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Oui Please Vol 1.3 Shipping Updates

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Oui Please - A Breath of Provence - Cover

A few readers asked me to find out the status of the Vol 1.3 Oui Please boxes (regarding shipping). I reached out to Oui Please and got this response:

Vol 1.3 is ready to ship, the shipping is in process, due to sensitive and fragile items in the boxes we want make sure that Oui Please subscribers receive their box without any damages during the transportation. The Safety of each packages it’s our priority.
Each Fedex tracking number will be activate very soon and you will be able to track your package as well.
So hopefully we’ll get tracking info soon – and now I’m curious about these fragile items! Any guesses?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

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  1. I am jealous of those who have gotten the prompt responses. I have emailed about issues with the Mother’s Day boxes for myself and for a gifted box with low values (around $200 when they promised a value of double the box cost). Their 1.1 and 1.2 had random values for the boxes and box envy was a result; this is me wanting what I was told I would be purchasing. And now with no resolution to that, I asked for a full refund for my annual sub. No reply still. They’re also not answering on FB today.

    • I was in the same situation. Re-emailed today and asked if they were going to fix the Mother’s Day box, or if I should initiate a charge back through my credit card, and surprise surprise, I got an email back immediately saying they would send something out to raise the value of the box.

  2. I’m still willing to cut these guys some slack. They are new to the sub business and I bet don’t have a PR person to handle matters just like Frenchbox. Plus Oui Please does a really amazing box! Most of these companies (but not all) seem to be trying to do the right thing. What I couldn’t forgive is a well established company like PopSugar sending out that awful CFDA or whatever box for $200. I now understand that after numerous complaints they are willing to take it back if nothing in the box has been used.

    • I mean sure. But FOUR different excuses?!
      – they were updating their systems
      – we are packing fragile items
      -oh some people had their packages lost
      -wellllll stuff is locked up in customs

      I’m disappointed in popsugar for sure but at least items were sent out and not four different lies. Maybe because I paid for a year but it’s tough to give slack with all their smoke…

      Just my two cents

      • Ok, I went back and read comments and emails, and I think I’ve got it.

        1. They flat out lied about parcels being lost. They (1.3) were never shipped. Unless they had something being shipped to them lost, there is no other way to interpret this.
        2. The story about their system being down was likely another lie. They were stalling. Unless by system they meant them as a company, and in that case I’d say they’re still down.
        3. They were packing fragile items was probaldly another lie. They were stalling. Or maybe some of the items are fragile, and they were packing those, but it was still a stall since they still didn’t have the rest of the box to pack.
        4. Stuff being in customs may be true, may be false. Not enough information yet. But they did say that we would have new tracking numbers by the end of the week- not boxes would be shipped by the end of the week.
        5. They are refusing to email subscribers en masse to tell them what is going on. I have absolutely NO idea why. Neither does anyone else.
        6. In the middle of box time, they sold another box. This box has shipped to some people, but not others. Inside the box were some items they said were for 1.3, and some items from past boxes- aka items they had in stock because they were selling them in their website.

        So, now that I’ve listed the facts (as I see them), I have three theories.
        1) They (incorrectly) think it is better to stall and smoke screen subscribers while they are desperately trying to get the box out, with good reasons for the delay, and do intend and will get the box out. OR
        2) They didn’t handle their money well/it cost them more than they expected to get the first two boxes out, so they didn’t have enough funds to buy what they needed for the third box, so they sold some extra boxes to get some cash, ordered late, and are desperately trying to cover themselves for being in the weeds, but fully intend to follow through and get the boxes out, and will do so. OR
        3) They decided at some point to walk away. They sold what stock they had in the Mother’s Day box, but didn’t send them all out because they ran out of stock. Now they are sending out messages as needed to try to delay people from filing with their cc until after the deadline, so they have to return as little money as possible. Posts are automatically updating from past work, not actively being posted by a person. Responses to inquiries are designed to delay cc filing at all cost.

        This will be my first ouiplease box. I am super excited to get it. That’s all any one of us wants- to be their customer.

        • Great insight. I agree. I’m hoping we get our boxes but you know I’m starting to think I need to contact my CC company and call it a day. I don’t think a dishonest company should get a dime from me. I don’t care about caramels that much lol

  3. I just cancelled my subscription and disputed with my cc company because in four days they would be billing for my next box. My window of opportunity was closing on a dispute since they billed for this box almost 60 days ago.

    I am sad. I loved the last box but I just can’t take a $150 chance. If they can smooth out their issues then I’d be happy to re-subscribe.

  4. Has anyone heard of anyone who received the April box or has received tracking that has really shipped yet? I purchased (and paid for) a whole year and April was supposed to be my first box… I’m getting concerned at this point since they have a lot of my money & I’m not sure how long after paying for the whole year I can actually get my money back from my credit card company. They have been replying on Facebook that some people have lost parcels and to contact them directly for a replacement…but it looks like they really haven’t shipped any of them out yet? I’m waiting for an email response and getting anxious!

