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Reader Review – Oui Please Vol 1.3 Box Pictures!

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Thank you so much Kathleen for sharing these Oui Please Vol 1.3 pictures and box details with us!





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What Kathleen received in her Oui Please Vol. 1.3: A Breath of Provence box:

eloïse fiorentino – gold-plated hoop earrings – $100
tassia canellis – gold-plated sliding knot ring – $60
ozone – striped no-show socks (cream with blue stripe) – $15
Huile de Beaute – Beauty Oil – $35
Elixir D’Eclat – Radiance Elixir – $50
La Fare 1789 – Volumizing & Shining Shampoo – $25
La Fare 1789 – Succulent Foot Cream – $15
Panier Des Sens – Hand Cream (Lemon) – $15
Rose et Marius – Soap (Melon & Basil) – $15
Plantes et Parfums – Lavender Flower Sachet – $15
Epicerie de Provence – Honey from Provence Candy – $15
Sothys – Vernis Sothys Nail lacquer (300 beige doux) – price unknown

Total Value (without nail lacquer): $360


What do you think of the spoilers so far? (FYI – this box has variation, so your box may be different than this one.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If anyone would like to sell their box, I would really like to buy one. Please email me at [email protected] 🙂 merci!!

  2. I know the retail value is a hot topic, but its not so much having a lower value but the same number of items. Often, Oui Please sends similar boxes, but one will contain a really high value item on top of what someone else gets. I was happy with my Mother’s Day box because I liked all the items, even though there wasn’t a big ticket item and the value was lower than advertised. Then I read that a few people got a nearly identical box, but also got a 1951 clutch.. how can I not feel slighted at that when we paid the same amount? That’s what is upsetting people, I do think that if they advertise a box at $400, then it should meet or exceed that for everyone, not a few people coming in under, and a few others going well over. I like that there is a selection of items, and I realize I might not get the coveted item I really wanted, but if you don’t get something of similar value you can’t even take advantage of the swap board.

    • Good point.

    • Hollah! (Re: the clutch / MD box)

    • Exactly. What you said Bish. This is why I cancelled. I can’t deal with the box envy gamble. I lost every time!
      I’m going to Europe/France this summer, I’m taking a list of my coveted items with me, and I will buy want I want from the actual vendors, in addition to whatever other wonderful discoveries I will find on my own! Wish I could take orders for you ladies – the others who like myself have felt burned every time by not receiving a “special” box!

  3. I plan to sell my box unopened for $95 plus actual cost of shipping to your zip code. I am on the east coast. Please let me know if you would like to purchase. It should be arrive on Tuesday, May 19th.

    • Jessica, have you sold your box yet? If not, I’ll definitely take it. Thanks.

      • Hey Brenda- it hasn’t sold yet. What is your email?

    • Jessica, I don’t know how to get in touch with you.

    • Jessica, I can’t believe I’m this lucky. Thank you so much. [email protected]

  4. From the first box my BIG problem with OuiPlease has been the discrepancy in value between parcels, and I’m not talking minor differences– sometimes it has been a price variation of $100-$150 for what should be the SAME mailing. I think that we are all adult enough on here to know that we can cancel without someone prodding us to do so. This is a forum where we can vent– be it whine, complain or praise. I have no problem stating when I feel that a box is not a great value– after all, I am the consumer who is PAYING for the product. I wouldn’t be so quick to do so if I received it for free. That being said, I am one (of many on here) that paid nearly $500 upfront for an “unknown/ unproven” yearly sub, (and right before the holidays) pretty much based on their description of product and valuation. Some people on here seem to be of the logic that ‘be happy that they threw you a bone’ — well, I paid for that ‘bone’ and it isn’t the ‘bone’ that was promised. What is to stop OuiPlease (or any other sub, for that matter) to offer a promised value of $1000/ mailing–heck, why not say $5000/ mailing?? Would those same people say “just be happy” or “cancel” when the promised value isn’t presented?? I think that OP’s big problem for this month was putting so many different excuses out there as to why these parcels were delayed. I can understand about items being held up in customs… but they put out other contradictory statements. After all this the main reason that I would probably not renew this subscription would be too much variation in items/ price…and I WANTED to Love this sub…

    • Agreed on the comment about others stating something to the effect of the company ‘throwing us a bone, and we should be happy about it’. I think the value very much matters. That’s the selling point. The companies are not doing us a favor sending us a box of things, we are the consumer, who is paying for it, and doing them a favor by purchasing their product and therefor investing in their business.

