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MSA Comment Policies – Just an FYI

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Just an FYI

I’ve had a few inquiries about this lately – so I wanted to do a quick post about our policy on commenter privacy. A few readers have been contacted by a subscription box company regarding a comment they made on MSA, or have heard about another commenter that it has happened to.

We have never shared anyone’s email address with a company – and would never do that without your permission. (And I’ve never even been asked by a company for a commenter’s email address).

I would guess that in these cases the subscription box company that contacted the commenter was able to determine who the customer was by name and/or context of the comment.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Wow, I’m really late to this party.

    I had no idea LLB was sending these horrific emails to customers and saying their customers are like mud on their boots. HORRIBLE!

    I worked in customer service for almost 10 years. I worked for a Fortune 500 top-rated financial institution. When you deal with people and their money, you need a whole other level of customer service attitude.

    I actually handled the most complex/angry customer issues when a customer would contact the CEO of the company. Those issues would come to me to handle. I’ve dealt with angry, irate, furious, mean customers and would have never treated anyone like this. Never in my life have I seen such an appalling disregard for customer service, courtesy and decency as Little Lace Box.

    LLB defintely has a lesson to learn. In the past, I’ve read comments they’ve made here on MSA comments to other readers and they came across as a bit combative. I’ve also thought some of the things they’ve said in their box letters were a bit snarky. But, I let those go because I enjoyed the sub.

    But now, after reading all of this on MUT and MSA, there’s no way I can let that behavior go and reward them with my business. I will be cancelling my subscription straight away.

    This makes me sad, because for the most part, I like the box. But, like “mud off my boots”, LLB has made the decision for me to never do business with them again very easy.

    PS – Kudos to you Liz for deciding to not feature LLB on your site anymore. Using your site to harrass, berate and bully customers for expressing their opinions is unacceptable and I’m glad you aren’t going to allow them to do that anymore. Way to go Liz!! 🙂

  2. I’m just floored that a company would cancel a subscription because someone complained! Even worse that they are sending unsolicited e-mails to people that refer to comments they had made anonymously. I had gotten an e-mail from them when I had looked into buying something and changed my mind (I had put it in my cart to try to figure out what I’d save by using my points and then decided it was too expensive) – they e-mailed that I hadn’t completed my purchase. I thought that was kind of pushy (and a little creepy).

    • This is actually common practice with online businesses when customers abandon their carts. Some companies will email you with a coupon code or they’ll email you letting you know you have so many hours to make your purchase before the items are removed from your cart.

      • Interesting. I’m pretty sure I had removed the item from my cart. I purchase on-line pretty frequently but I’ve never had anyone e-mail me before.

        • Every time you so much as glance at a Birchbox cart you’ll get those e-mails for weeks. Sometimes even if you *do* complete the purchase!

        • I don’t think it’s uncommon at all for companies to email when you’ve not completed a purchase. I personally have gotten these emails about not completing my purchase, sometimes with a coupon code from several companies. Avenue, Silkies, Wet Seal & Diamond Candles are the ones I can immediately think of but I know there’s a few more.

      • Yes, I have that happen all the time from many sites including Amazon so it is definitely common practice!

    • Not unusual at all. I work in marketing. They’re called trigger emails and are automatically set to respond to certain behavior.

  3. So I’m on holiday in Europe but had to check in and of course I see all this LLB stuff. A couple of months ago I too had a nasty email from them which I believe I did mention on MSA.
    Are they refunding people that they cancel (or cancel themselves)?
    I paid upfront for a year and have had 3 boxes…..I want to cancel but don’t want to lose the money
    Liz have they made any comments to you directly?

  4. Hahaha!! You are NOT my father.. Darth!! May the force be with you..

  5. Add me to the list of people not subscribing. The company regroup and their issues with Feb and March gave me pause, but this Darth Vadar nonsense is just bizarre. Unstable man = unstable business? Too bad, cute idea for a sub box, but the arrogance does not match the product. Blech.

  6. I had really wanted to subscribe to LLB, but after reading the email Browning received, there is absolutely no way in hell I would give money to anyone even related to the monster who sent that to her. No one should talk to a fellow human being like that, much less a customer.

  7. What saddens me is that I subscribed to them for their customer service. Their December box was Christmas themed and I had read a comment about someone who didn’t celebrate Christmas getting a non-Christmas themed box (and they emailed her because her name clearly showed that she wasnt Christian) I thought it was awfully good of them to cater to their customers at such a personal level. I get that they don’t like dealing with customers who are rude to them, but going about canceling everyone who voices the slightest negative comment is not the way to go about it.

