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UPDATE: Many readers have reported that they are able to return the box (as long as none of the items are used) for a refund.

Thank you Jacklyn for sharing these spoiler pictures with us for the Limited Edition CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box:

csda-1 csda-2

And thanks Lesley for giving us the item breakdown:

maiyet poison dart earrings 395.00
anna sui lipstick $30 colors vary
marc by marc jacobs logo bangle $80
milly nail polish set $36 3 colors
the woman I wanted to be by Diane von Furstenberg $28.
apolis+claire v. market bag $68.00 burlap with leather straps merci beau coup on front

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m not sure what I was expecting since they’ve never done a box like this before, but this isn’t exactly what I was imagining/hoping for. I’ll hold off on judgment until I have it in my hands!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to get in the swap site? I’d like to swap for the earrings if possible. I have the Missoni candle and Clare V clutch from the Neiman Marcus box among other things. Thanks so much.

    • To Liz with the Missoni candle and Clare v clutch…I would be interested…I have the Earrings up for swap.

      • [email protected] to Liz with the candle (which one) and clare v clutch…

      • I sent you an email from my gmail account. Please let me know what you think. Thanks so much!

  2. I guess I’m going to be in a very small minority – now that I have the box in hand I think I’m keeping it.

    I really like the earrings and having tried them on understand why they are brass w/ gold plating rather than all gold – the shape would make them uncomfortably heavy if all gold. I received the silver w/ rose gold bracelet and though I do not buy pieces so label prominent it is very well made and I really like it layered with another rose gold bracelet I have. The bag is very cute and will get used for going to the farmers market. The lipstick is cool looking and unique – if I don’t decide to keep it it would make a great gift – I think I got the shade shown in the book. I don’t get any beauty specific subs so am not overloaded with nail polish – this Milly set with go nicely with the Zoya one from Rachel Zoe. The only thing I don’t care for is the book so that is up on swaps.

    I figure even if I only value the earrings at $295 and leave out the book the total still adds to over $500 so I’m not mad about it. The box isn’t exactly what I expected and I definitely understand those who are unhappy enough to return it but I’m just happy enough to keep it. πŸ™‚

    • Agreed! I, too, must be in the minority. I was trying to reserve judgment until I had the items in my hot little hands. Now that I received the box, I am keeping it. I think most of the items are quality pieces. I am surprised at how much I like the bag. I also received the silver/rose gold Marc Jacobs bracelet. While I would have preferred a gold one, it does seem like a substantial piece. The book was definitely a misstep, but I’m generally not a fan of books in PS unless it is a cookbook. Overall, I’m okay with the gamble I took and I’m keeping it.

  3. Sent mine back!!!!

  4. I had commented on this how I liked everything in my box but the book but in my head I was thinking I had paid $100 for but I forgot this damn box was so much more. Grrr….so upset now, this is definitely not worth what was paid for it. I want to chuck the damn book in the canal behind my house now.

  5. Hi guys! I bought this and was super bummed after I saw this post a few days before I actually got my box. Someone from Instagram told me to email them and ask for a refund. I e-mailed them today just to say that the stuff I got wasn’t for me and ask if there’s anyway I can get a refund. They actually replied the same day and send me a return label! As long as you don’t use any of the products inside and mail it back before May 27. So e-mail them as soon as you’re sure you want to get a refund. Good luck!