  5. After following the reviews of this box for a few months I can say this isn’t a sub I’m excited about. I love French culture and style, but this seems to primarily be a beauty box, and because I have sensitive skin and have to be picky about ingredients in beauty products I’d rather put my money toward lotions, soaps, etc. that I know I love and can use. I also don’t wear gold jewelry and this box relies pretty heavily on the gold accessories. I’m risk-averse when it comes to subs and won’t spend $100 or more without a serious spoiler, so fortunately I haven’t experienced extreme disappointment with any boxes I’ve subbed to in the past. I understand that the fun of boxes is the element of surprise and discovering new products, but if I got a box filled with stuff I either didn’t want or couldn’t use AND it was under the promised value, well, I’d be unhappy. Not being able to use the items is always a risk. Not getting what was promised should not be part of that risk.

    The agreement between the customer and Oui Please is the subscribers fork over the sub fee and Oui Please promises to deliver at least $400 worth of products. If the value is under $400 then they didn’t hold up their end of the agreement. Plain and simple. It sounds like they need to stop promising a minimum value and focus on curating the box they want to send, regardless of value, and then at least customers would know what they are signing up for.

  6. I think promised box value is a horrible idea for subscription boxes to do but I guess they do it because that’s what most people focus on. Personally, if the box is equal to or more than what I paid I’m happy, so long as the products are quality, unique and fun.

    • I completely agree. The retail value of the box means nothing to me. My enjoyment of the items determines the value.

      • Ditto.

  7. I wouldn’t even look at the shipping/import fees. I would imagine, and hope, Oui Please procures items months ahead of time for their boxes and secures pricing at that time. The euro has fallen to the U.S. Dollar over the last several months and is still forecasted to fall. So what I paid in 2013 $1.35 for 1€ and $1.26 for 1€ in December 2014 would now show $1.14 for 1€ was as low as $1.04 for 1€ in March. So the conversion can play a factor too if they paid higher prices.

    • The total retail values are coming from the booklet Oui Please is sending out in their boxes.

      • Eliza-if you feel the value isn’t there, why don’t you try canceling? Seems like I better idea to cancel instead of getting upset that you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

        • How do you know she won’t cancel? Your logic would have me asking you if you don’t like Eliza’s comments why not ignore them?

          I’m not even hating on the values of this box and am looking forward to mine. But don’t come on some public forum and act like people aren’t entitled to their opinion all the while freely giving YOURS about what someone else should do.

          • Elle-no one asked for your opinion about what I have said. Besides, I am not the only one who has said enough with the negative comments and this is so suppose to be fun. So don’t point fingers at me.

          • Exactly Elle! It cracks me up how quickly these “positive comments only” people are throwing around criticism towards those who don’t share their “positive” and “fun” feelings.

            I come here for honest feelings…positive and negative. It’s “fun” for me to read everyone’s viewpoint and make my own buying decisions. Don’t blame others for the fact that differing opinions can ruin your day. Personally, if I like something, I like it. It doesn’t matter how many others personally disagree.

        • They won’t acknowledge my request for a refund of my sub so what then if you can’t cancel?

          • Dispute with your credit card

          • Past 60 days. I’m SOL

          • You typically have 6 months to request a payment reversal from your credit card…… If you are interested.

        • It’s not a matter of cancel or not — some people might have annual sub.

          It’s completely understandable that folks having low box values (I heard some with even $200+?) are a bit upset. The price is based on booklet, I assume it covers tax etc..

          If the box states it will be $400, then it is natural for subscribers to have that expectation. Instead of blaming subscribers for being upset over a lower box, I think OP is responsible for claiming the box having $400 value. As someone already stated, they shouldn’t state such a value if it cannot be fulfilled.

          Personally, I would not be too upset, even the lower value seems quite good value. I’m still excited for my 1st OP box next week. Not to mention it’s super fun to get some French in my life 🙂 (just hope I don’t get that big hoop earring 🙂 However, in principal it is wrong for OP to make the $400 claim.

        • I don’t need to cancel. I ordered this as a one-off box. I have been following Oui Please from the start. This was my only splurge for spring / summer sub boxes. I have one pre-paid Glossybox sub and that’s it.

        • Hi Sandra, Standing behind your view points! Just wanted you to know someone was in your corner :-), albeit one of the “POSITIVE & FUN” people. Truly looking forward to this box!

          • Thank you! 🙂

          • You can look forward for this box as much as you want. Just know it doesn’t matter how much you love the box, that it is wrong for OP to claim the box has $400+ value.

  8. On the Oui Pease web site it clearly states that each box will contain over $400 of products. Under that statement is the membership cost $175 for a one-off, $150 for a month to month & $650 for a pre-paid yearly. That’s how the memberships are being marketed and that’s how they should be fulfilled. Bottom line is these companies are in BUSINESS to make $$$$$. They are not going to send you a box until you have paid in full, when you pay in full you have fulfilled your end of the business deal. When they do not deliver you what they have marketed to you they have NOT fulfilled their end of the business deal. These companies are not your friends, or families, they are businesses out to make money.