    • Exactly I subscribed back in November and I tried to get the October box but it was all sold out. I had a really nice exchange with their customer service. The November box was already sold out too, but they emailed and said they had a box left they could send me if I wanted it. It was really nice of them to offer it to me and I’ve kept my subscription going because of their customer service was so great. It’s shocking how bad their customer service has gotten.

    • Maybe I’m not understanding but did this person reach out to LLB to advise them they didn’t want a Christmas themed box or did LLB reach out to her based on profiling her name and deciding she wasn’t Christian?

      If it is the latter I am shocked. That is nothing short of profiling someone based on their name. I have a Jewish sounding last name and would have been very upset by that. You just don’t make decisions about someone’s race or religion based on their name in my book.

      • They reached out and I think she was Muslim. Either way, I wouldn’t take offense if someone assumed I wasn’t of a particular religion (based on my name).

        • I find it offensive.

          I am a Christian so deciding that I may not like something Christian because my name sounds Jewish is just plain wrong. It is stereotyping plain and simple. I find that offensive for all things.

          Perhaps next time they will reach out to someone with an Irish sounding last name to make sure they don’t send her anything that will clash with her red hair, lest they get her Irish dander up. Oh, but if I was LLB just making sure that my customer was happy it wouldn’t be at all wrong to make stereotypical decisions right?

          Yeesh….never thought I would be so irritated by something like a company that sells subscription boxes or those that support them….myself included!

          • Religion and hair color are not the same thing. Neither are stereotyping and inclusiveness.

      • I’m not sure if this is the same situation, but under the LLB November review is where someone says they curated a non-Christmas box for her.
        the date time stamp is:

        November 20, 2014 at 9:11 pm

      • It was me they made a non-Christmas box for. I have an Arabic name, and a very uncommon one at that. I actually talked to Kevin. He called after I signed up online because he wanted to make sure that I knew that the current month box was sold out and I would be getting the November box. He informed me that the November box was Christmas, and said that from my name, he wanted to make sure I was ok with that. He approached it in a thoughtful, not presumptive way, and I was very impressed and appreciative of this proactive customer service approach. I was later contacted by Brianna (one of the sisters), who asked me about some of my likes and dislikes, and they replaced all of the Christmas items in my November box with non-holiday items.

        As someone who usually has to nod politely as I am wished a Merry Christmas by strangers during that time of year, I very much appreciated having something special made for me. The revelation of others’ experiences is shocking to me since my subscription experience with them started with such excellent customer service.

        • That’s awesome and I agree, very thoughtful of them! I am glad that you set the record straight as others were jumping to some negative conclusions! 🙂

        • HH….since for some reason I can’t reply directly to your comment so it is being placed here.

          I obviously know that hair color and religion are not the same thing. What I was trying to point out was that I think it is wrong to make assumptions based on certain things (in this instance a last name). I was trying to make a
          lighthearted correlation so that this topic didn’t get nasty. (For the record I am also Irish and have red hair. I have had comments made about my ethnic background….hot headed, a drunk, etc.).

          I have also experienced what I would call racist or bigoted situations because of my last name. Perhaps you have too. It is extremely bothersome to me. It bothers me when it happens to me or if I see or hear about it happening to someone else.

          I realize this is about a subscription box company. I realize my irritation may seem out of line….but this is a very personal subject for me.

          I am glad that you had a good experience with LLB. Hopefully you will have many more to come.

          • My 2 cents on the non-Christmas box. I understand both sides but I personally think that HH was happy because she got a box that she would prefer rather than just politely accept stuff related to a holiday she doesn’t celebrate. In her case Kevin got it “right” on his assumption BUT what bothers me about that is what about the ones he missed or could have gotten wrong? Maybe someone that doesn’t celebrated but with a non-arabic, Jewish, muslin sounding name because of marriage, adoption, etc…would obviously still get the box? Maybe they had several subscribers that don’t celebrate Christmas for many reasons but weren’t assumed to not because their name didn’t fit the type of name decided by Kevin to not celebrate. I am truly glad that it worked out in a good way for HH but think if he had assumed wrong, then he had potentially made someone feel bad for no reason. I just don’t know, I do think his intention was positive but still seems a bit off for me.

    • Same here, after the PS mess of Dec. this is exactly why I subscribed too, based on the comments on the very site they are disparaging. Now I’m glad I gave PS a second chance since I’m really going to miss this subscription (avoiding the PS spoiler is killing me) but I can’t support mean girls or guy.

