POPSUGAR Must Have CFDA Full Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

UPDATE: Many readers have reported that they are able to return the box (as long as none of the items are used) for a refund.

Thank you Jacklyn for sharing these spoiler pictures with us for the Limited Edition CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have box:

csda-1 csda-2

And thanks Lesley for giving us the item breakdown:

maiyet poison dart earrings 395.00
anna sui lipstick $30 colors vary
marc by marc jacobs logo bangle $80
milly nail polish set $36 3 colors
the woman I wanted to be by Diane von Furstenberg $28.
apolis+claire v. market bag $68.00 burlap with leather straps merci beau coup on front

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m not sure what I was expecting since they’ve never done a box like this before, but this isn’t exactly what I was imagining/hoping for. I’ll hold off on judgment until I have it in my hands!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box was one giant raspberry!! I am SO glad the rational side of me convinced the impulsive side of me to skip this one. I figured there would be at least one jewelry and one make-up item, but I was shocked a handbag or unique designer fascinator or stylish hat wasn’t included.

    • I guess that’s what I was expecting, as well. A hat, maybe a really pretty printed scarf. The tote–somehow, I KNEW it was going to be a plain tote, but I really wanted it to be a cute clutch.
      I just thought there would be something in this box that would be really unique to the box. The bag is maybe supposed to be, but it’s just not special enough to feel exclusive.

  2. Dodged a bullet when this sold out {sorry to those who got this box, I know you are really disappointed, as I would be}. I’d send PS emails & let them know this box does not live up to their advertising in any way…it’s an incredibly sad box for $195, especially when promised $600. A book? Nail polish? Just doesn’t cut it in my opinion…good luck to all of you!!!!

  3. I’m going to carry that bag and wear those earrings every day for a year as punishment for wasting my hard earned money!

    • Haha me too! And wear that lipstick no matter how awful the color looks on me!

    • I’m sorry you have this sadbox, but your comment made me laugh out loud 🙂 I will totally remember that next time I’m tempted by a limited edition…

      • LOL. This box is sad indeed…

  4. I was at work and for some reason the pop sugar site wasn’t letting me sign in so I was going to wait til I got home to buy. Of course it sold out and I was kicking myself! I consoled myself with getting the luxor box. Boy am I glad it worked out that way! I wasn’t sure about the luxor box til I received it and truly everything is high quality! The earrings are just gorgeous!! Soo sparkly and you can tell high quality materials. These earrings fall flat compared to the ones in luxor! This seems like a $100 box and not all that original, I thought they said fashion and home? I don’t see it!

    • Emailed!

  5. I was so disappointed when I missed out on this box. I’ve purchased every Popsugar SE box since they started doing them, and when I went to buy this one, they were sold out.

    Boy, am I glad now that I missed it. This might be the worst SE box Popsugar has ever done – even worse than the Fall 2014 SE box and that’s saying something. They promised a value at over $600 worth of items. This box is less than $500 (and even that is really over-inflated – $68 for a burlap bag? $300 for gold-plated stud earrings?? Way over-inflated!).

    Here’s what I got for the items:

    -Apolis + Clare V Burlap Bag: $68
    -Maiyet Earrings: $295 (on their own website, not $395 as Popsugar says)
    -Anna Sui Lipstick: $30
    -DVF Book: $17.77 (on Amazon)
    -Marc Jacobs License Plate Logo Bangle: $43.98 (I actually saw this on sale at Nordstrom not too long ago for this price.)
    -Milly Nail Polish: $36

    That totals $490.75 by my calculations.

    Since Popsugar promised over $600 retail value, and they didn’t deliver on that promise, I bet those that bought it could dispute the charge with their credit card companies. Because, even with the actual retail costs of each item, the box only comes to $537 (since PS lied on their card about the retail price of the bracelet, when the manufacture’s website says it’s $100 less at full price).

    I’d totally dispute this one!

    • I feel the same way. I actually bought that bangle at TJ Maxx for $30 last week. This is supposed to be a special box and this one feels like a total rip off.

    • To be fair to PS, the earrings were listed at $395 on Net-a-Porter and are now listed as sold out.