  9. I think some people trying to do price match also need to remember that most of those items are not available in the US and you need to add shipping, taxes and so on to it. I am french but living in the US and those items are good quality but yes, of course, it would be much cheaper to get them there. Same goes for Americans in France, would you pay 8 euros for ranch dressing (hidden valley, not a fancy one) or 3 euros for kraft mac&cheese, because that is the price there for it in specialty markets. Plus the whole idea is that you cannot get them here, and for me, I like to get a little bit of home 🙂

    • Thank you Cecilia for your perspective. It is always helpful, another point if view. As for more of a little bit of home…..have you tried French Box yet?

      • Thanks!
        I looked into French Box but it was too beauty product oriented . I prefer food/home accessories boxes in general. I subscribe to try the world, hampton lanes, raw spice bar and a few more along those lines 🙂 I have been trying to get boxes from France to ship to the US but couldn’t find any. Most of the food ones have products that would be illegal here 🙁

    • Thank you for the very good reminder. As an American that lived in both the UK and FR, I especially relate to the Ranch Dressing example 🙂 That is truly not a universal dressing.

    • This is very helpful – thank you

    • Sorry to derail here a little but found something funny! I guess there is a box in France that specializes is food from around the world.
      Here is what was inside the US box in 2013:
      French’s Yellow Mustard, Louisiana mix spices, Mac&Cheese box, Pumpkin can, Marshmallow Fluff, sugar for cake decoration, 1 Reese’s bar, Lip Smacker Coca Cola.
      Recipes included cajun chicken and mac&cheese.
      All for 25 euros
      I don’t think those are a good idea of american food…

    • Excellent points. We can’t sit here, be cheap and over analyze the value. I would rather not go through life checking over my shoulder all the time to see if a company or someone is screwing me over. If you do this, then you are taking the fun out of this for yourself. This is a subscription box. Sure it was late and sure you will not be happy with everything you get. But, isn’t the point? You are subscribing because you are choosing the surprise factor box instead of purchasing outright. For reference, I bought a Maison 1951 clutch last night. It is gorg, Leopard print. Leather and you can use it as a cross body. Love it and it is in low stock anywhere I could get my hands on it considering the fact that I am from the U.S. I paid $123 with free shipping. This includes duty taxes. It was difficult to find this clutch since it is very popular and difficult to purchase in the U.S. I think these sell for a little less on the French site though. There seems like a lot of complaints and whining about something that is suppose to be fun.

      • I just want to get the same value as everyone else. The one in this post was at least about $380ish.

        Mine is only $315.

        How is that fair?

        Yes, I know life isn’t fair but it’s my right to do something about it. Hopefully they offer to send those with the lesser value boxes something extra. I would be happy with one additional jewelry item as a lot of people received 2 in their box and I only received 1.

        • My value was less than $300. I don’t love everything in the box, but I’m not upset about that. That’s the risk you take with a subscription box. I also don’t like getting 9 beauty items and only 3 others in a non-beauty box. The real issue I am upset with is advertising at least a $400 value and sending less than $300 is downright false advertising. Some might say bait and switch. I signed up for a $400 value box and that’s my expectation.

        • I didn’t receive any jewelry except for the tiny ring. No earrings or necklace. I also didn’t receive socks. My total value was $215. Very upset as I signed up for an annual subscription without the coupon.

          • Oh Laura, I feel really bad for you. My box is worth $270 but $215 is just really awful.

            Looking through the catalogue of the items they had to offer, it seems like it would’ve been difficult to obtain the promised $400 value since so many items were valued at $15-$25. In that case, OuiPlease should have sent a note to all subscribers advising of the “special charm and low cost” of Provence or something. I really think a preemptive email could solve a lot of OuiPlease’s problems.

            Also, my sachet arrived broken with lovely lavender all over the box. And you can’t put on the tiny tassia canellis earrings without warping them.

      • Sandra, can I ask where you bought the clutch from? I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one but they’re hard to find online or more expensive than what you paid. I’d love to swap for one but it’s such a high-end item it’s tough to make a fair trade. I love the leopard version but also like many of the other colors.

        • *Reasonable

          I hate typos. 🙂

  10. So out of curiosity are there any fragile items in the box that required special packaging?

    I would really have liked to see at least one home item. I am excited to get my box though.

    • The candy is in a glass jar, but it was not wrapped in bubble or anything. Just loose inside the box.

    • No. There is a candy jar made of thick, non-fragile glass and beauty products in glass jars. But nothing was packaged specially. Everything was just sitting in the box on a bed of shredded paper.

