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POPSUGAR Summer Special Edition Box Available Now!

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POPSUgar Summer 2015

The POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition SummerΒ box is available now!

The Box:Β POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Summer Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Summer-inspired favorites selected by POPSUGAR editors.

FYI – coupon codes do not work on Special Edition boxes.

Are you grabbing a Special Edition Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So, I can buy this, or I can put my $100 towards 2.5 months of regular Popsugar. Its a no-brainer for me. When I look at the last LE box (the resort box – I am pretending the CFDA box never happened) and compare it’s contents to the last 3 regular monthly boxes, there is no question that I would much rather spend my money on the regular boxes. I think that is my problem with the LE boxes; I wish they would approach the curation the same as the monthly boxes and just give me 2.5x the stuff! To me it never feels THAT much better than the $40 box. Its often the same quantity of items and the same types of items, they just have a higher retail value, which usually doesn’t mean diddly to me, a costume necklace at $150 is not significantly more exciting than a costume necklace at $20 (to me that is). I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with the quality of the items in a monthly Popsugar box, so just give me a bunch more of those types of goodies! THAT would be a special edition!

    • Excellent point, Annie. If they just gave you double of the carefully curated stuff you love in the monthly boxes, it would feel like a win. I think sometimes LE boxes are like TV series finales — they try too hard and it just falls flat. You’re like, just give me more of the show I loved for five years, what’s so hard about that? πŸ™‚

    • THIS. It feels like a lot of the same stuff, just way over-inflated in price. Why?

    • I great 100%—-

  2. Is it common for the se boxes to still be available a day later?

    • The Holiday box was still available after full spoilers were out and they ended up offering a free December box as an incentive to buy. That was after lots of folks were unhappy with the Fall box and all the website and shipping issues.

  3. Maybe the summer box will be amazing…to make up for the CFDA box? I can honestly say, this time I did not order the special edition box. I ordered the resort one, and loved it, but have looked at past summer boxes and it just wasn’t for me (and I love summer). For those that ordered, I hope it is everything you want/expect.

  4. While I think this will be a good box, had to pass on it. I just couldn’t take the chance on a high-ticket item being a bottle of serum. I honestly have enough serum from sub boxes that I could slather it over my entire body every day for two years and still not run out…

  5. Well once I heard that they allowed people to return the CFDA box, but were adamant that they wouldn’t do the same after the massive unhappiness the cheaper at Neiman-Marcus LE box caused this past winter, I knew I was for sure done with PopSugar! Boo!

  6. I got it, but I also got the MSA Kloverbox LE Box.
    June will be an interesting month! I think I know which one I’ll like more!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I love summer boxes and really liked the resort limited edition box so this was an easy decision for me. πŸ™‚

  8. I ordered it today. I’m pretty curious about the Special Edition boxes, mainly because I just started my regular P.S. subscription with the April Box. I have an older sister and some friends that I can regift anything that doesn’t “ring my chimes” from any of the boxes. I do love the fun of opening up the boxes in general. It’s kind of like Christmas morning, except that I need to refrain from checking out the spoilers in the future, of course! πŸ˜‰

  9. I purchased the CFDA box and this one. While I’m not thrilled with the shadiness that has occurred with the CFDA box, I’m reserving full judgement until I receive the box next week. I went ahead and purchased this one because I really loved the resort box and last year’s Summer box. I do think the retail values of items are inflated but that occurs with a lot of subs. When I actually went back and looked at the items and what I would be willing to pay for them I still came out ahead. And whatever I don’t want usually gets snatched up off the swap site fairly quickly πŸ™‚ Thankfully I can wear all jewelry and love both silver and gold. I’m addicted to scarves and clutches and candles. I guess PS is just my jam!

  10. Thank you PSMH! I have enjoyed each and every box , monthly and L.E., that I have ever received including CFDA. There are times that items fit me to a T, other times, your boxes have exposed me to items that I never knew existed, only to find new favorites. I also purchase boxes to experience the experience of subscription boxes. Sometimes, I use items as gifts, other times for swap fodder. All of it I receive with gratitude and thankfulness. Just wanted to say I was singin in the rain of the unhappy mob.

    • I don’t claim to speak for the whole “unhappy mob,” but I am generally a huge PS fan and brand advocate. In fact, I’ve said if I could only keep one monthly sub box, it would be PS; that’s still true. However, they made a huge misstep with the CFDA box by misrepresenting the types of items we should expect and wildly overinflating the values of the items included, so much so that there was a blatant discrepancy with one of the brand’s own websites. By being vocal about our unhappiness, they are taking steps to remedy it, and I’m pleased they are doing the right thing. All that said, no WAY am I jumping blindly into another expensive box without some clue as to its contents.