      • They’re listed on the actual company site for $295. I feel like Net a Porter may have had them priced incorrectly? Even still, for that much money I would expect actual gold, not gold plating..

    • Ummm….I complained on PS’s website about the $295 earrings. They got the designer to up the price to $395 on the website now. Crazy.

  6. So depressed about this. I mean where is the fashion? Basically reiterating what everyone else said. I just posted on FB and encourage everyone else to do so.

  7. Hi Liz – have you heard from anyone who put ‘no’ on their preferences re pierced earrings? Is there any chance they sent alternate items to people who do not have pierced ears? It seems like a lot of people do not have pierced ears – and they should know that (especially since they include in their preferences). . . So it seems crazy that would be their high ticket item? Especially at an inflated value ($295 not $395). I am super confused on this one.

  8. I love popsugar so much..

    with that being said, i’m glad i didn’t get this box. I got the resort box and loved it and I was really dissappointed when this box was announced and I didn’t have the funds to get it. If there would’ve been extra money I would’ve gotten this box. I’d say it turns me away from the summer box, but it doesnt. i still have faith in popsugar even though this box is so so so sucky..

  9. Is this a joke? Ugh I think I finally learned my lesson. No.more.boxes.for.me.

  10. I have been trying to be more disciplined with the PopSugar LE’s ever since I wasted (typo and it stays) I mean spent $250 on the Niemann Marcus Holiday Box. Because of my new “thought process” I missed out on the Fitness Box which I wish that I had gotten. I feel bad for those who were so looking forward to this box and will be disappointed– I know the feeling from my NM loss…

    • Emailed!

  11. The Neiman Marcus 2014 box was my first LE box and I was so disappointed but thought it was a one time thing since all the other boxes were phenomenal. I hesitated on this box but ordered it anyway because I really liked the most recent resort box and I think their monthly boxes have been awesome. Also, it’s the CFDA! I was expecting so much more. Those earrings are cute and the only thing saving this box but WAY overvalued. I cannot believe they put a book in this box. It’s not a bad book, but not what was promised when promoting this box. There should be an accessory in there from DVF. I don’t think lipstick should have been included. Lipstick is so personal it would be hard to get the right match for people. Even a gloss would have been a better idea. And the nail polish, they might as well have included another blue clutch. The MJ bracelet is okay, I expected something like that, this one’s just not my personal taste. I’m so sad because now I definitely won’t be ordering the summer box. I don’t always expect to love everything in each PS box, but it’s usually a great gift item if it’s not for me. Am I in the minority here? Sorry for the rant, I was really expecting a lux box. This is just the same thing with designer logo’s. If anyone is interested in my box or pieces of it, please respond to my comment. My apologies if I offended anyone. I have just been a huge Popsugar advocate and would have felt horrible if any of my friends would have ended up spending the money on this box.

    • I totally agree with you. We are the majority for sure. And a book? About DVF, no thanks, I want her clothing or accessories. But a book??! Not interested. At all.

  12. Sooo glad I didn’t get this one! Now I am rethinking the Summer LE. I guess they shouldn’t have leaked the contents before that one goes on Sale this week. Almost $400 for those earrings is a complete joke!

  13. I just sent them this, doing my own breakdown-

    Hello, I am incredibly disappointed in the CFDA box. It is nothing like what was described, nor does it meet the expected value.

    Maiyet poison dart earrings- these retail for $295, not $395. If you add the value up just with this difference, it’s less than the $600 promised value.

    To be honest, I’m in the jewelry business. Those are gold plated earrings! They aren’t even gold-filled. It’s a ridiculously inflated value. Not to mention that many people don’t even have pierced ears, myself included, due to a severe metal allergy.

    If we continue on-

    The Marc Jacobs Bangle- has been available for $30 at TJ Maxx for a while now.

    The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane von Furstenberg- $17.77 on Amazon, not $28

    I’ll go with your values of $30 for the lipstick, $36 for the polish, and $68 for the bag.

    Total value- $476.77 And none of these are new brands, or an experience to new fashion or fashion at all for that matter. Something needs to be done to fix this box.

    • I hope it is ok, but I just copied your e-mail and adjusted it in my own words. I think they need to hear from more people about this.