  8. That email from Kevin aka Darth Vader was just beyond creepy! It just had so many levels to why it was wrong. Sure, they can be hurt or frustrated by a customer that doesn’t like an item and voices that displeasure in an online review, that’s probably normal. BUT to track her down and email her a nasty, rude and insulting message was just so weird, tacky and unprofessional. I personally read the part where he asked about the Britt McHenry award as an intentional and direct comparison to also calling Browning a vile human being. Too bad Kevin didn’t put that time, effort and “passion” into making a better curated box or better customer service. As others have also mentioned, why not take this as an opportunity to understand and appreciate what your PAYING customer wants? Why not express that her comments did hurt them but that they want her to be happy and figure out a solution? He seems to think that this huge customer pool will never dry up and he can just toss any paying customer aside that in any way irritates him, “as easy as scrapping mud off my shoes”. Kevin also tries to come off so superior but did anyone notice he wrote scrapping instead of scraping? I’m not trying to be petty or the “spelling police”, I am sure I have several mistakes of my own, it just struck me funny because in the email from the daughter she insults people and their low IQ’s.

    I have never subscribed and never will now. Who wants to walk on eggshells, in fear of being cancelled, if you make a comment they don’t like!? I wouldn’t want that ever BUT certainly not at $60 a box! I appreciate and commend all of you that stood up to these people and their unprofessional ways by canceling. Thank you Browning for sharing & to Liz for not giving them anymore free advertising. Hopefully Kevin or one of the “girls” will read all these comments and realize in the future he may need to take a breath before firing off an email in the heat of the moment.

  9. I am SO confused! Can someone please explain how these companies are able to track people down based on the very limited information posted on MSA? Especially when so many people use aliases/nicknames?

    What am I missing? :/

    • In Browning’s case, it’s my understanding she used her real (unusual) first name. So it is probably a simple database search — plus they e-mailed her to confirm (if you look at the MUT thread; someone posted a link on this page). It would probably be similar for me, especially since they have access to my last name since I also review for MSA.

      Other people have screen names they use a lot of places on the internet. But you may give out more information on another site (i.e., maybe you’re on MUT and you have a location listed). Or, like me, I have a screen name I use a lot of places, including Amazon, and my e-mail address is public on my Amazon profile. Even Google image search could give you away if you have an avatar image (not necessarily here, but on other blogs) and you’ve posted it somewhere else too.

      Also, sometimes, if you hover your mouse above a person’s name here, it’s a live link, usually back to a blog. That’s another way to find a person.

  10. One thing I learned from a sub box I had a while back, (they are no longer in business) was that they planted reps in forums, groups and chat and so on. They seemed to be just regular buyers but they really worked for the company. That way they could get all the info they needed. Maybe not the case here but it could be 🙂

  11. Well I know who I won’t ever be purchasing from. These people need to get a grip and learn customer service. Wow, totally unprofessional and wrong.

  12. Well, you can add me to the list of people who had their subscription magically cancelled after making an honest, negative observation on a forum.

  13. I am not a blogger. I had 2 sub box companies contact me based on comments on the MSA blog. Both interactions were positive. However, I would be displeased if a sub company contacted me to harass me about a negative comment. Most subs that I subscribed to have acknowledge reading my comments when I email them regarding a question. I subscribed mostly to smaller subs which makes it easier for them to determine who is writing.

    I think that the blogs and forums provide a lot of free marketing research to sub owners which I do hope they read. It highlights the positives and negatives of their business which allows for improvement and more customers. Businesses pay good money for that knowledge.

    I did cancel my sub back on May 1st because I want to feel valued as a customer, not mud on someone’s shoe. Whose to say when my sub will be cancelled because of an innocuous comment I made? I’m a big supporter of small businesses and women-owned businesses. I strive to give grace and be understanding of mistakes although I fail at times. Blogs and forums are meant to be open allowing for all kinds of opinions. I understand it is hard for businesses to operate because it doesn’t allow much discourse between business and subscriber. There is no easy solution for that.

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  15. Has anyone tried to cancel an annual sub from LLB? Were you refunded?

  16. So I have an annual sub to LLB that I started in December. Can I cancel and get a refund for the remainder of my boxes? Anyone try this? Now I’m totally bummed.