  11. Wow! Everything looks great, I can’t wait to get my box.

  12. I know it’s a risk I take with subscription boxes, but every OuiPlease box has featured earrings “worth” $50-100 of the value of the box….for a girl without pierced ears this is a HUGE disappointment. *sigh*

    • I didn’t even think of that! My ears aren’t pierced either. 🙁

  13. My tracker is now updating and the box (the first of my annual) is due to arrive on Tuesday. I would be delighted to get something like the above configuration. I received three of the items in my Mother’s Day box (the hand cream, the sachet, and the soap) and I liked the quality. The earrings may be a little dramatic for my taste, but we will see.

    I was a little worried during the odd radio silence but hope they’re on track now. Excited for Tuesday!

    Did anyone else get the subscription alert for French Box? I am going to hold off for now but am curious to see how that will go.

    I am down to three boxes now: Oui Please, DesignSponge Quarterly (shipping on the 18th!) and Birchbox. I used to have more, but I like special edition boxes so much so I am reserving my budget. I am looking forward to the MSA/Kloverbox summer box.

    • What alert for FrenchBox? I am an annual subscriber (so far).

      • Sorry, Cindy, just saw your note!

        I’m a former French Box subscriber and they sent out an email yesterday — I think it was to people like me who are not currently subscribed.

        “Hello Orlee,

        We’re happy to announce that we are resuming the subscription box this month, with a new and improved FrenchBox!

        We’ve published a presentation about our upcoming box in our blog, featuring the Cannes Film Festival:

        Your existing account gives you priority access to subscribe to the new box until May 16th 2015 or until the subscription sells out.”

        Then there are details on the new price ($36) and the every-other-month schedule. Also:

        ” More flexibility: Cancel or put your subscription on hold at any time, pay only a few days before your box ships.
        More transparency: We will provide more information about products such as ingredient lists and use-by dates.
        The promise that all brand name products we send you were acquired directly from brands or through their official distributors.
        Easier, faster customer service through your dashboard.”

    • I loved the last DesignSponge Quarterly and have high hopes for this one! My Oui Please should arrive Wednesday and if it is like the one listed, I will be very happy (and it will make up a bit for the Burke Decor one I got).

  14. Ladies, the subscription boxes were supposed to be fun. I’m stressing over all the anxiety of the value of the boxes. As I get boxes, I try to remember a few things: nothing in life is free, companies are running a business, and prices will increase as more controls become mandatory.

    For example, human resources are needed to deal with complaints. More human resources require more operational expenses. Those expenses Ladies are passed onto to the consumer. Filing complaints with the BBB, if not warranted, flag the federal regulators to get involved. The federal regulators will start wondering if they can cash in on something ( e.g. IRS 1099’s and should they we pay taxes on anything above on what we actually paid?).

    I recommend subscription box companies stop placing values on boxes to stop the stress on all of us. It is ruining the fun and could have huge consequences!!!

    For those of you unhappy, stop subscribing. For those of you thinking

    • Hey as long as I get more than what I paid for then I’m happy with it. I won’t freak out if my box value doesn’t meet $400 (but it better not go below what I shelled out!). No one wants to feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth.

      Even though I didn’t think I’d like this box (will probably change my mind once i get it in my hot little hands) I still will be happy to try some new French products. 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I think. I am sick of all the whining about trying to get the $400 value or complaining about the company. If you don’t like it then move on. Life is too short and there are bigger problems in the world.

  15. I received my box today (I’m in Houston, TX) and I never received a tracking email, nor did my box show as shipped on my account. Below is what I received:

    Tassia Canellis – Way Ring $60
    Mimilamour gold bracelet – $100
    Oliv’ La Claree – Radiance Elixir $50
    Oliv’ La Claree – Beauty Oil $35
    Ozone no show socks- $15
    La Fare 1789 – Shampoo $25
    La Fare 1789 – Foot Cream $15
    Panier Des Sens – Hand Cream $15
    Rose et Marius – Soap $15
    Plates & Parfums – Satchet $15
    Epicure de Provence – Candy Jar $15
    Sothys Ombré Eyeshadow – ?

    That’s a $360 value not including the eyeshadow. I am very happy with my box, everything seemed so luxurious!

    • I like your variation – the bracelet sounds so pretty.

    • I recieved the same items MINUS the bracelet. And instead of a Sothys nail polish, I had lipstick and an eye pencil (Online says about $30 and $15 respectively). Total was only $315 🙁

      • Oh whoops and no socks.

        • Not cool. As I stated above, I canceled alrdy bc this low value happened to me, like every time. I’ll source my own French items at this point. I’m sry about the low value of your box, Courtney. I know how that feels. They should at least have given you the min. $400 value they are stating. Bummer!

    • I really hope that I get the bracelet instead of the earrings, especially since I do not have pierced ears.

  16. Liz, was OuiPlease the company that you contacted last time because they sent you nicer/better item(s)? Their reply was to the effect that they choose random subscribers for each mailing to receive something extra special? Or am I thinking of another sub??

    • You are correct.

    • That’s correct. They said that they choose subscribers at random to send a few extra items to.