  6. I got my box today. I didn’t even open it. I slapped the return label on it and sent it back on its merry way.

  7. So I got my CFDA Pop Sugar box today. At first when opening the package and the card it was immediate disappointment, until I started looking closely at the items and trying them. First off, the book…I could definitely do without that. I felt as if that were a disappointment and that was the first thing I saw. The earrings, I love them. Great quality, great packaging…I have them in right now. The lipstick, honestly I NEVER even wear lipstick. I have put it on 3 times today. I would have started wearing lipstick years ago if anything else felt and looked like this Anna Sui lipstick, and I love the color. At first glance I thought oh heck no, I would never wear that, will gift it….but I tried it and I am in love with it…it was a keeper. The bracelet….great quality and beautiful craftsmanship-very pleased. The tote, again, fantastic quality and a great bag I will keep in my car for the grocery store. It is strong, sturdy, cute and the size of a grocery bag so I know I will get a lot of use out of it. Leather handles and again, great craftsmanship. The only thing I have not tried yet is the nail polish. I will try it tonight and see how I feel about it. Again, like the lipstick I like simplicity and typically use a neutral shade or go without nail polish but I will give these a try. I can give them to my son’s girlfriend if I don’t like them. Overall, after trying and feeling and seeing the quality of the items I am pleased. Maybe the book will surprise me πŸ™‚ For what I felt upon first glance, well that was changed once I got to really see and hold what I received. I was expecting more items in the box given how much I paid for it. However given the price tag on the items in it I can see why there isn’t really more in the box. It had a bit of an empty feel upon opening. Again, I could definitely skip the book. I am not a fan of books in a subscription box only because everyone is different as for what they enjoy reading. I will keep my mind open though and give this one a go!

  8. Just mailed my box back this morning unopened. Now, let’s just hope PSMH issues refunds in a timely manner.

  9. I’m so happy I sent Cfda PS Must NOT Have box back just now, never opened, just added label and HELLO fedex dropoff!!!

  10. What bothers me the most about this box is that most of the value comes from earrings – something that some subscribers can’t even make use of. My first PS box was last August and I was really happy that even though they said they don’t customize boxes they did that time by substituting a necklace for the earrings for those of us who said we don’t have pierced ears (I actually do but they are so sensitive that even most hypoallergenic earrings irritate me). I’m really surprised that they weren’t willing to do a similar customization for a $195 box that they did for a $40 box!

  11. So I was disappointed as well about the value! I emailed them and they offered a full refund if received by the 27th. But I am in love with the bag and earrings (even though I would never spend more then $50 on them) so I think that I am going to keep it and re-gift or swap items. I received the charcoal and gold MJ bracelet if anyone wants to swap for something fun from another box (or purchase).

    Plus we all have to remember that half of the proceeds went to Charity so on top of the items you did something good πŸ™‚

  12. when are we expected to receive the box? Thanks

  13. I contacted them yesterday regarding a refund – no response. I emailed them again this morning and tried to sound a bit more snippy, informing them that I expected to hear back today. I got this in response:

    “Thank you for your feedback. In this case, we are offering a one-time exception for customers to return complete and unused boxes for a full refund. The refund will be issued if the box is received by the 27th of May.

    We have attached a complimentary prepaid return label to send the box back to us. Please let us know if there is anything else we can address or assist with.

    Best, POPSUGAR Support”

    Thank goodness I can return mine!

    • I wrote to them on Tuesday and still haven’t heard back. I’m getting frustrated!

  14. hello just wanted to share this response i received from popsugar regarding the cfda box:

    Hi Betty,

    Thank you for your feedback. In this case, we are offering the option for customers to return complete and unused boxes for a full refund. The refund will be issued if the box is received by the 27th of May.

    We have attached a complimentary prepaid return label to send the box back to us. Please let us know if there is anything else we can address or assist with.


    POPSUGAR Support

    so if there is anyone who ordered this box and felt short changed shoot an email over to popsugar. remember that returns must be received by may 27, 2015.
    good luck. good night

    • Thank you Lesley for return info!

    • I also received an Email and a pre-paid label from PSMH for the cfda box but there was no mention of a “return by” date. My package isn’t supposed to arrive until 5/21 but in the meantime it has gone off the radar. When I check the shipping label I’m told it is still in CA and the info hasn’t updated since 5/9. I’m starting to worry that I won’t even have a box to return, forget returning by the 27th. There has been so much debate/bad press about this box I can imagine the fight I’d have in my attempts to be reimbursed. I never have this problem with inexpensive subs!? Why is that? They generally show up on time …

  15. I really don’t think it’s fair to compare this box to the NM box from 2014, in terms of people requesting a refund. That box had a lot of items in it with inflated values, but the values were fairly even across the box, with the high value item being the clutch from the spoiler. I get that there are issues with NM discounting the boxes, but all of the items in that box were usable and legitimate items, even though some prices were inflated. Missoni is not going out of business; the Clare V item is one that they’re known for; Chantecaille makes high end makeup (vs Milly), etc.

