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Julep May Mystery Box – Available Now!

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Julep May Mystery Box


Julep has a new mystery box offer for May!

The Box: Julep May Mystery Box

The Cost: $29.99

COUPON: Use coupon code SPRINGFUN to get a free nail polish color of your choice – just make sure to add the nail polish to your cart before applying the coupon. (Thanks Lynda!)

The Products: Channel the season-in-bloom with two new, exclusive colorsMarcella (Classic with a Twist): Weathered pink crème and Shayla (Bombshell): Purple perennial full-coverage microglitter —a surprise box of spring color and beauty ($150+ value), and a vegan leather BRIKA + Julep artist collaboration pouch.

BRIKA pouch measures 9″ x 11″ — big enough for your iPad mini with room to spare for your keys, favorite lipstick, and ice cream money.

Are you grabbing a mystery box this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The bag is huge! Folded in half it just fits in the standard julep box. I love it!!

    • Agree, love the bag!

  2. Not really about the mystery box… But does anyone have tips on getting the best deals on Julep for basics like polish remover, base coat, cuticle cream etc? I have gotten a couple of mystery boxes now and one monthly maven box, but I don’t remember being able to add those products to my box.

    Is it better to just use a coupon code like spring30 right now, or wait and see if perhaps they are offered in the secret store next month? (And you can’t use coupons in the secret store, right?)

    Also does anyone recommend any of their base coats? I bought a trio of top coats last month and one is great (the freedom polymer) but the other two were average-to-poor, so I don’t want to spend $12 ish on a base coat I don’t love!


    • Basics are rarely on sale. I only use Julep for nail polish colors and quick dry drops. The other nail care items I use cheap brands. I buy $1 nail polish remover at the grocery store. I never use a base coat. Julep is my fav polish: I love the formula. As for the secret store, it is not nearly as good as it used to be. Anymore it seems it is only good for buying one color in the current collection if you missed getting it in your box.

      • good to know! Thanks so much for responding Emily!

  3. Received mine today! I have plenty of nail polishes now for awhile! 6 polishes, a lip gloss that is WAY to dark and mascara. The bag is ok. Not what I expected. I really wanted more then all that nail polish! Oh well…I really need to stop with the mystery boxes. Lol!

    • Mine is the same plus the polish I added on for free. I like most of the colors except for the yellow and green.

  4. I just received my first mystery box and looks like I received the same items as everyone. I like the clutch and not too crazy about yellow and green polish colors, so I will gift them to my sis-in-law. Due to my work and age, I only wear more conservative colors. I also ordered Ming nail polish, a sheer light pink and looks great. The lip gloss appeared too dark for me first, but goes on sheer, so I can use it. I can always use mascaras. If you calculate the clutch as $36, it will total $150 value they promised. I might use the clutch for travelling to keep all the passports and itinerary in one place for the family. It is a good size and can be used for many ways. Overall a good first one for me.

  5. First time buyer, and I bought the mystery box. I take items from boxes that are too young, or just nice for someone on my list and use them for birthdays, mother’s days, Christmas is a big one and I re-use the shredded paper in boxes which is also expensive (like 5.00 a small bag) and I bought clear lunch size bags on amazon, and ribbons of all colors and I make my own special gifts. I make my own special “boxes” too for the loved ones in my life and they go NUTS over them. This is a good way to justify the spend on these boxes that come to your door. Just add up what a great gift it is to someone else that doesnt even know about your addiction! LOL. When I got this Mystery box it added up to approx 3.20 per item with the extra free nail polish. Yellow and light blue can go to the younger set..up to 25 years or more, they put them on their toes too these days. And they think I am hip and cool as an aunt! lol! ONE nail polish is a good little gift value of 14.50, but when you pair it with a lip gloss or lip stick that matches, and a full set of eye colors and mascara in one little clear bag…comes to about 20.00 with all the boxes that I get and is a value as a gift of over 100.00 most times. It just needs to be presented beautiful and match eachother! I can keep buying as long as I give some away and mark it off my gift list!