    • Well….I’d bet that if you really wanted out of your annual subscription…just post a negative comment and you will get your wish! 😉

  17. Speaking as a former blogger, companies reading comments on a review post is not unusual, in fact it’s standard practice so that the company can address issues and obtain valuable feedback from those commenters. What LLB did though, is absolutely abhorrent. This is no way to treat any customer under any circumstances. Browning’s comment was not negative at all and their reply from Papa and whatever sister made the IQ comment was completely unnecessary. I’ll never subscribe to a box with such horrible practices and clearly low opinion of their paying customers. Seriously, people are throwing money at you – why would you auto-cancel them? Why would you adopt such a ridiculous nickname? Do you honestly think it’s a positive moniker? My guess is that LLB thinks that by silencing customers out of fear of repercussions, they’ll have less negative (or perceived negative in this case) commentary about their boxes.

    Liz, thank you for all you do and for having a public forum for people to be able to air these types of concerns. It may veer on the side of negativity at times, but it is a valuable resource.

    • They should, it is an extremely candid way to understand what your customers are thinking and how they perceive your company and your product. Reading this site and sites similar is basically free marketing research. This is stuff that companies pay huge money for. So yeah, but reacting like this was such a bad idea. Thinking Pretty Woman when she walks back in with all the bags in her hands saying “big mistake, HUGE.”
      I truly feel for them, this has become a worse backlash then they could even begin to understand at this very moment (maybe they do but with customer service that makes comments on IQ and decides to drop subscribers for minor infractions I doubt it.)

  18. I’ve been a subscriber to LLB for a few months now and I’m really disappointed with all that I’ve heard from this thread. I didn’t know any of this has been going on. I’ve always communicated with really nice people through LLB, but I haven’t posted anything really negative towards their boxes so that could be why.

  19. Sorry to stir the pot and leave…my internet was down which might be for the best because I am supposed to be studying for finals.
    Liz I’m glad to hear you won’t be reviewing them anymore. The email rubbed me the wrong way and once I saw how they treated Browning there was no excuse to keep quiet. Probably no chance of getting my olive oil now huh? lol What was so odd was the only exchange we had was regarding the picture for the canvas. Perhaps they need to read that book they sent out “How to be a Lady”.

    • I just sent that book out yesterday in a swap and totally thought…the irony!!! Thanks for chiming in and sharing your email. I’m sad about this whole thing. But I couldn’t keep something so outrageous to myself. I wish they had just sent me an apology 🙁

    • Your “How to be a Lady” comment was spot-on and made me crack up!

  20. This is SO disappointing to hear. I really liked this box. One more customer lost. I hope they’re reading this. Unfortunately, people who behave this way usually aren’t in touch with reality and never accept responsibility for their actions.

    • I loved the April box review, and I signed up for a subscription. I just cancelled my order. I am uncomfortable giving money to a company with such an unprofessional attitude. Yes, customers can be pains, but cancelling anyone who dares critique a box or a product in a box is just over the top. That refund is going to pay for another subscription box. Ironically, I only heard of LLB because of this site.

  21. Liz, quick question…i keep seeing the comment i made appear and later disappear for a while and then come back. it is gone again. I am not sure why? thank you!

    • That may be due to auto-approve filters. I’ll look for it.

      • Thank you Liz. Three were missing.

        • they all came back and now they’re missing again

  22. Thanks Liz for saying you won’t be reviewing this box anymore. I was tempted to purchase but after this I’m so glad I didn’t subscribe. If a company can’t handle customers in a professional manner maybe they need to hire someone who can. Seems like Daddy needs to step away from the computer.

  23. This is so pathetic and immature. These little girls need to grow up.

    • The “girls” are grown women! And it is not them pulling the strings – their parents (who are MARKETING professionals) own LLB (public record). For people who should be busy with their own professional lives, it is super creepy that they take the time to hunt down internet commenters!

  24. Hmmm…this is our place to post comments about what we think of a box. I cannot believe a company would track down and link a comment from here to a customer’s account…and then send such an awful e-mail to them. I don’t understand this at all. This should not be happening and its not ok for companies to do that.

  25. oh poop it posted twice. i’m sorry!!

  26. Wow, just wow. I ordered from them once. I didn’t love it, like the month before I would have. I found it so-so and the rest have been as well. I see it as a bi-polar sort of customer service. Which is just sad. They’re going to break that company if they can’t figure out how to go with an even keel. No the customer isn’t always right, but they’re the person you have to please, which means you need to come around to an agreement with them even if you think they’re totally wrong.
    This reminds me of the little planner envelope company that started and ended that very month. They sent out stuff that just wasn’t up to what they purported it to be and found out just how difficult it is to be in the sub box business and as such they called it quits. Sadly 1/2 of their partnership was able to move past the negative things being said and try to just look at it constructively even though it hurt. The other 1/2 wasn’t quite ready for that. It can be hard to not take it personally if you’ve never experienced it before.
    Seems like Daddybucks needs to hire one more person to work as the CSR for the boxes. Leave the other aspects to the girls.