    When I saw the NM box l didn’t go “oh how awful” like I did with this one. I instead thought “some of these items seem like something you’d give a rich older relative,” but isn’t that kind of what you’d buy at NM anyway? Anyway, just my thoughts.

  16. Hi! As one of the few individuals who was nuts enough to actually buy both the $500 Mother’s Day Fancy Box and the PopSugar CFDA Box, I thought I’d share what was in the Fancy Box.

    Rima Bracelet by Dannijo $130.
    This is actually the Gold Dannijo Rima bracelet with rose Swarovski crystals. Measures 7.5″ long. It is currently on sale on for $70:

    Sovanna Earring by Senhoa $85

    The Big Book of Chic – Assouline Books $75
    On sale for $45.50 at Barnes & Noble.

    Loess Wrap Clutch $160

    Apothecary Noir Diffuser // AquaSugar $148

    Hello Darling Stationery by RIFLE PAPER Co. $22

    I had good reasons for purchasing both boxes, but wow! Not what I expected. I’d be interested to hear how everyone thinks this box stacks up next to the PopSugar box, considering I paid $500. Using Fancy’s numbers, the total value of the box is $620. However, once you take into account what some of the items are actually selling for online right now, the value of the box is $530, and that’s using the value of $148 for the diffuser. The chance that ANYBODY would actually pay $148 for that diffuser is seriously nil, so – feel free to respond with an offer if I’m wrong, but – we all know that’s not going to happen… so you see my point.

    While the quality of the products I did receive was nice, I honestly was expecting the overall value of the box to be SO much higher, especially since I was forking over $500!!! And the presentation was completely absent – just a few pieces of tissue paper and items in bubble wrap. The bracelet didn’t even have a tag or card with it (although it turned out to be one of my favorite items). I could have spent $250 and just purchased the three items I liked, which would have been a much smarter thing to have done.

    Obviously, I am still figuring out these sub boxes and I have a long way to go. I got the April crazies and so far, I am 1 for 5 on the LE boxes – everyone I purchased the Birchbox Limited Edition Lovely Box for has positively LOVED it!

  17. I am pretty sure they are only offering returns due to the breach of contract they found themselves in due to the pricing debacle. I mean, legally they had no choice. If it was just personal taste they would have held the ‘sorry you dont like it’. I am not holding it against them. They are the pioneers of the lifestyle box and everyone including Rachel Zoe has gotten to learn from their errors.
    I am just sad like I think we all are that this box wasnt what was promised or implied by this collaboration.

    • It’s just too bad that PSMH never seems to learn from their errors. Or sees what other companies – Birchbox – are doing right.

  18. I’m curious what they will do with this flood of returned boxes… do you think they will show up heavily discounted on Rue La La or HauteLook? Even at a $100 price point, I think it is way too much to ask considering the studs are awfully generic and unless you were a huge fan of DVF’s life, the book seemed a miss for most people as well.

    (If they were to include a book, I would think it would be a book on personal fashion from a stylist perhaps… that would’ve hit the nail on the head.)

  19. I have to say, I am little bit peeved that PSMH is offering a refund for the CFDA box but they did not do the same for the NM box, which also an absolute utter disappointment to 95% of people.

    • I am happy that those who wish to receive a refund now have the option to do so, but I do agree with you about PS not doing the same for the NM box which actually cost more, and THEN offered it at a discount after hearing the unhappy comments… Now we just have to get the OuiPlease Box back on track…

      • what do you mean they offered it at a discount? I bought 2 NMs and they never offered anything. NM themselves discounted it before I even received mine and they said “oh well”

  20. I think PopSugar deserves credit to listening to its subscribers even if it is to avoid the fiasco of chargebacks. They could had chosen to fight the chargebacks.

