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FabFitFun Summer Box Spoiler Update + Customization Info

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FabFitFun Summer 2015 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!


We have some updates on item variation for the Summer 2015 FabFitFun Box. From FabFitFun:

Our FabFitFun Select members can choose their symbol (heart, moon or horseshoe) and material (rose gold or gold). They can also select their shade of Tarte lip gloss and the color of their speaker (pink or teal).

Here is a closer look at the Wren necklace options:

wren-1 wren-2


If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off the summer box (on sale now – regularly $49.99).

And here are the complete spoilers in case you missed them:

FabFitFun Summer 2015

24 karat gold necklace by Wren (ARV: $100)

Everday speaker (ARV: $35)

lip gloss by Tarte (ARV: $19); one (1)

I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray by Gorge (ARV: $24)

Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer with Aloe by Vaseline (ARV: $6.49)

FabFitFun and CosmoBody jump rope (ARV: $14)

Inkling Roll On Perfume (ARV: $25)

Scratch Nail Wraps (ARV: $12)

gift card to Headspace (ARV: $36)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m really in my feelings about subscription companies gifting boxes ahead of subscribers. Yea, I know it’s done. However, there should be some type of etiquette that it doesn’t occur during stated shipping dates. Here I am watching videos of youtubers telling how awesome their gifted FFF box is. Side eye! Well, I guess I’ll wait…

  2. Has anyone received their tracking for this box yet?

    • I was thinking the same thing! I haven’t gotten one and it’s the 27th…. June ends soon; where’s my box?

      • I know and I’ve checked other sites and even on the fff,it seems like maybe a handful of people have gotten tracking. And all fff keeps telling everyone on their Facebook is they are working on it and that tracking will be emailed soon.

        • Ugh… well hopefully this week we’ll start getting some information.

    • I received an email with tracking on June 26, but the tracking number isn’t valid.

      • Hi Kathy, the tracking should update soon, since it was shipped on a Friday there isn’t much movement over the weekend. If your tracking does not show any updated by Wednesday please email us at [email protected] so we can look into this for you. Thanks!

  3. I had asked fff about the tarte lip colors and they said regular subscribers will get one of 17 colors, and we will probably not receive one of the 3 colors the select members got to pick from because they will be sold out. I am hoping for a lighter color and reg gold necklace.

  4. Hi all, just subscribed for the first time and really excited to get the summer box. I would love to pay for the year upfront(for custom options) but figured I should receive a box first before I paid that much. So my question is how to switch with someone else. For ex. If I got the horseshoe and someone else got the heart..can we trade? How does this work? Thanks in advance!!

    • Well, you can try to do it on the swap site, but there’s a waitlist if you are not already on there. Or once the box comes out you can post on that review thread and sometimes people are willing to exchange information there to swap or buy the items you don’t want.

  5. So I went ahead a resubscribed, but I was on the mobile site and it made me reactivated my account first, which charged me for one box. Then when I clicked on the Select members area. I chose to upgrade to the annual (bc I simply must have the rose gold crescent moon pendant) then it charged me $179.99. In all fairness it did say it was going to do this, but I hoped it would charge me that price minus what I had just been charged for the next box, that is how an “upgrade” would be right? Anyways this happened Thursday and I didn’t receive a reply to my emails to customer service yet. Both charges are still pending, I have faith that the $39.99 charge will be cancelled before it goes through.

    I’m happy that I got to choose my necklace right away! I went with the Flush lipgloss and the pink speaker. Also, you are able to change your answers if you want. The customization option makes it worth it for me to do the annual sub. I don’t have to worry about which variations I will receive or spend time and money swaps to get the one I want, if someone even wants to swap with me.

    I feel like the unpopular choices this month with be the heart necklace and the dark lip color, so of course anyone who isn’t an annual subscriber will probably get stuck with those ones.

    • Wow ok, well I’m annual and chose the heart pink gold and the darker gloss.

    • Lol I wanted the heart and the dark lipgloss haha and the blue speaker I figured the opposite would be what I’d get stuck with lol

  6. I joined to receive the “Summer” box and received confirmation my “Summer” box would be shipping the week of 6/22. I just received my box today – moments ago. I opened my box to find out I receive a “Spring” box and not the “Summer” box I purchased. I am hoping FabFitFun will correct this. What a bummer….

    • The same thing happened to me; I sent an email yesterday but no response at this time. I did not want the spring box and the email I responded to reactivate my account was specific for the summer box. Check your statement- I’ve already been billed full price for another box.

    • Same thing happened to me. I was not happy at all. I had already received the Spring box as a gift and didn’t even like it. The only reason I signed up was for the Summer box because I like the spoilers. They did allow me to return Spring box after I explained all this to them. My invoice clearly stated Summer box…so I was going to dispute charges with my cc company if necessary. However, they resolved it and were nice about it.

      • I am starting get upset. I have emailed twice with no response. I’m really close to disputing with my credit card.

        • They promised me a refund a full week ago and it has still not posted to my account. I’m losing patience.

          They over-drafted my account with the additional charge, put the onus on me to send back the spring box I never ordered in the first place and now I’ve been out the money for over a week.

          I contacted CS this morning about when I can expect the refund, if I don’t hear back in 24 hours I’ll dispute the charge.

          What really irks me, for all this inconvenience borne strictly of their “glitch” … they haven’t offered to “make it up to me” in any way at all and instead used it as a SALES opportunity to try and sell me on keeping the spring box they “accidentally” sent. Grrrr.

          I’m torn about this sub; great value but SO much incompetence.

          • I tracked their phone # to get my issue resolved quickly. Try calling 855-313-6267.