      • Amen sistah, well said!

      • Not sure that I would ever pay someone $195 just to feel gratitude and thankfulness. I think it should be the other way around.

  11. I cant seem to get myself to buy this box. I keep looking at the website, yet the more I think about the CFDA box, even though they are offering refunds, the more I don’t want to take the chance. The resort box was wonderful, I ended up swapping some of the items in it, for items I really wanted so it the box was a win for me. Yet because this box was planned around the same time as the CFDA box, I find myself wondering about the curation, and if I ordered it If I’d get stuck with earrings I can not wear, or a gold tone necklace I wont wear, or some other that makes up the majority of the value —– Hope that this will be a wonderful box for everyone that orders it

  12. Thank you SO much Amy!

  13. I find it curious that even after the CFDA box unhappiness, people are willing to spend more money with PopSugar. Yes, they are offering returns after receiving a ton of backlash. But they still made a ton of money and really have no reason to be accountable to their customers as long as people “have no self-control” and keep doing business with them. I personally have never bought anything from them.
    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…
    Good luck, ladies.

  14. I figured by the time I got off work this would be sold out but it wasn’t! I guess the ad CFDA box is really discouraging people, but I hope this is a good one! That’s the chance we take with sub boxes. I look at it like going to the casino but better even if I get something bad I can usually swap for something I want!!!!

    • Oh I like the way you think! I always tell my husband that I don’t gamble because I want to get something for my money and not just lose it and have nothing. Sub boxes are definitely my form of gambling!

  15. I bought one. I didn’t get the CFDA box because I assumed it would be a bust but I loved the Resort box and adore my monthly boxes.

  16. I too stalked the website! I have loved all the LE edition boxes (I didn’t order the CFDA one) and I really enjoy the monthly boxes……….so easy choice for me. Of course I might not feel that way if I ordered the CFDA box

  17. I’ve never been impressed with popsugar’s LE boxes so this is an easy pass for me. I can’t justify $100 for a box without at least one spoiler, especially after the cfda disaster. I hope they don’t screw this one up for you guys! The only box I’ve broken my rule for is the MSA Kloverbox but that’s differnet cuz Liz is involved!

    • Me too, did the same. And I’m not worried, which is a great feeling.

    I caved and pressed the elusive “buy” Button

  19. So I’ve avoided spoilers for PS CFDA box since I’ve yet to receive it. But after reading how disappointed others were with it I’m afraid I will also be contacting CS for a return shipping label. I’m 2 for 2 since I am in the process of also returning the mother’s day Fancy box. Please please please let the next OuiPlease box and Zoe box be good, nee awesome and restore my faith in subs. I need justification for having purchased annual subs of the former plus Luxorbox. Hope other sub addicts enjoy their summer PS box………

      • hopefully this rant has been posted twice. Anyway back to my rant about this box. Inside was a big ‘ol mess and a whole lotta nothin’. And I’m never and i mean NEVER buying another fancy box again. The contents: coffee table book, diffuser, ugly earrings and an equally ugly bracelet and a less than impressive beige clutch type thing, that’s the whloe lotta nothin’ part. The big ‘ol mess is the liquid from the very broken diffuser, all over everything. Although the items are ruined I’m pretty sure that even having not been exposed to liquid my opinion would be the same. Viewing the box, for $500, I knew at that moment I should be straight jacketed and I probably would have been more happy with that. Yep , that’s what was in the box but don’t get me started on Luxorbox. Fingers crossed that the next go round will yield a more luxe box or a luxor box. Get it. See what I did there…….. I’m here all night folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

        • hasn’t

          • It’s a bad month for Luxe purchases. I was surprised by the contents of the $500.00 Fancy box. I hope Oui Please pulls through and starts shipping boxes.

            BoxingMex – I do hope you like the CFDA box. I’m sure you are tired of returning boxes. Zoe should be great! I’m going to sign up for the fall box in June if it is still available for signups.

  20. I’m a summer girl, but I didn’t care for the last two PopSugar Summer edition boxes. The LE boxes tend to include beauty items I can’t use, and the fashion items in past Summer boxes just aren’t my style. An awesome spoiler could definitely change my mind but for now I will pass on this one and curiously await the reviews.

