting for a response of which color they wanted.

      • Refuse delivery and dispute the charge with your credit card. I wish I had done that.

        • Based on what? This is totally unethical, buyer’s remorse does not justify fraud.

    • Very well said, Trish. You’re right on. I think we expect too much for our money the more and more we subscribe (the cheaper we become?) and we forget the amount of work that goes into these boxes. From having to negotiate with brands, to dealing with damaged/undelivered products, to the employees who package the items, etc. And like you said, it certainly isn’t easier if you’re not a huge company. We took a blind risk and since the value is there, no one to blame but ourselves if we’re unhappy.

    • Well put. Personally, I only plop down $100 if I can afford to part with it (it’s my rule in Vegas as well as the box world). I would not have paid back in April if a). I did not completely trust in Liz and parallel her tastes, and b). I could not be confident that I could swap out the unwanted items for something I’ll LOVE. Even though I’m one of the ones still waiting, I’m also aware that I’m awaiting a luxury elective in my life.

      • Preach!

      • Thank you for some much needed sense of rationality versus the vast bog of entitlement that I’m wading through in these comments.

    • Really interesting points, Trish, and well said. You made me think – would I have paid $16.50 for each of these items? Yes on the tote, no on the rest. But like you, I don’t hate the contents, I’m just completely apathetic about them. I would return the box if I could. Or heck, it hasn’t shipped, they could just keep it.

      Had this been a $50 box (which is what I think it is worth), I doubt anyone would be complaining even with the shipping nonsense.

    • really well put!! I have to admit, I was disappointed when I opened my box, but it has nothing to do with quality of products or anything like that.. I’m just in product overload, and for some weird reason and because I kept reading about how much Liz loved these kinda woven Turkish towel, I was hoping to see one in the box, maybe a cute indie insulated lunch box, boho wooden jewelry, I don’t know.. Was not really looking to receive more sunscreens, scrub and soap.. But again, they didn’t ask me to come up with curation of a box, so I will surely not throw stones.. Again, the quality is obviously there, was just hoping for more lifestyle, beachy vacation items.. Bag is no longer on sale for $60 on Thursday Friday site, it’s back to $110, so even with coupon, it would end up at like $22, but I used the coupon code to buy three really beautiful totes and carryall a, which I would have not known about if for these posts..grateful!

    • Yep. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t think I will be buying any more $100 mystery boxes (this had been my first such splurge).

    • After taking some time to think about it, I feel as though I need to add a revision to my original comment. I probably shouldn’t have used the word disappointment, because that isn’t entirely accurate. I think that it came across as more negative than I had intended, and definitely more negative than I currently feel about it. What I was trying to convey is that I was hoping that some of the people that are not pleased, would take a minute to actually consider why. Maybe it’s attributed to personal taste. Maybe this is why you feel as though it wasn’t a good value/or good fit for you. Maybe it is the amount of money that you spent on a gamble. However, my intention wasn’t to slam the box, or to imply that it wasn’t good enough. In all honesty, I feel like Liz and Kelly did a great job! Despite subscribing to many types of boxes over the years, this was my first on with a $100 price point. I think the fact that I initially wasn’t thrilled was because these are not items that I currently need. I don’t care who you are, how much money that you have to spare, I don’t think that anyone is ever thrilled with spending extra money on things that they don’t need. I was just trying to put perspective on it for others that felt the same way- that I understand, but it was our choice (and our good fortune to be able to) to buy the box. Would I have handpicked these items if someone handed me a $100 bill? No. Does that mean that they aren’t wonderful items, that most people wouldn’t love them and be happy to have them? Again no. I don’t mean to kick the hornet’s nest and cause more arguments on the matter, but I don’t think that anyone needs to be demanding a refund or disputing charges. Even if the box only contained one item and it wasn’t for you, you still received your end of the agreement that you entered into- a mystery box curated by MSA + Kloverbox at the cost of $100. That was more what I meant in my original post. It may not be the best fit for you, but this is what you & I agreed to. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions, but try to be reasonable about it. We have to take responsibility for the consequences of buying a mystery box. That was our choice. And responsibility is a pretty loose term here, because there are options to sell/trade/etc. so no one need be stuck with the cost if they are that unhappy. Someone mentioned “product overload”, and someone else mentioned “the more and more that we subscribe”. I think that these are both great points! I think that because we already have so many items, from so many types of boxes, that it has caused our view to become a bit jaded. I think that we should probably just be thankful and consider ourselves lucky that we are in a position to afford such luxuries ( I believe someone below also said something to this extent). All that being said, I apologize if I came across as rude, spoiled, or disrespectful of what Liz and Kelly made. I think that both ladies have incredible taste! I have followed this blog forever, and Quarterly MSA01 was my favorite box of all time! Ever! I would still look forward to any future boxes that Liz would curate! But I think that this may have been a lesson learned that I’m just not cut out for the $100 gambles.