      • I was thinking about doing the same thing – I’m having some serious buyers remorse!

      • Absolutely, it’s okay! They need to know that they need to stop effing people over.

    • What email address did you send this to? I want to send an email too. This is ridiculous and I think they need to hear from all of us. This makes me never want to purchase a box from them again.

      • I just sent a similarly worded email to [email protected] since that’s the CS email listed in the ship confirmation message I received. Very disappointed as well and I definitely feel duped for the price paid. :/ I know we agree to the mystery aspect and it’s less about the actual items being a let down than them not meeting the stated box value.

    • I also sent an email expressing very similar points. Ugh what a misleading disappointment.

      • Oye sad to see so many people disappointed. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this box but this certainly was not it. On the positive side at least some of the funds went to charity. Wonder if you send an email to CFDA if you ll get more of a response. I m totally seeing Popsugar just sending a super generic sorry you didn’t like it response. Sad because this box could have been amazing, I m wondering if designers weren’t interested in contributing or what happened here.

    • I am so glad you’re sending this email. Because as someone that does not have pierced ears, I would have felt awful having ordered this and having the big ticket item be earrings. Having pierced ears should not be an assumption of being a woman. Necklaces and bracelets are completely different pieces of jewelry because they do not go in your skin, which makes my skin intolerant to have earrings.

      Also that bag, while marginally cute, looks cheap.

    • They told me that the earrings were $395. Even so, the value is still under the $600 promised

  14. Lol. Popsugar made people pay 200 for this!!

    • They paid $295!

      • Edited to add that for some non-US subscribers, the shipping cost pushed the total cost closer to $295.

  15. Man. Popsugar really did not deliver

    • Okay, I haven’t got my box yet but the Anna Sui lipstick is a pretty thing, (depends on the color I get). The March Jacobs bangles look cute, I might wear it. The nail polishes….. egh, the colors look cute, but did I pay $295 on this box for some nail polishes? I don’t think so. The market bag, nice bag for the market but would I ever spend $68 for a grocery bag? … no and it’s totally superfluous.

      And the earrings… seriously, I can pick those up at Claires. And it sucks even more that it takes up over half the value of the box.

      I can’t believe connection to the Counsel of Fashion Designers of America results in such a disapointing box. Nothing about this box feels like the edge of fashion to me. Nada.

      Yes the products aren’t all bad, but did I wish I spent $200 on something I love instead of this? Yes. I know it’s a mystery box, but the reason I get subscription boxes is that they surprise me with some awesome goodies and give me things I love at a great value.

      I’m not going to purchase another LE box from Popsugar. Rachel Zoe box was so much better at half the cost!
      I will be putting some items or the entire box on the swap site for anyone who is interested.

  16. This box is a total bust for me and I was more excited for this one than I have ever been.

    Expected up and coming designers and to be more about “fashion” , the beauty items are unexpected and unwanted.

    Guess they needed to correct us on the varied perspective of fashion.

    With the value being incorrect and lost on the “fashion” advertising I feel like I was mislead.

    Will sale the box sealed if anyone is interested 🙂

    • Would be interested in 2 pieces, if you decide to break it up. Please email me at [email protected]

  17. At the time it went on sale I had wished I had enough money to buy it, but now I am glad u didn’t. Very disappointing, I really thought it would be fabulous. Those earrings are insanely inflated ! I bought a pair of gold and diamond earrings for a little less than that. Also the shopping bag is way too expensive, who would really spend that on a burlap bag ! That’s insane. The only thing I like is the bangle bracelet. Its just too risky with no spoilers

  18. Wow. 7 things for $200. Two of which are lipstick and nail polish. And a pair of gold plated earring that will be worth nothing. I’ll be less sad if I get a gold bangle but I, too, will not be buying future Popsugar LE boxes. Ouch.

  19. I’m SOOOOO glad I missed out on this!

  20. So that book must be huge because I can’t see what else in the box would make it weigh over 5 pounds!

    • That’s exactly what just occurred to me! It doesn’t appear to be a huge book but why else would it be so heavy?

      • Nope it is just a regular size book. I don’t think the box weighed anywhere near 5 lbs. The bag is the heaviest item which also does not make a lot of sense since you are supposed to put even more stuff inside of it.