    • I also paid for a year subscription and April was to be my first box. I ordered and received the Mother’s Day box, but am getting very concerned about this sub at this point.

  5. I don’t get Oui Please and have only been following this loosely but I do deal with customs on a daily basis. I work on global clinical trials shipping experimental refrigerated medication all over the world. There is seriously nothing harder to get somewhere and the longest I have ever had something sit in customs is 2 weeks. And those items were traveling to Belarus and South Africa by way of Dubai. There is no way they have had stuff sitting in French or Ameircan customs this long unless it was coming into California by way of boat when the ports were on strike last month.

    • That is not encouraging….

    • I did get a message from them this morning that the package went through customs and they would be shipping by the end of the week… I have been communicating with them and they honestly have been prompt and informative. For me the big thing is that they have been contradictory on facebook, which is really weird. But through emails they have been prompt and answered all my questions.
      I also honestly don’t care when the package comes, as long as it comes before the beginning of June as I am moving.
      I told them this and wanted to know if I needed to give them my new address or what.
      To be perfectly honest, I am not sure when any of my quarterly or bi monthly boxes are supposed to come (except Rachel Zoe, because when I bought it, it said it would ship 1st of July.) So until I saw these messages, I never even realized it was running late.
      I just recently added both Oui and Rachel Zoe, so both of these will be first time boxes and I am VERY excited.
      Especially as my past three boxes (April Sample Society, Fab Fit Fun and now CFDA have all been major disappointments)

      Oh well. Hope this helps clear up shipping issues for anyone. And I do hope it does ship soon as I am very excited and also very much in need of a good sub box, to relift my spirits haha…

      • Thank you for posting this. I paid for an annual back in Dec, and have been saving these messages. I recently disputed some charges totalling $20+ for for closing their doors and I have about 35 cards unused. Real paper cards. Chase wanted detailed communication and snapshots of my accounts before they closed. Luckily I had a dispuge with them because they messed up a bunch of my Christmas cards. I cannot imagine disputing almost $400 on this one.

        • I really hope this is true and not another misleading response from them. I am beyond the threshold for getting a refund, having sprung for a yearly sub back in March. I’d feel pretty stupid if I spent all that money and never got a single box. Hopefully they resolve it soon, but it makes me worried about every box to follow.

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          • I got an email from them today stating that their items had been stuck in customs in Cincinnati, but they cleared this morning, and I should receive a tracking number by the end of the week.

  6. For what it’s worth, they have emailed me back twice, both times promptly. They said the products are still in customs.

    I’m not sure what was up with the stories about boxes being lost, needing to package carefully, or their system being shut down for updates. But I am willing to believe stuff is stuck in shipping. Whether that is because they didn’t have enough money to order everything when they needed to and decided to do the Mother’s Day box to get some cash by filling them with stock items they had already bought for their shop and 1.3, and then ordered the rest late, or are just are genuinely having a difficult time getting the products into the U.S., I don’t know.

    I hear the people who are doing charge backs, but I just so want this box that I’m holding out. And if the customs story is true just think, if these products are so difficult for a big company to get into the company imagine how hard it would be for us to get them in!

  7. If you have received a Fed Ex Tracking # for the 1.3 box, it is useless. Oui Please is going reprint labels once the box finally ships. Unfortunately, they don’t have any more clue than the man in the moon as to exactly when that will be!! The items stuck in customs could be released tomorrow, or 2 weeks from now.

    I just wish Oui Please had been honest from the start and told all of us about the customs fiasco right away. I think we all would have been understanding and they could have definitely saved themselves the big black eye this mess is earning them. Granted, no company wants to admit it can’t meet a promised deadline, but the reason was understandable. Part of the shipment got stuck in customs. It happens, especially if the product was shipped into a port that has been experiencing work slowdowns and strikes. This means the shipment could have been sitting in a ship’s cargo hold for weeks, just offshore. So it was technically “here” in plenty of time, but maybe wasn’t unloaded until 10 days ago, and then it has to clear customs- which is probably also backed up- hence the delay.

    • Actually, they claim (now) that the original bi-monthly boxes were lost in transit. The boxes themselves were never stuck in customs; it’s the replacement items for the allegedly lost original boxes that are now “stuck” and will need to be packaged into boxes once they clear customs. Keep in mind that by their own admission they didn’t know boxes were missing, let alone how many, until individual subscribers contacted them late last week. So it’s pretty difficult to believe they knew to order a specific amount of replacement products when they didn’t yet know the original boxes were even missing. Unless they’re psychic. They would had to have ordered the replacement products before they knew the original boxes were missing for the “replacement” products to be “stuck” in customs (since it implies they’ve been in a customs hold for longer than normal). It also doesn’t explain why the missing Mother’s Day boxes haven’t been delivered, unless replacing those missing boxes also required ordering replacement products, which are also stuck in customs (for products one would think were already in stock since it’s a “best of” box). None of this is to say that customs delays don’t happen since we know they do. It’s just that there are too many coincidences and changing stories for this to be believable. Compounding things is their refusal to communicate with subscribers directly/affirmatively, forcing us to seek updates we can then share with others. That’s not really a subscriber responsibility but I’ll continue to provide updates if I get them so we’re not all left in the dark.