    • My guess is the girls are not the primary force behind picking product, etc. The mother (co-owner of the company) is a director of national partnerships at Groupon and the parents own a direct mail company. I think the girls are a nice, cutesy front – and it worked or a while! Many people initially defended LLB since it was “young girls” who ran it. Now we know.

      • I love that your name is “dontemailme”! I cracked up!

  27. I guess I will start commenting as Anonymous. I don’t want any stalker-creep messages if I express my opinion or thoughts on something that I spent money on. I know that I accept the surprise of the sub box and I fully admit to being an addict, but I am a customer and I won’t like everything. If I want to express that, then I should be able to without fear of being cyber-bullied with hate mail or cancelled.

    • Good idea.

  28. The LLB family should just quit the sub box business and get their own reality show. They ARE funny, if you can ignore the fact that they are being cruel to real people–their own customers! But I’m horrified by their behavior and will never sub to them now.

    • Well, I wondered if LLB was one of the guilty companies. Go figure! I wonder how they are lasting with the way they are treating people. So Sad!

      • They are *the* company that started this whole thing. Give the thread on the Makeup Talk forums a look. Shocking stuff. They should probably refund all of their customers and call it a day. Hateful people.

        • I completely agree about LLB… So sad that they had a good thing going and completely ruined it!!! Their customer service is horrid, and yes, they do bully people. I will never order from them again.

  29. Thanks for the clarification!

  30. Liz: I’m glad you brought this topic up …. Sometimes I dont think companies want to read negative comments about their boxes, the companies that last the longest seem to last the longest are the ones that listen to the majority of subscribers. – The fun of getting subscription boxes is the surprise factor, yet some companies turn that surprise factor into a lack of value or lack of customer service issue. – Not every box will be 100% perfect for someone each and every month. – A lot of times comments are written, in hopes the box will get better by the comments. — Being contacted by companies, if no contact is initiated, it’s not right, we all have opinions and opinions negative or positive can be help a company succeed more. I’ve gotten to many boxes in the past year, the ones that try and focus on curation, more then value I normally cancel. The boxes that make it tough to cancel, I will seldom sign up for again, because of remembering the headache involved in canceling.

    This site is a wonderful site, with many great boxes, and many great reviews, neutral, negative comments are a part of internet life, unfortunately we are no longer in the 70’s. Times have changed, if people dont like something the internet is the new voice.

  31. Maybe if LLB spent less time bullying people and more time curating their boxes, they would have something better to send out than a bottle of olive oil.

    • Agreed. That email was utter nonsense and totally unprofessional.

      • I agree. Very unprofessional and reason enough for me to cancel my subscription, which I just did. I’ve been with them for three months and have been pretty happy with the items I’ve received, however I can NOT in good conscious continue ordering from a company that treats their customers in this fashion. There are plenty more companies out there with good business practices and great customer service that I’ll gladly subscribe to. After all, we are ALL just one email away from “Darth Vader”!

    • Staying away from the email, to the box and oil alone -I honestly loved this curated box. I love change and surprises. This was I felt a great one. A full size bottle of any oil or vinegar on top of the awesome box, yes please! If you buy olive oil or vinegar already, why not try an awesome one? I ordered the Cara Cara (among others)and call me pathetic, but I am impulsive and couldn’t wait so I drove to this company in St Augustine –thank you LLB for introducing me as I love buying from small businesses and small businesses fund the majority of our economy said by a small business owner :)– and bought more. Have you tried the oil/vinegar? We had a salad among our al fresco dinner last night –we picked greens from our garden, added shaved Granny Smith Apples, Feta Cheese, Shaved Parm Cheese, and the oil and Lemon Vinegar and DELISH. My 4 and 7 year olds tore it all up. We finished with homemade ice cream and awesome goat milk fudge sauce (yep, I have purchased a case from that Small Business too) and it was the perfect dinner.

  32. Does anyone have a link to this mut thread? I’m having a hard time finding it on my phone.

      • Scroll down to Browning’s post.

        • Wow that was unnecessarily nasty.

          You can take some to task without being nasty and threatening. That’s not going to fix the problem or make that person realize they may have crossed a line in being civil, and change their behavior. It just escalates the problem.

          I’m sure it must get very upsetting to get some people’s complaints. And I think many people forget, especially with handcrafted wares that an actual person made this, not some machine somewhere. And they probably spent a lot of time making something they thought was nice.