  5. Thanks Liz for the update! I’m one of the ones that still show only a shipping label has been created, so it is very nice to get an update. I was concerned since I have seen others receive their box, but now I know to just be patient a little longer! I’m personally excited about this box and can’t wait to get it, after seeing the spoilers. I don’t think any box will satisfy everyone, so each person should have the right to express their feelings about their purchase, as long as we can all remain civil and respect each other. This is where we come to discuss sub boxes after all!

  6. I think the “value” of the box is fine and I am mostly annoyed at the shipping delays – again, being told it will be here Monday or Tuesday and then being told Tuesday that it hasn’t even shipped yet – that’s the issue. I stand by my opinion that I expected more. I would much rather re-up Popsugar for three months or get a six-month subscription to Little Lace Box for a little more, than order the next MSA Kloverbox. Hopefully these comments and others here will make the next box better.

    • Just an FYI PopSugar blatantly lied regarding shipping with their December box which made for some very unhappy customers at xmas and LLB has been down right rude and insulting to it’s customers and MSA readers in particular.

    • So you would rather they sent out damaged product than SLIGHTLY delay shipping??? The sense of entitlement in these comments is astounding.

      • No kidding. Why ruin it for the rest of us? Maybe these comments come from a different generation from my own, but I was taught to be kind and accommodating for one never knows when you will find yourself in a similar quandary. It’s easy to judge when you have never taken risk. From now on I am going spoiler free, I’m so sad that the readers are bringing down this blog with zero regard for the work that has gone into creating this business.

        • Down in attitude, not success :X

  7. I don’t mind the delay, things happen and I get it. It would’ve been nice to have an actual ship date from the beginning but oh well. Honestly, from the spoilers, I’m a little bit bummed. I was expecting more lifestyle/home/accessories items than beauty products at this price point; it seems that the general opinion on here is we get too many beauty products in sub boxes. However, the beauty products in this box do look awesome and high quality while the lifestyle items don’t – I may be wrong and I’ll wait to form a solid opinion once I actually have it. One last thing, people are entitled to their opinions positive or negative and it’s silly for others to critique someone’s honest review. I remember on another post someone was baffled that people would come here to complain or post a negative opinion. I found it amusing because where else would anyone do it? And why not? As long as people are civil and keep a level head it shouldn’t be taken so personally (obv not speaking about Liz here).

  8. Seriously ladies shipping issues are okay! You’ll get you box, just not as soon as you hoped. And repeats? Are you kidding? This is the best sunscreen, tote, and scrub I’ve gotten for any specific summer/beach box. Liz and Kelly outdid themselves and the box is amazing. Can you honestly say you got a pillow from anyone else this summer?

    • I completely agree. Not everyone is going to receive their box on the same day, but everyone will get their box. I don’t think there’s a sub out there where everyone gets their boxes on the same day. Be happy and thankful that Liz has done her best to keep everyone updated.
      I think some comments have been really harsh, but I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
      I didn’t get this box but I would love it if I did – I think everything looks great and practical. I haven’t seen a pillow in a sub box before. I would love to try that scrub bc I just love pineapple anything. I understand that $100 is a lot for a box, but you go into it knowing that everything might not be a hit. I would much rather have this box than the PSMH CFDA box. I don’t have an extra $100 right now, but if I did, I’d definitely buy one of the ones up for sale.

      • Except that for some of us we have no idea when we’ll get our box. My June 18 tracking hasn’t updated. Today, 5 days later I get an email saying they don’t have enough product for my box and it’ll ship when the replacements arrive – but their is no eta on when that will happen, and honestly, a $10 credit also with no details about when or how that will be processed leaves enough of a bad taste in my mouth that I wouldn’t order it again. Remember it was billed as shipping early June if not sooner and at this rate my box will ship in July.

        • I honestly think a $10 credit is not enough. I was reading the post this morning and I thought if I were one of the ones, what would kloverbox have to do to make me happy? I was think maybe a free month to Kloverbox.

    • I guess we all have our different opinions and and some are very happy with their box which is a very good thing! But in no way is it right to invalidate others’ opinions who didn’t quite have their expectations met. This blog, as I understand it, is about honest discussion and as long as we are respectful, there is nothing wrong with voicing our opinions about something that we paid a fair amount of money on

  9. If anyone is interested in buying this box, I’d sell mine for $115; email me at [email protected]. I opened it but the pillow is still vacuum sealed. I got the tote in “Antler” which is beige and bronze-y colored. I opened it to see the color of the tote I was getting. And the sugar scrub smells like pineapple which I hate pineapple.