  21. well. this is a wake-up call for the joking-but-not-really-joking-subscription “addict” in me . for less money and i could have turned around and picked out earrings, bracelet, polish, lipstick and book that i enjoyed much more.

    • Agree. I keep thinking about what I could have purchased at Nordstrom Rack for $195, and it’s making me sad. That said, I think I’m cured of my FOMO on these special edition boxes, so maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world.

    • $68 burlap market bag… _jawdrop_
      they just grabbed women by their fomo and shook em for every penny

    • I would have been really disappointed in myself if I bought this box. Something that I keep reminding myself is at the end of the day, they just want your money…i mean, it seems like popsugar has released 5 boxes in the last month alone…they are certainly raking it in.

    • I am so glad I didn’t buy this. I would have been really disappointed if I had.

      I love the earrings. But 395.00? REALLY? I just checked their site and it says ” Poison Dart Earrings 295.00. It’s 18K gold plated brass. If these suckers were gold filled or solid gold, that’s a totally different story.

      Marc by Marc Jacobs is easily found at Nordstrom Rack for really cheap. I bought a bracelet similar to this awhile ago for 20 dollars on clearance.

      I know that some people are going to look on the bright side, and that’s totally cool. The bag is cool.. but I wouldn’t use it grocery shopping which is entirely what it looks like it’s used for. Maybe the beach? This is a let down for sure.

  22. OMG I almost cried when I missed this box but now… wow! I am SOOOO happy I’m a procrastinator.
    1) Lipstick and nail polish isn’t my idea of a fashion item… With what they were charging, I expected a MUCH more special, curated box
    2) Those earrings are pretty but are listed for $295 on the website- so they’re lying about $100!
    3) I just bought one of those bangles at TJ Maxx for $30…
    4) Nothing in this box screams fashion, literally nothing.

  23. This is definitely a disappointing box. This isn’t the range of fashion pieces I would have expected from the CFDA box. I was thinking there’d be a cool tee or scarf or hat, not nail poilish and lipstick. That doesn’t sound like special edition stuff. Nor is it very well rounded. And I hate that the bulk of the value is from a pair of plain earrings that no would pay full price for. Especially if the earring value is listed for lower sale price already. I agree with everyone about the the LE boxes. I won’t be doing anymore. I’d like to sell this box but would anyone else even pay the $195 for it?

  24. While it’s ‘ok’ it’s certainly not $600 worth of items, it’s barely the $200. If you’re going to have one of the items be 2/3 the value of the box, that item better be stunning! How many high-end bags could they have put in there? Or at least a unique piece of jewelry. I like the earrings and will wear them, but they’re no $400. I’ll probably wear the bangle too, but I could have bought both of them for less.
    This was my first and last LE box, for sure.

  25. I kinda feel lucky that I missed this box.

  26. Sorry, but those earrings look like something I could find at Forever 21. Even gold-plated, I don’t see the value, name brand or not.

    I think Rachel Zoe has the right idea: give people a major spoiler and surprise them with the rest… I’ve been disappointed too many times with PS boxes to ever buy one without a definitive (and not “theme”) spoiler again.

    • I agree, her first box was very luxe. The second box has the spoiler of the white purse, even though I dont usually wear white, I think I’ll take a chance on getting it, and skipping the next LE popsugar, because at least I know one item is a purse verses earrings I cant wear. Also the zoya nail polishes in a zoe box was a cute addition that was well thought out.

  27. and Marc by Marc Jacobs is now defunct…so that’s cool too.

    • Oy! They’ll probably try to spin it as being a “collector’s item” or some nonsense.

  28. Liking my Luxor box at half the price a lot more now that I see this. I would not have liked this box much.

    • The Luxor box still sucked. Three items from the same brand? Ugghh.

      • I actually thought that the Luxor Box was pretty good– 7 items for $95. The 3 “same brand” items were all full-sized and I think that most people can use an exfoliating scrub, lip cream, and body nectar. I wouldn’t put it down just because 3 items are the same brand. From what I can see more people seem to be happy with the Luxor Box than with this PS box…

  29. This sold out before i had a chance to purchase. Which is great news for me since my ears are not pierced. It’s really disappointing that the high value item is fashion item that that some of us are unable to wear, i will have to keep that in mind for other fashion boxes as well. The rest of the items barely recoups the retail value. Not quite what i was expecting.