  17. Mine just arrived (I am in Houston, Texas). Here’s what is in mine:

    Tassia Canellis – Way Ring $60
    Oliv’ La Claree – Radiance Elixir $50
    Oliv’ La Claree – Beauty Oil $35
    La Fare 1789 – Shampoo $25
    La Fare 1789 – Foot Cream $15
    Coeur De Cigale – Shower Gel $25
    Panier Des Sens – Hand Cream $15
    Rose et Marius – Soap $15
    Plates & Parfums – Satchet $15
    Epicure de Provence – Candy Jar $15
    Sothys – Satiny Lipstick $30
    Sothys – Eye Pencil $15

    Which is only $315. Their website says OVER $400.

    Disappointed. I am contacting them immediately.

    • I got the same box that you did but instead of the eye pencil I received another hand cream. I’m going to contact them as well because this is the second box I have received that did not meet the $400 value.

    • I got the same box minus the ring, and like lessley got a second hand cream instead of the eye pencil. What is really disappointing to me is that I did not receive any accessories at all. No jewelry, no socks.

      That’s a value of only $255. Well under the advertised value of $400.

    • I also got the same box (minus the ring) and, like lessley, received another hand cream instead of an eye pencil. The most disappointing thing, though, is that I did not receive any accessories at all – no jewelry, no socks.

      My box value is only $255…well below the advertised value of $400.

  18. Seems like quite a number of people having boxes lower than the $400 promised (and inflated) value, if we send an email to OuiPlease, does it usually follow up on that?

    For popsugar, we are able to argue against the inflated value of earring price (shown on the card), and PS allowed returns as well. I hope OP don’t get away with inflated prices.

    Mine is scheduled to be here next Tuesday, it’s my first OP boxes, and it seems unfortunate that it is getting worse than earlier versions.

    • Frankly I’m not seeing this at that big of an issue – it appears that the value may be off by less than $40 depending on the price of the nail polish. A lot of the complaints about the CFDA box was the complete misrepresentation of what would we be in the box – classic bait & switch (not just a difference in value). This one appears to be consistent with the theme of Provence.

      • Mine was off by at least $85. And that’s being generous. Not happy at all. They shouldn’t say $400 if they aren’t going to meet it.

  19. I wish OuiPlease would respond back to me….I got the year subscription, and usually when i check my account, the tracking number is already there-NOPE, when i check, all it says was my last box shipped in february! BOO. I have been with OP since their first box, and have loved every box, but this whole experience has been so frustrating, and the lack of communication really is turning me off. I paid like 600.00 upfront and now im regretting that decision-I knew i should’ve put that 600.00 towards my car fund; i’d be riding around in a Benz right now hahaha

  20. I really hope my first box doesn’t come below the 400$ promised value. Between this and cfda I am not happy….and it doesn’t look like OP customer service has been that great.

  21. Got mine just now. Mine is the exact same version as above. $360 plus the nail polish. Just emailed them. Btw the earrings are so big I can wear as a bangle, so probably useless to me. And I have short hair, so it will look even bigger. If the next 3 boxes are going to be like this, I will not be renewing, since I will not have the 20% discount, plus I have to pay tax.

  22. Well, mine comes on Tuesday. It will be my first, and I’m a little bummed that there isn’t really a home/fashion item in this box. However, as some of you have mentioned, Provence is known for it’s lavender, beauty, and food products. So, in that vein, I think I can live with the box fitting the theme well, and I hope to receive some of the pretty jewelry. No one seems to have received the Rose et Marius votive holders I was hoping to see, only soap. I will be upset if it is under valued and 3 weeks late though!

  23. I’m very curious what will be in my box… Which is expected to be delivered next Wednesday. I think we should keep in mind this box was themed Breath of Provence. What comes to my mind when I think Provence is beauty, skincare, foodie items. I would love to see home or accessory items mixed in more but I still think the items OP offers are rather nice… Yes some of the brands are repeats but more often you see repeats brands in Glossybox, Birchbox, Ipsy to name a few subscriptions.

  24. Just for the record:
    “OuiPlease Vol. 1.3: “A Breath of Provence” is valued at more than $400 per parcel.”

    I grabbed a screen shot to include if I need to complain…

    • I’ve been looking at some of the products, I think the person who mentioned earlier the values being inflated is on to something. The La Fare 1789 shampoo is 16 Euros on their site, which is 18.22 American. The value listed in the review is 25$…the foot cream is 9.5 Euros which is 10.82 American, not 15$.

      So even if their values add to 400, it isn’t necessarily a true 400. Exact dollar value isn’t a big deal to me (I’d be happier with 300$ of things I like than 400$ of stuff that’s going on the gift pile) but I do have a thing for fact-checking.