  10. Has anyone figured out what it means when you have a label printed but the Kloverbox website says unfulfilled? I didn’t get an email that mine was one of the damaged boxes. I’m getting super curious but trying really hard to not look at spoilers!

  11. I have to agree with Susan after I peeked at spoilers. I expected a bit more from this box for $100. Last thing I need is a bag get them free at most retailers with purchases. Being it was “beach house” themed I was hoping for more lifestyle products not soaps and scrubs. Maybe a beach print, dish, or tea towels. Just missed mark with me.

  12. I live 30 minutes away and mine still has nothing more than a label created. Its very frustrating that other people have received it. I never received an email about any damages or issues.

  13. I have one if the damaged boxes, so it won’t ship until replacement products are received. I appreciate that Kloverbox offered a $10 adjustment due to the damaged item and extra delay.

    I can only imagine how difficult it is to curate a box that satisfies the majority, and then coordinate the vendor and supply chain.

  14. Going to say it again you naysayers and grumpy pusses, this box is great!

  15. I peeked at the spoilers and am kind of bummed that I paid $100 for it. Mine still has just the shipping label printed. There was a comment that mentioned that there should have been a candle, which I kind of half expected too. I anticipate I will use everything in the box, but it doesn’t feel like a $100 box, more like a $50 box. Oh well. Live and learn I guess.

  16. My order is showing unfilled on the Kloverbox site. Shipping label was created but that’s it. My card was charged back in April. Hmmmm.

  17. I assumed that an MSA sponsored box would be awesome because they would be aware of what subscribers wanted. Sadly, this box is full of things that frequent subscribers do not want more of. Plus, the delay in shipping has been super unprofessional. I think it’s not too much to expect that if you include an item that is the same of the size, you are going to have a problem. My confirmation number still says no movement. This is the last time I subscribe to Kloverbox or an MSA box.

    • How is the delay unprofessional? It would only be so if they did not take the time to update customers and explain the situation. As it is, they have posted updates, sent out emails…etc. etc. As for the delay itself, sometimes things happen. At least they are upfront about it.

      • It’s unprofessional because we were promised three different shipping dates, Thursday, Saturday, and then undetermined time in future. I think the professional thing would be to look at what needs to be done and offer an honest shipping timeline, ie “Next week we will be shipping your boxes!” instead of dates that continually slipped because they didn’t think thru the process beforehand. If a contractor told you something would be fixed on Friday and then told you a part wasn’t ready, then said he would be able to come back sometime next week, how upset would you be? Same situation here.

        • Hi Susan,

          I completely understand and apologize. In retrospect, we definitely should not have given specific shipping times, but at the time we 100% believed we would hit them, and then a brand new issue came up the following day, and then another one a day later. I take this feedback to heart, and I feel horrible about it.

          I’ll reach out via email as well.

        • I agree, though the thing that upsets me the most is that they sent out some of the boxes so much earlier than others. Obviously everyone is going to get their boxes on different days even if you shipped them all together, but to actually ship half, and stagger the rest? Obviously spoilers are going to come out and ruin the surprise.

          I know that promising specific shipping dates was a learning curve type of mistake, but it would have been better to hold all the boxes until they were all ready to go.

    • I can’t even get them to email me back, even after I’ve posted on their Facebook wall.
      I canceled my subscription for their regular box, and when I was charged I contacted Kelly immediately. She told me that they don’t refund you once you’ve been charged. The first three month period that I subscribed every month I had a broken item. Last month the razor that they sent was so awful that my ankle bled for the entire morning after the one time that I used it. Kelly used to be so great about customer service, and now they’re awful. I contacted my credit card company, and thankfully they’re taking care of it, but I’ve never had a worse customer service experience with a subscription box. Even the product experience has been awful. I’m so grateful that I knew better than to order this box.
      It seems like all they care about is taking your money. With that as their business model it’s sadly buyer beware. At least our credit card companies protect us from unscrupulous people.
      The worst part is I have one box left- they charge you a month in advance. They haven’t even sent the June boxes yet.

  18. People, i know the whole markdown thing is frustrating, but i am kind of looking at it as a fun thing. It made me go to their website, and find an item that would be a better fit for daily use. So instead of being sad the item is on markdown for 22$ plus 9.99$ shipping and taxes for those that apply, find something else. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to be optimistic. Because it can’t possibly be blamed on MSA and Kloverbox completely. Sounds like the company kind of took advantage of the situation. That’s too bad.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see all the good reviews, and understand those frustrated. I still feel i got my monies worth. I’m sorry to those frustrated, but especially for those who are having shipping problems. For me, it was just something different and refreshing. Led me to a couple of websites i had never heard of and try things that are a little different, but i turned out loving.