  7. Let me just say I feel kinda weird asking this but….

    This month’s box looks amazing! I checked out HEADSPACE and it seems like an amazing offer!

    After watching the introduction video I noticed If anyone decides to buy a subscription to headspace, they’ll donate a subscription to someone in need….

    my question is….

    Does anyone know how or if you have to sign up to get to be lucky enough to get picked for a donated subacute?

    Or would anyone be willing to donate after they use their gift card to start their own subscription?

    This seems like such an amazing thing, but sadly I’ve had to completely cut back on all subscription boxes due to health and stress. In less then a year I’ve lost 100 lbs, at least 50% of my hair and having sever stomach pains, ovarian cysts and too many other things to list, with no diagnosis…. I’m extremely in need of some type of stress management and meditation after losing/having to quit my job… which is the main reason of having no subscription boxes haha … But I still follow this blog, I’m torturing myself lol I don’t know why I do it but I just gotta know what’s out there!

    I would NEVER ask something like this on here, but you ladies are always so sweet to each other… And you always hear “if you need help, ask” don’t wait til it’s too late” …..

    I could not tell you how grateful my sanity, TMJ, migraines, my two little boys and probably everyone else who has to deal with me would be as well! Lol jk

    But I would completely understand if this post is something that is not appropriate or allowed, so if I offend anyone or especially Liz, I’m very sorry!

    Thank you!

    • Been where you are. I do headspace and love it it does seem to help. Send me your email address and my next free one I will give to you. My email is vanstoryjerilynn when I send it ( don’t know exactly when I will earn it) it will be a code that you can activate it will be for eitherc1 month or 3 months. I have already given 2 to friends so I am happy to give my next one to you.

    • Hey – I know I won’t use this so email me ([email protected]) and I will totally give you my gift card when my box arrives! I’d love to share this with someone who could really use it, and it sounds like you’ve been through a lot – I hope this helps you a little! <3

    • Hi Crystal…

      What’s your email??

  8. REALLY wish the horseshoe necklace was turned right side up. There’s a saying in Kentucky that if your horseshoe is upside down, all your luck will run out. I’m not superstitious, but bummer! It doesn’t look right to me. I’m 27, am I too old for the heart one? Hmmm…

    • I was thinking the same thing about the horseshoe being upside down, but I still love the design of it.

      I’m really thrilled with the customization options. I originally signed up to pay as I go, but the options convinced me to sign up for the year in advance. Like others, I wish there were silver jewelry options, but I still think the ability to choose will really add value to the box.

      • I upgraded too – I do like this box and I wanted the rose gold crescent moon so bad!

      • The horseshoe reminds me of those U-shaped magnets. And the crescent moon, reminds me of a sickle…. I know, I’m a weirdo. Heart it is!

  9. Never thought I would want to be an annual FFF subscriber but I must have a rose gold necklace. Leaning towards the crescent moon, anything but the horseshoe for me. Can we use the $10 off coupon with an annual membership?

  10. So hope I get the horseshoe necklace!!!!! I might have to sign up for annual so I can pick these things. Who knew?!?!

  11. I really hope I get the tarts shade flush, because the other 2 are too dark and u would never wear them. Ideally I would want the horseshoe necklace in gold but they are all super cute

  12. I was really glad for the choice of lip gloss colors. I am so bummed when I get a great lip product in a box and it turns out to not work on me. I went with the moon necklace in gold. I also wish there had been a silver option.

  13. I found A LOT of added value this month being an annual subscriber and getting to customize 3 items, that’s pretty amazing. I went with the rose gold horseshoe necklace, flush Tarte gloss, and teal speaker! I’m a little disappointed that almost half of the box’s value is for the necklace (although it’s not like earrings which is terrible for people without pierced ears), so I hope it’s good quality and not terribly inflated.

    • Yeah, considering all necklaces on the Wren website are under $50, and all have 14k gold chains, I’d say the $100 value Fabfitfun put on this necklace is severly inflated. That’s disappointing…

      • What is the wren website? I can’t even find then online

        • I can’t find it either, but on the fabfitfun website, there’s an article about them and it mentions that it’s an LA-based company… so maybe they’re a smaller company without a website?

      • I can only find a Wrenn jewelry. Could they have misspelled it???

      • You may be looking at the wrong website. The wren website has this same necklace for $98. And they have plenty of 24k gold chains.

        • Leslie, what website are you looking at? And I believe the necklace is 14 carat, not 24, according to the choice email. Seems Cosmo misspelled a lot of things!

  14. Thank you for posting this – I was still deciding on whether I was going to resub – yet now I’m going to. I’m hoping for the rose gold necklace, as far as the tarte gloss, color does not matter because I can always mellow it out with lip balm or darken it with another one of my ( many ) lip sticks.

  15. Does anyone know yet which tarte colors will be in the box?

    • Flush, True Love and Envy if I recall.

      • Awesome, thank you! I’d be happy with any of those.

    • The 3 colors I had to pick from where, flush, envy and true love.

  16. When are we supposed to get the customization email?

    • Mine popped into my inbox at 5 am PST today 6/11

  17. I recently switched my subscription to annual so I could select my preferences and save a little money along the way. I’m very glad I did. While I wish there was a silver option on the jewelry, I was at least able to select something that I might be able to wear. The value of the box has increased considerably for me.

    • Is a annual subscription the only way to customize?

      • I got my email this morning. Customization is one of the perks of annual membership.

      • What makes a subscriber entitled to the option to customize? I really want to choose my options this month

        • Only annual subscribers are eligible. So if you paid for a year up front you get to customize. If not then you don’t.

      • Yep. You have to pay for a year upfront to get this option.

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