  21. I use the wet brush mini on my daughter’s hair. It’s long, straight and always seems to have some crap in it (food, glitter, glue, chalk, snot, etc.). I brush her hair in the bath after I wash and condition it. It’s true, it still leaves some knots, but apparently it doesn’t hurt and she’ll tolerable following up with a comb.

    • *tolerate*

    • I LedOL at your comment! I’m snickering here in my cubicle. I use this on my daughter’s hair as well and it too is always full on gunk. Sigh. At least I can rinse/wash the brush afterwards without it getting full of water like other brushes. πŸ™‚

  22. After the CFDA debacle, I become very wary. And given that I’ve already ordered the MSA Kloverbox, this has become an easy “no” for me.

    • I just got my return label for Cfda and PS isn’t getting any more of my $$. Fool me once, shame on PS, fool me twice, not happening.

  23. I’m one of those who is returning the CFDA box but i won’t get this one without a spoiler. There are enough nice boxes to go around that if it sells out my money can go into something else just as nice. Hope it’s a great box. I have loved their boxes at that price point.

  24. Urrrgggggggghh…so I just wrote an emphatic comment and whaddya know, stupid page error’ed and lost it. : /
    The struggle is real today. No joke.

    For reference, that (technical malfunction) is going to be my go to reason number 4 in my defense, if eyebrows are raised and I’m given that WTH was I thinking look, regarding this purchase.

    Remember that one episode of Friends wayyyy back, when Monica left that voicemail to the guy she was all infatuated with?? I think it was Tom Selleck and he was a doctor?? (Friends wasn’t really my jam back then, I was more the 90210 demographic and I didn’t understand the whole bunch of 30 somethings living kind of together in a wacky designed space who had literally the longest daily morning ritual coffeehour ever. But I did come to appreciate the humor and Phoebe/Regina Philangie. Aaaaanyways, my episode specific recall isn’t great, but I had a roommate for a few years who never seemed to watch anything BUT Friends and Intervention, so I was exposed to probably every episode a few times… i just can’t remember the ancillary characters names.) So, as I was saying, remember that whole debacle, where she left the message and then freaked out and in a hilarious, desperate panic, she and Rachel tried to undo it? I think she even called the phone company or something, just trying to erase whatever the message it was that she left on his answering machine?

    Well, that frantic, panicked, freaking out girl was me about an hour or so ago. Literally could feel my heart beating out of my chest for a bit. Stared at the page for a good 4 minutes, in a state of indecisive, reasonably controlled deliberation…. just zoned out going over all the should I/shouldn’t I rationalizations and reasons to buy/not buy. Then, my phone beeped and kinda caught me off guard and kicked me out of my trance, causing me to drop my tablet. When i picked it up, it hadn’t gone into screensaver mode yet and apparently I touched the Order Now! button, and as they say, the rest it history.

    So here’s the lesson of the day, lovelies… while my initial reaction was a neurotic Monica, frantically trying to undo her impulsive, reactionary behavior (whether it was truly mistaken or not), and desperately clinging to the regret of a momentary lapse in whatever you want to call it (judgement, sanity, reality, logic), I’m totally going to go all Phoebe on this one and own it. I apparently have magical super powers that caused my finger to blindly grab my face down dropped tablet on the exact spot where my fingerprint would land directly on the Order Now! button. That’s gotta be some kind of karmic serendipity or maybe I just have chubby fingers or something… but whatever it is, I now have the Summer PSMHLE Box on order. I am owning my inner Phoebe and gonna be excited and optimistic about this box not being the utter Craptacular! Craptacular! that the CFDA one was… I mean who would screw up 2 LE boxes back to back, right?!? (Dont actually tell me… in this case, my denial is my rationale). πŸ˜‰

    Should the husband question my plunge even further down the sub box addiction abyss when he sees the charge, I think I’m going to go with the technical malfunction. Seems like it would be more plausible to a dude. I should also note, he once “accidentally” bought 2 rounds of golf due to the page freezing (hmm, fancy that… convenient you say?) so I’m pretty sure this means we’re even. Lol. πŸ˜‰ /tj

    • Too funny!!! I hope for your sake that it’s good!

    • Ha! That was funny; I enjoyed reading it. I have those Monica freak-outs almost every time I purchase something online. Instant buyer’s remorse. Better to be Phoebe and be Zen and just hope it’s a great box. πŸ™‚

    • Love this! Thanks for the giggle on a tough day. I totally understand everything you talked about!