      • One thing to think about is are these products available in the U.S. and what is the retail value here. They retail price in France is probably less expensive. A retailer here needs to fold in the cost of shipping and maybe duties; therefore the price will probably be higher here.

  25. I try to looks at it from a “per piece” perspective. I have the annual sub that I paid something like $86 for each box. If there are 10 items in it, I paid less than $10 for each one. I can only think of one time where I considered an item worth less than $10 – it was some type of coin keychain. I’ve been very happy and am excited to see what I receive in the next few weeks – mine always seems to go out in the second round of shipments.

    • I think thats a good way to look at these boxes. If you take the annual membership (eventually) and divide all the items we ultimatly get… I hope the numbers will fair in our favor. At least that’s what I’m hoping for… i can see by the spoilers that this box is not going to be my favorite but maybe the next one will be. 🙂

    • This is a very valid point, I suppose even the highly inflated items are well worth the price of the box if you look at it from a per piece perspective. I have a feeling that we will no longer see a $ value on these boxes from now on. Seeing as many of the boxes are coming in under $400, I think they didn’t get all the items in that they intended. I love seeing spoilers on MSA, but I can’t help but think that I would be much happier with my box if I didn’t have these expectations going in to it.

  26. The clutch was in this box?
    For me those earrings are dreadful
    French box us back and I’m interested in what that will look like

  27. While I’m still excited for this box, I am curious… surely their shipments were insured so this delay I wouldn’t think have cost them extra money – it would’ve been nice to see these come with expedited shipping.

    I like OP too much to cancel, but I have canceled other subs for their painfully slow shipping to the west coast *cough*BirchBox*cough*

    • I live on the west coast and my box is here by the 14th every month and fill sir orders are all 2 day shipped. Was yours later? San Diego for reference btw

      • I’m in Oregon, and my last BirchBox arrived on the 20th. My OP is supposed to be here next Wednesday (5/20). My final straw with BB was upgrading to the 30$ box and seeing it reviewed online a full week before I had mine in hand. It didn’t help during the entire subscription I only received 1 sample I ever actually liked 🙂

        • I did the upgrade on my account that I have had for almost two years and everyone who made a new account got theirs first because they got the month when they upgraded and we got the next month upgraded because the normal one had already arrived for me that month. Just in case you, like me, we’re dying when Liz received hers the week before us lol. I went back to normal though because getting 5-6$ back in points on a $10 box is something I will always be able to justify lol. I don’t have an OP yet because I hate that people keep getting hundreds of dollars less value than others in the same month and I guess now the are all under the promised value? Doesn’t seem to be in good shape currently 🙁

        • That is really weird. I also live in Oregon ( portland area) and I got mine on Wednesday ( or Tuesday. Sometime early this week.).

  28. If my box doesn’t equal the advertised value of at least $400, you can bet they’ll be hearing from me. I bought the yearly sub, and I expect them to deliver that. My box will be here Monday. I guess we’ll see.

    • I bought the annual when it first came out. They promised at least one item from each of the categories, and a discount from the shop. I did not get $400 value from 1.1 nor did I get one item from each of the category. I did not get the clutch. 1.2 was barely $400 and emailed them multiple times they never reply anything regarding the discount. They have since removed all these wordings. The way it stands now, I will not be renewing.

    • My value was not quite $300 but with inflated values so its true value is even less. I already contacted them and have not heard back. Contacting my credit card company next if I don’t hear back ASAP.
      Excuses…Late due to fragile items being packed.
      Lies…they sent the packages and they got lost in the mail… but the box I received today had the original shipping number.
      Excuses…items stuck in customs.
      They seemed to get the Mother’s Day boxes out just fine. Did they sell Mothers Day Boxes to raise capital for these boxes? I don’t know. But I’m unhappy.

  29. seems similar to the mother’s day box I received. I hope I don’t get repeat items. I ordered the mother’s day box hoping to get items from old boxes I wanted. But I guess that wasn’t the case.

  30. Just wondering: anyone who received there box, how much did it weigh? Mine says 6 lbs.

    • By the way, I think I would have been super upset if I had paid full price. I have an annual sub and got a 32.50 dollar discount on every box for the year. I guess I was just expecting more oomph. Oh well, as they say “C’est la vie”.

      • Actually, 22. I paid $86 per box.

        • Also, since this box was delayed, will the others also be? Sorry, lots of questions as this will be my first box.

  31. I am so disappointed with what I see. They are consistantly sending out boxes with less than the advertised $400 value. Many of the brands are repeats from prior boxes. Does not feel special in anyway- could have gone to Marshall’s clearance section and put together this box.

    Especially after outright fibbing to us about why the boxes are being sent out a month late. Really should have included something special or unique.

    I was totally taken by signing up for a year! I am disappointed in myself for falling for the hype. I will hope that either a miracle happens and I get a totally different box than shown or that they will let me cancel the rest of the year.