  8. Since Oui Please still hasn’t and apparently won’t contact all subscribers directly outside of social media I wanted to share the response I (finally) received today. They say that “some” boxes were lost in the original shipment and have to be replaced and now the replacement items for those boxes are stuck in customs. It will therefore likely be several more weeks before folks receive their boxes since they still have to be assembled and then shipped once they eventually clear customs.

    I haven’t seen any subscriber reviews of the bi-monthly box so I wonder if anyone has received theirs yet. My common sense says no one has gotten a box because they never shipped in the first place, but then again I’m a born skeptic (and a lawyer, so there’s that). Subscribers need to be aware of time limits for filing claims if boxes don’t arrive within the next few weeks as many credit cards do limit the time frame in which to file to as little as 8 weeks post payment. While some do have longer filing periods and even those who have more stringent timelines may make exceptions, it’s best to know the requirements up front. Considering that many were charged over 4 weeks ago, and it will likely be weeks before we receive anything (if anything comes; see, there’s that skeptic again), that doesn’t leave much time to file a claim. Of course a chargeback isn’t necessary of the company agrees to a refund but I’m a big believer in having a plan B at the ready. For some who have been longtime sub box subscribers, it happens every so often that a previously good company goes down a wrong path. Some have even disappeared into thin air after taking annual subscription payments, leaving customers with the only recourse of filing with their original payment method. I’m not saying that will be the case here because I can’t possibly know that. I say this to put mine (and others) less “patient” views into proper perspective. Then again, I wasn’t aware that patience is required after making a purchase once the delivery window ends without a delivery being made, but I digress.

    FWIW, I’m far from being a Oui Please hater. On the contrary, I’ve been a subscriber since their first box and have absolutely loved everything I’ve received so far and shared many positive reviews and comments, here and elsewhere, and even with OP directly. I’m also completely understand when companies have delays and shipping hiccups, but generally when that happens companies reach out to subscribers proactively or at least eventually, en masse, once the issue is widespread/well known. That hasn’t happened yet with Oui Please. In this situation it took me a week of sending emails and Facebook PMs to get any response and even that differed from those previously given in FB comments (their system was being updated and they couldn’t ship–some boxes were lost–boxes are stuck in customs, and now they’re all apparently lost and it’s the replacement items that are stuck in customs). When a company goes deep and silent as Oui Please appeared to have done with me and others, fails to communicate, either affirmatively or responsively yet has time to delete FB posts (others’ posts, not mine personally), and give conflicting/changing explanations for why subscribers are still waiting, it’s absolutely reasonable for subscribers to express their concern and expect a response from the company.

    I sincerely hope a box does come soon. I very much look forward to them because they’re my splurge ($150 is a decent chunk of change to treat like a donation or loan to a friend; this isn’t $10 and a missing ipsy bag we’re talking about here). But I really dislike having to chase down companies I already paid just to get a basic explanation when the good don’t arrive on time, let alone the product I paid for long ago. It’s great that some subscribers are content to wait without any communication from the company; it’s equally appropriate for others to question the shipment status, especially those who have been burned in the past by (relatively) newer subs. I tend to view my subscriptions as business transactions versus an agreement between friends. I’m all about supporting startups and am an avid etsy shopper. But at some point a business is a business and has to be held to business standards, of production, delivery and communication.

    • This is very helpful. Thank you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to post this, your explanation has helped. I too seriously doubt any original boxes were shipped due to the lack of reviews and Instagram postings. Who knows! I am a breath away from being done with sub boxes anyway.

      • I’m 99.9% confident no monthly boxes were ever shipped, let alone “replacement” boxes. They got distracted by the Mother’s Day box (which many buyers still haven’t received; I feel awful since I recommended it to 2 friends and they’ve received neither their boxes nor a response from OP yet). Believing the excuses given thus far requires believing that this company is having a most phenomenal string of bad shipping (and customs, and “systems”) luck since they claim the exact same thing happened with the Mother’s Day boxes as they say happened to the regular sub boxes, despite them being shipped separately on a different dates. Regardless whether we believe the story du jour, Mother’s Day has come and gone and if the best they can offer is “you might get a box by the end of this month” (as opposed to the end of Apr), it leaves a less than professional impression. Sadly they brought this scrutiny on themselves by not responding appropriately and failing to communicate. That simply breeds distrust.