  6. Got mine today!

    Bea (lemonade cream)
    Brandeis (turquoise cream)
    Chatoya (platinum glitter)

    Lip vivid
    Mascara length matters

    I also got the $14.99 mystery add on – in that was Time Machine and two polishes – Winona (griege) and another that is a light shimmery orange. That add on was supposed to be worth $68 but I don’t see it… The time machine goes for $30 (currently on special) and then $11.20 for the polishes, but I really like the main mystery box, the advertised colors are pretty, the bag is nice and sturdy, and the lip gloss is pretty flattering – seems like it would work on a lot of complexions.

    (BTW, I’m guessing on what was the May box and what was the other based on another Instagram review because Julep didn’t break down the box contents!)

    • Thank you for the spoilers!

    • I got the same five polishes – most were a letdown, but I love the opaque pink (Marcella). Seriously, yellow and green polishes? I’ll find a middle-schooler to gift those to. The mascara is OK, nothing exciting, and the lip gloss in Vivid is really brown and too dark, in my opinion.

      The actual pouch is terrific – huge, roomy, and well-made. A beautiful, colorful summer design.

    • I got the same in my box. The receipt says version 1, so there are multiple versions. I am very excited about the bag! That’s why I bought it. None of the colors are dupes for me, and I haven’t tried this version of their mascara. This is also my first time to get their gloss. I added a polish from their newest collection, free with code, so all and all I got a pretty good deal.

  7. Anyone receive theirs? Spoilers? Thanks!

  8. I just ordered mine yesterday. Can somebody who has received it show a picture of what was in it? Thanks!

  9. I ordered mine on May 7th and it arrived on Saturday the 9th – Julep always ships super fast to me!! This is my first mystery box and I love it! In the past 2 months I’ve gone from zero Julep nail polishes to about 15-20 thanks to the welcome box, 1 month of regular sub, add-on deals, secret store and now this mystery box! I clearly have no willpower either. 🙂

    • I don’t know if it’s allowed but I’d love to read what you received in the mystery box? I almost hit buy but I am more interested in their makeup than nail polish because I suck at applying polish on myself.

    • Would LOVE to know what was in the box! Please share!

  10. DARN IT! I said I had plenty of polish (probably 40 or more) from Julep alone and I didn’t need the mystery bag. I cancelled my monthly membership as I have been buying and very happy buying the mystery bags and actually happier with them than the regular monthly sub box. I loved the last months makeup mystery (and loved we could choose!). My husband even noticed I had a new eye shadow on (the blue orbital) that came last month and that he really liked it! WOW, color my hair, a day or two later “honey, your hair?” put on a new eye shadow and instantly notices. *Love* lol. I caved and bought this mystery box. Did the value change? Happy for the $150 PLUS the bag. I am justifying that my four year old princess and I do our nails together every weekend and she LOVES picking out her colors.
    Said the one WHO HAS NO WILLPOWER!

  11. I caved too. That bag is really cute and I like the two polish colors. I was just thinking that I suddenly have a dozen polish colors thanks to Julep, but no basic pink or purple! So when I saw these I knew that resistance wasn’t an option. I’ve also been eyeing Nan on their website so I ordered that to get a free polish. AND I added the major mystery add-on, which I hope I don’t regret. I swear I am such a sucker for mystery bags, ugh! 🙂

  12. I had to get this even though I’m overloaded in nail polish. Such a good deal plus I love the bag.

    • Me too! That bag is way too cute! I don’t even really care what’s inside 😀

  13. Besides the SPRINGFUN code, are there any other current coupon codes for julep?

    • SPRING10 takes $10 off. I think one reason the codes don’t work sometimes is that an individual can’t use the same one more than twice…?

      • Thanks for the code!