  30. Well, the house won on this one. I’m not going to whine too much because I know I chose to spend $195 on a complete unknown. But definitely not what I was hoping for. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s really more like a $100 box since half the proceeds go to charity.

  31. I am beyond disappointed in this box, I don’t have pierced ears and the rest seems underwhelming. Will also sell if someone wants mine, it hasn’t even arrived yet.

  32. Glad I missed out on this one…thought it would be more actual fashion items. The earrings are nice, but even with the high price tag I don’t think they make up for the pretty boring items in the rest of the box. This is the second PopSugar LE that has disappointed me. I think I’m going to skip the LE’s from now on and just keep my Rachael Zoe subscription.

  33. Wow. Im pretty sad i got this. The earrings when googled pop up at $100 less. I feel like they were very misleading about this box. I wont buy the summer box. Id rather individually buy whatever they send out. This box was not worth $200. Maybe $100. Ugh

  34. The earrings are listed for $295 on the brand site. Yikes! Very interesting items but I don’t see the value for me.

    • WHAT???

      So the box is even coming in at below promised value??

      :: stunned::

  35. Seriously?? $400 earrings? Between this and the OuiPlease debacle, I feel like a chump! My sub addiction is officially over.

    • I totally agree on the Oui Please box….huge disappointment. So glad I didn’t get this box.

    • And they’re only gold-plated! GAH!

  36. Cute stuff.. but not mad at my self for not getting it!

  37. I was disappointed when I didn’t get one of these on launch, but am now quite pleased.

    I don’t wear gold, and am not into flashing logos. This would have been a bad fit for me – zero items I would purchase.

    I’m now debating whether or not to purchase the summer box.

  38. I didn’t get this one, too expensive, and now im glad! From the description I thought there would be more emerging designer made items like a handbag, plates, napkins, stuff ive never seen before that’s really unique you know? Not beauty items or a book.

  39. I got the box and I’m not super excited about it. I feel like there are so many makeup boxes out there that having 2 items in this box is kind of disappointing. Unless they are die worthy I think I will be swapping these out. I’m hoping I like the bangle in person as much as in the picture or I think this box is a loss for me. I was really hoping for emerging fashion designer accessories 🙁

  40. I was so disappointed I missed this box but honestly it wouldnt have been a good fit for me so Im glad I didnt get it. I do know people who would love this though 🙂

  41. Wow, that’s it?! I’m super disappointed. Guess I’ll try to sell some it to recover part of the cost. I was planning on buying Summer LE box, but now I don’t know 🙁

  42. I wish I would of saved my money now . Can’t believe the earring are $400 and the bag is $80 really why does that bag even cost much. Definitely won’t be getting the next one they have. Not excited

  43. Hope they’re kidding about those earrings – they sell for $100 less. Puts box below promised value? I don’t recall how much they said. Correct me if I am wrong!

    • That does put the box at $537 retail value – very deceptive. You can buy the earrings on the Maiyet site for $295 full price.

      • Please remove my email address from above – thanks!

  44. i am looking to sell the whole box! please let me know if you are interested!

  45. If anyone wants this box in full let me know. I’ll be tradiing the whole thing or selling it. I don’t wear gold jewelry and none of the other stuff makes the box worth it to keep.

  46. I got this and do not have pierced ears!! Anyone who wants to buy the box unopened please let me know and I will ship it directly to you once I get it!!! Or I will sell or trade the earrings? So sad!!!

    • I just received an email from Pop Sugar that they will be accepting returns of the full box if received by May 27th.

      • Did you contact them directly for a return? I think I want to just return my full box as well. will they be supplying a return label or is the return at our expense? So disappointed…

  47. The Popsugar next LE box will be out soon, based on this box and the earrings being the highest value, I’m not sure if I want to take a chance on it, without seeing a spoiler first.

  48. I am happy I missed this one but I hope those that got it love!

    • I agree!

      • Glad I passed too!

    • Ditto!

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