        If nothing is delivered in the next 2 weeks keep in mind that June is another billing month, just an FYI should anyone still be waiting then. I’ve also seen several former subs do that, where they continue billing but don’t ship. I just can’t get over the fact that they still haven’t contacted ALL subscribers with an update. At the end of the day, the burden is on the company, not the buyers, to communicate and deliver the goods in a timely manner. If they can’t fulfill their end of the contract, they’re legally bound to issue refunds (or other mutually agreed upon resolution). Here it seems the burden ultimately rests on subscribers to seek out information and resolution. At some point we’ve waited long enough. How long we’re willing to wait is up to each of us. For me, unless there’s an update within the next week, including a working tracking number, I’m asking for a refund. If I don’t get a timely response, I’ll contact my credit card company.

  9. This company is really starting to annoy me. Purchasing this box was a stretch for me because it’s so expensive. I would be willing to cut them some slack if they would just be honest about what is really going on. First the packages gotten lost in delivery, then they are late because the items are fragile and need extra care, but wait now they are still clearing customs!! I keep checking IG, there is only one shot of a Mothers Day box that was delivered. No movement on the FedEx tracking number that was supplied. I have contacted them but as of yet no response.

  10. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!!

    I have two boxes coming, but I haven’t received tracking numbers for either of them!
    I’m getting a little worried since everyone seems to have at least received tracking numbers that haven’t updated.
    I sent them a email so hopefully the can tell me what’s going on with my accounts! I can’t wait for them to arrive!!

  11. I am getting anxious to receive my OuiPlease box. LOL I am not complaining as I know it wonderful. I just wish it were here already!

  12. I got my Mother’s Day box today, and I was pretty disappointed. I made a point of asking on their Facebook page what the value of the box would be, and they said double what I paid. I didn’t get anything I felt was ‘luxe’ other than a pair of earrings that I can’t wear. At best, my box has a value of $205. I didn’t get anything (That I can use) I couldn’t pick up from Marshall’s on my next trip. That was a complete and total waste of $135. I wish I had just kept the money and went shopping.

    • I felt the same way about mine. I ended up putting most of mine up for swap. I love the little gold ring I got, but no way I’d ever pay $70-80 for it!

      • Wait, I just realized that ring is supposed to be worth $110. Seriously? Not worth it! Guess that was my “big ticket” item.

  13. I emailed them last night since it looks like mine is one of the missing ones (I have a shipping label, but no movement) and they responded this morning, which I was happy with since they are probably being bombarded. They told me pretty much the same thing they said to everyone else:

    “Bonjour Adele,,

    Our sincerest apologies, we value your business and will get you out a parcel and FedEx Tracking number as soon as they are available! Our second shipment of items from Vol1.3 from France is still clearing U.S. Customs. When it arrives at the OuiPlease warehouse you will be on our list for the next shipment. We will keep you updated on the progress. Merci for your patience!”

    • I got virtually the same response, however I did receive a response with 12 hours which is pretty good all things considered.

      I also worded my email as I was waiting patiently, and I got a slightly different first sentence: “Our sincerest apologies, we value your business and appreciate your understanding in this matter.”
      Now, I am pretty upset that I haven’t gotten the box yet especially because I signed up over 2 months ago, and this is my first regular parcel. However, they seem to have really delivered an awesome value in the past, and while I’m not thrilled about all the different excuses thus far, I still believe we will get our boxes and they will be great.

      • How exactly does one get a response? I’ve tried on FB and twice using their contact form from their site and nothing. I want to know if mine is missing or if it’s one allegedly stuck in customs. Given how stringent some credit cards can be with timelines to process refunds and the fact I was charged over a month ago, I don’t think it unreasonable to ask for a status update at 5 weeks post-payment. It’s a bit difficult to “stay positive” when you’re being ignored so I’d really appreciate it if they could respond somewhere at some point.

        • I emailed [email protected] directly from the email associated with my account. I’ve emailed them this way at least three times over the past few months and have always gotten a prompt response. It is now Friday however, so you may not receive a response until Monday.

          • I’ve done it three times with no response over the last 7 days, ditto for Facebook. I’m initiating a chargeback if no response by tomorrow.

          • Hi EC.

            What type of law do you practice? I have a consumer law question. A business sent me defective items, really expensive stuff, I alerted them of it the same day and they refuse to reimburse me or replace the items. I’m going to do a blog video so people can see the items I got and let people know the company is shady when it comes to making things right.

  14. @natlovesmelody
    I agree, they really do deliver an amazing collection and the wait only makes me appreciate it all the more. More so since I can’t find these products here in states.

  15. OuiPlease has always delivered an amazing collection of goodies! It is and always will be one of my favorite boxes. Sending well wishes and support during tough business moments. Please know you have fans even if we tend to be the quiet majority. MERCI!