  14. Ack! I caved! I painted my nails maybe twice in 2014… but I’ve already painted them 3 times in the past 5 weeks b/c I signed up for Julep. At first I just wanted the free welcome box… loved it. And got a deal on a 2 month sub – so my first box I completely customized and did several add-ons. Then the secret store – woohoo! I went a little crazy and got add-ons again… I now have a glitter polish removal kit, cuticle pusher, polish remover wipes, a corrector pen, buffing squares… all kinds of stuff since I’m polishing again and need tools. So why did I buy this mystery box? Because pink & purple polishes are my fave and I LOVE that bad… no add-ons this time b/c I’ve been spending too much $$. I clearly need help! 🙂

  15. Did the value go up, since the price went up? I noticed it is now 150+ instead of 100+, right?

  16. I am weak!!! Lol! I ordered one! *fingers crossed* that my first box of Julep will not disappoint!
    Happy Mothers Day to meeee! Lol!

  17. That bag is so cute I had to buy my first Julep products! I used the code and got the Serena nail polish – a glittery blue that will be perfect for my upcoming wedding pedi.

  18. My will is so weak when it comes to these mystery boxes, and I always end up regretting when I don’t get one… so of course I got one and picked out polish Shelly, that I have been wanting for awhile. Also, so excited for the cute, fun bag 🙂

  19. The bag does look rather divine!
    I ordered a mystery box and Danielle, the code SPRINGFUN brought the price back down to $29.99.

  20. I grabbed one before I could talk myself out of it LOL! Got the mystery box plus the Karmen polish; coupon springfun worked – my total is $32.79. Wow. Thanks for letting us know about this deal!

  21. I don’t use nail polish that often, so I don’t own any of their polish yet. But I am tempted with this Mystery Box as the two colored offered are my taste! If you use their nail polish, how are the quality? Long lasting? Dry quickly?

    • Most are pretty good. Long-lasting for me is 2 days, though. I do notice some inconsistencies in performance among colors with respect to wear and chipping. But I’ve been happy with most of the couple of dozen colors I’ve tried. Drying time is fine but I use Seche Vie topcoat which speeds things up.

      • Thank you, Ragan for the comment and recommendation of the topcoat! Since I am not a regular subscriber, the extra nail polish won’t be completely free. I still have to pay $2.80, but not a bad deal.

        • Oops, that’s Seche VITE topcoat. Left out a letter. (It’s the quick-dry kind.)

  22. Ordered the mystery box and then picked another nail polish and used code SPRINGFUN and got the nail polish free!

    • Thanks for letting us know! Adding it to the post!

    • Well, that’s bummer! I couldn’t get any of the free polish codes to work, so I used SPRING10, which is $10 off. The extra polish still only cost me $1.20, so I guess I can’t be too mad. lol

  23. Do you think it’s all nail polish? Or a mix of beauty/makeup items?

    • Julep’s mystery boxes are almost always a mix of nail and beauty items. Last month was a little different because you could choose one or the other. I can’t say with 100% certainty that’ll there will be beauty items, but, based on my past experience, I would assume there will be.

  24. I am not a Julep Maven, but indulge in their mystery boxes some months. Are there any codes available for extra polish this time around?

    • I couldn’t get any of the free polish codes to work, but I added a polish and used SPRING10, which gave me $10 off. It won’t work with just the mystery box in your cart.

      • Will this only work with a polish added to the cart? I added some buffer blocks and it will not work with those.

        • The code won’t work on the mystery box, so I think the price of the additional items needs to be at least $10. I added an $11.20 item and it worked fine.

      • The code SPRINGFUN (for the free polish) only works after you’ve added a full price nail polish to your bag. I learned that the hard way last month when I ordered the’ nail only ‘mystery box and kept trying over and over to get it to work because I thought a random free polish would be picked out for me…lol! I used the code this afternoon with the new mystery box and it worked. I hope this helps! 🙂

  25. I ordered this last night, as soon as I saw it. Those colors! <3 That bag! <3

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