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New Limited Edition Box from Beauty Box 5: Prestige Perfection

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Beauty Box 5 Prestige Collection


UPDATE: Thank you Dootsie Bug for letting us know that Benefit is not an authorized brand for this box. I don’t recommend purchasing.

Thanks Lily for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Beauty Box 5! (I don’t always post about Beauty Box 5 boxes, but the brands caught my eye on this one!)

The Box: Beauty Box 5 Prestige Perfection Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $65

The Products: “We’re keeping the exact contents a fun surprise, but we can tell you that this collection contains 7 OMG-worthy makeup and nail cult favorites (worth $148 in value!) from Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Make Up For Ever and Nails Inc., and you can snag it for $65! Go ahead: be a brand snob, babe. It’s simply perfection.”

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m glad I passed. And that I cancelled their regular box. Not one item in the July box good. ORANGE lip gloss, horrible shade of nail polish, does anyone really use lip liner, foil packets, and bracelet tattoos. So disappointing.

  2. Piling on here (sorry), but if you want a grab bag of random higher-end stuff, go to–their Sample Society is a subscription, but you can also get deals like 10 samples for $18. I added a couple of these to my shopping cart around the holidays, and I was not disappointed–it included a Butter London polish, for example.

  3. I thought Urban Decay is one of those brands that could only be purchased at an authorized retailer. I’m not a big cosmetic person so I could be wrong.

    • They definitely don’t allow UD to be sold on Amazon (sometimes you can find stuff being sold with a different manufacturer name, like a third party seller is trying to sneak it through). That said, sometimes ipsy sends out UD items so sub boxes could legitimately have it. Although I’m suspecting it’s not the case here.

  4. Liz, are you sampling this one so we see what’s in it or passing?

    • Since it seems like the brands included did not authorize this box I’m going to pass. 🙁

  5. I too, am most likely to pass. Just because, I’ve already spent way to much money on subscriptions and limited edition boxes. I read that some of you were dogging on BB5 about there issues and they’re items. From my experience they’ve been great! I figured I’d give them a try because of the free box they were offering. I had a question that came up shortly after I had placed my order, so I contacted them. They responded right away and were very nice. Then when my box was shipped I received an email from them with my tracking number & ETA. Which I might add that their shipping was quicker than most. Finally I’d like to say that yes, they’re products aren’t that of a expensive department store or a Sephoras. What do you expect for $12!!! Even at $12 I was quite pleased with my items and they reached a value way over that of $12. I was very pleased with my service that I recieved for BB5!!

    • I think a lot of animosity with BB5 stems back to the January box, though I know there has been some other smaller issues they’ve seem to be more an individuals bad experience and not company experience over all. I remember getting the Jan box and being disgusted that every single one of my products were discontinued items and the mascara being 3+ years old and having to have been bought through a third party wholesaler doesn’t say much about the business ethics they have.. even sealed products break down and it’s something you should risk your eyes over. CS I have never had an issue with and they were always pleasant at least to me. But knowing what I know from the boxes I have personally received (not every item has been discontinued) and looking at a few unboxings since then and seeing more discontinued products it’s not a company that I myself can support or recommend to anyone. I never expected a box full of high end products.. I research boxes fairly well before signing up and realized that this one does tend to run towards the drugstore/walmart items and that was fine, at no time do I expect or accept a company to send me a box of discontinued old items.

      • My problem with them wasn’t drugstore stuff, because I will happily use drugstore stuff (my foundation is Neutrogena and I have a lot of e.l.f., too). My issue was more that they kept sending me toe separators. Like multiple pairs. Even though I was only subscribed for three months or something. I like the *idea* of tools in a box. Brushes, eyelash curlers, (better) tweezers, etc. Heck, I probably would’ve used the floss picks. I could even have lived with a single tool that’s something I don’t use (like toe separators). But to send me the same one multiple times is strange.

    • My problems were from last year I subscribed for like 5 months and the last 2 or 3 boxes I received, were filled with “free samples” or discontinued products or items you can only buy in sets. I got the Dove body wash sample, which I’d already received 5 of FREE! BB5 was trying to say it was worth a few dollars, it wasn’t, it was a free sample. Plus the denteks were worth under a dollar. My boxes were just never memorable or exciting, I got crappy nail polishes nearly every month. Then the last two months before I quit, the boxes I got weren’t even worth $8. I remember Liz got an empty travel bottle, who wants an empty bottle in a beauty sub? As I said previously some people love it and lots of people don’t. It’s like Beauty Army, I tried them for 3 months and got foil packets every time and the same Vincent Longo cheek stain twice; because it was the only big sample. I’ve bought BB5 LE boxes before and you’re lucky to get your money’s worth. Plus the Glam Naturals blush I received was dried out, but they did send me a replacement.