    • Your positivity rocks natlovesmelody… Thanks for putting positive love vibes out to the universe xoxo I too am wishing the best for them and hoping the best for us… Xo

    • I totally agree!!! I have loved every thing I have gotten in this box and it is my favorite of all I sub to. I received my mothers day box today and everything I wanted was inside!!!! I received a 1951 clutch, pop candle, perfume, the satchel, soap and a bunch of other great goodies I couldn’t be happier!!! And I cant wait until our boxes make their way to us even if they have gotten stuck in customs. Sometimes stuff happens that isnt a problem until it is a problem… like this customs snafu or what ever it is… they have always provided great quality items… and I hope that they are able to continue trucking along šŸ™‚

    • Well said! I have really enjoyed the first two Oui Please boxes I received. The products are unique and have an authentic French flair. Although I am anxious to get my box, I understand shipment delays and customs delays. I had an online business for five years, as an example there was a product I ordered from Canada on a regular basis. On average it would take 4 business days to receive the items. Well, one item in particular became very popular and I allowed the item to be back order, which I did not typically do. I advised my customers of an approximate ship date based on my usual 4 day turn around with a little padding. Well, of course customs held up the package this time for over 2 weeks. Needless to say I was completely stressed out because as time went on, I knew I was not going to be able to ship within the time frame given & had no idea when the merchandise would actually show up. I did notify my customers and let them know the situation, if you are forthcoming most people are understanding (this is something Oui Please does need to work on, my guess this experience will teach them that); although I also learned some people will never be satisfied with anything you try to do to rectify a situation. Through this experience I definitely learned a business lesson for myself. In my situation, I wanted to get the back orders out as soon as possible, I’m pretty sure Oui Please does too.

  16. I just got a response today from Oui Please, they were pretty quick to reply. I’d asked them if they knew when the packages would be clear from customs.

    “Bonjour Loan,

    We are staying in contact with customs representatives and the items are expected to clear very soon. Unfortunately we do not have an exact time or date. It’s up to customs and the FDA. We are doing all we can but we have no control over the situation. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Merci!”

    I’m was stressing on this but I’m just going to forget it for now and hope for the best!

  17. I’m irritated because Oui Please is, in my opinion, handling this wrong. The cost of the box is too high and the company too young for them to let mishaps like this happen. It’s a sub box with items primarily from another country, I expect delays from time to time. If they would just be HONEST and keep me informed frequently I don’t think there would be as much concern. If this latest customs story is true why not just send out a email letting us know? Why send out invalid tracking numbers? I got my first box from them with no issues and I would really like to continue but I can’t afford to be out of $150 with nothing to show. I’ll give it a few more days and then I’ll contact my credit card company.

  18. I tend to believe the best in people but I somewhat they meant is that some folks have not received the mother’s day box. For the Provence box I hope that they mean they have some boxes ready to go (maybe annuals) and they are waiting for Shipments for those month to month. They do really need to communicate though with subscribers to make things clear.

  19. I was not worried about my Breath of Provence parcel until now. I’ve never received an email saying they will send it out or a tracking number. However, I just thought it’s taking them a little longer and I was patient. But their reports of lost parcels and going through customs is quite confusing. I understand that parcels can go out at different times, but I haven’t even receive ANY notification. This is my first OuiPlease and I’m super excited for it. I’m hopeful it will work out but the way this is playing out, they seem to be digging a big hole for themselves. I hope they resolve this issue asap.

  20. Here is a list of items received in the Mother’s Day Box according to a poster on MUT:

    5 octobre pendant
    Charly James earrings
    Sothys morning cleanser
    Panier des Sens hand cream
    Rose et Marius soap
    Marlette financier mix
    Le benefique tea
    Atelier Cologne vanille spray
    Popup candle
    Lavender flowers sachet
    Charlotte Sometimes wallet

    I should receive my box tomorrow.

    • I posted in the other thread…

      I got all the same EXCEPT instead of the wallet, financier mix, cleanser, and pendant, I got a petite sweater. I am sure they were trying to match up values, but a sized item unfortunately lessens the value of the box because we can’t use it (I am all torso). I would have loved an item with lower value instead. Hm. I wonder if they would let me exchange.

      The rest of the box is lovely, though.

    • the mother day box looks to be items form the previous boxes. not cool! left over items….

      • I believe that was made clear in their advertisement.

      • I figured that the items would be items from past boxes but are not on sale on the website. I did not buy one since the only item I want is the clutch and I did not get it in 1.1

  21. Looks like they never ship, only the labels are created. They cannot ship since the items are still in custom.

  22. Oui Please has just posted a very disturbing message on its Facebook page:

    “Bonjour OuiPlease Customers, we have been experiencing several reports of lost parcels of Vol 1.3 A Breath of Provence. If you have not received your parcel please let us know by emailing [email protected]. France At Your Doorstep is our mission, and we will be sure to deliver!”

    The message implies that all boxes have shipped but a few have been lost in the mail, when I haven’t heard of a single box received (or even valid tracking number with box surrendered to fedex). This is NOT a good sign!