    • It’d be easier to be optimistic had this not costed $100

      • That’s true, i can understand that. Insensitive of me. I did however end up loving my box, so i know i am being bias. Excuse me for the insensitivity. $100 is a lot of money, and we had no idea what we were getting. Minus that awful markdown, i do believe that this was a wonderful box. That’s all.

        • No worries. I’m glad you love your box!

    • the tote bag is only $12 plus shipping. With promo JULY80 or vacation80

  19. so sad – no movement –just the original packing slip on 6-18..nothing since. To add insult to injury…got the BEACH HOUSE box with a swap today…so someone got the box and was able to ship something in it to me…and my box is no where to be found…

  20. will sell mine for $110, that would be included shipping..

  21. I got my box yesterday. Not happy at all. I love Liz and Kloverbox but this box was an epic fail for me.

  22. I hope everything is resolved soon!

    My family used everything in the box except for the one item with the price markdown. I was going to use it today for work, but the rain changed my plans. Thank you for a wonderful box, Liz and Kelly. I hope that the bumps in the road and the price change doesn’t prevent a fall collaboration.

  23. I am still selling mine for $112 total. I have not opened it. Please let me know at [email protected] if you are interested.

  24. Are they offering returns? I am honestly pretty bummed about this box

    • I hope so. I’m super disappointed in this box too.

    • I saw a spoiler and I am disappointed. I expected more based on the cost. I guess my concept of the ‘beach house’ theme is way different. And the last thing I need is another tote bag. πŸ™

      • Even worse is that bag is less than 20.00 on the company’s website. I think alot of people expected better for 100.00!

      • I agree I was expecting more beachy things and I got the ‘beige’ tote bag which the one on ramblings of a suburban mom is gorgeous. I was excited about the sugar scrub till I found out it smells like pineapple. That being said I think this box is completely Liz’s style, just wish it were a $50 box instead of the $100 I spent.

  25. Did my comment disappear? That’s so weird I can’t find it now.

    • Ope! Nope! Of course as soon as I finish typing – there it is! LOL.

  26. I received mine yesterday. I absolutely love everything in it and everything in it is already being used or about to be used. Great box, Thanks! I would never hesitate to order a box that Liz had something to do with πŸ™‚ I also plan to resub to Kloverbox this fall. I just have product overload at the moment ;\-

  27. Hoping mine arrives soon. I didn’t get an email about damaged items and my tracking number still shows no movement since it was entered on the 18th of June.

  28. I peeked at spoilers and I’m super psyched. my box has a “processing exception” whatever that means. It’ll show when it shows. I know how frustrating this stuff must be, but it’s out of your control!

  29. Per USPS, only a label was created for my box on June 18th and nothing since. I have not gotten anything additional regarding my box and had hopped to have in time for my vacation and mom’s birthday next week.

    Bummer right now πŸ™

    • Same thing on mine. Got an email from Kloverbox last week saying my box shipped, but the usps tracking shows it hasn’t shipped and only a label created on the 18th and nothing else. I’ve heard nothing else from Kloverbox. This feels kind of unprofessional on Kloverbox’s part to me.

  30. I haven’t received a delayed/damage email and my package still hasn’t shipped. Order shows unfulfilled on Kloverbox site. What does that mean? Thanks for any insight.

    • Did you get charged? Did you buy it and get confirmation before it sold out? Hopefully it’s just a glitch.

      • I purchased within 5 minutes of it goining on sale, received email confirmation and the charge shows on my cc statement. That’s why I’m concerned πŸ™

        • I’m sure Liz can look into it for you. Hopefully it’s just a system glitch. Birchbox still shows my June box as processing and I received it 2 weeks ago so it does happen.

        • I’m in the exact same boat! And I also ordered within 5 minutes of the box going on sale. Still in shipping label created status on USPS and unfufilled status on Kloverbox! I guess first come first served really didn’t apply to this purchae!

  31. I just got my box and I’m very disappointed. I expected a much better box for 100.00. Especially since one of the highest value items is currently on clearance for less than 20.00. I understand that this box went on sale in April and nobody can predict future sales but wow what a letdown. Not happy with any of the items. For this price point returns should be allowed. Oh well. I am happy that some people are loving this box though.

  32. I’m bummed. Mine hasn’t moved, and I’ve seen the spoilers. I was trying to avoid them, but they are everywhere now. Now that the surprise is ruined, I’m not very excited, and honestly, I’d return it if that was an option.