  25. – Stared at the order button for 5 minutes.
    – Thought really hard about how bummed I am about the CFDA box.
    – Said out loud to myself: “Who am I kidding, I’m buying it”
    – Pressed order button

    You win again Popsugar. I seriously have no self control! πŸ˜€

    • I seriously bought a one-time box from Burke Decor this morning to push my total $ spent this month on boxes high enough that the Popsugar LE wouldn’t be the box-budget I allow myself. That’s my only sliver of self-control – I set a monthly allowance for myself for boxes.

    • and this is why they are able to continue to rip people off πŸ™

      • I don’t at all feel ripped off just slightly bummed that the CFDA box isn’t what I expected it to be. I still don’t have the box and may very well end up keeping it once I see everything in person. Regardless of what the current price of the earrings are I fail to see how getting a bunch of merchandise for way less the retail value is being ripped off. I got into this subscription box craziness for fun and would like to stay unjaded (which I’m pretty sure is not a word but works for my purposes so I’m keeping it!) πŸ™‚

        • I agree. I often get sub-par boxes, but I always remind myself there are times I get great ones and the surprise is more than half the fun for me. I actually laugh out loud sometimes at the weird, silly or unusable things I receive in my 7 various monthly boxes. You’re paying quite less than its retail value, so nobody is ripping you off. It’s a gamble, kind of like buying peaches…. πŸ˜€

  26. I got one! SO glad I dodged the CFDA bullet, I feel usually the curation is a lot better. I looked thru past summer boxes and what I am most excited about is the jewelry item~ one prev. summer box had that horn necklace which I love and another had a turquoise bracelet I love and then they just sent the turquoise and silver pendant and I wanted all of them but they are too expensive to buy online, hoping getting one in a box will be a better deal since all the goodies add up to way more than $100!

  27. Can’t decide – this box or a new pair of nike’s

    • @Kayla… ooh, good one… yet tough one! PSMH LE is a one time opportunity in most ways…. whereas Nike’s are always available and accessible and sometimes even on sale… I’d say go for the box. πŸ™‚

      (disclaimer: I’m probably the worst possible advisor on this one though, because I just bought new Nike’s (and socks, and some cute training capris, and a dri-fit racerback top, and…. yeah, I was outta control : /… but they were 30% off!) last week during the Nike F&F sale, after which I’m pretty sure I actually spoke the words “I won’t have to buy anything else allllll month if I get these!” out loud to my husband… yes, I allowed those words to physically and coherently come out of my throat box, out loud. In public. Completely sober. In the car, not during a strategically loud, man-distracting crowded sporting event. And yes, he was actually listening. And remembering. This, of all times.
      Word of advice: never, ever, EVER, under any circumstance say those specific words to a spouse unless it is the 30th or 31st day of the month, as you will inevitably live to regret it and end up being reminded of it for the remainder of said month. I said it on the 3rd!!! And now I bought the dam box. Because I apparently have a problem and “had to.” It’s gonna be a lonnnnnng month!) πŸ˜‰ /tj

      • Your disclaimer made my day!!!!

        • Awww, thanks Natalie! Making your day helps make my day too because I was having a potentially sucky day in ways. πŸ™‚ I actually wrote a better post prior to that, that had additional reasonings and justifications for my impulsive buy, but it’s not showing up now. Thinking maybe the mod settings caught a word I’m not supposed to use, though I don’t typically do that… I might have said “carb” which the commie work-out group I’m currently doing time with -i mean having a blast not dying with- insists is an evil word. (Hold on, in fact…. I see an opportunity since they’re not here: *at the top of my lungs* ahem… carb carb carb CARB CARB CARBS… AND CUPCAKES AND CHEESECAKE AND CHICKEN ALFREDO… whoops… sorry bout that… got a bit carried away, lol) Anyways, it was a legit, heartfelt post, so I’m hoping Liz will allow it once it goes thru review or whatever. πŸ™‚

          Hmm… is Craptacular a bad word possibly? Because the lack of carbs in my life may have caused me to say that too. :/ πŸ˜‰ /tj

      • after your fun and well advised disclaimer I caved in πŸ™‚ .. I also signed up at Nike so I don’t miss a good sale like the 30% … I have things I want to get in the swaps, but my inventory isn’t as strong and hope I get similar items to those I want. This is my first LE box and keeping my fingers crossed is not a disappointment. I keep saying I don’t want to get more boxes, but this community is too much not to be addicted. πŸ˜‰

        • @Kayla, I’m not positive, but I thought I heard there could be another F&F event after summer, before the new school year starts… one of the super buff chics occasionally in my workout group is an AM there, so if I find out any definitive inside scoops, i I’ll be sure to find you on here and post. πŸ˜‰
          I may be biased, but I think you made a good choice.. it’s my 1st LE box too, and I too needed another sub box like I need a giant delivery of custom bakeshop specialty flavored cupcakes and bitesized cheesecake tarts. Oh dear God, I wish i hadn’t just visualized that as I typed it, because apparently now I REALLY need a giant delivery of custom bakeshop specialty flavored cupcakes and bitesized cheesecake tarts!!!!!! Dangit!!!!!!