    • Thank you for posting this! I’m not on Facebook and it gets kind of annoying for companies to constantly post updates that way. They have my email; why they can’t send info out to customers in an email as well as posting on social media is beyond me. My box just shows as the label being created, doesn’t look good.

  23. A few days ago I emailed and received a tracking number from OuiPlease. The number is not traceable. I redirected with a follow-up question. I received this response:

    Our sincerest apologies, we value your business and will get you out a new one! Our second shipment of items from Vol 1.3 from France is still clearing U.S. Customs. When it arrives at the OuiPlease warehouse you will be on our list for the next shipment. You will receive a new FedEx tracking number. We will keep you updated on the progress. Merci for your patience!

    So, who knows when they are shipping. I like getting subscription boxes. But, it seems that this is a tough business. I really do not like the aggravation of waiting for something when it is late. The point of the boxes is the excitement and fun. I do not want to think about the box and the subscription. I have cancelled several boxes because it became too much effort to think about them. I know this box is nice and it is not the end of the world. However, this one was supposed to ship mid-month, last month. I will not get it until at least four weeks late at the current rate…just frustrated.

    • I will add that I am still excited to get the box! Six pounds of fun. i just hope it shows up some day.

    • I just find it frustrating that they keep changing their answers… System issues, fragile item, waiting for an item… Some honesty would be nice

      • Right!! On Facebook they just posted that they have been recieving reports of lost parcels… And to contact them if you did not recieve.

        Seems like a hot mess

        • Escape Monthly had similar problems with customs last year. They told me that smaller packages have a harder time clearing customs than larger orders. I hope it all works out in the end.

      • First of all, I hope I am wrong, sincerely I do…But I have had bad vibes about the April box for a while now. How does someone sustain a business model that collects $86 from annual subscribers yet gives them over $400 worth of items back. Add in oversees shipping and I just don’t know how this can happen long term. Was the sale of the special “Mothers Day box” to raise revenue for the April/May box?

        They have claimed
        1. They are taking longer to wrap items because they are fragile.
        2. Boxes are actually lost in transit. (although tracking numbers don’t show boxes are moving)
        3. Items are still in customs.

        The only boxes I have are French Box, Little Lace Box and OuiPlease?? The drama involved with these boxes certainly makes me cynical! I do hope I’m wrong and we get fabulous French items very soon.

        • They also claimed that some people didn’t receive tracking because they were “updating their systems.” My February box came in mid-April so it just seems to be getting worse and worse. At least Little Lace Box was super straightforward about their issues and closed subscriptions/made several changes. Oui Please increased theirs through the Mother’s Day box. I’m really regretting this one.

        • Regarding how they can sustain the business model, I assume it helps that the US dollar continues to gain on the euro. But currency fluctuation is one aspect that other boxes just don’t have to face.

        • I’m over subscription boxes. If this one ever shows up it will most likely be my last. It seems like most of the sub box companies are in over there heads and are big having fulfillment issues.

          • Eliza, I may be with you on this. It is just an exercise in frustration.

          • Ditto

        • I had the same thought! Was the Mother’s Day box an effort raise money to fund 1.3. As an annual subscriber, I’m feeling like I’ll be kissing my $600 buh bye. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

  24. I feel slightly better that when I checked my fed ex this morning it says I hve 6 pound package, but it was still not shipped. Supposed to be shipped 5/5 according to fedex.

    I just think the situation was poor communication and planning. They need to respond to customer service emails and if they don’t want a ton of emails flying in they need to communicate the delay.

  25. Considering the other blunders subscription box companies have had in the past, I don’t really mind waiting a few extra days. I do wish they had contacted us sooner, but I understand if they needed to make sure everything was good before shipping out especially with more fragile items. I hope they learn from this and up their communication effort.

    As far as their grammar goes, it is understandable that mistakes happen when English probably isn’t their first language. Even fluent English speakers make typos and mistakes. Let’s not judge them by their grammar.

    • The excuse has changed from the safe packaging explanation (which even if true shows a tremendous lack of foresight/planning on their part to not anticipate that far earlier in the process-they’re not a monthly after all), to statements that boxes are lost, and now it is apparently that “items are stuck in customs.” The original excuse was that their system was being updated and that caused a delay; that morphed into the careful packing excuse within a day. I just want the truth and a legit estimate of when I can expect my box. If it’s not to arrive until May 31 as FedEx tracking now shows, I don’t care to wait (delivery 7 weeks after paying is not reasonable); I want a refund.

  26. I am so excited for this box! I have been anxiously awaiting the box, but am not concerned about it shipping a little later than expected. I have seen both successes and huge failures with shipping delicate items, so I’d much rather they made sure to be careful than rush to get them out. From a business point of view it makes sense to offer a special Mother’s Day box. Obviously it is an opportunity to sell an additional box, but they’re also using old stock to fill it. For new subscribers, or people who missed out on an item or want more, that works great. As for the delicate item, I have seen them post pictures of candles, a vase, and a mini bowl on Instagram. Maybe it is one of those? I’m hoping for a candle or the little blue and white mini Paris bowl! And I second the French grammar- it takes years to master a new language, and they are offering us access to their culture. We can offer them access to our open mindedness.