    • I agree. Not a great or exciting box after all that wait and money spent.

    • I’m sure you won’t have any trouble selling your box if you’re disappointed.

  33. I received my box yesterday & love it! I lost my tracking number email so had no clue when it would arrive, so I’m so happy it came quickly.
    Thank you Liz & Kelly!

  34. If anyone wants to buy my box for purchase price plus actual shipping email me at [email protected]

  35. If anyone would like to purchase my box for 110 shipped please let me know. mine is delayed.

  36. anyone know where to find the spoilers? I got a delayed email and would like to know what is in it at least.

    • Ramblings of a suburban mom or makeup talk has full spoilers

    • Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has a full review on her blog. Some people are pretty upset with their box judging from the comments there but I love it. I think it was a great box.

  37. I got mine yesterday. Love it!

  38. I received my box yesterday (in AZ) and it is fantastic! Worth the wait for sure. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed.

    • I’m laughing at my own naivete. Of course people are disappointed. The timing of the one item’s markdown w/the box delivery is unfortunate, but doesn’t change my perception or enjoyment of the box. If you like the item, you like it. If not, you don’t. The item’s current price shouldn’t change that.

  39. I’m assuming they printed all the shipping labels at once, and are still packing up the boxes.

  40. It is worth the wait!! Received mine today and I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for a great curation πŸ™‚

  41. Spoilers/reviews are already out. Some bloggers already received their boxes days ago.

  42. Same with mine. Shipping label was created on the 18th with priority 1 day shipping and no progress since then. I thought I would have been among the first to get it since its only 60 miles away from me πŸ™

    The wait continues…

  43. Hi Ladies,
    Can anyone help me,

    The tracking email who was it from and what was the subject line? I received one too but now I can’t find it in my email, and searching” kloverbox” isn’t locating it in my email. πŸ™ I want to see if there’s any new activity on my tracking.
    Thanks for your help

    • “Your Beach House Box Shipping Label was created!” was the subject, with the email address “[email protected]” πŸ™‚

  44. It looks like a lot of us are in the same boat with the ‘got my tracking number on the 18th but the box hasn’t gone anywhere’. It’s frustrating but mostly because I’m SUPER excited to receive this box. I’m trying to stay away from the spoilers. Fingers crossed that it will arrive soon. Thanks for the update Liz! πŸ™‚

    • I totally agree with you Chris! I need to practice patience. I’m hoping mine will move beyond “label created” sometime today. In the mean time, I can obsess over my LLB, which should be here tomorrow. That will hold me over until Liz’s box arrives! I know her curation is perfection, so I can’t wait to receive everything in the box!

      Thanks for the update Liz. It came at the perfect time!

  45. Liz don’t worry! I feel so lucky that as an Alaskan subscriber I got it so soon! And I loved Every. Single. Last. Thing! In fact I’m already using the items and it hasn’t been 24 hours! Love it! You guys did great! And for everyone else, it’s so worth it!Ouk

  46. Liz don’t worry! I feel so lucky that as an Alaskan subscriber I got it so soon! And I loved Every. Single. Last. Thing! In fact I’m already using the items and it hasn’t been 24 hours! Love it! You guys did great! And for everyone else, it’s so worth it!

  47. Ditto. I’m in the same boat.

  48. Liz,

    If I got a “shipped” email on the 18th for 2-day priority and it hasn’t shown any movement at all (it says it’s in preshipment), should I be worried? I’m wondering if it was lost or it was simply a case of the labels were printed but the packages haven’t been picked up yet.

    • I think it is likely that your package is in the last round of boxes to go out today. If by tomorrow the status hasn’t changed, let me know. Sorry about this!

    • Nevermind! Right after I commented, I got the email about the damaged item. No worries! I just recently had a bad usps experience so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem on their end! Thanks for all your hard work

  49. So i will consider myself one of the lucky ones that got hers, complete and undamaged. I won’t give away anything other than i am SO happy i took the plunge and bought it. You two rocked it, and hope to see more special editions like this one. I am sorry to those who have had set backs, i was SHOCKED to open my mailbox and see it in there, no idea it was on it’s way. But Liz and Kelly, my complete thanks for such a fun and well put together box. I feel very lucky, and to those waiting, IT’S WORTH IT!!

    Thank you Liz and Kelly. Can’t (and won’t) stop saying it enough, but won’t spoil it for the rest of everyone.

    • I agree with everything Lisa said. πŸ™‚

  50. I received a tracking number email on 6/18, I thought it was two priority shipping but have not gotten any updates on usps site. Is this why and was my box affected? Any idea how I can see?

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