    Another thing that should be acknowledge is that they stayed positive (maybe somewhat condescending) in their communication with their subscribers. There were no threats of cancelling subscriptions or personal attacks in their emails because people expressed their dissatisfaction with their boxes. I’ve complained about and praised about boxes that I received, will buy for 4-5 months and then stop and then buy a couple boxes. I never gave any thought about them wondering about my actions. They understand that this is the nature of the subscription box business.

    • I see what you did here πŸ™‚

      • I don’t know if I crossed the line from being subtle to being obnoxious πŸ™‚

      • Clever is what I thought!

  21. I’m glad Popsugar is doing returns on this one. However, given their horrible stance before people started disputing the charges (“sorry, our FAQ says no refunds, no returns. You’re crap out of luck people. We’ll try to do better next time.”), I think consumers had Popsugar over a barrel on this one.

    Popsugar knew they didn’t have a leg to stand on with any credit card disputes. They did not deliver on what was promised to consumers. Period. They are only accepting returns because they have no other choice. With so many credit card disputes (that they would lose) and the fees associated with those disputes, Popsugar had to do something to stop the bleeding. So, accepting returns is for their benefit, not ours. I think that stinks and says a lot about their ethics as a company.

    Also, I have purchased every LE box Popsugar has started them. But, I am probably going to pass on the Summer box after this CFDA thing. When they started manipulating the retail value with Maiyet, that just felt very shady. Especially because Maiyet changed the earrings back to the real price of $295 after a day. I am guessing Popsugar put the pressure on Maiyet and they changed the price to $395 so Popsugar could avoid credit card disputes. However, I am also guessing, that after some thought Maiyet realized this hurts their business and reputation, so they put the price back to the real price of $295. This “doctoring of the books” makes me feel very icky about purchasing the summer box.

    • I couldn’t have said this better myself. I completely agree that at $50-75 per credit card dispute + the fact that they need to maintain a certain credit – credit dispute ration to keep with the banks, they had their hands forced. I reached out to Maiyet and commended them for honoring the pricing they had originally on their site – and wished them well for their business. I do hope this brand gets some positive PR for this fiasco. They were really grateful for the comments.

    • I was wondering whether the CFDA debacle would have a chilling effect on upcoming purchases of LE boxes and new or renewing subscribers. I was surprised that so many people commenting are very excited about the summer LE box in spite of PS’s questionable motives for sending out such a wildly overvalued and misrepresented box.

      • I was planning to buy the Summer LE but after being burned by the CFDA disaster (both the “curation” and the initial PSMH response, although them later offering a refund was a welcomed surprise), I cancelled my monthly membership and won’t be buying the Summer box.

      • Don’t the LE boxed usually sell out within minutes/hours? Cuz I just checked and the summer box is still available. Looks like this really affected them. Though, I’m sure they will sell out eventually.

    • me too. wish this was a $100 box.

  22. Is anyone actually planning on keeping their box? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say that yet…

  23. I must be in the minority because I think the stuff is cute. I love the earrings and the lipstick- what an adorable tube design. Reminds me of a pineapple. I would not have paid $200, but I would have shelled out $100 easy.

    • That’s the point. It’s a GREAT $100 box. I like the stuff. It’s not a decent $200 box.

  24. I just read on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom that Popsugar is offering full refunds on this box, due to a discrepancy in the value. You might want to follow up on this.

  25. How do you swap.
    Started a 6 month sub starting this May and bought this box, everything I see is disappointing.
    If you want to but this box let me know.
    I will be cancelling my sub. I feel like I joined as it went sour.