  27. My MD box is also set to deliver on Friday, but my regular box is not yet in the system. I am hoping it will “go live” tomorrow.

    I think this shipping hootananny is really OuiPlease’s first big “blunder” if you will. This whole situation could have been alleviated had they sent out a “Hey, we’re running late on shipping this month” email around 4/30-5/1- basically when the Facebook inquiries started to come in hot and heavy. As a result of NOT sending such an email, the wrath of impatient subscribers came down on them and then they made matters worse by deleting some of the comments made by said subscribers. (Now I don’t know the content of these messages. There may have been other reasons for removing them, such as language.)

    I don’t think this incident in and of itself should be considered a reason to cancel your subscription. Companies make mistakes. What will tell the tale is if something like this happens again. Do they handle it the same way or do they learn from the mistake?

    • Well said – I 100% agree with your comments!

    • The deleting of posts that I saw asking about the box. The lack of ever answering any email is what makes me want to cancel and makes them look sleezy. All they had to do is say the box is running late they really blew it in my mind

      • Amber, they answered my shipping inquiry within 2 hours- but that was AFTER they started directing people on Facebook to email CS. When did you send your request? I am wondering if they held off answering questions on the shipping delay either because they were hoping the situation would resolve itself quickly and they’d be able to start shipping as usual OR because they were waiting on clarification on a timeline for shipping based on the arrival of the items stuck in customs. I bet it was a little of both. Honestly, it really wouldn’t hurt for them to send out a little “Gee, we’re sorry we dropped the ball” email to all their subscribers. Maybe even offer a 10%-20% discount to their online store for inconvenience. I think that would go a long way towards smoothing the ruffled feathers.

    • I agree totally with what you’ve said. They’re a new company, they haven’t had issues before and I hope they take to heart the feedback that updates about shipping are essential. I personally don’t mind a late box in the slightest but it’s always good to keep your customers forewarned. Just to keep anxiety at bay.
      I have no bad feelings about this box or this company. It’s a rough patch and they’ll make it through. I’m excited for my box!

  28. I ordered both the Mother’s day box and the subscription. MD box is set to arrive on Friday, perfect timing on that one. Subscription tracking number is not yet active, but I suspect it is being picked up today/viewable tomorrow. It would be perfect if it was delivered on Saturday since many have said that you must sign for it. I ordered mine waaaay back on March 1st, having just missed 1.2. It feels like I’ve been waiting a lifetime!

  29. I got my tracking number, but still shows ‘not found’ on FedEx. : (
    Hope it will move soon.

  30. I think the fragile items is Rose et Marius.

  31. I must have not paid attention… there was a Mother’s Day box? Is it special edition? When did this get announced? So sad!!

    • Liz announced it here on MSA and I also received an email from OuiPlease.

      • I never received an email from OuiPlease. I read it here and saw it on FaceBook.

      • Aww, I see it now. I was traveling out of state during that time, so if I did see it I was too preoccupied to consider it. Darn! Can’t wait to see spoilers!

  32. Just checked my tracking and the box should arrive on Friday, yippee! It’s my first box from Oui Please.

    • That’s awesome! I hope mine gets here that quick but my tracking still hasn’t updated šŸ™

      I’d be so happy to get it by Saturday!

  33. I haven’t received tracking on my package yet….hmm. I’m impatient for it but I’m sure it’s just backed up from the Mothers Day box.

  34. I’m curious to what the fragile item is and am glad they recognize it needs special handling. I haven’t subscribed to the box. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone receives.

  35. I don’t mind to wait. The most important is to get the box with all items that supposed to be there and nothing broken. Better if it takes a bit longer than less stellar box.

    About the grammar it is very rude. I am not American, my English is poor, does it mean I should never write here become it can bother someone? Sad…

    • I agree with you. I just assume they are French first language based on the responses… But who knows. I wasn’t bothered by it but I guess it can look “unprofessional” of an international company.

      If their product is awesome, then who cares! I am getting my first box from them this month.. so we shall see šŸ™‚

      • I am getting my third and so far I’m loving it! šŸ™‚

  36. My only thought is shipping may be delayed but I would rather my box be a little late and in one piece than never receiving it… The better late than never theory.

  37. I ordered the Mothers Day box and received tracking that says it should be delivered today. So hopefully I will receive it and everyone elses packages will be received soon too!

    • Please share what you in your Mothers Day box!:)

  38. I have tracking for both boxes but the subscription’s tracking is not active yet

  39. I’m sure the Mother’s Day box was prioritized, which makes sense even if it is not ideal for current subscribers. Let’s not pick on a company for grammar–the person is indeed likely french! The box will be worth the wait! I loved everything in my first box. Maybe I’m just used to all of the boxes shipping late. No word from Luxorbox yet, though I suppose still in their time window! They have until the 7th to ship and keep their promise, ha.