          It’s appropriate to step in and say hey you really hurt someone’s feelings. But they went beyond that.

          I had considered LLB but now I’m not so into it. As an artist myself, it’s great they stick up for their crafts(wo)men but at the same time, it could have been stated without being nasty. They also crossed the line.

          And also it is a little creepy to track someone down via a complaint on another website. Had I been LLB I might have replied within the thread on MSA and given contact info if there were further questions. That not only addresses the issue with the person in question but also lets other people know what’s up. And doesn’t seem like a stalker. It would also serve to remind people that with products produced by actual artist that their words can really hurt someone’s feelings.

          There’s constructive criticism, personal opinions, and then just being outright mean to a stranger on the internet. I think we sometimes forget the impact of our words on others online. Or we forget that not all products are mass products by faceless companies that don’t care about their customers.

          Though if you’re LLB sending a nasty reply, well I guess I see why you wouldn’t want to do that.

          This is my first post by the way. I just felt it was important to suggest a good way to handle the situation rather than that email! I worked in retail for many years. And some people are rude and demeaning and I did in fact ask them to leave the store, or asked my manager to do so. But I did not make it personal. Just I’m sorry we can’t help you but you’re being rude to me and upsetting others in my store-you need to leave. That’s all that you need to say.

          • Exactly. I was about to suggest something similar regarding replying within the thread rather than seeing a person’s comments on MSA and emailing them personally. In fact, one time I commented on an MSA review that I wouldn’t use a particular product I’d received in a beauty box because of an ingredient and someone from the company replied within the thread, very nicely, that I was mistaken. I had looked at the wrong product info online. Anyway, it was my bad and the company was super professional about it, commented on the same thread, and corrected my error.

            After reading these nasty emails and hearing about the rude treatment of customers, I will not be subbing to LLB. I was considering it because past boxes looked great but now, no way.

            I’m honestly baffled someone would treat customers this way. If LLB cannot find a way as a business to deal with complaints and questions in a civil, professional manner then they may need to consider a different business venture. I’m surprised they didn’t realize it was only a matter of time before all the disrespect they had showed customers would spread like wildfire across the internet and negatively impact the company.

  33. Add me to the list of people that have received completely inappropriate emails from LLB. I have always praised them and the email I received was to acknowledge that while putting down the MSA readers and their IQ. Yes, their IQ. According to them, mine is exceptional, so much so, that I am cancelling. Go ahead a make a Mickey Mouse promo in my name LLB, I will happily tell the 60,000 viewers that Darth’s Vader’s daughters have gone to the dark side.

    • Wow! I’ve read so many things about their communication with customers that I will not subscribe to them unless they improve relations.

    • What is WRONG with these people?

    • I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. They basically wrote an email that everyone who doesn’t like one of their boxes has low IQ?

    • Screw it, I’ll use my “real” ID, I have no patience for bullies.
      This is the email:

      Kat Taylor (Little Lace Box)

      Apr 23, 11:42 AM

      Ok, we will send this through and see what they say. By the way, we really enjoy your posts on MSA (I know we disappointed you with those earrings), but at least you’re not rude or uncivil with us. We know we aren’t going to make everyone happy all of the time, but try and we get some crazy emails from people who get so angry at us. My favorite is the one that started off, “which one of you sisters was dumb enough to send me a broken teapot?” That one is at the top of our wall of shame. Why would we ever intentionally send someone a broken anything?

      Needless to say, she was canceled immediately. My father absolutely won’t put up with anything like that. Since he backs our company financially, he is a majority of one on some issues, and he won’t put up with people acting inappropriately (as defined by him). We joke that he is the Darth Vader of subscription boxes. No one wants to “inform Lord Vader that the prisoners have escaped.” The same is true with him.

      We really appreciate your great sense of humor (something most of the people on MSA don’t have). It’s scientifically proven that you have to have an above average IQ in order to have a sense of humor, so count yourself among the Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver’s of the world. Take care.

      • I’m so glad you posted this. LLB’s sense of appropriate customer service is downright bizarre. And since they’re funded through the Golden Rule (Daddy has the gold, so he makes the rules), these young women are missing out on a valuable opportunity to learn how to make positive, trusting connections with their subscribers and build genuine loyalty for their brand. And why should they bother learning how to deal with the challenge of running a business when they have their dad making de facto cancellations, saving them the trouble of navigating challenges and becoming stronger businesswomen as a result?