  26. If anyone wants to purchase an unopened box reply with your email. I will give you a deal!

    • Hey Anna, i would love to purchase the box at a discount, however, it looks like you can return your box if unopened for a full refund. You may want to explore that option instead of selling it. But if you cant send it back and still want to make a deal, here is my email. [email protected].

  27. Hey Liz, apparently popsugar must have is offering to email return labels and giving a refund of the CFDA box if unused. Thought I would let you know so you could tell everyone who is upset. Just have to email popsugar MH customer support and ask for a return label.

    • Thanks – just updated this post with that info!

  28. I’m returning mine too. I’m so relieved I don’t have to live with my $200 mistake!

  29. Hopefully they don’t lighten the value and goods in the monthly boxes to recoup their costs. 7 out of the past 8 PSLE boxes have been ill received but this underhandedness takes the cake. Their lying during the Dec. fiasco really frustrated me and I just now re-subscribed, if they weren’t issuing refunds I would probably cancel again. I was contemplating the Summer LE because unlike most I loved last years, but I think I’ll just be content with Liz’s and Zoe’s boxes.

    • That’s what’s so disappointing about this box. They’ve been on a roll (IMO) with the monthly boxes all year. That’s why I didn’t hesitate on this one even though the pricepoint was so steep.

  30. Popsugar is letting me return- sent a return a label.

  31. I would like to return mine. And i did email them but still havent heard back yet. I really hope they are truly doing this for the unhappy people. Since they were possibly kind enough to recognize the mistake and upset it caused, i will probably get the summer box. And be hopeful πŸ™‚

  32. The commenters on the PopSugar facebook page are receiving responses just now asking each of them to reach out to customer support to help with this “experience.” FYI.

  33. This is my Email from PopSugar:

    Thanks for reaching out. We’re bummed that you were not thrilled with the contents of your CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box. Our team and all of the vendors’ teams worked really hard on curating items that we know people would enjoy, but it looks like we missed the mark with you. In this case we are offering the option for customers to return complete and unused boxes for a full refund. The refund will be granted once the box is received. We have attached a prepaid return label to send the box back to us. Please let us know if there is anything else we can address or assist with.

    There’s no culpability here! Clearly I have no taste (and can’t add). The only they’re offering the refund is because their FB is clogged with complaints! I, am bummed! What a waste of time and energy!

    • Would be more honest to say “but it looks like we missed the mark with you …and 98% of our subscribers.”

      I foresee a future popsugar promo: Sign up for 12 months of popsugar and receive a pair of poison dart earrings for free! Retail value $395. Note: prices may vary, apparently by a whole lot!

      • Hahahahaha . . . . I’m sorry but that was funny! Thanks I needed that laugh after this whole thing (glad I am able to get a refund though).

      • I just laughed out loud!! Awesome!

      • Ha ha! Either that, or we know what we’ll be getting in some of our monthly boxes over the next several months! πŸ™‚

    • Their email to customers actually kind of ticks me off. Like you said, no culpability. Instead of taking responsibility for not delivering what they promised, they put the blame on the customers. “Sorry you didn’t like it.” That’s not right. I’d respect them more if they actually were honest and apologized for real by saying that they had some snags with the curation, missed the mark and didn’t deliver as promised. Instead, they make it seem like each customer had the problem and they are doing a big customer service favor by accepting returns. Not right at all.

  34. Totally returning! πŸ™‚ no way I’m keeping this and I’ll be $200 richer!!

  35. After sending an email to PopSugar explaining my disappointment, they responded saying they are offering a full refund if I send the “complete and unused box” back with the prepaid shipping label they provided.

    I am disappointed that it is not what they advertised and I am not recieving cool products, but I appreciate that I have the ability to get a refund.

    ​​Something Gold, Something Blue

    • Please send the message over to us all! I want to see this in writing because up until now its been nothing but…sorry you didnt like it, tough! not really, but that is the flavor of the messages back! LOL

  36. I think this was a appropriate gesture for PSMH and I will be returning my box. I am still sad though, I have been looking forward to this box for weeks. We ordered this as my mothers day gift so I’ve been super excited I wish the designers would have stepped up and helped Popsugar out by donating a couple additional products that were reflective of the boxes description. I also feel bad for Maiyet who had the best item in the box, but looked terrible with the pricing discrepancy and paired with all of the subpar items.