    I wonder if this will extend out the next box, i.e., will the next box ship in July instead of June to get them back on track? I think that would make sense if the company is getting behind.

    • But why take on additional work/shipments if you can’t even handle your original orders within the promised timeline?

    • My Mother’s Day package was not sent 2-day and I ordered it the day it was announced. I just emailed them to ask about it šŸ™ this is my first experience with them and I’m so bummed!

    • I agree. Picking on the grammar of the people who work there is rude and has nothing to do with when the boxes will ship

  40. I got a tracking number after I emailed them but the number is not yet live. Someone posted on Instagram last Friday that she had already got her package, on a ouiplease picture.

    • I have sent multiple emails regarding the shop discount for annual prepaid members with no response, but that description had since been removed in the annual membership.

  41. I am so upset because my Mother’s Day package has an estimated arrival of Thurs May 14th. It’s only traveling from TX to SC so I don’t understand what’s up with that šŸ™ This will probably be my first and last OuiPlease.

  42. Their customer service is so disappointing. Not only do they fail to respond to emails, but they consistently delete inquiries on their facebook. The excuse they used on facebook for the delays was that they are “updating their systems” …so strange they would share something different now. I will not be renewing my annual subscription.

  43. The mother’s day box is different from Vol 1.3 Oui Please boxes ? Thanks!

    • Yes it is separate.

  44. I received tracking numbers for the Mothers Day Boxes last Wed. They shipped on Monday and all arrive 2 day Fedex on Friday- before Mothers Day. As for April’s Box, well that probably got bumped in priority to get out the Mothers Day box. The poor grammar is a French accent. I have many friends in France, and that is how the less fluent translate the grammar. If anything, be happy it is authentic!! (Cough* FrenchBox*Cough)

    • Yea, I was thinking the same thing about getting bumped to get out the mother’s day boxes. I’m totally regretting not getting one of those! It will be interesting to see what the fragile item is!

    • I wrote that wrong. Apologies. I bought more than one as gifts and have all the tracking numbers, leaving different days. But they all arrive Friday. East coast and West coast, shipping from Dallas via FedEx.

  45. While their timeliness is less than ideal, the grammar of their response bothers me more. Reads like uncorrected phone typing.

    Here’s to hoping the Mother’s Day boxes arrive by Sunday!

  46. Thank you for getting a response. I had emailed the support box with no response. I did recieve a tracking number however it is invalid.

    I am disappointed with how the situation was being handled apparently people wrote them on Facebook and they were deleting the comments.

    Also to say it will ship at the end of April and it’s now May should warrent a email to all subscribers to let them know of the issue. I would expect this from a high end box.

    • Exactly. The story has changed now but most of us still don’t have functioning tracking numbers. Their reluctance/refusal to respond to customers directly or to send a mass email explaining the situation is also disappointing. They can say all they like about delays being attributable to safe packing (something they apparently failed to appreciate until the week of shipment) but they most likely took on more than they could handle when they chose to offer a time-sensitive Mother’s Day box at the same time they should have been shipping the bi-monthly sub boxes. I always prefer when a company, large or small, owns up to their mistakes and does so proactively, without the need for customers to seek out explanations (it’s never good when folks have to ask because they’re generally unhappy by that point). I totally understand a company dropping the ball every now and then, especially a smaller/newer brand. After all, if multi billion dollar companies like Target and Walmart can do it we should expect it on occasion from the little guys just the same. How the issues are handled when something does go awry speaks volumes about a company. Censoring FB comments, ignoring subscriber communication and sharing multiple reasons for the delay is a less than ideal response. Nor was the planning well thought out to delay monthly sub box shipping in favor of sending the one-off orders first. This is a common scenario with sub boxes, hardly unique to Oui Please, though. I rather expected it would happen when they first launched the Mother’s Day box. This is my third box with each being delivered later than the one before, meaning I’ve waited longer between payment and delivery with each order. I’m going to take a break from the June (let’s call it July) box. I do love the products and have consistently been happy with everything; I’m just not pleased with customer service right now.

  47. I received an email on May 1 saying that my box would ship on May 6 and they included the tracking # for FedEx. I checked it today, nothing yet, but it is still pretty early.

    On April 20 I asked them on Facebook when it would ship and they said “It will ship at the end of the month.”

  48. I am thinking that rather than shipping all of the boxes in one massive pickup, they are being parceled out in smaller batches to make sure the handlers are more careful with them. 2nd theory- it’s taking them longer to pack the boxes due to the delicate nature of the enticingly mysterious fragile object.

    • It sounds like batches, with shipping labels all printed in advance. Once they are received by Fedex, the tracking number becomes valid.

  49. Brooke – I am hoping the same thing! šŸ™‚

  50. Hopefully we’re getting the Rose et Marius Glass candle holders!!

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