    • I would just like a box or a shipping notification of some kind. I signed up for an Annual subscription and received a 1st shipment on 2/27/15. Loved the box but I am concerned that the May shipment is so late.

  32. Wow. This regular box is so much nicer than tmy Mother’s day box. I received even less than some people. No clutch or soap scrub.

    • I also had less items than most people did. That was my first box and I don’t think I will ever purchase another box from them.

      • Same for me on a low-value / blah Mother’s Day box. And this isn’t something I’ll be able to subscribe to and play the box value lottery again – one box this year was a treat and a luxury. I rolled the dice on which version to purchase – MD or monthly. (I’m currently not working and have a ton of medical expenses so the MD box was supposed to be a MD “treat” from my husband and something special. It was anything but. And I felt guilty being upset over something so special from him.)

        I agree wholeheartedly with the comments that say a box should not be stressful. With so many box values not being remotely close to equal, and also nowhere near the advertised value, spoilers are almost a depressing “rub your face in what you didn’t or won’t get” kind of thing. Certainly not an “I’m so excited and can’t wait to get mine!” feeling.

  33. I was so close to ordering this box this month but I am so glad I didn’t. With the price of the box I was expecting a purse or something. And those earrings look huge! Every one has different tastes but this is definitely not what I would expect.

  34. for the ladies that have gotten their boxes and/or shipping info:
    vol 1.3 is my first ouiplease box, do they email you the shipping info or does it show up in your account on the website?

    • ok, nevermind. I found the tracking number in my account. Looks like it was picked up on May 15 and will be delivered May 20!

    • Neither, I had to email them for my tracking info.

  35. I still haven’t received a tracking number from them! I don’t understand what’s taking so long…

    • I only found the tracking number by logging in to my account then clicking “view” under recent orders. The tracking info was listed under order updates on that page. Not intuitive at all.

  36. I do like everything that comes in this box and I will end up using it all. With that said, I feel like the product balance is way off. There are too many beauty products and not enough non-beauty. I wish they had included more fashion items, but I know Provence is renown for their lavender and beauty products.

    • I agree, I like and would use all of the products Kathleen received but this box does seem a bit beauty heavy compared to the last one. I do really hope I get that foot cream though! Seems to be the one product I need and use all the time that I never get in subscription boxes.

  37. Well, for me I am super stoked. This looks like every thing I need right now. Plus I dont sub to alot of beauty boxes because I dont wear much makeup so an amazing soap, shampoo, beauty oil and elixir from France look amazing to me! Also after the emotional turmoil of this week with PSMH, I am looking forward to this box.

  38. This looks like a great box, Kathleen! I’m still on the fence about getting this one simply due to cost but I enjoy seeing what everyone gets! 🙂

  39. My package finally has movement and will arrive 5/20.
    I’m not very fond of all the beauty products I was really looking forward to a clothing item.. A girl can still dream right! I will be very upset if mine comes in under the 400 value. Fingers crossed

  40. I feel really bad, but this will be my first box, and it looks a bit disappointing. I’m hoping for at least a bag, or a really nice piece of jewelry. I have a TON of skincare and beauty items already.

    • Ditto – No scarves, no bag, but a pair of socks (I live in AZ – i won’t be wearing socks again for months) and what appear to be insanely large hoop earrings. Crap. I hate it when a box is great right up until I order it, then seems to fall apart.

      • Exactly! It’s happened to me a few times! Plus, I’m pretty easy to please jewelry wise, except I DESPISE hoop earrings. On the bright side though, they would make a nice gift….

  41. What was so fragile they needed the extra time for packing? Like they told Liz in their message to her…

    • I’m the person who sent Liz the spoilers. Nothing was specially packed. All items were sitting on a bed of shredded black paper, just like the last box. The only thing fragile item was the glass candy jar, which held up fine. I took the second photo (above) right after I untied the bow and opened the tissue paper – it is exactly as it was packed.

      • Thanks for replying and sending this to Liz for us all to get a peak! How do you feel about what you got? I think it looks nice and the products seem fun.

        • I preferred the last box because it had more non-beauty products and i loved the scarf. I have an annual subscription and am hoping that future boxes mix in more accessories/household/food items. However, I think that the value is there and I’m always happy to try new products, especially ones that I can’t find locally.

    • Got my 1.3 box…
      1. Golden teal ring $60
      2. Oliv’ LA Claree Radiance Elixir $50
      3. Oliv’ LA Claree Beauty Oil $35
      4. La Fare 1789 volumizing shampoo $25
      5. La Fare 1789 Foot Cream $15
      6. Panier Des Sens lavender hand cream $15 ($8 on Panier des Sens website)
      7. Rose et Marius soap (1.18 oz. TINY) $15
      8. Lavender Sachet $15
      9. Epicuerie de Provence honey hard candy $15

      Three items not listed in Et Voile
      10. Panier des Sens Soap $9 (on Panier des Sen website)
      11. Sothy’s eyeshadow in a dark taupe (can’t find on internet…other Sothy’s eyeshadows $16)
      12. Sothy’s lipstick in beige $29 (on

      Even with the inflated values my box equals $299 counting my estimates on the final three items not in Et Viola.