          Another word to the wise that just came to me: when you are being denied cupcakes and cheesecakes and every fabulous delivery system of a carb over an extended period of time, it is completely impractical to be expected to make sound, just or rational financial decisions as they pertain to sub boxes.

          …hmm… on that note, wonder if there’s a cupcake and cheesecake sub that delivers extremely under the radar, spec-ops ninja style and on a daily basis??? I may need to make another questionable decision. Heh heh…. πŸ˜‰ /tj

  28. I just ordered 2, One for me and one to swap πŸ™‚
    So excited!

  29. i have zero self control. i caved. I dodged a bullet with not purchasing the CFDA box – and I loved my Summer box last year, so fingers crossed. Come on PSMH – don’t let us down!!!

  30. The only Popsugar limited boxes that I ever ordered is the holiday for her limited box, because I feel like the items are always more unique and the value is always there in those. Plus I’am not a summer girl so the summer box is an easy No for me.

  31. I’m on the wet brush website. I’ve loved that product in the box since I saw the spoilers. Can someone tell me if it’s really that great? Or any recommendations? I would spend up to 60$ for the right brush…..

    • I have really thick hair and broke both my wet comb that i purchased and the mini wet brush within a week…

      • Should also be noted that I’ve never broken a brush before. Just beware if you have thick/easily knotted hair.

      • I have thick hair too, Julie, and I knew I would break the mini wet brush instantly. I currently use it to brush my Chihuahua/terrier mix…. she loves it!

    • I love the wet brush! Ever since I bought one from my hairstylist a couple of years ago, I haven’t been able to use any other brush. I packed it for vacation last November and had to use a different brush the morning we left and it hurt so bad because it was the wet brush!

    • I loved the mini one so much that when I saw the wet brush pro at my hairdressers I had to have it. Im a little obsessed. I have medium (not too think, not thin) hair, that is quite long and it knots up relentlessly, no matter what i do. I used to have to comb through it piece by piece, and then I would be able to brush it and it still would knot. I can literally pull the wet brush through almost on first swipe, no issues.

    • When I first used it the brush glided through my hair but when I ran my fingers through it, there was still a bunch of knots. In my experience with it, it didn’t really work for my hair and it’s thin.

    • I have long hair that goes to mid back and lots of it.. This brush to me was over hyped. Go to Tj max. πŸ™‚

    • Marshall’s has the full-size and the mini wet brushes for $6.99ish! I don’t know if Marshall’s is in every state…

  32. does anyone know when this SE Summer box will ship?

    • June 15.

    • I just ordered one and it said it would ship by June 15!

  33. I would like to know what my hard earned money is going to buy. Since I’m still waiting for a very expensive Oui Please box that I may or may not ever see, I need a Spoiler for this one please.

    • I got an email from them. They said they expect it to ship by the end of the week!

    • Don’t know if you got the email. But supposedly ouiplease should ship in the next couple days and arrive early next week… At least that’s what they told me. Xo

      • Thanks for the info! I did not get that email. I feel a little better now.

        • Here is the e-mail I got from them. It made me feel better so hopefully you will too! πŸ™‚


          Thank you for reaching Oui Please Team. We apologize for the delay in shipping. Unfortunately we had a lost shipment and our products were being held by U.S. customs. This was extremely unfortunate and we understand your frustrations. Good News! Our Products have arrived!! We will be shipping out for the next 48 hours. You will receive a new tracking number. Please allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to become valid. We estimate parcels to be delivered early next week. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Again we apologize and hope you enjoy your Vol 1.3 Breathe of Provence Parcel. Merci!

          • It would be nice if they bothered sharing such important info with ALL subscribers via email at the same time. I’m glad I stumbled on this info here. I was getting a refund tomorrow, one way or another. At this point this will be my last Oui Please box. I don’t have the time required to invest in seeking out information from them. Could you possibly share this in the OP thread as well, if you haven’t already? Thanks again!