    • I wouldn’t feel sorry for a company who expected hundreds of dollars for the same type of earrings you could find at Claires.

  37. Will be returning the unopened box without hesitation.

    • The email says”complete and unused” not unopened. I think it’s only fair to have a look before making a final decision. Pretty sure it’s going back though. I was so excited …

      • Yes, sorry! Didn’t mean to mislead by my wording. I just meant that personally, I won’t even bother to open it. Gonna slap that label on and return to sender.

  38. I am returning mine! I am so happy about getting my money back! But if anyone can’t get a refund and wants to sell their market bag, email me [email protected]. I kind of really want that.

  39. So happy for everyone who stood up to them!!! Now they need to change their policies are reveal the hero product on these limited edition boxes.

  40. someone just post on Facebook that Popsugar sent them an email and ARE allowing the boxes to be returned!!! Check it out!

  41. I’m glad you all can get a refund if you want one. Now it seems Popsugar has let down their customers, the smaller brands in the box, and the charity they were supporting.

    The mysterious price changing earrings are really the icing on the cake. Now if Maiyet sold any yesterday at $395 they will have their own problems.

    • I’m not very familiar with CFDA, but I have wondered how this debacle will affect them.

  42. The only thing I want to keep is the tote, but I’m not sure that makes opening it worth it. e-mail me at [email protected] if you’re interested

    • Oh wow, the return option! Yes. Definitely not opening it in that case.

  43. I will be returning mine!!!!! Who else will be returning? I’m super curious as to how many boxes they will be getting back.

    • I will be returning too!

    • I will be returning mine! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, also returning!

    • returning!!

      • Returning also. Which is a bummer because I do not hate the items I just hate that the box was not what it was supposed to be and not what I wanted to spend $200 on.

    • I’m returning mine, too! I haven’t received a label yet, but I’ve sent my email requesting one. Hopefully the label & the box will be here soon and I’ll be one step closer to recouping my money!

    • I am, geez what a hot mess.

  44. Good for you guys for staying on them and getting a refund! I’m glad they listened to their customers.

    • To be fair, if they didn’t then they would run into problems with charge backs: (1) $50-75 cost each and (2) only a certain ratio (charges vs chargebacks) allowed before implications with their bank.

      I’m glad we can send this back. I would have loved it as a $100 box (but at the $200 it’s going back).

  45. Why were we asked for our clothing & shoe sizes when we signed up for this box if no real fashion was included?

    • There’s really too much variability with sizing, and one-size-fits-all items (from underwear to bathrobes) have not fared well in subscription boxes.

      If they went as far as to try sending out shoes, they’d have to accommodate each and every one of their subscribers’ foot length, arch, and width, and even then they’d still get it wrong on account of variation between brands and vanity sizing (it’s weird that this isn’t more regulated).

      I expect it would be the same with any clothing item. Half of the time I order something for myself online that I think will fit (tape measure in hand and sizing chart on screen), I end up having to send it back. I can’t imagine trying to orchestrate that on a large scale for other people, but I admit it would be freaking amazing if subscription boxes could somehow get it right.

      • they could have done vouchers for a item such as a pair of shoes, this way subscribers could order their size.

  46. Just got my email with the prepaid postage too! So thankful. I wonder what they are going to do with all the returns??? Maybe some of these products will be sprinkled in other future boxes.

    • Maybe! But I’m fine with that. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the items, it was the misrepresentation of what the box would be about.

    • This just made my day! Thank you!

    • How long did it take you to get the email? I emailed them around 4pm EST requesting a refund and haven’t heard back…

      • Hours! Don’t worry, if they’re doing it for one they’re doing it for all! If you don’t get one in 24 hours try posting on their fb page!

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