        Good customer service take hard work and a lot of benefit of the doubt. (I used to manage customer service for a product geared to investment bankers, which gave me a thick skin VERY quickly. In college, I worked on top of a 14,000 mountain and dealt with disoriented customers while battling the thin air myself — I learned very quickly to give people the benefit of the doubt.)

        Their father should take a moment and consider how his actions and management of the purse strings may be negatively affecting his daughters’ business acumen, and how this is manifesting in the sisters’ communications with customers. Emails like the ones we’re seeing here are quite revealing.

      • Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I’m guessing most of their customers have subscribed because of comments from users/reviews from Liz on this site.

      • Very interesting how LLB provides MSA with a FREE box every month, apparently so it will be positively reviewed on the MSA site and increase its subscriber base, yet it puts down the very same readership to which it seeks to market its product. I wonder if LLB would stop sending the free box if MSA ever gave it a bad review? Check out what happened to this blogger who left a negative comment on a discussion board, was hunted down by LLB, and then got “Vadered” -and then read in the comments the other people its happened to:

        BTW, I cancelled my LLB subscription after the two bad February and March boxes, so no need to hunt me down by sending emails to all the “Heidi’s” on your subscriber list. Don’t embarrass yourselves any further than you already have.

        • Just to let you know – we won’t be reviewing this box anymore.

          • Thank you, Liz, but I hope you know my comment was directed at LLB and not at MSA. I think you provide a valuable service for all of us and I am extremely appreciative of your efforts.

          • Definitely understood – just realized I should probably share that info.

            And thank you! 🙂

      • Omg, all I can picture after reading that email is Draco (from Harry Potter) saying, “My father will hear about this!”

      • CreativelySwank, Wow! That email is very strange. Seems very unprofessional and weird to share all these personal issues. So glad they’ve never gotten one cent of my money and never will.

    • Ad me to the list to, I’ve gotten some emails that have come across as sorta rude, yet i ignored them, because it almost seemed that they tried to be humorous in the email. Emails can be tough to interpret because of lack of emotion. Humor and irritability and being sarcastic can be tough determine in an email. – I was not getting a fuzzy happy positive feeling in a few of the emails from them.

      The email that is in one of the comments, mentioning MSA – irritates me. – MSA – is the reason why I buy all the boxes I do. This site is a blessing to the boxes that are listed on here ( more sales for them ) and the purchasers of boxes ( Thank you Liz – for all your reviews on boxes and providing a place for us to comment ) –

  34. I can’t BELIEVE how creepy and rude LLB is. Liz, I would be so mad if I were you – companies trolling your discussions and harassing your readers is not okay. I hope people don’t stop being honest on these boards out of fear that a similar thing will happen to them.

    • Just read the MUT thread, and just … WOW. I never had anything against LLB, but they need to issue a public apology to Browning and say goodbye to Kevin/PapaVader. Without an apology, I sincerely hope their boxes are no longer reviewed / given publicity here. If I were a subscriber, I’d cancel out of sheer protest.

      I went a little batcrap at a sub once, and to their credit, they were professionals about it (credit where its due @ VeganCuts!)

  35. I had a positive experience with this actually. I was thrilled with a purchase and I shared my great experience here on MSA – between the name I use here and how I described my specific order, I’m sure it was easy for them to figure out who I was. I can only I assume they saw my comment and that’s why about an hour later, I received an email giving me a free gift card! 🙂

  36. Subs companies definitely know how to reach us from our info here; I received an email from a sub I am currently subscribed to, and I was not happy with tracking info, showing my box haven’t moved from location for a whole week and no answers from the sub customer service. I received an email from them stating very clearly that they read my comment on MSA, and they were trying to fix the issue and just noticed that they haven’t have received my previous emails. So yes, they do see our I did.. How, I don’t know.. Just glad my issue was resolved and receive my box promptly after that!

    • *see out info.. Darn autocorrect

  37. Why would a sub company e mail someone from here ? To advertise ? Or to get mad at them for saying a negative comment about them ?

    • First, thanks Liz for clearing this up! Second, yes @sarah, I received a very inappropriate email from the company in response to an innocuous comment I posted here. They tracked me down. If you google make up talk little lace box, you can see the discussion.

      • I am reading the comments now on MUT (page 44 of the forums on my computer). I am not an LLB subscriber, but I saw the artisan item you’d mentioned and had quietly wondered the very same thing you did. I was genuinely surprised when LLB doubled down when other subscribers expressed concern about the design.