  34. I would feel better if they had time to learn from the CDFA mistakes, but they don’t. This stuff was clearly in the pipeline already, so they comments on the CDFA are too late to fix the summer box. I would like to see that its only their partner boxes that have problems, but I just don’t trust them.

  35. I’ve been planning to order my first LE PSMH for a while now, but I skipped the CFDA box because of the price tag. Boy am I glad I skipped it! I was a little nervous to click “buy now” on this one because of the CFDA fiasco, but I’ve really loved all of their seasonal LEs, so I’m taking a chance on it. Here’s hoping we all love it!

  36. The boxes are still available. I’m passing on it because I’m not a summer girl. I looked at the past 2 summer boxes and saw only a few items I liked. I think the MSA Kloverbox will be more what I am looking for in a summer box. I passed on all the summer boxes last year except for the Nina Garcia box and FabFitFun.

    I do understand why people are willing to order the Summer box despite the CFDA box. They have done a great job with their past summer boxes. Enjoy!

    I am permitted to change my mind if they release an irresistible spoiler πŸ™‚

  37. Easy easy No.

  38. Got mine with no hesitation. I still have faith in PSMH. Please be amazing!

  39. I’m still contemplating ordering, but would it really make a difference that their CFDA box was terrible? Surely, they would have already requested/gotten the contents of this box if it’s shipping out in a month.

  40. How can we find out what’s in the Summer box before we spend $100 on stuff we wouldn’t even want?? Is that how PopSugar works? Just asking. Don’t mean to sound so angry, like my message seems I am. Ha!

    • Usually you don’t find it until someone receives the box. Then it is too late because it is sold out. It’s a gamble. I look at past boxes and ask myself would I like receiving similar items? I’m not a big summer person, although I am outside a lot, so it is easy for me to pass on the box.

  41. I said no all week and I just ordered it. Dammit, I have no control. This better be good!!

  42. Ahhh, I just can’t say no. But I am justifying the purchase because I am returning the CFDA box for $195. This only costs $100, so I am still up by $95. Twisted thinking, but it works for me!

    • Out of curiosity how are you returning the CFDA box? I am so disappointed in the box and want to return it but I thought there was no return?

    • Sharon, out of curiosity, how are you able to return the CFDA box? I thought there were no returns on these Limited Edition boxes? Thanks!

    • Not twisted at all – I had the same thought process!

    • How are you able to return the cfda box? I would like to return mine

  43. I literally STALKED the popsugar MH website and facebook for 4 hours… So glad I got it! I’m curious to see how fast it will sell out. Hopefully this box will makeup for the CFDA box! I can’t wait!

  44. This is my ‘last chance’ to PopSugar – I will be returning the CFDA box, but if this one doesn’t wow me I’m dun du dun dun dooooooooone!

    • How do you
      Return the cfda box
      I want to as well?

      • Email customer service for return label for unopened box.

  45. I got mine First one ever! Hope it’s good!

  46. Maintenance mode has been lifted! Order away!

  47. Yah!! I just ordered my Popsugar Summer Edition Box. Hoping to get at least one little sneak peak. I really love Popsugar, I can’t help it. I’m not all that pleased with the 195.00 I spent on the last special edition box, obvi, I’m over it. So excited!!

  48. Ugh! I hate myself! Bought it instantly!
    I’m an eternal optimist and I tend to feel that given the complete disaster that was the CFDA box (which thank god I didn’t order) they have to make a special effort with this one and salvage whats left of their reputation!
    Or I’m just an idiot…..

    • You’re not an idiot, you just have a lot of faith in Popsugar, so do I. I ordered and didn’t even hesitate. We’re addicted.

  49. Got it! Even though I am returning the CFDA box. Fingers crossed this box is a winner.

    • You’re returning your CFDA box? How? I know why, it sucked, but how did you do that?

      • If you tell them you want to return it they will send you a Return label anyone who asks is getting that option.

      • Email the customer service and tell them how much you dislike the CFDA box then they will respond with a prepaid label.

      • I emailed them and asked for return label after they started letting others return. Value didn’t add up to what promised. I think they were getting a lot of credit card chargebacks. I know that’s what I was going to do.

    • I just did the same, asked for a return label and then went ahead and got the summer box!

    • I am going to order it, since PS emailed me a label to return my CFDA box. My faith in them is restored. I can afford to lose $100.00, but not $200.00

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