      They promised $400. Not happy. At all.

      • I will be pretty upset if it doesn’t come up to the promised value as well….

        • Well, I’m French and quite frankly, I do not care for Sothys at all.. Overrated and remember quite well my “maman” and my “grand-Mère” using these.. Not really a young, hip fun brand..

      • It seems there isn’t much “fashion” in this parcel, and I’m thinking that’s why the box values are coming in lower. Wasn’t there a teaser for some high end fashion brand being in this box? Name escapes me, wondering if it fell through after the Les Petites sizing fiasco of 1.2 (I can’t imagine any company is happy to have their 200$ cashmere sweaters sent out without sizing considerations)

        Is it just me, or is Sothys becoming a go-to filler item for OP?

        • There IS sizing consideration!! You have to fill out your profile on your account. It asks for shoe size, clothing size…

          • Just because there is a place to fill it out, does not mean they consider it. I filled out a clothing size small on my profile and got an XL les petites sweater. I know several others had similar experiences.

          • Yes, what Jessica mentioned happened to a lot of us on the 1.2 shipment. People getting sweaters several sizes off from what their profiles listed. It seemed pretty random.

      • All of these boxes really need to re-think promised values. If you’re POSITIVE your box is going have a $400 value, then you should advertise it at $325-350. That way, it gives you some wiggle room if one of the items fall through. If you get everything as planned, then it will be a nice “surprise” at being overvalue on the box, and the customer will be thrilled.

        • That’s a pretty good way to go about it! Honestly, it was the value and how great the previous boxes were that got me to buy, as I’m sure it was for many, not so much the ‘French’ theme, so if it doesn’t hit the value, I’ll be pretty upset.

  42. If my box is like this one, I will be thrilled. I love the earrings!

  43. i haven’t even received shipping information yet for my box

    • I have not received my shipping notification. I pray there is no more issues with this shipping.

  44. Why are all the expensive lifestyle boxes becoming glorified beauty or food boxes? I might swap the whole thing for someone’s 1951 bag….

    • I have a 1951 up for swap haha.

  45. Cloud or others – what did you get in your Mother’s Day box? Mine only came out to $223 in value which is much less than the stated $270 value. Most of my items were hair/skin/soaps. Disappointed!

    • I got :
      Lavender hand cream
      Lavender sachet (as shown above)
      Rose et Marius soap scrub
      Cereal bar mix
      Octobre 5 earrings
      Atelier perfume
      Poppy soap
      Mine was also under the stated value. I contacted them, and after many emails back and forth they said they “Apologize my experience has not been flawless and for the delay in response. We will send you an item to make up for the value of the parcel as soon as possible.” I’ve kind of lost hope that it will be anything I can actually use (like a clutch or something; I don’t wear jewelry), but maybe I can swap for something nice.

      • I emailed them about the low value of my box and they haven’t even responded. What’s your secret?!

        • I threatened to contact my credit card company since the box didn’t meet the retail value promised.

      • Cereal bar mix???

    • I received an elegant sparkly champagne and salmon pink colored leather Ripauste clutch as my big ticket item and a mix of other items. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the box before putting everything away and I’m getting early Alzheimer. All my subscription box are starting to combine together. Anyways, it looks a lot better in person than I described. If I had not gotten the clutch I would be a little bit upset like some of you are.

      I think it was just the luck of the draw. I did not luck out on my big Fancy Mother’s Day Box ($500 and not even worth it!) so I think it’s the universe smoothing things out.

    • The Mother’s Day box I received had a value of 300$, I was pretty happy with it. But this one does seem to be lacking the wow element, unfortunately.

  46. Eh. One more very expensive box with a whole lot of skincare and cheap jewelry. Where is the fabulous bag or amazing piece of clothing? I keep signing up for boxes that are so amazing only to be disappointed because the quality has dropped dramatically.

  47. Can’t wait for mine to arrive, looks like the best box to date (at least to my taste!)

  48. Wow – great box! I love the earrings and ring – I’ve just started using my Tassia Canellis from the 1st box and receive so many compliments.

  49. Hope there is some variation… I don’t like those earrings lol

  50. Wow, thank you for the spoilers! I found out about Oui Please too late to order this box but I was very happy with my Mother’s Day box. I hope we get more pictures from others! I’m seriously considering a yearly subscription because I love the black box it comes in.

    • They sell the boxes at Container Store in lots of pretty colors.

      • Thanks for the info! I love the Container Store.

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