    • “What do you expect for $12!!!”

      Well, because most other beauty boxes have set the standard so high… I expect non-outdated products, good quality tools, close to triple the value of what I paid, decent ethics, and a good points system. Anybody who enjoys this sub probably is also someone who doesn’t mind getting the super discounted products at Big Lots or 99cent store even though there is the risk of the item being discontinued, degraded, or spoiled.

      For $12, I could save $2 and get a Birchbox (but I also used a code and got $10 in the shop immediately). Then review my items giving me $5 to $8 back in their store (my original $10 just made me $18), let my points stack up, then use a 20% off code to buy a high end item for no money out of my pocket. All the while getting adorable boxes that are great for storage, my choice of samples, and great social media interaction.

      So yes, for $12, I expect more than what they currently offer.

      • @ brenn2347

  6. O my! Is it really that bad?! I’ve been subbing to bb5 for about 4 mths, and I can say I don’t wow over the items in the box, the are def worth $10. I’ve never recueved a product that wasn’t good anymore or expired. Although, my first box(when u buy ur first box, u get the prev months box free) it came with the dual chapstick, which I love, and it had a coupon for the chapstick whick expired Dec 30, 2014. ive also had great customer service. On april 27, 2015 I orders the mani pedi bundlethinkingnit would be fun to do them with my girls on mothers day, I received shipping conf on May 1st. fyi, I’m 3.5 hours from where bb5 ships and I actually got my box today may 15. for some reason my box came to my city, then went up to Kentucky, blah blah(it traveled the world) but I had called to see if there was something they could do and they were happy to just sen. Me another order since I’m so close I would get it the next day. They called back, they sent extra samples.

  7. Urban decay recently discontinued a eye primer since they are brining out a new packaging for it. I wonder If the old primer would be in the box

  8. Yes 7 products from prestige brands….
    *discontinued or sale deluxe samples.

    Probably the same things you get at Ulta and sephora with purchase of $25-$35 or more….. just ones you already have it BB5 is offering this they’re most likey not new anything. Go to Ulta or Sephora with your $65, get exactly what you want and still get the great extras..

    BB5 has it’s name on it to many shady things going on there.

  9. Very tempting, but I’m not sure I can buy this one, just based on all the other comments already posted. I don’t have any experience with Beauty Box 5, but it sounds like they have a lot of issues.

  10. BB5 reputation has really gone down the drain for me. Great brands but no spoiler and the association with BB5 means I’d take my money to Sephora and buy what I want.

  11. If you have $65 to spare, pick up exactly what you want at Ulta or Sephora… I’ll pass on this box.

  12. i don’t necessarily think big brand names = quality; so i’ll probably pass on this one. $65 for 7 items that i may or may not need in a color that i may or may not like isn’t so irresistible. that being said, i think the value is totes there with the monthly boxes, despite some “drugstore” brands. my full-size revlon mascara has always been there to pick up the slack when my fancypants mascara samples started drying up.

  13. DON’T DO IT! I usually enjoy all my L.E. Boxes but if it has the words Beauty Box 5 associated with it , I turn and RUN!

    • Haha! I second that!

  14. Sara I feel the same way. They don’t have the best limited edition boxes and Ur lucky if u get ur money worth.

  15. Beauty Box 5 LE boxes are always terrible. I got fooled twice and it was a joke. You barely get the value you paid for the box and I received products that were old and dried up before.

    • My inner cynic wondered if this wouldn’t be old products given some of the recent BB5 issues.

    • I do see a lot of those brands in other sub boxes. But…not all at the same time and not all from the same box. I am kind of suspicious that they might be discontinued products or products in old packaging (Nails Inc. changed the packaging of some items within the last year, for example).

      That being said, I did get my money’s worth the one time I bought a BB5 LE box. Although I am not going for this one.

    • I interpret “Cult Favorites” to mean that they purchased 7 year-old clearance products. I just tweeted at these brands to ask if they partnered with them on this, and I’m hoping I get a response.

        • Thanks for letting us know. I made the mistake of assuming if they used Benefit’s logo in their promotional emails they would only be able to do that with Benefit’s agreement.

          I updated the post accordingly. 🙁

          • So disappointing, but I was suspicious because BB5 doesn’t appear to have products from most of these brands in their shop. There’s always the chance that there’s been a miscommunication, but it’s definitely concerning. No other brands have been in touch.
            Thanks for being amazing, Liz!

        • Wow that’s pretty shady of BB5! But maybe they got some old Porefessional samples from Ipsy or BB.

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