        FWIW, you didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Wow, that is an insane response to your comments! LLB communication always seems a little unbalanced and passive aggressive to me. And I’m not a subscriber, so if the Darth Vader of subscription boxes is reading this, save yourself the trouble of hunting me down.

      • Browning – I’m really sorry this happened to you. It’s so out of bounds. I appreciate you sharing what happened here and on MUT.

      • the best part is how their first email to you was nice, and when you responded that it was you, they tore into you. I won’t be giving them my business regardless. (not that they care)

      • Wow Browning! That is unreal! I’m sorry that happened to you!

      • Wow, just read through the comments and was very surprised. I agree with what someone said in that your response to them was friendly and you even explained your misunderstanding about what they were carrying on their site. Sorry you had to experience that!

      • I’m not sure which I’m more disturbed by–the fact that LLB thinks it’s okay to call a customer “vile,” or the fact that several MUT people are basically blaming you and saying you deserved it. What is wrong with the victim-shaming in this country? Yeesh. We’re supposed to be a first world country here!

      • This is insane! It sounds like the girl’s father has some serious anger management issues. But the information that came out in MUT about how the parents are the owners of the company and how they are marketing experts, and how one of the girls is a sophomore in college, makes me wonder whether the girls have much involvement in the company. I mean, from a marketing point of view having 3 sisters curate a box is a great gimmick. I also wonder about whether the stories they tell on their letters are true, or just good marketing.

        It also seems that it behooves them to get rid of old subscribers now that they’ve raised their prices. Every box they don’t sell to a $40 subscriber can go to a $60 subscriber after all.

        • Just fact checking: they didn’t call Browning “vile” – they called Britt McHenry (who is known for being rude) vile.

          • This is what he said:

            “What if we posted a page on our site called the Brit McHenry award, and we awarded it to you this month? Do you know who McHenry is, she’s a vile human being, and although we aren’t a huge business, we get 60,000 visitors a month to our site…”

            I interpret that to mean he thinks of Browning as a vile human. I mean he didn’t say, “Browning, you are vile”, but come on…

            I know people here can be rather rude with the comments regarding sub box contents, like calling stuff “a box of junk” but I read what Browning had to say, and imo I don’t think it warranted the Wrath of Dark Vader.

          • Summarizing what Darth Vader said: Britt is a “vile human being” and if there was a Britt award LLB would give it to Browning. I agree with raisin and the others who take that to mean he was calling Browning a “vile human being,” although in a slightly oblique way.

        • The dynamics of this company is very strange. I guess the story of three sisters collaborating on a sub box sounds better then a sorry little middle aged man fashioning himself the next Darth Vader.

  38. Liz- Any news on Ouiplease? They usually answer very quickly but have been ignoring my questions. I have an annual sub and have heard nothing about shipment of my April box? Thanks

    • Hey JanMarie, I didn’t get a shipping email, but I was able to see a tracking number for my April box by going to my account page on the OuiPlease website. Next to my order info, there’s a little black button on the right side that says View, which takes me to a page with tracking info. I’m relieved — I get excited and nervous when I start new subscriptions!

      Are you able to see anything on your account page?

      • I received the tracking info too, but it says that the box will be shipped on the 6th! Which is 2 weeks after the date advertise on their site (when ordering the box it said it would ship on April 24th).

        And the Mother Day box is been shipped tomorrow, fingers cross we will at least get this box on time (before Sunday).

        I understand that things get in the way and that they might have been unable to ship on the promised date but it would have been so nice to get an email from them letting us know what is going on… I been checking daily in hope the box was coming.
        (maybe if they shipped the box on time, it would have been missing some items? so after all as long as it’s great, I will be so happy)

      • Thanks for the tip about “view” button….but sadly, nothing on my account.

        • Oh, bummer! It was worth a try. I hope you hear something soon.

    • I have tracking info listed for my Mother’s Day box, but when I check the number with FedEx it says “Not Found.” I emailed last night but haven’t heard anything yet.

    • Their Facebook said they’ve been having trouble with their website and to email [email protected] for your tracking number. I did so late last night and got a response this morning with a tracking number and the note that shipping is in progress. Hope that helps!

  39. I think it’s also possible that these subscription companies are also seeing who has entered their own website/blog address into the comment form. If you have your contact information available on the website you post under, it is possible that the companies are going through that route.

  40. Liz,

    Can you tell me what the GHD offer is from Nina Garcia’s box, please.

    Thank you

    • I don’t have the box yet- but I should have it by tomorrow! I’ll find out then!

    • I’m pretty sure it is the coupon code that expired May 1st. They have extended it to June 1st. 🙂

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